Wednesday, 20 October 2010

York lecture cum and squirting

I'm out tonight so thought I would put this post up early...


We woke up the next morning and Mike had moved around in the night so he was spooning against me (not inside me). I wasn’t planning on going in to work until the afternoon and Mike had the day off, so we didn’t get up straight away. We slept in until about 10 (and I do mean just slept) and then decided that it was probably time to get up. Instead of a bed-based session, we decided to venture into the shower and play there (and we were all rather sticky). We brushed teeth while the water was warming up and Mike used his brush on Sue. She liked this, but it was only for a minute or so until we all got into the shower. It was a bit of a squeeze and we couldn’t all get under the water at the same time, but it was quite fun. We both needed to shave and did our own legs, but Mike said he would do the more sensitive areas once we got out.

The water jet was made good use of and he played with both of us for a little while before saying he wanted to try to get Sue to cum. She sat in the usual spot we have for shower play and held her pussy open so the spray could get directly to her clit (her lips are somewhat more closed than mine so it isn’t quite as easy to get the water directly to her clit without some help. She was obviously enjoying what the shower was doing to her and Mike started to encourage her to try peeing when she came. She was a bit shy about this at first, but he assured her that I did this sometimes and reminded her of what Jen had showed her and as she got closer to cumming, she agreed (and then said that she had done this by herself a few times before anyway). I wondered if Jen had asked Mike to get Sue to try this (he says she didn’t), but stood and watched as her orgasm built (which can take a while if just the shower jet is being used). She seemed to hover on the point of cumming and Mike flicked the stream of water back and forth a few times before she let out a grunt and started to cum. Mike told her to pee and she let out a stream (some of which hit his chest). He continued to play the jet of water over her clit while she came and as soon as she stopped, he fastened his mouth to her cunt and gave her a few licks (she had stopped peeing at this point).

She said that it was only fair that he have a go at this and they switched positions. I ended up getting out and drying myself off (I was getting cold), but then sat by the bath to watch. Sue gave Mike’s cock a good rub and a little suck before directing the shower jet at the head. She did effectively the same thing he did to her and moved the jet around to simulate movement. I’ve only made him cum with just the jet once before and it took quite a while, so I wasn’t too sure that this would have the outcome Sue expected, but watched anyway. She did mix it up a bit and licked up and down the length of his cock a number of times and flicked her tongue against the head. Mike was clearly enjoying the attention and said that he wanted to try to actually cum with only the water as stimulation but would need a hand to get to that point – I thought that I should lend a hand, so reached over and started to jack him off while Sue sucked on the very end of his glans.

This went down well with him and he told us that he was definitely getting there. Hen he said he was close, we stopped playing with him and Sue concentrated on using the shower on the head. She kept this up for a few minutes and he said that it felt really good but wasn’t quite enough for him to cum (it’s nice to know that there are still some ways that I can please him that Sue hasn’t mastered). It became increasingly obvious that he wanted to cum and Sue said that she could give a little help. While keeping the water spraying around the head, she flicked him on the underside of the head. He jumped when she did this and said he couldn’t decided if it felt nice or not, but then asked her to try it again but a bit more gently. She did this as his cock really jumped. He said he thought he could cum like that and she gave him another few flicks which took him over the edge.

The first spurt arched out of his cock and landed over Sue’s hair and down the side of her face. She went to flick him again but he said to just use the water and another spurt shot out. This wasn’t as big but still managed to hit Sue’s chin and breasts. The next couple of spurts were much weaker and fell well short of Sue. She was still working the water jet around the head of his cock and even though there was no more cum, it continued to jerk and he said it felt like he was still cumming. When he had finished, she moved the shower away and took almost the whole length of his cock in her mouth (certainly more than I can take). She only gave him a quick suck and then I thought that I deserved to cum. Seeing as Mike was still hard, I asked if he would be able to cope with being in me so soon after cumming and he said that he was willing to give it a try. He wanted to try having me sitting on his lap and for Sue to spray my clit as we fucked, but the bath isn’t big enough for us to find a position that we could do this in.

We ended up just having a fuck under the shower – Mike didn’t cum again, but he made me cum and it was now one orgasm each so I thought this was fair. We left and got dressed (we were planning on going out so couldn’t stay nude) and then I went to wake Jen up. She was already awake but just dozing and so I tickled her until she was properly awake. She wanted to have a play but I was quite hungry and promised to make her cum after breakfast if she would remain naked. She agreed to this and we joined Mike and Sue downstairs. After we had eaten, I considered using some food to play with Jen, but as I’d already showered, I didn’t want to get too messy again so we just went up and I used some toys to being her off. We left the door open so that Mike and Sue could listen in and when we came back downstairs, Mike was sitting by the patio doors watching Sue fuck herself with the dildo stuck to the door.

We joined him and watched until she came and gave her a round of applause – Jen then went and gave the dildo a blow job and asked Sue for instruction (she is the expert after all). Mike teased Sue that Jen was only doing that to get to taste her (which I’m sure Sue was aware of) but she didn’t seem to mind (he seems to have done a really good job at indoctrinating her in preparation for these couple of weeks – although maybe still not quite as good a job as Jen and he would have liked). Once Jen had finished, we considered getting shaved, but decided to leave that for later on. I got ready to head into work and Mike decided that he would come with me. I was heading off to a talk being given by a visiting professor and Mike really wanted to try out some of the lecture room fun that I’d had with Jen. Sue and Jen decided to spend the afternoon sunbathing and watching a film so we left them and set off.

I considered wearing one of the long dildos and letting Mike watch me cum while cycling, but decided to maybe do that on the way home instead. We headed into work and met up with a few people for lunch – Mike stayed and chatted with some of them while I went to do a bit of work and then we met up to head to the seminar. We decided to hang around and turn up late so that we didn’t end up sitting with friends (which would have put something of a dampener on our fun) and crept in about five minutes in to the talk. I know that people often turn up this late so we waited for about another five minutes before starting to do anything, just in case others arrived.

Mike wanted to watch me play with myself to get things started so I tried to put on a similar show for him as I had for Jen when I was visiting her. I put my feet up on the chair and spread my legs wide, pulled up my skirt and scooted forwards so that I was on the edge of the seat. I pulled my skirt up and started to rub around my pussy and trace my fingers over my ass. Mike reached over and used a couple of fingers to help spread my lips and my fingers quickly sought out my clit. I rubbed some of my juices over it and then started to stroke it properly which got me aroused very quickly. Mike whispered to me he wanted to see me fucking myself and I was happy to oblige – I pushed a finger into my pussy and then added a second and then a third. Once they were nice and wet, I removed the third one and rubbed it over my ass before pushing it in to myself.

Mike now had a good view of two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass and asked me if I would like everyone at the seminar to turn around and watch me. Of course he knows that I would love this (other than the fact that it would lead to me being arrested and kicked out of Uni), but reality doesn’t have to get in the way of a good fantasy. I knew I had to be quite careful as the room we were in was nowhere near as big as the one at Jen’s Uni, so the chance of getting caught was a bit more, but given how far I’d already gone, I wasn’t about to stop without a reason. I imagined being called up to the front to continue my demonstration and started to rub my clit with my other hand. I could picture everyone looking at me and people standing around me as I pumped my fingers into my holes. I’d just got to the part of having everyone’s hands running over my breasts and thighs when I came and I really had to concentrate to keep quiet as my orgasm pulsed through me. I sat still with my fingers still buried in me and could still feel my cunt contracting in spasms for a fair while afterwards (probably only about 30 seconds, but it felt like a long time) and then removed my fingers and put my legs back down.

As far as I could see, nobody had noticed what I’d been up to – other than Mike of course, who had unzipped his jeans and had his cock poking out through his boxers. I reached over and gently traced my fingers up and down the shaft and felt it jump under my touch. I continued to gently stroke and tease for a few minutes before deciding to get a bit more serious. The advantage we had in this lecture theatre was that the back row had a lot of room (it was suitable for wheelchairs at the ends of the rows) and I waited until the speaker was looking at the screen and slid down off my seat. I moved around in front of Mike and started to rub his cock faster while flicking the head with my tongue. I whispered to him to squeeze my hand or tell me when he was about to cum (it would have been tricky to explain why I was covered in cum if I didn’t manage to catch it in my mouth).

I continued to wank away at Mike’s cock and took the head in my mouth. I’ve learned some new tips from watching Sue and tried them out. I could tell from the way Mike’s hips were moving that they were working and it wasn’t too long before he squeezed my hand. I was still sucking and licking away, but I sealed my lips around his cock and swirled my tongue around the head as he started to cum. I had intended to just swallow his cum, but changed my mind and just kept it in my mouth. I licked for a short while after he had finished cumming and then carefully pulled away and indicated that I wanted to get back up on my seat. Fortunately, he figured out what i was asking and got me to wait until it was safe. I slipped back into the seat and spread my legs once more. Mike said he thought I was just going to play with myself again, but I carefully spat some of his cum into my hand and rubbed it over my pussy and thighs. I repeated this until I had got rid of most of the cum (I swallowed some of it) and by this time, my pussy and thighs were pretty soaked.

In order to give the area a chance to dry off (and in no way just because I like being exposed), I sat with my skirt hiked up for the rest of the talk and idly played with myself. I considered making myself cum once more, or getting Mike to go down on me, but was quite happy that we’d managed to get away with things so far and didn’t want to push our luck. Having said that, Mike did reach over and give my clit some pretty serious attention just as people started to get up (but it wasn’t as close as when I was with Jen). My thighs were still somewhat damp as we left and I realised that I had spread the cum further down than my skirt covered, but fortunately people don’t tend to suspect things like that of happening, so nobody noticed.

Mike headed home and I went back to work (I was a bit distracted, but I got a reasonable amount done). He texted me and said that I should wear the dildo on the way home but that I wasn’t allowed to cum. I was pretty sure that this would be easy – it takes a bit of effort to cum while cycling – and even more effort to not fall off while doing it! I went to the toilets and put my tights on before feeding the dildo into them and inserting it into my pussy. I found out that my skirt wasn’t really long enough to cover the bottom of the dildo, but I had opaque tights on and I decided to rely on people not suspecting anything. I bumped into Valerie and had a chat with her but had my backpack with me that I used to hide the bulge of the dildo. I was actually considering showing Lis (if I’d seen her), but it’s probably for the best that I didn’t.

I cycled home and took the option of trying to get myself close to cumming and then slowing down as many times as I could. This worked quite well at first, but then was a bit harder as I became quite sensitive. I don’t think I was in any danger of cumming without wanting to, but I found that I had to concentrate on the cycling just as much as I do when I do cum as the feeling were quite persistent. When I finally got home, I went in and said that I needed someone to fuck me and I really didn’t care who it was. Mike was happy to take up the challenge and we went upstairs with Sue in tow. It was a simple and fairly quick session (I didn’t want anything fancy, just to be satisfied) and we took the (now almost standard) position with Sue on Mike’s face and me riding his cock. My pussy was still very sensitive from the stimulation of the dildo on the ride home and I managed to cum without any clit stimulation. Mike obviously had no problems eating Sue to orgasm and between us we made enough noise to encourage him to cum in me. As he’d already cum a couple of times that day, he didn’t cum much (at least hardly any dribbled out), but Sue gave him a suck clean anyway and then she remained naked while we headed back downstairs.

We could tell from the smell that Jen had been playing with herself while listening in to us (as I said, we certainly hadn’t been quiet), and I asked her if she wanted to cum (which she did). I was actually quiet hungry and so asked if she would mind waiting until after we had eaten – she whined a bit but said that she could wait if I promised to give her a good orgasm (and I did). Jen remained naked for dinner and I think that Mike now realises that this may not be a good thing to happen too often as it was clear that he didn’t lose his erection the whole time we ate and cleared up (he had his dressing gown on, but the bulge was pretty obvious). Jen may not have helped the matter by sitting on his lap and asking if he liked her body while stroking her breasts – I’m actually quite surprised that he didn’t try anything as I’m pretty sure I would have in his position.

I decided to rescue him (sort of) and told Jen that I would make her cum now, but she would have to stay downstairs. As I had expected, she went and put on a pair of panties (pale pink with a little bow) and returned. I intended to make her cum, but not quickly and told Mike that he should take a seat and enjoy the show. Jen and I lay on the rub in front of the fire (not that the fire was on, but I wanted some space to play) and I started to kiss her. While we kissed, I ran my fingers over her body, up the inside of her legs (but not over her pussy), along the side of her stomach (which tickled her) and across her breasts (mostly avoiding her nipples). As things progressed, I spent more time caressing her nipples and moved down so that I could kiss and suck them as well.

Jen was soon moving around on the rug and was obviously very turned on. She kept asking me to make her cum and I said I wanted to draw it out a bit longer. She told me that I would pay for this, but I get the feeling I’ll be paying the next time I visit her anyway so I’m not too bothered about any threats. I started to very gently trace my fingers over her panties and applied a bit more force to my sucking on her nipples. This made her feel even better, but was still short of what she needed to cum and she ended up holding my head against her breast and telling me to bite harder. I think I’ve got the hang of how much force she likes being used now and I’m confident that it doesn’t actually hurt her so I did as she asked and used a hand on the other nipple to pinch and roll it. I wasn’t paying attention to Mike and Sue, but they told me that he was also pinching her nipples (but nowhere near as hard).

Jen was almost writhing under me now and I thought that it wasn’t fair to tease her for too much longer (but a little while was okay) and I stopped the pinching and resumed the gentle stroking of her pussy through her panties. When she started to beg for me to make her cum I gave in, slipped my hand into her panties and dipped into the very wet folds of her pussy. The whole area was slick with her juices and I rubbed long the length of her cunt and pushed a couple of fingers into her while keeping as much pressure on her clit as I could. I switched breasts with my mouth and bit down on the nipple – Jen was now beyond her mewing and was just moaning and swearing. Her body was covered in sweat and I pushed my fingers into her harder and sucked as hard as I could on her nipple. She let out a little scream and if we hadn’t done things like this before, I would have been sure that I had hurt her, but her body tensed up under me and I felt a large gush of liquid on my hand.

Jen continued to moan and so I continued to rub, finger and suck her as best I could while she writhed around. She soon stopped and lay fairly still, just panting and saying ‘oh fuck’ over and over. I withdrew my hand from her panties and found out that the burst of liquid I had felt (and assumed that she had squirted pee), was actually proper Jen juice. As far as we can remember, this is the first time she has squirted while we’ve done things (and it’s been almost two years). Her panties were certainly no longer pale pink and I peeled them off to expose her very pink and very, very wet pussy. I had a taste from my fingers and then offered them to him and he tasted a fair amount before asking Sue to try it. She declined at first but he said he would finish what he had started if she did so she sucked a finger clean and he resumed fingering her. Of course, while he did this he kept telling her to imagine what it would be like to go down on Jen and lick her clean and then keep going until she made her cum again, but Sue seemed happy to play along with this and let him make her cum again. As she came, he took Jen’s panties and rubbed them over her breasts and neck – and Jen had recovered enough that she was raptly watching as well. Sue ended up with Jen’s juices smeared over her and Mike handed the panties back to me and said that we could probably all do with a drink.

We sat and relaxed for a while (Mike still had his erection, but I wasn’t really surprised) and ended up just watching a film. I had expected Mike to want to have another session with someone that night, but after a while, the bulge in his gown subsided and he seemed a bit more settled. It did come back occasionally when he stroked Sue or I, but we didn’t do anything else properly that night. Even when Jen and I went up to bed, we only kissed and snuggled.


  1. Congrats Andi! You've apparently broken new ground for Jen yet again, guess it goes both ways though (her introducing her "golden shower" fetish to you).

    Also, it seems like Jen's slowly letting Mike break pieces of ground with her over time (but only so much ground of course), speaking of which, have they kept in contact while you've been seperated as he job hunts (how's that going anyway)?

    Hope things are good on your end regardless & that normalcy (so to speak) returns sooner than later, take care!

    Hezi, Balto, Md., U.S.

  2. I know that squirting is quite rare (despite what porn might lead people to believe!). I think I've only squirted twice (possibly three times - I can't quite remember) and not for quite a while. I am a bit surprised though that it took this long for it to happen with Jen given how wet she naturally is (and how much wetter she gets when aroused).

    Mike certainly got a bit further with Jen (and there is a bit more to come - but not too much more). Of course they stay in touch - both by email and phone - they still discuss the situation with Sue (and how things have developed since then). No luck on the job hunt yet - he had an interview but didn't get the job and there really aren't many more jobs coming up (the economic situation here isn't any better than in the U.S.). We still hope that he'll get to come up here soon though and he'll keep trying....

  3. Every female is capable of squirting. It requires pressure and attention to the G spot. (Front wall of the vaginal canal)

    If you really get into learning about it, it's rather quite easy to accomplish if you're specifically targeting for that and you really know what you're doing in reference to it but if you're not going for that specifically it's rather tough.

    Lastly, what industry is he looking in? I am curious to know the health of various industries over there vs. the US.

  4. Mike works in IT management and the issue is that there are very few middle level management jobs coming up at present.

    It'll be interesting to investigate the squirting thing in more detail - I didn't know that it could be done so readily. I really don't think that I would often produce enough moisture to squirt properly (whereas Jen could probably regularly hose down a battlefleet!)