Sunday, 5 September 2010

Visiting home

Well my first 'week' of work is now over and it doesn't seem too bad. Mike has come up to visit me for the weekend. The plan is that I'll alternate between seeing Mike and Jen and they we'll also alternate between them coming here and me visiting them. Jen will be visiting me next week (she isn't back at Uni yet) - I thought I should have the first few days up here alone to get things sorted and she took the opportunity to visit home once again.

This is from back at the start of August (I know it must be rather confusing with my posts from so long ago now and my commentary about what I'm currently up to - but it does all make sense - honest!)


Jen and I have made it home (my home that is). We had an interesting train journey, but then you should expect that from us by now...

We set off mid-morning after seeing Mike off to work (he can’t afford to take any more holiday at the minute, which he hates as he really wanted to re-enact some things). Both Jen and I wore simple mid-thigh length shift dresses – I only had a bra on underneath while Jen was of course, completely naked. We completed the look with short white socks and sandals. Given we’re only here for a few days we didn’t have to pack much so could easily take a gentle wander down to the station.

We hadn’t reserved seats on the train (due to the late booking) and hunted for the carriage with the fewest people on it. It was still too busy to have much fun, so I took the opportunity to write up yesterday’s blog post (which meant lots of whispering and giggling with Jen). It also meant that I could type out messages to Jen that I couldn’t say out loud (I think I got rid of them all, but if there were any strange comments in my last post, you now know why). After a few stops, the people thinned out a bit and we moved to be in a more private area – there were still people not too far from us, but they couldn’t see us at all so it was perfect for having dangerous fun.

We started off daring each other to do things – expose breasts (easier for Jen to do given she wasn’t wearing a bra), expose pussy, spread legs and finger, use a dildo (you don’t think we went on a trip without packing essential supplies do you?). We had to cover up a few times as people wandered past, but they didn’t even come close to catching us. This got us nicely warmed up so we moved on to phase 2 – playing with each other. The aim of this was to try to give the other person a strong enough orgasm that they wouldn’t be able to keep quiet. We both made each other cum, but Jen isn’t usually that loud anyway (unless she is doing it for me) and I’ve developed enough self control to be quiet almost whenever I want (or need to).

We were satisfied for the time being (even though nobody won) and the train soon got a bit busier again anyway. I told Jen that I had a task for her - I was sitting beside the window and Jen has the aisle seat. She had to fall asleep and let her skirt ride up so she was just exposed. There was an older man (probably in his 40’s-50’s) sitting a few seats down from us on the other side of the aisle and this was her target (I assumed that he wouldn’t mind). Jen leant against me and moved her legs towards the aisle slightly and as she ‘fell asleep’, she slid down in the chair slightly which pulled her skirt up. She let her outer leg fall around the corner of the seat and I’m pretty sure that she must have been giving him a nice view. I pretended to be reading (although he couldn’t see me) and nonchalantly dropped my hand to her thigh and started to gently stroke up and down. I didn’t move my hand really high, but I did push her skirt up slightly higher.

She stayed like that until we got near to the next station and I whispered to her to put on a good show while she ‘woke up’. She actually did even better than I had expected – she arched her back and pushed herself further down the seat (which pushed her dress up even more). While she stretched, she spread her legs a bit more (not wide apart, but certainly far enough). She then sat up, straightened up her dress and gave me a grin. She hadn’t looked directly at her audience, but said that she was pretty sure that he had been watching her. Without prompting, she lifted her outer foot onto the seat and hugged her knee (I taught her that move). It probably didn’t show off that much due to her leg being in the way, but it usually feels like you’re really exposed.

Later on in the journey, we switched places and I lay with my head on Jen’s lap and my body across the other seat. I had my legs curled up and I know that this left my ass partly exposed any my pussy peeking out from between my legs (it’s important to know how each skirt falls and what it covers in different positions!) By the time we arrived home, we were both ready for some more action, but that had to wait as Mum was there with Sue to pick us up. We all hugged (Mum even hugged Jen, so she seems to be at least beginning to accept my unconventional love life – at least the bits she knows about!) and headed back home.

We spent quite a while just chatting – explaining about how writing up had been and how the holiday was (again, we obviously didn’t tell them everything, but I guess that Sue is going to find out a bit more when we get back to York!) Jen wanted to head out to have a drink that evening – she never really went out drinking when she lived here (given she was too young).

I guess I should quickly explain for any new readers – Jen is the younger sister of someone I went to school with – her family moved around the time we (her brother and I) finished school and went off to Uni. We met a year and a half ago at a New Year’s party while I was home for Christmas when they (Jen and her brother) were back visiting friends.

Sue, Jen and I wandered out to a pub fairly close to home and sat outside. Being a weeknight, it wasn’t too busy (but it was a nice evening so there were a few people around). Of course I took the opportunity to make Jen sit in a way that exposed herself. I joined in and Jen reached over to rub me a little – Sue acted shocked but given that I let my fiancĂ©e fuck her and we’ve seen each other cum many times now, she was only pretending. Sue pointed out that it wasn’t fair that I had two people to make me cum and she didn’t have any (I think it’s perfectly fair that I have two people to make me cum!). It turns out that there is someone at Uni who she quite likes and might be going to get together with next year – we quizzed her for quite a while about this as I’ve told her before that if she was dating someone, that she couldn’t do things with us (I don’t believe in cheating – which some people might think is somewhat strange).

Once I was reassured that she wasn’t actually dating him (or even that near to dating him), I told her that Mike would make sure that she was properly seen to when we return to York. I told her that I fully intended to make the most of my last bit of time in York given I would be living by myself and planned to ‘get ahead’ on my orgasms to make up for the long dark northern nights. If I’d thought of it at the time, I would have pointed out that she will need to make the most of the next few weeks as well as she won’t be able to do things with us if she does start dating (but I’m sure we’ll work that into the conversation in the near future).

Our conversation stayed centred around sex – mostly because Jen and I kept playing with each other whenever we thought nobody was looking. We ended up telling Lis quite a bit about the holiday and our adventures there. She was a bit surprised that we had fucked in everyone’s room and was shocked that we had used Valerie’s vibe, but we promised her that when we got one of them and she felt what it was like, she would understand. We were obviously all fairly turned on by this time and I assured Sue that when we returned to York, we would dedicate a day to making her cum (I’m not sure if she picked up on the ‘we’ part, but she liked the idea anyway).

On the way back home, we discussed what places Jen wanted to see while she was here. She obviously wanted to wander past her old house and go to some of the places she used to play and we thought it would be fun to have a look at our old school. Jen knows that Mike and I have done stuff there and also knows about some of the things that Sue did there (but Sue didn’t know that Jen knew). I told the story of Sue sucking off her bf (of the time), kneeling in front of him in her school uniform and Jen said that she liked the image. I had the idea of borrowing Sue’s old uniform so that if Jen and I do go to look round the school (which is closed for the holidays), I could change into it to make things more authentic. We obviously don’t have a uniform that will fit Jen, but maybe she can play the older girl who seduces me...

We got home and chatted for a bit longer before heading off to bed. My room is opposite Sue’s and Mum’s room is up a different staircase (the house isn’t quite as grand as that might make it sound!). Sue and I share a bathroom and Jen made a point of not bothering to wear clothes while she went back and forth between our bedroom and the bathroom while getting ready for bed. Given what Sue and I have seen each other do, it wasn’t anything for me to be naked too (which meant that Jen and I could tickle and tease each other while we were getting ready). We said goodnight to Sue and fell onto the bed. We were both fairly tired after our journey, so decided to just have a quick session – I let Jen decide what we should do and she wanted to use the double ended dildo (which I wasn’t going to object to).

Given it was her choice, she got the task of doing most of the work, so I lay back and let her prepare it (tingle gel). She pushed one end into me, positioned herself appropriately and slid down the dildo so our cunt’s met. She poured a bit more gel onto our pussies and rubbed it into our clits I braced myself against the headboard and Jen started to fuck me – sliding a good way up the dildo and then pushing back against me. She started off fairly slowly and steadily and as she got more aroused, she sped up and pushed back harder so our pussies slapped against each other. I love watching her do this and it’s enough of a turn on that I don’t usually need to do anything to myself in order to cum, but Jen seemed to be getting ahead of me, so I played with my clit to keep up. I didn’t really need her to tell me how close she was getting - I think with 20 months experience several hundred orgasms (no we haven’t kept count, but it’s probably not at the thousand mark yet – maybe I’ll spend a while going back over the blog and counting the ones we’ve documented). I watched her get more flushed and heard her mewing get louder and managed to time my own orgasm to hit with hers.

As we came, I thrust back against her and was fairly vocal – not loud enough that mum would have been able to hear, but Sue might well have. Jen joined in and got louder and we continued fucking until we had both finished cumming. We weren’t making noise specifically for Sue to hear (that was just an added benefit), it was mostly because it was quite a good orgasm (and cumming together always makes it better).
I went and cleaned up the dildo (I thought it best to not leave it lying out in case Mum came in the next day) and we licked each other clean. Not with the aim of doing anything more, just enjoying the taste of pussy juice mixed with minty gel.

We had a quieter session in the morning as we could hear that Mum was already downstairs, but this didn’t stop us going to the bathroom naked when we heard that Sue was up. She didn’t seem to mind this and let us do our teeth while she showered. We stayed and chatted to her while she towelled off and she suggested that we should shower before going down as she could smell what we had been up to last night (and she said that she had heard it too).

After breakfast, we came up and I wrote up yesterday (this entry) and we’re now about to head out for a wander. Jen is in with Sue sorting out the school uniform but I don’t know if we’ll be going there today.

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