Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Exhibitionist Sue

It's good to be able to post these myself once more. I'm sitting here (still by myself - Mike hasn't got a job yet) reading through some of the entries and looking through some of our favourite pictures. I've already made myself cum but it's still early so I will probably have another session after something to eat...


Yesterday (Friday) was another big step forwards for Sue...

I fell into a very deep sleep after Jen and I had finished on Thursday and had some incredible dreams (let’s just say that I’m now even more convinced that a foursome with Mike, Jen and Sue would be a lot of fun). I woke up to Jen eating me (I think I’ve created a monster) and had to return the favour. When I had finished, she told me that I had been talking in my sleep a bit and she had a fairly good idea what I’d been dreaming about and liked the sound of it (no, she’s still not going to have a threesome with Mike – I asked). I had a quick shower and noted that I needed to shave before we went out and told Jen that we would do that when I got home. Mike said he would like to help, but he probably wasn’t going to be home early enough to get everything done before we went out if he did that as well. He wouldn’t explain what he meant and I didn’t have time to hang around so I figured I would find out their plans soon enough anyway.

I had lunch with the gang and we arranged to meet up at about 9 (I was going home for the afternoon and a few other people wanted to get things done so most of us skipped the usual 5pm drinks). I went home early afternoon and Jen had already prepared all the stuff for shaving. Between us, we managed to convince Sue to come and shave with us so that we would be ready for our night out (Jen promised not to do the smoothness test on her) and we sat on the bed. I think Jen had hoped that she would get to actually shave Sue, but Sue did herself while Jen did me (and she tested me). Jen did at least get to do a visual inspection of Sue and pointed out a few small hairs that she had missed. Sue then stayed and chatted to us while I got Jen shaved and tested her thoroughly (not to orgasm, but more than was really needed). As I’ve said before, I’m quite certain that Sue isn’t homophobic and she seems to have got pretty used to Jen and I doing things around her.

We all stayed naked throughout the rest of the afternoon – Jen covered up (underwear only) just before Mike returned and he admired our smooth skin (Jen gave him a little flash so he could see that she was as bald as Sue and I). We had a few hours to kill before we headed out and decided to order pizza (we needed food before alcohol). Once we had ordered, Mike suggested that Sue should be the one to answer the door this time. It didn’t take much to convince her to do this and she got her bra and panties ready but then they tried to convince her to answer it naked. She wasn’t prepared to do this and they tried a number of ways to convince her. I’m not quite sure how they managed to get to the end point, but the final deal was that Jen would answer the door as she was if Sue would play with herself in the middle of the room (in a spot visible from the door). Sue’s payment for this was to get Mike to herself for the night (which she usually isn’t allowed). I ended up agreeing to this seeing as she isn’t going to get to do things with him for much longer (and the main reason is that I didn’t want it to become a regular or everyday thing for her to have him without me there as I think that could end up causing problems.

I wasn’t at all convinced that she would go through with this, but when the knock came on the door, she lay down and started to finger herself. Mike and I moved out of sight (down by the front window - behind the door) and watched Jen open the door. Fortunately, it was a young guy (Jen thinks probably early 20’s). Sue didn’t look over towards the door, just put an arm over her face and kept going. Jen said that the guy looked like he was appreciating the view of her in her underwear, but when she open the door fully to go and get the money, he saw Sue and stopped paying attention to her. Jen told him that he had interrupted them and she wanted to get back to pleasing her, handed him the money and closed the door. Jen congratulated Sue on being so adventurous (I was actually somewhat stunned and now wish that she wasn’t getting a bf so we could have some real fun when we visit her at Uni). Sue stopped playing with herself and uncovered her face to reveal the deepest shade of red I’ve ever seen her be. Mike pointed out that she had done pretty much the same thing on holiday (back when I first found out that Sue and I share the exhibitionist trait) and she said that she guessed it was similar.

Jen plonked the pizza down beside Sue and said she certainly deserved the first slice. Mike got some beers and we sat around and ate. When we finished, Mike said that he would start Sue’s reward while Jen and I got ready. They went upstairs and I found out from Jen that the little display hadn’t been part of their plan (but she was quite happy that Sue had done it). Their plan for the evening was to have Mike cum in Sue’s mouth and for sue to spit it into Jen’s cunt. From the noises we could hear, Mike and Sue were obviously in the middle of something already. We headed up to get dressed and listened to her cum (she had been riding Mike). Things were quiet for a while - this was when he was trying to convince her to spit his cum into Jen. He didn’t get her to agree to this (I’m hardly surprised), but he did get her to agree to spit it into her panties. They 69ed with Sue on top and she promised that she wouldn’t swallow any. Mike licked away at her, but he didn’t make her cum a second time (just got her nicely turned on) and when he came, she lay there with a mouthful of cum while Mike fetched Jen.

He explained what Sue had agreed to do and Jen pulled on a pair of panties and walked in to Mike’s room. I obviously followed them to watch and Jen stood by the bed, pulled the front of her panties forwards and Sue sat up and spat a fair amount of cum into them. Jen then pulled the panties tight against her pussy and gave them a rub. Mike loves seeing this and looked like he was ready to fuck someone else (he had a dressing gown on, but his erection was clear). He took Sue into the shower to get freshened up and says that there was plenty more touching and teasing, but he still didn’t make her cum again. When they returned, he chose an outfit for her – one of my short tartan skirts, opaque tights and a reasonably tight t-shirt (well, tight for people with breasts the size of ours). It was quite a cute outfit and if she spread her legs or pulled on the tights, her pussy was just about visible, but otherwise she looked perfectly decent.

We met up with friends and went to a few pubs, just chatting and drinking. Mike had intended to touch Sue up through the evening, but this was somewhat difficult with the number of people (that we knew) around, so he ended up having a few quick fondles of me instead. As it got later and people started to drift off, he managed to get a decent stroke of her while they were waiting at the bar, but it wasn’t until we went to a club that he did things ‘properly’. We were all reasonably drunk and danced around (badly). A few of our friends were still there, so we kept things toned down and there wasn’t too much touching. Mike and Sue went off to have a ‘more personal’ dance together away from people we knew (I don’t want to have to try to explain our relationship to our friends). They found a suitable spot in a different room and danced and kissed while Mike caressed her ass. He turned her round and played with her breasts (through her top) while she ground back against his cock. He held her hips tight against him and then slipped a hand over her skirt and started to rub her crotch. He ended up rubbing her tights against her pussy and pressing then between her lips. He says the room was fairly dark, but people could see what he was doing (there were other people dancing provocatively, but not quite going this far).

Sue asked him if he was ready to go home and play but he wanted to stay a bit longer. He had managed to pull the front of her tights down slightly and tried to push his hand into them but Sue said she wanted to go and do things properly. He tried to convince her to continue (by screaming ‘I just want to finger you and make you cum’ into her ear) but she said maybe another time and dragged him out.

Jen and I had been dancing and kissing (not going quite as far) and we were collected and told that it was time to leave. I was a bit disappointed as I hadn’t got to have quite as much fun as I’d wanted. Jen had managed to get her fingers onto my pussy a few times (I was the only one of the three of us that night who was naked under their skirt). She didn’t get her fingers into me, but slid them across my lips a few times and I had been enjoying the feeling. I’d managed a few strokes of Jen’s still damp panties and Jen had explained to me how Mike and she had planned to get Sue used to sucking Mike off and spitting his cum right into her cunt. Once she is happily doing that, it’s only a short step to getting her to eat it back out of her. There is something really sexy about having screamed conversations like that while surrounded by people, but knowing that people a foot away from you can’t hear what you’re saying. I told Jen that she was dreaming and the only pussy she would be getting was mine, but it’ll be interesting to see how things progress (Sue’s certainly come a lot further than I thought she would).

We made our excuses and left – saying we would be out again the following night (later today). We didn’t head straight home, but went via a roundabout route that led us down some of the quieter (and darker) streets. This gave us the opportunity to have a further play and my fingers found their way into Jen’s rather gooey pussy. Mike rubbed Sue a number of times and then dared her to let him kiss and fondle her while people walked past. She thought this would be okay (good girl) and Jen and I stayed back a bit while they found a suitable spot. For the first people, they just kissed, then Mike visibly rubbed her crotch (the skirt I had leant her really isn’t that long). Finally, he convinced her to let him put his hand in her tights and he actually fingered her while people were walking past. Her pussy was still hidden by the tights, but it was very clear what they were doing.

He decided that she had been adventurous enough and that we should head home so we could all play. I thought that I should show that I was still more adventurous than Sue so Jen and I repeated what they had done, with Jen rubbing me. For the first few people, her hand was under my skirt, but then I told her to lift her wrist a bit (which in turn lifted my skirt). People probably couldn’t see too much, but they might have been able to tell I wasn’t wearing panties and that Jen’s fingers were in me (we got a ‘dykes’ from a girl in a group that walked past, so we must have been doing something right!). Having established that I could still show off more than Sue, we headed home with only a few minor fondling incidents.

Mike pretty much had Sue undressed while I was fishing out the keys for the front door (she only had her bra on by the time we got in). His teasing had gotten her nicely worked up again so they dashed upstairs to get stuck in. I decided that I wanted a change and went up to get a duvet (calling in on them to stay upstairs as Jen and I would be busy downstairs). We spread the duvet over the floor in the living room and Jen said that she wanted to be cleaned up. Jen peeled off her panties (literally) and sat over my face. I’ve come to appreciate the taste of Mike’s cum a bit more over the past year or so and I have to say, after it’s been inside Jen for a few hours (and had a liberal amount of her juices mixed in), it actually tastes quite good. By the time I had finished ‘cleaning’ her (which coincidentally took exactly the same amount of time as it took to make her cum), my face was covered and I needed Jen to kiss me clean. I stripped off my remaining clothes and went upstairs to get some toys and popped in to see how Sue was getting on.

I know I’m not meant to get jealous given I have Jen as well as Mike, but when I stuck my head around the door and saw her legs over his shoulders, I realised that I really don’t like her doing things with him when I’m not there (I don’t know why it makes such a difference me just being a part of it, but it does). I’m not saying that it was so bad I wanted them to stop or anything, but I think it might be a good thing that this will be the last period of time that we get to spend like this. When I’d realised that, I actually didn’t mind as much and hoped that they would both enjoy it. I told Mike that Jen had licked me clean and he replied by telling me that he’d soon have another messy pussy for her to clean if she wanted. I left them to it and went back down with a bunch of toys for us to play with. Jen started off by using our new toy on me and then added a couple of fingers to my ass.

I thought that we might as well go all in, so I pulled her over me and started to eat her, both cunt and ass. I’d hoped to make her cum first, but she swirled the dildo around inside me as well as licking my clit and I couldn’t hold back. I didn’t stop attacking her though and ended up with my mouth glued to her cunt while I held her tightly in place so I could eat her right through her orgasm. We rested for a bit and listened to the action going on upstairs until we were ready to go again. Jen suggested that we go out to the garden and fuck in the moonlight and this seemed like quite a nice idea. It wasn’t cold, but we took a blanket with us anyway so we could stay there for a while afterwards and headed out back.

We settled down and gazed up at the stars together, just gently playing with each other. I spent quite a while toying with Jen’s nipples and afterwards, she spend some time stroking my neck. This always gets me going (as does nipple play for Jen) and we really wanted to find something new and adventurous to do but couldn’t actually think of anything so just reverted to stroking and kissing. It was a fairly gentle session in the end (but these often seem to give me nice deep orgasms – possibly because the build up is longer and less intense. Jen made me cum first and when I had got my breath back, I half lay on top of her so I could suck her nipples while playing with her pussy. As she got closer to cumming, I managed to get a third finger into her and pushed in as far as I could (which wasn’t the whole way due to the angle my hand was at).

We then just lay beside each other and chatted for a while – I woke up a bit later with Jen snuggled up against me. I considered waking her and heading to bed, but in the end just pulled the blanket over us and went back to sleep. I woke up a few times more (the ground isn’t all that comfortable to sleep on), but we stayed outside until about 6am when we finally headed in to bed.


  1. Jealousy comes from a fear of losing your partner. I don't believe you have anything to be afraid of.

  2. I know - I don't think he's about to run off with her (and if he did I can't see how on earth that could work...

    Hi Mum - this is my new boyfriend, you might have met him before - well he's fucking me now... :)

  3. I'm sure Mike's far too occupied & satisfied with you (& in a smaller way Jen) to ever consider bolting on you, even if Sue's willing to etc., etc., etc., on a regular basis, lol. :)