Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Jen's place - Part 1

I had a dream of Jen sitting under the tree and playing with herself while her friend (who looked like Lis in my dream, but I didn’t know what she looked like then – I’ve since seen a picture) walked up to her and started to kiss her. Things were going really well and they were making out, hugging, kissing and stroking each other and then Jen said that she loved her and never wanted anyone else. I woke up at this point and was upset (until I realised that it had been a dream) – but cuddled up to Jen and kissed her shoulders until she woke up. I told her about the dream and she assured me that I was the one she loved and we had a bit of a girly moment (albeit a naked, hugging, girly moment). If we’d been at home, I’m sure this would have developed into a lot more, but we wanted to keep the noise down so just kissed and went back to sleep.

We heard her parents getting up and ready for work and stayed in bed until they had driven away. I rummaged around to get some toys prepared and Jen reminded me that her brother was still in the house, but I pointed out that I didn’t think he would mind too much if he got to hear us doing things. Jen was still a bit nervous, but I reminded her that she had spent the past few weeks actually fondling Sue and she relaxed a bit (the fact that I was now rubbing her might have helped with this). I slipped a finger into her and then added a second one and pumped them in and out while I added a little gel and then an egg to her clit. Jen jumped at this but then lay back and let me play with her. I didn’t try to do anything special, just continued to stimulate her until she came (mewing all the way). I let her recover and then asked if she wanted to do anything to me or to wait until we were outside. Jen knows that I can cum more often than she can so she thought it was only fair that she make me cum before breakfast and then we could continue to play later on.

We headed downstairs – I just had a nightdress on (sort of a long t-shirt) and Jen had put on some PJs. I commented how different it was having to wear clothes around the house (the last few weeks had been rather special) and Jen said I was free to be naked if I wanted. It was probably a good thing I didn’t take her up on her offer as her brother wandered downstairs about halfway through breakfast. Jen thinks he spent a lot of time staring at my breasts (obviously I wasn’t wearing a bra), but I didn’t notice this. I said that I was going to go up and have a shower and Jen followed me. I had intended to try to leave the door open to see if he wanted to take a peek, but we couldn’t find a sensible way to get Jen out of the way so he had an opportunity, so I just had to satisfy myself with an actual shower. Jen did come in and join me near the end and I helped to soap her up while we chatted. She revealed that her brother tends to go for girls with large breasts (and used to tease her about the fact that she is pretty flat, which I think is mean as Jen has absolutely perfect breasts and adorable little nipples – and if he had any idea what those nipples could do to her...). We headed back into her room and I just wrapped a small towel around me that would have shown off my breasts had her brother been around.

We finished drying off and got ready, both of us wore light, short dresses and opaque tights (no panties – or bra in Jen’s case). I packed a few things into a bag and we set off, taking Jen’s bike with us. We walked for a bit and then tried to cycle – not easy with two people and a bag – and went back to walking. After about 30 minutes, we were a fair way out and couldn’t see anyone around and Jen said that this was one of the spots that she had been experimenting with the bike. I could see what she meant about the path being bumpy – it was only a little bit better than a dirt track and the thought of cycling down this with a dildo inside me was very appealing. Jen said that I should have first go and we started to get ready. This was quite easy as we were alone and I added a bit of gel to the dildo. Jen pulled my tights down and pushed the dildo down one leg while I held the dress up. After a bit of pulling, she made a hole in the tights so that the dildo could be bent up and into my pussy and she then worked it into me. I was leaning against a tree for this bit and Jen checked that the dildo was in the right place by pumping it in and out of me a few times while licking my clit.

I would have been quite happy for her to just keep doing that and I tried to hold her head in place, but she said that she wanted to see me on the bike, so I reluctantly mounted it and set off (well, not too reluctantly as I was expecting it to be enjoyable). It worked quite well, but not as well as I had hoped – the bumps were quite nice when I had my left leg raised (the leg the dildo was strapped to), but they also meant that it wasn’t possible to get a nice smooth rhythm going with the pedalling. It certainly got me aroused, but I now understood why Jen had been having problems cumming. When I returned to her, I told her what I thought but that she should give it a try anyway.

We didn’t use the easiest method of switching the dildo from me to her – I lay on my back on some grass and Jen lay over me in a 69 position. She pulled my skirt up and I flipped hers up onto her back and while I tore a hole in her tights, she played with the dildo. I ended up ripping her tights with my teeth and then while I was there, thought that I may as well have a lick. Once she had pulled the dildo out, I worked it into her tights and then into her pussy (this isn’t the best position to do this in, but is more fun), gave her a slap on the ass and told her to get on her bike. We had to adjust the dildo a little once she stood up, but she set off and I sat down with the rest of our stuff and waited for her. I resisted playing with myself, but decided that I would remove my bra as I didn’t think we’d be doing much more on the bike. I checked that there was nobody around (it would have been a good idea to do that before playing with Jen, but...), slipped the top of my dress down and put my bra into the bag. Jen returned while I was doing my dress up again and said that the dildo had felt nice but once again, she hadn’t managed to cum.

I certainly wanted to try again with this, but also didn’t want to waste too much time on it when we could be making use of the fact that there was nobody around. As Jen got off the bike, I hugged her from behind and slid my hands under her dress. I lifted it so I could get to her nipples and began to play with them. They were still covered by her dress, but her stomach was exposed (as well as her crotch with the dildo still in it). Jen told me that I was being naughty and I pointed out that she was the one with a dildo buried in her cunt and asked if there was anywhere we could go to use it properly. Jen led me down a little track into the fields (fortunately they hadn’t done the harvest yet so we were well hidden). We moved through to the other side of the field where there was an open area, but only with other fields around. Jen told me that this was one of her areas to play with herself and that she had never been disturbed here so we could do whatever we wanted.

I didn’t need any further invitation and unzipped her dress before lifting it over her head. She did the same for me and we laid out a blanket and sat down. I quite liked the look that the torn tights had so we decided to leave them on for a while and I started to pump the dildo in and out of Jen’s pussy. She reached over and fingered me while I did this and we sat playing with each other, getting more and more turned on. We wanted to do things together so fished the other end of the dildo out of Jen’s tights and I moved around so I was sitting in front of her. Jen pushed it into me and we both lay back a bit so that we could pump it between us. I wished that we had brought along one of the smaller double dildos as I wanted to be able to press up against her, but we had to make do with what we had. The good thing about the longer dildo was that Jen could lie on top of me and we could kiss while rocking against each other (which we did for a while). We couldn’t cum like this though so ended up lying facing each other again and pumping the dildo between us, taking turns moving the dildo or playing with our clits. I came first and then concentrated on helping Jen cum. We didn’t try to be loud, but didn’t try to mask any sounds we wanted to make and I felt really free doing this.

Once finished, we lay beside each other on the blanket and had a drink to cool down. I dribbled some of the condensation off the ice pack onto Jen’s nipples (which elicited a delightful squeal) and then sucked the now erect nipples. Jen licked this so I continued to kiss and suck and she started to pull my head harder against them. I asked Jen if she liked what I was doing and she said that she did and I should do it harder. I sucked on the nipples and began to nibble on them and felt Jen press her body up against me. I was getting such a good response from her that I decided to go a bit further and started to roll and pinch the nipple that I wasn’t sucking on. Jen let out a low moan and I tried something new – instead of just pinching the nipple, I tried flicking it. I was being reasonably gentle at first, but each flick got a little gasp out of Jen so I tried being a bit more forceful.

I was obviously still being quite careful as I didn’t want to hurt her, but I ended up doing fairly strong flicks (that I think would be agony for me) and Jen loved it. By the time I stopped, her nipples were quite red and sore looking, but also incredibly hard. Jen pushed me onto my back, lay on top of me and kissed me hard while grinding her breasts against mine. I could feel her little nips rubbing back and forth and pressing into my breasts. My hands were on her ass (well, her tights) and I just did what the natural thing seemed to be. I gave her ass a slap and then a rub and did it again. Jen didn’t object to this and I thought it might be an interesting thing to try properly. Mike has spanked me a few times – not really hard, but enough to make my ass feel warm afterwards and it’s quite a nice feeling so I continued doing it to Jen. I told her I wanted to do it properly and she thought it might be fun so she ended up bent over my lap. I slapped her a few times and then decided I wanted to get to her skin and pulled her tights down. I gave her ass a good number of slaps, some reasonably hard and she liked it (but not as much as the nipple flicking).

I decided that while we were trying new things I may as well go for something else that I see on a lot of videos and got her to turn over. At my instruction, she pulled her tights down a bit further so she could spread her legs and lay over my lap once more. I reached down to her pussy and started to spank around her clit (not exactly spanking, but I’m sure anyone who has seen enough porn videos will understand what I’m trying to describe). I’ve given this a go myself and it doesn’t do very much for me and while I was doing it I asked Jen if she had tried it. She said that she had and it felt nice, but not as good as rubbing her clit, so it wasn’t something that she did very often. We both assumed that there must be something to it as so many girls do it in videos, unless of course it is just done for show – similar to the fake ooohhh-ing and strange faces they pull (which is why we prefer amateur videos as people don’t tend to do that and it looks much nicer). We experimented to find out how to get the best results and found out that Jen actually does like it when someone else (me) does it to her. The way she liked most was when she held her pussy lips open by reaching around under her ass and then when I slapped her, more of the sensation went to her clit. The ‘slapping’ was nowhere near as hard as I had spanked her ass (guys, just imagine someone hitting the head of your cock repeatedly and you’ll understand why you need to be fairly gentle!).

As much as Jen liked this, she wasn’t going to cum and so I also started to tweak one of her nipples – it took a little while, but between the two lots of stimulation, I managed to bring her off with a fairly vocal orgasm (it included a lot of swearing on her part). Jen stayed lying over my legs until she had recovered and said that she had to find a new way to make me cum (if there are any left). She picked one of the stalks of corn and peeled off the outer leaves and threatened to fuck me with it – possibly if we’d had something to wash it with (to get rid of pesticides), I might have gone alone with this, but we decided it might not be the best idea and she reluctantly threw it away. We gathered up our things and set off back down the track through the field, when we reached the ‘main’ path, Jen handed me the blanket and told me that I had to cum in the middle of the path. We hadn’t seen anyone on our journey out there, so this didn’t seem like too great a risk and I spread the blanket out, fished out a dildo and egg and lay down. The path was very straight so I could see for quite a long way and knew that the I was as visible for just as far behind me, but put my head back and started to play anyway.

Jen was standing at the edge of the path and was keeping a look out (although I wasn’t too sure she would give me a great deal of warning if anyone did come along). I kept thinking about the time that Mike and I had sex on a path similar to this and we got so carried away that we didn’t notice a cyclist approaching until he went past us while I was bouncing up and down on Mike’s cock. I didn’t try to really hurry up, but didn’t draw things out either and kept Jen informed of how things were going. I allowed myself to be reasonably vocal and had a good orgasm, after which I was allowed to get dressed again (well, put bra and dress back on).

We took a slow wander back and Jen told me more about her life before Uni – some of it I already knew and some was new, but nothing earth shattering. I told her about school days and the friends I’d had and the boys I’d fancied (remember, this was before Mike ‘converted’ me. Jen still finds it hard to believe that I’d never had any feelings/desires towards girls to begin with, but I think I can honestly say that I’d never thought about doing anything with any of my school friends or even Uni friends before they started to appear in Mike’s fantasies. Not that I’m complaining – if we hadn’t done that, I would have never met Jen (well, technically I might have *met* her at the same party, but I wouldn’t have been going upstairs to make out with her...).

We had a snack lunch when we got back and seemed to have the place to ourselves so decided to make use of the sun and laid out in the back garden. I wanted to do a final top-up on vitamin D before I moved up north so decided to be nude. Jen went topless, but only when she was lying on her front as she didn’t know when her brother might return. Jen said that if I really wanted to show off, then I should wait until we heard him come into the house and then start to play with myself, which I may well have done, but there was no sign of him and we eventually got bored and went back inside.

We did hear from him a bit later and he invited us out for drinks with some of his friends – Jen has known a few of them for quite a while and has even been asked out by a couple of them (before they found out that she is gay). We agreed to go out and once we’d eaten dinner (her parents were also back for this) and got ready, we headed out with him. Of course, I wanted to make the most of the opportunity and so dressed appropriately – Jen wasn’t quite as willing to show off as she usually is, but then I guess that’s no different from how I am around my Uni friends, so I can’t blame her.

We went to a pub in an adjoining village and sat and chatted. The guys were very interested in the fact that Jen is gay and wanted to see us kiss (which we were more than happy to do). As the evening went on, I started sitting in better poses to reveal myself and ended up with my feel up on the chair so I could hug my knees. This seemed to give a couple of the guys a fairly decent view (they weren’t very subtle when they started, but I pretended not to notice). I was asked how long I had been gay for (which oddly enough, almost seems like a sensible question in my case) and I explained that I was bi and had a boyfriend. This of course led to questions about whether he got to do things with Jen as well and I told them that Jen was all mine and I hugged her. As I leant over to do this, I let my legs fall open a bit more than needed and I didn’t correct this until I sat back up again – I’m fairly sure that a group on the other side of the pub noticed this as well and I felt that I had done a good job. On a more serious note, we hadn’t talked properly with Jen’s parents about the situation with Mike, and so I took the opportunity to explain things in the hope of getting her brother on our side. A few of them thought it was a pretty strange arrangement (which I guess it is) and one of them said that it was like I was cheating on them both (which isn’t how we see it).

I wasn’t as sure that we’d managed to convince them all in the way I had hoped, but they did at least seem to understand that I love them both and they actually thought that the fact that Mike didn’t get to have threesomes with us both might mean that it was more likely to work out (sorry Mike, that might have reduced your chances with Jen even more!). I behaved myself a bit more after that (not completely though) and went went back to talking about lighter things. We headed back home before it was too late and went straight up to bed to have a quiet play. We didn’t do anything more than take turns to lick each other and it was quite a gentle session due to having to stay quiet, but this made it a lot more intimate. After we had both cum, we kissed and traced our fingers over each others’ bodies for a while before falling asleep.


  1. Hi Andi, I am a boy from the united states and I really love your blog. I'm pretty sure that I am bi and I really love when you talk about doing things with Jen. I think your posts are really great, but my sister is a little upset that you stopped posting " The slumber party" series. You should really post some pics of you doing things with Jen, and even a pic or two of mike, not naked but just so I know what he looks like.(altho I wouldn't mind if he would let you put on some naked pics of him)

    Thanks alot Andi and don't stop writing or my sister and I would be pretty sad
    (my sis is a very big fan too)

  2. Oh Andi I was just joking about pics of Mike :)

  3. There's no chance of getting pics of Jen posted (and I've decided not to put any more of me online either following advice from other commenters on here).

    I really should get back to the slumber party series - I just got a bit tired of writing (as will be explained in an upcoming blog post).

  4. Hi Andi, your blog is great! I really live knowing that all this stuff is going on while I'm doing something, and I really love fantisising about what your doing at a random moment. Your posts are great but I personally think you should put some more posts about anal sex but you don't have to if you don't want too. Thanks alit Andi, keep posting!

  5. We don't do anal that much, but I think there are a couple of instances coming up soon from the end of my time in York (including one special time)