Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mike and Jen

This is now just before I left York for the cold dark North – August 29th. Mike finally got (a little of) what he’s wanted for so long..


Sunday was a pretty good (near) end to my time in York and is a day that Mike will remember for quite a while (I know this as he keeps going on about it). It started out in the usual way – I woke up first and went down on Jen to wake her up. I was feeling particularly horny after having had my nice dreams about Anna (and with the fantasy about Lis et al still relatively fresh in my mind). As such, I gave Jen’s pussy a pretty thorough cleaning with my tongue and by the time I had finished she had cum and was asking me to stop to give her a rest. I snuggled up beside her and gave her a few minutes to recover while I gently stroked her breasts (mostly avoiding her nipples). I asked her what she wanted to do to me and she said that she would be happy to make me cum, but she had a special day planned so I might end up cumming a number more times and asked if I wanted to skip my morning orgasm in order to be better prepared. This sounded like a challenge to me (and I know I can cum more times than Jen can) so I told her that there was no way I was going to miss having her make me cum and told her that she should get to work.

I pushed her down between my legs and told her to start licking while I fished around in the drawer for a vibe. Once I had found this, I handed it down to her and she ran it up and down my pussy before pushing it into me. I didn’t want to play for too long so kept telling her to lick harder or move the vibe faster and she dutifully did as she was told. I thought it was only fair to let Mike know that we were awake so I allowed myself to be pretty loud, both in giving instructions and in my appreciation of her efforts. It didn’t take her long to get me to cum and while we kissed, I explained to her about my dream and why I’d been feeling so horny. Jen liked the sound of the dream and I couldn’t help myself from starting to play with her again but she stopped me and said once again about her plans for the day (without actually telling me what they were). As much as I would have loved to go another round with her, I decided to let her have her way and she took my hand and led me downstairs, stopping to knock on Mike’s door to tell him we were having breakfast.

He surfaced a couple of minutes later and appreciated the fact that Jen was still naked. I had forgotten about her promise that he was going to be rewarded (but he hadn’t) and over breakfast, he asked her what form the reward was going to take. Jen asked him what he wanted and started to give her tits a rub, then moved on to gently teasing her nips. Mike told her that she knew full well what he wanted and she told him that he would have to wait to find out what was going to happen (but she did say that she wasn’t going to let him fuck her). There was definitely an atmosphere of anticipation for the rest of breakfast and I wondered how it felt for Mike to not know what was going to happen (given he’s usually the ones who makes the plans).

We tidied up and all went back upstairs – Jen stood and seemed to be contemplating something for a minute and then took a pair of white silk panties out and slipped them on. I’ve seen these ones before and I really like them as they cover her, but the material is so soft and thin that I can still nicely see the outline of her pussy when they are pulled up. Jen straightened up the covers - with a bit of gratuitous ass wiggling- and then lay in the middle of the bed on her back. She told mike to take his dressing gown off, so he did, and then stood there naked with his cock sticking out and occasionally twitching. Jen has seen glimpses of it before when his gown has fallen open or wasn’t tied properly, but as far as we can remember, this was the first time she has ever seen it properly (due to the strange set of rules that they agreed to). I guess it’s only fair – Mike had been seeing her naked (occasionally) for the previous few weeks, but then again he is the one who wants to fuck her and not the other way around.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, but I wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly stroked it, up and down the length of the shaft. Jen told us to come over to the bed and Mike had to kneel between her legs. She said that as long as he didn’t try to do anything more than she allowed, that we would have a good time and he agreed (I know that he wouldn’t ever try to force her to do anything as he cares about her in a completely separate way from how he lusts after her). I was instructed to climb over her face (with my back to Mike) and then lean forwards. Jen told us that we were both going to get something that we had wanted and then told Mike that he could hump against her while he ate my ass. I looked back and saw him rub his cock against her thigh and watched as he moved it down towards her panties. He rubbed the head against the material a couple of times and then lay on top of her so he could rub it against her. Jen pulled me down onto her mouth and as her tongue started to explore my pussy, I felt Mike’s tongue on my ass. I’ve said a number of times that I’ve wanted to have a ‘proper’ threesome (one where I can actually do things with both of the other participants). I consider the times we did things with Sue to be a threesome for Mike, but not for Sue and I as (other than the occasional stolen touch), we weren’t doing things to each other.

Both their tongues were certainly doing things to me though and I was very impressed that even though Mike had finally got his fantasy (or at least a part of it), that he was paying so much attention to me. Whenever I looked back I could see that he was grinding away against Jen and he certainly seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. I guessed that he probably wouldn’t be able to cum from just dry humping, but he was making a good attempt at it. I was desperately trying to hold back my own orgasm for as long as possible as the dual licking was heavenly (now if I’d just had Jo or Lis in front of me so I could lick someone as well... – but that’s just getting greedy). From Jen’s occasional moaning into my pussy, it seemed that even she was enjoying the feeling and I pictured the three of us being able to cum together in one big happy orgasm. Of course, that wasn’t ever really likely to happen and I could tell that I wasn’t going to be able to hold back for too much longer.

I told them that my orgasm was approaching and Mike told me to try and hold back a bit longer and started to wank himself. He stopped licking my ass while he did this (something about it being difficult to balance on one arm, wank and lick at the same time...) but it wasn’t long before his tongue returned and he said that I should stop resisting it and cum. He had resumed his thrusting against Jen, but a bit faster this time and I felt him moan. He kept licking me and Jen seemed to speed up her efforts and I came. It was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be and I tried to stay on Jen’s face for as long as possible to get every last bit of enjoyment out of it. I stayed there for quite a while, but eventually I really couldn’t take any more and had to climb down. I was greeted with the incredible sight of Jen’s face covered in my cum and her body covered in Mike’s cum (not all of it had hit her – there was a squirt beside her on the bed). He still had his cock pressed up against her panties slowly rubbing back and forth and once I moved, he used his cock to smear some of the cum from her stomach onto her panties (which are now nicely stained, but she doesn’t seem to mind). Jen reached down and I initially thought that she was going to rub Mike’s cock, but she ran her hand over her stomach and slipped it into her panties, then rubbed her pussy with her cum covered hand.

Mike asked if he could see what she was doing (he’s never seen anything penetrate her – another one of their strange rules) and she said that he had to wait and take what he was given. Jen was obviously fingering herself inside her panties and she pulled her hand out a couple of times to gather up more of his cum before rubbing it into her pussy. Even though he could only see her hand moving in her panties, Mike was avidly watching her and had a hold of his cock, gently squeezing and stroking it. I moved behind him and reached around to give him a hand and asked Jen if she wanted to see him cum properly. She thought that sounded nice, but said that she had other plans for us. She pulled her hand out from her panties and asked Mike to take them off. He did this and she used them to wipe the rest of his cum off her body (they were already stained so it hardly made a difference).

Jen continued to tease Mike, stroking around her pussy, spreading the lips and moving as if she was going to push her fingers into herself, but then just continuing with the stroking of the outer lips. Mike’s cock felt rock hard and was spasming in my hand as I stroked him and I wondered if he was about to cum over Jen anyway (he didn’t). Eventually, Jen pushed two fingers into herself and told me to go get the long double ended dildo. Mike stayed where he was, his eyes glued to her cunt and when I returned, she pulled her fingers out and asked me to push the dildo into her. Once it was buried in her, I was instructed to lie on top of her and Mike had to push the other end into me. He rolled the dildo between us a couple of times until Jen told him that this wasn’t his job and told him to take my ass. Jen knows that this is something else that I’ve wanted to try and I gave her a kiss while Mike squirted a bit of gel onto my ass and then pressed the head of his cock against it. He slowly worked his way into me, which of course caused me to move back and forth, which in turn caused me to fuck Jen with the dildo.

Once he was a good depth into my ass, we worked on the best rhythm - we ended up with him pushing into me while I pushed back against him and then me pushing forwards towards Jen while she pushed back against me, but there wasn’t as much sensation from the dildo as we wanted until Jen pushed a hand down between us and held on to the dildo. This made it much better and at least meant I had something to push back against (so the dildo moved in me when I moved) and I was now passionately kissing Jen. By chance, I found an even better way to move - Mike stayed still with his cock about halfway in an I rocked back and forth while Jen moved the dildo a little in time with my movements (she had to push her other hand between us and use both of them to get this right). Mike loved the way this felt and said that he could feel the dildo moving in my cunt and that it added an extra bit of stimulation.

We alternated between different ways of moving and now that Jen had two hands working the dildo, she was able to pump it into herself as well. I knew that with just a little clit stimulation I would have been able to cum in no time, but a) Jen was already using both of her hands, and b) I wanted to cum just from Mike and the dildo moving in me, so I kept sliding back and forth, feeling them fighting for space inside me. Even without anything touching my clit, I was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to take long and I squeezed my ass around Mike’s cock (which elicited a few moans from him) and told them that I thought I was getting close. I kept squeezing myself around his cock and he started repeating ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’ and then said he was about to cum. I wasn’t quite there yet, but this was meant to be his reward so I squeezed a few more times and moved a bit faster and he pressed deeper into me and he let out a loud moan.

He kept his cock buried in me and I told Jen to try to fuck me faster as I was close and she did so. To his credit, Mike tried to help out and moved in my ass a little bit even though he later said that it was a really intense feeling. My head was now on the pillow beside Jen’s and I was panting away saying how good it felt and asking them to keep going just a little bit longer. It actually took longer than I had thought it would and the build up was excruciatingly slow. All the time I knew that I was just a little bit away from cumming, but without Mike pumping away as well, I just couldn’t quite get there. That is, until I did... I could feel myself shaking as my orgasm started and I panted into Jen’s ear that I was cumming (as if she couldn’t tell). Mike even moved a bit in me (although he later said that he has still been feeling quite sensitive).

I had been expecting a really powerful orgasm given how long the build up had been but it wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped. It did last for quite a while though, maybe as the majority of the stimulation was still coming from Jen moving the dildo in me and there was no direct stimulation of my clit. Jen kept moving it until I told her to stop and asked Mike to pull out so that I could lie down and recover. Mike gave his cock a quick wipe and lay beside me while I tried to catch my breath. Jen gave me a hug and Mike moved around behind Jen and asked if he could snuggle up to her (he was being very well behaved, but I think that’s because he didn’t want to do anything wrong and have Jen stop the fun). She told him that he could and he curled up against her with his cock running between her ass cheeks and up her back. He reached over Jen and took her hand and their combined hand rested on my breast, gently squeezing it.

I knew that I needed a bit of a rest and Mike wasn’t ready to get straight back into things either and we lay like this for a while. He wanted to be able to stroke Jen’s body, but all she would let him touch was her side and down her outer thigh. He was still hard and Jen wiggled her body against his cock, but still wouldn’t let him have a fondle of her breasts (he wanted to see if he could get her really aroused or even make her cum – but I can’t manage that yet so I doubt he would have been able to). We actually ended up falling asleep together like that and only woke up when the phone started to ring. I reached over and answered it without removing myself from under Jen’s arm and was greeted by Lis. She asked what I was up to and I wondered what she would have said if I’d told her I was in bed with Mike and Jen recovering from a threesome – but decided to just say ‘not much’.

Both Mike and Jen were awake by this time and Jen noted that Mike was no longer hard. Pretty much as soon as she said this though, she started to feel is cock perking up again and within no time, he was hard. I wriggled free so I could have a conversation with Lis without her overhearing them talking and she said that she wanted to see me to have a chat in person. She wouldn’t tell me what it was about but I assumed that something had happened between her and Vicky and really hoped that I hadn’t made the situation worse when I’d spoken to Vicky the previous night. I told her I would get over to her place and hung up.

Mike was rather upset when I said that I had to go out (he was fully erect again and was clearly hoping for another round with Jen). I told him that they were free to do whatever they wanted until I got back (which of course Jen wasn’t going to go along with) and she told Mike that anything else would have to wait. I bent over and gave the head of his cock a quick suck before telling them that I would try to get back as soon as I could and they could get lunch ready for me (it was already lunchtime, but I didn’t want to keep Lis waiting so we planned on having a late lunch when I returned). I quickly slipped on some clothes and briefly considered putting on panties before deciding against them, jumped on my bike and headed over to Lis’ place.

Once I got there, I asked hee if there was anything wrong and she said that there might be. We went up to her room and she sat me down and told me that Jen had made a pass at her. I realised that she was talking about the dance the two of them had the previous night and I had to stifle a smile. I asked Lis what she meant and she told me how Jen had guided her (Lis’) hands onto her (Jen’s) ass and how Lis had held them there. It wasn’t so much that Lis was worried that Jen had made a (tiny) pass at her, she was more worried that she hadn’t rejected Jen and that I might be mad at her. I couldn’t help laughing when she said this and told her that I really didn’t mind and that Jen had told me about it already. I explained to Lis that while we certainly don’t intend to ever cheat on each other, there are a few people who enter into our fantasies that we give each other a ‘pass’ for (should the opportunity ever arise). I told Lis that Jen thinks she is really cute and how Jen has occasionally introduced her into our fantasies. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do, but I certainly didn’t want Lis to worry about what had happened and this seemed like the easiest way to defuse the situation.

Lis seemed amazed that I could be happy to let Jen do things with another girl and I explained that it wasn’t quite like that – I knew that Jen wasn’t about to jump into bed with her and that I trust her completely to never do anything behind my back. I couldn’t resist adding that Jen could probably teach Lis a few things if she ever wanted to, but then led the subject away as I didn’t want to seem to be pushing Lis in that direction (not that I would object as if she gets to do things with Jen then she I might also get a shot at her...). I changed the subject by asking how things had been with Vicky and admitted that I’d told Vicky to not hurt her (and that I was sorry if I’d caused any problems). It turned out that the two events had actually helped things along – apparently my little chat had had Vicky think about being with Lis and then when she had seen Lis dancing with Jen, she realised that she felt a bit jealous. I actually don’t believe that what I said could have had that much of an effect and I told Lis that Vicky must have been thinking about this since they first did things on holiday. I *can* believe though that she might have got jealous when she saw Jen with Lis and said that this was probably the reason.

I’d been very patient and had held back from asking what Lis had meant from ‘helping things along’ but I couldn’t restrain myself forever and so asked her. Lis’ face lit up and said that She had spent the night with Vicky once more and seemed as eager to share the details as I was to hear them. I made a show of rearranging myself on the bed so I was sitting comfortably and asked her to tell me everything. Vicky had first approached her at the club and said that Lis could come to her place if she wanted (which of course she did). They waited until the rest of us left so that people didn’t suspect anything. They walked home and Vicky even let Lis hold her hand once they were a bit away from the rest of us. Neither of them talked about what they were about to do, but as soon as they were in the door, they literally pounced on each other.

Lis has got a lot better at volunteering information when describing things, but I still had to prompt her to get enough details to fully recreate the scene. Lis asked Vicky to play with her and promptly buried her face in Vicky’s ample tits. From what I could gather, Vicky was just as eager to do things (she was the one who invited Lis back after all) and they quickly started to undress each other even before they got upstairs.

As soon as they got into Vicky’s room, they fell onto the bed and Lis pushed her hand into Vicky’s panties. She started to finger her while they kissed and then stopped to finish undressing Vicky. While she was up, Lis pulled off the rest of her clothes and lay down beside her in a 69 position. They reached over and started to play with each other and then Lis pulled Vicky’s legs apart and started to lick her. Without being asked, she put a leg over Vicky and straddled her face, pushing her pussy down onto Vicky’s mouth (I’m glad that Lis listened to me and is now making sure that she gets what she wants as well). They 69ed until they had both cum (Vicky came first) and then curled up beside each other.

My new ‘more comfortable’ position on the bed was sitting cross legged, facing directly towards Lis. The whole reason I’ve always liked wearing little flippy pleated skirts is that they can be fairly short but still cover me so I can feel as if I’m being daring and nearly exposed without showing anything. Of course, over the years I’ve become a lot more daring and as my readers will know, I’ve gone a bit beyond ‘nearly’ exposing myself, but these skirts are also wonderful for this situation as well. Either by being slightly careless with how I move, or having the material ‘accidentally’ fall in the wrong way, it’s very easy to uncover as much as I want, and while I’d been listening to Lis, I’d allowed the skirt to ride slightly higher and pulled the material tighter so that my pussy was showing. I was feeling quote horny (unsurprisingly given I’d been picturing Lis with Vicky) and I wondered if my pussy looked as wet as it felt.

To my dismay, I found out that they didn’t do anything more that night (what a wasted opportunity – if I had Lis in my bed I wouldn’t let her get any sleep – and if Jen had access to Vicky’s breasts, they would be sucked and licked all night!). They did talk a bit more and Vicky just wants a bit more time to figure things out (but from the way things are going, I think I can guess what she might end up concluding). Lis finally admitted that she might be a bit more invested in Vicky than just as someone to have sex with and I once again told her to be careful, but I know that she’s the sort of person who wants to be with someone properly and not just as a ‘sex friend’. She does accept that Vicky isn’t gay (although she’s certainly bi) and that it’s possible that Vicky isn’t ever going to want anyone to know but I think she is prepared to take the chance.

When Lis woke up in the morning, she used a trick from my book and crawled down under the covers and licked Vicky awake. Vicky seemed to enjoy this and fingered Lis afterwards. Apparently, Vicky is still rather hairy and I encouraged Lis to say something to Vicky about this. Even if she doesn’t want to shave, just having a little trim would make it much more pleasant for Lis to go down on her. During this part of the conversation, I had idly been stroking a finger along my pussy lips and when I realised, I stopped and apologised (but didn’t close my legs or pull my skirt down). Lis didn’t seem to mind this too much and said that she might ask Vicky about shaving/trimming that night (Vicky had agreed to spend the night at Lis’ place).

This actually seemed like quite a big deal to me – two nights together in a row, the second one planned in advance. I told Lis that she might be winning Vicky round much faster than I’d thought and that she should definitely raise the issue. Now that Vicky knows that I know, Lis can tell her that I;ve told her how much nicer shaved pussy is (and I’m sure Vicky must appreciate the fact that Lis shaves herself). I asked if she was still doing it the same way or if she had finally decided to go bald and pointed to my own pussy (not that I’ve been trying to get Lis used to me being semi-naked around her in the hope that she’ll do the same – no of course not – I’d never do anything like that...). Lis said that she still has a patch of hair, but has thought about doing it like me. I asked just how much she has and once again ran a finger around my bald lips and mons, saying that I really love having the whole thing bald. I noticed a little stubble and mentioned that I’d have to get Jen to shave me again soon and told Lis that this was definitely the best way to do it – she could shave Vicky and then ‘check’ the same way that Jen and I do.

I’d really hoped that Lis would volunteer to show me her pussy but I clearly haven’t managed to indoctrinate her that far yet – she certainly didn’t seem at all embarrassed about me displaying myself to her though so I’m clearly making progress – it’s just a pity that we only really got to this stage just before I left York. While touching myself I could feel my juices were indeed seeping out of me and I went as far as slightly spreading my lips before I moved my hand away. I considered sucking my finger clean, but thought that might be going a bit too far and we returned to our conversation. I told Lis that if she wanted to borrow any more toys to use with Vicky, then she should pop round before I left and stock up (now that I’ve realise we own enough that we could probably open our own shop). She said that she might well do so and we chatted a bit more about other things (we don’t just talk about sex, but I imagine that all you lot are interested in hearing about).

I was getting rather fidgety and wanted to get back home to relieve the excitement that I’d built up during our conversation, but fortunately, Lis wanted to start getting ready for Vicky’s arrival anyway (about five hours in advance). Lis was preparing dinner for Vicky ands at the mention of food, I realised that I was feeling rather peckish myself and so said that I should get back for lunch. I wished her good luck for that night and reminded her that she needed to keep telling Vicky what it was she wanted as well as going along with Vicky’s wishes and she promised me that she would do this.

I headed back home, humping myself against the seat as I went and desperate to see Mike and Jen to find out what the next round of our threesome was going to be. When I returned, I foind Jen wearing her Japanese Schoolgirl outfit, complete with the long white socks and white panties. She had continued her packing while I’d been at Lis’ and was sorting out which bags Mike had to bring up to me when he visited. She was about to pack her outfit away when he requested that she put in on and she had complied. I was leaving my outfit at York (for use during my visits) and so despite being rather hungry, I quickly dashed upstairs, stripped off my clothes and changed into my uniform.

Mike and Jen had lunch prepared (and had been nibbling at bits of it while they had been waiting) and we sat down to eat. I passed on what Lis had told me about her night with Vicky, told them that I’d told Lis about the fact that Jen rather fancies her and also how I’d let Lis see my pussy and our related chat about shaving.

Mike thinks that Lis should shave herself fully and said how much he would like to see that and Jen agreed. In a way it’s a bit strange that Jen likes Lis so much – don’t get me wrong, Lis is incredibly cute and I wouldn’t object to fucking her senseless, but given how much Jen likes large breasted women, I would have thought that she would have been more attracted to Vicky. I think that the fact Lis has featured in a number of my fantasies might have helped things along. Mike also Thinks Lis is very cute (and we’ve fantasised about her joining us a number of times and imagines what it would be like to have him bury his cock in her tight little cunt while she eats me out). It’s not quite as surprising in his case though as he isn’t really a breast man – he’s much more into pussy and legs so her small breast size isn’t an issue.

I continued describing how I’d been sitting, how horny her story had got me and that I’d even touched myself (lightly) with her watching. Of course, talking about it hasn’t helped to calm me down at all and I was desperate to get back to doing things – fortunately, Jen and Mike both felt the same way and Jen said that it was time for the final part of mike’s reward. (This ‘reward’ was apparently carefully calculated from what had been happening with Sue over the prior few weeks). Mike got to choose how quickly we got down to doing things and he opted for watching Jen and I fool around for a little bit (as you know, he is very good at holding back so I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to see as much as possible).

Jen moved over and sat on the sofa and folded her legs under herself. Demurely (and she really does look angelic when she sits like that). I sat beside her and we started to kiss. I felt up her breasts through her top (she might have had panties on, but she was still braless) and soon had her little nips making small tents through the material. Jen’s hands snaked up my legs and pushed my skirt up so she could caress my panties and I spread my legs to give her better access. As things progressed, she pushed a couple of fingers up under the crotch and rubbed me directly and I told her that I didn’t want to play for too long before we got down to business.

I was instructed to get down on the floor in front of her and Jen put her legs up on the sofa, spread with one on each side of her. Her panties were now clearly on display and her skirt bunched up around her waist and I stroked her through her panties and then kissed and licked them. Mike said he wanted to see things done properly and Jen lifted her ass off the sofa and asked me to pull the panties off. I did this and handed them to Mike (who had a good smell of them). Jen spread he legs once more and wriggled to the edge of the sofa. She pulled my face to her pussy and told me to put on a good show.

I started to lick her and seemed to get something right as she let out a nice moan. I used long slow strokes with the flat of my tongue, running up and around her pussy then spreading her lips and licking inside her. Obviously mike couldn’t see what I was actually doing as my head was in the way, but he must have liked it as I felt him behind me, he hands on my ass. My skirt was pulled up and he started to rub my pussy through my panties. These were quickly pulled down and his fingers entered me, so I moved a hand to Jen and pushed a couple of fingers into her. Mike saw this and started to finger fuck me so I moved my head away from Jen’s pussy and tried to mimic his movements with my fingers in her. He asked her to spread herself and to my surprise, she did – her legs opened even further and she pulled her outer lips apart. Mike pushed his fingers all the way into me and twisted them around inside me and I copied this as well. He asked me to rub her clit and I looked up at Jen – she gave me a nod and I used my thumb to rub back and forth over it.

Mike pulled his fingers out but just as I was about to pull out of Jen, I felt the head of his cock pressing against me – he spread my pussy and pushed into me, then immediately started to slide in and out. I told him that I wanted to eat Jen again and he said that as long as I made her cum, he didn’t mind what I did to her. I kept my fingers inside her, but replaced my thumb with my tongue. When Mike pushed into me, he pulled my ass towards him so he was completely buried and I squeezed myself around him as he pulled out. He said this felt really good and how much he loved being in my tight cunt.

Jen started to play with her nipples and Mike asked her what she could feel – she described what I was doing to her and Mike said that he wanted to taste her. Jen said that he could taste her off me when we had finished but that she wasn’t going to let him lick her. He was obviously disappointed by this, but it didn’t stop him from continuing to fuck me. I was really enjoying being sandwiched between the two of them and how amazing it was to have Jen’s pussy in my mouth and Mike’s cock moving inside me. I had a weird image of his cock pushing the whole way through me, out of my mouth and in to Jen (maybe I’ve been watching too much of his anime) – as odd as this was, it amused me and I pushed my tongue into Jen and pretended that it was his cock fucking her.

Jen had started her mewing and was looking quite flushed so I knew that she was getting close and returned to concentrating on her clit. She made a bit more noise and I licked faster. I was concentrating so much on making her cum that I hadn’t really noticed that Mike had sped up his movements (of course I’d actually noticed, but I just wasn’t paying as much attention). Jen went into her final mewing stage and Mike reached around under me to rub my clit. He wanted us to all cum at the same time and I knew that I wasn’t too far off but didn’t think I would catch up. I was going to tell him this, but Jen was holding my head against her pussy and so I just continued to lick and suck on her clit.

For obvious reasons, Mike doesn’t know how to read Jen’s orgasms (although he has seen a few of them now, but nowhere near enough to time them the way I can). Jen came and I sucked her clit into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue (she did tell me to put on a good show). Jen came with a chorus of mewing which mutated into ‘oh fuck’s and Mike frantically pumped into me while trying to rub me. The rubbing was a little disjointed as he was still kneeling up fully so he had a good view of Jen cumming. I knew that I wasn’t going to cum while Jen was cumming so quickly broke contact and told him to just cum.

He thanked me and started to slam in and out of me. I squeezed myself around him as best I could and he came very quickly (Jen had finished, but I was still gently licking her and she was still panting and occasionally swearing). He rammed hard into my cunt a number of times – hard enough that my face was mashed against Jen (but she has soft skin so it didn’t hurt). He stayed with his cock pressed hard into me and moved his hand back to my clit to make me cum.

He was doing a good job when Jen interrupted him and said that she wanted to lick his cum out of me and would finish the job. Of course, Mike didn’t object to the chance to see this and pulled out of me. Jen moved onto the floor and I sat over her face. Mike sat behind me and I felt Jen pull me open. I leant forwards to give a better view and Jen licked up into me. Mike said it was a beautiful sight and Jen started to lick me properly. She alternated between my clit and licking inside and I told her I was getting close. She didn’t stop, but just gave me a ‘muh-huh’ and went faster. I ended up pulling Jen’s skirt up and burying my face between her legs once more – not that I expected to be able to make her cum again, but I love the way she tastes and it’s more comfortable than trying to prop by body up. Jen ate me until I came (which didn’t take long) and when I had finished, she spent a little while using long licks along the length of my cunt, from my clit to my ass. When I was finally allowed to climb off her, I saw that Mike had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it – I asked if he was ready for another round and he said that he couldn’t cum yet, but had really been enjoying the view.

Mike got dressed and we returned to sorting and packing – Jen and I still had our schoolgirl outfits on and Mike groped me a couple of times, but nothing more than a quick fondle. Jen flashed us a couple of times as well but I mostly just appreciated the cuteness of the view. We had a late dinner and Mike asked if there was going to be another round but Jen said that we’d already done everything she had intended to do. Both Mike and I pleaded with her to do *something* else and in the end, she settled on letting him cum over her. I rubbed his cock against her breasts (she doesn’t have anywhere near enough to do a tit fuck, but Mike liked the feeling of her hard nips – and Jen seemed to like the feeling of his cock. Of course, I couldn’t make him cum with just this and had to resort to sucking him and then using my hands to finish him off. I think he was hoping to cover Jen with cum but as his fourth cum of the day, he only produced a tiny amount (which Jen teased him about). Other than being a bit disappointed that he hadn’t drowned Jen in cum, he was otherwise quite happy with the orgasm and Jen has now seen him cum up close. I rubbed what he did produce into her breasts and then he was banished while Jen and I had a play with a double dildo (still with our Japanese uniforms on).

It was Mike’s turn to have me that night and after we’d retired to bed, we just spooned for a while and continued the planning for our visits over the coming weeks/months. I’d done a pretty good job of not thinking too much about the fact that I was actually moving away and wouldn’t have him around (I know that I spend time away visiting Jen, but I have her then so it’s not the same as being alone), but it was really beginning to sink in now that things weren’t going to be the same (and I’m not just talking about missing the sex). I know that we’re going to be okay and make it, but even just not having someone there to curl up to at night is going to be so different. It also dawned on me that my plan to have an incredibly sex-filled few weeks to tide me over and build some wonderful memories might actually backfire as it meant that I would be going from multiple sessions per day to nothing (or only whatever I do to myself). Not that I have anything against masturbation, but it’s just not the same as someone else doing things (and I’m nowhere near bendy enough to eat myself!). If we even knew when Mike would be able to join me it wouldn’t be so bad as I could use the time to explore myself properly and try out new techniques (the internet is a wonderful thing), but not knowing how long I’ll be by myself isn’t fun.

Of course, both he and Jen will be visiting (we’re alternating visits – so they will both come to me and I’ll go to them – it’s going to cost a fair amount in travel, but at least means that weekends will be fun.


  1. What a climax (pun intended) to an incredible summer !

    Jen - thanks for letting Mike cum over your tits, just a shame it was his 4th cum so only had a small amound of spunk for you.

    Mike - you lucky bugger!

    Andi - I think you can trust Jen and Mike to take care of each other while you are away. Looks like the no nudity rule is redundant and should be replaced with a no fucking rule - I doubt if that would ever be broken.

    Cheers, John

  2. Mike and Jen haven't seen each other since she left York with me. We're already spending a lot on travel and while she gave him a reward for his hard work, I don't think that things will be happening regularly between them (unfortunately).

    I would still love for Jen to let Mike fuck her and then we could have 'proper' threesomes where we could all do anything to anyone... but until Mike manages to turn Jen bi, that won't be happening...