Sunday, 19 September 2010

Window fuck

I decided to come down and visit Jen at home (it's a bit more difficult to get here as I can't fly, but I wanted to have a bit more fun in the fields). The weather hasn't been as good as during my visit a few weeks ago, but we've coped. This entry is from just after we got back to York with Sue in tow...


Unsurprisingly, we slept in the following day and it was mid-morning before we got up. Jen had surfaced before Mike, Sue and I and had already had breakfast and was out in the garden sunbathing (topless) so we went out to join her while we ate. It was warm, but the sun wasn’t too strong yet so we had breakfast before we put any lotion on. Sue was a bit nervous about just wandering out there naked (despite having done this before), but followed me out anyway. We put our dishes back in the kitchen and I fetched some more blankets for us to lie on and we went back to the sun (it’s York, we need to enjoy the sun while we have it).

Mike put lotion on Sue and I and I did Jen while Sue did him. There wasn’t much overt fondling, just a little stroke here and there. After a bit, Mike went to get a snack and returned with a plate of strawberries and cream. We all knew what this meant and because we hadn’t done anything when we woke up, I was certainly ready. Jen began to realise the flaw in her rule about not being naked around Mike as he dribbled some cream over my pussy and then over Sue’s. He rubbed it in to my pussy with a strawberry and then fed it to me before repeating this on Sue (with her pussy). So Jen wouldn’t miss out, he rubbed another one on me and let Jen take a bite before rubbing the other half on Sue and letting Jen finish it off. He crushed one against me and rubbed it into both our pussies before licking us clean.

He dribbled some cream onto my breasts and Jen and he took a nipple each and licked me clean. He put cream on Sue and while he licked on one of Sue’s nips, Jen added a bit more to the other one and rubbed it in. Mike licked the other nipple clean and I took care of creaming and cleaning Jen’s nips. Mike didn’t try to do anything else and I recognised that he was trying to get Sue horny enough that she would then want to do anything (it worked for me). I know this is their big push to get Sue to do something with Jen (and they have promised me they’re not going to force her to do anything). I have to admit that I would like to be able to watch Jen eat her and would love to know what Sue thinks of how deep Jen’s tongue can reach. (I still don’t think it will happen).

After a short while, Mike said that it was time for phase two and he proceeded to alternately fuck Sue and i with the same strawberry until it was too soft to use. He ate the first one, Jen the second, I had the third and Sue had the fourth. Jen was sitting rubbing her panties and I thought it was unfair that she should miss out so I got her to kneel, facing Mike and I sat behind her. I pulled her panties aside and pushed a strawberry into her. Once it was almost goo, I handed it to Mike (who of course ate it) and I licked Jen clean. I thought that because it was such a nice day, we should do things outside and told Sue that we had something for her to try. I ran in and got the dildo with the suction cup and some gel while Jen straightened herself up. Sue looked a bit confused about what I was doing fiddling around at the patio door, but it became obvious when she saw the dildo sticking out and I told Jen to fuck herself on it.

Jen bent forwards and I pulled her panties aside and helped guide her onto the dildo. I told Sue to follow me indoors while Mike sat in front of Jen so he could watch her cum (but much to his dismay, still not see her cunt being fucked). Sue and I pulled up chairs and I told her to watch closely as she would be doing this next. I love the view that this gives, I can watch Jen’s lips being spread around the dildo and her cunt swallowing it as she rides back and forth. I told Sue how much of a thrill I found it, a) doing this outside and b) knowing that people could see so much detail while I was doing it. We seem to have done a good job in bringing out the exhibitionist in Sue as she said she was looking forwards to trying it (and was well aware that we would all be watching her).

Jen reached back and started to rub her clit and we saw that Mike was rubbing himself through his boxers. I thought that Sue and I should contribute to the show so I started to gently p;ay with myself and told Sue to help me get Mike worked up. Of course, Mike getting worked up usually ends well for her (and me), so she was quite willing to do this. Jen came quite soon after this and stood impaled on the dildo until her legs were a bit steadier and she could safely pull herself off. We went out to the garden and Mike asked Sue to give the dildo a BJ to teach Jen how to do it. Sue knelt by the dildo and swirled her tongue around it and then proceeded to suck it while rubbing the shaft. She certainly knows what she is doing in this department (and seems to enjoy it).

It was now time for her to try out the dildo. I moved it down a bit to my height and added some more gel. Mike helped her position herself and then told her to wait while we went indoors. When we were ready, he knocked on the window and she slowly pushed herself back onto it. We all watched as her cunt engulfed the whole thing and had a really close look as she started to ride it. I had a much better view as Sue didn’t have any panties getting in the way and was still playing with myself (although only gently as I didn’t want to ruin my turn). Mike went out to her and told her we were all enjoying the view and told her to do whatever felt best. She just copied Jen and started to rub her clit while Mike helped to steady her – when she had got her balance he returned indoors to watch. When Sue started to cum she slipped off the dildo and we ran out to check she was okay. She was, but a bit frustrated so Mike grabbed the dildo (it’s not easy to remove a slimy dildo that’s stuck to a window) and fucked her with it while he rubbed her clit. Sue came properly this time and he gave her the dildo to lick clean when she had finished.

We repositioned it and I took my turn. While they were indoors, Mike used a few strawberries on Sue and then gave some to Jen and came out to give some to me. I ate them while he told me to imagine I was eating Sue (still his fantasy and fortunately Sue couldn’t hear us). He said that Jen was rubbing herself again and I looked round to watch her – she gave me her little grin and moved really close to the window. Knowing I was being scrutinised so closely by her felt good and I pulled my lips apart to give her a better view. I didn’t do this for long though as I wanted to cum so I started to rub my clit and continued to do so until my orgasm hit. I’ve got a lot better at cumming while standing so I didn’t have Sue’s balance problem but did copy Jen and stay with the dildo in me until I had recovered. Mike got Sue out to give the dildo another BJ and she did so seemingly eagerly.

I later asked her about this and she explained to me that Mike had told her that I wanted a really good send off and she wanted to be a part of it and join in fully. I told her that she didn’t have to taste Jen (or me) if she didn’t want to and she explained that given the number of times in the past she had tasted me off Mike, it wasn’t that big a deal (and she knows that he likes seeing her do it). She also told me that Mike and Jen have an agreement where she will let him do something (unspecified) with her if Jen gets to do things with Sue. I was confused as to why Mike shared this with her unless he was hoping Sue would play along and help give him a chance to have Jen – but Sue doesn’t think this is likely to happen. I didn’t think it was fair that Sue should know about their ‘secret’ plan so I told Jen who said that it didn’t change the agreement.

So I now have a bf sleeping with my sister and a gf who wants to sleep with my sister (and my sister knows this and still likes my gf, but just not in *that* way). I actually think that Sue might get a bit of a thrill out of knowing that Jen gets to see her cum and on the positive side, at least I know that she isn’t at all homophobic! So with Sue’s appetite for second hand pussy juice straightened out, we proceeded with lunch (still out in the garden, although it was a bit hotter now so we put on some more suncream and put up a parasol for shade.

Lunch started off the way it should, but desert was a bit messier than at your usual picnic. I had chocolate mousse rubbed over my breasts and then licked clean by Jen (so I did the same to her). Next came my pussy and by the time I was (mostly) clean, her face certainly wasn’t. I couldn’t respond in kind due to her panties so just tipped some of the mousse down them and rubbed it in until it was leaking out and her white panties were no longer white (and probably never will be again). Mike gave me a few licks (just to make sure I was properly clean) and then moved on to Sue. Her nervousness about being naked in the garden seemed to have completely gone and she surrendered herself to his mouth. Jen and I arranged ourselves so that she was sitting in front of me between my legs with us both facing Sue. I reached around and rubbed her panties and then pushed my hand into them to finger her properly (it is at least a bit easier now that she doesn’t object to cumming while Mike is around).

I rubbed some more mousse into her nipples and then switched hands so she could taste her own chocolaty goodness from my fingers. I rubbed Jen’s clit while she watched Sue being eaten and wished I had someone to do something to me, but I enjoy making Jen cum so I concentrated on that. Mike pushed two fingers into Sue and a third into her ass and she jumped a bit, but he went straight back to licking her clit and this distracted her. He pumped his fingers into her (we couldn’t see much as his head was hiding this), but when she got close to cumming, he pulled away and used his other hand on her clit. I tried to time Jen’s orgasm to match Sue’s (I knew she would like this) and got reasonably close (I had to do a bit of frantic rubbing when Sue started to cum, but Jen wasn’t too far behind).

While Sue recovered, Mike went and got the hose and threatened to spray her with it. It was a reasonably hot day (for York), and this actually sounded like a good idea to me so I got him to hose me down. The water was pretty cold, but refreshing and Sue decided that it might be a good idea to join in. Mike finished up by cleaning off Jen with the jet and she let him slide the hose into her panties (not that it was going to clean them). Mike was rather messy himself so Sue and I tackled him to the ground and Jen sprayed him. Of course, this hadn’t actually cleaned any of us properly and we needed to go shopping so we took turns in the shower. Jen went first and I helped make sure her pussy was completely clean. Mike was going next and as Jen and I left the bathroom he pulled me back in with him.

We had a hard fast fuck under the shower with me facing the wall while he slammed into me. It was just what I needed and made up for having to watch Sue and Jen cum (and I think Mike felt the same way). I didn’t clean out my pussy again so I had his cum rubbing down my leg as we left the room and Mike suggested I go rub myself on Jen’s thighs (which I did). I had half expected her to eat me again, but I think she had seen enough action for the time being so I just went for coating her legs with our combined juices and then pulled on a dress. Sue had showered while we were doing this and once we were all dressed, we headed out.

We didn’t need to get much, just stock up on some food items and we then went for a coffee on the way back (Jen’s idea – she isn’t doing such a good job of cutting back). Sue and I spent a little while teasing Mike, lifting our skirts and gently stroking ourselves and then said that we had finished our drinks and that we should head home. Mike wasn’t really in any state to stand and walk out of the shop (at least not without it being obvious he had an erection) and he tried to concentrate on getting rid of it, but we kept ‘accidentally’ doing things that kept him aroused. Eventually we decided we had teased him enough (and I think a few of the people around us might have noticed what we were doing), so we gave him a few minutes to calm down and then left.

We had a fairly quiet evening – we had dinner, watched a film and then sat around chatting for a while. Of course, sex was a part of the conversation, but not the majority of it and we talked about how different things were going to be when I left. Mike thinks it is going to be more difficult for him than for Jen as she doesn’t usually get to see me much in term time and will be able to spend the holidays with me. Sue put on a cutesy voice and said that she would always be able to come to visit to keep him company. I do hope that she understands that we are serious about her not being able to join in with things anymore if she does get a bf.

It is Jen’s turn to have me tonight and we’re now up in bed. Mike and Sue are downstairs watching some anime together (not porn anime) – Sue will have Mike’s room and he has the sofa once more. I’ve decided to distinguish between the rooms by calling them ‘Mike’s’ (for the room he and I usually have) and Jen’s (for the spare room that she and I use). We’re writing up today so that we don’t get to far behind and to get us in the mood for some action (we were dozing off when we came up here and I don’t see the point of going to sleep without a goodnight screw).

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  1. Jen-Switch from full caffeine to half caffeine then to decaf. It'll help with the cutting down.