Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back to York again

Our last (part) day at Jen’s started in our usual way. I woke up first and crawled down between Jen’s legs to wake her. Midway through the session, there was a knock on the door as her parents wanted to say goodbye before they set off for work. We quickly dressed and I wiped my face clean before we went downstairs to see them. We chatted for a little while and they finally headed off to work. Once they had gone, Jen asked if we should return to bed to finish things off and I was quite happy to do this. I managed to lose most of my clothes on the way back up to her room (we took them with us, but Jen did get me to stand in the middle of the hallway and finger myself for a minute or so (her brother didn’t make an appearance though, despite the fact I was just outside his door).

I told Jen that if she wanted I would cum where I was, but she had other things in mind and told me to go into the bedroom. Jen stripped off, we lay on the bed and she started to rub herself against my leg. My hands found her pussy and I helped to spread her lips so that she could get a stronger feeling from the rubbing. She then moved up my body and rubbed herself on my stomach and then moved higher so she was sitting over my breasts. I was instructed to play with myself and so started to rub my pussy while Jen took each breast in turn and rubbed herself against it. She told me to fuck myself, so I reached a hand around under my ass and pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to work them in and out while I continued to rub my clit. Jen moved up further and rubbed herself against my neck before dragging her pussy over my chin and onto my mouth. I didn’t need to be told to eat her and I attacked her cunt. In a way it was similar to being tied up as I couldn’t use my hands on her, but this didn’t seem to be an issue and she was soon moaning away. She rubbed herself over my face a few times, but kept returning to my mouth and on her third visit, I pushed my head up hard against her and licked for all I was worth.

She was a lot closer than I had thought and came quickly (surprisingly quickly), and once she had finished, she resumed rubbing herself over my body while I finished making myself cum. By the time I was done, I really needed a shower, but Jen said that we should head down for breakfast first and then come back up to shave before we headed back to York. I got to wear my customary t-shirt but was completely unprepared when I walked into the kitchen and Jen’s brother was there (he must have gone down while we were playing but we didn’t hear him. I don’t know how obvious it was that I was covered in Jen’s juices, but it felt like I was wet enough to be shiny – and at the very least he must have been able to smell it if not see it (hopefully he doesn’t know what her pussy actually smells like). We sat and had breakfast and while we talked, I let Jen watch as I spread my legs under the table and gently stroked myself. Jen found this amusing but her brother didn’t know what was so funny and left us to ‘be weird’ together in the kitchen while he went up to shower.

Once we heard the water start, we took the opportunity to have a quick session in the kitchen – not a serious one (neither of us came), Jen just wanted to be able to be able to tick off the more interesting kind of ‘eating’ in the kitchen. We headed back up to her room and packed most of our things away and when the bathroom was free, we went and had a shower together. Once we were finished, I was sent down to the kitchen dressed in just a towel to get a bowl of hot water to use for shaving. We took turns to shave each other, the person being shaved sat up on the bed and the shaver on the floor between their legs. Neither of us had much stubble so it didn’t take long and once we were sure we had done a good job, we finished getting packed and ready for the journey. Jen instructed me to wear my ridiculously short skirt for the journey home and I made good use of it before we had even left. I gave her brother a goodbye hug and had to stand on tiptoe (he’s a couple of inches taller than Jen). I had planned ahead for this and knew that there was a mirror behind me so he got one final glimpse of my ass – well, it was going to be a final glimpse, but I might have also bent over to pick up some bags when we were loading the taxi...

We got to the station and I had to be quite careful when getting out and getting my bag out, but I made it without incident. Fortunately, the train wasn’t too busy on the way back and we got seats in a quiet carriage once more (weekday travelling is so much better). It really isn’t a good skirt for sitting in so I had a cardigan over my lap for a lot of the journey (apart from a couple of times when Jen was playing with me). We had a mostly quiet journey and dozed off for a bit (it had been an incredibly tiring few weeks) – I was surprised when I woke up to find that Jen hadn’t actually pulled my skirt up or done anything to expose me and I snuggled back up to her and dozed off again.

We arrived back in York and I didn’t manage to remain decent while disembarking. Fortunately, we were at the end of the train and I don’t think that anyone saw (the skirt sort of floated up when I jumped down from the train – but at least I’d been freshly shaved so if anyone did see, they saw me at my best!). We got a taxi back home and had some food to recharge before Jen suggested that we make use of the garden. The place I was moving to (which I’m now in) doesn’t have a garden – and given the time of year, I wouldn’t be able to use it even if it did – so making the most of the great outdoors sounded like a good idea to me. I asked Jen if she had any preferences as to what we did – I wasn’t too surprised by her answer and we went out, taking a double dildo with us. It wasn’t as warm a day as it had been for the previous few weeks, but the sun was still shining from between the clouds and it wasn’t cold, so we stripped off, lay a blanket down and started to make out. We had a few hours before Mike got home, so didn’t need to hurry and took our time just exploring each other’s bodies with fingers and mouths. We weren’t trying to cum, just enjoying being naked outdoors and touching each other.

We kept this up for quite a while and I was very impressed at Jen’s patience (in the past she would have been pushing to get down to actual fucking). It did become increasingly clear that we were both ready to move on to more intense play and Jen pushed me down, lay on top of me, kissed me and then said ‘Wanna fuck?’. I pushed a leg between her legs and pushed down on her ass so she could rub against me and told her that I did indeed wanna fuck. Jen was grinding herself against my leg and I rubbed a finger around her ass while we kissed. She broke the kiss and said it was time to get serious, rolled off me and presented the double dildo to me. I inserted half of it into my pussy and spread my legs so Jen could mount the other end. She climbed on and I watched her pussy slide down the dildo until it met mine. Jen jiggled herself against me (which felt really good) and then started to ride up and down the dildo.

At times I let her do the work and other times I humped back against her so our pussies were slapping together hard. We alternated between riding it and grinding together (more clit pressure that way) and even though we had decided to ‘get serious’, we still didn’t try to hurry things along too much. We wanted to cum as close together as possible and spent a little time ensuring that the timing was right for this (one of us would slow down and let the other rub their clit to try to get to the same level of arousal). This had the added benefit of us getting close(ish) to cumming and backing off a number of times, so by the time we were ready to go for it, we were very turned on and really working the dildo between us.

Jen asked me to pee as I came (which is what she had said she had wanted us to do when I’d asked) and I told her that if that was what she wanted, I would go for it. She was still riding up and down the dildo and I waited for her to get quite close to cumming before I gave my clit a final frantic rub and we started to cum almost simultaneously. We probably made a bit more noise that was sensible for the time of day but between the dildo, my rubbing and the sight of Jen as she got close to cumming, I was really turned on. I started to squirt just as I started to cum and Jen did the same thing – this was obviously quite messy, but the good thing about being outdoors is that it doesn’t really matter. We slammed against each other, the dildo being completely swallowed between us and the liquid covering our stomachs and legs. Jen was clearly having a wonderful orgasm and I kept pushing back against her thrusts as hard as I could to try to make it last for her (mine ended a bit before hers did, but was still nice). She also kept peeing for longer than I did and I reached over and rubbed her clit which either extended her orgasm or gave her a second smaller one (she isn’t quite sure which, just that it was good). She fell back onto the ground, still partially humping the dildo and telling me how wonderful it had felt.

I pushed myself up and slid down the dildo so I could take the role of riding it. I wasn’t really sure what exactly I was going to do as I’d only just cum and wasn’t really ready to do so again, but I also wanted to cum the way Jen had and so ended up pumping against her. Her tolerance seems to have gone up significantly as she didn’t try to stop me or say it felt too intense. As much as I wanted to cum again (or to have a stronger orgasm), I wasn’t ready for it and only managed to ride the dildo for a short while before I had to admit defeat and I pulled myself off it and lay down to kiss Jen. She thanked me (knowing that watersports aren’t really my thing) and rolled on top of me so that we could kiss. We went in and showered then went back out to tidy up (the blanket needed washing). Mike got back not too long after this and we filled him in on the previous few days (he obviously knew most of what had happened, but not in full detail). I was going to give him the full story of our events by the lake, but Jen said that we should save it until after we’d eaten and then go through it properly.

We prepared and ate dinner while chatting about various things. While Mike and I tidied up, Jen went upstairs and returned wearing her swimsuit. Mike likes the way she looks in this as well (the material is quite tight across her crotch and hugs her figure perfectly. She suggested that we don’t just tell Mike about what had happened, but re-enact it for him (with him taking the role of my audience). I was more than happy to do this and was about to run up to get the lace panties when Jen produced them from behind her back. She had forgotten about the bra, but we decided not to bother with it and I slipped the panties on before we took a towel out and got settled down. I won’t document the whole thing as we basically tried to just reproduce the events I’ve already written about (and I want to go look at some porn soon). We started off kissing and Jen moved on to kissing my neck while fondling my breasts. I managed to restrain myself and didn’t play with my pussy but was a bit more willing to spread my legs and squirm around as I got increasingly turned on. When Jen dropped her hand to my panties and started to rub me, I pressed back against her and told her not to tease me. All through the session, I told Mike how it had felt at the time and what a thrill it had been to have complete strangers watch me cum, knowing that they had a reasonably good view of my pussy despite having kept the panties on.

After I came, I told him about the fantasy I’d been having and what I’d considered doing in the second session and he thought that it sounded incredibly hot. He told me that from his point of view, he’d had a pretty clear view of my pussy and what Jen’s fingers were doing to me and when we went back indoors, I got a mirror, sat in front of it and had a quick play with myself to find out exactly how much they saw. I was enthralled to find out that the panties are actually even more see-through than I had realised and felt another shiver go through me as I recalled my little display. We could see the bulge of Mike’s erection and I was looking forwards to our reunion session (it had only been a couple of days, but that’s no reason not to celebrate my return properly). Jen wanted to have one more turn with me before handing me over to Mike and she promised him that he would like the state I would be in when she presented me to him. I was curious about this (but in hindsight should have been able to figure it out). Jen and I went upstairs and before she could remove her swimsuit, I got her to kneel over me so I could have a play with her (as I’ve said before, I really like the way it looks on her and now I had the opportunity to admire her properly in it).

I could just about pull the material to the side enough to have a lick at her pussy and also tried to eat her through the suit. I also spent a bit of time kissing and nibbling around the top of her thighs as she had amazing legs and I don’t really spend enough time worshipping them. While I was doing this, Jen pulled my panties off and started to stroke up and down from my clit to down below my ass, gently pressing in to each hole, but without penetrating them. She then got up and removed the swimsuit and said that she was going to flavour me for Mike (and I then knew what she had planned). She basically repeated what we had done earlier that morning. Once I was covered in her juices, she told me to sit over her and rub against her breasts – her nipples were quite hard and it felt nice having them slide between my lips and bump against my clit but I couldn’t hump her breasts fast enough to do anything too meaningful. I left Jen’s breasts nice and moist though and she had enjoyed it so it wasn’t completely wasted. I ended up going down on her to make her cum before we headed downstairs so Jen could give her present to Mike (me).

It was still reasonably early so Jen stayed downstairs to watch TV while Mike and I headed up to his room to get reacquainted. He loved the fact that I had so much Jen-juice on me and took great care in licking me clean (of course he paid special attention to my pussy, breasts, neck and face. He slid into me when he moved up to kiss my face clean but after the neck licking, I was more than ready for him and pushed back as he entered me. He pushed the whole way into me and I moaned that it felt good so he stayed still for a little while, just pressing deep into me before starting to move. Just as before with Jen, we didn’t try to hurry things along and started off with a slow, sensuous session. As things got more heated, Mike started whispering in my ear, asking how much I had liked letting the group of guys watch Jen fingering me and displaying my wet cunt to them. As I’ve said (and will undoubtedly say many more times), I loved it and while we fucked, Mike helped me develop the fantasy of what could have happened next. I wrapped my legs around him as we fucked and fantasised and the wilder our conversation got, the faster we moved. I ended up cumming with no clit stimulation, just his cock moving inside me and he kept moving until he emptied his load into me. He had been very well behaved and hadn’t cum since I’d left and he had a fairly strong orgasm but still stayed inside me after he had cum (not moving though) while we kissed.

I thought that I should go down and say goodnight to Jen and while I was there, I climbed up onto the sofa and allowed some cum to drip out onto her breasts. By the time I returned, Mike was ready for more and we had a fairly standard session with me on top and by the time that was over, I was feeling pretty beat so we just went to sleep.

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