Monday, 22 November 2010

Final Saturday in York

This was a bit of a hodgepodge sort of day - but I got to see my friends for my leaving party so it was fun.


We only had a quick fuck on Saturday morning as I still had a number of things to do to prepare for my move. Once we had finished, we got up and showered and went to wake Jen for breakfast. She wanted to have a lie in and so we said we’d have breakfast and then we’d pop into work and collect some things I had there and would see her later on when we returned. She was happy with this and pulled the duvet back over her head so we headed down for food. Once we had eaten, I prepared breakfast for Jen and took it up to her (just to give her enough energy to have a proper lie in) and then Mike and I headed into the Uni.

I’d already sorted out most of the things I needed to take but had to clear out a couple of drawers so Mike had a wander round while I was working. It was still relatively early (about 10) and nobody else was in the office so I thought that it would be a good opportunity to have a little play (just so I could add it to the list of things we’ve done). I called Mike back over (he was reading a poster from one of the other students) and I sat up on my desk. I checked that there was nobody outside (my desk is partially visible from the window) and lifted my skirt up. Mike sat in my chair, set it to the lowest height setting and started to lick me. I scooched forwards so I was sitting at the edge of the desk and lifted my feet up so they were on either side of me. I was enjoying what he was doing, but thought that if we were going to do anything, that we should do it properly and told him I wanted him to fuck me.

We were a bit nervous about someone walking past outside, but Mike was prepared to take the risk and pulled his cock out (already hard, but then he had just been eating me). He pushed into me and I held onto him so I didn’t fall off the desk. Mike grabbed my ass and we kissed while he pumped in and out of me. I was responsible for keeping a lookout out the window and Mike watched the door (we were partially hidden from the door by a bookcase so would have time to quickly cover up if anyone came in). I was enjoying the feeling of doing things in such a public place but didn’t want to take too big a risk so I helped things along by giving my clit a rub. I kept telling Mike that he had to cum in me for it to count and he sped up his movements while I helped to pull him deep into me. I came first (of course) but told him to keep going and encouraged him along with some choice dirty talk. He soon came and pulled us together so he could cum as deep in me as possible (for the position). As soon as he pulled out of me, his cum started to drip out of my pussy and onto the desk (and then the floor). My skirt got a bit wet and I pulled it out from under my ass and ran a finger up and down my pussy, spreading the leaking cum over it.

Mike said that I should keep doing that and put on a proper show for him so I continued. I spread my lips and traced around the outside of my pussy, before stroking the inner lips and then my clit. After a bit of this, I pushed a finger into myself and wiggled it around inside me, then added a second finger. Mike was sitting on my chair with his cock still out (and hard) and suggested that I should cum again. I was up for this and so started to play with myself a bit more seriously and found that I was able to get aroused again quite quickly. I had gotten into it and was well on the way to cumming when we heard the door open and I froze. Mike moved down from the chair and tried to get his cock back into his jeans (which he tells me isn’t an easy job with an erection). I slid off the desk (which dragged my ass and then my skirt through the puddle of cum) and composed myself. I quickly wiped the desk with a tissue and called out ‘hi’. It turned out that it was Greta – one of the PostDocs and she wandered over to see what we were up to. Mike had acquired a bag of paperwork and managed to stand with it hiding his erection (until his erection went down) and I didn’t let her see the back of my skirt which was both wet in its own right and sticking to my cum-soaked ass.

After a brief chat, she went to her desk to get her work done and Mike and I went back to sorting things out. He dared me to finish off while she was in the office and I thought that I could manage to do it so sat on my chair (on a sheet of paper so I didn’t leave any stains) and spread my legs. I had thought that there wasn’t any point trying to protect my skirt as it was already wet, but as I opened my legs, another blob of cum ran out of me and onto the skirt. I’ve occasionally played with myself in the office while other people were there so knew that it was relatively safe and spread my legs under the desk. I lifted the front of my skirt up and started to gently stroke up and down my pussy as I’d done before. This time I knew I would need to be a bit bolder so I pushed a couple of fingers into myself and alternated between pumping and rubbing my clit. I turned the chair towards Mike who was making various packing noises by moving papers from one bag to another and spread my legs further. I could see Greta working away through the gaps in the shelving and decided that I was safe to continue.

I pulled my legs fully apart and went for it, rubbing away on my clit and feeling my orgasm approaching. I obviously had to keep quiet but other than that, I pretty much surrendered myself to the sensations. I imagined that I was doing this while the office was full but couldn’t settle on the fantasy of everyone gathering round to watch me cum or having everyone carrying on as if nothing was happening. I’m pretty sure that I was thinking about Lis giving me a helping hand (or at least a helping couple of fingers) when I came and I sat quietly shuddering as it pulsed through my body. As soon as I had cum, I checked that Greta hadn’t noticed and then checked how wet my skirt was. Mike tried to dab it dry with some tissues, but it was still obviously wet by the time he had finished (a disadvantage of a light coloured skirt). We gathered up the rest of the things I needed and headed off – we made it past Greta with my skirt hidden and whenever we encountered people on the way home, Mike walked behind me to at least partially hide the stain.

Jen was still in bed when we got home and I went up to wake her and told her about our exploits. She thought it was unfair that I’d already cum three times that day (I’d forgotten about the morning fuck), but was quite happy to make it up to her. One of my tasks for the day was to finish sorting out which toys were coming with me, which Jen was taking and which were staying in York (we didn’t think it would be wise to regularly take vibes through airport security whenever Jen or I visited each other). I gathered everything together onto the bed and we have a pretty good collection (as I’d noticed during Sue’s visit). We briefly tested out a good portion of them on Jen (just a few strokes or seconds on her clit) and we settled on using ‘Valerie’s’ vibe with an egg on her clit. These two things seemed to have the desired effect and it was great watching her pussy grasping at the vibe and I moved it in and out of her. With all of our toys around us I couldn’t resist using another one and as she got closer to cumming, I got her to hold the egg on her clit while I held another one against her ass. I didn’t try to push it into her, I just pushed it up against her ass and wiggled it around with it on the high setting. The three sets of stimulation was more than enough to take Jen over the edge and she came quite vocally, bucking around on the bed.

Once she had finished I packed the toys that we were taking with us into two bags while Jen recovered and then we went down to find Mike. Jen had put panties on but I decided that she should remove them – partially for Mike’s benefit and partially as I didn’t think that I had made her do enough to make up for what she had subjected me to during my visits. Jen didn’t object to this and spent the afternoon naked while we got most of the remainder of my packing done.

I can’t actually remember what the reason was, but Jen did something that caused me to give her ass a good slap. She made a wiseass comment back so I pushed her over the arm of the sofa and told Mike to hold her down while I punished her properly. All I did was give her a bit of a spanking but she seemed to enjoy it even with Mike watching. Mike obviously encouraged me to keep going and with his help we turned her over and I let him see how hard she liked having her nipples pulled and tweaked. I even gave them a few flicks (which were quite hard, but I’m now a bit more used to just how rough she likes things). Mike asked if he could help out with this but Jen said that he couldn’t and would have to make do with just having his cock pressed against her (he was wearing jeans, but had a naked Jen lying across his lap and she could obviously feel his erection). He tried to convince her to let him have a play but she told him that he had to behave and if he did, he would be rewarded the next day. As soon as she said this, he let her go and she wriggled free from my grasp. Mike tried to find out how he would be rewarded but Jen wouldn’t tell him and ran up to the bathroom to hide from any further punishment (as if she wasn’t enjoying it).

She only stayed ‘hidden’ for a couple of minutes and when she reappeared, we realised that we needed to get some food and then get ready to go out for my leaving party. We ordered Chinese and Jen and I went up to shower. We didn’t fool around too much while showering and soon vacated it so that Mike could freshen up. The food arrived while he was showering and I sent Jen down to pay for it with just a very skimpy nightdress on (one of the lacy, mostly see-through ones). I followed her down but hid out of sight – she opened the door, took the food and went back with the money. She seemed to take a little while to sort out the payment and I later found out that it had been a cute Chinese girl who had delivered the food. Jen said that she had looked a bit embarrassed at first, but that she caught her looking while Jen was counting out the money. I wished that I had gone with her so I could have seen as well (and been seen), but I’ll be visiting Mike in York so we might have to order from them again...

We sat and ate and then went back to finish getting ready. We were meeting at 8 – the idea being to start fairly early and have a really big night. I wasn’t planning on getting too drunk as I didn’t want to spend one of my last days there with a hangover and I also wanted to enjoy my last big evening out with friends. I thought carefully about what I wanted Jen to wear – I had considered getting her to be really daring, but as much as I love her, I wanted to spend most of the evening with my friends and so thought it would be better if I wasn’t too distracted by her. Of course, I didn’t let her off the hook completely and she did go out with just a short shift dress on and nothing underneath – it wasn’t so short that there was much risk of exposure, but short enough that she looked very appealing. I decided that I would also go without panties (why change the habits for a lifetime – or at least a number of years?) but had a slightly longer skirt on.

We headed out and met up with people in the Evil Eye (cocktail bar/pub) and had a good chat with a few rounds of drinks. I tried to spend a little bit of time with each one of my friend so I could have a proper chat with them. When I chatted to is, we wandered a little bit away from the others and I found out she had once again taken Vicky home with her after we’d been out the previous night, but they had ended up talking for quite a while about their ‘situation’. Lis had told Vicky that she really liked her (and the things they did together) and Vicky said that she really liked it as well, but just didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing yet. It seems that Vicky actually really likes Lis (she is incredibly cute) and Lis now thinks that they might actually end up hooking up.

Vicky knows that I know about the two of them (she did notice me looking over at her the previous night) and when she asked Lis about it, Lis confirmed that she had told me because she needed someone to talk to. Vicky didn’t actually mind this (Lis assured her that I wouldn’t tell anyone else – and if you only include people that they know, that’s probably *technically* true as I don’t think anyone I know reads this – or if they do, they haven’t said anything to me). As a side note, it can be quite difficult writing this about events in the past as I generally try to write about events with the perspective I had at the time and not with the perspective I have at the time of writing. Vicky and Lis stayed up chatting for a while and Vicky told her that she really needed a bit of time to figure out what she wants so ended up leaving. I tried to caution Lis to not get too invested in Vicky until she is sure that something might actually happen, but just as she fell for Holly and ended up idolising her, I think the same thing might happen with Vicky. Of course I want them to hook up and be happy, I just don’t want Lis to end up lusting after someone she can’t have again.

When I chatted with Vicky, I told her that I knew she knew I knew about her and Lis and that I wouldn’t let anyone else know. She obviously knew that I wasn’t going to judge her for doing things with another girl and I asked her to just be careful with Lis and not to do anything to hurt her. Again – I know that Vicky wouldn’t do anything on purpose as she is a lovely girl, but I really don’t want to see Lis being upset again the way she was over Holly. I didn’t want to say too much and end u scaring Vicky off so we then just chatted about lighter things and I continued on my rounds. We moved on to another location which was a bit louder and so my quiet conversations ended up being shouted. We then moved on to dancing and this at least gave me the chance to dance really close to whoever I was talking (shouting) to.

I had a bit of a dance with Lis and while I’d been fairly successful at not getting drunk, I was a little tipsy by this point and took the opportunity to hold her close to me (just so we could talk of course). I didn’t misbehave too much (no actual groping) but I did enjoy feeling her pressed up against me. She managed to convince me to do something that I wasn’t sure was a good idea (but did anyway). I danced with Jo (not quite as close as I had with Lis) and admitted to her that I thought she was amazingly cute and beautiful. I obviously didn’t let on that I’d been obsessed with her and had spent months fantasising about having sex with her, but I think I made it fairly clear that I’d had a crush on her. I didn’t want to lay it on too thick though and told her that she seemed really happy with her bf and that they made a really nice couple. As with everyone else I’d spoken to, we promised to keep in touch and then I wandered off to get a drink and some air.

Mike had been dancing with Vicky but hadn’t said anything about Lis to her (and Vicky hadn’t volunteered anything). He and I went off for a quick dance (the evening was about us spending time with our friends, not each other) and then we split up again. I had a quick dance with Jen who said she’d had an interesting dance with Lis, but wouldn’t tell me any more so I decided not to press her on it and went back to dancing. We decided to call it a night about 1am (not too late I know, but I’m getting old now and wanted to not be asleep for most of Sunday morning). Most of us headed out together and went our separate ways (after standing around for about 20 minutes talking). On the way back home, Jen gave Mike and I the details of her ‘interesting’ dance. She had pretty much made a pass at Lis – they had been dancing close together and then holding each other in the way I had danced with Lis (oddly enough, under the same context of making it easier to talk). Jen had been talking to Lis about Vicky and had pushed Lis’ hands down her back, over her ass and onto her legs. Lis didn’t seem to object to this but when she went to lift her hands up, Jen pushed them up under her skirt and onto her ass. Lis was surprised when her hands met Jen’s bare ass but Jen just told her that I wasn’t the only one who could go around with my pussy exposed.

Jen told Lis that she had always thought that she was beautiful and that she was going to miss being able to see her, especially in her bikini. Lis didn’t say anything in response to this, but her hands were still on Jen’s ass (but she wasn’t moving them or trying to explore in the way I would probably have done in that situation). Jen’s hands wandered down a bit over Lis’ ass (but stayed outside her skirt) and Jen gave Lis a little kiss (just a quick peck). I really wish I had seen this happen because from what Jen says, we could have possibly ended up pulling her if we had both tried. (Yes, I know I said earlier in the post that I cared about her and didn’t want her to get hurt or anything, but the thought of us being able to spend a night with her and teach her everything we’ve learned would have been wonderful). In reality, I’m certain that we couldn’t have got her to come home with us, but at least Jen got to have a little fun (and she says that Lis has an incredibly cute little ass).

We were home by the time Jen had finished recounting her story and we headed straight up to bed to relive it once more. Even Mike seemed to be pretty affected by it and he said that he was going to stay downstairs and find something suitable to watch and beat off to before going up to bed. I started to eat Jen on the way up the stairs and by the time we made it into the bedroom I’d already half undressed her. We fell onto the bed and went straight into a 69 position and between us, we described what we would have been doing if Lis had been there with us (let’s just say that she would have had a pretty good night). We actually kept going for quite a while, our first orgasm was pretty quick and intense and we immediately moved on to just kissing and rubbing against each other while we fantasised about both concentrating on getting Lis off. This of course got us nicely worked up again and we went for a second round where we pictured the three of us in a ring – me eating Lis, Lis eating Jen and Jen eating me. We kissed and stroked each other for a little while after that and the fantasy got even more ridiculous with Vicky (Jen likes her large breasts), Jo (for me), Holly and little Anna also being involved. We didn’t turn this into a proper session, just a nice little fantasy while we fell asleep (and I then dreamt about having Anna spread naked on a bed and taking hours to make her cum many times).


  1. Oh trust me, working TSA for a US airline you get the pleasure of discovering vibrators in baggage checks several times a day...every day...

    it gets old after a while and you always hear the same explanations etc. The only ones that are embarrassed are the passengers and new employees that have <1 month experience.

    it's really no big deal for security, we're WAY used to it.

  2. That's good to know - I don't think that Jen or I are embarrassed about someone seeing we have a dildo. What sorts of explanations do people give (back massager?)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Andi (& Mike, Jen & your family)!

    Hope it's a good one, or at least Mike & Jen gave you a good one (wink wink). :)

    Hezi from the U.S.A.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone (belated I know, but I was distracted with viva).

    It was a good weekend - I got to catch up with friends and it was nice to have an extended trip to York