Sunday, 28 November 2010

Last night with Mike

Mike had recovered from his multiple cums by the following morning and I was awoken by his cock pressing into my cunt. I let him know I was awake by pushing back against him and then rolling over onto my front so that we could use Sue’s favourite position. He rolled over on top of me and pressed back into me. We both had to go to work, but it was my last day and I didn’t have a great deal to do so I didn’t mind if I was a bit late. Mike used long deliberate strokes, starting with just the head of his cock between my lips and ending with his cock curried completely in me, his body pressing hard against my ass. He nibbled on my earlobe and then moved a hand around my neck as if he was strangling me (he wasn’t actually strangling me, only stroking gently). I pushed my head up to give him better access to my neck and he continued the stroking while sliding in and out of me. It was a very gentle and tender session and my orgasm built quite slowly. I allowed myself to let out lots of moans and the feelings built fairly slowly, but as they got to be strong enough, we knew it was time to turn things up a notch.

Mike’s hand moved from my neck down to my pussy and found my clit. I started to thrust myself back at him as he sped up the pace and we fairly quickly finished things off from this stage. Mike stayed on top of me, flexing his cock inside me while we relaxed and recovered. We then got up, showered and had breakfast. Jen was still in bed when I left and other than quickly popping to say goodbye, I didn’t disturb her. For my last ride into work, I decided that I should use the long dildo (I don’t think I’ll be ready to cycle in the new place until I get to know it). I put my crotchless tights on (which I still don’t really like, but they have their uses at times like this), got the dildo positioned properly and hopped onto my bike. I had originally planned to just get myself nicely turned on while I cycled so that I could spend the day at work being a bit more daring – it’s probably a good thing that it didn’t turn out like this though as I’ll have to be back to do viva and obviously still want to see my friends. While I was cycling, I was thinking about what I could get up to in work and got a bit carried away – I was obviously enjoying the feeling of the dildo in me, but by the time I realised just how much I was enjoying it, it was too late. Of course I could have stopped and calmed down, but I thought that I may as well just continue and enjoy my last bike cum for a while (potentially).

At least I’m now used to doing this so I’m no longer in (as much) danger of falling off – but I do still have to stop afterwards and let things calm down before continuing at a much slower pace. Unfortunately, when I got into work I immediately met some people from the lab before I’d even gotten off the bike. This meant I had to be extra careful as I dismounted so they didn’t see the dildo, but I managed it and we wandered into the building together. I had to go talk to my supervisor before I’d had a chance to remove the dildo so I had to be careful how I was sitting, but once more, it was all fine. As soon as I finished with him, I went and extricated it from my pussy and stashed it in my bag. Most of the rest of the day was fairly uneventful – I had lunch with my friends and we chatted about various things. Because I was going to be back at various times to see Mike I knew that I’d be seeing them all again so it wasn’t like I was leaving properly.

At least things didn’t seem awkward with Jo after I’d told her how attractive I thought she was at my leaving party. I had been a bit worried that she might not have known how to take it, but she’s used to being told she’s beautiful by random men so I guess this might not be a lot different to her than any other friend admitting they fancy her. Once lunch was finished, we headed back to ‘work’. Lis caught me on the way back and asked if she could pick up the things we had discussed and I told her to come along anytime that evening and just to call first to make sure we were in.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet – my lab group got me a cake and we had a little farewell ceremony (I’ll see them again when I’m back for my viva) and it was then time to head home. I refrained from wearing the dildo on the way back and when I got home, Jen and re-sorted our toys so that we had a number set aside to lend to Lis. Of course, knowing that Lis was coming round meant that I had a final chance to expose Jen in some way and we wondered what would be the best thing to do. Mike suggested that Jen and I should be having sex up in the bed (loudly) when she arrived and Lis could walk in on us but in the end, I went for just having Jen wear a t-shirt that only just covered her ass.

We’d already eaten by the time she showed up (and even though Mike had seen and played with Jen (sort of) the previous day, he still appreciated the view). Mike had disappeared upstairs when Lis called to say she was on the way and when she arrived, I had Jen open the door to greet her. It wasn’t the case that Jen had anything on display, but the t-shirt was short enough that it was clear that it was only just hiding things. Once Lis was in, I sent Jen up to fetch the bag of toys we’d selected for her and I watched Lis’ eyes follow Jen upstairs (and get a view of her ass). While Jen was gone, I asked Lis how dinner with Vicky had gone and Lis had just started telling me when Jen returned. I whispered to Lis that if she was embarrassed about telling me any details with Jen around, that I could send her upstairs, but Lis didn’t mind so we all sat down while I quizzed her.

The dinner had been a success – Lis had put a nice little pink dress on (I think I know the one she was talking about and it is quite cute). It was the first time that they had really talked as a couple (about things other than what they had just done or what it meant). They obviously both knew (in broad terms) what was going to happen later in the evening, but neither of them mentioned it. Lis said that she didn’t try to pressure Vicky into making up her mind as to how (or if) things were going to develop between them and she just wanted to have a nice evening and hope that it would all be okay. It wasn’t until after dinner when Lis took Vicky’s hand and they went to sit on the sofa that things were any different than two friends having dinner and chatting. Lis said that she still didn’t try to rush things and she wanted to enjoy the whole evening as an experience (without actually calling it a date). Vicky seemed a lot more relaxed and the hand holding moved on to gentle kissing and then breast fondling.

While we were talking about this, I could see Jen fidgeting and was feeling the familiar tingling building (even though we hadn’t got to the ‘good stuff’ yet). Lis wasn’t as explicit with her descriptions, nor did she go into quite as much detail, but she told us that Vicky and her moved on to stroking and fondling, then moved up to the bedroom to get undressed and do things properly. Lis had a good play with Vicky’s breasts and they then 69ed, had another kissing session and then humped against each other and used fingers to bring each other off a second time. Apparently, they were a bit tired after this (lightweights) and cleaned up before returning to bed to get some sleep.

While they were dozing off, Lis gently fondled Vicky’s pussy and played with her pubic hair. She actually asked Vicky if she had ever considered shaving or at least trimming her hair as someone had told her that this made it much nicer to go down on someone. Of course, Vicky guessed who it was that had told her that and asked if I was shaved. Lis told her that I was and that I often went without panties so she had seen my pussy a number of times now. I was a bit surprised at first that she had told Vicky this, but I guess if I share Lis’ secrets with Jen then it’s not too surprising that she’s going to share some of mine with Vicky. Vicky was very curious as to how Lis had seen my pussy and she now knows about my naked sunbathing - Vicky does that too – as evidenced from our holiday so this didn’t shock her at all, but she was very curious about the fact that Lis had got a few glimpses of me by the lake at Uni. In the end, Vicky agreed that she would give her pubes a bit of a trim for Lis and would maybe even consider letting Lis shave her.

I asked Lis if this meant that Vicky had decided what she wanted (as in, was her relationship with Lis any more than just randomly hooking up) – Lis replied that they still haven’t sorted it out, but agreed that it certainly sounds like things are going somewhere. I’d gotten increasingly aroused throughout the conversation and was now sitting with my hands in my lap, pressing the material of my skirt firmly against my pussy. Jen was still squirming around and I could tell that she was ready to head upstairs for some fun but I thought I’d make use of having Lis there. I leant over and whispered to Lis that her stories always get Jen really worked up and we both looked over at Jen together. Jen’s nipples were poking against the t-shirt and I asked Lis if she would help with some of the payback for my time at Jen’s. Lis asked what I was going to do and I asked her if she would like to see another shaved pussy. I thought that Lis was being a bit hesitant, but she then coyly said that she would so I moved over to Jen and told her that it was time for Lis to see her properly.

I got Jen to turn so that she was facing Lis and slowly lifted up one of her legs onto the sofa. With her legs spread, I got Jen to lift her t-shirt to her stomach and expose herself. It was clear that she was fairly aroused as her pussy was shining with her juices and I figured that I could take things a step further. I ran a hand up Jen’s thigh and parted her pussy, watching Lis’ reaction the whole time. Lis’ eyes were glued to Jen’s cunt and before I let go, I gently ran a finger up the middle of her pussy and over her clit. Jen gave a tiny gasp as I did this and I then let her drop the t-shirt so she was covered again. I noticed that she didn’t pull it the whole way down, so even though she was no longer on display, she wasn’t completely covered. I told Lis that this was why she needed to get Vicky shaved – either bare like Jen and I or at least in the way she shaves her pussy lips. Lis agreed that she really wanted to shave Vicky and I reminded her of the best way to check for smoothness once done – Lis blushed a bit at this, but gave a little smile as well.

I handed the bag of toys to her and told her that she could use them for as long as she wanted and that hopefully Vicky would appreciate them as well. Lis had a quick peek in the bag but didn’t look through it properly. She thanked us and said that she wished we were still going to be around and once again promised to come and visit. I felt Jen’s hand on my leg and it slowly moved higher up my thigh. I told Jen to behave or I’d make her go play with herself in the middle of the room. Lis said that she would go and give us some privacy – I tried to convince her to stay but either she hadn’t picked up on the fact that I was effectively inviting her to watch Jen cum or she isn’t interested in watching (although I can’t imagine *anyone* not wanting to take the chance to watch Jen cum – and Lis has seen it before even though Jen hand a bikini on at the time). It transpired that she was actually going round to Vicky’s place that night, so she wanted to get home and freshened up first (Vicky had asked her to keep this a secret so I assumed that it meant a declaration of love – or at least long term sex!).

Lis started to get her things together and I gave her a goodbye hug. I know that it’s not long since I became good friends with her, but she is a really sweet (and cute) girl and I knew I was going to miss her (and miss the chance to show off to her and maybe play with her). I gave her a little kiss on the lips (nothing passionate and it only lasted a second or so) and told her to take care of herself (and report back on progress). She saluted me and said that she would and then Jen hugged her. Jen gave her a quick peck on the lips and then while looking directly at Lis, pushed one of Lis’ hands down her back and onto her (Jen’s) ass. Jen is convinced that Lis gave her ass cheek a little squeeze and she certainly didn’t pull away so I took the chance to hug Lis from behind (so she was sandwiched between us) and told her (once again) that we were really going to miss her. I didn’t hug her for long and as I pulled away, Jen’s hands dropped down Lis’ back and slid over her ass (but at least Jen had the sense to not try to keep them there).

We told her to enjoy her night with Vicky and it wasn’t until she had left that the thought crossed my mind that it could have been a ‘I’ve decided I don’t want to do this anymore talk’ that Vicky had invited her over for. I remember really hoping that wasn’t the case as I was leaving the following day and would have wanted to be there to try to console her (not that I could have done much, but I could at least have listened). And just in case you’re wondering, even I wouldn’t have tried to take advantage of the situation to get to fuck her – I’m a nice girl – mostly...

Mike came back downstairs when he heard Lis leave and it was clear that Jen wanted to get to doing things. He really wanted to join in with us – or at least get to watch, but things were back to the way they were with ‘the rules’, so Jen and I dashed upstairs. Not that we were gone for long, we were both pretty turned on and imagined that we were tearing the clothes off Lis and fucking her senseless. This led to a very short and intense session (in which Lis came almost constantly), and once we’d caught our breath, we went back downstairs. Jen made a little concession to Mike and wore just her white lacy panties and curled up against him on the sofa while we told him what Lis had told us. Of course, having a mostly naked Jen pressed against him while hearing about this got him rather hard – and it might not have helped that I rubbed him (through his trousers) for a bit. We then recounted some of the fantasy we had played out upstairs for him and I suggested that I should have used all of the toys to make Jen cum with Lis watching before we gave them to her.

Mike was clearly ready to burst, not helped by Jen peeling off her panties and letting him have a sniff of them. Jen had kindly agreed to let me spend my last night with him and even though it was still early, we’d got everything packed away so went upstairs for an early night. It would be more accurate to say that I was dragged upstairs for an early night, thrown onto the bed and told that I was going to pay for having teased him. Mike pulled his trousers off and stood before me with his cock nice and hard. I took the end in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before starting to suck him off. I added a hand into the mix and pumped away on the shaft and he seemed to be enjoying the work I was doing. I thought for a while that he was going to cum in my mouth but as he got close, he pulled out and got me to lie on the bed. He sat straddling me and pushed his cock between my breasts, wrapped them around it and started to tit-fuck me. This didn’t last too long though as he noticed that I was rubbing myself while he was doing this and decided that if I was going to cum, he wanted to be inside me.

I knelt on the bed, leaning against the headboard for support and he pushed into me from behind. He didn’t initially move as quickly as I had expected and we alternated between long slow strokes and faster harder pounding. We ended up doing something that we’ve seen online but not tried before – Mike ended up holding me up by my arms and pulling me towards him. This wasn’t as painful as I had imagined it might be (although my arms ached a bit afterwards). I couldn’t cum like this as there was no direct stimulation on my clit (now if only Jen would have joined us, she could have taken care of that...), so after doing this for a little while, I leant against the headboard again and we continued doggy style. Of course, now Mike could rub my clit and things worked out much better – I came and he came in me.

I eased myself down so my head was on the pillow, but I kept my ass raised and Mike stayed in me. I flexed myself around him a few times and after a little while, he started to move in me again. I told him that I thought he would need a longer break, but he said that he was ready if I was, so I pushed back against him to give him my answer. We didn’t stay in this position, but moved into the more traditional missionary position (I know that this is ‘boring’ but I often enjoy it as a much more intimate position – it’s certainly much easier to kiss and Mike can also lick and kiss my neck (to some extent). I held onto him very tightly as we moved together, both arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling him to me. We kissed for pretty much the whole session, breathing heavily between us and grinding together. Mike reached around and between his legs to rub my clit a bit and as soon as I started to cum, he moved his hand away and held me tight while continuing to pump into me. This was enough to keep my orgasm going and he came soon after and once more, remained inside me after he had finished cumming.

Neither of us mentioned the fact that this was our last night together (yes, I know that we see each other on weekends, but I mean our last night when we were living together), but there was definitely a feeling in the air that I can’t explain. Even when we were snuggling up to go to sleep, it felt different and as if something was coming to an end. We’ve spent most nights together since we started sleeping together and even though I’ve had to go home or visited Jen, it’s only ever been for a short period of time and then we were back together – this time we have no idea how long it will be for.


  1. Dear Andi,
    I really can sympathise with being away from home. I suspect You moved away at the same time as me. It's not easy.

  2. Hi Andi

    I'm glad your last night before moving away was good and hope the travelling doesn't become burdensome.

    If Jen begins to miss eating Mike's spunk from your pussy I think he would be happy for her to visit and cum over her tits. And she would be sure of getting a bigger load than last time too.

    Christmas is less than a month away so time to plan a sexy reunion !

    Cheers, John xxx

  3. PS: I was hoping your last night would end up with all three of you asleep together. You spooning with Jen and Mike behind with his arm over you and caressing Jen's breast.

    PPS: This isn't actualy the end is it? I stumbled upon the slumber party this summer and had to read all your posts from the beginning - over 300 totally sexy stories. I really want you to continue.

    Cheers, John xxx

  4. Yes, being apart sucks - and not in the good way!

    Still no threesomes with Mike and Jen - I had kind of hoped that we could all sleep (just sleep) together, but that's not in 'the rules'.

    We're got plans for Christmas - which will be partly at home and then back to York. Jen will of course be joining us but she may have to have Christmas itself at her home (we're still working on that).

  5. Hey Andi. I really think that next time you see mike, you should have a lot of anal sex. I personally love the look of a steached out ass hole, and if you don't like it, then you can just stay away from anal untill it can shrink again. But, it's your choice! Are you going to continue the slumber party story now that you are living away from mike?

  6. Suggestion for an xmas present. Buy an electric shaver for Mike so you can shave his cock and balls. Its much safer than a blade on all that wrinkly skin! I shave every morning and my skin feels great afterwards.

    Cheers, John

  7. Mike uses an electric trimmer to get the hair fairly short but doesn't actually shave (he did shave 'properly' once, but it takes too long to do on a regular basis).

    As for anal - as much as we both like it, we don't like the stretched ass look so it won't be happening too often (but often enough to be fun!)