Sunday, 31 October 2010

Great party

Last night was awesome - it'll be a while before I post about it as I'm only at the end of August - but there is a bunch more good stuff to come even before we get to the party...

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Party time... nearly

We're heading off to party in a few hours. I can't decide what to wear to it or even if I should wear panties so that we can ease into things... Either way, I can't wait...

Friday, 29 October 2010

Fisting and foursomes

I'm off to York and really looking forwards to tomorrow night when I'll finally get to see what a real life sex party is like. It obviously won't be as wild as the hardcore parties that we watch videos of online - and certainly nowhere near as large - but if there is any similarity, I'm really going to enjoy it no, I won't be having sex with anyone other than Mike).


We all felt pretty hung over the following morning and we skipped our usual morning session, had some water to sober up and had a shower. The problem with having a shower with a really good pulse setting, is that it can be difficult to just ‘have a quick shower’ – especially if Jen is involved. Of course that’s when we’re not hung over and we did manage it this time. We all had a decent breakfast and felt a bit more refreshed, I reminded Jen that I hadn’t had my wake up orgasm and that something needed to be done about it. She said that she would be happy to oblige, but wanted me to wear the Japanese outfit for her – I was happy to do this but wanted to see her in her one as well. Of course Sue joined in (for Mike) and we all went up to get changed.

I went for the full outfit and put my hair back in a ponytail – Jen and Sue went for bunches. They both had panties on but I thought that this was pointless as I wanted Jen to get straight to making me cum and having to remove them would just get in the way. We headed back downstairs to do things (Jen said Mike could watch her make me cum). I sat on the sofa with Jen between my legs and Sue sat on the floor Japanese style. Mike sat beside me to watch what Jen was going to do and she suggested that they try to make me cum without touching my clit. Mike said that was easy (they’ve both done it before – but never together). I was told to scoot forwards so my ass was on the edge of the sofa and Jen started to kiss and lick around my pussy – carefully avoiding my clit. Mike started to kiss me and stroke my neck and then moved down so he was kissing my neck and stroking my breasts. I pushed my head back to give him better access to my neck and felt his hand slipping into my top and working its way into my bra.

Meanwhile, Jen had started to push her tongue between my outer lips and she was lapping away at the inner lips. It felt really nice being stimulated in three places at once (the nipple stimulation was only very slight, but it still felt good). Mike continued to kiss around my neck and I could feel the warmth building that usually spreads slowly down to my pussy, but this time, I had Jen’s tongue working its way into me and stimulating me itself. I realised that even without and clit play it probably wouldn’t be too long before I came so instead of trying to will the feelings on as I usually would, I tried to hold back and just let them build slowly. I think I did quite a good job of holding out and really enjoyed the whole experience (this is why I really want Jen to get on board with threesomes – I’ll be the one who gets to have them both doing things to me!).

I ended up squirming around on the sofa as Jen pushed her tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my pussy. There was a little pressure on my clit when she did this, but interestingly, it didn’t seem to add very much. Mike was stroking and pulling on my nipples a bit harder and still kissing my neck and while I knew I would be able to hold back longer (if I wanted), it was definitely time for me to cum. I told them I was nearly there and they increased their efforts. Usually if Jen is licking in me or someone is just stroking my neck, it takes quite a while even for the final stage of my orgasm to build, this time is was much quicker. Once I stopped resisting, it seemed to happen quite quickly. I could feel the pleasure spreading out from my neck and pussy (and even nipples) until it was pulsing through my body.

I tried to grind my pussy against Jen’s face but she wouldn’t let me get any pressure on my clit and just kept licking inside me. I don’t know if it helped make the orgasm last longer, but it certainly felt like it was a long one and by the time it ended, I was covered in sweat and almost shaking. Bizarrely, I felt like I could have gone another round almost straight away – possibly this was due to it being a softer, rolling orgasm (but strong) instead of a sharper intense one. They were all quite surprised when I told them that I could quite happily go again straight away and I realised that I had probably made a mistake in saying that. I tried to backpedal, but it was too late and Mike said that if that was the case, then I could demonstrate something. I managed to negotiate a few minutes for a breather and agreed to do whatever they wanted (I know that this is risky, but I do love and trust them both and while they could have asked me to do anything, I was sure that it wouldn’t be something I really wouldn’t want to try).

Mike and Jen went to prepare and Sue followed them to find out what was going on and they returned with a couple of pillows, some towels and baby oil. I hadn’t figured out what was going on yet, so just followed their instructions and lay down on the floor with my ass on the pillows. I was going to take my skirt off to protect it, but ended up just pulling it up over my stomach and tucking it under my back. Jen got me to lift my ass so she could put a towel under me and I spread my legs (I was still wearing the long white socks which Mike says added nicely to the image). Jen poured some of the oil over my pussy and I figured it out. Mike had heard about this (of course – as had anyone who reads this) and I knew that he wanted to see, so tried to relax and prepare myself. Sue hadn’t caught on yet and asked what Jen was going to do but Mike told her to just watch and she would be rewarded later on for being patient.

Jen rubbed her fingers over my pussy and coated them in oil before pushing a couple of them into me. She quickly added a third and I felt fairly full by this point (if Mike uses three fingers on me it’s usually as much as I can take). Jen pushed into me and pumped away for a bit while she used her other hand on my clit. She moved her wrist around so that I was stretched open a bit and I tensed up a bit, but tried to relax and let her do what she wanted. After a little while, I felt her pressing a bit deeper into me and her little finger joined the other three. Sue asked how much further she was going to go and Mike told her that he hoped it would be the whole hand. I was feeling very full by this point and said that I didn’t know if I could take that, but said I would try and Jen started to push her thumb in as well.

I heard Mike say ‘oh shit’ and when I looked over, he was hugging Sue from behind and pulling on her breasts through her top. They could see my cunt lips stretching around Jen’s hand and I said that I wanted to know what it looked like. Mike dashed off to get a mirror but could only find his shaving mirror so even though I got to see, it wasn’t that great a view. I decided to just enjoy the feelings (or try to not get hurt) and relaxed back on the pillows to allow Jen to continue. The only time we’ve done this before, she got to about the same stage – all her fingers in me, but not the whole hand. Mike really wanted to see if we could set a new record this time and Jen continued to slowly apply more pressure as she pumped her hand into me. It was feeling quite good, but if Jen pushed too far into me it was stretching too much to be comfortable and in the end, she couldn’t get the whole hand in. She kept pumping into me (not with large movements, but enough to stimulate me) while she rubbed my clit and I told her to keep going until I came. She was very close to getting past the widest part of her hand, and I think that I might have (possibly) been able to get it all in if she had pushed just before or during my orgasm, but I’m glad she didn’t try (just in case).

This orgasm wasn’t that strong, but felt quite different from usual ones due to the amount of pressure on the walls of my cunt (I assume). It was reasonably strong – and when taken with the earlier one, was enough to finish me off for a while. Jen kept her hand in me (or almost in me), until I had finished cumming and them slowly pulled it out. This left me feeling very empty (and with a bit of a gaping cunt for a while). Mike said it had been an incredibly sexy sight and Sue asked if it hurt and if we did this much – I told her that this was only the second time and it wasn’t something I wanted to do too much as I actually like the fact that I still have a (relatively) tight pussy (and I know that Mike enjoys it). He says that in normal day to day use (i.e. not when we’re playing with large dildos, vegetables or Jen’s fist), I’m actually often quite tight – and especially if I try to contract myself around his cock.

He tried to convince Sue to let Jen try it on her (she declined) and we realised that we had spent longer than we thought and needed to get ready to go out and meet people for lunch. Sue complained that she hadn’t had a chance to play (but neither had Mike or Jen) and Mike said that he would make an effort to play with her over lunch. I was a bit nervous about this (we still don’t want anyone to know that he has been sleeping with Sue), but he can be quite discreet and knows the risks so I wasn’t overly concerned. We went up to get changed and Mike found a suitable dress for Sue to wear – long enough to easily cover everything but with a flippy enough skirt to allow him unhindered access. We’ve had a quite good summer so Jen and I both wore shift dresses and we headed out.

Mike used the walk into town to fondle Sue a few times and I did the same with Jen. I wished that I had got her to bring a pair of panties along so I could get her to show herself off to my friends (she doesn’t want them seeing her pussy – and she didn’t make me be naked around her friends so I’m letting her get what she wants – mostly). I did consider stopping off at a shop to buy a pair for her, but we were already running late so just went straight to the cafe. We weren’t the last people there and managed to get some seats at the end of the table so that Jen and I could shield Mike and Sue. As soon as we sat down, he pulled her dress up a bit and slipped his hand between her legs and then did the same to me. I wasn’t as shielded as Sue, but of course my friends have probably guessed that Mike and I sleep together so it wasn’t such a big deal – of course I don’t really expose myself to them in anything like the same way Jen makes me do to her friends, but I’ll be leaving soon so if they get the odd flash I’m not too worried (especially as it would be Jen’s fault and nothing to do with me).

He couldn’t really do very much to Sue, but did manage at one point to slide his hand down her side and under her ass so that she was sitting on it. This it how we used to do things while on the bus and while he obviously can’t move very much, it allowed him to get access to her clit which he played with for a little while. I think that Sue had been hoping for a bit more attention, but Mike didn’t take too much of a risk, but did whisper to her that he would take care of her when we got back home. He did openly suck his fingers clean, but then we were all eating so that probably didn’t look too out of place. Sue was complaining on the way home that she was horny – to be fair I had cum twice that day, but neither Mike nor Jen had cum so she wasn’t the only one left out. Mike fondled both Sue and I on the way home (and my hand may have strayed up under Jen’s dress a couple of times – as well as over Mike’s crotch), and by the time we arrived back, we were certainly all ready for some action.

Mike headed upstairs with Sue and after a few minutes called for us to join them. I was surprised that Jen came up with me (I assumed that he would want to fuck), but when we arrived and Sue was spread out on the bed with Mike licking away at her pussy, I assumed that this was just another chance they (Mike and Jen) had arranged for Jen to see Sue cum. Jen lay down beside Sue and paid close attention to what Mike was doing then moved up so that she could watch Sue’s face – Sue was obviously embarrassed by this, but didn’t say anything. Mike told Jen that Sue had agreed and I thought for a moment that she had given in and decided to let Jen have sex with her before discounting this as rather unlikely. However, Jen raised a hand to Sue’s right breast and started to gently stroke the nipple.

Between licks, Mike explained that Sue had agreed to let Jen play with her breasts so that she could find out what it was like to be stimulated by two people. Apparently, this was all related to the little show that they put on this morning, using me as bait (it’s so good to know that the two people I love scheme behind my back!). This is one of the things that Mike has been working on getting Sue to do for the past few months and he had finally got her to agree - he had told her how much Jen loved having her nipples played with (which of course Sue has now seen first hand) and convinced her that Jen would therefore be able to do a really good job. I was really surprised that she had gone along with this, but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to watch.

Despite having cum twice already, I was ready for more action (as if there is ever a time that I’m not!) and slipped out of my clothes. Mike told Jen to get undressed (this was another part of the deal) and she quickly slipped her dress off and lay back down to continue massaging Sue’s nipple. He kept asking her how it felt and all she would say is ‘nice’ – it was quite clear from the way that she was moving, that it felt a bit better than just nice, but she just wouldn’t admit it. I later realised, that when Mike was talking, he wasn’t just trying to say things, he was also dragging out the amount of time it would take for her to cum (and it worked). They kept playing with Sue for quite a while and she was obviously very aroused. Mike suggested that I stroke her other nipple and I couldn’t resist joining in.

I mirrored what Jen was doing, stroking, strumming, tickling and rolling her nipple. Mike had her legs spread wide and I guessed (correctly) was working on both her cunt and ass. Sue was obviously really turned on now and in a world of her own. Jen started to gently kiss and lick around her breast and Sue either didn’t notice or really liked it. Mike saw this and used his fingers to put some of Sue’s juices onto her nipples. Jen took the invitation and swirled her tongue around the nipple, cleaning it off, before returning to kissing around the breast. Mike covered her nipples in her juices once more and Jen licked her side clean, but kept her mouth on the nipple this time. I considered having a lick of the nipple I was fondling, but I decided a while ago that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to actually try to have sex with Sue and thought that even nipple sucking might be going a bit too far (not that the idea didn’t appeal).

Mike took Jen’s sucking as his cue to help finish things up and Sue’s moaning increased. I continued to play with her other nipple and Jen’s hand joined mine. Sue was panting and swearing away now and Mike wasn’t just teasing her – it took very little time before she started to cum and Jen pressed my hand against her breast when she started to squirm around. Of course, Jen didn’t stop sucking on her nipple until Sue finished cumming (I know she has been fantasising about Sue’s breasts for ages). While it had seemed like a reasonably strong orgasm, I think Sue had hoped it would have been better – Mike tried to convince her that this was because she was nervous about Jen touching her and that it would be better next time (Sue didn’t react to this, but I don’t know if that was due to not paying attention or just because she was dismissing the chance of a ‘next time’ happening). Either way, she did seem at least a bit more satisfied now and I wanted a turn.

The difficulty was that neither Mike nor Jen had cum and I really wanted to be able to do things with both of them, but of course I had to choose so decided that I would go and take care of Jen and then return and allow Mike to do whatever he wanted (to make up for him having to wait). We scampered in to Jen’s room and fell onto the bed – Jen immediately started to play with my breasts (just to compare them to Sue’s) but was soon rubbing herself against my leg. I wanted to repay her earlier work so once she’s had her nipple fix, I got her to lie down and we assumed the scissor position. We humped against each other and I rubbed her clit (or at least I rubbed in the general area as she was moving around quite a bit). I finished her off by humping hard against her – smooshing our cunts together until she came.

Initially, I hadn’t intended to cum with her (as I had Mike to take care of as well), but as you know, I can get carried away fairly easily and so changed my mind. I lay on top of Jen and we kissed while I slid my pussy up and down her leg. Jen held on to my ass and pulled me tight against her and she slid her leg up and down so there was quite a bit of pressure. It was a fairly strenuous session and a reasonably warm day, so by the time I came, we were both rather sweaty. I actually wanted to have a doze for a bit, but Mike was now the only one of us who hadn’t cum and it would have been unfair to leave him to suffer. I left Jen to get cleaned up and went back to find him – he was already naked and sitting chatting with Sue who seemed to have recovered from her orgasm. Mike commented on how sweaty I looked and that it must have been a good session with Jen but he thought he could top it – I know better than to argue (or he’d just do something even more strenuous) so I told him to do whatever he wanted.

I lay on the bed and he moved me so my head was over the edge and pulled my legs up. I wasn’t sure I could take the ‘deep’ position, but let him slide into me and start to move until he was pushing all the way in. He told Sue to move around behind him and she ended up holding my legs over his shoulders – this freed up his hands to play with my nipples and clit and he gave me a pretty long fuck (maybe not as long as usual, but I was impressed that he held out as for as long as he did given what he’d seen that day). I didn’t manage to hold out though and I came about halfway through. Once I had finished cumming, he stopped playing with my clit, but continued to stroke my nipples (and obviously continued to fuck me). It felt good for a while but I then started feeling a bit too tired and he sped up and came in me. He helped pull me back up onto the bed properly and curled up beside me while I fell asleep.

He and Sue stayed awake though – she wanted him to do something to her but he told her that she needed to have lots of energy for the following day (his plan for us to make her cum lots). She wasn’t overly satisfied with this but he promised that he would make sure she came again later that night. They left me to sleep for a bit and went to shower (Jen had finished by this time). Mike says that they did fool around a bit in the shower, but he kept his promise to not do anything ‘serious’ with her without me being there. He gave her pussy a quick going over with the razor to make sure she was prepared for Sunday and she kept trying to find out what he was going to do to her, but all he would tell her is that we were going to spend the whole day making her cum. She finally picked up on the ‘we’ part and he reassured her that she didn’t have to worry, but that all of us would be involved in some way – even though he would be doing the vast majority of the work. He wouldn’t tell her anymore though and they returned to bed to have a nap before we ate and got ready to go out for the evening.

Mike had deposited quite a bit of cum in me and somehow, most of it had stayed in me while I was sleeping. This wasn’t the case when I stood up and I dripped the whole way to the shower. Usually, Jen would have happily licked me clean, but she had already started to get ready to go out so didn’t want to get messy (not that I was really ready for another session – even I have my limits).

We all had dinner and chatted over a few beers before we headed out. We had decided to have an evening by ourselves as we thought we could have a bit more fun that way (although I did miss being able to see my friends). We were fairly careful and went to places that we don’t usually frequent (to reduce the risk of running in to people we knew). We had a pretty good evening – we certainly drank a lot less than we had on Friday so remained pretty sober, but this had the advantage of being able to find more opportunities to fondle each other. I had instructed Jen to wear a cream coloured mid-thigh length dress that was of a very light material. Her nipples were very obvious through it (especially when I did anything that got her aroused – which of course is what the whole evening was about). When we got to the club, I openly fondled her breasts through the dress and got her nips to be very hard and pointy – although of course it was much darker so they weren’t as obvious.

We danced together for a while and I told Jen to hump against my leg. I had been planning this and I was wearing opaque tights (they are good for friction in this position) and we danced closely together so she could rub herself on me. As she got more aroused, I lifted the front of the skirt slightly to ensure that she could get really good friction and my hands cupped her ass – we ended up migrating into a corner of the room so I could stand against a wall and give her a firmer base to grind against. She needed a bit of help to cum and I dropped my hand between us and rubbed her clit while we kissed. There were a couple of guys watching us and it was fairly obvious what was happening, but I don’t think they would have actually been able to see me fingering Jen. Once my fingers found her clit, she came very quickly anyway and we remained kissing until she had got her breath back and then went to get some water.

Of course, Mike and Sue had also been watching us and Mike’s hands hadn’t been idle. He had convinced Sue to wear my new very short skirt, along with opaque tights (he’s tried for long white socks at first, but she said the skirt was too short). To be fair, she was right – there would have been no way to dance in it (and stay decent) without either tights or panties on (and you know how I feel about people wearing panties) – in fact she would have had problems staying decent while we were in the pub! Anyway – he was standing behind her and rubbing her crotch through her tights while talking (shouting) in her ear. He’d already got her a fair way along and she was quite willing to let him make her cum so he pushed his hand down into her tights and started to finger her properly. I don’t know if it was this or the fact that he also slipped a hand into her top, but they were very politely asked to leave by some very large men in suits for doing things ‘not in keeping’ with the club.

Initially, Sue was really embarrassed, but we reminded her that nobody knew who she was and that she probably wouldn’t be visiting York many more times anyway and she relaxed a bit. Mike suggested that he make her cum right there, but she wanted to head back home and do things in bed. I was feeling a little tired myself so didn’t object to this. We wandered back home and stopped off a few times to fool around a bit. Mike and Jen removed my skirt so I had to walk part of the way with just my tights covering me (but in the dark they don’t look much different from leggings) and Jen rubbed me as we walked. Of course, I didn’t let her get away with this and she ended up walking with me holding her skirt up at the back so her ass was on display (there weren’t many people around).

We got in and decided to get a relatively early night so that we would have energy to devote to Sue’s day (Mike and Jen were particularly keen on this and at the time, I had no idea how many things they had planned for her, but you’ll find out about that in the next post). I was willing to make sure that Jen was satisfied before joining Mike and Sue in bed, but Jen said that she was cummed out and that a night off might do her pussy good. I still played with her a little while we were getting ready for bed, but she went into her room and the remaining three of us went into Sue’s room. I was now more in the mood to cum than I had been earlier, but Mike said that he needed to get Sue prepared for the next day and that he could either take care of me later or I could play with myself. I decided to go with the latter option as I don’t often make myself cum nowadays (although that will be changing soon when I’m by myself) and selected a vibe and an egg (just for good measure).

Sue lay face down on the bed and Mike sat over her legs and rubbed her shoulders, back, ass and legs. He moved his hands back up her body and then lay down on her and pushed into her. He kept up a slow steady rhythm, pressing deep into her while he whispered into her ear. It wasn’t quite loud enough for me to hear all of it, but I’ve since found out that he was telling her that she was going to cum countless times the following day and asking her how much she had enjoyed having Jen and I help to make her cum. They kept this up for quite a while, but Mike didn’t speed up his movements and I figured that they weren’t actually going to do anything more. I had been playing with myself while this had been going on and decided that I couldn’t wait any longer so increased the pressure on my clit and brought myself off.

Mike indicated for me to keep quiet while I came (at least that’s what I thought he was trying to tell me), but it turned out that he had intended to do things with me once Sue had fallen asleep. He had told her that he wasn’t going to make her cum, but for her to just enjoy the feelings of him pressing on (and into) her, and that she should just relax and get a good night’s sleep. This was why he had been moving in the same steady fashion for so long. A little while after I had cum, he pulled out of her and rolled over to me. This was when I found out that I wasn’t meant to have cum and said that he could still be inside me. We started to spoon but only moved very gently as we didn’t want to wake Sue up – Mike pressed deep into me and we whispered some quite filthy talk while I squeezed myself around him. I wasn’t expecting him to be able to cum with just this, but was pleasantly surprised when he told me to squeeze harder and he moaned into my ear. He stayed inside me until he had gone soft (no falling asleep with him in me that night) and we switched positions so he was between Sue and I. I got him to tell me some of the plans for the following day and I was fairly jealous of what Sue was going to get to experience, but it was going to be his second last day with her so I didn’t mind too much.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Double double dildo

I know I said that I was visiting Jen this weekend, but Mike has managed to get us another invite to the ‘special’ party in York that I’ve mentioned before. Jen is much happier with us going along to it than she was last time so I hope to have a really fun weekend. It’ll also be good to see everyone else (obviously not at this party – although that would make for a very interesting evening!).

Back to my last few days in York – this was my last Friday there during Sue’s visit and Jen and I got to try something else new (well, something we’ve tried and failed to do before).


I was still quite sensitive the following morning so Mike licked me instead of fucking me. I was actually quite concerned for a while that I had broken something or Mike had licked my clit off the previous night (yes, I know that can’t happen), but the feeling settled down throughout the day. I decided to give him a break and left him to help Sue wake up properly while I went to shower (as I’ve said before, she was only going to be with us for a few days more). He took her in her favourite position and she used an egg on her clit while he fucked her – this time he pulled out and came all over her back and ass though so she was a bit of a mess.

I had another full day at work ahead of me, fortunately it wasn’t all spent with the new person (not that I don’t like him, but the previous day had been quite intense with the amount of information I was trying to get across). I did manage to have lunch with friends (fish and chips Friday) and we had a good chat. I know I just claimed to have a ‘full day’ of work, but I managed to schedule a coffee break in the afternoon with Lis to find out more about her exploits with Vicky. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t get quite as many details out of her as I did at the start of the week, but it was still an interesting distraction from work. I found out that the two other times they did things that night (after having 69ed) involved them fingering each other and then taking turns to do gown on each other once more.

I congratulated Lis on having taken the initiative and getting what she wanted and then we had a chat about whether this was what she wanted. Nothing more has happened between her and Vicky since then (but it’s been less than a week). They did have a chat earlier in the week and Vicky explained a few thing to Lis. Apparently, she has been with a girl once before (once before the time they did things while we were on holiday that is). It was a drunken thing and sort of destroyed their friendship. Vicky is quite certain that she isn’t gay and so doesn’t want anyone else to know what she and Lis have been doing, but she thinks that they could probably do things again in future if Lis wants.

Lis said that she would much rather be able to do things with someone she is dating and have everyone know, but she really enjoyed doing things with Vicky and if it has to be kept a secret, she is happy enough with that for now. Either way, it certainly seems like Lis finally got to have a proper night of fun with another girl and she doesn’t seem to regret it so I’m happy for her. We chatted about the other girls she likes and if she knew what she would do if one of them asked her out (I know if Holly asked her out, there would be no competition and Lis would run to her). Given the sorts of things we’d already been talking about, I decided that there was no need to beat around the bush (pun intended) and asked Lis if Vicky had liked the fact that she had shaved her pussy. This was a way of finding out if Lis was still shaving herself and to get to pry. Vicky had commented on it and said that it looked beautiful – this was my chance to ask what style she shaves it into (I was hoping that she would give me a flash), but she told me that she just does it the way she had originally wanted – the lips completely shaved with a patch of fur kept trimmed short above.

I suggested that next time she is with Vicky, she offers to shave her (Vicky’s) pussy. They could have quite a bit of fun doing this (but it’s probably better not make sure that they aren’t drunk that time!) and it would make it much nicer for her to go down on V. Lis thought that this was a good idea and thanked me for having shown her (or told her) how to shave herself. I took the opportunity to have another look at the cut on the back of her leg (which she got when she was shaving a number of years ago). I had a bit of a fondle of her legs while pretending that I was just seeing how noticeable it was. I managed to get a glimpse of her panties (light blue), but I had of course been hoping that my encouragement to go commando might have rubbed off on her – I’ve only got a few weeks left before I leave York so I may have to admit defeat on that one!

We didn’t stay much longer, but I’ll be catching up with her again next week either before or after Jen and I head off to visit Jen’s home. I was going to be seeing her that night anyway as we were all going out, but Lis made me promise to not pay close attention to anything that her and Vicky did as she didn’t want Vicky to know that I knew (which might scare her off). I certainly don’t want to do anything to spoil Lis’ fun and got her to promise to tell me about any new developments. On the wander back, I whispered to Lis that if she ever wanted to borrow any toys to use on Vicky, then she could come round and fetch them – Lis blushed a bit at this but didn’t say she wouldn’t (okay, she didn’t say that she *would*, but my first interpretation is more fun).

The afternoon was quite busy and I was fairly tired by the time we left, but we were going straight out to the pub, so I found energy from somewhere! Jen and Sue met us there and Mike joined us after a bit and we spent a good couple of hours relaxing and chatting (or shouting as the place got busier). A few people headed off to get food and I headed home to get changed. Jen and Sue had come along prepared, but came home with me (Mike wasn’t planning on changing, but came along anyway). We had a meal at home and I was feeling a lot more energised – I decided that an evening of dancing would be fun and decided to dress appropriately (as in something that wasn’t so short that I had to be really careful). I even let Jen off the hook and allowed her to dress decently. Mike encouraged Sue to go without panties (she is a bit more used to this now and didn’t object) and we all headed out.

It was a fun evening but fairly tame in the sex department. Jen and I managed to get our hands under each others’ skirts a few times (and I’m pretty sure a number of my friends saw her hands moving under my skirt on at least one of those occasions). Mike managed to briefly rub Sue, but he knows to be careful while our friends are around and he managed to finger me properly while we were sitting down in one of the smaller rooms. It was very dark, but I know that people saw what he was doing (which of course just made it feel better). He didn’t make me cum (or even get me close), but I did have to suck his fingers clean before we dashed off back to the main floor. It was a really good evening, but we definitely drank a bit too much, which became really apparent when we stepped out into the fresh air (I’m glad to report that Mike and Jen didn’t try to take advantage of Sue - well, not ‘properly’ anyway, but we’ll get to that).

We got a taxi back home and Mike really wasn’t too subtle about how he was fondling Sue – at one point he had enough of a breast exposed (one of hers!) that he was sucking on her nipple while he had a hand between her legs. We got home and while I was trying to find my keys, Mike was groping me and got my top undone. As the cab turned around, I felt my skirt slide down and instinctively went to grab it, but then decided not to bother and let if fall to the ground (I’d missed it anyway so it was more a case of just not picking it up). Mike’s fingers pushed into me while I opened the door and we fell into the house giggling away. The touching and playing through the evening had got us all quite horny and this was one of the times that I really wished that Jen was happy with Mike fucking me (or Sue) on her presence. Jen was especially desperate to cum and tried to drag me off but I knew that I would have to do something to satisfy Mike or decide to let him have Sue to himself for the evening. I wasn’t completely opposed to this (as I’ve said before), but decided that this might be an opportunity to get to try something out.

I’ve mentioned before that Jen and I have tried double DP with the double dildos, but haven’t had much success. The problem is that we can easily get the shorted one shared between us (either cunts or asses), but then can’t get the second one inserted. We did actually manage this once by lying on our backs, but then couldn’t move very well and we couldn’t turn over while keeping them inserted. We’ve managed to get two of the longer ones in place, but they are too long and bendy, so we can’t move against each other once they are in place. The obvious solution is to have someone to hold the dildo’s in place or to help insert them, but Jen’s silly rules means that Mike can’t do this for us. Sue on the other hand, Jen is fine with and so I told Mike to see if he could convince her.

She was already partly undressed and he told her what we wanted her to do. At first she was a bit wary, but once he convinced her that we didn’t actually want her to fuck us with the dildos, just to get us started, she seemed to be (ever so) slightly more amenable to the idea. In the end Mike promised that if she did this, we would dedicate a whole day to making her cum as many times as possible and that it would be really worth her while. After a bit of talking (and maybe a bit of fingering) she said that she couldn’t believe she was going to do it, but agreed. Jen and I raced upstairs to get ready while Mike continued to prepare Sue (mostly just by undressing her and rubbing/fingering her until she was really turned on. In the meantime, Jen and I had shed our clothes and had a quick 69 to ensure we were both wet enough (not that this was likely to be an issue given what we were about to get a chance to try). I grabbed the short double-ended-dildos and squirted a large amount of gel into my hand to lube them up with.

As Sue arrived, I wiped my hand over my pussy to clean up (this wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped and we needed to change the sheets the next day). I didn’t want to waste any time in case Sue changed her mind and I got Jen to kneel on the bed so I could push the first dildo into her ass. I turned around and knelt so I could press it against my ass and felt it go in. This was where we needed help and I handed Sue the second dildo and asked her to put it in us. She had obviously decided that she was going to do it as she took it and pushed it into Jen and I then felt the head at the entrance to my cunt. I pushed back and it went into me but I tried to move a bit too quickly and it fell out again. This happened once more and on the third attempt, I told her to push it into me a bit more before I moved. I know that Jen would have loved to have Sue actually fuck us with the dildos (and if she had, I probably wouldn’t have stopped her), but the agreement had been that we only needed her help to get us started and so I slowly pushed back and felt them both sliding into me.

I told Jen to push back slowly as well and found out that I had clearly used more than enough gel as we felt our ass cheeks meet. This obviously isn’t the first time I’ve done DP with dildos, but it felt delightful knowing that I was sharing them both with Jen. We slid back and forth on them a few times before I told Sue that they seemed to be in place and she left us to it. We tried all sorts of movements to see what felt best and found it was a bit more difficult than we had expected – when we only share a dildo in our pussies, we have a fair amount of scope for moving, but being joined in two places made it a lot harder. It still felt really nice though and we could get the dildos to press against different areas depending on how we leaned. The real downside was that it was quite difficult to rub our clits – usually we would have asses in the air and our heads on the bed so we could use a hand (or two) on our clits, but this position wasn’t possible (and we nearly ended up pulling one of the dildos out while trying it). I wasn’t sure that Sue would want to come and put it back in ‘mid-session’, so we adapted and Jen pulled all the pillows down and put them under her chest. This got her high enough that she had a free hand to play with herself while I tried to balance on one arm.

It’s a miracle that we managed it, but I think we both wanted to feel what it would be like to cum like this that will power overcame drunkenness and we triumphed. We had decided that it was too risky trying really long movements so we were mostly just humping back against each other so our ass cheeks slapped together. A couple of times we tried pressing together as hard as we could and I thought this felt incredible (I think I liked this more than Jen did). We spent quite while enjoying the feelings but we both wanted to cum and if possible to cum together. It’s not always easy to do this at the best of times and when drunk, it’s even harder. We made a pretty good attempt at it though (with a number of close calls). In the end, it was me who couldn’t hold out and I started to cum but Jen caught up before I had finished. We were pressed together hard and our hands kept bumping together as we rubbed our clits (so not the perfect Hollywood simultaneous cum), but damn, it felt good.

I felt Jen move away slightly when she had finished, but I didn’t want the feeling to end just yet so I pushed back to keep the dildos buried between us. I certainly wasn’t ready for another session, but I knew that they would fall out if I lay down to relax as well, so just humped against her for a little while longer. Eventually, I did need to move off them and felt them slide out of me as I did so. Jen ended up keeping both of them in her and it was a hot sight, her bent over a huge stack of pillows with two dildos sticking out of her. If it had been just the two of us, I would have fucked her with them again, but I needed to see Mike and Sue before returning and I didn’t think I had the energy for too much more. I told Jen I would return and took the pussy dildo with me for Mike to taste. They were both downstairs (Sue still naked) and Mike asked how it went as soon as I started on the stairs. I offered him the dildo and he tasted Jen off it while I told him it had been amazing. I found out the following day that they had been talking about the different ways that Sue would be rewarded during her day of cumming.

I sat on his lap and ground against him – he was obviously already hard and I didn’t want to tease him so I helped undo his trousers and pulled them off. Despite having just cum, I was feeling greedy and slid straight onto his cock. Sue said that it was her turn and I reminded her that he is my fiancĂ©, but relented and let him move down onto the rug by the fireplace. Sue thought that she was going to get to ride him, but once again I mounted him and told her that she could ride his face. Sue pouted and said ‘I wanted a fuck’ and so I handed Mike the dildo and he told her to get on facing away from me. She did this and he got her to lean forwards far enough that he could get the dildo into her. I had an excellent view of her ass and the dildo sliding into her cunt but I was concentrating more on Mike’s cock which felt very hard in me. I alternated between riding up and down the length of it (which feels good for him but doesn’t do as much for me) and rubbing myself back and forwards (which gives really good friction on my clit, but I know doesn’t do as much for him).

Mike usually plays a more active part in this, but because he didn’t have free hands to hold my hips and help guide me, I got free reign as to how I moved. For his part, he was licking and sucking away at Sue’s clit and pumping the dildo into her cunt. Sue seemed to have gotten over the disappointment of not having his cock and was making a fair number of different sounds of pleasure (not loud, but she was obviously enjoying herself).

I was trying to pace myself and instead of touching my clit was playing with my nipples (I’ve come to appreciate these a bit more in recent months) – they may be nowhere near as sensitive as Jen’s or Sue’s, but Jen has shown me how to enjoy the feeling from them properly. As I wasn’t trying to hurry things along, Sue came first. Mike had a finger in her ass by this point and she was on all fours over his face. She tried to pull away when she had finished cumming, but he kept her in place and switched to his gently licking and kissing (which is a really nice way to come down after a good orgasm). This works quite a bit better though if you aren’t still fucking during the process and he obviously had a bit of trouble keeping up a gentle pressure on her while pushing back against me and getting close to cumming himself. In the end, he had to give up and Sue rolled over and lay beside us while we finished up.

Mike could now push back into me properly and said that he was ready anytime I was. I’d been getting close for a while but had been practicing holding back and so started to grind against him with a lot more force. I continued to sit up and play with my nipples (he really likes the sight of me doing this) and felt him thrusting up and into my cunt. I came first (no surprise there) and had finished by the time Mike came. It didn’t feel too intense as he kept thrusting into me so I could enjoy the feelings (but it’s still better when we cum together). I climbed off him and left half his cum on his cock, but Sue was happy to help him clean up. I think she could have gone another round, but I wanted to get up to bed so took her with me (to her bed that is – I went back to Jen). Jen was already asleep by the time I returned and I was now too tired to do anything more with her anyway so I just curled up beside her and fell straight asleep.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Garden water play

I thought I'd get this one posted early today - another one for people to avoid if they don't like watersports - this was Jen showing off to Sue (but of course there are a few other events in it as well).


I awoke the next morning with a full day of work ahead of me, so took advantage of the beautiful Jen who was still sleeping beside me (although she wasn’t sleeping for long once I started). I sucked her nipples and rubbed around her pussy until she came round and spread her legs to give me better access. Of course, I wasn’t being entirely selfless and as she moved her legs apart, I let her put one of them between mine so I could hump against her. I was much gentler with her breasts than I had been the night before and kissed, licked and nibbled around the whole area while my fingers rubbed up and down her lips.

I didn’t have a huge amount of time, but toyed with her pussy lips for a little while before sliding my fingers between them and searching out her clit. Jen let out an approving ‘mmmm’ as I started to rub her and she pulled me up a bit so that she could rub me as well. Jen nuzzled my neck while she did this and we increased the speed we were rubbing each other. Jen was a fair way ahead of me and came first – she stopped rubbing me during her orgasm but I finished bringing her off and waited for her to recover before panting into her ear to finish me off. I’d been grinding against her side during the time she had been neglecting me so I was still very aroused (her hip is the perfect shape to hump against). Her fingers sought out my pussy once again and she slipped two inside me and curled them around while her thumb found my clit. It only took a few minutes for her to finish me off and I considered skiving off work so I could stay in bed with her (not to actually do anything more as I was feeling rather tired, but mostly to just curl up with her).

I managed to force myself to get up and went down for breakfast (naked of course) – Mike was already up and dressed and Jen followed me down (in a robe) after a few minutes. Sue didn’t surface until after Mike and I had left. I had to spend the whole day bringing a new PostDoc up to speed with the project I had been working on and didn’t even get a chance to have lunch with friends. It was quite an unusual day in that I didn’t really have a moment to myself where my mind wandered off into a sexual fantasy – not that this meant I didn’t feel at all horny, just that I wasn’t allowed to indulge any such thoughts. It’s not that I spend all day thinking about sex, but I find it nice to be able to allow mini-fantasies throughout the day – having a bit of down time means that I can think about work much more effectively.

I made it through to the end of the day and headed home. I only realised just how tired I was while on the way and was looking forwards to a relaxing evening. I thought that with the amount of sex we’d all been having over the past couple of weeks that a little bit of a break would be good – or at the very least an evening where we did a little less than we had been doing. I wasn’t sure if the others would be happy with this, but it turned out that they all agreed (at least initially). We had a quick dinner and sat around chatting for a while until Mike pointed out that he was meant to shave us the previous day. I am of course well aware that shaving rarely just means having hair removed, but I was feeling rested enough by this point that I felt like I was ready for a little fun and so said that it was a good idea.

We headed up to the bathroom and I stepped into the shower and ran hot water over my pussy while Mike prepared the shaving stuff. I went and sat on our bed and let Jen lather me up while Sue prepared herself in the shower. She came and sat beside me and Mike got her ready while Jen started to shave around my lips. Mike helped to hold my skin taught while Jen shaved really close to my lips and then she rinsed me clean. She quickly removed the stubble from my mons while Mike did around Sue’s lips and then asked Jen for some help. She did the same as he had done on me – gently pulling the skin to make it easier to shave right up to the edge of her outer lips. Jen seemed to be fairly well behaved apart from an occasional stroke while she was washing Sue’s pussy clean and then Mike moved on to Sue’s mons. Jen went to fetch the gel from the fridge while Mike finished cleaning up Sue and by the time he returned, Mike was already testing that we were both smooth. Jen said this was unfair and took over ‘testing’ me. They didn’t lick us to orgasm, just to a nice state of arousal before squirting some of the (incredibly cold) gel on and rubbing it in to the skin.

It was Jen’s turn now and she went off to the shower while I fetched a new bowl of hot water (this is the key to a good shave). She came back and I shaved her clean and rinsed her off (Mike wasn’t allowed to help hold her pussy and Sue didn’t offer). I was allowed to test her for smoothness with my tongue with Mike watching. I didn’t push things too far and didn’t try to eat her properly – I only licked up and down her lips and had a quick flick across her clit at the end just before I added the gel and rubbed it in. I made a comment about how nice it would be to have her squirt while I was kneeling between her legs and Jen said that she could squirt as much as I wanted (but of course she was talking about pee and not a ‘proper’ squirt as she had done the previous night).

Mike said that either would be hot and that it was probably time that our pussies were tested properly to ensure they were smooth. He said that we could do two at once and got me to lie on the bed and Sue to sit over me so that her ass was on my stomach and her pussy was almost directly above mine. He licked from the bottom of my cunt up to the top of hers and gave her clit a few flicks with his tongue before returning to my cunt. He mostly concentrated on me, but her pussy got a bit of stimulation from his nose (I’m not talking about serious stimulation here – he isn’t Pinocchio!). She did get a few licks and some clit attention but I was obviously going to cum first and as I got closer, he focussed on me even more. I came (not too strongly) and Mike continued to lick and kiss until I was finished.

It was obviously Sue’s turn and Mike wanted Jen to sit on top of her so that he could at least get her scent while he ate Sue, but she thought that this was going too far (he even suggested that she wear panties). She did have a quick chat with him and he convinced her to put on a little show in line with the earlier conversation about squirting. Jen picked up an egg and we all headed out into the garden. Jen lay down on the grass, turned the egg on and started to rub her pussy with it. Mike was obviously quite keen to watch this (once again, his trousers were bulging with his erection) and he knelt a little distance away from Jen and got Sue to kneel up in front of him (facing away from him and towards Jen). Mike reached around Sue and started to play with her breasts with one hand and pussy with the other while he rubbed himself against her ass (he still had trousers on, but they both seemed to enjoy it). I hadn’t figured out what was going to happen by this point and was still surprised at what Jen was showing Mike – it was only afterwards (when they explained it) that I realised that she didn’t finger herself or push the egg into her pussy – just rubbed it over her clit.

Even so, Jen put on a pretty good show and between rubbing herself with the egg and playing with her nipples, I was getting aroused again (and I’d only just cum). I didn’t do anything though as I knew that Mike would probably want some attention when everything was finished (and I still prefer him doing things with me rather than Sue). Jen was quite vocal as she got near cumming (I do sometimes wonder if our neighbours can hear what we get up to in the garden – but nobody has ever said anything) and I could see that Mike was whispering things to Sue – I presumed that he was getting her to imagine going down on Jen.

When Jen came, I realised why we were outside – she peed the whole way through her orgasm – sometimes squirting out almost as far as Sue, but mostly the egg got in the way and it just covered her thighs and stomach. She was moving the egg up and down her pussy as she came and had her legs spread wide and head right back and it seemed to be quite a strong orgasm. (She has confirmed that the combination of her love of watersports and my love of exhibitionism are something she really enjoys). Even when she had finished cumming, I could see her pussy contracting as she tried to push out the final drops of pee.

Mike was humping against Sue’s ass and his fingers were still rubbing her clit and nipples and it looked like she was getting close to cumming. He was still whispering in her ear and she seemed to be agreeing with him. She leant back against him slightly (but was still sitting up on her knees) and I saw Mike drop his other hand to her pussy. He was now rubbing her clit and pushing a couple of fingers part way into her. Jen was now sitting up a bit – supporting herself on her elbows and watching and Sue moaned that she was about to cum. Mike pulled her lips apart and rapidly rubbed her clit and Sue started to pee. I hadn’t been expecting this, but later found out that this is what Mike and Jen had been talking about upstairs – the whole thing was Jen’s idea and not Mike’s. All the while he had been playing with her, he had been encouraging her to really let go and give it a try and she had finally caved as her passion increased (Mike’s standard technique).

Mike pulled at her pussy and tried to aim the stream, but all he really managed to do initially was to spray it over Sue’s legs. The idea had been that Jen would ‘accidentally’ squirt over Sue, but Sue would be too far along to really notice or mind, and then Mike would get Sue to squirt over Jen. Jen squirmed forwards and did manage to get a bit of splatter from Sue (some as high as her stomach, but mostly on her legs) and she went back to rubbing herself while Sue finished cumming. I was actually feeling a little left out and nearly joined in with them. I don’t know if I would have just played with myself, gone and peed on Jen or just got Jen to eat me, but I had decided to wait for Mike and so I held back.

Sue was still cumming – it didn’t seem like a really strong orgasm, but was lasting quite a while – and Mike kept telling her ‘more’. Her legs were soaked (as were Mike’s hands), but he continued to rub her until she finished cumming. She stayed kneeling up, leaning back against him and Jen moved a little closer to get a better look. I’d expected her to make herself cum again (but then again, it usually takes her a little while to recover. Mike moved both his hands up to her breasts and played with her nipples while he whispered to her again. He was getting her to imaging what it would be like to have Jen’s tongue scouring the inside of her pussy, licking out every last drop of her cunt juice and bringing her off again. He was still humping against her ass and I decided that I had waited long enough and wanted to make use of his cock.

He let Sue sit down properly and it was obvious that his trousers would need a wash (but he was about to take them off anyway). Jen said she would go shower and Sue was going to join us, but I pointed out that I didn’t want a wet bed so she would have to wait until she had showered. Mike and I ran upstairs and went straight to it, he slid into me and pushed as deep in as he could go while we started to grind against each other. While we were fucking, he told me what he had been telling Sue and about the plan that Jen and he had. I asked him if they still thought that Jen would get to fuck Sue and he said that they think she might (I still don’t, but if she does, I want to see it).

Mike said he was quite close to cumming and I told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum until I did. He was making all the right moves and it felt really nice, but I tried to hold back for a bit and he then turned us over so I was on top and he started to piston into me very quickly. This usually makes me cum in a short period of time and I had to concentrate on holding back, but a couple of his fingers found my ass and started to finger it as well. I decided I was on to a lost cause (and I *did* want to cum) so I just let go and felt the familiar feeling start to build. I tried to not let Mike know how close I was getting so he would continue to really try to make me cum and by the time my orgasm actually started, he was really pounding into me. He tells me that I let out a strangled yelp and he realised that I was cumming but didn’t slow down and managed to cum just about while I was still cumming. If I’d waited just a minute or so longer I think I would have beaten him (but then I wouldn’t have cum in the same way so I’m not too disappointed).

I lay on top of him for a while with his cock still buried in me, twitching away and finally rolled off before my legs seized up. It had felt like we’d been at it for quite a while, but Sue hadn’t appeared yet and we realised that we’d only been there for about 10 minutes. We met her coming out of the shower – she was now nice and clean while I was a sticky mess with cum dripping down my legs. I was going to clean up but Jen did this for me and licked the area until I was relatively free from cum. Sue pointed out that if Jen liked Mike’s cum so much, she should just suck him off and Jen put on her sultry face and said that maybe that was the reason she got Sue to give her the lesson on how to blow the dildo. I’m pretty sure that she is just teasing Mike but I’m also sure that if she wanted to, he would be willing to let her practise on him!

We headed back downstairs and had a snack while we watched a film (sex takes a lot of energy – but at least it’s good for my diet). Everyone seemed pretty beat so we headed back up to bed relatively early to catch up on rest. I really wasn’t intending to do anything else but Mike started to spoon with Sue, just rubbing up against her ass at first but then slipping into her pussy and slowly pumping into her while he nibbled on her earlobe. This soon progressed to more passionate movements and they were soon fucking properly. I couldn’t really resist joining in and got Mike to lift Sue’s top leg up in the air so that I could have a lick at his cock. Despite my reassurances to Sue, I wasn’t as careful this time as when we did this before and a couple of times my tongue was in the way as she slid back down his cock. I’m not saying that I ended up eating her or anything like that, but there were a few licks that were certainly along her pussy and one time when I got the timing really wrong, right over her clit.

Sue didn’t seem to notice this (or if she did, she didn’t say anything - I wonder what she would have done if I had actually started to lick her properly?). Sue was obviously getting close to cumming from the sounds she was making and Mike reached down to play with her clit. I moved out of the way to let them finish up properly and gently stroked myself in preparation for my turn. Sue rolled over onto her front with Mike on top of her (her favourite position) and I watched him continued to fuck her (he still had a hand under her working on her clit). Sue came and he pressed his full weight into her and fucked her through her orgasm and then kept going. I pointed out that he needed to have the energy to take care of me and he asked if I minded being eaten or wanted him to cum in me. It was clear that he wanted to cum in Sue, and she was going to be leaving us soon, so I told him that eating was fine.

Sue was whimpering underneath him as he continued the long hard strokes deep into her pussy. I had a good view of him sliding into her and watched his cock disappearing and reappearing, coated with her juices. He resumed rubbing her clit (trying to make her cum again) but she said she was too sensitive and couldn’t last much longer. Sue obviously hasn’t realised that this isn’t the way to make Mike hurry up (although he did pull his hand away from her clit and out from under her). He continued to fuck her for a fair amount of time before his movements changed and I guessed (correctly) that he was about to cum. I watched really closely and I could see his balls tightening as he emptied whatever was left of his cum into her. When he had finished, he pushed deep into her and stayed buried there for a little while, slowly pushing against her before finally pulling out.

Her pussy looked rather pink and she was still breathing very heavily but made no attempt to move. I didn’t want to wait any longer so pushed Mike onto his back and crouched over his face. I told him to eat me and to make it good to compensate for not fucking me and he pulled me to his mouth. I was certainly ready for this and realised that I had been doing a bit more than just gently stroking myself while I’d been watching them, but I didn’t mind if it was short, as long as I came well. I thought it was only fair to clean Mike up and bent forwards to his cock and started to lick around the head. He said that he was too sensitive for that and asked me to lick up and down the shaft first. I gave little kissed and licks at first until I had cleaned off most of his cum and Sue’s juices and then used my tongue to lick around the underside where I couldn’t kiss. He seemed to like this and as I pushed my pussy against his face more, I edged my way back up to the head. He didn’t complain this time when I took it in my mouth and I bobbed up and down for a little bit before swirling my tongue around it.

I was moaning away now (muffled by his cock) and he said that the vibration of the moans really felt good (and the tongue swirling helped). I felt him pull my lips apart and push his tongue into me so his nose was bumping up against my ass. I felt my orgasm build really quickly and had to almost spit his cock out as it exploded in me. I was quite surprised at how fast and intense it was given how long and slow the build up had been (if you count me stroking myself). It was really only two or three contractions, but they were very strong and I let out a ‘nyaaa’ sound in time with them (that’s the best way Mike and Sue could describe it). I had to pull away as soon as the final wave had pulsed through me as I was too sensitive – I’m sure I could have coped with the gently ‘come down’ kissing, but I really didn’t feel like I needed it. My pussy still felt tingly but was also very sensitive so I certainly didn’t want to do anything more. Mike said it was a pity as my licking had got him ready for another round. He slipped back into Sue and started moving and I thought he was serious, but he didn’t actually fuck her and I realised that he was just teasing me (this is just as well as Sue didn’t seem ready for another bout).

He did give me some more gentle licking and kissing after a few minutes which helped me calm down and by the time he had finished, Sue was already asleep. We curled up together (not with him in me) and fairly quickly joined her.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nice video

I just came while watching this video - a girl being fucked by five (I think) guys - this is certainly one of my ultimate fantasies (although I'd like for there to be more guys and a lot more cum - and probably some girls to help lick me clean).

It was certainly enough to help me cum though so I thought I'd share it:

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

York lecture cum and squirting

I'm out tonight so thought I would put this post up early...


We woke up the next morning and Mike had moved around in the night so he was spooning against me (not inside me). I wasn’t planning on going in to work until the afternoon and Mike had the day off, so we didn’t get up straight away. We slept in until about 10 (and I do mean just slept) and then decided that it was probably time to get up. Instead of a bed-based session, we decided to venture into the shower and play there (and we were all rather sticky). We brushed teeth while the water was warming up and Mike used his brush on Sue. She liked this, but it was only for a minute or so until we all got into the shower. It was a bit of a squeeze and we couldn’t all get under the water at the same time, but it was quite fun. We both needed to shave and did our own legs, but Mike said he would do the more sensitive areas once we got out.

The water jet was made good use of and he played with both of us for a little while before saying he wanted to try to get Sue to cum. She sat in the usual spot we have for shower play and held her pussy open so the spray could get directly to her clit (her lips are somewhat more closed than mine so it isn’t quite as easy to get the water directly to her clit without some help. She was obviously enjoying what the shower was doing to her and Mike started to encourage her to try peeing when she came. She was a bit shy about this at first, but he assured her that I did this sometimes and reminded her of what Jen had showed her and as she got closer to cumming, she agreed (and then said that she had done this by herself a few times before anyway). I wondered if Jen had asked Mike to get Sue to try this (he says she didn’t), but stood and watched as her orgasm built (which can take a while if just the shower jet is being used). She seemed to hover on the point of cumming and Mike flicked the stream of water back and forth a few times before she let out a grunt and started to cum. Mike told her to pee and she let out a stream (some of which hit his chest). He continued to play the jet of water over her clit while she came and as soon as she stopped, he fastened his mouth to her cunt and gave her a few licks (she had stopped peeing at this point).

She said that it was only fair that he have a go at this and they switched positions. I ended up getting out and drying myself off (I was getting cold), but then sat by the bath to watch. Sue gave Mike’s cock a good rub and a little suck before directing the shower jet at the head. She did effectively the same thing he did to her and moved the jet around to simulate movement. I’ve only made him cum with just the jet once before and it took quite a while, so I wasn’t too sure that this would have the outcome Sue expected, but watched anyway. She did mix it up a bit and licked up and down the length of his cock a number of times and flicked her tongue against the head. Mike was clearly enjoying the attention and said that he wanted to try to actually cum with only the water as stimulation but would need a hand to get to that point – I thought that I should lend a hand, so reached over and started to jack him off while Sue sucked on the very end of his glans.

This went down well with him and he told us that he was definitely getting there. Hen he said he was close, we stopped playing with him and Sue concentrated on using the shower on the head. She kept this up for a few minutes and he said that it felt really good but wasn’t quite enough for him to cum (it’s nice to know that there are still some ways that I can please him that Sue hasn’t mastered). It became increasingly obvious that he wanted to cum and Sue said that she could give a little help. While keeping the water spraying around the head, she flicked him on the underside of the head. He jumped when she did this and said he couldn’t decided if it felt nice or not, but then asked her to try it again but a bit more gently. She did this as his cock really jumped. He said he thought he could cum like that and she gave him another few flicks which took him over the edge.

The first spurt arched out of his cock and landed over Sue’s hair and down the side of her face. She went to flick him again but he said to just use the water and another spurt shot out. This wasn’t as big but still managed to hit Sue’s chin and breasts. The next couple of spurts were much weaker and fell well short of Sue. She was still working the water jet around the head of his cock and even though there was no more cum, it continued to jerk and he said it felt like he was still cumming. When he had finished, she moved the shower away and took almost the whole length of his cock in her mouth (certainly more than I can take). She only gave him a quick suck and then I thought that I deserved to cum. Seeing as Mike was still hard, I asked if he would be able to cope with being in me so soon after cumming and he said that he was willing to give it a try. He wanted to try having me sitting on his lap and for Sue to spray my clit as we fucked, but the bath isn’t big enough for us to find a position that we could do this in.

We ended up just having a fuck under the shower – Mike didn’t cum again, but he made me cum and it was now one orgasm each so I thought this was fair. We left and got dressed (we were planning on going out so couldn’t stay nude) and then I went to wake Jen up. She was already awake but just dozing and so I tickled her until she was properly awake. She wanted to have a play but I was quite hungry and promised to make her cum after breakfast if she would remain naked. She agreed to this and we joined Mike and Sue downstairs. After we had eaten, I considered using some food to play with Jen, but as I’d already showered, I didn’t want to get too messy again so we just went up and I used some toys to being her off. We left the door open so that Mike and Sue could listen in and when we came back downstairs, Mike was sitting by the patio doors watching Sue fuck herself with the dildo stuck to the door.

We joined him and watched until she came and gave her a round of applause – Jen then went and gave the dildo a blow job and asked Sue for instruction (she is the expert after all). Mike teased Sue that Jen was only doing that to get to taste her (which I’m sure Sue was aware of) but she didn’t seem to mind (he seems to have done a really good job at indoctrinating her in preparation for these couple of weeks – although maybe still not quite as good a job as Jen and he would have liked). Once Jen had finished, we considered getting shaved, but decided to leave that for later on. I got ready to head into work and Mike decided that he would come with me. I was heading off to a talk being given by a visiting professor and Mike really wanted to try out some of the lecture room fun that I’d had with Jen. Sue and Jen decided to spend the afternoon sunbathing and watching a film so we left them and set off.

I considered wearing one of the long dildos and letting Mike watch me cum while cycling, but decided to maybe do that on the way home instead. We headed into work and met up with a few people for lunch – Mike stayed and chatted with some of them while I went to do a bit of work and then we met up to head to the seminar. We decided to hang around and turn up late so that we didn’t end up sitting with friends (which would have put something of a dampener on our fun) and crept in about five minutes in to the talk. I know that people often turn up this late so we waited for about another five minutes before starting to do anything, just in case others arrived.

Mike wanted to watch me play with myself to get things started so I tried to put on a similar show for him as I had for Jen when I was visiting her. I put my feet up on the chair and spread my legs wide, pulled up my skirt and scooted forwards so that I was on the edge of the seat. I pulled my skirt up and started to rub around my pussy and trace my fingers over my ass. Mike reached over and used a couple of fingers to help spread my lips and my fingers quickly sought out my clit. I rubbed some of my juices over it and then started to stroke it properly which got me aroused very quickly. Mike whispered to me he wanted to see me fucking myself and I was happy to oblige – I pushed a finger into my pussy and then added a second and then a third. Once they were nice and wet, I removed the third one and rubbed it over my ass before pushing it in to myself.

Mike now had a good view of two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass and asked me if I would like everyone at the seminar to turn around and watch me. Of course he knows that I would love this (other than the fact that it would lead to me being arrested and kicked out of Uni), but reality doesn’t have to get in the way of a good fantasy. I knew I had to be quite careful as the room we were in was nowhere near as big as the one at Jen’s Uni, so the chance of getting caught was a bit more, but given how far I’d already gone, I wasn’t about to stop without a reason. I imagined being called up to the front to continue my demonstration and started to rub my clit with my other hand. I could picture everyone looking at me and people standing around me as I pumped my fingers into my holes. I’d just got to the part of having everyone’s hands running over my breasts and thighs when I came and I really had to concentrate to keep quiet as my orgasm pulsed through me. I sat still with my fingers still buried in me and could still feel my cunt contracting in spasms for a fair while afterwards (probably only about 30 seconds, but it felt like a long time) and then removed my fingers and put my legs back down.

As far as I could see, nobody had noticed what I’d been up to – other than Mike of course, who had unzipped his jeans and had his cock poking out through his boxers. I reached over and gently traced my fingers up and down the shaft and felt it jump under my touch. I continued to gently stroke and tease for a few minutes before deciding to get a bit more serious. The advantage we had in this lecture theatre was that the back row had a lot of room (it was suitable for wheelchairs at the ends of the rows) and I waited until the speaker was looking at the screen and slid down off my seat. I moved around in front of Mike and started to rub his cock faster while flicking the head with my tongue. I whispered to him to squeeze my hand or tell me when he was about to cum (it would have been tricky to explain why I was covered in cum if I didn’t manage to catch it in my mouth).

I continued to wank away at Mike’s cock and took the head in my mouth. I’ve learned some new tips from watching Sue and tried them out. I could tell from the way Mike’s hips were moving that they were working and it wasn’t too long before he squeezed my hand. I was still sucking and licking away, but I sealed my lips around his cock and swirled my tongue around the head as he started to cum. I had intended to just swallow his cum, but changed my mind and just kept it in my mouth. I licked for a short while after he had finished cumming and then carefully pulled away and indicated that I wanted to get back up on my seat. Fortunately, he figured out what i was asking and got me to wait until it was safe. I slipped back into the seat and spread my legs once more. Mike said he thought I was just going to play with myself again, but I carefully spat some of his cum into my hand and rubbed it over my pussy and thighs. I repeated this until I had got rid of most of the cum (I swallowed some of it) and by this time, my pussy and thighs were pretty soaked.

In order to give the area a chance to dry off (and in no way just because I like being exposed), I sat with my skirt hiked up for the rest of the talk and idly played with myself. I considered making myself cum once more, or getting Mike to go down on me, but was quite happy that we’d managed to get away with things so far and didn’t want to push our luck. Having said that, Mike did reach over and give my clit some pretty serious attention just as people started to get up (but it wasn’t as close as when I was with Jen). My thighs were still somewhat damp as we left and I realised that I had spread the cum further down than my skirt covered, but fortunately people don’t tend to suspect things like that of happening, so nobody noticed.

Mike headed home and I went back to work (I was a bit distracted, but I got a reasonable amount done). He texted me and said that I should wear the dildo on the way home but that I wasn’t allowed to cum. I was pretty sure that this would be easy – it takes a bit of effort to cum while cycling – and even more effort to not fall off while doing it! I went to the toilets and put my tights on before feeding the dildo into them and inserting it into my pussy. I found out that my skirt wasn’t really long enough to cover the bottom of the dildo, but I had opaque tights on and I decided to rely on people not suspecting anything. I bumped into Valerie and had a chat with her but had my backpack with me that I used to hide the bulge of the dildo. I was actually considering showing Lis (if I’d seen her), but it’s probably for the best that I didn’t.

I cycled home and took the option of trying to get myself close to cumming and then slowing down as many times as I could. This worked quite well at first, but then was a bit harder as I became quite sensitive. I don’t think I was in any danger of cumming without wanting to, but I found that I had to concentrate on the cycling just as much as I do when I do cum as the feeling were quite persistent. When I finally got home, I went in and said that I needed someone to fuck me and I really didn’t care who it was. Mike was happy to take up the challenge and we went upstairs with Sue in tow. It was a simple and fairly quick session (I didn’t want anything fancy, just to be satisfied) and we took the (now almost standard) position with Sue on Mike’s face and me riding his cock. My pussy was still very sensitive from the stimulation of the dildo on the ride home and I managed to cum without any clit stimulation. Mike obviously had no problems eating Sue to orgasm and between us we made enough noise to encourage him to cum in me. As he’d already cum a couple of times that day, he didn’t cum much (at least hardly any dribbled out), but Sue gave him a suck clean anyway and then she remained naked while we headed back downstairs.

We could tell from the smell that Jen had been playing with herself while listening in to us (as I said, we certainly hadn’t been quiet), and I asked her if she wanted to cum (which she did). I was actually quiet hungry and so asked if she would mind waiting until after we had eaten – she whined a bit but said that she could wait if I promised to give her a good orgasm (and I did). Jen remained naked for dinner and I think that Mike now realises that this may not be a good thing to happen too often as it was clear that he didn’t lose his erection the whole time we ate and cleared up (he had his dressing gown on, but the bulge was pretty obvious). Jen may not have helped the matter by sitting on his lap and asking if he liked her body while stroking her breasts – I’m actually quite surprised that he didn’t try anything as I’m pretty sure I would have in his position.

I decided to rescue him (sort of) and told Jen that I would make her cum now, but she would have to stay downstairs. As I had expected, she went and put on a pair of panties (pale pink with a little bow) and returned. I intended to make her cum, but not quickly and told Mike that he should take a seat and enjoy the show. Jen and I lay on the rub in front of the fire (not that the fire was on, but I wanted some space to play) and I started to kiss her. While we kissed, I ran my fingers over her body, up the inside of her legs (but not over her pussy), along the side of her stomach (which tickled her) and across her breasts (mostly avoiding her nipples). As things progressed, I spent more time caressing her nipples and moved down so that I could kiss and suck them as well.

Jen was soon moving around on the rug and was obviously very turned on. She kept asking me to make her cum and I said I wanted to draw it out a bit longer. She told me that I would pay for this, but I get the feeling I’ll be paying the next time I visit her anyway so I’m not too bothered about any threats. I started to very gently trace my fingers over her panties and applied a bit more force to my sucking on her nipples. This made her feel even better, but was still short of what she needed to cum and she ended up holding my head against her breast and telling me to bite harder. I think I’ve got the hang of how much force she likes being used now and I’m confident that it doesn’t actually hurt her so I did as she asked and used a hand on the other nipple to pinch and roll it. I wasn’t paying attention to Mike and Sue, but they told me that he was also pinching her nipples (but nowhere near as hard).

Jen was almost writhing under me now and I thought that it wasn’t fair to tease her for too much longer (but a little while was okay) and I stopped the pinching and resumed the gentle stroking of her pussy through her panties. When she started to beg for me to make her cum I gave in, slipped my hand into her panties and dipped into the very wet folds of her pussy. The whole area was slick with her juices and I rubbed long the length of her cunt and pushed a couple of fingers into her while keeping as much pressure on her clit as I could. I switched breasts with my mouth and bit down on the nipple – Jen was now beyond her mewing and was just moaning and swearing. Her body was covered in sweat and I pushed my fingers into her harder and sucked as hard as I could on her nipple. She let out a little scream and if we hadn’t done things like this before, I would have been sure that I had hurt her, but her body tensed up under me and I felt a large gush of liquid on my hand.

Jen continued to moan and so I continued to rub, finger and suck her as best I could while she writhed around. She soon stopped and lay fairly still, just panting and saying ‘oh fuck’ over and over. I withdrew my hand from her panties and found out that the burst of liquid I had felt (and assumed that she had squirted pee), was actually proper Jen juice. As far as we can remember, this is the first time she has squirted while we’ve done things (and it’s been almost two years). Her panties were certainly no longer pale pink and I peeled them off to expose her very pink and very, very wet pussy. I had a taste from my fingers and then offered them to him and he tasted a fair amount before asking Sue to try it. She declined at first but he said he would finish what he had started if she did so she sucked a finger clean and he resumed fingering her. Of course, while he did this he kept telling her to imagine what it would be like to go down on Jen and lick her clean and then keep going until she made her cum again, but Sue seemed happy to play along with this and let him make her cum again. As she came, he took Jen’s panties and rubbed them over her breasts and neck – and Jen had recovered enough that she was raptly watching as well. Sue ended up with Jen’s juices smeared over her and Mike handed the panties back to me and said that we could probably all do with a drink.

We sat and relaxed for a while (Mike still had his erection, but I wasn’t really surprised) and ended up just watching a film. I had expected Mike to want to have another session with someone that night, but after a while, the bulge in his gown subsided and he seemed a bit more settled. It did come back occasionally when he stroked Sue or I, but we didn’t do anything else properly that night. Even when Jen and I went up to bed, we only kissed and snuggled.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pussy juice pudding

Tuesday involved something I didn’t think I would get a chance to do – and was also another first for Sue (sort of – but you’ll see what I mean).

I headed into work in the morning (after waking Jen up and using her for my pleasure) and promised to be back by early afternoon. I wanted a chance to have another chat with Lis over lunch and get some more details from her, but we ended up being joined by a couple of other people, so I only got a few minutes alone with her while we were walking back to the lab. There wasn’t time for any more details, but we scheduled another coffee break together later in the week for her to tell me more (we assumed that there wouldn’t be a chance that night).

I headed home soon afterwards and Jen, Sue and I headed out to the shops to get snacks for people visiting. We had been debating whether we should do something bad (once more) and when Jen picked up a punnet of strawberries, I knew that she had decided that we should. My long time readers will know that when I used to live with Holly and Rachel, that I occasionally played with their food – well tonight was going to be one of my last chances to do something like this and once we had decided to do it, I wanted to enjoy it properly. The only thing that we were actually making was dessert – the rest of the food was just snacks and some pizzas, so shopping didn’t take long. By the time we got home and unpacked (and had a drink out in the garden), Mike was back and we started to get things ready.

He knew about our plans, but had left it up to us what we did. We made a simple dessert by crumbling meringues and mixing them with whipped cream. These were spooned into small dishes and put into the fridge. Sue had been given the task of washing the strawberries and while she was doing this, Mike had been fondling her. Jen and I took a strawberry each and pushed it up into our cunts. We told him that we were preparing the topping and Mike took another one and pushed it into Sue. He continued to rub her clit while it was in her and managed to get her quite far along before he pulled it out. Jen and I each had a bite of it and then thought that we may as well do it properly and so Jen and Sue had mine and Sue and I had Jen’s. Mike was feeling a bit left out so Jen ‘prepared’ another one for him while he had a quick lick of Sue and I.

Time was getting on and so we decided that if we were going to do it, we needed to actually get underway. Sue still didn’t know what the plan was, but we chose three large strawberries and each inserted one. Sue and I had a quick rub to make sure that we were nice and wet (there’s rarely a time when Jen isn’t naturally wet) and after having them in us for about five minutes, we pulled them out. Sue sat up on the counter and Mike licked her clean while Jen crushed the three flavoured strawberries into a bowl. We decided that there wasn’t enough so ended up wearing another set while we prepared the remainder. Sue had now figured out what we were going to do, but Mike was distracting her by fucking her with a strawberry while licking her clit and she didn’t really object. We added the second set to the special mix and then drizzled it over the top of a number of the meringue and cream desserts. We’d decided on a list of the people who would be getting these desserts the previous night - pretty much the obvious people: Jo (as my fantasy girl – prior to Jen of course), Lis (as the girl we were both trying to get into bed), Holly & Rach (they’ve both tasted us before – admittedly without knowing it), Vicky (now we knew she liked cunt juice) and Valerie (for introducing us to a good dildo). Of course, we added some to our own desserts as well, but that really goes without saying.

Sue couldn’t believe what we were doing, but as I said before, her objections were somewhat muted as Mike had continued to eat her until she came (we added the dregs of the topping to her pussy for him to clean off). Jen and I needed to go get cleaned up and had intended to just shower, but somehow ended up on the bed in a 69 position (of course, we still needed to quickly shower afterwards). Just as someone knocked on the door, I told Jen that she had to wear her new skirt so that Lis could see it. I dashed off to get the door so she couldn’t argue and let Holly in. Jen came downstairs (carefully) and I think that Hol noticed how short the skirt was, but didn’t say anything about it. Other people turned up over the next hour and we just sat around and chatted.

Lis certainly did notice how short Jen’s skirt was and quietly commented about it in the kitchen – Jen had to spend the whole evening being very (very) careful how she sat down and stood up (especially as the guys were paying very close attention to her thighs). We (Jen and I) managed to get Lis alone upstairs for a short time and chatted about her and Vicky. This seemed like the opportune time for Lis to get a flash of Jen’s pussy (which we think is the first time she actually got to see it). If we’d had longer, I would have been tempted to give Jen a bit of a rub while Lis watched, but we couldn’t stay up for too long without everyone wondering where we were, so we headed back downstairs (and the guys were paying attention while Jen came downstairs).

As the evening went on, we finally moved on to the desserts and Jen and I served them up to the appropriate people. I carefully watched Jo and Lis eat theirs and imagined that they were eating it directly out of me. I later found out that while this was going on, Mike was asking Sue what is was like knowing that so many girls were eating her juices and getting her to imagine that they were taking turns to eat her. They were both standing in the doorway to the kitchen facing towards everyone else and Mike managed to slide a hand under the back of her skirt and down to her pussy. He fingered her (he could just about get the tips of a couple of fingers into her pussy) and then fetched a strawberry. They moved round beside the fridge, Mike lifted her skirt and pushed it into her. Sue was quite nervous that someone would catch them (and if I’d known it was happening, I would have been nervous about it too). He fucked her with it and then added it to the top of his bowl. They wandered back out and joined the rest of us and Mike offered the strawberry to Jen who guessed that it might be flavoured and sucked it clean before eating it.

Lis told Jen later on that she hadn’t quite managed to keep herself fully covered for the whole evening and that she thought a number of people might now know that she is fully shaved. Jen was a little embarrassed about this at first, but then just ran her hand over her pussy and said that she really needed to be shaved again. I don’t think that anyone really got to see that much (I know I looked a number of times and she was always sitting properly), but I’m encouraged that Lis noticed as it must mean that she was paying attention and possibly hoping to get another look.

I had hoped that Lis would stay a bit later and we could talk more, but she left at the same time as Vicky (they didn’t do anything that night, but I think Lis didn’t want Vicky to know/suspect that she had been telling me about her). All in all, it had been a fun evening – and a good chance to catch up with everyone (well, most people), but there was still the little matter of how to finish the evening off. Mike and I had a similar idea and gathered up the bowls from the people who had been given the ‘special’ topping. Sue was unceremoniously stripped and sat down on the sofa (on a towel). Mike scooped out the dregs of the cream and rubbed it over and into Sue’s pussy while he told us what they had been up to in the kitchen and how he thought that she had liked the idea of everyone licking and eating her. Sue protested that this wasn’t the case (but wasn’t protesting about what his fingers were doing) and stopped complaining altogether when he started to eat her. I wanted in on the action and creamed myself, sat beside Sue and let Jen start to take care of me.

While he ate her, he continued getting her to imagine that it was the girls who were eating her and got her to choose which one she wanted to make her cum (it was Holly, which is a bit surprising as she’s known Holly for a while). Jen joined in (not literally, just in describing what Holly would do to her) and Mike acted on Jen’s descriptions. He licked down around her ass, pushed his tongue into her cunt and then sucked on her clit until she came – with a running commentary from Jen the whole time. Jen gave me another lick and then kissed Mike – presumably to get to taste Sue, but I get the feeling she enjoys kissing him even though she denies this. I wanted someone to finish me off, but Mike said he had other plans and got Jen to gather up the remainder of the dessert leftovers while he, Sue and I went upstairs.

I wasn’t sure what his plan was (but they usually end up with me cumming, so I generally don’t care). He fetched both of the long double dildos and I initially thought he was going to get us to share them both (something Jen and I have tried to do a few times, but can’t manage properly). I didn’t expect Sue to want to give this a try, but I would have been willing if she had been. This wasn’t his plan though (which is almost a pity as I would like to try sharing a dildo with someone while a third person is there to pump it between us). He got us to kneel on the bed beside each other and then lean forwards so we were on all fours with our asses in the air.

I felt Mike push the dildo into my ass and saw Sue flinch a little as he did the same to her with the other one. Jen arrived while he was doing this and sat on the floor on the other side of the bed. Mike told Sue that Jen was going to watch her be fucked in the cunt and ass again and Sue didn’t seem to mind (she was a little drunk, but I think it is more that she has just accepted that Jen has seen her cum so many times that it isn’t a big deal any more). He asked Jen to put the other end of the dildo into me and moved over so that she could get on the bed. I felt the dildo being bent round and bumping around my pussy before she got it in the right position and slid it in to me.

They started off slowly at first, rotating the dildo so it pushed into our cunt or ass in an alternating fashion and describing to us how our pussy lips were pulled or pushed with the dildo and what the differences were between Sue’s pussy and mine in how they moved. Mike and Jen swapped tips on how to best use the dildo and I recognised the difference between the way he uses it and the way Jen uses it. I refrained from looking back to see what they were doing and told Sue that we should just enjoy the feelings (I suspected what was going on).

What was actually happening was that Mike or Jen would demonstrate a particular way of moving or pumping the dildo and then the other one would take a hold of the dildo and practice it – this obviously meant that Mike got to move it in me and Jen got to move it in Sue. After a while, they decided that we had been teased enough and that they should make us both cum. They used a two handed pump for this (they described it to us), positioning their hands on the dildo so that they could pump them in quite hard without going too deep (no matter what anyone says, having something go too deep into you – especially if it is done forcefully – is not fun).

They asked us to rub our clits and we both reached an arm under our bodies and did so. Mike told Sue that he was doing to fuck her holes until she came and she said that she was already quite close. Unseen to Sue and I, Mike and Jen swapped a hand over at this point so that Mike had a hand on the dildo near Sue’s ass and my pussy and Jen had the opposing position. They fucked us both, pushing the dildo on so their hands slammed against our ass or cunts and we continued to rub our clits. I don’t know if they focused more attention on Sue, but she came first (and it was her second orgasm of the night). I watched her get a deeper shade of red as her orgasm built and then we all heard her moaning into the bedcovers.

When she collapsed down onto the bed, Mike later said that Jen removed her hand from the dildo and got to taste Sue from where it had been pounding against her pussy. In order to nor arouse any suspicion, Mike removed his hand from my dildo and Jen took up the task of making me cum. Mike moved around to kiss Sue and encouraged her to move and watch me cum. She did this and I watched him moving the dildo in her cunt (only gently as she had just finished cumming). Jen wasn’t as gentle with me and went back to fucking me quite hard – I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) hold out much longer and rubbed my clit until I came. She didn’t stop the pounding until I was panting and telling her I’d had enough and then she slowed down and let me lie down with the dildo still in me.

Mike really wanted his turn now and Jen left us to finish up – taking the dildo that had been used on Sue with her to play with. I think the plan had been to use the remainder of the cream on us and lick us again, but it wasn’t really looking as fresh anymore so he said that it was only fair to give me a second orgasm so I could catch up with Sue. I was still quite sensitive, but offered myself to him and pushed back against him as he fucked me. I rubbed myself and soon realised that I would actually be able to cum again so got into things a bit more. I ended up using an egg on my clit while Mike pushed deep into me and he really did seem to fill me with cum. It started to leak out as soon as he pulled out of me and continued to do so for a while so I ended up in a very big wet patch. Mike got Sue to suck him clean before sliding into her and the three of us snuggled up together to go to sleep.

A few times, he dropped his hand to my pussy (which I had to help with given I was behind him) and he gathered up some cum and fed it to Sue. He was moving in her and I thought that he was going to fuck her once more, but it didn’t go anywhere and they slowed down and stopped as we fell asleep.