Monday, 1 November 2010

Sue's cum day - Part 1

You’ve probably noticed that the entries I’ve written since I stopped trying to keep up with events have been somewhat longer (boring nights here by myself at least mean I have time to do spend writing!). This entry isn’t much longer than the last one, but I’m going to split it into two as there is a lot of action in it and I think that people should appreciate just how many times Sue got to cum in a single day (you’ll have to wait until the next chapter to find out just how many times it was).


I was woken up reasonably early on Sunday (well, about 8 – which is early for a Sunday), with Mike fiercely licking Sue awake. He had licked her for a little while before she woke up and as soon as she started to come round, he went in for the kill. He didn’t try to keep going once she had cum (we’ve learned that is a mistake if you’re going for lots of orgasms), but up until she came, he licked and sucked on her pussy pretty hard and fast. I got taken care of next, but not before we’d had a good kiss and I’d tasted Sue off his mouth. I knew in advance that I was unlikely to get fucked by him as he intended to cum in her a number of times throughout the day so I wasn’t disappointed that he just ate me (I’m rarely disappointed when he eats me as he is quite practiced at it – as if you didn’t know that!).

It was now time for her second orgasm and he went for the more traditional penetrative approach this time – well, I say more traditional, but she was on top of him riding his cock and he held one of the small vibes in her ass while they fucked. Once again, he didn’t take too long over it or try to draw things out, but he made her cum first and then continued on for a little longer until he came in her. We headed down for breakfast (with Sue still naked of course) and Jen was already down and waiting for us. Mike told her that Sue had cum twice already and Jen produced a book and wrote down the details (this was our way of making sure that we knew the outline for this post while Sue just thought that we were keeping count – see the list at the end).

When breakfast was over, we cleared up and Mike started to play with Sue once more – Jen went and retrieved the clear dildo with the suction cup base and I helped her pull the washing machine out, get it started and we got the dildo secured. Mike helped Sue up on to the work surface and then on to the machine while Jen held the dildo in place for her to mount. She was told to put on a good show for us and we stood back and watched as she moved up and down on the dildo. Mike and I had a conversation about how much things had changed in such a short period of time and how it didn’t seem that long ago that just letting Sue watch us doing things seemed like a big deal. Mike’s hand had wandered down to my ass and was stroking between my legs and I started doing the same thing to Jen. Technically, this was against ‘the rules’, but Mike was paying attention to Sue and Jen didn’t object, so I fingered her a bit.

When Sue got a bit closer to cumming, Mike went to help her and show her the best way to use the vibrations of the machine. Of course, he has no direct experience of this so Jen and I were called in as consultants. Sue was instructed to press herself down onto the dildo while Mike held her pussy open and Jen showed her how much pressure to apply – I was surprised that Jen didn’t try to actually press on Sue’s clit, she just held Sue’s hand in place until she came. Jen noted down the details in the book while Sue climbed down and we went to have a sit down in the living room. Mike said he wanted to try a tit fuck and we headed upstairs – I left Mike to have a play with Sue while Jen and I went into her room to satisfy ourselves so that we could pay closer attention to her future orgasms.

We had a fairly standard 69 session (Jen on top) and when I returned, Mike said that he’d had fun, but didn’t want to cum like this as he wanted all his cum to do into her. Sue had been sitting up against the headboard and Mike had knelt in front of her. They had covered his cock with lube and Sue had held her breasts around his cock while he fucked them. When I arrived, they also demonstrated how she would lick the head as he pushed forwards. Sue’s breasts were still shiny with the lube (and her saliva) and Mike said that after he’s been pleasing her, it was only fair that she get to cum again. She knew that he intended to do the triple with her (cunt, mouth, ass), and did what he asked when he told her to kneel forwards on the bed so he could push into her ass.

He added a bit more lube, spread her ass cheeks and pushed part way into her – she seems to be a lot more relaxed about this now and it took him a lot less time to get most of the way into her and into a steady rhythm. I got an egg out and lubed up for her so that she could hold it against her clit, but she kept dropping it so I ended up selflessly holding it against her pussy. I know I said before that I had decided against doing anything with Sue, but when I write this, I try to put down how things were when the events were happening and not anything that might have changed since then. I still wasn’t intending on trying to eat her or anything, but rubbing an egg against her pussy (and maybe getting a little finger contact) didn’t seem like too much so I wanted to give it a try.

Mike kept fucking away at her ass and getting her to describe how it felt – she seems to quite enjoy this now and I hope her future bf appreciates the training that she’s been given! Mike got her to contract herself around his cock with him buried to different depths – about halfway seemed to be the most pleasurable to her and a little further out for him. He said he was getting close to cumming, so I turned the egg up to full power and ran it back and forth from her clit to her vagina. Mike managed to hold out until she started to cum and said that it felt amazing having her contracting around him as her orgasm pulsed through her. I removed the egg when she had finished cumming, but Mike kept his cock in her until he started to go limp and then pulled out. Sue fell forwards onto the bed and said she needed a rest but Mike told her that this was only the beginning and there was much more to come (pun intended). He told her that we would get some lunch after the next orgasm and that she would have a chance to recover then.

She did have a bit of a break and agreed to get dressed up in school uniform (not our actual uniform, just one of my tartan skirts and long socks. We headed back downstairs and Jen joined us once more saying that she wanted to get a good view of the next event so the dildo was stuck to the patio doors and Sue was sent out into the garden. Sue wasn’t sure if she could make herself cum again but Mike said he would help her (I think he had wanted to sit indoors and watch, but he was prepared to make this sacrifice). Sue backed herself onto the dildo and started to pump herself back and forth on it. I noticed that Jen had put on a pair of panties, was sitting really close to the window watching Sue’s pussy and was rubbing her pussy. Mike told Sue what Jen was doing and asked her how she liked knowing that all the times people were going to cum that day were due to her hot little cunt and tight ass and everyone was enjoying seeing her cum.

Sue admitted that she quite liked being watched (well, she is my sister – even if it did take her a while to figure out exhibitionism is fun) and Mike reached under her and started to rub her clit. Her breasts were freely swinging back and forth so he took one in his other hand and played with it. She was obviously enjoying what she was doing and was now making her usual pre-cum noises. Jen joined us outside (she had already cum, but we missed it) and watched the dildo pumping into Sue (or Sue pumping herself onto the dildo). Jen took a hold of Sue’s other breast and cupped it – it didn’t look like she did much more, but it wasn’t long before Sue came anyway and was pressing back hard on the dildo as her body shook. She let out a long moan and when she had finished, asked Mike to help her sit down and recover. We thought that she had earned a bit of a break, but pointed out that she was only up to 5 and had a lot of work to do after lunch. We left her to sunbathe and relax while the three of us got lunch prepared.

Mike and Jen had planned all sorts of things related to lunch but hadn’t got round to buying some of the appropriate food. They debated someone going out to get things (bananas, courgettes...), but decided that we would make do with what we had and after a quick strategy meeting, we returned to the garden. Between her rest and some food, Sue got some energy back – which led to her having to feed us all some ‘specially flavoured’ food. After she had rubbed a few things on her pussy for us, she was told to finish herself off and that she would be rewarded with a good session (this is what Mike and Jen had discussed in the kitchen, so I knew what was coming this time). Sue lay back and started to rub around her pussy and Jen’s hand wandered to my pussy. I hadn’t been expecting to have so much attention as it was meant to be Sue’s day, but I spread my legs and let her fingers explore (although it’s not as if this isn’t familiar ground for them). I ended up on my back beside Sue while Jen went down on me, pushing her tongue deep into me and licking my clit.

Jen was obviously splitting her time between doing things to me and watching Sue, so Sue ended up cumming first (but it didn’t take me long when Jen concentrated on me). Mike said that he thought Sue’s pussy was looking a little red and that we should probably cool it down. This was the cue to get the ice cream and we proceeded to eat pudding off Sue. Of course, some was rubbed over her pussy and Mike licked her clean and some went onto her stomach and spooned off. Jen rubbed some into Sue’s breasts and Sue didn’t object when Jen licked them a little bit (not as much as she had the previous day, but there was definitely a bit of nipple licking). Once she was nice and messy, Mike took care of her properly. Jen put small amounts of ice cream onto Sue’s pussy and Mike licked them off (each time he gave her a thorough cleaning) and they continued this until she came. Jen gave Mike a fairly passionate kiss after this (mostly to taste Sue off him, but Mike wasn’t complaining). His hands did wander a bit too low down Jen’s back and over her ass so she had to get him to remove them, but didn’t seem too bothered.

Jen took the ice cream back in and Mike told Sue to turn over and put her ass in the air. He licked it clean and then proceeded to lick around and over her asshole until Sue was pressing back against him. He flicked her ass with his tongue for quite a while and Sue really started getting into it but didn’t think she could cum like that (I’ve cum like this a couple of times, but it does take quite a while). Fortunately (or coincidentally) Jen just happened to have a vibrating egg with her and it was her turn to hold it against Sue’s pussy. She was much more adventurous with it than I had been and I saw her push it the whole way into Sue a couple of times and then catch it as it slipped out. Once she concentrated on Sue’s clit, it was only a short while before Sue came once more.

Having cum (another) three times in fairly quick succession (it was over the period of about an hour), Sue was once again a bit breathless, but Mike told her that there was more. Jen went to fetch something from the kitchen while Mike got Sue to lie on her back with an old pillow under her ass. She wanted to know what was about to happen and Mike brandished the Mars bar that Jen had fetched from the kitchen. Sue really wasn’t sure that she could take another orgasm (but then that was the point of the whole day – to try to get her to cum so many times that she couldn’t take any more). Mike rubbed it up and down her pussy a few times and then slowly worked it into her. Sue helped by holding herself open and he soon had about half of the bar inside her. He withdrew it and gave it a lick before pushing it back in to her and starting to pump it in and out. Both the bar and Sue’s pussy were quite messy by this point and Mike bent down so that he could start to lick her clit. Between the heat of the day and the heat of Sue’s cunt, most of the Mars bar ended up melting. Mike ate a good portion of it out of her, but her whole pussy, ass and thighs (along with Mike’s face) were covered in gooey chocolate by the time he finished and she had cum. It actually seemed like quite a strong orgasm (not what Mike was going for) and Sue was pretty out of it by the time she had finished.

Mike used his fingers to scoop up some of the mess from Sue and offered it to Jen (who of course ate it). He did this again and then she took some herself. Each time she gathered up some chocolate, she was a bit bolder with her fingers and by the end, she had rubbed all over Sue’s pussy. I’m fairly certain that Sue thought it was Mike doing this (she certainly didn’t look down) and Jen stopped before Sue had fully recovered from her orgasm. Between the ice cream and the chocolate, Sue was a real mess and clearly needed to get cleaned up. Mike said that he would go help her get showered and clean her out properly and they went upstairs.

Pretty much as soon as they were inside, Jen pounced on me and said that we had to do something – I understood why she was so horny and so agreed to help make her cum (as long as I got to cum again of course). I lay back and Jen rubbed some of the remaining section of the Mars bar on my pussy before diving in. I needed to repay her for earlier (in a good way), so I started to lick up and down her pussy, trying to draw out as much of her juice as I could. I really wanted to see her squirt from up close, but I had to be content with just getting her to her usual wetness and savouring the flavour. Either Jen had been really turned on or I did a really good job on her as she got close to cumming quite a while before I did. I didn’t mind too much though and intended to just carry on eating her but she asked if she could rub against my neck to cum. She didn’t need to say what she actually wanted to do and I stretched my head back. Jen moved down and started to rub herself on my neck.

As always, this felt really good (although she had stopped licking me due to her face being somewhere around my thighs) so I just enjoyed the feelings. I felt Jen’s fingers working on her clit and she told me that she was getting close so I raised a hand to her ass and rubbed around it – not pushing into her, just rubbing back and forth to provide a little extra stimulation. Jen rubbed faster against my neck and said she was really close so I prepared myself. I tilted my head as far back as I could to give her the whole length of my neck to hump against and just as I did this, I felt her start to pee. I pushed the tip of my finger into her ass (which made her squeal) and she really let go. My neck and chest were drenched but she kept grinding against me and I could feel that she was still rubbing her clit and mewing away (although there was a lot more panting mixed in with the mewing than usual). As she finished cumming, she moved back up and started to lick me before planting her cunt over my mouth. We’ve never really done ‘proper’ watersports but as I’ve said before, I don’t mind occasionally doing things I’m not that keen on if it’s something that Jen really enjoys or wants to try, so I started to lick in her pussy. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences at first, but once the taste of her juices came through again it was fine – and I was being distracted by her tongue anyway.

Jen got me to pull my legs as far apart as I could and then pulled my pussy lips apart so she could push her tongue into me – she scoured the inside of my pussy while rubbing my clit and I couldn’t hold back from cumming (not that I was trying to). I had hoped to make her cum again, but once my orgasm had finished, she rolled off me and we lay beside each other for a while. Jen got the hose and cleaned us off a little bit – Sue knows about Jen’s pee fetish, but doesn’t yet know about us having peed on each other and I think that might be a bit too much to reveal.


That’s enough for now – the second half will come in the next post.

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