Saturday, 2 October 2010

Favourite positions

I'm down visiting Jen as she has just started back at Uni. I may not have had a chance to catch up with Lucy properly over the holidays, but at least I'll see her now whenever I visit as Jen is living with her (well, sharing a house with her). We're heading out to meet up with the others in a little while - just need to have dinner and get ready first. Just for the timeline - 'today' in the posting, refers to Sept 12th (I think). *Edit - I meant August 12th*


Today was quite interesting – Jen revealed something to Sue that I didn’t think she would – but we’ll get to that soon...

The day started off as usual (with an orgasm). I’ve had a few people write to me over the past couple of years asking how we have time to do this most mornings – it’s easy, we prioritise a bit of early morning satisfaction over sleep. Sue also seems to enjoy this (although she doesn’t exactly have anything to do at the moment and can go back to sleep after Mike and I leave). I woke up with Mike inside me (he rarely managed to get into me without waking me, but it’s a good way to be woken up). We had quite a gentle session as he wanted to see if he could then get into Sue before she woke up, but even our gentle rocking was enough to wake her up. Due to time constraints, Mike said he would do us both at once (and of course, this has nothing to do with it being one of his favourite things), so we moved around so I was on top and Sue climbed onto his face. We didn’t have to be gentle any more so I started to ride up and down on his cock and rubbed myself while I watched him eat her. I saw him push her forwards a bit so he could eat her ass as well (Sue seems to be able to relax and enjoy that a lot more now). We came before she did (but we started first) and I watched Sue cum before I went to have a shower.

Mike joined me a minute or so later and by the time we had returned, she had already fallen back asleep. She hadn’t woken up by the time we were ready to leave and I told Jen that if she wanted a nice view to finger herself to, she could probably get away with it. Jen thought this was an excellent idea and I received an email later on that day telling me that she had snuck in to Mike’s room, pulled the covers back, sat on a chair up beside the bed and made herself cum twice while eyeing up my little sister (this is how Jen referred to her) – once with her fingers and once with a dildo. I don’t quite know what Sue would have said if she had woken up - she obviously knows from Mike that Jen fantasises about her and doesn’t seem freaked out about it, but I imagine this would have been rather more intense.

I had to be in work all day today and by the time I got home, Mike was already there. He had already started to tease Sue (but not fuck her – he knows the rules) and Jen and he were deciding on how best to make her cum. They were going to get her to sue the dildo on the window again so they could sit and watch, but I had a better idea. I got Mike to help pull the washing machine out and planted the dildo on top. I told Sue I would show her one of my favourite positions and then she could try it. We set it spinning and I climbed up on top and mounted the dildo. While I did this, Jen told Sue about my adventures during my recent visits to her. She described how we’d done this in the communal laundry room and someone had caught me. I was sure that we had told Sue this before, but I think it might have just got lost amongst the other things Jen and I had done.

Sue didn’t believe I had continued to ride the dildo and cum while the person was watching me, but Jen vouched for me and said that if Sue had a similar laundry room at her place, I would demonstrate when we came to visit. I told her that if I was going to demonstrate this, then Jen would be doing it with me and had an image of Jen and I both on top of washing machines with some twin dildo vibrating in us while Sue’s friends watched. I had to rub myself a bit to cum (our machine isn’t as powerful as commercial ones), but it still feels very good. I clambered down and told Sue that she should give it a try. Mike and Jen helped her up and showed her how to crouch over the dildo – the machine was still spinning and Sue thought it tickled as she slid down the shaft and her pussy engulfed the whole length.

I’m still quite impressed as just how much she can take – I know that I couldn’t have fitted something that size in me when I was her age (but she did start doing things at a younger age than me). Technically, this dildo is a bit too big for Jen, but she still seems to like it – I think that it might be a part of the whole pain enjoyment thing she has going on (maybe we’ll have to try something bigger).

Sue didn’t seem to be in pain though and was quite enjoying it – this was probably helped by the face that Mike was licking away at her clit at the same time and I said that was cheating. He stopped licking her and I told her to just press her fingers against her clit and let the vibrations of the machine do the work for her. This got her a good way there, but she needed to rub herself a bit in order to actually cum. She definitely enjoyed it though and said she would investigate what facilities she had access to when she returned to Uni (although given that she might be as addicted to cumming as I am, I think she will be occupied with investigating her bf’s ‘facilities’ quite thoroughly before she starts to play with anything else).

We helped Sue down and the conversation turned to favourite positions. Mike and I somehow ended up demonstrating one of my old favourites to them – me on my side with Mike between my legs with one thump buried in my cunt and the other one in my ass. Jen spread my ass cheeks to get a better view and I thought of a Galatsin picture series that we like. We started off with the intention of just demonstrating the position, but it escalated and he ended up fucking both my holes and gave me quite an intense orgasm. Sue said it looked like fun and when Mike returned from washing his hands, he said that she was welcome to try it.

We pulled up the pictures and Mike got Sue to agree that Jen could spread her cheeks to make it easier for everyone to see what he was doing. She lay on her side as I had done and he got his fingers coated with her juices before pushing a thumb into her cunt. His thumb is obviously somewhat smaller than his cock, but for some reason it feels like it is quite large in that particular position (I think it’s the way it presses against the roof of the pussy). He pressed his other thumb into her ass and started to fuck her. She also liked the way it felt and was quite verbose in her description of what she could feel – this just spurred Mike on to fuck her faster and he tried moving his fingers in and out at the same time and alternating the strokes. He got her quite close and then pulled both fingers out saying that he was getting a bit tired – Sue knew he was just teasing and told him to hurry up and continue and he pushed his fingers back into her and resumed.

When she got close again, he pulled out and said he wasn’t sure if she could cum in this position and she told him to stop fucking around and finish her off. I’d been watching his fingers quite closely and hadn’t noticed until then that Jen had removed one of her hands from Sue’s ass and it was in her panties rubbing herself (she isn’t usually so close to Mike when she does this). Her other hand was still on Sue’s ass, pulling the cheeks apart. I actually think that at times, Mike and Jen have a better ability to communicate without words than I have with her – as Mike moved his hand back to push his thumb into Sue’s cunt, Jen removed her hand from her panties and I watched her move it to Sue ass. Mike was already fucking her cunt and I didn’t quite believe that Jen was going to actually try it until I watched her thumb slide into Sue’s ass. I would have thought that Sue would have noticed the difference in size, but I guess she must have been too close to cumming. Jen started moving in time with Mike’s pumping and I watched Sue briefly being fucked by them both until she came. Mike grabbed Jen’s wrist and pushed her thumb deep into Sue’s ass while he did the same in her cunt (and at this point I know he wiggles his thumb around). As soon as Sue stopped cumming, Jen pulled her hand out and Mike withdrew his more slowly.

Sue seemed to be very happy and in her own little world so didn’t notice that Jen went with Mike to clean up (she said she was getting a drink, but I don’t think that Sue cared). I wondered if Mike or Jen was going to tell her what had just happened but they didn’t. Later that night, Jen told me that her next aim is to fuck Sue’s pussy (I’m curious as to how she’s going to manage that without Sue noticing!). It was Sue’s favourite position next, but she wasn’t ready to cum again so she just described it (her on her front with someone on top of her fucking her cunt from behind). Sue’s sex talk has gotten a lot better (or worse, depending on your point of view) and I don’t think there is really anything that we won’t say in front of each other (but then again, there isn’t much that we won’t do in front of each other).

I’ve obviously seen Sue in this position a number of times (last night being one of them), so I thought I would demonstrate with Jen. We got a duvet down and laid it out on the floor and I lay down on my front. Jen lay on top of me and started to kiss the back of my neck and Mike pushed the long dildo into my pussy. Jen started to hump against my ass and Mike tried to pump the dildo into me in time with her movements. It was obviously very different from actually being fucked, but I was enjoying it. Sue said that she preferred having her earlobes licked so Jen moved to allow her to do this. I’d actually forgotten how nice this felt (we used to do this before we discovered how sensitive my neck is, and even though it doesn’t feel quite as nice, it’s good to mix things up). Jen started to ‘fuck’ me harder and Mike rammed the dildo into me appropriately (he knows how to position his hand on it so it can’t go in too far). Jen reached her hand under me and rubbed my clit and between them, they made me cum (I’m really glad we’ve made it to this stage now).

Jen was understandably aroused by this point and said that she would show us her favourite solo position. She disappeared upstairs and I wasn’t sure what she was going to do until she returned with long socks on and took us out to the garden. It was beginning to get dark but there was still enough light to see and Jen crouched against the fence. I now knew what she was going to do (but was surprised that she was doing it in front of Sue). She started to rub herself through her panties and slipped a hand under her bra to her nipples. Before she had even gotten started properly, she stopped and stripped off her bra and then resumed her toying. Her nipple play started off fairly mild, but quickly became more forceful and her hand slipped into her panties. Sue commented on how hard she was pulling her nips but Jen said that it felt really good (and the look on her face attested to that).

It clearly wasn’t going to take her long to cum (but she hadn’t cum all evening and was quite worked up after what had happened). She really let herself go and was mewing away as she started t get more flushed. She stood up a bit more and Mike told Sue to watch her panties (Sue seemed to be quite interested in Jen’s nipple play and Mike intends to see if she likes it rough as well). The thing about white panties, is that it is quite obvious when they are wet – just before Jen started to cum, her panties darkened and we saw the pee starting to run down her legs. Sue let out a gasp (but this might have been partly as Mike was rubbing her). Jen’s hands were pulling away at her nipples and flying back and forth in her panties and we were in no doubt that she was cumming as she was quite vocal (I wonder how many people out in their gardens heard her).

She later told me that she had decided to do this a bit earlier in the evening (and actually had gone for a drink when she went to clean up), which probably explained how she managed to put on such a good show. We watched her legs and socks get pretty soaked and she kept going until she finished cumming (which lasted quite a while). When she had finished, she slid down the fence and rested with a content look on her face. Sue didn’t seem disgusted by Jen’s display (Mike was still fingering her which may have been helping). Jen stood up and peeled off her socks and then followed by removing her panties. She led us back indoors (throwing the wet things in the washing machine) and put a towel down on the sofa to sit on (we always have a store of them downstairs to stop cum leaks).

I had expected her to cover up, but this was apparently Mike’s reward for earlier and she spent the rest of the evening naked. She didn’t sit with her legs spread or play with herself, but it was certainly the longest period of time he’s had to ogle her. Sue pointed out that he hadn’t cum yet but he decided to torture himself and said that he would wait until tomorrow. She tried to convince him otherwise, but he held fast. He thought that she probably just wanted to cum again after him fingering her in the garden so he went down on her in front of us (she didn’t object in the least to this). While eating her, he tried to get her to say that she wanted to eat Jen (but she did object to this as that is apparently just for Mike to hear). I half expected him to tease her and not let her cum until she said it, but he was kind enough to let it go and licked and fingered her until she came.

He did dry hump me for a bit afterwards (well, I was quite wet, but he still had his boxers on) – I know this was mostly to get me to taste Sue, but I rubbed back against him anyway and I’m pretty sure that if I had tried, I could have broken him and got him to cum. It was getting late though and I wanted to get today written up (so much has happened that I wanted to make sure I got it all down) so we headed up to bed, leaving Mike to his spot on the sofa. I think Sue crashed out almost immediately (but she isn’t used to cumming that much). Jen and I sat on the bed and started to write the entry (well, I wrote it while Jen distracted me).

When I was done I went back downstairs to see if Mike had changed his mind about cumming and he seemed to be wavering, but said that he wanted to save his cum for something tomorrow. I like the way I’m always the last person to know what he and Jen have planned – well, maybe second last as I’m pretty sure I have more of an idea as to what is going on than Sue does. I was quite tired by this point but Jen was feeling frisky again when I returned to bed and I don’t want to discourage her ability to cum more so we had a final quick session and now it’s time for sleep.

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