Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sue's cum day - Part 2

I'm flying down to see Jen tomorrow to celebrate her 21st birthday. The original plan was for us to celebrate it with just the two of us, but her friends want to have a big party so unless we blow them off, it's not going to go quite as we'd planned...


We left off with Jen and I out in the garden, just having finished a 69...

Mike and Sue reappeared while we were having a water fight and joined in a for bit – Mike told us that Sue had cum once more while they were cleaning her up and we sat down to hear about it. I don’t know how he managed to convince Sue to do the things she has done over the past few weeks – not long ago she was nervous about letting Jen see her naked and now she has no problem cumming in front of her (and a bit more – but we’ll get to that). Mike described how Sue had held herself open so he could clean out the mess from inside her pussy (he had just used his tongue, fingers and hot water to do this). It obviously involved a lot of ‘wiping’ of the walls of her pussy and by the time they were done, he had managed to get her aroused once more. He went for a gentle orgasm and just used the shower jet on her clit and pussy (on pulse mode of course). It took quite a while to make her cum (which is just as well or Sue would have discovered what Jen and I had been up to). Sue said it was a really nice orgasm and it felt like it was coming from a long way inside (I guess what I always describe as a ‘deep’ orgasm).

Jen added this to the list and we informed her that she was only at ten orgasms and she needed to do a lot better. She wasn’t sure she could do much more but Mike said that we would make a renewed effort. He wanted to finish off the triple with her (cunt, ass, mouth) and we headed up to his room. Jen and I dived in the shower and then I joined them, leaving Jen to soak under the hot water. By the time I got to the room, Sue was already working on his cock, her head bobbing up and down most of the length of it. (I later questioned her about this as I actually thought she was getting him down her throat, but she said that she can’t do this – and I have no idea how anyone can without retching). They rearranged themselves so that Sue was on her side sucking Mike and he put a pair of vibes in her pussy and ass. I thought that he would try to use them on her, but he just made sure they didn’t fall out while she sucked him. He certainly enjoys Sue’s blowjobs and I went over and kissed him while he was cumming. Sue had to keep his cum in her mouth while he got covered up and we called Jen in, at which point, Sue swallowed it all.

She was still on the bed with two vibes in her and it was now her time once more – Mike sat between her legs and got her to pull her legs right up so he could work both the vibes in and out. He didn’t do anything to her clit so he was able to keep going for a while until she started getting close to cumming. It was clear that she wouldn’t be able to cum with what he was doing so the vibes were switched for the double dildo (bend round so it was in both holes) and Mike moved up to her side. He lay half across her so that he could suck on the nipple farthest from him, use a hand on the other one and use his right hand on the dildo to move it. He alternated between rotating his wrist (to push the dildo alternately into her pussy or ass) and rubbing her clit. A couple of times it fell out and he needed to reseat it and Jen helped with this. As Sue got closer to cumming, Jen made sure that it didn’t fall out while Mike rubbed Sue’s clit. When Sue was just about to cum, Mike went to rub her clit and Jen continued pumping the dildo into her. Sue must have known that Mike didn’t have enough hands to do everything that was happening to her, but this didn’t stop her having what seemed like a wonderful orgasm, her body writhing around and her hips thrusting towards the dildo. Mike took over the dildo again and Jen moved away – he continued sucking and rubbing her nipples until she had completely finished and then pulled the dildo out of her.

While she was resting, he got the belts from the dressing gowns and started to tie her hands to the corners of the bed. She asked what he was going to do and he said that we would make her cum a few times in quick succession and this was so that she couldn’t resist. We gave her a safe phrase (no more kumquats) just in case she really did want us to stop (as much fun as Mike was having torturing her – he wanted it to be ‘good’ torture and not anything that she really didn’t like – he really does care about her like a little sister – even if it is a Japanese little sister in a strange fucked up relationship!). Once she was tied down, Mike started to tickle her – gently at first and moving down her side and then down her leg. Sue is pretty ticklish and so was soon in fits of laughter. Jen joined in on her other side and Sue was soon gasping for breath.

I didn’t notice at the time, but Jen later told me that she took the opportunity to rub herself against Sue’s leg while the tickling was going on, but that was the least of what happened while Sue was tied down. Mike said that he wanted to give Sue as quick an orgasm as possible as we were running out of time and so he would concentrate on her clit. He got the strong vibrating egg out and asked for some help to expose her clit. Jen and i each took one side of her pussy and just gently held the skin back while Mike added a bit of tingle gel and then applied the egg directly to her clit. Sue’s pussy was pretty slippery and the gel didn’t help much, so we had to adjust out hold on her lips a couple of times – as she got close to cumming, Jen also pulled her inner lips open a bit (but was well enough behaved that she didn’t try to do anything more). Sue came quite quickly and Mike pulled the egg away while she was in the middle of cumming so it wasn’t too intense.

While she was still twitching, Mike started a conversation about fisting and wondered if Jen would be able to get her hand into Sue. She said that this wasn’t going to happen and Mike lay over her and whispered in her ear, telling her that I had already helped her cum a number of times and that Jen had touched her at various times over the previous week and Sue had seemed to enjoy it. He didn’t manage to convince her though and we had to forfeit the next part of the plan. What they had intended was for Sue to let us each put a finger in her (at the same time) and finger her while Mike licked her clit or used the egg again until she came. Jen was also going to use her other hand to finger me so that she could at least be touching both of us at the same time (in lieu of getting to have a ‘proper’ threesome with Sue and I). Sue agreed to pay a penalty for refusing the request and Mike said he would think about what it should be, but in the meantime, she had to follow us downstairs for the next round.

This was another first (well, sort of an adaptation, but it’s not something that Jen or I have done yet). The clear dildo was stuck to the patio door once more and Mike helped Sue back onto it. This time though, it was directed into her ass – she didn’t flinch at this though and continued to press back and ease it into her. Now this dildo is quite large and so it took a little time (and some lube) to get it into her, but she managed a good portion of it and rocked back and forth, fucking herself with it while Mike held the egg between her legs. At one point, she pulled it off the window and fell forwards, but Mike just about caught her (or rather she ended up half on top of him). After that, Mike held the base on the window as well and she was able to finish up. It didn’t seem like it was that strong an orgasm (maybe she faked it), but she said that she really needed a rest and some food.

We ordered another pizza and I guessed what Sue’s punishment would be (and I was right). When it arrived (we had been keeping an eye out down the street, so we had a minute to get ready), Sue had to go back out to the garden and put the dildo back into her (just into her pussy this time). While Jen opened the door (in a gown) and paid for the pizza, Sue had to use the dildo and try to make herself cum. The patio door is on the far corner of the living/dining room from the front door (probably about 10m/30ft), but there is a clear line of sight (or at least there was by the time a couple of chairs had been moved). Jen thinks it was one of the guys who had delivered to us before as he glanced into the room as soon as the door was opened. He certainly saw Sue and Jen just made a comment about Sue being her little whore and how she was being punished for misbehaving.

I was sitting down just behind the door and could see the guy through the crack and couldn’t resist having a good play with myself. I hadn’t intended on doing this, but seeing Sue being so wanton and with everything else that had happened that day, I just couldn’t resist. A small part of me wished that he would catch sight of me and by the time Jen had finished paying (she didn’t hurry things along), I couldn’t resist saying ‘I’m nearly there, I’m gonna cum’ as she shut the door. Jen looked down at me and I had my legs spread and was pistoning two fingers in and out of my cunt. I kept going and only rubbed my clit briefly at the end and let out a fairly guttural moan and I came once more.

Mike went to tell Sue that she had done a good job and he decided to reward her by eating her while she stood with her back to the patio door. This time he actually had to hold her up while she came and it was obvious that she had pretty much reached her limit for the day. While we ate the pizza, Jen updated the fuck list (as she was now calling it) and went through the ways that Sue had cum so far. Sue thought that she really couldn’t take any more, but we were on 13 and thought that might be an unlucky number to stop at. It was still reasonably early, but we wanted to be up early the next day to give us time to pack (I was heading off to Jen’s place and Sue was going home). Despite the fact I had cum five times already, I was still feeling pretty horny, but knew that Jen would be able to help take care of that later on – in the meantime, I wanted a final session with Mike and Sue and so we headed up to bed.

I intended to leave them for their last night together (knowing that Sue wouldn’t really be capable of an extended session) and so told Mike to get on his back so I could mount him. Ho got Sue to sit over his face and through his eating, said that he would really miss doing this (his fantasy position). He was surprisingly hard given he’d cum a good number of times already (but then he’d also had enough to watch to keep him aroused). He ate Sue to another orgasm very quickly while I was riding his cock and then concentrated on me. I squeezed myself around him while he pushed hard into me and as I got closer, I started to play with my clit. I wanted to make sure I had enough energy left to do things with Jen as I had a feeling that she might be feeling horny (it’s not as if I needed any deep insight to figure that out). I rubbed faster and came fairly loudly and Mike came in me soon afterwards. I quickly went in to see Jen and left Mike and Sue for their last night together.

Jen was indeed feeling horny and was incredibly excited about the day’s events. She pulled me onto the bed with her and tried to lick me but I had to stop her as I was still sensitive from my orgasm. I pushed her back onto the bed and started to finger her though while getting her to imagine that Sue was sitting over her face so she could eat her. This seemed to excite Jen quite a bit and I brought her off very quickly and then moved down so I could start to eat her. I figured she was due a number of orgasms and went straight to work on the second one. I had intended to get a dildo or vibe out to use on her, but ended up just burying my face in her hot wet little snatch and slurping up as much of her juice as I could. Jen was being pretty vocal as well and her usual cute mewing gave way to much louder moaning. I ran the flat of my tongue all over her pussy and pulled her lips apart to work on her clit and she came much more quickly than I had expected. I didn’t try to torture her and slowly backed off as her orgasm weakened until i was just gently kissing and licking her.

We kissed for a bit and her fingers found my pussy (still quite wet with Mike’s cum). I now realised just how horny Jen was feeling and gave her a little grin and told her that if she really wanted to cum again, then I’d be happy to help. I moved around and pulled her on top of me in a 69 (she wasn’t the only one who wanted to cum). I roughly pulled her ass up into position and pulled he down so I could eat her once more. She pressed back against me and started to lick me, pulling me apart to lick Mike’s cum out of me. She was like a little nympho and it felt really good. We were both moaning away into each other and I’m pretty sure I could have got her to cum at any time I wanted, but I wanted to cum first and then work on her properly. It’s not that I didn’t pay any attention to her – I licked her pussy, clit and ass and had her humping back against me, but I mostly just enjoyed her frenzied actions on me. As I came, I half wrapped my legs around her head and let out a series of grunts.

As soon as I had cum, I really started to attack her. I had a finger in her ass, one in her cunt (a little way) and my mouth on her clit. As she got closer to cumming, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight to my face. I ate her the whole way through her orgasm (her third in a pretty short period of time, and then kept going. I think I made my point as she was soon panting, moaning and screaming until she finally begged me to stop. I eased off and slowly switched to gentle kissing, but kept going for a good few minutes until she had calmed down. This seemed to satisfy her and we lay beside each other catching our breath. I think the intention had been to do something else, but she woke me up a bit later so that we could get under the covers and we then fell asleep again.

In the meantime, Mike and Sue had managed one further time, pushing her total up to fifteen. They hadn’t done anything too strenuous – he used her favourite position (face down with him sliding into her from behind) and she held an egg. Mike lay fully on top of her and pressed his whole weight onto her as he pumped in and out. I don’t think that Sue had expected to cum again, but he kept going, slowly at first and then started kissing around her neck and nibbling on her earlobe as he pressed as deep as he could into her. He knew that he had her once she started to push back against him and he used dirty talk, describing all the things that she had done during the past few weeks (and that day) and asking her if she liked being a dirty little slut who loved having her cunt fucked. I don’t think Sue can even pretend to claim anything else anymore and they came (not simultaneously, but fairly close) with her telling him to fill her cunt with his cum. Mike doesn’t think that he actually came very much in her (I think I got the last of his cum for the day), but he was pressed deep in her and stayed on top of (and inside) her as she drifted off to sleep, before he rolled off and went to sleep himself.

So the final score for Sue was:

1. Eaten in bed

2. Fuck with vibe in ass

3. Washing machine cum

4. Anal with egg on clit

5. Dildo on patio doors

6. Lunchtime masturbation

7. Ice cream cunnilingus

8. Ass licking with egg on clit

9. Mars bar fuck

10. Shower cum

11. Double dildo

12. Tied down egg cum

13. Licked against patio door

14. Eaten in threesome

15. Fucked to sleep

Which totals 15 – under half of my best ever (although I don’t think I could ever equal my record again as that was an incredibly tiring day). I got to cum seven times, which I think is pretty good going seeing as I wasn’t really trying!


  1. I like the last one "Fucked to sleep".

    Biologically speaking when women are near orgasm a chemical reaction takes place in the brain that literally shuts down your ability to control yourself (Inhibitions) which allows the orgasm to happen. When she is near orgasm you can probably do just about anything and she'll go along with it.

  2. Jen's only hitting 21? I would've thought she was a bit older, considering all the "experience" you've given her over the nearly 2 years you 2've been an "item".

    You probably spoiled her as far as other girls go, which i'm sure you're totally fine with! :)

    If you read this too Jen, happy b-day!

    Hezi, Balto, Md. U.S.A.

  3. Being fucked to sleep is really nice - it's mostly just a gentle fucking while we drift off, but often leads to nice dreams.

    The chemical reaction would explain why I often seem to end up doing more than I had intended - I get carried away and whatever it is basically just seems like a good idea at the time...


    Yep - little Jen is now 21 and is certainly a lot more experience than I was at that age - I wonder what stage she's at by the time she gets to my age?

  4. Another hot story and now Sue has allowed Jen to get sexual with her, even though she was *just* assisting Mike.

    Definite progress.

    Cheers, John