Thursday, 16 September 2010

Our return to York

This entry was a bit long and we were going to split it into two, but Andi thinks she's got enough stored to not have to draw them out too much (and she's managing to have enough fun at the weekends that she think she'll be able to get a couple of posts out of each visit).

This was a good day :) and tomorrow will be one too as I get to see Andi again after two weeks.


Jen and I showered and woke Sue (who had slept through us leaving, having sex in my room and showering in the room right next to her head). I noticed a few things in her bag that I assume she has packed at Mike’s request (opaque tights, white socks...). I’ve still got her school uniform which we’ll wash back in York and she tells me that Mike is looking forwards to seeing her in her Japanese outfit again (which I also have). She was instructed to go without panties on the train and Jen and I flashed her to show that we were doing the same.

Mum dropped us off at the station and we got our train. For a good part of the journey, Jen continued to get Sue worked up by telling her how many times she was going to cum over the next few weeks and asking her if she thought her little pussy could handle it. It’s not like Sue is a shrinking violet or anything and held her own much better than I probably could have. She asked Jen about some of the things I made her do (Mike must have told her these) and this led to some further revelations about the things Jen made me do during my visits. Sue now has a pretty good idea of what I can do (she still doesn’t know everything) and was amazed that I enjoyed showing myself off so much. I tried to claim it was all Jen’s fault, but Jen suggested I give a demonstration. I walked down to the cafe and on the way back, accidentally dropped the sugar for my coffee. It ‘somehow’ fell under one of the seats, so I had to bend right over to pick it up. This isn’t something that modesty permits while wearing a short skirt, but then modesty isn’t really a word that can be applied to me! Sue watched as mu skirt rode up and exposed my ass and pussy to some businessmen. I retrieved the sugar and walked back pretending not to know what I had shown them.

Sue told me I was very naughty and Jen pointed out that if I hadn’t been, Sue might never have got to see Mike and I fucking. Sue reluctantly agreed that it was probably a good thing that we enjoyed being exhibitionists but Jen continued to press the fact and whispered to Sue how much she must have enjoyed standing in the hall spying on us, watching her sister being fucked and eaten while she played with her pussy. Sue was blushing, but said that she had enjoyed it so Jen continued telling her how much she must have loved watching Mike’s cock plunging into my cunt, seeing it shining with my juices and listening to the two of us cumming while she fingered herself and made herself cum. Sue was an even deeper shade of red by this point, but I’m certain that this was partly due to being flushed, not just embarrassed.

Jen stopped teasing her and left her to calm down a bit, but soon started up with the sex talk again and told her that we (Jen and I) had promised Mike a private showing of the beer bottle display that I had put on for someone while we were on holiday. Sue couldn’t believe that I didn’t even know who I had shown myself off to (but that was part of the fun) and I told her that she would get it someday. I may be not entirely sure just how much of an effect this talk was having on Sue, but I knew that I was getting really turned on and decided to demonstrate to Sue what exhibitionism was all about. I’m pretty sure she knows that I’ve cum on trains before and it’s not as if she hasn’t seen me cum in person, so I switched places with her and told her to see just how much more fun you could have if you took some chances.

I lifted a leg and put in over one of Jen’s legs. Jen slid her hand up my thigh and lifted my skirt. She didn’t actually ‘do’ anything to me, but used her hand to pull one side of my pussy open so I could use one hand to spread myself and the other to play with myself. The train was too crowded to actually do this for long enough to cum without being interrupted, but I had fun continuing to play with myself for as long as possible while people walked towards us. Jen encouraged Sue to take a chance and she briefly lifted her skirt and rubbed herself but then someone came by and she panicked and wouldn’t try again (to be fair, the train was a lot more crowded than when I would usually do things like this).

I called Mike when we were getting close to York (he was going to leave work early) and Sue had a quick chat with him. She told him (at his request) that she wanted him to make her cum and wanted to fuck him hard. He promised to do this as soon as we got home and we started to get our things. Jen dared Sue to reach up to get a bag down so that her skirt would ride up and she sort of did it, but only went as far as exposing the bottom of her ass. I thought we would have been far too obvious if Jen or I had then done it, but to be fair, I think I’d done my fair share during the trip. We got a taxi home (Jen and I might not have had much luggage, but Sue looked like she was visiting for a month).

Mike was already back when we got home and I got the first welcome kiss (as it should be – I’m the one he’s marrying after all). Jen got the next kiss (and I’ve noticed that she does now kiss him properly) and finally (once she had got her huge bag into the house), Sue got her kiss. Mike had given me a quick fondle while we kissed, but while he kissed Sue, he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. The front door was still open, but he pulled her top up over her head, undid her bra, pulled it off and then told her to get her shoes off. It wasn’t long ago that Sue wouldn’t have wanted to be naked around Jen, but this seems to have passed and Mike pushed her back onto the sofa and she spread her legs. He dived into her cunt and started to eat her in front of us – Jen’s teasing on the train seemed to have worked as she didn’t object in the slightest and pulled his head against her. Once he had got her turned on (or even more turned on than she had been), he asked if she wanted to go up and do things properly (which is Mike speak for fuck like bunnies). Sue thought this was a good idea and we headed upstairs. I told Jen that we would be back soon and to make herself comfortable (she knew what this meant) and we disappeared into the bedroom.

Mike pulled off my clothes and I helped him remove his. Mike asked Sue to get him ready and she knelt in front of him and started to suck his cock. He kissed me and whispered that we should make sure this was good and I agreed. We all moved over to the bed and Mike alternated between eating Sue and I. When he was eating me, he also fingered her and kept encouraging her to make as much noise as she could. She has gotten better at this and didn’t seem as embarrassed at panting and moaning as she got closer to cumming. When it was clear that she wasn’t far off, Mike concentrated on her properly, fingering her while sucking her clit and rubbing her clit while licking around her cunt and ass. Sue came with a really loud ‘oh yessss’ and Mike eased off of the licking (but continued to do so gently). He licked me for a little while as Sue recovered (it seems that she’d had quite a strong orgasm) and as soon as she was ready, he moved over, slid into her and kissed her deeply.

Sue was ready for round two and they started to move against each other while I watched. Mike said he wanted to get really deep into her and asked me to help. I had to sit over her chest (not on her) and hold her legs up and apart. Mike then spread her pussy lips and got me to hold them while he pushed into her. Sue said it felt very deep and Mike started to fuck her, asking her if she wanted him to fill her with cum (she did). I leant forwards so I could kiss Mike and he pulled one of my fingers up to Sue’s clit. He pressed my finger against it and moved it around – Sue moaned beneath me and I felt a real thrill, this was the most direct stimulation I’d given to her and I wanted to hear her cum. We kissed a bit more and Mike went back to concentrating on fucking Sue, but I continued to rub her clit lightly. Mike later said this alone made it very difficult for him to not cum, but he managed.

When Sue was getting close (again), he reached under me and rubbed my clit – this felt incredible and if he’d been able to keep it up I would have cum quite quickly, but the position was too awkward. He reluctantly gave up and I decided to sacrifice a hand on Sue’s pussy for my own pleasure. I reached under myself with my left hand and Mike told Sue to watch me finger myself. I plunged my fingers into myself a few times to get them wet (this wasn’t really needed as they were fairly wet with Sue’s juices) and then rubbed my own clit. I tried to rub myself faster than I was rubbing Sue, but my concentration wasn’t up to this so I just pushed harder on my own clit. Sue was too far ahead of me though and came first. She moaned and writhed underneath me unlike any time I’ve seen or heard her cum before so I guess she had been really desperate for a good fuck.

Mike hadn’t finished yet though and was still pounding into her. Even though her orgasm had finished, it was clear that what he was doing was still having an effect as she was panting away. I now had two hands free so I reached around under my ass to finger my pussy and used my other hand on my clit. Mike told me to watch as he filled my little sister’s cunt with cum but I couldn’t really do anything but watch. Her cunt was swallowing the full length of his cock and then as he pulled out, her lips would be pulled out as if they were trying to suck him back in. He told Sue to watch me make myself cum and asked if she was ready for him to cum. She panted that he was and he told me to hurry. I realised what he wanted to do and told him I was pretty close.

I rubbed and pumped away at myself and told him I was about to cum – he had just started to cum when I said this and I watched him push hard into Sue a number of times and I pictured the anime view of his cock inside her, squirting cum everywhere. It felt very strange having a simultaneous orgasm with him while his cock was in someone else’s pussy, but I jammed my fingers into myself in time with his thrusts and it worked out fairly well. Given all the teasing I’d done to myself, I’d hoped for a stronger orgasm. It wasn’t bad (enough to satisfy me), but I’d half expected an earth shattering one. I was still pretty spent and ended up sitting on Sue’s chest properly (and not really caring). I continued to finger myself in the hope of eliciting some more pleasure but it was clear I needed to wait a little while.

I lay down beside Sue who was still panting away – but clearly happy from the look on her face and watched as Mike pulled out of her. I had to get up to see how much cum came out and watched as it dribbled out and ran down over her ass. I reminded Mike that we both needed shaving and he said that he could get that done while we recovered so I lay down again and asked Sue if she liked her welcome (she did). A few minutes later, Mike returned with a bowl of hot water and Jen carrying the other bits. She had stripped to her underwear (as instructed) and Sue looked a bit surprised, but Mike assured her that he was going to shave us both and give Jen a few tips on shaving while he did it (she doesn’t really need them – she has gotten pretty good at shaving me over the past year and a bit, but it meant that she got the chance to get a really good look at Sue).

Sue and I arranged ourselves at the edge of the bed with our feet up on the bed. Jen commented on how much of a mess Sue’s pussy was and Mike said that he would have to clean it up before he started. I half expected Jen to try to lick her clean (and Sue to object), but Mike used a couple of fingers to wipe his cum off as it leaked out of her and let Jen suck them clean. He commented on how it was strange that a lesbian loved the taste of boy cum so much and Sue giggled at this and then gasped when he pushed his fingers into her to get some more cum (she was still apparently pretty sensitive after her double orgasm). He then wiped her down and used cloths to soak both our pussies in hot water. I’ve gone over the best way to shave before so I won’t go into detail here, but he explained to us what he was doing as he went and alternated between shaving a bit of me then a bit of Sue. He finished by shaving around our mons and then rinsed us clean.

He traced around our pussies with his fingers looking for stray hairs and took care of a couple and then moved on to the lick test. He licked up one side of my cunt, around the clit and then back down the other side before pushing his tongue gently between the lips to check there. I love this part of being shaved and enjoyed it until he moved over to Sue to do the same thing. Sue seemed to enjoy the feeling as well (he was only licking gently so probably wasn’t too intense for her) and when he had finished he told Jen to give my pussy a test and see if she thought it was smooth enough. Jen copied what he had done and licked all around me for a minute or so. Once she was finished he moved out of the way and said that she should test Sue now – Sue covered her pussy and said no and he laughed at her and said he was only joking (although I’m sure Jen would have done it if Sue hadn’t objected).

Mike told her that she didn’t have to worry and that making her cum was his responsibility and asked if he could continue to ‘check how well he shaved her’. She removed her hands and assured her that Jen would be busy checking me. I hadn’t known that they had agreed to do this as Mike has never seen Jen eat me (up close) before. I wasn’t going to object though as I knew I could happily cum again. I felt Jen start to lick around my pussy once more and saw Mike doing the same to Sue. I took her hand and gave her a smile and said that she was getting a really good welcome this time and she agreed. I surrendered myself to Jen’s tongue as it lapped around and then explored inside my cunt. Sue and I squeezed our hands together and I guessed that she was enjoying it as much as I was. It actually became clear that she was enjoying it even more (or at least faster) than me as she started to moan.

I looked over and saw Mike pulling her body to him face and he was eating her quite hard. Sue got louder and really squeezed my hand and Mike didn’t break what he was doing until she came. Jen kept eating me, but she was certainly paying attention to Sue (even though her tongue was buried quite a way inside me) and I’ll admit that I was paying fairly close attention. I don’t know if it was because she’d cum fairly hard (twice) already and was sensitive or if she had really missed Mike doing things with her, but she came hard once more and really arched her body against his face. I felt her squeeze my hand really hard and her other hand was squeezing her right breast. Mike kept going at her until she pushed him away and lay there panting.

Mike told Jen she had to beat that and asked if she wanted to kiss him. They kissed properly once more and tasted our juices off each other. I actually did feel slightly jealous when they kissed, which I know is slightly silly seeing as I get to do things with both of them and it was just a kiss, but it did last a while. Mike said that he would give Jen a hand and moved up onto the bed beside me. I was happy that he kissed me just as passionately as he had kissed Jen (and yes, I got to taste Sue as well) and then he moved down so he could kiss my breasts.

Jen returned to licking me and I asked Mike to kiss and stroke my neck. He adjusted his position and started to do this, while keeping a hand on my breasts to play with my nipples. This felt as good as I had always thought it would and I was soon moaning and sighing with pleasure. I still had a hold of Sue’s hand and it was now my turn to be doing the squeezing. I gave her a smile and she smiled back at me. I told my attendants that I was getting close and asked Jen to lick deep inside me again (I don’t think it’s worth trying to hide from or be embarrassed about anything around Sue anymore given how things have developed). Mike kissed and stroked my neck and pulled (not too hard) on my nipples and Jen pushed her tongue deep into me. I know I want to try cumming like with no clit stimulation sometime, but I was too horny to wait and when I felt it getting really close I just told her ‘clit’.

Jen started to last my clit with her tongue and I came. This was much harder than my previous orgasm (but probably still not as hard as any of Sue’s) and I vociferously described what I was feeling and how good it was. I didn’t hold back at all with my language and told everyone what I could feel and where. When I thought I couldn’t take any more I told Jen to push back into me and she did so – this still felt strong, but obviously much less than her licking my clit. I couldn’t really take this (combined with Mike’s neck work) for too long and soon had to ask them to stop so I could recover.

I saw that Jen’s arm was moving and assumed (correctly) that she was rubbing herself and told her that she needed to wait as she would be putting on a display for us later on (payback’s a bitch). She reluctantly stopped but whined that I wasn’t being fair and I said that I didn’t care, it was my turn to be in charge. We were all pretty hungry by this point (starving would probably be a better way of describing it) and Mike went off to order some pizza. We headed downstairs to get something to drink while waiting - Sue had slipped a gown on and Mike reminded her that she had promised to be naked. She removed it without arguing, threw it over the banister and asked what we had to drink. Us girls went for wine and Mike had a beer and we sat around and chatted about what we wanted over the next few weeks. I need to go into work a few times, but given I’ve pretty much finished I can take quite a few days off or go in for part days so we should really be able to enjoy the nice weather and have some fun. Mike does have to work so that will limit my fun somewhat during the day (I don’t imagine Sue is going to want to just watch Jen and I get off constantly).

About a half hour later there was a knock on the door – Mike was just in his boxers (with a very obvious erection) and Sue and I were still naked, so Jen was volunteered to answer it). The three of us moved over to the side of the room and Jen went up to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. I think the delivery guy was somewhat surprised by her appearance – a svelte young girl in white underwear probably only usually answers the door to pizza guys in porn movies. She did a very good job and even bent over when she turned around to get the money. She thanked him, took the pizzas and closed the door (probably leaving him with a wonderful image to jerk off to later on). We gave her a round of applause and I said that I would have to come up with something better (so Jen gave me the finger). We sat on the floor, opened the pizzas and dug in.

I noticed (and pointed out) that we were all sitting cross legged (so no demure female modesty present). Jen reminded us she was the only girl with panties on so she could sit how she wanted and Mike said that he enjoyed the view (obvious from his still present erection). After pizza, we had some ice cream (just in the traditional sense) and then curled up (in a cramped style) on the sofa – Sue, Mike, me, Jen. We couldn’t find much to watch so I decided it was time for Jen to give us a show. We know that Sue seems to enjoy dressing up games so I thought we may as well do things properly and got Jen to put on her school uniform. She removed her bra and put her blouse on, along with her skirt and I opted for long white socks instead of the tights so we could see better (I knew we wouldn’t be seeing her pussy while Mike was watching, but with the way things are going, I wonder how much longer that will be the case?)

She pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat facing us. She then started to play with her breasts through her blouse and then unbuttoned it to play with them ‘properly’ (as she puts it). I know Mike wanted to play with Sue and I, but I told him that this was meant to be Jen’s show so he had to restrain himself. Of course he enjoyed the view and even more so when Jen lifted her legs over the arms of the chair and started to rub her panties. We all watched intently as she applied more pressure to her pussy and pulled and tweaked her nipples harder. Sue asked if it hurt and Jen said that she loved the way it felt (we’re going to have to explore this in depth at some point).

Jen kept playing with herself and I could feel Mike fidgeting beside me (it’s nice to get to tease him occasionally). Her skirt was now pulled up around her waist and we watched as she slipped her hand into her panties. We followed all her movements and listened as she started mewing in pleasure. She was getting flushed (as was I) and arching her body and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. I had to restrain the urge to play with myself (it wouldn’t have been fair given I told Mike he had to just watch) but it wasn’t long before Jen came. It was a pretty short orgasm (but she said it was good) and when she had finished, we watched her remove her hand from her panties, rub some juice over each nipple and then lick her fingers clean. Mike asked if he could lick her nipples clean (he couldn’t) but she made him sit in front of her, slid her hand back into her panties and then let him taste them from her fingers.

We all returned to the sofa again – Jen removed her top and skirt (and stayed topless) but kept the socks on so I could play with her legs. Mike was obviously keen to head up to bed and was stroking Sue and myself so I gave in and said we should get a good rest in preparation for tomorrow (today now). Not that we had any concrete plans, but I have a general plan to cum as much as possible and store them up before I move away and only have myself to play with during the week. I’m not entirely sure that orgasms work like that, but it’s going to be fun building up the surplus of them!

We headed upstairs – Mike got to spend the night with Sue and I (I’d been with Jen while at home so it was only fair). She promised to listen in on us and demurely said that she might play with herself again if we made enough noise to get her horny. Mike was certainly up for this and once we had prepared for bed (which involved him using his electric toothbrush on Sue and I), he said he would take us in turn. He started with Sue and she went on top and rode him while he played with her breasts (I do with my nipples were as sensitive as Jen’s – it seems that even Sue’s are more sensitive than mine). When they got close, he pulled her down on top of him and guided her up and down by pulling on her ass while he pounded into her. They came and Sue was loud enough that Jen heard it. Fortunately her orgasm wasn’t as strong this time (not that I get jealous or anything).

It was my turn next and I was surprised how quickly Mike was ready for me. I later found out that he had only pretended to cum in Sue as he wanted to fuck me properly (he had missed me) and he didn’t think he would be able to cum again twice. I didn’t know this at the time, but having found out, I think it was quite sweet. We started off with the simple missionary position as it gives really good whole body contact and is very easy to kiss. As we got further into things, I wrapped my legs around him and he reached under to rub my clit. When we got closer still to cumming, he concentrated on fucking me hard and telling me what he could feel (apparently my cunt was very hot and wet). Mike came in me and while it wasn’t as much as he had cum in Sue (he had been saving up for a few days for that one), it felt nice to feel it dribble out when we had finished. I had a pretty good orgasm – not incredibly strong, but quite deep and it helped that we were so close and kissing.

Mike pushed back into me so we could fall asleep like that and the three of us chatted while we drifted off. All in all, I think it was a pretty good way to set the scene for the upcoming few weeks and now Sue has seen just how much I want to enjoy myself.


  1. It seems that a couple of boundaries have been seriously stretched :)

    Jen kisses Mike properly - I hope this means with tongues - and she is happy to be topless around him too.

    They feed each other their cum, Mike from Sue's cunt and Jen from inside her own panties.

    I have a feeling (and really hope) that the "no nudity" clause is about to be scrapped !!!

    Cheers, John

  2. Well Jen has always liked tasting his cum from me, so that bit isn't too new and she knows that he likes the taste of her (although you're right that he usually gets it off me and not stright from her)