Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Playing at School

It's me (Mike) posting for Andi again. I now don't get to see her for two weeks and have to post about all the fun she got up to with Jen - but I got to have lots of fun when she returned with Sue so I guess it isn't too bad. You'll find out about all that fairly soon.


We had a wander around town and Jen was surprised to see how much had changed. We did a bit of shopping and then headed over to her old street. There were still a few people there who she recognised and she chatted with them for a bit and introduced me as her girlfriend (which elicited a mixture of responses).

We looked around the places she used to play (these hadn’t changed as much) and Jen showed me somewhere in the woods not too far from her house that she used to go to play with herself. I wanted her to demonstrate, but we’re going to have to go back tomorrow as this was one of the places that she used to pee while rubbing herself, and she thought that this probably wasn’t that good an idea without a nearby house to go back to clean up (or something to dry off with).

We wandered back towards town (it would have been quicker to get the bus, but she really wanted to be able to look round) and had some lunch. I managed to flash a group of boys while bending over to pick up my bags when we had finished lunch and Jen said that they had noticed and pointed (so I hope I helped make their day a bit more interesting). We then headed towards our old school and I was looking forwards to having another chance to cum there (given I never knew what an orgasm felt like while I was actually there).

We went through the woods at the back of the playground and found a hole in the fence (the location of the hole had moved, but it’s good to know that kids still find ways to escape. We stayed hidden in the trees, but had a look at the school and playground (we didn’t see anyone, but I assume the caretaker would have been around somewhere). I directed Jen to where I think Sue had done things with her bf and asked her if she was up for some fun. I had the much riskier part in this as I had to get changed, but that just added to the excitement. Jen sat on a tree stump and watched as I laid out the uniform and slipped off my shoes.

I decided that it would be safer to store my clothes away from where we were going to do things, so if we got caught, we could run and I could fetch them later on. I left the uniform and Jen and I wandered back over towards the hole in the fence – I found somewhere suitable and stripped off, stashing my clothes in the bag and then hiding the bag. We walked back over to where I’d left the uniform (fairly slowly as I had no shoes on) – it felt incredible being completely naked, knowing that only a few years ago (okay, a reasonable number of years ago now), I had been running through there with my friends. I decided it was unfair to deprive Jen of this and so sidled up to her, undid the buttons on her dress and let it fall down around her ankles. We continued back over to where we were going to do things, knowing that if we were caught now, we were done for, but the risk added to the excitement.

Jen sat down on the tree trunk again and watched me get dressed into Sue’s uniform. I had a pair of white panties and opaque tights that I pulled on before slipping on the blouse (no bra) and skirt. As much as I like seeing Jen naked, I thought it would be a bit more realistic if she was dressed too, so she put her dress back on. I stood against a tree and lifted my skirt and slowly rubbed myself through my tights and panties while Jen watched me – I followed her instructions and pulled my tights down and rubbed through my panties before slipping my hand into my panties and fingering my pussy. Jen then got me to pull both my tights and panties down to my ankles and sit down with my legs spread (and ankles together obviously). Jen raised a foot up onto the truck so she could play with herself as well and we sort of played out the ‘innocent schoolgirls exploring’ scenario. We ended up 69ing with Jen on top and me holding her in place with my tights and panties that were still around my ankles (my legs were half wrapped around her head).

We lay on the ground for a bit and recovered without covering up and I told Jen that if she dared to be naked completely naked, I would eat her again. Looking back on it, this was probably not too clever an idea (but we didn’t get caught). Jen stood up and slipped her dress off once more and I told her that she had to store it outside the fence. She said that if she had to take that big a risk, I needed to be naked too. Having her standing nude over me was enough encouragement so I stripped off, handed Sue’s uniform to her and watched her walk away to stash the clothes. After a minute or so, she returned and plonked herself down on my face. While I started to work on her, she told me that she had gone out through the fence and hidden our clothes and it would be my job to find them.

I was horny enough that this sounded like fun and continued to lick and eat her. After a little while, I got her to stand against a tree while I knelt in front of her and used two fingers on her while lapping at her clit. Jen played with her nipples and came in surprisingly little time. We weren’t being silent, but couldn’t make too much noise as we could hear people on the street on the other side of the wall. It was such a thrill to be doing things completely naked with our clothes out of immediate reach that we thought I should have a turn as well.

Jen thought I should be punished for how naughty I had been (as if she had been well behaved) and I somehow ended up over her lap so she could spank me. It wasn’t a real spanking (that’s something she enjoys more) and soon degenerated into her finger fucking me. This was quite an interesting experience as my ass was sticking out and I couldn’t really see anything that was happening. I felt a finger probing around my ass and told Jen to stop teasing me and make me cum – which she proceeded to do.

Now that we were satisfied, we realised just how exposed we were (I’m talking about being away from our clothes, not just being naked). We brushed ourselves off and started to wander back over to where my bag was stashed. I considered getting dressed (in my real clothes) before hunting for where Jen had hidden her dress and my uniform, but decided that it couldn’t have been far from the fence seeing as she had been naked at the time. I peeked out through the fence and checked that nobody was around before gingerly climbing through the hole and looking around. I couldn’t find them at first and could hear people not too far away (but coldn’t see them) so we had to play hot and cold – this led me to them fairly quickly (the bag was hidden under some leaves) and I grabbed it and ran back.

We got dressed and headed back out. I had really enjoyed what we had just done (and got away with) and couldn’t resist pushing our luck a bit further. I told Jen I wanted her to cum again and knelt in front of her. I got her to lift her dress up over her breasts and sucked on her nipples while I rubbed her clit. We still weren’t anywhere really visible, but now we didn’t have a fence between us and people so were certainly more likely to be caught – this was pretty much the point though and I used my other hand to play with myself. Jen came first and I then concentrated on myself, using two fingers in me while continuing to rub my clit. I came while kneeling on the ground with my ass in the air and then pulled myself together so we could head home. We had to give each other a brush down and brush our hair so people wouldn’t guess what we’d been up to, but it was worth it!

We walked home holding hands, not talking too much for a while and then we continued to discuss how things had changed since Jen had left. We took a roundabout route home and were fairly tired by the time we got there so went up to have a lie down. Sue came in to see us and we ended up telling her what we had gotten up to at school. She was amazed at what we had done (while she had blown her bf there, she had never been completely naked) and I promised that I would get her uniform cleaned once we got back to York (it would be kind of difficult to explain to Mum how it got dirty!) I pointed out that Mike wanted her to bring it along anyway (which she already knew). We talked some more about previous exploits and while Sue and Jen can beat me on starting age, I think I can still claim to have done the most (half of it at Jen’s orders).

Jen and I freshened up before dinner and we all sat around and had a long chat about lots of things. Of course Jen couldn’t behave herself and started running her foot up my leg and pressing it between my thighs. Never one to back down (well, rarely anyway) I spread my legs and let her rub around my pussy. She wasn’t really close enough to push her toe into me, but she could apply some pressure. When Mum went out to the kitchen, Jen slid down in her chair and *then* she could reach – her toe popped into my pussy (which was fortunately wet enough after the teasing). Sue looked under the table to see what we were doing and said that we were incorrigible. Jen had to pull herself back up before Mum came back so I didn’t have to worry about it feeling too good and having to keep my composure.

We chatted for a bit longer and then decided to have an early night to just watch tv in bed. After a while we got bored (there was nothing on) and I wrote up today. This of course had led to us being not entirely dressed and I’m just about to send Jen in to Sue to see if we can borrow her vibe (we have our own with us, but Sue doesn’t know this). Jen just tried to put something on before heading to see Sue, but I soon put a stop to that – she’s now in Sue’s room naked and has just returned with the vibe – now to play some more before much needed sleep...

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