Sunday, 26 September 2010

Taste test

I woke up the following morning with Mike’s fingers on my pussy – when I came round properly I found out that he was lying between Sue and I with a hand on/in each of us and I suggested that sometime we should go for simultaneous orgasm – he does both of us and we use a hand each on him. We decided this might take too long for a morning session, but want to give it a go sometime soon. Once Sue and I had cum, she went back to sleep and Mike and I got up. I went to wake Jen (I didn’t have time to play with her). She said she would come and meet me for lunch again today (I can’t leave as early as I have a few people to talk to in the afternoon).

Mike headed in to work and I decided to make the most of the fact I can still cycle to work (I don’t know if I’m close enough in my new place). I put on my crotchless tights and got Jen to help arrange the dildo in me and set off. I managed to cum on the way to work so was quite flushed by the time I got there and my mind wasn’t really on work (which defeated the whole purpose as the idea is to cum and then concentrate on work). I ended up writing up yesterday’s entry and nearly got caught doing it, but a quick alt-tab changed to Excel just in time. Lunchtime arrived and I met Jen and Sue and we picked up Lis. Jen was dressed in a similar manner to yesterday but I didn’t make her expose herself today (I did give her a view of my pussy, but I don’t think anyone else would have seen it – especially as I was wearing tights and I can’t imagine people would guess they were crotchless).

We didn’t talk about much over lunch – just girl chat (or ‘pointless talk’ as Mike calls it). We’re going to have people over for dinner one night before we go and will probably all go out for drinks a few times but we haven’t made any proper plans yet. Jen and Sue headed into town to look around the shops and I went for my afternoon of meetings (it was only two, but I’m meant to have finished work for now and they were getting in the way of having fun). I headed home (without wearing the dildo) and was pleased to find a naked Jen waiting for me. Sue was out in the garden sunbathing naked (she’ll certainly have a good all over tan to show off at this rate). Mike arrived home early (he’s being allowed to work a bit less so he has time to help me get ready to move – which is *almost* what he’s doing...)

Jen went up to put on underwear – she didn’t hide herself as she went past him and I know he appreciated the view. When she returned and we had chatted for a while, and got on to the subject of how we taste different. Mike suggested a game - we had to see if we could identify whose pussy juice belonged to whom. I guess (and later had confirmed) that this was another join plan of his and Jen’s. He said that is we could beat him, we would get a prize and so we all agreed. I’ve never really done a direct comparison and so though this could be quite interesting (although it would have been even better if we could have got Jo, Lis, Holly, Anna, Valerie... along – just to have a representative sample of course – nothing more!)

I thought that if we were going to do it, it should be done properly, so we headed up and got out all the dildos and vibes so we could find the three most alike (so people couldn’t cheat and go by shape). Sue was amazed at how many different things we have (they’re usually split between the two bedrooms so we don’t often see them all together). I told her that if she wanted to amuse herself while I was at work then she could use anything she wanted. After a bit of sorting, we found three vibes which were all of a similar enough size (at the end anyway) that I thought it would be hard to tell apart and we headed back downstairs. I volunteered to go first and sat on the edge of the sofa and let them blindfold me.

I felt a vibe being rubbed against me and then slipped into me and then waited while Jen and Sue got their ones ready. I tasted them in turn and only got one correct (Jen). It was Mike’s turn next and once he was blindfolded, we set about remoistening the vibes. I told him we were all sitting in front of him fucking ourselves with him and I could clearly see his cock flexing in his boxers. He managed to get all three correct and was very pleased with himself. Jen had the next turn and she too managed to get all three correct and finally Sue had a go and only got one.

I pointed out that it was unfair as Sue and I taste fairly alike and neither Jen or I have tasted her as much as he has, so he had an advantage. As the penalty for losing, he got Sue and I to sit beside each other and taste ourselves from our own fingers. We then had to finger ourselves again and offer our fingers to each other to taste. When he did it like this (and we knew who we were tasting), there is a fairly clear difference (still nowhere near as much as there is between us and Jen). As the winner, Jen got her prize first and Mike led her upstairs (no, I didn’t think her prize was going to be an evening with him). They were up there for a while and after about 10 minutes, she came down in full Japanese schoolgirl uniform (white sailor top with red scarf, blue skirt and long white socks).

She looked incredibly cute and I asked him when he got it (while we were away at home, at the same time as the dildo). I later found out that they were fairly expensive and was a bit annoyed with him as we’re meant to be saving money so we can afford to travel and see each other when I move, but I had already enjoyed using them by that point so I couldn’t complain too much. I asked if there was one for me and he led me up to see it. Sue followed and we dressed at the same time and headed back down. Jen had put her hair in bunches, I went for a ponytail and Sue kept hers loose. Mike wanted to have a good look at us so we posed for him (and each other in Jen and my case). He put on one of his favourite anime scenes with two schoolgirls making out on the roof and Jen and I acted out some of the scene for him. I fully intended to act out the full scene in private with Jen later on but we left her downstairs while Mike, Sue and I went up. I promised Jen I wouldn’t cum until I was with her and left her to watch some more anime to get her in the mood (as if she ever needs help).

As I’ve written about, I’ve seen Sue in her Japanese uniform before (and have use it myself with Jen), but there was something incredibly sexy with us both wearing them. I was really looking forwards to my evening with Jen but thought I should try to concentrate on what I was doing at the time. Mike ran his hands all over us both, stroking our legs, panties, backs and breasts. He kissed us both while his fingers rubbed us through our panties and then asked us to kiss his cock. He stripped off and sat at the edge of the bed and we knelt on either side of him. His cock felt very hard and I watched Sue start to lick and kiss it. While she worked on the head, I licked near the base of the shaft and he said he wanted us to both kiss the head. (I know full well why he likes this so much). Sue and I wrapped our lips around the head and licked and sucked him (and therefore each other as well – what Mike was aiming for). He said it felt amazing, so we carried on and varied the speed at which we licked and how hard we sucked. I’ve never kissed Sue for so long (even if it was indirectly).

Mike stopped us and said it was time for some more action (I think we would have made him cum if we’d continued) and he got Sue and I into a 69 position. With my pussy just above her face, he pulled my panties aside and slid straight into me. He told Sue to watch closely as he fucked me and to imagine we were on the roof of a school doing this (which seems to happen a lot in anime for some reason I don’t understand and they can’t explain). I was instructed to pull the crotch of Sue’s panties aside and watch her finger herself, which she enthusiastically did.

Mike continued until Sue started to moan underneath me and then said it was time to switch over. When we were in position, he tore Sue’s panties so that they were hanging around one of her legs and said that now he could do things properly. He got the gel and lubed up his cock before plunging into her cunt and fucking her quite hard. He pushed a thumb into her ass and continued to pound into her while he told her to pull my panties aside so I could play with myself. Sue was obviously enjoying the attention and I could feel her panting onto my pussy – Mike pulled out of her cunt and positioned his cock at her ass. He told her to press back and I watched him work his way into her ass while her cunt looked like it was almost throbbing.

Sue’s pussy is a lot more closed than mine – the only time you can see the inner lips is if the outer lips are being spread or just after she’s been fucked. Her outer lips hadn’t completely closed and I watched her inner lips contracting as Mike worked his way into her ass and started to fuck her. He got her to squeeze herself around him and he said it felt amazing. Sue seemed to enjoy it a lot more this time too as she was pushing back against him. He asked her to rub herself, so she laid her head down on my thigh and reached under herself to do this. I think Mike had fucked me for a bit too long as he said he couldn’t hold back much longer and for her to rub as fast as she could. I watched her fingers flying back and forth across her clit and Mike said he was cumming. He was a good way inside her when he emptied his load into her and he stayed there, just moving a little bit, until she made herself cum.

Mike pulled out and went to wash his cock but told us to stay in the same position. I was still playing with myself and trying to not cum (I was saving it for Jen) and Sue gently rubbed her clit. Mike returned with Jen who really appreciated the view (if she can’t get to have Sue, she really wants to watch me have her, although that’s even less likely to happen). I needed to cum now so said that we were going to head off to bed – I allowed Sue to tease Mike (but no sex while I wasn’t present) and he promised not to touch her). I’m fairly certain that means he might wank off to her, but I can live with that!

Jen and I rushed in to her room and we basically re-enacted the scene from the anime: we started off with Sue against the wall and me pulling her top up and kissing her breasts while I rubbed against her crotch with my thigh, she then played with my breasts, we 69ed and ended up sitting facing and fingering each other. We tried to make enough noise that Mike would be able to hear us, but it turned out that Sue had been sitting putting on a little display for him so I think he had been otherwise occupied (I enjoyed listening to Jen moaning though so it wasn’t wasted).

Jen and I kept (what we were still wearing of) our uniforms on and kissed for a while. As I’d hoped, this turned into humping and I got to have my session with the double ended dildo that I had been denied earlier in the week. I took the turn ‘on top’ this time and pumped against Jen while she played with her breasts. We must have been moving around quite a bit as Mike said he could hear the bed thumping on the floor (the sofa is underneath Jen’s room).


  1. Andi, can you clear something up?
    Has Jen relaxed her rule that she won't let Mike see her fully naked?
    Without reading through past episodes, this appears to be the second time that Jen has been naked in front of Mike.

  2. Why does Jen have to wait downstairs when you Sue and Mike get together? Jen has seen quite a bit already to the point that this just seems odd to me

  3. I don't pretend to understand the rules that Jen and Mike have set up (well, mostly Jen from the sounds of it).

    She's let him see her fully naked a number of times now but not when she is cumming or has anything inside her. She hasn't seen him naked (properly anyway).

    I think she is concerned that if we all get used to being naked and having sex around each other, it will lower the walls to her and Mike having sex - and as much as she might love him, she doesn't love him in *that* way!

    Personally, I think that she might be a bit curious about what it would be like to have him fuck her (but she won't admit to that) - and I know that she enjoys being a lesbian (if that makes any sense).

  4. Thanks for the explanation Andi. To be honest, I don't really want Mike to fuck Jen (sorry Mike). That should soley be your domain, or even some group participation with other females. (we live in hope of that scenario)

    I think they should both relax the total nudity rule. Jen knows that Mike finds her attractive, but she should still keep the "no sex" rule. However, if she were to give his cock a gentle squeeze now and again as she brushes by, I'm sure that would be a good way to tease him and you would benefit from a good fucking along the way.