Saturday, 13 November 2010

Jen's Place - Part 2

This is the reason why Jen changed her mind about letting Mike and I go to the sex party – she thought it would be somewhat hypocritical that he wasn’t allowed to do things to me in front of other people when she can do things like this... I've been thinking about this day a lot since it happened so I hope you enjoy reading about it.


I had much nicer dreams that night of fooling around with Jen on a large haystack (that was very soft), while various people were sitting around us chatting and not paying too much attention to the fact that we were humping each other raw. I woke up feeling quite horny, but once again, we thought it would be better to leave it until her parents had left to do things so I just went and got myself a drink of water to help calm down. Of course, wandering through a strange house naked didn’t really help me calm down much, but I returned to bed and snuggled up to bed and fell asleep to more interesting dreams (I can’t remember exactly what they were, but I woke up horny again so I assume they were good).

After we had heard the car pull out of the driveway in the morning, I pounced on Jen and told her that she needed to help make up for denying me an orgasm in the night. She said that she would do this, but it would be on her terms (her terms are usually pretty good, so I agreed). Jen wanted to try spanking me so I lay on my front, spread eagled and she sat beside me and slapped my ass. I quite enjoy this up to a point, but that point is somewhat softer than Jen’s enjoyment point. After a bit of experimentation (and a few slaps that were too hard), Jen found what worked and got my ass a nice shade of pink and feeling quite warm. I then had to turn over and she said that she was going to tie me to the bed – I got her to promise to not do anything too intense (pain wise), but she said that she didn’t intend to go down that route anyway and I let her attach my arms and legs to the corner of the bed.

Jen pushed an egg up inside me and gave me the remote (which I had to hold on tight to as I couldn’t move my hands if I dropped it). I was able to get it going and felt it buzzing away inside me before Jen placed herself over my face and told me to eat her. It was a bit strange having to do this without being able to use my fingers to probe her or help open her outer lips, but this just meant that I had to concentrate more on what my tongue was doing. It was quite interesting having to push between her lips, find her clit and then lick it, only to have to start again if he moved too much. Of course, I tried licking inside her as well, but I can’t do this as well as she can (and it wasn’t the best angle for that) so I ended up concentrating on her clit. A few times I had to point out that I couldn’t really breath as my nose was being covered by her pussy (but if you have to go, then at least that’s probably the right way!). As Jen got closer to cumming, she leant forwards a little bit so that I could continue to work on her without suffocating and I managed to get what seemed like a pretty respectable orgasm out of her (she was mewing away and I suspect that she probably didn’t want her brother to hear).

I had to turn the egg off as it was beginning to irritate me and Jen fished it out of my pussy. I arched my back to allow her to push a couple of pillows under my ass and this gave a much better angle for her to lick me. We wanted to head back out to the fields so didn’t intend on taking too long, but she did tease me for a little while. By the time I came, she had a dildo in my pussy and was using the egg on my clit. I wasn’t as worried about keeping quiet and made sure that anyone left in the house (or village), knew that I was cumming (okay, so I wasn’t *that* loud, but I certainly didn’t try to keep quiet). Jen said that she was going to have a quick shower and left me tied to the bed with the door slightly open. I still had the dildo in my pussy (although I could feel it slowly slipping out) and wondered if her brother would make an appearance. Eventually, the dildo fell out completely and bounced onto the floor and I just lay there waiting for Jen to return. I heard his door open as Jen left the bathroom (maybe he thought we were both in the shower) and they said hi to each other. Jen opened the door fully, walked into the bedroom and shut it behind her – having given him a full view of me tied to the bed with legs spread.

It was only for a few seconds, but I still felt a rush of excitement and Jen said that I should go and have a shower (while untying me of course). I wrapped a towel around myself and headed out to find that her brother was still in the hall. I pretended as if he hadn’t just seen me naked and ignored the fact that the towel I had on was only just covering me. It was covering my nipples (just) and I was holding it just under my breasts so I was pressing them upwards (Jen said he liked large breasts). I had a quick conversation with him about how we’d enjoyed meeting his friends and that I’d see him down at breakfast in a few minutes before turning around and heading into the bathroom (knowing that the towel didn’t quite meet at the back). I had a quick play while in the shower (not to orgasm, just a little twiddle) and then headed back to Jen’s room. Once dressed, we headed down for breakfast and chatted some more. I was fairly well behaved (not wanting to make it *too* obvious) and the only reveal I did was when I bent over to put my plate in the dishwasher.

As I’ve already said, we intended to go back out to the fields and packed a lunch to take with us so that we didn’t have to rush back. We headed out in a slightly different direction and I thought that the path looked more suitable for trying out the dildo, but we hadn’t brought any tights with us to hold it in place. I tried to cycle along while holding it with one hand, but after nearly crashing, decided that this probably wasn’t the best idea so we gave up on the idea. I still really like the idea of the proper dildo-bike where the pedalling works the dildo, but we would be rather limited as to where we could use it (I can’t imagine parking that in the bike sheds at work). Having failed with the dildo, I did try cycling along with my pussy pressed against the seat so that I felt all the bumps in the path and this was quite nice (and left a rather wet seat). Jen had a quick go at this as well (an even wetter seat) and we then decided to lock the bike up against a tree and collect it on the way back.

This made it somewhat easier to walk as we had one bag each (one with food and one with ‘other’ items. We walked for about 30 minutes and eventually arrived at a little lake that Jen and friends used to come out to swim in. It was a really beautiful spot, but there were a few other groups of people there – mostly kids – and I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have it to ourselves. Jen said that we didn’t need to worry as she had a plan and we set our things out as far away from other people as we could get (we could see them, but were far enough away that we had a little privacy and were certainly out of earshot. Jen pulled out a one piece swimsuit and stepped out of her shoes. She pulled it up under her dress, pulled her dress over her head and then put it on the rest of the way to cover her breasts. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen her wearing this and I forgot just how good it looks on her – I helped adjust the crotch to ensure that it was on properly and she had to tell me to behave as I was being a little too thorough.

I didn’t have a swimsuit, but Jen pulled out a set of my lacy white underwear and said that it would be suitable. I pulled off my skirt and slipped the panties on, then removed my top and bra and put on the more see-through bra. Jen approved of the look and raced me to the water (she obviously won as I was still kneeling down when she started). The water was much colder than I had expected given the summer we’ve had and was a bit of a shock at first, but then felt really quite nice. Jen swam up to me to show me what it had done to her nipples. While we fooled around, Jen took great pleasure in taking advantage of the fact that my underwear wasn’t really designed to stay on in water and I had to put my breasts back into my bra a number of times. She pulled my panties down and I nearly lost them, but just managed to keep them on my legs and pull them back up. I tried to do the same to her, but a swimsuit is much harder to remove, so the best I could do was to get my fingers into her pussy. We swam out to one of the islands in the middle and Jen pulled herself up on a rope. There were some older kids/guys there (I would guess 18-20ish, but I’m not that good at guessing ages) and Jen told me to pull myself out as well. They had certainly noticed when Jen got out and I knew I was being watched as I followed her up onto the bank and we sat down. As expected, wet lacy underwear really doesn’t cover you too well (and Jen was well aware of this).

I had visions of her getting me to do things to myself in front of them, but we only stayed for a minute and then she dived back into the water. I wasn’t prepared to dive in (there was no chance of my panties staying on) so I climbed back in and we swam back to where our things were. I ended up bare assed once more as I climbed out, but pulled them up quickly and we lay down. Jen told me that one time when she was out here with friends, she managed to pee and rub herself while everyone was sunbathing – she didn’t cum, but really enjoyed it and said that she was getting horny just thinking about it. I told her to show me what she had done and she moved down the blanket so that her crotch was over the edge. She lay on her front, put an arm underneath herself and reached down to her pussy. She parted her legs slightly so I could watch but said that she had kept them together when she’d done this with her friends, and I saw her fingers gently rubbing the crotch of her swimsuit.

As she was already quite wet, I didn’t see at first, but it became clear soon enough that she was peeing and she started to moan (she obviously didn’t moan with her friends around). I kept encouraging her to continue and try to make herself cum, but she couldn’t get her fingers into her swimsuit without opening her legs more and wasn’t sure if people would see, so she just continued to rub for a while and then stopped. I offered to put some lotion on her and help out and she agreed to this. She faced away from the lake and pulled the top of the swimsuit down a bit. I squirted some cream onto her shoulders and rubbed it in to her neck, shoulders and chest. My hands slipped into her swimsuit and made sure her nipples were covered – you know, just in case. Jen pulled the swimsuit back on and lay down so I could do her legs. I started on the back of her legs and rubbed up the whole length, sliding my hands under the material and rubbing her ass. She turned over onto her front and I did the front of her legs and pushed my fingers under the material of her suit and into her pussy and then over her clit.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep going for long enough to make her cum and wished that we were just a bit further away from other people, but I had fun teasing her and then withdrawing my hand. She said I was being mean and I said that if she wanted to strip off I would be happy to eat her (okay, so I wouldn’t have done that as there were some younger kids on the other side of the lake, but it was still nice to think about). We saw some of the guys from the island swimming over in our direction so I stopped stroking Jen altogether and wiped my hands clean. They climbed out and came over to talk to us. I felt very conspicuously dressed and could feel my nipples hardening slightly knowing that they could see quite a bit of me. Their chat up lines weren’t that good, but they did try and one of them indicated the sun cream and asked if we needed help putting it on. I was going to decline when Jen said that she had already been done, and then add a ‘but you could help my friend here’ (while indicating me).

I gave her a look, but she just grinned back at me and then cocked her head as if she was asking if I would go along with it. This certainly wasn’t something I had been expecting, but it seemed like it could be quite interesting. I wasn’t planning on letting them touch me up or anything, but I knew that having someone right beside me would mean that they would get to see just how little the material of my ‘bikini’ covered. I turned back to them, gave them my best smile and said that it would be really helpful. I lay on my front and felt the cream being squirted onto my back – Jen leant over and unsnapped my bra (just to make it easier for them) and the cream was rubbed in. He went right down to the bottom of my back, but didn’t try anything funny so I thought I should reward him by asking him to do the back of my legs. I’d kind of hoped that another one would volunteer to help, but it was just one set of hands. I spread my legs to allow the inside of my thighs to be done and looked over at Jen who just nodded back at me.

For new readers, I just want to clarify just how much I was allowing them to see – even most lacy panties have a solid crotch panel, but the pair I had (which took a while to find) don’t, and so I knew that they guys had a reasonably good view of my ass. I could feel his hands moving higher up my legs and I spread them a little more to allow access – I was expecting either a full grope or an ‘accidental’ brush against my panties at any point, but once again, he was very well behaved and just did to the top of my thighs. Even without being touched (properly), having a random guy do this to me was quite exhilarating and I decided to reward him a bit more for being well behaved (at least that’s my justification). I held my bra in place and turned over onto my back and said that if he wanted, he could do my stomach and shoulders. I’m a lot happier with my stomach these days (getting married is really good for your figure) and I slipped the bra straps off my arms and just left it in place loosely over my breasts. I told him to be careful when he was touching near my breasts and he apologised and didn’t touch them.

When he had finished, I decided to go for it properly and said that he could do the front of my legs. I pulled my panties up tight and lay back he started at my ankles and worked his way up my legs. As he got to my knees, I spread my legs again, inviting him to proceed and then spread them a bit further as he got to my thighs. I knew that my pussy was now quite clearly visible through my panties and wondered if they could guess just how much it was tingling. He stroked a bit higher this time and I was just about to say that he had gone far enough when he stopped. I was actually having to control my breathing but put my legs back together and thanked him. He didn’t get up straight away (but that was because he was trying to hide the bulge in his shorts, which pleased me). I turned back onto my front and got Jen to do my bra up, although I then realised that having it pulled tight against my breasts only highlighted the fact that my nipples were now quite hard (even my nipples get hard sometimes – I was going to write ‘at times like this’, but this was a relatively new experience).

We sat around and chatted for a while, I was well aware that they were staring at my breasts and pussy but just ignored it. Of course, they were ogling Jen as well (and who could blame them). They continued trying to chat us up and asking if we wanted to go out with them later on and in the end Jen told them that she was gay and wasn’t interested. They didn’t believe her and just thought that she was trying to get rid of them and asked me if I was gay too. I told them I wasn’t, but that Jen was my girlfriend and I was bi. They still didn’t believe us so she gave me a quick kiss. One of them said that they’d seen plenty of girls kiss like that and I said that if they wanted we could show them a proper kiss. I lay down and told Jen to kiss me and she leaned over and gave me a real kiss. I was feeling really horny (a combination of not having cum for a while, having fingered Jen and being partially exposed) and I took one of Jen’s hands and placed it on a breast. She squeezed it and we got a few comments from the guys and between kisses I told her to stroke it properly.

Jen understood what I meant and asked if I was sure, I told her I was and she slipped her hand into my bra and toyed with my nipple. I automatically gasped and spread my legs a little and now *really* wished that there weren’t other people around (other than the immediate group of course). I wasn’t at all sure how far we could (or should) go, but I was enjoying what was happening and felt fairly safe (ironically due to the fact that there *were* other people on the other side of the lake). I pulled Jen’s head down so she could kiss my neck and I could whisper in her ear and told her to do more. She removed her hand and I felt my bra being pushed over my breast and then her fingers returned to my nipple. I hadn’t really thought this through – I’d moved her head mostly so I could tell her what to do, but of course once she started to kiss my neck this started up a whole new set of feelings. I pretty much knew that I was in trouble and so whispered to Jen that if she kept doing that, I would probably cum. This was my way of passing responsibility for whatever happened next to her. She gave my nipple an extra tweak and I let me legs open a bit more (I didn’t actually have too much control over that as I was getting really turned on).

I whispered to her that she needed to check that nobody else could see and she stopped kissing my neck and had a good look around. I took the opportunity to check out my audience and was pleased to see that they were now all sitting awkwardly. Jen determined that we were still free from observation and went back to kissing my neck. As much as I liked it, I wanted to put on a good show so I told her that they probably wouldn’t understand the neck thing and that she should pay some attention to my breasts. She was eager to do this and kissed her way down to the breast that she had been playing with. My bra was pushed up completely, freeing my other breast and Jen started to kiss and lick around them (she seemed to have got the idea about putting on a show). The problem with this was that I knew that I wouldn’t cum from just this and I hadn’t decided how much I wanted to show.

Jen was now concentrating on my nipples, sucking one and rolling the other. They were both quite hard (usually only one or the other is hard unless I’m really turned on) and my hips were moving around. I realised how bazaar it was that I was embarrassed by letting them see I was aroused due to hip movements as it was clear what was happening to me, so I stopped trying to control it and just let go. It’s not as if I suddenly started to gyrate wildly, but I felt my legs spreading wider and then clenching together. I was breathing quite heavily and almost without thinking, my hand wandered down to my panties and I rubbed over them. This got another batch of comments (approving ones), but Jen lifted my hand away (to disapproving comments) and said that it was up to her to do things to me. I pulled her head back up to my neck and she resumed her earlier nibbling, licking and kissing. I let out a little moan (trying to stay relatively quiet) and pulled my legs open. Short of being interrupted (which I *really* did *not* want to happen), I knew that I was going to cum for them (and would have probably done it myself if Jen had stopped). I whispered to Jen that I needed to cum and she told me that I needed to ask her louder. I think I realised that this was her way of passing the responsibility back to me but I was past the point of rational thought and so asked a bit louder. It still wasn’t loud enough for her so I once more said it, loud enough for the whole group to hear.

I’m pretty sure that they had figured this out anyway as my pussy was almost humping the air and I was panting away (with the occasional moan). I finally felt Jen’s hand slide down from my breasts to my pussy and had to stifle a moan (which I knew was going to be too loud) when I felt her fingers press on my panties. I held her head tight against my neck and tried to press back against her fingers, but she wouldn’t let me. I whispered(ish) for her to put her hand in my panties and once again had to repeat it louder before she would do it. I was really close to bursting now and wondered how much they could see through the panties. I was imagining the view and was just going to tell Jen to push her fingers into me when my orgasm started. I wanted to grab Jen’s hand so she couldn’t pull away, but didn’t want to obscure the view so just moaned ‘pleaaasssseee’ to her. She didn’t try to tease me (which is just as well as it was a bit too late for that) and she rubbed my clit. I panted my way through a truly excellent orgasm, still holding her head to my neck and I thrust back against her hand until the orgasm started to fade.

Jen knew when to pull her hand out of my panties and lifted her head to lick her fingers clean. I lay there panting, my breasts exposed (still with hard nips) and my legs spread. I couldn’t resist dropping my hand to my crotch and giving myself a rub through my panties. They were only loosely on me now (due to Jen’s hand having been in them) and I wondered if my pussy was properly exposed (but didn’t really care anymore). I pulled my bra back down over my breasts so that I could sit up and I looked around to check once more that we hadn’t been seen (as if I could have done anything about it other than run away). There were still people on the other side of the lake but they weren’t paying any attention to us and I actually paid attention to the guys who had been watching. Their shorts still had bulges in them and I asked if they now believed that we were gay (they did). I have to admit, it sounded better in my head when I was formulating the question, but, again, I didn’t really care too much.

I pulled my panties up tight again and crawled over to the bag to get a drink out (not that I was continuing to tease them by having my ass raised in the air as I sorted through the bag!). We’d brought 4 beers with us (intending to have a couple each), but I opened them all. I decided that Jen and I deserved one each for having put on a good show and offered the other two for the guys to share. It was a bit awkward at first as nobody really knew what to say and eventually one of them asked if they were going to get to see me do things to Jen. I told them that Jen didn’t like guys watch her cum but that I was used to it (and reminded them that I’m bi). I pointed out their erections (which they tried to cover) and said that surely we’d given them a good enough show and they said that we had but that seeing it again would be good. I was no longer as high on desire and sent a txt to Mike to tell him what had happened to see if he minded, and if so, I was ready to apologise (and blame Jen) if he did. Fortunately he texted back straight away and said that I could show them whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t have sex with them (this is one of the reasons I love him so much, he trusts me to not get *too* carried away – which is why I would never cheat on him). I showed Jen the text and gave her a little kiss and I told her that I was considering if we should do an encore show or not.

We sat around and chatted for a while and it was clear that they were hoping to see some more. They were still obviously checking us both out and I was really torn as to whether or not we should put on another display for them. At first I pretty much decided against it, but the longer I sat being ogled (and the more time I had to recover from what had been an incredibly good orgasm), the more the idea appealed to me. I think I did a pretty good job of hiding the fact from them that I was getting horny again, but Jen could tell and was giving me knowing looks. I really wanted to show off a bit more, but also knew that I wanted to show off a bit more than would probably be a good idea and was a bit scared. I was considering heading off away from the lake so that we could put on a proper show, but there were four of them and only two of us (I’m sure that they wouldn’t have actually tried to rape us, but it was still a much bigger chance than I was willing to take). In the end, I decided that as much as I would probably enjoy doing more, we had shown them enough and I told them that they wouldn’t see any more.

They were rather disappointed and tried to convince me otherwise, but I held firm (well, relatively firm – I ended up telling them that we wouldn’t put on another full show, but I did pull the crotch of my panties aside and let them see me push a couple of fingers into myself. Once they’d got an eyeful of my bare pussy, I covered myself up again and did my best to calm myself down (I knew that it wouldn’t have been impossible for them to convince me to show them more). Eventually, they realised that they’d got all that they were going to and they finally left us alone. Once they were out of earshot, I turned to Jen and told her just how incredible the whole thing had been. I was sure that she had planned the whole event, but she said that she had only intended to have me wear the revealing underwear and maybe play with me somewhere private – she had just gone along with things as they had developed.

I told her just how close I had been to letting them see her do things to me again and she said that she could always call them back over. I was sorely tempted but I told her that it was probably better to not do so. I was quite hungry and we started to munch on some of the food we’d brought with us and I told Jen about what was going through my mind as she had been making me cum. If I get time, or enough demand, I’ll happily write up the fantasy (and it’s developed a bit since then so I now have multiple versions). Jen asked if I would have been as happy putting on the show if it had been a group of girls and I told her that of course I would. I got her to imagine what it would have been like if our positions had been reversed and I had rubbed her through her swimsuit (or pulled the top down and sucked her nips while rubbing her crotch) and she said that I was being cruel by teasing her. We considered trying to find a more secluded spot to do things properly but thought that our earlier audience might come back and try to find us, so we would wait until we got home.

Not that I didn’t spend our remaining time there teasing her – she lay on her front facing the lake and I slipped a couple of fingers under her suit and toyed with her pussy for a fair amount of time – I could have possibly made her cum, but her suit was too tight for me to move my fingers a great deal so I just contented myself with teasing. I got her fairly worked up and we ended up going in for another swim to calm down before we headed back. This led to a slight difficulty in getting changed again as we would have had to remove our wet clothes before we put on our dry ones. We went behind a tree to strip off, dry off and then slip on our clothes. I knelt and gave Jen a few licks before we went back out to gather our things up and head home.

We had originally intended to have another play in the fields on the way home but I wanted to get back early to try something out (I wouldn’t tell Jen what it was). We collected her bike (which we almost forgot about) and got back to the house in a much shorter time than we’d taken on the journey out. There was nobody in and I told Jen that it was her turn to cum and that I was going to reward her for the lake orgasm. We were still downstairs and I slipped out of my clothes and started to unbutton Jen’s dress. She was nervous about being caught, so we headed upstairs. When we were on the landing, I threw our clothes onto the floor and dragged her into her brother’s room. She hadn’t been expecting this, but I told her that we were going to fuck on his bed until we’d both cum. I pushed her onto the bed and she asked what we would do if he returned and I just told her that he would get to see her in a whole new way and pushed my face into her pussy. Jen stopped objecting quite quickly and we soon moved around to a 69 position with her on top. I reached down between us and found her breasts and played with her nipples while we ate each other. As she got closer to cumming, I pulled and twisted them harder and she started bucking against my face – this obviously made it harder to keep pressure on her clit, but I did my best and it was good enough to make her cum.

After a short rest, she resumed eating me and I came. She was very keen to get out of her brother’s room once we had finished and I guess we had taken a pretty big chance given our clothes were in the middle of the hallway so if he’d come back, our escape options would have been somewhat limited. However, given what had happened earlier that day, at that point in time, I would have probably been happy for him and his friends to come back and watch me play with myself for as long as they wanted. I do slightly regret not having shown the guys at the lake more – I know it was the right decision to stop, but the first orgasm had been so good that I wonder what it could have been like if I’d been naked and had Jen finger or eat me.

We went and had a quick shower and got changed into fresh clothes. The plan was to go out to dinner with her parents that night so we just lazed around for the remainder of the afternoon and then got ready. I dressed a little more conservatively than usual (still no panties, but a long dress). Her brother wasn’t coming with us, but he did warn us that we were going to have ‘the talk’ about our situation (so the whole effort to get him on our side was a bit wasted). I could tell that Jen was rather nervous about the evening, which made me somewhat apprehensive, but we went along and tried to be as cheerful as possible. It wasn’t until the main course that her mum asked about Mike. I told her how long I had been with him for and that we were getting married (she knew this already) and she asked how I could marry him while I was with Jen. I tried to explain the situation (leaving out his lesbian fantasy situations) and told her that I loved him but I also loved her and have no intention of doing anything to cheat on either of them. I explained that we don’t consider it ‘cheating’ as both Mike and Jen know about each other and are happy with the situation and I tried to stress how they were two different relationships. What I was actually trying to reassure her of was that we weren’t having threesomes, but without actually saying it.

In the end, I think that we managed to convince her that I am serious about Jen and that I have no intention of dumping her once I’m married. It didn’t feel like it at the time (and Jen isn’t convinced I’m right about this), but I think that they are just trying to look out for her and don’t want her to be used by me. Of course I could dispel that myth by pointing them to some of the entries in this blog and let them find out the things that Jen makes me do – but that might not entirely endear me to them either, so we might skip that idea!

It was a tiring dinner (but the food was quite good) and when we got home we went straight up to Jen’s room. Her brother had some friends round but we wanted a bit of time together to recover and we snuggled up and hugged for a while. We were in the middle of getting ready for bed when there was a knock on the door and her brother asked if we wanted to join them. We were feeling a bit better by this point so called out that we would be along in just a moment. I was already halfway out of my dress and was deciding whether I should put it back on or get changed into the long t-shirt. It wasn’t much of a decision, Jen put her PJs on and we went in to join them in his room. It was the same group as the night before and space was made for us on the bed (a couple of people moved onto the floor). I made sure that when I sat down I was decently covered and her brother went and got us some beers. We chatted away and I rearranged my position a few times, sometimes sitting in a more revealing position and sometimes making sure I was more covered. On one occasion, I say with my legs slightly open and the two people in front of me were staring straight at my pussy (as I’ve said before, not many guys are good at subtlety. We eventually excused ourselves, saying that we’d had a tiring day (we’d told them about walking out to the lake to go swimming – but obviously not the next bit).

Back in Jen’s room, we had a giggle at the fact that I had clearly produced a couple of erections and that they’d been sitting trying to hide them while still looking at me (despite the fact I’d been more conservative than I had the previous night). I slipped a hand into Jen’s PJs and said that I wanted to make love to her – she agreed, but said we would have to be quiet. We started off beside each other on the bed, kissing and fingering and them moved round to a 69 position with us both on our sides. It was a slow and gentle session – we heard people leaving but they didn’t hang around (Jen’s parents were already in bed) and we just continued as we heard her brother come back upstairs and go to bed. I interrupted my licking and reached over to grab my beer. I had already mostly finished it so I drank the dregs and pressed it against Jen’s pussy. She told me that we couldn’t do that as we had to be quiet so I told her that she would just have to make sure she didn’t make any noise and to use my cunt to muffle herself. I spread her lips and pushed the neck of the bottle into her – the cold glass made her gasp but I started to pump it in and out of her and she soon warmed it up.

She returned to licking me and I enjoyed the view I had of her pussy swallowing the bottle and then grasping at it as I pulled it out. I couldn’t get into a position where I could like her as well so I used my other hand on her clit. I wasn’t doing anything too intense to her as I wanted us to come together – I hadn’t realised before how difficult it is to do this when you’re doing completely different things to each other (I can somehow read her much better when I’m eating her). We didn’t do too badly though – I came first and I think that if I could have moved a bit more freely (without worrying about the noise), I could have probably got her to cum at about the same time .As it was, it didn’t take long to bring her off once I went back to work on her and I had the bottle pressed hard against her pussy and watched her pulsing around it.

We curled up together again and went over what could have happened at the lake if we’d stayed there but didn’t do anything else with each other (apart from kissing). I got Jen to imagine that I’d used the bottle on her with all of her brother’s friends watching and asked how many of them she thought had cum at various times while thinking of her. We’re going to try to find a way to show her off a bit more to them during our next visit and of course this will probably involve a bit of nudity on my part as well...


  1. Dear Andi,
    I can't believe You're still writing about August in November!
    That was another wonderfully exciting entry and yes, I'd love to hear your lakeside fantasy(ies)!

  2. There's a reason that I've been spreading the posts out which will be explained in a couple of weeks (when we get to that post). It's nothing bad - I just got a bit tired of writing, but you'll find out about that soon enough.

  3. Hi Andi. I was just reading "Jens visit" , one of you earlyer posts, and I was wondering if your old house mates know about this blog.

  4. That would be a no - which is why they are still my friends!

  5. If/when this situation cums up again, you should make the boys go down on each other. Or at least masturbate for you. That way they'll understand just what they're asking you to do for them.

    I luv reading your stories :)


  6. That was part of my fantasy - watching them wank off and have them all cum over me - but things could have gone very badly wrong if we'd gone down that path!

  7. If I had been down by the lake with you I would have asked if it was ok to get my cock out and stroke it. Its hard now just reading and picturing you and Jen in my mind so being there would have been fantastic.

    I'm not Mike so would Jen have objected ?

    Cheers, John

  8. Jen isn't quite as much of an exhibitionist as I am, but she doesn't seem to mind too much if the occasional stranger sees her naked. I'm not sure she would want to have someone wanking beside her, but until the situation arises, I guess we won't know...