Friday, 19 November 2010

Final Friday in York

Just time to get this posted and head off to meet Jen at the airport...


I had to go into work on Friday but was woken up by Mike’s cock rubbing against my ass and his hand cupping one of my breasts. I reached down and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy and pushed back against him, feeling it slowly penetrate me. He worked it in a little at a time and started to play with a nipple. Once inside me, we started to hump against each other but then Mike rolled over onto his back and pulled me with him (so I was on top but facing away from him). I assumed we were just switching sides, but he told me to use my arms to balance myself there and I did so. He couldn’t push as deep into me in this position, but it meant that I could spread my legs and this obviously gave his hands excellent access to my clit. He pushed into me with increasing speed and I tried to match his movements (but I was concentrating more on not falling off). He slipped out a couple of times and we had to start again and then decided to do things slightly differently.

He pushed into my ass this time and once he was moving in me properly, he could obviously get much deeper. When we had a good rhythm going, his fingers returned to my pussy and now could play with my clit and push (a little way) into me. As far as we could remember, this was the first morning anal session we’ve had and Mike wanted to make sure that anyone listening was aware what we were up to (mostly Jen, but the neighbours might have heard). He kept telling me how tight my ass was and how he was going to fill it with cum and I described what I was feeling and how much I wanted to feel his cock in me. He came first (but I did cheat and squeeze myself around him) and he managed to keep fucking me (but not moving as much) while he rubbed and fingered me until I came. We’re going to try this again but maybe with the use of a dildo for my pussy - and maybe in front of a mirror as we imagine it might be an interesting view (for me at least).

We got up and showered and I popped in to see Jen before leaving for work. I had a full day ahead of me and had arranged to meet Lis for lunch (hopefully to get some more stories) so Jen had the day to herself. She said that she was going to make the most of the remaining sun out in the back garden but promised that she would be well behaved until I got back. I was feeling frisky so decided to wear a shorter skirt than usual to work (not *really* short, but short enough to uncover a bit more of my thighs). I put on a pair of opaque tights with the skirt as I couldn’t afford to show off too much, but as I’ve discovered, tights without panties still gives the opportunity for people to see bits if I decided to show off. I cycled into work, not caring what the wind did to my skirt (at speed, people can’t see anything) and had a fairly uneventful morning packing up, sorting out files and passing on more information about the project. I was very keen to get to lunch with Lis and we sat out by the lake once more so that we could talk about whatever we wanted, but I was disappointed to find out that she hadn’t done anything else with Vicky (or any other girls) since she had last reported back to me. Vicky still seems a bit unsure as to whether she likes doing things with Lis (or girls in general), even though it sounds like she certainly likes it when she actually *is* doing things with her. I really hope that she can figure out what she wants as Lis might be falling for her and if she does, she’s certainly going to want a lot more than just the occasional random session.

Having tights on meant that I didn’t have to worry at all about how I was sitting (but I didn’t do anything overt enough that Lis noticed I didn’t have panties on – I would have thought that by now she would have known me well enough to comment on how unusual it was for me to have my pussy covered...). Lis asked how my trip to Jen’s place had been and I ended up telling her a bit more than I had originally intended. Lis obviously knows about my exhibitionist tendencies so I told her about us doing things in the field , but I also ended up telling her about the incident at the lake. I’m pleased that I can still surprise her with my adventures (but then again, there is still plenty that she doesn’t know - and I doubt she ever will). I didn’t give her a really explicit description, but left it in no doubt how much they had seen (and how much I’d enjoyed it).

We also talked about my goodbye party the following day (it wasn’t really a party – just the usual crown going out for drinks and some dancing). Lis wanted me to go out that night as well but I thought that I hadn’t done enough packing for my move yet and had decided that I couldn’t afford the time. In the end I agreed to meet up for a quick drink later in the evening. We tried to come up with ways to help Lis seduce Vicky at my party the following night but in the end I managed to convince her that all she would probably need to do was turn up and Vicky wouldn’t be able to resist her. We had a quick chat about shaving and Lis says that now she is used to doing her pussy, she is even a bit less scared about doing her legs. Lis said that she would make sure she was prepared for Vicky, just in case she did want to hook up again and I told Lis that she should consider going completely bald sometime just to give it a try.

We headed back to work and I had quite a busy afternoon so was glad when the day ended. I really wished that I’d been heading straight out for drinks with people, but as I’ve said, packing took precedence. I got home fairly quickly and roped Mike and Jen into helping out (as if they ever had an option). It didn’t actually take quite as long as I’d thought it would and we got some of Saturday’s packing done as well so managed to get out to meet up with people by about 9.30 (after grabbing a quick bite to eat). The rush meant that I hadn’t changed from what I’d wore to work and the knowledge that I was imminently leaving meant that I was being a bit more daring and I wasn’t being as careful as usual about keeping my crotch covered (I still had the tights on so I wasn’t really showing anything).

Lis noticed that I was displaying myself a bit and (quietly) commented on it to me and I told her I was just having some fun. I nearly made a blunder by looking over at Vicky for a bit too long while Lis and I were talking about her but I pretended to be looking past her and thought I got away with it. Lis seemed in a pretty frisky mood herself and she said that she didn’t want to wait for my party and was going to see if she could get Vicky to go home with her. I spent a while looking around at my friends while we chatted and I really am going to miss them all – not just the fantasising about them, not having them around is going to be really difficult. I got Lis to promise to come up and visit as well as to keep me informed as to how things were going with Vicky (or whoever else she ended up with), and in return, I would continue to tell her about Jen and I. I noticed that she sometimes still longingly looks at Holly and now that she’s actually experienced being with another girl I imagine that she has a much better set of fantasies which I will endeavour to find out about in future (and report back on).

When it came time to leave I got hugs from a few people who couldn’t make the following evening and Pete questioned me a bit about my sister (which I think proves that he noticed the times she had been showing herself off to people). I told him that she unfortunately had a boyfriend (not technically true at that point, but we knew that she was just about to hook up with someone).

We headed home and didn’t do too much on the way – I slid a hand under Jen’s skirt and pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy and gave them a little pump until some people came along and disturbed us. This frustrated Jen and the next opportunity we got we ducked down an alleyway leaving Mike as a lookout and Jen asked me to kneel down in front of her. She stepped over my head and pushed her pussy onto my mouth and told me to make her cum. I loved that she was being so daring so didn’t want to disappoint her and I dove straight in, mostly concentrating on her clit, but moving my tongue to her cunt every now and then to taste her. I didn’t do anything to delay things and my assault on her clit coupled with the fact that we were in a fairly public place helped her cum quite quickly. I continued sucking on her clit until she pushed me away (well, stepped backwards) and my chin was covered with her juices. A number of people had walked past the alley while we had been doing this but nobody saw us (or stopped to pay attention if they did) and I considered getting Jen to do the same to me but decided that as horny as I was, we’d probably pushed our luck far enough.

We went back to Mike and I kissed him, letting him taste Jen’s juices from my mouth and chin and while we kissed, he slid a hand under my skirt and rubbed me as another group walked past. We got calls of ‘get a room’ and he pushed two fingers deep into me. I gasped into his mouth and told him I wanted to cum and we really needed to get home or I’d do something that would probably get us arrested. We headed back home and quickly went upstairs – technically it was Jen’s turn to spend the night with me, but as I’d spent a couple of days at her home and she was going to be up at my new place for a few days, she graciously let Mike have me.

While we were chatting, Mike slid his hand under my skirt once again and after a bit of rubbing, he pushed a couple of fingers into me. We continued talking while he began to finger fuck me and I had to lean back against the banister as the feelings grew stronger. Mike and Jen were still chatting away as if nothing was happening but I was having a bit more trouble concentrating on the conversation as Mike had started to rub my clit with his thumb and I realised that if he continued, i was going to cum. I let the occasional whimper escape and held on the banister tight as my orgasm started. Neither of them were paying any attention to me (apart from Mike’s fingers while were wiggling inside me) and even as I came, they just continued chatting. I let out a couple of ‘unngghhh’s as I came and then stood there panting while they wished each other goodnight and Mike said that we should head in and get started. I gave him a push and he slapped my ass in return before we wandered in and I flopped onto the bed.

Mike stripped off and unsurprisingly, he was already hard. He knelt over me, undid my top and pulled my bra off my breasts before placing his cock between them and pushing them together around it. He tried to titfuck me but my bra was still getting in the way so I ended up stripping off and we started again. I tried to lick the end but it wasn’t that easy while lying down so I just let him use me for a little while (which I used to recover from my fingering). He then slid down my body until he was between my legs and started rubbing the length of his cock against my pussy – this obviously felt a lot better for me and it wasn’t long before I told him that he should stop teasing and fuck me properly. He immediately pushed into me (he was already nice and wet from rubbing on me) and I wrapped my legs around him. He used long steady strokes and I helped pull him back into me each time with my legs while pushing back against him so it felt really deep. He kissed around my neck a little but ended up nibbling on my earlobe and I could hear his breathing getting heavier as he continued to pump into me. I squeezed my cunt around him and he told me how good it felt so I continued doing this for as long as I could. This gets quite tiring after a while though (I don’t really practise it enough) so told him that he would just have to make do with my cunt the way it was. He told me that he was fine with that and that he loved the way his cock felt when it was buried in my cunt. As we continued, he described what he could feel and I did the same back.

I could feel my orgasm building and pushed a hand down between us so I could give my clit a rub and tried to pull him against me even harder. I knew that I wasn’t far from cumming and Mike sped up his movements and got me to describe exactly what I was feeling. This always helps as it means I really concentrate on each sensation and I try to hold back so that I can keep concentrating on them for longer. Mike listened and asked questions and soon said that he was really close and that we should cum together. I was fairly confident that I could cum anytime so told him to go for it and he started to push even harder into me. I rubbed away and kept myself just short of cumming until he moaned into my ear and I rubbed my clit faster. I squeezed myself around him a few times and told him how good his cock felt while he told me how much he loved cumming in my cunt and we rode out the orgasm together quite nicely. Mine lasted a little longer than his, but not by much and he stayed on top of me after we had cum.

We were both a bit sweaty and he rolled off me so we could get some air. I gently traced my fingers up and down his cock, which caused it to jump a number of times but kept him hard. I wasn’t sure if I was up for another session, so we went to sleep with him inside me just moving gently while his cum dribbled out and over my ass.

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