Saturday, 23 October 2010

Garden water play

I thought I'd get this one posted early today - another one for people to avoid if they don't like watersports - this was Jen showing off to Sue (but of course there are a few other events in it as well).


I awoke the next morning with a full day of work ahead of me, so took advantage of the beautiful Jen who was still sleeping beside me (although she wasn’t sleeping for long once I started). I sucked her nipples and rubbed around her pussy until she came round and spread her legs to give me better access. Of course, I wasn’t being entirely selfless and as she moved her legs apart, I let her put one of them between mine so I could hump against her. I was much gentler with her breasts than I had been the night before and kissed, licked and nibbled around the whole area while my fingers rubbed up and down her lips.

I didn’t have a huge amount of time, but toyed with her pussy lips for a little while before sliding my fingers between them and searching out her clit. Jen let out an approving ‘mmmm’ as I started to rub her and she pulled me up a bit so that she could rub me as well. Jen nuzzled my neck while she did this and we increased the speed we were rubbing each other. Jen was a fair way ahead of me and came first – she stopped rubbing me during her orgasm but I finished bringing her off and waited for her to recover before panting into her ear to finish me off. I’d been grinding against her side during the time she had been neglecting me so I was still very aroused (her hip is the perfect shape to hump against). Her fingers sought out my pussy once again and she slipped two inside me and curled them around while her thumb found my clit. It only took a few minutes for her to finish me off and I considered skiving off work so I could stay in bed with her (not to actually do anything more as I was feeling rather tired, but mostly to just curl up with her).

I managed to force myself to get up and went down for breakfast (naked of course) – Mike was already up and dressed and Jen followed me down (in a robe) after a few minutes. Sue didn’t surface until after Mike and I had left. I had to spend the whole day bringing a new PostDoc up to speed with the project I had been working on and didn’t even get a chance to have lunch with friends. It was quite an unusual day in that I didn’t really have a moment to myself where my mind wandered off into a sexual fantasy – not that this meant I didn’t feel at all horny, just that I wasn’t allowed to indulge any such thoughts. It’s not that I spend all day thinking about sex, but I find it nice to be able to allow mini-fantasies throughout the day – having a bit of down time means that I can think about work much more effectively.

I made it through to the end of the day and headed home. I only realised just how tired I was while on the way and was looking forwards to a relaxing evening. I thought that with the amount of sex we’d all been having over the past couple of weeks that a little bit of a break would be good – or at the very least an evening where we did a little less than we had been doing. I wasn’t sure if the others would be happy with this, but it turned out that they all agreed (at least initially). We had a quick dinner and sat around chatting for a while until Mike pointed out that he was meant to shave us the previous day. I am of course well aware that shaving rarely just means having hair removed, but I was feeling rested enough by this point that I felt like I was ready for a little fun and so said that it was a good idea.

We headed up to the bathroom and I stepped into the shower and ran hot water over my pussy while Mike prepared the shaving stuff. I went and sat on our bed and let Jen lather me up while Sue prepared herself in the shower. She came and sat beside me and Mike got her ready while Jen started to shave around my lips. Mike helped to hold my skin taught while Jen shaved really close to my lips and then she rinsed me clean. She quickly removed the stubble from my mons while Mike did around Sue’s lips and then asked Jen for some help. She did the same as he had done on me – gently pulling the skin to make it easier to shave right up to the edge of her outer lips. Jen seemed to be fairly well behaved apart from an occasional stroke while she was washing Sue’s pussy clean and then Mike moved on to Sue’s mons. Jen went to fetch the gel from the fridge while Mike finished cleaning up Sue and by the time he returned, Mike was already testing that we were both smooth. Jen said this was unfair and took over ‘testing’ me. They didn’t lick us to orgasm, just to a nice state of arousal before squirting some of the (incredibly cold) gel on and rubbing it in to the skin.

It was Jen’s turn now and she went off to the shower while I fetched a new bowl of hot water (this is the key to a good shave). She came back and I shaved her clean and rinsed her off (Mike wasn’t allowed to help hold her pussy and Sue didn’t offer). I was allowed to test her for smoothness with my tongue with Mike watching. I didn’t push things too far and didn’t try to eat her properly – I only licked up and down her lips and had a quick flick across her clit at the end just before I added the gel and rubbed it in. I made a comment about how nice it would be to have her squirt while I was kneeling between her legs and Jen said that she could squirt as much as I wanted (but of course she was talking about pee and not a ‘proper’ squirt as she had done the previous night).

Mike said that either would be hot and that it was probably time that our pussies were tested properly to ensure they were smooth. He said that we could do two at once and got me to lie on the bed and Sue to sit over me so that her ass was on my stomach and her pussy was almost directly above mine. He licked from the bottom of my cunt up to the top of hers and gave her clit a few flicks with his tongue before returning to my cunt. He mostly concentrated on me, but her pussy got a bit of stimulation from his nose (I’m not talking about serious stimulation here – he isn’t Pinocchio!). She did get a few licks and some clit attention but I was obviously going to cum first and as I got closer, he focussed on me even more. I came (not too strongly) and Mike continued to lick and kiss until I was finished.

It was obviously Sue’s turn and Mike wanted Jen to sit on top of her so that he could at least get her scent while he ate Sue, but she thought that this was going too far (he even suggested that she wear panties). She did have a quick chat with him and he convinced her to put on a little show in line with the earlier conversation about squirting. Jen picked up an egg and we all headed out into the garden. Jen lay down on the grass, turned the egg on and started to rub her pussy with it. Mike was obviously quite keen to watch this (once again, his trousers were bulging with his erection) and he knelt a little distance away from Jen and got Sue to kneel up in front of him (facing away from him and towards Jen). Mike reached around Sue and started to play with her breasts with one hand and pussy with the other while he rubbed himself against her ass (he still had trousers on, but they both seemed to enjoy it). I hadn’t figured out what was going to happen by this point and was still surprised at what Jen was showing Mike – it was only afterwards (when they explained it) that I realised that she didn’t finger herself or push the egg into her pussy – just rubbed it over her clit.

Even so, Jen put on a pretty good show and between rubbing herself with the egg and playing with her nipples, I was getting aroused again (and I’d only just cum). I didn’t do anything though as I knew that Mike would probably want some attention when everything was finished (and I still prefer him doing things with me rather than Sue). Jen was quite vocal as she got near cumming (I do sometimes wonder if our neighbours can hear what we get up to in the garden – but nobody has ever said anything) and I could see that Mike was whispering things to Sue – I presumed that he was getting her to imagine going down on Jen.

When Jen came, I realised why we were outside – she peed the whole way through her orgasm – sometimes squirting out almost as far as Sue, but mostly the egg got in the way and it just covered her thighs and stomach. She was moving the egg up and down her pussy as she came and had her legs spread wide and head right back and it seemed to be quite a strong orgasm. (She has confirmed that the combination of her love of watersports and my love of exhibitionism are something she really enjoys). Even when she had finished cumming, I could see her pussy contracting as she tried to push out the final drops of pee.

Mike was humping against Sue’s ass and his fingers were still rubbing her clit and nipples and it looked like she was getting close to cumming. He was still whispering in her ear and she seemed to be agreeing with him. She leant back against him slightly (but was still sitting up on her knees) and I saw Mike drop his other hand to her pussy. He was now rubbing her clit and pushing a couple of fingers part way into her. Jen was now sitting up a bit – supporting herself on her elbows and watching and Sue moaned that she was about to cum. Mike pulled her lips apart and rapidly rubbed her clit and Sue started to pee. I hadn’t been expecting this, but later found out that this is what Mike and Jen had been talking about upstairs – the whole thing was Jen’s idea and not Mike’s. All the while he had been playing with her, he had been encouraging her to really let go and give it a try and she had finally caved as her passion increased (Mike’s standard technique).

Mike pulled at her pussy and tried to aim the stream, but all he really managed to do initially was to spray it over Sue’s legs. The idea had been that Jen would ‘accidentally’ squirt over Sue, but Sue would be too far along to really notice or mind, and then Mike would get Sue to squirt over Jen. Jen squirmed forwards and did manage to get a bit of splatter from Sue (some as high as her stomach, but mostly on her legs) and she went back to rubbing herself while Sue finished cumming. I was actually feeling a little left out and nearly joined in with them. I don’t know if I would have just played with myself, gone and peed on Jen or just got Jen to eat me, but I had decided to wait for Mike and so I held back.

Sue was still cumming – it didn’t seem like a really strong orgasm, but was lasting quite a while – and Mike kept telling her ‘more’. Her legs were soaked (as were Mike’s hands), but he continued to rub her until she finished cumming. She stayed kneeling up, leaning back against him and Jen moved a little closer to get a better look. I’d expected her to make herself cum again (but then again, it usually takes her a little while to recover. Mike moved both his hands up to her breasts and played with her nipples while he whispered to her again. He was getting her to imaging what it would be like to have Jen’s tongue scouring the inside of her pussy, licking out every last drop of her cunt juice and bringing her off again. He was still humping against her ass and I decided that I had waited long enough and wanted to make use of his cock.

He let Sue sit down properly and it was obvious that his trousers would need a wash (but he was about to take them off anyway). Jen said she would go shower and Sue was going to join us, but I pointed out that I didn’t want a wet bed so she would have to wait until she had showered. Mike and I ran upstairs and went straight to it, he slid into me and pushed as deep in as he could go while we started to grind against each other. While we were fucking, he told me what he had been telling Sue and about the plan that Jen and he had. I asked him if they still thought that Jen would get to fuck Sue and he said that they think she might (I still don’t, but if she does, I want to see it).

Mike said he was quite close to cumming and I told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum until I did. He was making all the right moves and it felt really nice, but I tried to hold back for a bit and he then turned us over so I was on top and he started to piston into me very quickly. This usually makes me cum in a short period of time and I had to concentrate on holding back, but a couple of his fingers found my ass and started to finger it as well. I decided I was on to a lost cause (and I *did* want to cum) so I just let go and felt the familiar feeling start to build. I tried to not let Mike know how close I was getting so he would continue to really try to make me cum and by the time my orgasm actually started, he was really pounding into me. He tells me that I let out a strangled yelp and he realised that I was cumming but didn’t slow down and managed to cum just about while I was still cumming. If I’d waited just a minute or so longer I think I would have beaten him (but then I wouldn’t have cum in the same way so I’m not too disappointed).

I lay on top of him for a while with his cock still buried in me, twitching away and finally rolled off before my legs seized up. It had felt like we’d been at it for quite a while, but Sue hadn’t appeared yet and we realised that we’d only been there for about 10 minutes. We met her coming out of the shower – she was now nice and clean while I was a sticky mess with cum dripping down my legs. I was going to clean up but Jen did this for me and licked the area until I was relatively free from cum. Sue pointed out that if Jen liked Mike’s cum so much, she should just suck him off and Jen put on her sultry face and said that maybe that was the reason she got Sue to give her the lesson on how to blow the dildo. I’m pretty sure that she is just teasing Mike but I’m also sure that if she wanted to, he would be willing to let her practise on him!

We headed back downstairs and had a snack while we watched a film (sex takes a lot of energy – but at least it’s good for my diet). Everyone seemed pretty beat so we headed back up to bed relatively early to catch up on rest. I really wasn’t intending to do anything else but Mike started to spoon with Sue, just rubbing up against her ass at first but then slipping into her pussy and slowly pumping into her while he nibbled on her earlobe. This soon progressed to more passionate movements and they were soon fucking properly. I couldn’t really resist joining in and got Mike to lift Sue’s top leg up in the air so that I could have a lick at his cock. Despite my reassurances to Sue, I wasn’t as careful this time as when we did this before and a couple of times my tongue was in the way as she slid back down his cock. I’m not saying that I ended up eating her or anything like that, but there were a few licks that were certainly along her pussy and one time when I got the timing really wrong, right over her clit.

Sue didn’t seem to notice this (or if she did, she didn’t say anything - I wonder what she would have done if I had actually started to lick her properly?). Sue was obviously getting close to cumming from the sounds she was making and Mike reached down to play with her clit. I moved out of the way to let them finish up properly and gently stroked myself in preparation for my turn. Sue rolled over onto her front with Mike on top of her (her favourite position) and I watched him continued to fuck her (he still had a hand under her working on her clit). Sue came and he pressed his full weight into her and fucked her through her orgasm and then kept going. I pointed out that he needed to have the energy to take care of me and he asked if I minded being eaten or wanted him to cum in me. It was clear that he wanted to cum in Sue, and she was going to be leaving us soon, so I told him that eating was fine.

Sue was whimpering underneath him as he continued the long hard strokes deep into her pussy. I had a good view of him sliding into her and watched his cock disappearing and reappearing, coated with her juices. He resumed rubbing her clit (trying to make her cum again) but she said she was too sensitive and couldn’t last much longer. Sue obviously hasn’t realised that this isn’t the way to make Mike hurry up (although he did pull his hand away from her clit and out from under her). He continued to fuck her for a fair amount of time before his movements changed and I guessed (correctly) that he was about to cum. I watched really closely and I could see his balls tightening as he emptied whatever was left of his cum into her. When he had finished, he pushed deep into her and stayed buried there for a little while, slowly pushing against her before finally pulling out.

Her pussy looked rather pink and she was still breathing very heavily but made no attempt to move. I didn’t want to wait any longer so pushed Mike onto his back and crouched over his face. I told him to eat me and to make it good to compensate for not fucking me and he pulled me to his mouth. I was certainly ready for this and realised that I had been doing a bit more than just gently stroking myself while I’d been watching them, but I didn’t mind if it was short, as long as I came well. I thought it was only fair to clean Mike up and bent forwards to his cock and started to lick around the head. He said that he was too sensitive for that and asked me to lick up and down the shaft first. I gave little kissed and licks at first until I had cleaned off most of his cum and Sue’s juices and then used my tongue to lick around the underside where I couldn’t kiss. He seemed to like this and as I pushed my pussy against his face more, I edged my way back up to the head. He didn’t complain this time when I took it in my mouth and I bobbed up and down for a little bit before swirling my tongue around it.

I was moaning away now (muffled by his cock) and he said that the vibration of the moans really felt good (and the tongue swirling helped). I felt him pull my lips apart and push his tongue into me so his nose was bumping up against my ass. I felt my orgasm build really quickly and had to almost spit his cock out as it exploded in me. I was quite surprised at how fast and intense it was given how long and slow the build up had been (if you count me stroking myself). It was really only two or three contractions, but they were very strong and I let out a ‘nyaaa’ sound in time with them (that’s the best way Mike and Sue could describe it). I had to pull away as soon as the final wave had pulsed through me as I was too sensitive – I’m sure I could have coped with the gently ‘come down’ kissing, but I really didn’t feel like I needed it. My pussy still felt tingly but was also very sensitive so I certainly didn’t want to do anything more. Mike said it was a pity as my licking had got him ready for another round. He slipped back into Sue and started moving and I thought he was serious, but he didn’t actually fuck her and I realised that he was just teasing me (this is just as well as Sue didn’t seem ready for another bout).

He did give me some more gentle licking and kissing after a few minutes which helped me calm down and by the time he had finished, Sue was already asleep. We curled up together (not with him in me) and fairly quickly joined her.


  1. You know Sue does have a point that if she likes it so much it doesn't make much sense not to get it from the source.

  2. I also like milk, but I don't go and suck on a cow's udders!

    It's not really that difficult to figure out, Im gay and Mike is a guy. It's fun fooling around a bit with him but I'm not into him the way I am with Andi

  3. Hi Jen! You & Andi are the definition of a "supercouple" (no offense Mike), a bit unconvential, yes, but you ladies're pretty cool regardless.

    I'm sure Mike's satisfied with whatever attention he gets, lol.

    Speaking of Andi, have you been able to see her much lately?

    Take care.

  4. Mike seems quite happy with how things have turned out with Jen - of course he'd be much happier if he could actually have sex with her, but at least he's got to see her naked and watch her cum a number of times.

    Jen and I see each other every other weekend (and I see Mike on the other weekends). Jen actually sees me more now than she did before (but that might change when her workload increases). She's still considering trying to transfer to Uni up here so we could be together all the time (and Mike is still hunting for a job).

  5. Wouldn't it be crazy Andi if things came together & Jen ends up going to "Uni" near you & Mike lands a job in your vicinity?

    Too much fun! :)

    Hezi, U,S.A.

  6. That's what we're hoping will happen - it will also make live massively cheaper as we'll be able to share a house.