Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Toothbrush fun

Mike headed into work early this morning but I had Jen to satisfy my morning lust anyway. We still had the long dildo to hand so I used this on her while I rubbed her clit and she then used it on me while using an egg on my clit. Jen helped me shower (which didn’t really save any time) and I headed into Uni. I met up with some of the gang for lunch and we’ve arranged to go out on Friday (and maybe Sat as well) – I’ve not got much longer here so I want to spend as much time with them as I can – providing of course it doesn’t interfere with my fun at home!

I think I might have accidentally shown myself off to someone while we were having coffee. We were sitting facing a window on stools and my legs were slightly open. I noticed someone outside who had been kneeling down (I think he was getting something out of a bag) was staring right up my skirt. It was a fairly short skirt and he looked away when he saw me looking at him, but I pretended not to notice and opened my legs s bit more (nothing too obvious as I had friends either side of me). I went as far as giving my thigh a little scratch so I could raise my skirt slightly as well and I could see out of the corner of my eye that this had been noticed. He walked away with the bag in front of his crotch so I considered I had done a good job. I’ve certainly got a lot more daring at work recently, but I think that’s because I’ll be leaving here soon – I’d still rather my friends didn’t find out quite how naughty I can be (which is why I was being careful).

I had planned to work straight through lunch but Lis wanted to chat about a new girl she has her eye on. It’s not someone I know but she sounds quite cute from Lis’ description (and given her infatuation with Holly, I’m pretty sure Lis has good taste). She has promised to keep me informed as to how things go and I hope to be reporting some juicy details soon (not that I actually expect Lis to jump straight into bed with her, I think she actually wants to date this girl and take things slowly).

I met up with Jen and Sue mid afternoon in town (unsurprisingly, for a coffee) and found out that they had done pretty much nothing all morning. We went for a walk along the river and stopped off for a drink (an alcoholic one) before heading back to meet Mike. Jen was instructed to undress Sue and I when we returned. Sue sat up on the counter while Mike make dinner so he could lick and rub her – we were having a salad and a few bits when into Sue before they went into the salad. Jen offered the back of her dress to me so I unbuttoned it and she threw it into the living room – she stood naked watching Mike play with Sue for a few minutes before finding underwear (I think her resolve might be wavering).

We had dinner and then a lemon mousse for dessert. Jen got me to lie on the table and ate hers out of my pussy and Mike thought this was a good idea so did the same to Sue. They didn’t let us cum, but ate us annoyingly close to orgasm (in my case at least). I wasn’t going to let Jen get away with that so we switched places, I removed her bra and smeared the dregs of my pudding onto her breasts and licked then clean while I rubbed her panties. Sue sat on Mike’s lap which we did this and I think he managed to rearrange his boxers and slip into her. He was certainly rubbing her under the table and then suggested that we put on a little display for Jen.

Sue half lay on the sofa and I lay on her with my back to her. She held me in place and I positioned myself so that my pussy was directly above hers. Mike spread Sue and Jen spread me so he could lick from Sue’s ass, right up to my clit (he did this a number of times). He then alternated between rubbing our clits and they described to us what they could see. I know that Jen did a bit of the clit rubbing, but Sue couldn’t see this. She was sensible enough to not try to actually finger Sue as I’m quite sure Sue would have been able to tell the difference between Jen’s smooth slender fingers and Mike’s not so smooth (or slender) ones. Mike wanted to try to get us to both cum at the same time and went back to licking us – but a bit more seriously this time. I ended up repositioning myself so that I was half sitting and my clit was a lot closer to Sue’s. I knew what I was aiming for – a way to let my clit almost touch hers so that he could slide his tongue between us and lick them both at the same time. This is almost impossible to do (well, I couldn’t find a way to get it to work), but it was good enough and meant I was almost humping against Sue’s mons by the time we finished.

We got pretty close in the end – I started to cum and Mike concentrated on Sue who came, then he went back to me to finish me off properly. I had half expected Jen to dive in and get a few cheeky licks before Sue realised, but she was well behaved (Mike got another good kiss off her at the end though so she could taste us both). I think we should try this again, maybe with Sue on top. Mike could fuck her and then when his cum and her juices run over me, Jen could lick me clean...

I climbed off Sue and we enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms. Mike suggested that we demonstrate the washing machine to Sue and I thought this was a good idea, but I wanted some time to rest first - Jen’s earlier teasing had meant my orgasm had been fairly strong so I wasn’t quite up to another one just yet. We sat around and chatted and I noticed that even Mike was getting used to having three naked girls around (well, two naked and one in panties). His boxers were still slightly tented, but he wasn’t at full mast (at least until I commented on it and gave him a rub to check). He started to tickle me and wrestled me to the ground. He can’t easily hold me down for long by himself, but Jen gave him a hand and send Sue upstairs to get the electric toothbrushes. Jen used one on my clit – first the back and then the bristles (this is okay as long as you don’t press too hard – although we’ve seen a number of people online who look like they’re really brushing their clits hard).

Jen slipped a brush down her panties and Mike got Sue to use the third one. We didn’t make any attempt to have us all cum at the same time (although that might be a good idea). I came first as I had Mike rubbing around my lips and pushing his fingers into me while Jen buzzed my clit – Jen was next and Sue wasn’t too far behind her. Mike got us to all switch round so that all of our juices were on each brush and said that to be fair we would have to do the same with Sue’s (manual) toothbrush before we brushed our teeth. He was clearly ready to cum himself and so Sue, Mike and I popped upstairs to give him some relief.

I’d had enough (for the time being), so he went down on Sue and fingered her until she was squirming around and moaning. He flipped her over onto her stomach and pushed into her (her favourite position). I sat and watched them fuck and Mike whispered to Sue about how much he liked watching her eat Jen’s cunt juice. He asked her what she would do if Jen was there with them and she said that she wanted to bury her face in Jen’s pussy and eat her. It was obvious that Sue was playing out something they had practiced over the phone (just as I used to do before I realised that I actually liked the idea), but it was still quite hot hearing her say it out loud. Mike pulled her ass up so he could fuck her deeper and told her he was going to fill her cunt with cum so Jen could eat it out of her. Sue played along and said that she wanted Jen to lick her clean and this seemed to be enough for Mike, who pushed into her and jiggled back and forth as he came. He reached around under Sue and rubbed her clit, keeping himself pressed hard into her and told her to cum. It took a few minutes of him doing this, but she came and panted her way through another orgasm.

Mike looked quite beat, but told her to cover her pussy while he came over for me to suck him clean. She had to keep her pussy covered while he half carried her downstairs and she stood in front of Jen before letting his cum dribble out of her. Mike wanted Jen to lick Sue’s thighs clean, but he hasn’t managed to get her to actually want to try that (but Jen was happy when she found out that Sue will at least fantasise about that happening).

Sue sat on a towel on the sofa and we watched more cum drip out of her throughout the rest of the evening. She seems to have got used to this a bit more now (although hopefully not *too* used to it as I don’t want her to let anyone else cum in her). The only other sexual thing we did before going to bed was Jen rubbing a chocolate bar along Sue’s pussy before eating it (Jen may like the taste of Mike’s cum, but she likes it even more when it’s mixed with pussy juice).

It was my turn to have Mike when we went to bed – we spooned and he stayed inside me after we had cum.


  1. I think Sue could have trusted Jen to only lick Mike's spunk from her thighs and not her pussy. Also no mention of Mike getting dressed - omission or progress ?

  2. Sadly no - Mike got dressed, I just forgot to mention it.

    I don't think Sue was anywhere near ready for the licking - but she might be if you keep reading...