Sunday, 28 November 2010

Last night with Mike

Mike had recovered from his multiple cums by the following morning and I was awoken by his cock pressing into my cunt. I let him know I was awake by pushing back against him and then rolling over onto my front so that we could use Sue’s favourite position. He rolled over on top of me and pressed back into me. We both had to go to work, but it was my last day and I didn’t have a great deal to do so I didn’t mind if I was a bit late. Mike used long deliberate strokes, starting with just the head of his cock between my lips and ending with his cock curried completely in me, his body pressing hard against my ass. He nibbled on my earlobe and then moved a hand around my neck as if he was strangling me (he wasn’t actually strangling me, only stroking gently). I pushed my head up to give him better access to my neck and he continued the stroking while sliding in and out of me. It was a very gentle and tender session and my orgasm built quite slowly. I allowed myself to let out lots of moans and the feelings built fairly slowly, but as they got to be strong enough, we knew it was time to turn things up a notch.

Mike’s hand moved from my neck down to my pussy and found my clit. I started to thrust myself back at him as he sped up the pace and we fairly quickly finished things off from this stage. Mike stayed on top of me, flexing his cock inside me while we relaxed and recovered. We then got up, showered and had breakfast. Jen was still in bed when I left and other than quickly popping to say goodbye, I didn’t disturb her. For my last ride into work, I decided that I should use the long dildo (I don’t think I’ll be ready to cycle in the new place until I get to know it). I put my crotchless tights on (which I still don’t really like, but they have their uses at times like this), got the dildo positioned properly and hopped onto my bike. I had originally planned to just get myself nicely turned on while I cycled so that I could spend the day at work being a bit more daring – it’s probably a good thing that it didn’t turn out like this though as I’ll have to be back to do viva and obviously still want to see my friends. While I was cycling, I was thinking about what I could get up to in work and got a bit carried away – I was obviously enjoying the feeling of the dildo in me, but by the time I realised just how much I was enjoying it, it was too late. Of course I could have stopped and calmed down, but I thought that I may as well just continue and enjoy my last bike cum for a while (potentially).

At least I’m now used to doing this so I’m no longer in (as much) danger of falling off – but I do still have to stop afterwards and let things calm down before continuing at a much slower pace. Unfortunately, when I got into work I immediately met some people from the lab before I’d even gotten off the bike. This meant I had to be extra careful as I dismounted so they didn’t see the dildo, but I managed it and we wandered into the building together. I had to go talk to my supervisor before I’d had a chance to remove the dildo so I had to be careful how I was sitting, but once more, it was all fine. As soon as I finished with him, I went and extricated it from my pussy and stashed it in my bag. Most of the rest of the day was fairly uneventful – I had lunch with my friends and we chatted about various things. Because I was going to be back at various times to see Mike I knew that I’d be seeing them all again so it wasn’t like I was leaving properly.

At least things didn’t seem awkward with Jo after I’d told her how attractive I thought she was at my leaving party. I had been a bit worried that she might not have known how to take it, but she’s used to being told she’s beautiful by random men so I guess this might not be a lot different to her than any other friend admitting they fancy her. Once lunch was finished, we headed back to ‘work’. Lis caught me on the way back and asked if she could pick up the things we had discussed and I told her to come along anytime that evening and just to call first to make sure we were in.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet – my lab group got me a cake and we had a little farewell ceremony (I’ll see them again when I’m back for my viva) and it was then time to head home. I refrained from wearing the dildo on the way back and when I got home, Jen and re-sorted our toys so that we had a number set aside to lend to Lis. Of course, knowing that Lis was coming round meant that I had a final chance to expose Jen in some way and we wondered what would be the best thing to do. Mike suggested that Jen and I should be having sex up in the bed (loudly) when she arrived and Lis could walk in on us but in the end, I went for just having Jen wear a t-shirt that only just covered her ass.

We’d already eaten by the time she showed up (and even though Mike had seen and played with Jen (sort of) the previous day, he still appreciated the view). Mike had disappeared upstairs when Lis called to say she was on the way and when she arrived, I had Jen open the door to greet her. It wasn’t the case that Jen had anything on display, but the t-shirt was short enough that it was clear that it was only just hiding things. Once Lis was in, I sent Jen up to fetch the bag of toys we’d selected for her and I watched Lis’ eyes follow Jen upstairs (and get a view of her ass). While Jen was gone, I asked Lis how dinner with Vicky had gone and Lis had just started telling me when Jen returned. I whispered to Lis that if she was embarrassed about telling me any details with Jen around, that I could send her upstairs, but Lis didn’t mind so we all sat down while I quizzed her.

The dinner had been a success – Lis had put a nice little pink dress on (I think I know the one she was talking about and it is quite cute). It was the first time that they had really talked as a couple (about things other than what they had just done or what it meant). They obviously both knew (in broad terms) what was going to happen later in the evening, but neither of them mentioned it. Lis said that she didn’t try to pressure Vicky into making up her mind as to how (or if) things were going to develop between them and she just wanted to have a nice evening and hope that it would all be okay. It wasn’t until after dinner when Lis took Vicky’s hand and they went to sit on the sofa that things were any different than two friends having dinner and chatting. Lis said that she still didn’t try to rush things and she wanted to enjoy the whole evening as an experience (without actually calling it a date). Vicky seemed a lot more relaxed and the hand holding moved on to gentle kissing and then breast fondling.

While we were talking about this, I could see Jen fidgeting and was feeling the familiar tingling building (even though we hadn’t got to the ‘good stuff’ yet). Lis wasn’t as explicit with her descriptions, nor did she go into quite as much detail, but she told us that Vicky and her moved on to stroking and fondling, then moved up to the bedroom to get undressed and do things properly. Lis had a good play with Vicky’s breasts and they then 69ed, had another kissing session and then humped against each other and used fingers to bring each other off a second time. Apparently, they were a bit tired after this (lightweights) and cleaned up before returning to bed to get some sleep.

While they were dozing off, Lis gently fondled Vicky’s pussy and played with her pubic hair. She actually asked Vicky if she had ever considered shaving or at least trimming her hair as someone had told her that this made it much nicer to go down on someone. Of course, Vicky guessed who it was that had told her that and asked if I was shaved. Lis told her that I was and that I often went without panties so she had seen my pussy a number of times now. I was a bit surprised at first that she had told Vicky this, but I guess if I share Lis’ secrets with Jen then it’s not too surprising that she’s going to share some of mine with Vicky. Vicky was very curious as to how Lis had seen my pussy and she now knows about my naked sunbathing - Vicky does that too – as evidenced from our holiday so this didn’t shock her at all, but she was very curious about the fact that Lis had got a few glimpses of me by the lake at Uni. In the end, Vicky agreed that she would give her pubes a bit of a trim for Lis and would maybe even consider letting Lis shave her.

I asked Lis if this meant that Vicky had decided what she wanted (as in, was her relationship with Lis any more than just randomly hooking up) – Lis replied that they still haven’t sorted it out, but agreed that it certainly sounds like things are going somewhere. I’d gotten increasingly aroused throughout the conversation and was now sitting with my hands in my lap, pressing the material of my skirt firmly against my pussy. Jen was still squirming around and I could tell that she was ready to head upstairs for some fun but I thought I’d make use of having Lis there. I leant over and whispered to Lis that her stories always get Jen really worked up and we both looked over at Jen together. Jen’s nipples were poking against the t-shirt and I asked Lis if she would help with some of the payback for my time at Jen’s. Lis asked what I was going to do and I asked her if she would like to see another shaved pussy. I thought that Lis was being a bit hesitant, but she then coyly said that she would so I moved over to Jen and told her that it was time for Lis to see her properly.

I got Jen to turn so that she was facing Lis and slowly lifted up one of her legs onto the sofa. With her legs spread, I got Jen to lift her t-shirt to her stomach and expose herself. It was clear that she was fairly aroused as her pussy was shining with her juices and I figured that I could take things a step further. I ran a hand up Jen’s thigh and parted her pussy, watching Lis’ reaction the whole time. Lis’ eyes were glued to Jen’s cunt and before I let go, I gently ran a finger up the middle of her pussy and over her clit. Jen gave a tiny gasp as I did this and I then let her drop the t-shirt so she was covered again. I noticed that she didn’t pull it the whole way down, so even though she was no longer on display, she wasn’t completely covered. I told Lis that this was why she needed to get Vicky shaved – either bare like Jen and I or at least in the way she shaves her pussy lips. Lis agreed that she really wanted to shave Vicky and I reminded her of the best way to check for smoothness once done – Lis blushed a bit at this, but gave a little smile as well.

I handed the bag of toys to her and told her that she could use them for as long as she wanted and that hopefully Vicky would appreciate them as well. Lis had a quick peek in the bag but didn’t look through it properly. She thanked us and said that she wished we were still going to be around and once again promised to come and visit. I felt Jen’s hand on my leg and it slowly moved higher up my thigh. I told Jen to behave or I’d make her go play with herself in the middle of the room. Lis said that she would go and give us some privacy – I tried to convince her to stay but either she hadn’t picked up on the fact that I was effectively inviting her to watch Jen cum or she isn’t interested in watching (although I can’t imagine *anyone* not wanting to take the chance to watch Jen cum – and Lis has seen it before even though Jen hand a bikini on at the time). It transpired that she was actually going round to Vicky’s place that night, so she wanted to get home and freshened up first (Vicky had asked her to keep this a secret so I assumed that it meant a declaration of love – or at least long term sex!).

Lis started to get her things together and I gave her a goodbye hug. I know that it’s not long since I became good friends with her, but she is a really sweet (and cute) girl and I knew I was going to miss her (and miss the chance to show off to her and maybe play with her). I gave her a little kiss on the lips (nothing passionate and it only lasted a second or so) and told her to take care of herself (and report back on progress). She saluted me and said that she would and then Jen hugged her. Jen gave her a quick peck on the lips and then while looking directly at Lis, pushed one of Lis’ hands down her back and onto her (Jen’s) ass. Jen is convinced that Lis gave her ass cheek a little squeeze and she certainly didn’t pull away so I took the chance to hug Lis from behind (so she was sandwiched between us) and told her (once again) that we were really going to miss her. I didn’t hug her for long and as I pulled away, Jen’s hands dropped down Lis’ back and slid over her ass (but at least Jen had the sense to not try to keep them there).

We told her to enjoy her night with Vicky and it wasn’t until she had left that the thought crossed my mind that it could have been a ‘I’ve decided I don’t want to do this anymore talk’ that Vicky had invited her over for. I remember really hoping that wasn’t the case as I was leaving the following day and would have wanted to be there to try to console her (not that I could have done much, but I could at least have listened). And just in case you’re wondering, even I wouldn’t have tried to take advantage of the situation to get to fuck her – I’m a nice girl – mostly...

Mike came back downstairs when he heard Lis leave and it was clear that Jen wanted to get to doing things. He really wanted to join in with us – or at least get to watch, but things were back to the way they were with ‘the rules’, so Jen and I dashed upstairs. Not that we were gone for long, we were both pretty turned on and imagined that we were tearing the clothes off Lis and fucking her senseless. This led to a very short and intense session (in which Lis came almost constantly), and once we’d caught our breath, we went back downstairs. Jen made a little concession to Mike and wore just her white lacy panties and curled up against him on the sofa while we told him what Lis had told us. Of course, having a mostly naked Jen pressed against him while hearing about this got him rather hard – and it might not have helped that I rubbed him (through his trousers) for a bit. We then recounted some of the fantasy we had played out upstairs for him and I suggested that I should have used all of the toys to make Jen cum with Lis watching before we gave them to her.

Mike was clearly ready to burst, not helped by Jen peeling off her panties and letting him have a sniff of them. Jen had kindly agreed to let me spend my last night with him and even though it was still early, we’d got everything packed away so went upstairs for an early night. It would be more accurate to say that I was dragged upstairs for an early night, thrown onto the bed and told that I was going to pay for having teased him. Mike pulled his trousers off and stood before me with his cock nice and hard. I took the end in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before starting to suck him off. I added a hand into the mix and pumped away on the shaft and he seemed to be enjoying the work I was doing. I thought for a while that he was going to cum in my mouth but as he got close, he pulled out and got me to lie on the bed. He sat straddling me and pushed his cock between my breasts, wrapped them around it and started to tit-fuck me. This didn’t last too long though as he noticed that I was rubbing myself while he was doing this and decided that if I was going to cum, he wanted to be inside me.

I knelt on the bed, leaning against the headboard for support and he pushed into me from behind. He didn’t initially move as quickly as I had expected and we alternated between long slow strokes and faster harder pounding. We ended up doing something that we’ve seen online but not tried before – Mike ended up holding me up by my arms and pulling me towards him. This wasn’t as painful as I had imagined it might be (although my arms ached a bit afterwards). I couldn’t cum like this as there was no direct stimulation on my clit (now if only Jen would have joined us, she could have taken care of that...), so after doing this for a little while, I leant against the headboard again and we continued doggy style. Of course, now Mike could rub my clit and things worked out much better – I came and he came in me.

I eased myself down so my head was on the pillow, but I kept my ass raised and Mike stayed in me. I flexed myself around him a few times and after a little while, he started to move in me again. I told him that I thought he would need a longer break, but he said that he was ready if I was, so I pushed back against him to give him my answer. We didn’t stay in this position, but moved into the more traditional missionary position (I know that this is ‘boring’ but I often enjoy it as a much more intimate position – it’s certainly much easier to kiss and Mike can also lick and kiss my neck (to some extent). I held onto him very tightly as we moved together, both arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling him to me. We kissed for pretty much the whole session, breathing heavily between us and grinding together. Mike reached around and between his legs to rub my clit a bit and as soon as I started to cum, he moved his hand away and held me tight while continuing to pump into me. This was enough to keep my orgasm going and he came soon after and once more, remained inside me after he had finished cumming.

Neither of us mentioned the fact that this was our last night together (yes, I know that we see each other on weekends, but I mean our last night when we were living together), but there was definitely a feeling in the air that I can’t explain. Even when we were snuggling up to go to sleep, it felt different and as if something was coming to an end. We’ve spent most nights together since we started sleeping together and even though I’ve had to go home or visited Jen, it’s only ever been for a short period of time and then we were back together – this time we have no idea how long it will be for.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nearly a Dr

I thought I should report that I passed my viva with minor corrections (which won't take more than about a week to do). Technically I haven't got my PhD yet, but it's now mostly paperwork and waiting for it to be awarded.

I was out celebrating last night and my head hurts - I'm going back to bed (and not to have sex).

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mike and Jen

This is now just before I left York for the cold dark North – August 29th. Mike finally got (a little of) what he’s wanted for so long..


Sunday was a pretty good (near) end to my time in York and is a day that Mike will remember for quite a while (I know this as he keeps going on about it). It started out in the usual way – I woke up first and went down on Jen to wake her up. I was feeling particularly horny after having had my nice dreams about Anna (and with the fantasy about Lis et al still relatively fresh in my mind). As such, I gave Jen’s pussy a pretty thorough cleaning with my tongue and by the time I had finished she had cum and was asking me to stop to give her a rest. I snuggled up beside her and gave her a few minutes to recover while I gently stroked her breasts (mostly avoiding her nipples). I asked her what she wanted to do to me and she said that she would be happy to make me cum, but she had a special day planned so I might end up cumming a number more times and asked if I wanted to skip my morning orgasm in order to be better prepared. This sounded like a challenge to me (and I know I can cum more times than Jen can) so I told her that there was no way I was going to miss having her make me cum and told her that she should get to work.

I pushed her down between my legs and told her to start licking while I fished around in the drawer for a vibe. Once I had found this, I handed it down to her and she ran it up and down my pussy before pushing it into me. I didn’t want to play for too long so kept telling her to lick harder or move the vibe faster and she dutifully did as she was told. I thought it was only fair to let Mike know that we were awake so I allowed myself to be pretty loud, both in giving instructions and in my appreciation of her efforts. It didn’t take her long to get me to cum and while we kissed, I explained to her about my dream and why I’d been feeling so horny. Jen liked the sound of the dream and I couldn’t help myself from starting to play with her again but she stopped me and said once again about her plans for the day (without actually telling me what they were). As much as I would have loved to go another round with her, I decided to let her have her way and she took my hand and led me downstairs, stopping to knock on Mike’s door to tell him we were having breakfast.

He surfaced a couple of minutes later and appreciated the fact that Jen was still naked. I had forgotten about her promise that he was going to be rewarded (but he hadn’t) and over breakfast, he asked her what form the reward was going to take. Jen asked him what he wanted and started to give her tits a rub, then moved on to gently teasing her nips. Mike told her that she knew full well what he wanted and she told him that he would have to wait to find out what was going to happen (but she did say that she wasn’t going to let him fuck her). There was definitely an atmosphere of anticipation for the rest of breakfast and I wondered how it felt for Mike to not know what was going to happen (given he’s usually the ones who makes the plans).

We tidied up and all went back upstairs – Jen stood and seemed to be contemplating something for a minute and then took a pair of white silk panties out and slipped them on. I’ve seen these ones before and I really like them as they cover her, but the material is so soft and thin that I can still nicely see the outline of her pussy when they are pulled up. Jen straightened up the covers - with a bit of gratuitous ass wiggling- and then lay in the middle of the bed on her back. She told mike to take his dressing gown off, so he did, and then stood there naked with his cock sticking out and occasionally twitching. Jen has seen glimpses of it before when his gown has fallen open or wasn’t tied properly, but as far as we can remember, this was the first time she has ever seen it properly (due to the strange set of rules that they agreed to). I guess it’s only fair – Mike had been seeing her naked (occasionally) for the previous few weeks, but then again he is the one who wants to fuck her and not the other way around.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but I wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly stroked it, up and down the length of the shaft. Jen told us to come over to the bed and Mike had to kneel between her legs. She said that as long as he didn’t try to do anything more than she allowed, that we would have a good time and he agreed (I know that he wouldn’t ever try to force her to do anything as he cares about her in a completely separate way from how he lusts after her). I was instructed to climb over her face (with my back to Mike) and then lean forwards. Jen told us that we were both going to get something that we had wanted and then told Mike that he could hump against her while he ate my ass. I looked back and saw him rub his cock against her thigh and watched as he moved it down towards her panties. He rubbed the head against the material a couple of times and then lay on top of her so he could rub it against her. Jen pulled me down onto her mouth and as her tongue started to explore my pussy, I felt Mike’s tongue on my ass. I’ve said a number of times that I’ve wanted to have a ‘proper’ threesome (one where I can actually do things with both of the other participants). I consider the times we did things with Sue to be a threesome for Mike, but not for Sue and I as (other than the occasional stolen touch), we weren’t doing things to each other.

Both their tongues were certainly doing things to me though and I was very impressed that even though Mike had finally got his fantasy (or at least a part of it), that he was paying so much attention to me. Whenever I looked back I could see that he was grinding away against Jen and he certainly seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. I guessed that he probably wouldn’t be able to cum from just dry humping, but he was making a good attempt at it. I was desperately trying to hold back my own orgasm for as long as possible as the dual licking was heavenly (now if I’d just had Jo or Lis in front of me so I could lick someone as well... – but that’s just getting greedy). From Jen’s occasional moaning into my pussy, it seemed that even she was enjoying the feeling and I pictured the three of us being able to cum together in one big happy orgasm. Of course, that wasn’t ever really likely to happen and I could tell that I wasn’t going to be able to hold back for too much longer.

I told them that my orgasm was approaching and Mike told me to try and hold back a bit longer and started to wank himself. He stopped licking my ass while he did this (something about it being difficult to balance on one arm, wank and lick at the same time...) but it wasn’t long before his tongue returned and he said that I should stop resisting it and cum. He had resumed his thrusting against Jen, but a bit faster this time and I felt him moan. He kept licking me and Jen seemed to speed up her efforts and I came. It was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be and I tried to stay on Jen’s face for as long as possible to get every last bit of enjoyment out of it. I stayed there for quite a while, but eventually I really couldn’t take any more and had to climb down. I was greeted with the incredible sight of Jen’s face covered in my cum and her body covered in Mike’s cum (not all of it had hit her – there was a squirt beside her on the bed). He still had his cock pressed up against her panties slowly rubbing back and forth and once I moved, he used his cock to smear some of the cum from her stomach onto her panties (which are now nicely stained, but she doesn’t seem to mind). Jen reached down and I initially thought that she was going to rub Mike’s cock, but she ran her hand over her stomach and slipped it into her panties, then rubbed her pussy with her cum covered hand.

Mike asked if he could see what she was doing (he’s never seen anything penetrate her – another one of their strange rules) and she said that he had to wait and take what he was given. Jen was obviously fingering herself inside her panties and she pulled her hand out a couple of times to gather up more of his cum before rubbing it into her pussy. Even though he could only see her hand moving in her panties, Mike was avidly watching her and had a hold of his cock, gently squeezing and stroking it. I moved behind him and reached around to give him a hand and asked Jen if she wanted to see him cum properly. She thought that sounded nice, but said that she had other plans for us. She pulled her hand out from her panties and asked Mike to take them off. He did this and she used them to wipe the rest of his cum off her body (they were already stained so it hardly made a difference).

Jen continued to tease Mike, stroking around her pussy, spreading the lips and moving as if she was going to push her fingers into herself, but then just continuing with the stroking of the outer lips. Mike’s cock felt rock hard and was spasming in my hand as I stroked him and I wondered if he was about to cum over Jen anyway (he didn’t). Eventually, Jen pushed two fingers into herself and told me to go get the long double ended dildo. Mike stayed where he was, his eyes glued to her cunt and when I returned, she pulled her fingers out and asked me to push the dildo into her. Once it was buried in her, I was instructed to lie on top of her and Mike had to push the other end into me. He rolled the dildo between us a couple of times until Jen told him that this wasn’t his job and told him to take my ass. Jen knows that this is something else that I’ve wanted to try and I gave her a kiss while Mike squirted a bit of gel onto my ass and then pressed the head of his cock against it. He slowly worked his way into me, which of course caused me to move back and forth, which in turn caused me to fuck Jen with the dildo.

Once he was a good depth into my ass, we worked on the best rhythm - we ended up with him pushing into me while I pushed back against him and then me pushing forwards towards Jen while she pushed back against me, but there wasn’t as much sensation from the dildo as we wanted until Jen pushed a hand down between us and held on to the dildo. This made it much better and at least meant I had something to push back against (so the dildo moved in me when I moved) and I was now passionately kissing Jen. By chance, I found an even better way to move - Mike stayed still with his cock about halfway in an I rocked back and forth while Jen moved the dildo a little in time with my movements (she had to push her other hand between us and use both of them to get this right). Mike loved the way this felt and said that he could feel the dildo moving in my cunt and that it added an extra bit of stimulation.

We alternated between different ways of moving and now that Jen had two hands working the dildo, she was able to pump it into herself as well. I knew that with just a little clit stimulation I would have been able to cum in no time, but a) Jen was already using both of her hands, and b) I wanted to cum just from Mike and the dildo moving in me, so I kept sliding back and forth, feeling them fighting for space inside me. Even without anything touching my clit, I was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to take long and I squeezed my ass around Mike’s cock (which elicited a few moans from him) and told them that I thought I was getting close. I kept squeezing myself around his cock and he started repeating ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’ and then said he was about to cum. I wasn’t quite there yet, but this was meant to be his reward so I squeezed a few more times and moved a bit faster and he pressed deeper into me and he let out a loud moan.

He kept his cock buried in me and I told Jen to try to fuck me faster as I was close and she did so. To his credit, Mike tried to help out and moved in my ass a little bit even though he later said that it was a really intense feeling. My head was now on the pillow beside Jen’s and I was panting away saying how good it felt and asking them to keep going just a little bit longer. It actually took longer than I had thought it would and the build up was excruciatingly slow. All the time I knew that I was just a little bit away from cumming, but without Mike pumping away as well, I just couldn’t quite get there. That is, until I did... I could feel myself shaking as my orgasm started and I panted into Jen’s ear that I was cumming (as if she couldn’t tell). Mike even moved a bit in me (although he later said that he has still been feeling quite sensitive).

I had been expecting a really powerful orgasm given how long the build up had been but it wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped. It did last for quite a while though, maybe as the majority of the stimulation was still coming from Jen moving the dildo in me and there was no direct stimulation of my clit. Jen kept moving it until I told her to stop and asked Mike to pull out so that I could lie down and recover. Mike gave his cock a quick wipe and lay beside me while I tried to catch my breath. Jen gave me a hug and Mike moved around behind Jen and asked if he could snuggle up to her (he was being very well behaved, but I think that’s because he didn’t want to do anything wrong and have Jen stop the fun). She told him that he could and he curled up against her with his cock running between her ass cheeks and up her back. He reached over Jen and took her hand and their combined hand rested on my breast, gently squeezing it.

I knew that I needed a bit of a rest and Mike wasn’t ready to get straight back into things either and we lay like this for a while. He wanted to be able to stroke Jen’s body, but all she would let him touch was her side and down her outer thigh. He was still hard and Jen wiggled her body against his cock, but still wouldn’t let him have a fondle of her breasts (he wanted to see if he could get her really aroused or even make her cum – but I can’t manage that yet so I doubt he would have been able to). We actually ended up falling asleep together like that and only woke up when the phone started to ring. I reached over and answered it without removing myself from under Jen’s arm and was greeted by Lis. She asked what I was up to and I wondered what she would have said if I’d told her I was in bed with Mike and Jen recovering from a threesome – but decided to just say ‘not much’.

Both Mike and Jen were awake by this time and Jen noted that Mike was no longer hard. Pretty much as soon as she said this though, she started to feel is cock perking up again and within no time, he was hard. I wriggled free so I could have a conversation with Lis without her overhearing them talking and she said that she wanted to see me to have a chat in person. She wouldn’t tell me what it was about but I assumed that something had happened between her and Vicky and really hoped that I hadn’t made the situation worse when I’d spoken to Vicky the previous night. I told her I would get over to her place and hung up.

Mike was rather upset when I said that I had to go out (he was fully erect again and was clearly hoping for another round with Jen). I told him that they were free to do whatever they wanted until I got back (which of course Jen wasn’t going to go along with) and she told Mike that anything else would have to wait. I bent over and gave the head of his cock a quick suck before telling them that I would try to get back as soon as I could and they could get lunch ready for me (it was already lunchtime, but I didn’t want to keep Lis waiting so we planned on having a late lunch when I returned). I quickly slipped on some clothes and briefly considered putting on panties before deciding against them, jumped on my bike and headed over to Lis’ place.

Once I got there, I asked hee if there was anything wrong and she said that there might be. We went up to her room and she sat me down and told me that Jen had made a pass at her. I realised that she was talking about the dance the two of them had the previous night and I had to stifle a smile. I asked Lis what she meant and she told me how Jen had guided her (Lis’) hands onto her (Jen’s) ass and how Lis had held them there. It wasn’t so much that Lis was worried that Jen had made a (tiny) pass at her, she was more worried that she hadn’t rejected Jen and that I might be mad at her. I couldn’t help laughing when she said this and told her that I really didn’t mind and that Jen had told me about it already. I explained to Lis that while we certainly don’t intend to ever cheat on each other, there are a few people who enter into our fantasies that we give each other a ‘pass’ for (should the opportunity ever arise). I told Lis that Jen thinks she is really cute and how Jen has occasionally introduced her into our fantasies. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do, but I certainly didn’t want Lis to worry about what had happened and this seemed like the easiest way to defuse the situation.

Lis seemed amazed that I could be happy to let Jen do things with another girl and I explained that it wasn’t quite like that – I knew that Jen wasn’t about to jump into bed with her and that I trust her completely to never do anything behind my back. I couldn’t resist adding that Jen could probably teach Lis a few things if she ever wanted to, but then led the subject away as I didn’t want to seem to be pushing Lis in that direction (not that I would object as if she gets to do things with Jen then she I might also get a shot at her...). I changed the subject by asking how things had been with Vicky and admitted that I’d told Vicky to not hurt her (and that I was sorry if I’d caused any problems). It turned out that the two events had actually helped things along – apparently my little chat had had Vicky think about being with Lis and then when she had seen Lis dancing with Jen, she realised that she felt a bit jealous. I actually don’t believe that what I said could have had that much of an effect and I told Lis that Vicky must have been thinking about this since they first did things on holiday. I *can* believe though that she might have got jealous when she saw Jen with Lis and said that this was probably the reason.

I’d been very patient and had held back from asking what Lis had meant from ‘helping things along’ but I couldn’t restrain myself forever and so asked her. Lis’ face lit up and said that She had spent the night with Vicky once more and seemed as eager to share the details as I was to hear them. I made a show of rearranging myself on the bed so I was sitting comfortably and asked her to tell me everything. Vicky had first approached her at the club and said that Lis could come to her place if she wanted (which of course she did). They waited until the rest of us left so that people didn’t suspect anything. They walked home and Vicky even let Lis hold her hand once they were a bit away from the rest of us. Neither of them talked about what they were about to do, but as soon as they were in the door, they literally pounced on each other.

Lis has got a lot better at volunteering information when describing things, but I still had to prompt her to get enough details to fully recreate the scene. Lis asked Vicky to play with her and promptly buried her face in Vicky’s ample tits. From what I could gather, Vicky was just as eager to do things (she was the one who invited Lis back after all) and they quickly started to undress each other even before they got upstairs.

As soon as they got into Vicky’s room, they fell onto the bed and Lis pushed her hand into Vicky’s panties. She started to finger her while they kissed and then stopped to finish undressing Vicky. While she was up, Lis pulled off the rest of her clothes and lay down beside her in a 69 position. They reached over and started to play with each other and then Lis pulled Vicky’s legs apart and started to lick her. Without being asked, she put a leg over Vicky and straddled her face, pushing her pussy down onto Vicky’s mouth (I’m glad that Lis listened to me and is now making sure that she gets what she wants as well). They 69ed until they had both cum (Vicky came first) and then curled up beside each other.

My new ‘more comfortable’ position on the bed was sitting cross legged, facing directly towards Lis. The whole reason I’ve always liked wearing little flippy pleated skirts is that they can be fairly short but still cover me so I can feel as if I’m being daring and nearly exposed without showing anything. Of course, over the years I’ve become a lot more daring and as my readers will know, I’ve gone a bit beyond ‘nearly’ exposing myself, but these skirts are also wonderful for this situation as well. Either by being slightly careless with how I move, or having the material ‘accidentally’ fall in the wrong way, it’s very easy to uncover as much as I want, and while I’d been listening to Lis, I’d allowed the skirt to ride slightly higher and pulled the material tighter so that my pussy was showing. I was feeling quote horny (unsurprisingly given I’d been picturing Lis with Vicky) and I wondered if my pussy looked as wet as it felt.

To my dismay, I found out that they didn’t do anything more that night (what a wasted opportunity – if I had Lis in my bed I wouldn’t let her get any sleep – and if Jen had access to Vicky’s breasts, they would be sucked and licked all night!). They did talk a bit more and Vicky just wants a bit more time to figure things out (but from the way things are going, I think I can guess what she might end up concluding). Lis finally admitted that she might be a bit more invested in Vicky than just as someone to have sex with and I once again told her to be careful, but I know that she’s the sort of person who wants to be with someone properly and not just as a ‘sex friend’. She does accept that Vicky isn’t gay (although she’s certainly bi) and that it’s possible that Vicky isn’t ever going to want anyone to know but I think she is prepared to take the chance.

When Lis woke up in the morning, she used a trick from my book and crawled down under the covers and licked Vicky awake. Vicky seemed to enjoy this and fingered Lis afterwards. Apparently, Vicky is still rather hairy and I encouraged Lis to say something to Vicky about this. Even if she doesn’t want to shave, just having a little trim would make it much more pleasant for Lis to go down on her. During this part of the conversation, I had idly been stroking a finger along my pussy lips and when I realised, I stopped and apologised (but didn’t close my legs or pull my skirt down). Lis didn’t seem to mind this too much and said that she might ask Vicky about shaving/trimming that night (Vicky had agreed to spend the night at Lis’ place).

This actually seemed like quite a big deal to me – two nights together in a row, the second one planned in advance. I told Lis that she might be winning Vicky round much faster than I’d thought and that she should definitely raise the issue. Now that Vicky knows that I know, Lis can tell her that I;ve told her how much nicer shaved pussy is (and I’m sure Vicky must appreciate the fact that Lis shaves herself). I asked if she was still doing it the same way or if she had finally decided to go bald and pointed to my own pussy (not that I’ve been trying to get Lis used to me being semi-naked around her in the hope that she’ll do the same – no of course not – I’d never do anything like that...). Lis said that she still has a patch of hair, but has thought about doing it like me. I asked just how much she has and once again ran a finger around my bald lips and mons, saying that I really love having the whole thing bald. I noticed a little stubble and mentioned that I’d have to get Jen to shave me again soon and told Lis that this was definitely the best way to do it – she could shave Vicky and then ‘check’ the same way that Jen and I do.

I’d really hoped that Lis would volunteer to show me her pussy but I clearly haven’t managed to indoctrinate her that far yet – she certainly didn’t seem at all embarrassed about me displaying myself to her though so I’m clearly making progress – it’s just a pity that we only really got to this stage just before I left York. While touching myself I could feel my juices were indeed seeping out of me and I went as far as slightly spreading my lips before I moved my hand away. I considered sucking my finger clean, but thought that might be going a bit too far and we returned to our conversation. I told Lis that if she wanted to borrow any more toys to use with Vicky, then she should pop round before I left and stock up (now that I’ve realise we own enough that we could probably open our own shop). She said that she might well do so and we chatted a bit more about other things (we don’t just talk about sex, but I imagine that all you lot are interested in hearing about).

I was getting rather fidgety and wanted to get back home to relieve the excitement that I’d built up during our conversation, but fortunately, Lis wanted to start getting ready for Vicky’s arrival anyway (about five hours in advance). Lis was preparing dinner for Vicky ands at the mention of food, I realised that I was feeling rather peckish myself and so said that I should get back for lunch. I wished her good luck for that night and reminded her that she needed to keep telling Vicky what it was she wanted as well as going along with Vicky’s wishes and she promised me that she would do this.

I headed back home, humping myself against the seat as I went and desperate to see Mike and Jen to find out what the next round of our threesome was going to be. When I returned, I foind Jen wearing her Japanese Schoolgirl outfit, complete with the long white socks and white panties. She had continued her packing while I’d been at Lis’ and was sorting out which bags Mike had to bring up to me when he visited. She was about to pack her outfit away when he requested that she put in on and she had complied. I was leaving my outfit at York (for use during my visits) and so despite being rather hungry, I quickly dashed upstairs, stripped off my clothes and changed into my uniform.

Mike and Jen had lunch prepared (and had been nibbling at bits of it while they had been waiting) and we sat down to eat. I passed on what Lis had told me about her night with Vicky, told them that I’d told Lis about the fact that Jen rather fancies her and also how I’d let Lis see my pussy and our related chat about shaving.

Mike thinks that Lis should shave herself fully and said how much he would like to see that and Jen agreed. In a way it’s a bit strange that Jen likes Lis so much – don’t get me wrong, Lis is incredibly cute and I wouldn’t object to fucking her senseless, but given how much Jen likes large breasted women, I would have thought that she would have been more attracted to Vicky. I think that the fact Lis has featured in a number of my fantasies might have helped things along. Mike also Thinks Lis is very cute (and we’ve fantasised about her joining us a number of times and imagines what it would be like to have him bury his cock in her tight little cunt while she eats me out). It’s not quite as surprising in his case though as he isn’t really a breast man – he’s much more into pussy and legs so her small breast size isn’t an issue.

I continued describing how I’d been sitting, how horny her story had got me and that I’d even touched myself (lightly) with her watching. Of course, talking about it hasn’t helped to calm me down at all and I was desperate to get back to doing things – fortunately, Jen and Mike both felt the same way and Jen said that it was time for the final part of mike’s reward. (This ‘reward’ was apparently carefully calculated from what had been happening with Sue over the prior few weeks). Mike got to choose how quickly we got down to doing things and he opted for watching Jen and I fool around for a little bit (as you know, he is very good at holding back so I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to see as much as possible).

Jen moved over and sat on the sofa and folded her legs under herself. Demurely (and she really does look angelic when she sits like that). I sat beside her and we started to kiss. I felt up her breasts through her top (she might have had panties on, but she was still braless) and soon had her little nips making small tents through the material. Jen’s hands snaked up my legs and pushed my skirt up so she could caress my panties and I spread my legs to give her better access. As things progressed, she pushed a couple of fingers up under the crotch and rubbed me directly and I told her that I didn’t want to play for too long before we got down to business.

I was instructed to get down on the floor in front of her and Jen put her legs up on the sofa, spread with one on each side of her. Her panties were now clearly on display and her skirt bunched up around her waist and I stroked her through her panties and then kissed and licked them. Mike said he wanted to see things done properly and Jen lifted her ass off the sofa and asked me to pull the panties off. I did this and handed them to Mike (who had a good smell of them). Jen spread he legs once more and wriggled to the edge of the sofa. She pulled my face to her pussy and told me to put on a good show.

I started to lick her and seemed to get something right as she let out a nice moan. I used long slow strokes with the flat of my tongue, running up and around her pussy then spreading her lips and licking inside her. Obviously mike couldn’t see what I was actually doing as my head was in the way, but he must have liked it as I felt him behind me, he hands on my ass. My skirt was pulled up and he started to rub my pussy through my panties. These were quickly pulled down and his fingers entered me, so I moved a hand to Jen and pushed a couple of fingers into her. Mike saw this and started to finger fuck me so I moved my head away from Jen’s pussy and tried to mimic his movements with my fingers in her. He asked her to spread herself and to my surprise, she did – her legs opened even further and she pulled her outer lips apart. Mike pushed his fingers all the way into me and twisted them around inside me and I copied this as well. He asked me to rub her clit and I looked up at Jen – she gave me a nod and I used my thumb to rub back and forth over it.

Mike pulled his fingers out but just as I was about to pull out of Jen, I felt the head of his cock pressing against me – he spread my pussy and pushed into me, then immediately started to slide in and out. I told him that I wanted to eat Jen again and he said that as long as I made her cum, he didn’t mind what I did to her. I kept my fingers inside her, but replaced my thumb with my tongue. When Mike pushed into me, he pulled my ass towards him so he was completely buried and I squeezed myself around him as he pulled out. He said this felt really good and how much he loved being in my tight cunt.

Jen started to play with her nipples and Mike asked her what she could feel – she described what I was doing to her and Mike said that he wanted to taste her. Jen said that he could taste her off me when we had finished but that she wasn’t going to let him lick her. He was obviously disappointed by this, but it didn’t stop him from continuing to fuck me. I was really enjoying being sandwiched between the two of them and how amazing it was to have Jen’s pussy in my mouth and Mike’s cock moving inside me. I had a weird image of his cock pushing the whole way through me, out of my mouth and in to Jen (maybe I’ve been watching too much of his anime) – as odd as this was, it amused me and I pushed my tongue into Jen and pretended that it was his cock fucking her.

Jen had started her mewing and was looking quite flushed so I knew that she was getting close and returned to concentrating on her clit. She made a bit more noise and I licked faster. I was concentrating so much on making her cum that I hadn’t really noticed that Mike had sped up his movements (of course I’d actually noticed, but I just wasn’t paying as much attention). Jen went into her final mewing stage and Mike reached around under me to rub my clit. He wanted us to all cum at the same time and I knew that I wasn’t too far off but didn’t think I would catch up. I was going to tell him this, but Jen was holding my head against her pussy and so I just continued to lick and suck on her clit.

For obvious reasons, Mike doesn’t know how to read Jen’s orgasms (although he has seen a few of them now, but nowhere near enough to time them the way I can). Jen came and I sucked her clit into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue (she did tell me to put on a good show). Jen came with a chorus of mewing which mutated into ‘oh fuck’s and Mike frantically pumped into me while trying to rub me. The rubbing was a little disjointed as he was still kneeling up fully so he had a good view of Jen cumming. I knew that I wasn’t going to cum while Jen was cumming so quickly broke contact and told him to just cum.

He thanked me and started to slam in and out of me. I squeezed myself around him as best I could and he came very quickly (Jen had finished, but I was still gently licking her and she was still panting and occasionally swearing). He rammed hard into my cunt a number of times – hard enough that my face was mashed against Jen (but she has soft skin so it didn’t hurt). He stayed with his cock pressed hard into me and moved his hand back to my clit to make me cum.

He was doing a good job when Jen interrupted him and said that she wanted to lick his cum out of me and would finish the job. Of course, Mike didn’t object to the chance to see this and pulled out of me. Jen moved onto the floor and I sat over her face. Mike sat behind me and I felt Jen pull me open. I leant forwards to give a better view and Jen licked up into me. Mike said it was a beautiful sight and Jen started to lick me properly. She alternated between my clit and licking inside and I told her I was getting close. She didn’t stop, but just gave me a ‘muh-huh’ and went faster. I ended up pulling Jen’s skirt up and burying my face between her legs once more – not that I expected to be able to make her cum again, but I love the way she tastes and it’s more comfortable than trying to prop by body up. Jen ate me until I came (which didn’t take long) and when I had finished, she spent a little while using long licks along the length of my cunt, from my clit to my ass. When I was finally allowed to climb off her, I saw that Mike had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it – I asked if he was ready for another round and he said that he couldn’t cum yet, but had really been enjoying the view.

Mike got dressed and we returned to sorting and packing – Jen and I still had our schoolgirl outfits on and Mike groped me a couple of times, but nothing more than a quick fondle. Jen flashed us a couple of times as well but I mostly just appreciated the cuteness of the view. We had a late dinner and Mike asked if there was going to be another round but Jen said that we’d already done everything she had intended to do. Both Mike and I pleaded with her to do *something* else and in the end, she settled on letting him cum over her. I rubbed his cock against her breasts (she doesn’t have anywhere near enough to do a tit fuck, but Mike liked the feeling of her hard nips – and Jen seemed to like the feeling of his cock. Of course, I couldn’t make him cum with just this and had to resort to sucking him and then using my hands to finish him off. I think he was hoping to cover Jen with cum but as his fourth cum of the day, he only produced a tiny amount (which Jen teased him about). Other than being a bit disappointed that he hadn’t drowned Jen in cum, he was otherwise quite happy with the orgasm and Jen has now seen him cum up close. I rubbed what he did produce into her breasts and then he was banished while Jen and I had a play with a double dildo (still with our Japanese uniforms on).

It was Mike’s turn to have me that night and after we’d retired to bed, we just spooned for a while and continued the planning for our visits over the coming weeks/months. I’d done a pretty good job of not thinking too much about the fact that I was actually moving away and wouldn’t have him around (I know that I spend time away visiting Jen, but I have her then so it’s not the same as being alone), but it was really beginning to sink in now that things weren’t going to be the same (and I’m not just talking about missing the sex). I know that we’re going to be okay and make it, but even just not having someone there to curl up to at night is going to be so different. It also dawned on me that my plan to have an incredibly sex-filled few weeks to tide me over and build some wonderful memories might actually backfire as it meant that I would be going from multiple sessions per day to nothing (or only whatever I do to myself). Not that I have anything against masturbation, but it’s just not the same as someone else doing things (and I’m nowhere near bendy enough to eat myself!). If we even knew when Mike would be able to join me it wouldn’t be so bad as I could use the time to explore myself properly and try out new techniques (the internet is a wonderful thing), but not knowing how long I’ll be by myself isn’t fun.

Of course, both he and Jen will be visiting (we’re alternating visits – so they will both come to me and I’ll go to them – it’s going to cost a fair amount in travel, but at least means that weekends will be fun.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Final Saturday in York

This was a bit of a hodgepodge sort of day - but I got to see my friends for my leaving party so it was fun.


We only had a quick fuck on Saturday morning as I still had a number of things to do to prepare for my move. Once we had finished, we got up and showered and went to wake Jen for breakfast. She wanted to have a lie in and so we said we’d have breakfast and then we’d pop into work and collect some things I had there and would see her later on when we returned. She was happy with this and pulled the duvet back over her head so we headed down for food. Once we had eaten, I prepared breakfast for Jen and took it up to her (just to give her enough energy to have a proper lie in) and then Mike and I headed into the Uni.

I’d already sorted out most of the things I needed to take but had to clear out a couple of drawers so Mike had a wander round while I was working. It was still relatively early (about 10) and nobody else was in the office so I thought that it would be a good opportunity to have a little play (just so I could add it to the list of things we’ve done). I called Mike back over (he was reading a poster from one of the other students) and I sat up on my desk. I checked that there was nobody outside (my desk is partially visible from the window) and lifted my skirt up. Mike sat in my chair, set it to the lowest height setting and started to lick me. I scooched forwards so I was sitting at the edge of the desk and lifted my feet up so they were on either side of me. I was enjoying what he was doing, but thought that if we were going to do anything, that we should do it properly and told him I wanted him to fuck me.

We were a bit nervous about someone walking past outside, but Mike was prepared to take the risk and pulled his cock out (already hard, but then he had just been eating me). He pushed into me and I held onto him so I didn’t fall off the desk. Mike grabbed my ass and we kissed while he pumped in and out of me. I was responsible for keeping a lookout out the window and Mike watched the door (we were partially hidden from the door by a bookcase so would have time to quickly cover up if anyone came in). I was enjoying the feeling of doing things in such a public place but didn’t want to take too big a risk so I helped things along by giving my clit a rub. I kept telling Mike that he had to cum in me for it to count and he sped up his movements while I helped to pull him deep into me. I came first (of course) but told him to keep going and encouraged him along with some choice dirty talk. He soon came and pulled us together so he could cum as deep in me as possible (for the position). As soon as he pulled out of me, his cum started to drip out of my pussy and onto the desk (and then the floor). My skirt got a bit wet and I pulled it out from under my ass and ran a finger up and down my pussy, spreading the leaking cum over it.

Mike said that I should keep doing that and put on a proper show for him so I continued. I spread my lips and traced around the outside of my pussy, before stroking the inner lips and then my clit. After a bit of this, I pushed a finger into myself and wiggled it around inside me, then added a second finger. Mike was sitting on my chair with his cock still out (and hard) and suggested that I should cum again. I was up for this and so started to play with myself a bit more seriously and found that I was able to get aroused again quite quickly. I had gotten into it and was well on the way to cumming when we heard the door open and I froze. Mike moved down from the chair and tried to get his cock back into his jeans (which he tells me isn’t an easy job with an erection). I slid off the desk (which dragged my ass and then my skirt through the puddle of cum) and composed myself. I quickly wiped the desk with a tissue and called out ‘hi’. It turned out that it was Greta – one of the PostDocs and she wandered over to see what we were up to. Mike had acquired a bag of paperwork and managed to stand with it hiding his erection (until his erection went down) and I didn’t let her see the back of my skirt which was both wet in its own right and sticking to my cum-soaked ass.

After a brief chat, she went to her desk to get her work done and Mike and I went back to sorting things out. He dared me to finish off while she was in the office and I thought that I could manage to do it so sat on my chair (on a sheet of paper so I didn’t leave any stains) and spread my legs. I had thought that there wasn’t any point trying to protect my skirt as it was already wet, but as I opened my legs, another blob of cum ran out of me and onto the skirt. I’ve occasionally played with myself in the office while other people were there so knew that it was relatively safe and spread my legs under the desk. I lifted the front of my skirt up and started to gently stroke up and down my pussy as I’d done before. This time I knew I would need to be a bit bolder so I pushed a couple of fingers into myself and alternated between pumping and rubbing my clit. I turned the chair towards Mike who was making various packing noises by moving papers from one bag to another and spread my legs further. I could see Greta working away through the gaps in the shelving and decided that I was safe to continue.

I pulled my legs fully apart and went for it, rubbing away on my clit and feeling my orgasm approaching. I obviously had to keep quiet but other than that, I pretty much surrendered myself to the sensations. I imagined that I was doing this while the office was full but couldn’t settle on the fantasy of everyone gathering round to watch me cum or having everyone carrying on as if nothing was happening. I’m pretty sure that I was thinking about Lis giving me a helping hand (or at least a helping couple of fingers) when I came and I sat quietly shuddering as it pulsed through my body. As soon as I had cum, I checked that Greta hadn’t noticed and then checked how wet my skirt was. Mike tried to dab it dry with some tissues, but it was still obviously wet by the time he had finished (a disadvantage of a light coloured skirt). We gathered up the rest of the things I needed and headed off – we made it past Greta with my skirt hidden and whenever we encountered people on the way home, Mike walked behind me to at least partially hide the stain.

Jen was still in bed when we got home and I went up to wake her and told her about our exploits. She thought it was unfair that I’d already cum three times that day (I’d forgotten about the morning fuck), but was quite happy to make it up to her. One of my tasks for the day was to finish sorting out which toys were coming with me, which Jen was taking and which were staying in York (we didn’t think it would be wise to regularly take vibes through airport security whenever Jen or I visited each other). I gathered everything together onto the bed and we have a pretty good collection (as I’d noticed during Sue’s visit). We briefly tested out a good portion of them on Jen (just a few strokes or seconds on her clit) and we settled on using ‘Valerie’s’ vibe with an egg on her clit. These two things seemed to have the desired effect and it was great watching her pussy grasping at the vibe and I moved it in and out of her. With all of our toys around us I couldn’t resist using another one and as she got closer to cumming, I got her to hold the egg on her clit while I held another one against her ass. I didn’t try to push it into her, I just pushed it up against her ass and wiggled it around with it on the high setting. The three sets of stimulation was more than enough to take Jen over the edge and she came quite vocally, bucking around on the bed.

Once she had finished I packed the toys that we were taking with us into two bags while Jen recovered and then we went down to find Mike. Jen had put panties on but I decided that she should remove them – partially for Mike’s benefit and partially as I didn’t think that I had made her do enough to make up for what she had subjected me to during my visits. Jen didn’t object to this and spent the afternoon naked while we got most of the remainder of my packing done.

I can’t actually remember what the reason was, but Jen did something that caused me to give her ass a good slap. She made a wiseass comment back so I pushed her over the arm of the sofa and told Mike to hold her down while I punished her properly. All I did was give her a bit of a spanking but she seemed to enjoy it even with Mike watching. Mike obviously encouraged me to keep going and with his help we turned her over and I let him see how hard she liked having her nipples pulled and tweaked. I even gave them a few flicks (which were quite hard, but I’m now a bit more used to just how rough she likes things). Mike asked if he could help out with this but Jen said that he couldn’t and would have to make do with just having his cock pressed against her (he was wearing jeans, but had a naked Jen lying across his lap and she could obviously feel his erection). He tried to convince her to let him have a play but she told him that he had to behave and if he did, he would be rewarded the next day. As soon as she said this, he let her go and she wriggled free from my grasp. Mike tried to find out how he would be rewarded but Jen wouldn’t tell him and ran up to the bathroom to hide from any further punishment (as if she wasn’t enjoying it).

She only stayed ‘hidden’ for a couple of minutes and when she reappeared, we realised that we needed to get some food and then get ready to go out for my leaving party. We ordered Chinese and Jen and I went up to shower. We didn’t fool around too much while showering and soon vacated it so that Mike could freshen up. The food arrived while he was showering and I sent Jen down to pay for it with just a very skimpy nightdress on (one of the lacy, mostly see-through ones). I followed her down but hid out of sight – she opened the door, took the food and went back with the money. She seemed to take a little while to sort out the payment and I later found out that it had been a cute Chinese girl who had delivered the food. Jen said that she had looked a bit embarrassed at first, but that she caught her looking while Jen was counting out the money. I wished that I had gone with her so I could have seen as well (and been seen), but I’ll be visiting Mike in York so we might have to order from them again...

We sat and ate and then went back to finish getting ready. We were meeting at 8 – the idea being to start fairly early and have a really big night. I wasn’t planning on getting too drunk as I didn’t want to spend one of my last days there with a hangover and I also wanted to enjoy my last big evening out with friends. I thought carefully about what I wanted Jen to wear – I had considered getting her to be really daring, but as much as I love her, I wanted to spend most of the evening with my friends and so thought it would be better if I wasn’t too distracted by her. Of course, I didn’t let her off the hook completely and she did go out with just a short shift dress on and nothing underneath – it wasn’t so short that there was much risk of exposure, but short enough that she looked very appealing. I decided that I would also go without panties (why change the habits for a lifetime – or at least a number of years?) but had a slightly longer skirt on.

We headed out and met up with people in the Evil Eye (cocktail bar/pub) and had a good chat with a few rounds of drinks. I tried to spend a little bit of time with each one of my friend so I could have a proper chat with them. When I chatted to is, we wandered a little bit away from the others and I found out she had once again taken Vicky home with her after we’d been out the previous night, but they had ended up talking for quite a while about their ‘situation’. Lis had told Vicky that she really liked her (and the things they did together) and Vicky said that she really liked it as well, but just didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing yet. It seems that Vicky actually really likes Lis (she is incredibly cute) and Lis now thinks that they might actually end up hooking up.

Vicky knows that I know about the two of them (she did notice me looking over at her the previous night) and when she asked Lis about it, Lis confirmed that she had told me because she needed someone to talk to. Vicky didn’t actually mind this (Lis assured her that I wouldn’t tell anyone else – and if you only include people that they know, that’s probably *technically* true as I don’t think anyone I know reads this – or if they do, they haven’t said anything to me). As a side note, it can be quite difficult writing this about events in the past as I generally try to write about events with the perspective I had at the time and not with the perspective I have at the time of writing. Vicky and Lis stayed up chatting for a while and Vicky told her that she really needed a bit of time to figure out what she wants so ended up leaving. I tried to caution Lis to not get too invested in Vicky until she is sure that something might actually happen, but just as she fell for Holly and ended up idolising her, I think the same thing might happen with Vicky. Of course I want them to hook up and be happy, I just don’t want Lis to end up lusting after someone she can’t have again.

When I chatted with Vicky, I told her that I knew she knew I knew about her and Lis and that I wouldn’t let anyone else know. She obviously knew that I wasn’t going to judge her for doing things with another girl and I asked her to just be careful with Lis and not to do anything to hurt her. Again – I know that Vicky wouldn’t do anything on purpose as she is a lovely girl, but I really don’t want to see Lis being upset again the way she was over Holly. I didn’t want to say too much and end u scaring Vicky off so we then just chatted about lighter things and I continued on my rounds. We moved on to another location which was a bit louder and so my quiet conversations ended up being shouted. We then moved on to dancing and this at least gave me the chance to dance really close to whoever I was talking (shouting) to.

I had a bit of a dance with Lis and while I’d been fairly successful at not getting drunk, I was a little tipsy by this point and took the opportunity to hold her close to me (just so we could talk of course). I didn’t misbehave too much (no actual groping) but I did enjoy feeling her pressed up against me. She managed to convince me to do something that I wasn’t sure was a good idea (but did anyway). I danced with Jo (not quite as close as I had with Lis) and admitted to her that I thought she was amazingly cute and beautiful. I obviously didn’t let on that I’d been obsessed with her and had spent months fantasising about having sex with her, but I think I made it fairly clear that I’d had a crush on her. I didn’t want to lay it on too thick though and told her that she seemed really happy with her bf and that they made a really nice couple. As with everyone else I’d spoken to, we promised to keep in touch and then I wandered off to get a drink and some air.

Mike had been dancing with Vicky but hadn’t said anything about Lis to her (and Vicky hadn’t volunteered anything). He and I went off for a quick dance (the evening was about us spending time with our friends, not each other) and then we split up again. I had a quick dance with Jen who said she’d had an interesting dance with Lis, but wouldn’t tell me any more so I decided not to press her on it and went back to dancing. We decided to call it a night about 1am (not too late I know, but I’m getting old now and wanted to not be asleep for most of Sunday morning). Most of us headed out together and went our separate ways (after standing around for about 20 minutes talking). On the way back home, Jen gave Mike and I the details of her ‘interesting’ dance. She had pretty much made a pass at Lis – they had been dancing close together and then holding each other in the way I had danced with Lis (oddly enough, under the same context of making it easier to talk). Jen had been talking to Lis about Vicky and had pushed Lis’ hands down her back, over her ass and onto her legs. Lis didn’t seem to object to this but when she went to lift her hands up, Jen pushed them up under her skirt and onto her ass. Lis was surprised when her hands met Jen’s bare ass but Jen just told her that I wasn’t the only one who could go around with my pussy exposed.

Jen told Lis that she had always thought that she was beautiful and that she was going to miss being able to see her, especially in her bikini. Lis didn’t say anything in response to this, but her hands were still on Jen’s ass (but she wasn’t moving them or trying to explore in the way I would probably have done in that situation). Jen’s hands wandered down a bit over Lis’ ass (but stayed outside her skirt) and Jen gave Lis a little kiss (just a quick peck). I really wish I had seen this happen because from what Jen says, we could have possibly ended up pulling her if we had both tried. (Yes, I know I said earlier in the post that I cared about her and didn’t want her to get hurt or anything, but the thought of us being able to spend a night with her and teach her everything we’ve learned would have been wonderful). In reality, I’m certain that we couldn’t have got her to come home with us, but at least Jen got to have a little fun (and she says that Lis has an incredibly cute little ass).

We were home by the time Jen had finished recounting her story and we headed straight up to bed to relive it once more. Even Mike seemed to be pretty affected by it and he said that he was going to stay downstairs and find something suitable to watch and beat off to before going up to bed. I started to eat Jen on the way up the stairs and by the time we made it into the bedroom I’d already half undressed her. We fell onto the bed and went straight into a 69 position and between us, we described what we would have been doing if Lis had been there with us (let’s just say that she would have had a pretty good night). We actually kept going for quite a while, our first orgasm was pretty quick and intense and we immediately moved on to just kissing and rubbing against each other while we fantasised about both concentrating on getting Lis off. This of course got us nicely worked up again and we went for a second round where we pictured the three of us in a ring – me eating Lis, Lis eating Jen and Jen eating me. We kissed and stroked each other for a little while after that and the fantasy got even more ridiculous with Vicky (Jen likes her large breasts), Jo (for me), Holly and little Anna also being involved. We didn’t turn this into a proper session, just a nice little fantasy while we fell asleep (and I then dreamt about having Anna spread naked on a bed and taking hours to make her cum many times).

Friday, 19 November 2010

Final Friday in York

Just time to get this posted and head off to meet Jen at the airport...


I had to go into work on Friday but was woken up by Mike’s cock rubbing against my ass and his hand cupping one of my breasts. I reached down and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy and pushed back against him, feeling it slowly penetrate me. He worked it in a little at a time and started to play with a nipple. Once inside me, we started to hump against each other but then Mike rolled over onto his back and pulled me with him (so I was on top but facing away from him). I assumed we were just switching sides, but he told me to use my arms to balance myself there and I did so. He couldn’t push as deep into me in this position, but it meant that I could spread my legs and this obviously gave his hands excellent access to my clit. He pushed into me with increasing speed and I tried to match his movements (but I was concentrating more on not falling off). He slipped out a couple of times and we had to start again and then decided to do things slightly differently.

He pushed into my ass this time and once he was moving in me properly, he could obviously get much deeper. When we had a good rhythm going, his fingers returned to my pussy and now could play with my clit and push (a little way) into me. As far as we could remember, this was the first morning anal session we’ve had and Mike wanted to make sure that anyone listening was aware what we were up to (mostly Jen, but the neighbours might have heard). He kept telling me how tight my ass was and how he was going to fill it with cum and I described what I was feeling and how much I wanted to feel his cock in me. He came first (but I did cheat and squeeze myself around him) and he managed to keep fucking me (but not moving as much) while he rubbed and fingered me until I came. We’re going to try this again but maybe with the use of a dildo for my pussy - and maybe in front of a mirror as we imagine it might be an interesting view (for me at least).

We got up and showered and I popped in to see Jen before leaving for work. I had a full day ahead of me and had arranged to meet Lis for lunch (hopefully to get some more stories) so Jen had the day to herself. She said that she was going to make the most of the remaining sun out in the back garden but promised that she would be well behaved until I got back. I was feeling frisky so decided to wear a shorter skirt than usual to work (not *really* short, but short enough to uncover a bit more of my thighs). I put on a pair of opaque tights with the skirt as I couldn’t afford to show off too much, but as I’ve discovered, tights without panties still gives the opportunity for people to see bits if I decided to show off. I cycled into work, not caring what the wind did to my skirt (at speed, people can’t see anything) and had a fairly uneventful morning packing up, sorting out files and passing on more information about the project. I was very keen to get to lunch with Lis and we sat out by the lake once more so that we could talk about whatever we wanted, but I was disappointed to find out that she hadn’t done anything else with Vicky (or any other girls) since she had last reported back to me. Vicky still seems a bit unsure as to whether she likes doing things with Lis (or girls in general), even though it sounds like she certainly likes it when she actually *is* doing things with her. I really hope that she can figure out what she wants as Lis might be falling for her and if she does, she’s certainly going to want a lot more than just the occasional random session.

Having tights on meant that I didn’t have to worry at all about how I was sitting (but I didn’t do anything overt enough that Lis noticed I didn’t have panties on – I would have thought that by now she would have known me well enough to comment on how unusual it was for me to have my pussy covered...). Lis asked how my trip to Jen’s place had been and I ended up telling her a bit more than I had originally intended. Lis obviously knows about my exhibitionist tendencies so I told her about us doing things in the field , but I also ended up telling her about the incident at the lake. I’m pleased that I can still surprise her with my adventures (but then again, there is still plenty that she doesn’t know - and I doubt she ever will). I didn’t give her a really explicit description, but left it in no doubt how much they had seen (and how much I’d enjoyed it).

We also talked about my goodbye party the following day (it wasn’t really a party – just the usual crown going out for drinks and some dancing). Lis wanted me to go out that night as well but I thought that I hadn’t done enough packing for my move yet and had decided that I couldn’t afford the time. In the end I agreed to meet up for a quick drink later in the evening. We tried to come up with ways to help Lis seduce Vicky at my party the following night but in the end I managed to convince her that all she would probably need to do was turn up and Vicky wouldn’t be able to resist her. We had a quick chat about shaving and Lis says that now she is used to doing her pussy, she is even a bit less scared about doing her legs. Lis said that she would make sure she was prepared for Vicky, just in case she did want to hook up again and I told Lis that she should consider going completely bald sometime just to give it a try.

We headed back to work and I had quite a busy afternoon so was glad when the day ended. I really wished that I’d been heading straight out for drinks with people, but as I’ve said, packing took precedence. I got home fairly quickly and roped Mike and Jen into helping out (as if they ever had an option). It didn’t actually take quite as long as I’d thought it would and we got some of Saturday’s packing done as well so managed to get out to meet up with people by about 9.30 (after grabbing a quick bite to eat). The rush meant that I hadn’t changed from what I’d wore to work and the knowledge that I was imminently leaving meant that I was being a bit more daring and I wasn’t being as careful as usual about keeping my crotch covered (I still had the tights on so I wasn’t really showing anything).

Lis noticed that I was displaying myself a bit and (quietly) commented on it to me and I told her I was just having some fun. I nearly made a blunder by looking over at Vicky for a bit too long while Lis and I were talking about her but I pretended to be looking past her and thought I got away with it. Lis seemed in a pretty frisky mood herself and she said that she didn’t want to wait for my party and was going to see if she could get Vicky to go home with her. I spent a while looking around at my friends while we chatted and I really am going to miss them all – not just the fantasising about them, not having them around is going to be really difficult. I got Lis to promise to come up and visit as well as to keep me informed as to how things were going with Vicky (or whoever else she ended up with), and in return, I would continue to tell her about Jen and I. I noticed that she sometimes still longingly looks at Holly and now that she’s actually experienced being with another girl I imagine that she has a much better set of fantasies which I will endeavour to find out about in future (and report back on).

When it came time to leave I got hugs from a few people who couldn’t make the following evening and Pete questioned me a bit about my sister (which I think proves that he noticed the times she had been showing herself off to people). I told him that she unfortunately had a boyfriend (not technically true at that point, but we knew that she was just about to hook up with someone).

We headed home and didn’t do too much on the way – I slid a hand under Jen’s skirt and pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy and gave them a little pump until some people came along and disturbed us. This frustrated Jen and the next opportunity we got we ducked down an alleyway leaving Mike as a lookout and Jen asked me to kneel down in front of her. She stepped over my head and pushed her pussy onto my mouth and told me to make her cum. I loved that she was being so daring so didn’t want to disappoint her and I dove straight in, mostly concentrating on her clit, but moving my tongue to her cunt every now and then to taste her. I didn’t do anything to delay things and my assault on her clit coupled with the fact that we were in a fairly public place helped her cum quite quickly. I continued sucking on her clit until she pushed me away (well, stepped backwards) and my chin was covered with her juices. A number of people had walked past the alley while we had been doing this but nobody saw us (or stopped to pay attention if they did) and I considered getting Jen to do the same to me but decided that as horny as I was, we’d probably pushed our luck far enough.

We went back to Mike and I kissed him, letting him taste Jen’s juices from my mouth and chin and while we kissed, he slid a hand under my skirt and rubbed me as another group walked past. We got calls of ‘get a room’ and he pushed two fingers deep into me. I gasped into his mouth and told him I wanted to cum and we really needed to get home or I’d do something that would probably get us arrested. We headed back home and quickly went upstairs – technically it was Jen’s turn to spend the night with me, but as I’d spent a couple of days at her home and she was going to be up at my new place for a few days, she graciously let Mike have me.

While we were chatting, Mike slid his hand under my skirt once again and after a bit of rubbing, he pushed a couple of fingers into me. We continued talking while he began to finger fuck me and I had to lean back against the banister as the feelings grew stronger. Mike and Jen were still chatting away as if nothing was happening but I was having a bit more trouble concentrating on the conversation as Mike had started to rub my clit with his thumb and I realised that if he continued, i was going to cum. I let the occasional whimper escape and held on the banister tight as my orgasm started. Neither of them were paying any attention to me (apart from Mike’s fingers while were wiggling inside me) and even as I came, they just continued chatting. I let out a couple of ‘unngghhh’s as I came and then stood there panting while they wished each other goodnight and Mike said that we should head in and get started. I gave him a push and he slapped my ass in return before we wandered in and I flopped onto the bed.

Mike stripped off and unsurprisingly, he was already hard. He knelt over me, undid my top and pulled my bra off my breasts before placing his cock between them and pushing them together around it. He tried to titfuck me but my bra was still getting in the way so I ended up stripping off and we started again. I tried to lick the end but it wasn’t that easy while lying down so I just let him use me for a little while (which I used to recover from my fingering). He then slid down my body until he was between my legs and started rubbing the length of his cock against my pussy – this obviously felt a lot better for me and it wasn’t long before I told him that he should stop teasing and fuck me properly. He immediately pushed into me (he was already nice and wet from rubbing on me) and I wrapped my legs around him. He used long steady strokes and I helped pull him back into me each time with my legs while pushing back against him so it felt really deep. He kissed around my neck a little but ended up nibbling on my earlobe and I could hear his breathing getting heavier as he continued to pump into me. I squeezed my cunt around him and he told me how good it felt so I continued doing this for as long as I could. This gets quite tiring after a while though (I don’t really practise it enough) so told him that he would just have to make do with my cunt the way it was. He told me that he was fine with that and that he loved the way his cock felt when it was buried in my cunt. As we continued, he described what he could feel and I did the same back.

I could feel my orgasm building and pushed a hand down between us so I could give my clit a rub and tried to pull him against me even harder. I knew that I wasn’t far from cumming and Mike sped up his movements and got me to describe exactly what I was feeling. This always helps as it means I really concentrate on each sensation and I try to hold back so that I can keep concentrating on them for longer. Mike listened and asked questions and soon said that he was really close and that we should cum together. I was fairly confident that I could cum anytime so told him to go for it and he started to push even harder into me. I rubbed away and kept myself just short of cumming until he moaned into my ear and I rubbed my clit faster. I squeezed myself around him a few times and told him how good his cock felt while he told me how much he loved cumming in my cunt and we rode out the orgasm together quite nicely. Mine lasted a little longer than his, but not by much and he stayed on top of me after we had cum.

We were both a bit sweaty and he rolled off me so we could get some air. I gently traced my fingers up and down his cock, which caused it to jump a number of times but kept him hard. I wasn’t sure if I was up for another session, so we went to sleep with him inside me just moving gently while his cum dribbled out and over my ass.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Poor timing

Dammit. Lis asked if she could come and visit next week but I've got my viva (which I was trying to keep quiet). At least she's coming up the following week so it's something to look forward to as a reward (assuming I pass).

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back to York again

Our last (part) day at Jen’s started in our usual way. I woke up first and crawled down between Jen’s legs to wake her. Midway through the session, there was a knock on the door as her parents wanted to say goodbye before they set off for work. We quickly dressed and I wiped my face clean before we went downstairs to see them. We chatted for a little while and they finally headed off to work. Once they had gone, Jen asked if we should return to bed to finish things off and I was quite happy to do this. I managed to lose most of my clothes on the way back up to her room (we took them with us, but Jen did get me to stand in the middle of the hallway and finger myself for a minute or so (her brother didn’t make an appearance though, despite the fact I was just outside his door).

I told Jen that if she wanted I would cum where I was, but she had other things in mind and told me to go into the bedroom. Jen stripped off, we lay on the bed and she started to rub herself against my leg. My hands found her pussy and I helped to spread her lips so that she could get a stronger feeling from the rubbing. She then moved up my body and rubbed herself on my stomach and then moved higher so she was sitting over my breasts. I was instructed to play with myself and so started to rub my pussy while Jen took each breast in turn and rubbed herself against it. She told me to fuck myself, so I reached a hand around under my ass and pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to work them in and out while I continued to rub my clit. Jen moved up further and rubbed herself against my neck before dragging her pussy over my chin and onto my mouth. I didn’t need to be told to eat her and I attacked her cunt. In a way it was similar to being tied up as I couldn’t use my hands on her, but this didn’t seem to be an issue and she was soon moaning away. She rubbed herself over my face a few times, but kept returning to my mouth and on her third visit, I pushed my head up hard against her and licked for all I was worth.

She was a lot closer than I had thought and came quickly (surprisingly quickly), and once she had finished, she resumed rubbing herself over my body while I finished making myself cum. By the time I was done, I really needed a shower, but Jen said that we should head down for breakfast first and then come back up to shave before we headed back to York. I got to wear my customary t-shirt but was completely unprepared when I walked into the kitchen and Jen’s brother was there (he must have gone down while we were playing but we didn’t hear him. I don’t know how obvious it was that I was covered in Jen’s juices, but it felt like I was wet enough to be shiny – and at the very least he must have been able to smell it if not see it (hopefully he doesn’t know what her pussy actually smells like). We sat and had breakfast and while we talked, I let Jen watch as I spread my legs under the table and gently stroked myself. Jen found this amusing but her brother didn’t know what was so funny and left us to ‘be weird’ together in the kitchen while he went up to shower.

Once we heard the water start, we took the opportunity to have a quick session in the kitchen – not a serious one (neither of us came), Jen just wanted to be able to be able to tick off the more interesting kind of ‘eating’ in the kitchen. We headed back up to her room and packed most of our things away and when the bathroom was free, we went and had a shower together. Once we were finished, I was sent down to the kitchen dressed in just a towel to get a bowl of hot water to use for shaving. We took turns to shave each other, the person being shaved sat up on the bed and the shaver on the floor between their legs. Neither of us had much stubble so it didn’t take long and once we were sure we had done a good job, we finished getting packed and ready for the journey. Jen instructed me to wear my ridiculously short skirt for the journey home and I made good use of it before we had even left. I gave her brother a goodbye hug and had to stand on tiptoe (he’s a couple of inches taller than Jen). I had planned ahead for this and knew that there was a mirror behind me so he got one final glimpse of my ass – well, it was going to be a final glimpse, but I might have also bent over to pick up some bags when we were loading the taxi...

We got to the station and I had to be quite careful when getting out and getting my bag out, but I made it without incident. Fortunately, the train wasn’t too busy on the way back and we got seats in a quiet carriage once more (weekday travelling is so much better). It really isn’t a good skirt for sitting in so I had a cardigan over my lap for a lot of the journey (apart from a couple of times when Jen was playing with me). We had a mostly quiet journey and dozed off for a bit (it had been an incredibly tiring few weeks) – I was surprised when I woke up to find that Jen hadn’t actually pulled my skirt up or done anything to expose me and I snuggled back up to her and dozed off again.

We arrived back in York and I didn’t manage to remain decent while disembarking. Fortunately, we were at the end of the train and I don’t think that anyone saw (the skirt sort of floated up when I jumped down from the train – but at least I’d been freshly shaved so if anyone did see, they saw me at my best!). We got a taxi back home and had some food to recharge before Jen suggested that we make use of the garden. The place I was moving to (which I’m now in) doesn’t have a garden – and given the time of year, I wouldn’t be able to use it even if it did – so making the most of the great outdoors sounded like a good idea to me. I asked Jen if she had any preferences as to what we did – I wasn’t too surprised by her answer and we went out, taking a double dildo with us. It wasn’t as warm a day as it had been for the previous few weeks, but the sun was still shining from between the clouds and it wasn’t cold, so we stripped off, lay a blanket down and started to make out. We had a few hours before Mike got home, so didn’t need to hurry and took our time just exploring each other’s bodies with fingers and mouths. We weren’t trying to cum, just enjoying being naked outdoors and touching each other.

We kept this up for quite a while and I was very impressed at Jen’s patience (in the past she would have been pushing to get down to actual fucking). It did become increasingly clear that we were both ready to move on to more intense play and Jen pushed me down, lay on top of me, kissed me and then said ‘Wanna fuck?’. I pushed a leg between her legs and pushed down on her ass so she could rub against me and told her that I did indeed wanna fuck. Jen was grinding herself against my leg and I rubbed a finger around her ass while we kissed. She broke the kiss and said it was time to get serious, rolled off me and presented the double dildo to me. I inserted half of it into my pussy and spread my legs so Jen could mount the other end. She climbed on and I watched her pussy slide down the dildo until it met mine. Jen jiggled herself against me (which felt really good) and then started to ride up and down the dildo.

At times I let her do the work and other times I humped back against her so our pussies were slapping together hard. We alternated between riding it and grinding together (more clit pressure that way) and even though we had decided to ‘get serious’, we still didn’t try to hurry things along too much. We wanted to cum as close together as possible and spent a little time ensuring that the timing was right for this (one of us would slow down and let the other rub their clit to try to get to the same level of arousal). This had the added benefit of us getting close(ish) to cumming and backing off a number of times, so by the time we were ready to go for it, we were very turned on and really working the dildo between us.

Jen asked me to pee as I came (which is what she had said she had wanted us to do when I’d asked) and I told her that if that was what she wanted, I would go for it. She was still riding up and down the dildo and I waited for her to get quite close to cumming before I gave my clit a final frantic rub and we started to cum almost simultaneously. We probably made a bit more noise that was sensible for the time of day but between the dildo, my rubbing and the sight of Jen as she got close to cumming, I was really turned on. I started to squirt just as I started to cum and Jen did the same thing – this was obviously quite messy, but the good thing about being outdoors is that it doesn’t really matter. We slammed against each other, the dildo being completely swallowed between us and the liquid covering our stomachs and legs. Jen was clearly having a wonderful orgasm and I kept pushing back against her thrusts as hard as I could to try to make it last for her (mine ended a bit before hers did, but was still nice). She also kept peeing for longer than I did and I reached over and rubbed her clit which either extended her orgasm or gave her a second smaller one (she isn’t quite sure which, just that it was good). She fell back onto the ground, still partially humping the dildo and telling me how wonderful it had felt.

I pushed myself up and slid down the dildo so I could take the role of riding it. I wasn’t really sure what exactly I was going to do as I’d only just cum and wasn’t really ready to do so again, but I also wanted to cum the way Jen had and so ended up pumping against her. Her tolerance seems to have gone up significantly as she didn’t try to stop me or say it felt too intense. As much as I wanted to cum again (or to have a stronger orgasm), I wasn’t ready for it and only managed to ride the dildo for a short while before I had to admit defeat and I pulled myself off it and lay down to kiss Jen. She thanked me (knowing that watersports aren’t really my thing) and rolled on top of me so that we could kiss. We went in and showered then went back out to tidy up (the blanket needed washing). Mike got back not too long after this and we filled him in on the previous few days (he obviously knew most of what had happened, but not in full detail). I was going to give him the full story of our events by the lake, but Jen said that we should save it until after we’d eaten and then go through it properly.

We prepared and ate dinner while chatting about various things. While Mike and I tidied up, Jen went upstairs and returned wearing her swimsuit. Mike likes the way she looks in this as well (the material is quite tight across her crotch and hugs her figure perfectly. She suggested that we don’t just tell Mike about what had happened, but re-enact it for him (with him taking the role of my audience). I was more than happy to do this and was about to run up to get the lace panties when Jen produced them from behind her back. She had forgotten about the bra, but we decided not to bother with it and I slipped the panties on before we took a towel out and got settled down. I won’t document the whole thing as we basically tried to just reproduce the events I’ve already written about (and I want to go look at some porn soon). We started off kissing and Jen moved on to kissing my neck while fondling my breasts. I managed to restrain myself and didn’t play with my pussy but was a bit more willing to spread my legs and squirm around as I got increasingly turned on. When Jen dropped her hand to my panties and started to rub me, I pressed back against her and told her not to tease me. All through the session, I told Mike how it had felt at the time and what a thrill it had been to have complete strangers watch me cum, knowing that they had a reasonably good view of my pussy despite having kept the panties on.

After I came, I told him about the fantasy I’d been having and what I’d considered doing in the second session and he thought that it sounded incredibly hot. He told me that from his point of view, he’d had a pretty clear view of my pussy and what Jen’s fingers were doing to me and when we went back indoors, I got a mirror, sat in front of it and had a quick play with myself to find out exactly how much they saw. I was enthralled to find out that the panties are actually even more see-through than I had realised and felt another shiver go through me as I recalled my little display. We could see the bulge of Mike’s erection and I was looking forwards to our reunion session (it had only been a couple of days, but that’s no reason not to celebrate my return properly). Jen wanted to have one more turn with me before handing me over to Mike and she promised him that he would like the state I would be in when she presented me to him. I was curious about this (but in hindsight should have been able to figure it out). Jen and I went upstairs and before she could remove her swimsuit, I got her to kneel over me so I could have a play with her (as I’ve said before, I really like the way it looks on her and now I had the opportunity to admire her properly in it).

I could just about pull the material to the side enough to have a lick at her pussy and also tried to eat her through the suit. I also spent a bit of time kissing and nibbling around the top of her thighs as she had amazing legs and I don’t really spend enough time worshipping them. While I was doing this, Jen pulled my panties off and started to stroke up and down from my clit to down below my ass, gently pressing in to each hole, but without penetrating them. She then got up and removed the swimsuit and said that she was going to flavour me for Mike (and I then knew what she had planned). She basically repeated what we had done earlier that morning. Once I was covered in her juices, she told me to sit over her and rub against her breasts – her nipples were quite hard and it felt nice having them slide between my lips and bump against my clit but I couldn’t hump her breasts fast enough to do anything too meaningful. I left Jen’s breasts nice and moist though and she had enjoyed it so it wasn’t completely wasted. I ended up going down on her to make her cum before we headed downstairs so Jen could give her present to Mike (me).

It was still reasonably early so Jen stayed downstairs to watch TV while Mike and I headed up to his room to get reacquainted. He loved the fact that I had so much Jen-juice on me and took great care in licking me clean (of course he paid special attention to my pussy, breasts, neck and face. He slid into me when he moved up to kiss my face clean but after the neck licking, I was more than ready for him and pushed back as he entered me. He pushed the whole way into me and I moaned that it felt good so he stayed still for a little while, just pressing deep into me before starting to move. Just as before with Jen, we didn’t try to hurry things along and started off with a slow, sensuous session. As things got more heated, Mike started whispering in my ear, asking how much I had liked letting the group of guys watch Jen fingering me and displaying my wet cunt to them. As I’ve said (and will undoubtedly say many more times), I loved it and while we fucked, Mike helped me develop the fantasy of what could have happened next. I wrapped my legs around him as we fucked and fantasised and the wilder our conversation got, the faster we moved. I ended up cumming with no clit stimulation, just his cock moving inside me and he kept moving until he emptied his load into me. He had been very well behaved and hadn’t cum since I’d left and he had a fairly strong orgasm but still stayed inside me after he had cum (not moving though) while we kissed.

I thought that I should go down and say goodnight to Jen and while I was there, I climbed up onto the sofa and allowed some cum to drip out onto her breasts. By the time I returned, Mike was ready for more and we had a fairly standard session with me on top and by the time that was over, I was feeling pretty beat so we just went to sleep.