Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nearly a Dr

I thought I should report that I passed my viva with minor corrections (which won't take more than about a week to do). Technically I haven't got my PhD yet, but it's now mostly paperwork and waiting for it to be awarded.

I was out celebrating last night and my head hurts - I'm going back to bed (and not to have sex).


  1. congratulations

  2. ((((((((((Andi))))))))))))!


    Now you just need to reunite with Mike & Jen on a regular basis & your sky would really be blue! :)

    Hezi, U.S.A.

  3. Dear Dr Andi,
    I expect you to get a nurse's outfit for Jen!

  4. Congratulations on your Phd !!!

    I expect this means a trip back to York to collect your award. Time for a reunion with Sue and Jen coming over for the party - and cumming lots :)

    I like the idea of Jen as a sexy nurse, Sue too. With you as the Doctor, Mike will have to be the patient !

    Well done, John xxx

  5. Hmm - we haven't really played Doctors and Nurses, but it could be worth a shot.

    Unfortunately, Sue won't be joining in our games anymore as she is now pretty serious about her new bf and we don't think it would be right to encourage her to cheat on him. Mike isn't too bothered about this though as he got to fuck his imotou (many times) so he fulfilled that fantasy.

  6. Mixed emotions here. Glad for Sue that she is getting regular sex now from her new boyfriend but sad that she can no longer join you. Does she tell you of her antics and can you post them ?

    Cheers, John

  7. Yes, we get to hear about her antics - she's only been dating him for a few months and it was a while before things started to happen properly, but I'll probably write about it at some point.