Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nice video

I just came while watching this video - a girl being fucked by five (I think) guys - this is certainly one of my ultimate fantasies (although I'd like for there to be more guys and a lot more cum - and probably some girls to help lick me clean).

It was certainly enough to help me cum though so I thought I'd share it:


  1. That was at least 9 different guys, maybe more. At one point (after I finished myself off and started paying attention) I counted 6 white guys on screen, then it switched up a little bit and there were three white guys and three black guys too.

    If you want more guys and more cum, check out this one:

    30 guys cum in / on 8 different pussies in a 25 minute video.

  2. You really need Mike &/or Jen with you about now i'm assuming? LOL!

  3. That is the notorious Casey from Orlando. This was one of her first gang-bangs. she has others. There is one too where 8-9 guys cum in her mouth.

  4. Nice - I'll be watching that again very soon when Mike gets here. This one is a bit closer to my fantasy:

    ...and I also really like this one (although probably wouldn't want them to all cum in my mouth...

  5. Dear Andi,
    Is it just me, or does the Asian Lady not seem to be enjoying it very much at the start?

  6. Mike reliably informs me (he's been watching Asian/Japanese stuff much longer than I have) that is a cultural thing. Sex is considered dirty and for a woman to enjoy it would make her out to be a slut.

    He tells me in anime that a lot of the girls are saying 'no' & 'don't do that' but it doesn't actually mean no, it just means that they are embarrassed.

    From what I've seen, I gather that the girl is meant to look like she isn't enjoying it - I don't know if this is how the Asian audience like it, but we much prefer it when she looks like she is having fun and it feels good.