Sunday, 7 November 2010

Turning Sue...

Hmm - another very interesting weekend. Having looked at the remaining posts I've got stored up, t won't be too long before I write about it (or rather until you read about it). We're up to August 23rd now and Jen and I were heading to her home for a visit...


The next morning, we were woken up by Mike who told Jen to follow him. We got out of bed and staggered through into his room to find Sue sitting up on the bed with her breasts covered with Mike’s cum. I later found out that Mike and Sue had woken up a little while earlier and Mike had gone down on her. Sue had woken up feeling horny due to having incredibly erotic dreams (sort of unsurprising given the whole Sunday had been one big orgasm for her). He had got her close to cumming a number of times and had alternated between eating and fucking her until she was desperate to cum (I have no idea how Jen and I didn’t hear this going on). While she was really aroused, he managed to get her agree to a couple of things and then he made her cum. Pretty much as soon as she had cum, he pulled out of her and jerked off over her breasts (hence the mess we saw).

Mike had got Sue to agree to let Jen clean her up one last time (well, I guess it was the first time that Jen got to lick Sue’s breasts clean, but it was also likely to be the last time). Mike explained the situation to Jen (who didn’t need to be told twice – but she did ask Sue if she was sure). Sue just nodded and Jen climbed up on the bed. Sue tilted her head back and Jen started to lick Mike’s cum off her breasts – steadily moving towards the nipples as she did so. Mike knelt on the other side of Sue and kissed her while whispering to her. As Jen started on the nipples, Mike rubbed Sue’s pussy, not seriously fingering her, just playing with her clit and slipping a finger between the lips. Jen had an even better go at Sue’s breasts than the time before, and by the time she was finished, Sue seemed pretty aroused (Mike’s fingers may well have been helping with this, but her nipples were also rather pointy).

Mike was still whispering to Sue and she moved down so she was lying down with her pussy at the edge of the bed. Mike got me to lie beside her in the same position and he and Sue got down to compare our pussies. Mike had a quick lick of Sue and Jen did the same for me and then they closely examined us and described the differences. I’ve stated these before (Sue’s outer lips being fairly closed so her inner ones are completely hidden most of the time). I could feel Jen’s fingers tracing around my inner lips and over my clit – not properly playing with me, more like she was just exploring me. Mike asked Sue if they could switch so Jen could get a better look at her and she just gave a quick ‘mmm’. Mike and Jen switched around and they made comments about the differences they could see – Mike was tracing out the parts of my pussy with his finger as he talked about them and I assumed that Jen was doing the same to Sue who was lying very still beside me. Mike gave me a few licks and went back to slowly running his finger around my pussy – it actually felt really nice just being gently explored like this and I intend to do it properly with Jen at some point to make sure we really know everything about each other.

Mike asked if Jen could have a lick of Sue and told her that it would be just a single lick so that Sue could say she had properly experimented with lesbianism. Sue didn’t answer at first and Mike asked her again and assured her it would be just a single lick. I think I was holding my breath waiting for an answer just as much as Jen was and Sue made an even quieter ‘mmm’. Mike asked her to open her legs a bit more and Jen spread her lips (I obviously didn’t see this bit – this is what I was later told). She gave a single lick up the whole length of Sue’s pussy with the flat of her tongue and flicked her clit at the end. From where I was, it was obvious when Jen licked her as Sue gave a sharp intake of breath and let out a gasp. Jen continued to hold her pussy open and I think that Sue was expecting Jen to try to do a bit more. Mike asked if Jen could do it again or if she could lick inside Sue, but this was as far as she was willing to go. I’m still amazed that she made it that far and I think that if they had done that earlier in the visit, they might have even been able to convince Sue to let Jen eat her properly (now that’s something that I never thought I would write).

I think that Mike realised that they had gone as far as they could and he suggested that we should all go down and get some breakfast. Jen and I went ahead and he made sure that Sue was okay with what had just happened. Sue said that she was fine and that it hadn’t felt bad when Jen licked her, but he couldn’t get her to agree to try it again. He said that she should take the opportunity to explore a pussy so she had a better idea of what to tell her new bf when he was doing things with her and that she could look at mine or Jen’s (not to do anything to us, just to do what he and Jen had done). He thinks that she was a bit more receptive to this idea, but she still didn’t say she wanted to do it. They joined us downstairs and Jen gave her a cheer as the latest lesbian convert – Sue blushed a bit but smiled back and said that she wasn’t ready to switch to girls just yet (and Jen has commented many times to me that ‘not just yet’ isn’t the same as ‘never’).

I must admit, the thought of Jen lying on the bed with one of us over her face and the other one sharing a dildo with her is a pretty hot image for me, but I think I would prefer a threesome where all of us could do things properly to each other – and it would take an even bigger jump for Sue to switch to incest than it would for her to switch to lesbianism, so I’ll keep my fantasies going for now of Jo, Holly, Lis, Valerie, Anna and Vicky joining us...

Sue certainly didn’t seem like she had been emotionally scarred by the experience and we had a fairly normal breakfast (well, normal for our house as we had three naked girls). Jen and I had to pack up our things to go to her place – Jen was taking almost all of her stuff back as she probably won’t be in York many more times (hopefully never if Mike gets a job in the next couple of weeks). I only needed clothes for a few days, which is just as well as she has managed to migrate an awful lot of stuff up here over the last couple of years. She left a number of bags for Mike to bring up when he comes to visit in my new place (so she can travel light on a Friday night when she flies up). Of course, we packed a selection of toys as we intended to have fun while at her place and I wondered what someone would think if they did a random baggage search (I have no idea why this would be happening on a train, but it would be funny when a pile of dildos and vibes fell out!).

Mike and Sue went back upstairs – I’d given him permission to enjoy her last day here (and to help her enjoy it). They had a quick shower and then Sue started to pack up her things but got distracted and ended up putting on her Japanese outfit. Of course, Mike couldn’t resist this and ended up caressing her. Sue pretended that she needed to continue packing, but this didn’t last long as Mike continued to fondle her. They moved onto the bed and Mike quickly pulled her panties off so that he could get his fingers to her pussy and tease her. While they rolled around, he continued to verbally tease her about how much more adventurous she had become and how glad he was that she had really joined in. Sue pulled his boxers off and mounted him, sliding the length of his cock into herself in a single motion and then rocking back and forth on him. As usual in this position, as things got more heated, Mike pulled her down onto him and held onto her ass, guiding her so that they moved together and he could pump deep into her.

He made one final effort to get her to let Jen try something else and recounted some of the things that Jen had done – how much of Sue’s juice Jen had tasted (and how Sue had tasted Jen off bits of food), how Jen’s fingers had been on her pussy, Jen licking and sucking on her breasts and (of course), Jen licking her pussy earlier that day. He described the view he’d had of Jen’s tongue licking up the length of Sue’s pussy and how it had looked like she had enjoyed it and kept this description going while Sue came. Mike wasn’t far behind her and while they were recovering (Sue was still on top with him in her), he told her that if she were to let Jen have one more play with her that they could do things one more time. He got her to imagine Jen’s fingers sliding into her pussy and wriggling around inside her and then Jen’s tongue flicking over her clit and then pushing deep into her pussy and swirling all around the walls. They’ve been discussing these fantasies for a number of months, so this wasn’t anything new, Mike was just hoping to get one more thing to happen.

Sue had other ideas and said that if Mike had the energy to do things again, then she wanted him to do things just to his imouto and not have anyone else involved. She wanted to know that he would keep looking after her (albeit in a different way) and he spent his last session with her assuring her that she would always be his meimei (I get very confused about all these Japanese terms, but I think that also means little sister). Sue ended up lying on her front with Mike on top of her (she really likes this position). He kissed around her neck while he moved in her and then slipped a hand under her to rub her clit. They had a fairly long drawn out session, neither of them tried to hurry things along too much until they started to get close to cumming. They had a lot of dirty talk, Mike telling her how much he loved her little cunt and asked her if she was going to keep it shaved (she is). They culminated with lots of anime talk (Sue was still in the Japanese school uniform after all) and she came while calling him onee-chan. Mike kept rubbing her and fucking her until he emptied his load into her (which he thinks probably wasn’t a lot as it was his third orgasm that morning, but it felt good) and he stayed on top of her with his cock buried deep in her.

After a little while, Sue wanted to turn over and for him to push into her again – he was hard enough to get into her, but didn’t have the stamina for another session so quickly so they just kissed and he told her to be careful with her new bf (that must have been a very strange conversation with his cock inside her). She promised that she wasn’t going to just jump into bed with him and that he wasn’t the sort who played around, but that she would make sure to use protection anyway. Again, this seems somewhat hypocritical given how much of Mike’s cum she’s had in her over the past few of weeks – as well as having eaten Jen and my juices, but we’re fairly certain that we haven’t got any diseases (we’ve all been tested). Even though Sue was gently moving her hips against him, Mike couldn’t stay hard and he eventually slipped out of her pussy. Sue gave him a final treat and cleaned his cock off with her mouth, which did actually get him hard again, but it was getting close to the time that we had to leave, so he gave her pussy a final few kisses and they got dressed (well, Sue got undressed and then dressed into something that wasn’t cum-stained and she could travel in).

Jen and I had finished packing and we helped Sue get the rest of her things together (she didn’t have too much) and we headed off to the station. We left with enough time to get something to eat on the way (avoiding train food is a good idea) and sat outside a little cafe enjoying the sun. We all had reasonably short skirts on and were naked underneath (I think that we have finally convinced Sue how much better it is to go commando). There were too many people around (or more specifically, to many children) to play at exposing ourselves, but I just enjoyed feeling the warm breeze on my pussy and thinking about what Jen and I were going to get up to. Not that I actually knew, but Jen had made it clear that at her home, she would be in charge again – I didn’t think I would have too much to worry about as I’ve gone pretty easy on her – at least compared to some of the things she got me to do when I visited her.

We headed down to the station and waited for our trains. Jen and I were leaving 20 minutes before Sue so we said our goodbyes. When they hugged, Jen told Sue that she tasted really good and wondered what would have happened if they’d had more time. Sue blushed a bit at this, and said that she’d had fun. If there had been fewer people around, Jen said that she would have slipped her hand under Sue’s skirt to see what she would have been allowed to do (if anything). Sue promised to come up and visit me and Jen and I headed off on the train. Mike stayed with Sue until she left (there were still too many people around for him to give her a goodbye finger), but they had a proper goodbye kiss and he told her that he hoped she’d had fun (she had). He set her the usual challenge of cumming on the train (the good thing about travelling in the middle of a weekday is that there are fewer other passengers) and she chose a seat accordingly. Jen and I got an update about an hour later (from Mike) telling us that Sue had accomplished her task and was now having a nap – I was hoping to get more details as to how she managed this, but we never found out properly and I’ve got more than enough to write about for now anyway.

Of course, Jen and I didn’t plan on wasting the journey either and managed to find a suitable empty carriage. We sat about four rows away from the door at a table so we had plenty of room. We spent the first part of the journey just holding hands, chatting, kissing and making notes of the day’s events so far (so I could write this). Jen was still excited about having got to lick Sue and I tried to get her to describe how she tasted and if it was different to me. She tried quite hard, but as I’ve found myself, describing the taste of pussy juice is actually quite difficult. Jen said that Sue definitely tastes like me, but there is also a clear difference. I asked which taste she preferred and she thought about it for a while before giving me her cheeky smile and telling me that she would always prefer me (it’s just as well that I love her or I would have hit her for just taking her time to think about it!)

As punishment, I got her to bend over the table so I could have a play with her pussy – I just used my fingers on her but was already planning the next stage. Jen then dared me to get my breasts out so I pulled up my top and freed them from my bra. Jen had a fondle and then kissed them for a bit until we came into the next station (I was covered up by the time we actually arrived). Nobody got on to our carriage so we resumed as soon as we set off. I gave Jen the same dare and she pulled up her top (no bra – lucky girl) so I could have a suck and play with her nips. Jen then dared me to take my skirt off and pack it in my bag. I was sitting by the window and had a cardigan than I could use to cover my lap so decided to give it a try. I hadn’t realised that part of the dare was to stand up to put the bag up on the luggage rack, but I did this anyway and I don’t think anyone saw me. Jen took my leg closest to her and pulled it so it was over her lap and proceeded to play with me.

I had to cover myself up as the ticket inspector passed us and it did feel rather nice knowing that I was naked with just my cardigan on my lap. I got Jen to fetch one of the bags down and we extracted a dildo from it – Jen leant over the table once more and I fucked her with it (quite rapidly). I had intended to keep doing this either until she came or I was going to keep going for as long as possible as we pulled in to the next station (and I pretty much forgot that I was now skirtless). I remembered (or realised) as the train started to slow down and Jen took her time in retrieving my skirt so I only just managed to get it on before some people got on board. I had to quickly hide the dildo while I’d left on our table and the easiest place to put it was between my legs. There were a few more people around now, but I managed to slip it into me and kept my cardigan on my lap so that the end of it wasn’t visible. A couple of times, Jen reached over and pushed it up into me – not really doing anything, just making sure it stayed in me. After a while, she got a bag down and we managed to put the dildo away without being seen (we assume).

It wasn’t as successful a train journey as we had hoped (neither of us managed to cum), but we decided to rest for the last hour and prepare for fun at Jen’s home. Her brother obviously knows me (we went to school together), but this would be the first time I’d met her parents (her brother and I weren’t close friends, we just sort of knew each other through friends of friends so occasionally hung out together). I wanted to make a good impression so we stopped off on the way back to her house to ensure that we were presentable and our playing on the train hadn’t left us too ruffled. Once satisfied that we were ready, we got a taxi out to Jen’s place (it’s in a little village on the edge of town – hence all the nice fields surrounding it that we intended to play in). It was a bit awkward at first (and now I know how Jen felt when she came home to meet my Mum), but everyone was nice enough. Mostly the conversation centred around me having gone to school with her brother and how we’d met at the New Year’s party two years ago (we obviously didn’t give them *all* the details about that evening!)

Jen’s brother turned up later on and we chatted for a while – in that case mostly about the people who we both knew from school. I decided to have a little bit of fun with him and as we chatted, I started to unpack some of the things I’d brought with me. I was careful to not let any of our toys be seen, but the unpacking gave me the opportunity to bend over and let my skirt ride up. As I turned around to put my clothes in the wardrobe, I could see that he had noticed and so when I sat down on the bed, I sat with my legs crossed. My skirt was still covering my thighs, but from where he was sitting, he must have had a reasonable view up my skirt. When he left us, Jen asked why I had been showing myself off to him and I asked how it was any different than her wanting to do things with Sue (not that I actually want to do things with her brother, just showing off was enough for me). In the end, Jen conceded that it was similar and said that if I wanted to tease him then to go ahead.

Jen showed me around the house and garden and pointed out some of her favourite places to play with herself. We then went for a brief walk away from the village and sat together under a tree. This was a spot that Jen had sat at many times while thinking of her friend (the one she used to have sleepovers with) and would sometimes gently play with herself. It wasn’t a private enough spot that she could ever do things properly, but there was a really peaceful view so I understood why she liked being there so much. We went to the local pub on the way back and sat out with a drink and chatted for a couple of hours and then returned home for some food. As usual, travelling had made us tired, so we decided to have an early night and went to bed to watch TV (at least that’s what we said). Unfortunately, the layout of Jen’s house meant that we couldn’t do much more than that as her room is above the living room, so we couldn’t do anything involving sudden movements. Her bedroom is right next to her parent’s room as well, so things weren’t any better when they went to bed.

We managed to have a gentle session (which is still nice – we don’t have to be thrashing around and manically humping each other to enjoy it). Obviously we had to be quiet when we came, but that isn’t too difficult. We ended up actually watching TV after that and chatted for a while about the next few days – Jen told me some of the plans, which got me quite excited, but we decided to wait until morning when her parents had gone to work before we did things again.

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