Thursday, 14 October 2010

More Lis antics

I know that some people have been waiting to hear about events in the latter part of this post... I'm really curious to find out how many people have ever cum while reading this blog (both guys and girls), just so I know if it's worth me continuing to document my life for you. You can either email me at or leave a comment on here (anonymous ones are fine if you don't want to be associated with me).


I’d decided to take the Monday morning off so Jen and I could have some more fun, this meant that I was able to wander in and curl up with Jen after Mike had used me for his morning fuck (which of course I didn’t enjoy at all and did purely for his pleasure). With the dregs of the previous night’s cum and the fresh batch from the morning inside me, I was able to rub myself over Jen and get her suitably sticky (which she loves) and then I let her use me to hump against while we kissed. It was a nice morning and we decided that we would go out and make the most of it. We offered Sue the chance to come along with us, but she wanted to stay in bed - this gave us the chance to have some alone time so we didn’t really mind and altered our plans slightly.

We thought it would be a good chance to have some fun winding up guys and so put on long white socks and fairly short skirts (certainly shorter than I would wear to work). They were long enough that it was certainly possible to keep ourselves covered, but was also quite easy to ‘accidentally’ show off. I had a pair of light pink panties on and Jen went for her white ones with printed pink bows. Jen has a good enough tan now that the white really stands out (I don’t tan that easily, but after all the sunbathing at least I’m not blue anymore). We wandered into town and found suitable places to sit that allowed views up our skirts. As much as having the panties on made it easier for people realise that they could see up our skirts, I’m now so used to not wearing them (at least when it’s warm), that it seemed quite boring to me so we decided to shed them.

The difficulty was that we were in the middle of a park with quite a few people around (and some children). While I’m all for showing myself off to anyone who might be interested in looking, I do try quite hard to not do things where kids can see, so we had to go for a casual wander until we found somewhere quieter. We didn’t leave the park, just wandered around the back of some ruins and along some footpaths until we got a few seconds with nobody around. I went first and quickly slipped my panties off and stuffed them into my bag and then at the next opportunity, Jen did the same. She nearly got caught, but only just as she was picking them up off the ground and I don’t think the people were close enough to realise what they were.

Now back in my ‘natural’ state, I felt much better (and feeling the breeze on my pussy was nice as well). We did a bit more teasing and I gave a few lads a pretty good view by sitting with one leg out and hugging the other knee. Jen did the same with another group (after we had wandered elsewhere), and we put on a little show for someone else by kissing (boys still seem to love watching girls kiss). As nice as all this was, I wanted to do a bit more – we considered going shopping (for some changing room fun), but decided that we should try to cum in as public a place as possible. We moved once again and found somewhere that still had people around, but where we could at least face away from them and I sat down cross legged. Jen sat almost opposite me, so that between us, we could see someone coming from almost any direction. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to really play with myself or make any obvious movements (and I wasn’t expecting to be able to cum), but it was still a thrill to have myself exposed with so many people around.

I rested my hands in my lap and let my fingertips reach under my skirt (which was pretty high up) and start to stroke around my pussy. Jen dared me to spread myself (so I did) and this allowed me to rub my inner lips and clit directly. Even though I wasn’t using much pressure or speed, it still felt really good (but I think we’ve established that I’m an exhibitionist and that I love taking risks already). I adjusted my position so that I could get a bit more pressure and continued to rub my clit with two fingertips – I took a bit of a chance and pushed two fingers from the other hand into my pussy and pumped them in and out briefly, before pulling out. Jen warned me a couple of times where people wandered in our direction – the first time, I moved my hands away from my pussy and straightened my skirt, then I moved my hands and left myself exposed and then got to the point where I would keep playing (except when a couple wandered really close and I had to stop moving my fingers).

I thought I would actually be able to make myself cum at one point, but there were just too many interruptions – and as much as I love doing things in public, I also love not being arrested so had to stop. We moved around a bit and Jen had a go – she had to follow my instructions and I had her sitting with her legs spread and fingers right inside her a few times – but we still didn’t have a long enough uninterrupted period for her to cum, so we decided that we needed to find somewhere more suitable. Town was quite busy so this turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had expected and by the time we had decided to go and try some clothes on, we pretty much had to start from scratch. It didn’t take too long to get warmed up again and I managed to make Jen cum in the first shop we went into (well, in the changing rooms in the first shop we went into anyway...)

I had played with myself a bit while eating Jen, so was ready for her to make me cum and as soon as we got into the next changing room, I stripped off completely (took off dress and bra). She pressed me up against the wall and kissed me while she fingered me and whispered (quite filthy) dirty talk into my ear. She had to go out and get something else for me to (pretend to) try on, but resumed her fingering as soon as she returned. I came for her and moaned into her shoulder before slumping down onto the stool. I remember feeling quite satisfied and wanting to go get some lunch to recharge before continuing. Jen was quite happy to do this as it would mean she could get her coffee fix and so I got dressed, straightened my hair and we headed out. On the way out of the shop, I saw a very short little pleated skirt and decided that Jen should be wearing it, so I bought it. The intention was to get her to find somewhere outdoors to change and then have her wear it while we wandered around, but when I went to pay, I found out that I had a number of missed calls from Lis.

I picked up my voicemail and found out that she had wanted to meet for lunch to tell me something – I assumed it was related to the new girl she likes (and Lis’ stories are always good masturbatory material, so I called her back and told her I wasn’t in work but that we could meet up. She didn’t sound upset so I wasn’t too worried about getting there straight away so we said that I would have lunch with Jen and then Lis and I would meet for afternoon coffee. We headed off to get some food and I tried to find somewhere for Jen to change, but she ended up using the toilets in the cafe. When she came back to the table, I realised just how short the skirt was. I couldn’t actually *see* anything, but it gave the impression that her ass was only just being covered by it. She had to sit down and get up very carefully and I had a good view over lunch (she kept her legs firmly closed except when I asked for a peek).

Jen thought it would be a good idea for me to get a similar skirt to go and see Lis in, but it was really a bit too short for me to go to work in. We settled on a compromise and on the way back home, I bought a new, ever so slightly longer skirt (still probably too short for work, but I was only popping in for a coffee). I was a bit braver than Jen and went to find an alleyway to get changed in. I stepped into the new skirt, pulled it up inside my old one and then undid the old one. I almost dropped them both while I was trying to slide it down over the new one, but just managed to grab the new one in time. Jen folded and bagged my old skirt while I straightened up the new one and then gave her a little twirl (not always a good idea in a pleated skirt).

We wandered home and once we were out of the city centre, found a few roads that we could walk down with our hands on each others’ asses. By the time we got home, I was considering having another quick session before heading in to Uni, but we decided that finding out what Lis had been up to was more important and so I restrained myself. I decided to lose the long white socks, but braved cycling. The skirt really didn’t do much to cover me while cycling and I ended up sitting with my pussy pressed against the seat so that I wasn’t being exposed too much (and of course so the saddle was effectively humping against me as I went over the bumps in the road). It wasn’t enough that I could have cum, but certainly kept me nicely aroused and by the time I got to Uni, the seat looked quite shiny with my juices. Dismounting the bike elegantly was quite difficult and I had to cycle around back, get off and then push it back to the cycle racks.

Lis was waiting for me and we got our drinks and headed out to sit by the lake. She commented on my skirt and I told her that it didn’t compare to the one Jen had on. Lis was obviously quite excited and I was eager to hear her news so as soon as we sat down I prompted her to tell me what had happened. As I said before, I expected to hear about her new crush, but it turned out that it was more of a ‘revisited’ situation. After we had been out at the weekend, her and Vicky had hooked up again, but this time it was for the remainder of the night. The thought of Lis spending a whole night fucking Vicky was very appealing and the fact that I had already been having trouble finding a safe way of sitting in my skirt led me to expect an interesting time while I drew the story out of her.

Given we’ve only been close friends for a relatively short period of time, Lis has heard quite a bit about my sexual exploits and so seemed fairly willing to share hers with me (although she was obviously a bit shy and needed a little encouragement). It turned out that things only started after we (Mike, Jen, Sue and I) had left the club and the few remaining people. I hadn’t actually noticed that Vicky was still there (I think she was at the bar or something), but I was pretty keen to get home so we could continue to fool around (and a bit drunk), so I’m not too surprised I hadn’t picked up on it. Lis had been dancing and Vicky had joined her – she isn’t quite sure who actually made the first move, but they started to dance together and started rubbing asses. Vicky didn’t want anyone to see them so she pulled Lis over to the other side of the club and they kissed a bit.

I told Lis that I had made Jen cum there just before we had all left (to encourage her to share more details) and I’m not sure she believed me (she’s going to ask Jen tomorrow when people come round). Lis said that they didn’t do much more than kissing in the club, but it was obvious that more could happen if she wanted it to (she did). They sort of led each other out of the club (Lis said it was obvious that she wasn’t the only one who wanted more to happen) and they decided to head back to her place. They got a taxi back together and sat quietly, just holding hands until they arrived and then went indoors. Lis took the initiative and started to kiss Vicky while she slipped her hands up Vicky’s top and started to play with her breasts. Apparently, she has put quite a bit of thought into what would happen if she got another chance with Vicky so knew exactly what she wanted to do. Lis pulled off her own top and bra (she doesn’t really need a bra but is quite sensitive about the size of her breasts, no matter how many times I tell her they are beautiful), before helping Vicky undress. They were now both naked from the waist up and moved into Lis’ room and onto the bed. Lis started to suck Vicky’s nipples while she humped against her leg and then moved up so that Vicky could suck hers. This also allowed Vicky’s hands to reach under Lis’ skirt and fondle her ass. They quickly slipped inside her tights and then panties and Lis suggested that they get naked.

She didn’t really give Vicky much of a choice (not that she protested, and quickly shed her skirt and tights before helping Vicky pull hers off. Lis said that she was a little disappointed that Vicky still wasn’t shaved and I couldn’t resist giving her a little flash of my pussy and saying that it was so much nicer to eat a shaved pussy (she didn’t pick up on the fact I was offering to let her try – just for the sake of making a comparison of course). They started kissing again and Lis’ fingers worked their way into Vicky’s pussy. Lis was much more assertive this time and told Vicky that she wanted her to make her cum and moved herself around so that her pussy was over Vicky’s face. This was the bit that she was nervous about as she wasn’t sure if Vicky would actually go down on her, but almost without hesitation, Vicky pulled her down and started to lick her. Lis enjoyed the feeling for a short while before burying her face between Vicky’s legs and lapping away at her. Lis came first but didn’t stop licking and it wasn’t too long before Vicky came as well.

This was the next bit that Lis was nervous about – she wasn’t sure if Vicky was going to run off home so she just held and kissed her until they started moving against each other again. Lis wanted to play a bit more this time and so moved so that she could see what she was doing. This was the first time that Lis had explored another girl’s pussy and she seems to have taken full advantage of the opportunity. They ended up doing things twice more before they finally went to sleep. I didn’t get details about these sessions as it had taken quite a while to get all the information about the first time, but I will hopefully have another chance to find out more.

As Lis has been divulging the details, I had initially been wishing that we had been somewhere a bit more private as I was getting really turned on. I’m not at the stage of wantonly masturbating in front of Lis, but I really couldn’t fully restrain myself as she told me more and ended up sitting cross legged. My skirt wasn’t long enough to allow me to sit like this modestly and so I used my hands to cover my pussy – which also meant that I could press against my clit. Lis didn’t seem to notice this (she looked like she was enjoying reliving the events in her mind as she described them) and I ended up rubbing myself for a while before she noticed. I was only making really small movements with my hands, but she commented and I apologised, saying that the image was just too good to resist. She didn’t seem to mind and I wish that I had continued (I don’t think she would have objected), but given there were lots of people around, all I would have done would have been to make myself even more horny and frustrated anyway.

Vicky was still there in the morning and Lis said that when she woke up, she decided to wake Vicky up in the way I had told her was my favourite. She climbed down between Vickys legs and started to kiss and lick her. Vicky woke up with a start and threw the covers back but Lis held on and kept licking until Vicky’s passion started to override her surprise. Lis ate her to another orgasm and then offered her breakfast. Vicky said that she should get back home but that they would talk later on. She still doesn’t want to actually date her (or have other people know what they’ve been doing – oops), but Lis has a feeling that this might become a bit of a regular thing.

Lis had to get back to work and I told her that I had to get back to Jen to relay the story. Lis said that she was certain that wasn’t all I would be doing and I told her that we might end up doing a few other things as well. I promised Lis that she would get to see Jen’s new skirt as a reward and hoped that things were going to work out between her and Vicky. I was now so horny that I didn’t take anywhere near as much care mounting my bike or while cycling home. I did hump against the saddle again while cycling, but that wasn’t as much to stop my pussy from showing this time and was much more about how nice it felt. The seat was properly wet by the time I arrived and I dashed into the house to see Jen.

She tells me that it was obvious how horny I was feeling and she asked if we should go upstairs or out to the garden. I quite liked the idea of being outside, but thought that it might be a fairly energetic session so a soft bed sounded like a better idea. We didn’t really need to undress as our skirts didn’t cover things properly, but I wanted to feel Jen naked against me so I pulled her clothes off as we went upstairs. By the time we were in the bedroom, she was already naked and I quickly joined her. I was desperate to cum and so grabbed a vibe to hold against my clit while I related Lis’ tale. I came well before I got to the end, which meant I was in a better state to finish the story properly and to pay some attention to Jen at the same time. Jen positioned herself against some pillows and I used the vibe on her while I described how Lis had 69ed with Vicky and then fingered her.

I brought Jen off while describing in detail how Lis and Vicky ate each other (which obviously required a bit of embellishment as I didn’t see it) and then finished off passing on the rest of the information. Jen especially liked the idea of me sitting in the middle of the campus rubbing myself in front of Lis and I warned her that she would have to show off her new skirt to Lis the next day. At that point in time, I think Jen would have happily sat naked and fucked herself senseless in front of Lis (although to be fair, I would happily do that anytime if I thought Lis wouldn’t mind – and especially if she would join in).

We lay beside each other and I went over the details once more to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and we almost got started again, but I knew that Mike would want to hear about this and would probably want to do things with me, so we decided to leave it until bedtime before Jen and I did anything more.

I was feeling a lttle guilty about having left Sue alone all day so we headed back down to see her. We put our new skirts back on to show Mike (he liked them). We told him about our morning in the park first and then I told him that I had some special news about Lis. We headed upstairs with Sue and decided that the best way to involve everyone would be for him to act out the scene with Sue as I described it (with a few modifications to account for him not having a vagina) and then for he and I to do things. This actually worked out really well and he tried to recreate every detail as I described it. He made Sue cum in no time and then moved on to fingering her to a second orgasm.

As soon as he had finished cumming, he moved over to me and we started kissing. I could still taste Sue on his face and cleaned him of her juices before telling him to fuck me. I was thrown back on the bed, had my legs pulled up and he pushed into me. He asked Sue to get an egg for me and she fished one out of the drawer and handed it to me. I held it against my clit while he pounded into my cunt and he said he wanted to fuck me right through my orgasm. At his request, I described Vicky and Lis’ night once more (although in a rather broken way during my orgasm). I was really having trouble continuing the description as he told me to keep the egg on my clit after I had cum, but it did feel really good (if rather intense) with his cock fucking me, the buzzing on my clit and describing Lis cumming through my panting.

He had hoped to make me cum a second time, but having just done things with Jen I didn’t quite manage that. He was still pounding into me and let out a moan as he pushed really hard into my cunt – he then pulled out and sprayed his cum over my front, from my pussy up to my face (only one squirt made it up to my face). I thought it was over, but he pushed back into me and pounded away for another 30 seconds or so. I’d lost the egg by this point, but I couldn’t have taken any more of it anyway and my pussy was really tingling by the time he stopped moving and just held still inside me. I noticed that Sue was just staring at us and later on even Jen said that it had sounded like a really intense session – but given he’d already given Sue two orgasms, I don’t think she could have felt left out. Mike’s cum was now dripping off my body and when I stood up I realised that he had also cum a bit inside me.

I went down to show Jen the mess and she kissed a bit of it clean but said that she quite liked the look so I had to leave the rest on me. We ate dinner and discussed plans for people coming round the next day – I was going to go to work in the morning and come back to help with food shopping in the afternoon. Mike ended up making Sue cum once more (just by rubbing her clit, but I think is was mostly so that Jen could watch) and Jen and I retired to bed early to relive Lis’ adventure once more. Of course, we did things while going over the story, but I’ve written enough for this entry so you’ll just have to use your imaginiation.


  1. Obviously Andi, it's pretty obvious (I think) that lots of your readers cum (or at least get rock hard) to your tales (I know I have, I came a few nights ago while reading a story where you made Jen cum rather hard I think, I also remember cumming rather hard to reading a chat with you & another lady, it shot up past my belly button!).

    I'm sure you'll be hearing from several others who've had experiences like mine through your blog. Plus, you all (you, Mike, & of course, Jen, etc.) seem like really cool people. Hope you don't go anywhere, & what gave you the odd idea that you're not having an "effect" on anyone anyways?

    Take care

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.A.

  2. Usually half way through I reach for my vibrator.

    BF wonders where I get some of my ideas from that we use. Keep on posting!

  3. I gleefully read every post. Lost count at this point of how many times I've cum to your blog. Keep up the amazing job!

  4. Hi Andi. I usually read your adventures at work during lunchtime - like right now. I get a hard-on pretty quickly and keep it up until after I have to log off :)

    I sometimes read your blog at home in the early morning or late at night when I am alone and then I enjoy cumming with you.

    In my dreams I fucked Sue and she dribbled my spunk out of her cunt onto Jen's pussy. As it was a dream I stayed hard and fucked you while you licked Sue clean and she licked Jen clean - I'm sure Mike would have enjoyed doing that.

    Cheers, John. Cambridge

  5. Jen would love to have Sue lick her and the thought of me eating Sue while she did that is certainly something that we've cum to a number of times (despite the fact it's not going to happen).

    Mike would especially love this as (from what I can gather), if Sue has sex with Jen, then he gets to have sex with her too.

  6. That sounds like a bit too much pressure for Jen. I understand her reluctance to Mike fucking her and that would problably override her desire for Sue.

    So if(!) Mike wants to see Sue and Jen together he might be better off getting Jen to drop the no nudity agreement. That would also give her the advantage of access to his spunk as soon as it begins to dribble out of your cunt :)

    Cheers, John

  7. I think the Jen & Sue problem is more likely to be related to the fact that my sister isn't gay!