Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bar cum

Mike has just headed back to York. It is technically Jen's turn to have me next weekend but I'll be heading back down to York as we got an invite back to the next sex party (I'll be posting about the first one very soon). I'm hoping it will be as much fun as it was last time and it's certainly going to keep me excited throughout the week while thinking about it.

Now back to the second part of our night at the end of September...


When we awoke, we showered to get cleaned up properly and Mike decided that I could do with a quick shave. We returned to the bedroom and I got lathered up and lay back to allow him to remove the little stubble I had. Once he had finished and I’d been rinsed off, he gave me a thorough check (the usual way), but didn’t carry on for long enough for me to cum. It still felt nice though – and he hadn’t gone far enough that I was desperate to cum, so I didn’t mind. I once again put on a pair of opaque tights (fresh ones) and a very short pleated denim skirt (probably too short to wear without tights). We headed off to try some of the pubs we had seen earlier in the day and walked there hand in hand, talking about more wedding plans.

My skirt wasn’t really out of place in most of the pubs we were in so I didn’t feel at all self-conscious, but as the places became more crowded, Mike’s hands became a lot bolder. At first, his hands were rubbing my ass – the skirt only just covered my crotch, so it took hardly anything for his hand to slip ‘under’ the skirt and directly onto my tights. It felt nice, and when his fingers started to press between my legs and slide down to my pussy, I told him to carry on and parted my legs slightly to make it easier. He noticed that a couple of people had seen what we were doing and he moved a hand around to my front and cupped my pussy, using a finger to press my tights between my lips. We didn’t go any further than this, but did repeat it a couple of times before we moved on to a club we had seen earlier.

It was a fair sized place, very loud and very busy. This was idea though and we pushed our way through to dance for a little while. Mike’s hands wandered over my body a fair amount while we danced – especially when I had my back to him. He was rubbing my breasts and fairly openly running his hands over my pussy and it felt great being surrounded by people while this was going on. The touching wasn’t too intense, so nobody seemed to really notice though (other than me who was getting quite turned on). The club was quite warm and we soon needed a drink so fought our way up to the bar. While we were waiting, I wiggled my ass against Mike’s cock and he slipped his arms around me. I continued to run back against him and felt his cock stiffen in his jeans. His hands moved down to my pussy once more, but were a lot more assertive this time and be rubbed along my slit and repeatedly over my clit.

We made it up to the bar and this made things easier as I could press up against it, giving him just enough room to use his hands on me. Because people were packed in around us, what he was doing was hardly visible (plus people were distracted with trying to get alcohol). I made no effort to catch the bartender’s eye and this gave us a bit of time to have fun. Mike continued to rub me through my tights and then he started to pull the front of them down. I guess I should have tried to stop him, but I was already too far gone and just wiggled back against him. He eventually managed to pull the top of my tights down slightly and I felt his fingers pushing into them. I had to hold on to my skirt to stop it moving down with the tights, but only briefly and I then felt Mike’s hand pushing down between my legs and onto my pussy. He pushed two fingers over my clit, along my slit and curled them up into me. He moved his fingers in me a bit and then withdrew them to play with my clit.

His other hand was pulling the front of my tights away from his body (to make it easier to play with me) and I stood on tiptoe to give him better access. I assume it looked like I was hopping up and down as it drew the attention of the bartender and he came over and asked what we wanted to drink. I did a good job of keeping a straight face while ordering, but Mike didn’t help matters by concentrating his rubbing on my clit while we waited for the drinks and I paid for them. I honestly think that if we’d had just a couple more minutes before we’d been interrupted, I would have been able to cum at the bar, but once we had the drinks in front of us, people started to push in and Mike had to pull his hand out of my tights. As we pushed our way out of the crowd, I could feel that my tights were somewhat loose and while it didn’t feel like they were going to fall down, I wondered if they would be visible below my skirt. I decided that it was dark enough that I could probably get away with it for now and we went back to the side of the room to enjoy our drinks. I told Mike how much fun it had been and that if we tried it again I might be able to cum. He loved the idea of me cumming at the bar, but thought that we could find another place to help finish me off and so we went exploring.

It was quite similar to one of the clubs we (used to) frequent in York, in that there are a number of smaller rooms (of wildly varying sizes) off the main dance floor). We didn’t actually find anywhere sufficiently crowded that we would be able to do things without being noticed (there was another smaller bar, but we hadn’t finished our first drinks) and so ended up just kissing in a corner. At least it started off as just kissing, but Mike’s hands found my ass and with my tights still loose, he pushed his hands into the tights and started squeezing my ass cheeks. His hands worked lower and lower until his fingers were dipping between my legs and brushing against my pussy. I was aware that people must have been able to see what we were doing, but it felt really good. He could tell how much I was enjoying it and pulled a hand out, moved it round between us and pushed it down the front of my tights.

I worried slightly that someone from work might suddenly appear, but as his fingers slid over my pussy and pushed into me, I stopped worrying and pulled myself against him. The fingers from both his hands met at the entrance to my pussy and he spent a while toying with my lips before fingering me again. He then used the ‘front’ hand to rub my clit and the ‘back’ hand to play with my pussy and drag the juices back over my ass. By this point I was too close to cumming to care (and he knew it) and when I felt his finger pressing against my ass, I automatically pushed back against it. Mike took this as a sign that I wanted to cum and while his finger worked its way into my ass, his other hand increased the speed at which he was rubbing my clit. I came with a cry (probably masked by the music) and held on even tighter to him. When I looked around, I saw that a few people had noticed what we’d been up to, so I pulled up my tights (there wasn’t much point in trying to hide it) and we left for one of the other rooms.

All things considered, it was a good night out – we’d found a few decent places, had a good dance and I’d cum – what more could a girl want? We stayed a bit longer, but it was obvious that Mike wanted to do things properly and so headed back home. Once we got there, we removed our coats and fell onto the bed. We kissed and dry humped for a bit before starting to undress properly. Mike asked me to keep my tights and skirt on and we resumed humping against each other, but now I could clearly feel his cock rubbing against my pussy. He said that he could feel how hot my cunt was even through the tights and pressed himself even harder against me. Of course I wasn’t entirely passive throughout this and wrapped my legs around him, and started humping back against him. Mike suggested that we give Jen a call and we found out that she was still with her friend. Not that this stopped us of course, she had a one sided conversation with us (about the travel arrangements for her next trip to visit me) while we fucked down the phone at her.

I ended up kneeling on the bed and my tights were pulled down just enough for Mike to slip into me. We fucked doggy style and I told Jen about cumming in the club and as I got closer to cumming, I described to her what Mike’s cock was doing to me. He rubbed my clit until I came and I moaned down the phone even more loudly to her. Mike continued to fuck me until he was close to cumming and then pulled out. He pushed his cock between my ass cheeks and rubbed back and forth until I heard him let out a little moan and I felt his cum splatter up my back. The next few spurts mostly went over my ass and skirt and when he had finished and removed his cock, I felt it run down my ass cheeks and over my pussy. I teased Jen that if she was here, she would be able to lick me clean and she said that it wasn’t fair to tease her and that she would see me the following weekend.

Mike pulled my tights back up and rubbed my ass and pussy, smooshing the cum into me, then pulled my skirt off, wiping the cum onto my tights. He then rubbed what was on my back into me and cleaned his hands off by wiping them on my breasts. We finished up the conversation with Jen (which didn’t take long as she couldn’t really say much with her friend listening and then curled up in bed together. I kept the tights on and Mike occasionally gave my pussy another rub, but (surprisingly) we didn’t do anything more that night.

I woke up in the early morning and needed to pee – Mike’s cum had mostly dried and the tights were partially stuck to me, so I didn’t put them back on once I’d been to the toilet (Jen said that she would have peed through the tights while rubbing herself). Mike had woken up when I got out of bed and when I snuggled back up against him, his cock got hard again (this might have been my fault as I *did* wiggle myself back into position a bit more than was really needed). We didn’t really do anything, but he did slip inside me and move gently while we fell back asleep (which I’ve missed, so I certainly wasn’t complaining).

I hadn’t really thought it through, but the advantage of me having removed my tights was that I could be licked awake the following morning and then fucked. I let Mike cum inside me this time, but enjoyed the feeling of it dripping out down my legs and over my ass while we prepared and ate breakfast. After showering, we went out for another walk and did a bit more wedding planning. We had lunch at a nice little cafe and I sat eating this with my right ankle tucked up behind my left knee. This of course spread my legs and while I don’t think anyone had a direct view up my skirt, still felt rather nice. Mike and I made a number of suggestions to each other over lunch and by the time we had finished, were ready to head home for our ‘goodbye’ session. We didn’t have a great deal of time before Mike had to head to the station, but we made pretty good use of it.

Mike said that he wanted to fully satisfy me and so in the space of an hour, he fingered me (starting off with fingers in my pussy and finishing me off with a thumb in my cunt and the other in my ass). Following this, he ate me – he lay on his back and I sat over his face. I reached around behind me and rubbed his cock a bit, but mostly he just got stuck in and licked in and around my cunt until I came. After only a short time to recover, we then fucked. Mike was obviously well prepared and I was nice and wet so he slid straight into me. We started off with him on top but rolled around a bit and by the time we were ready to finish, I was on top. I lay down on him and we kissed while he pumped into me really fast – his hands holding my ass and spreading the cheeks. I came without any clit stimulation (but his fingers were also tracing around and over my ass while might have helped), and he came in me.

We decided that we would head back to the station without showering (he wanted my scent to remain on him and I wanted to enjoy feeling his cum running out of me – although there wasn’t as much this time). With things packed, we walked back to the station and said goodbye. Mike managed a quick fondle and ended up with rather damp fingers before boarding the train and heading back to York. I went home and unpacked the things he’d brought up with him (mostly clothes and a few books). It was lonely going to bed by myself that night, but we had a chat on the phone after he’d got back home


  1. I have another lunchtime hard-on!

    Loved reading about your club cum and flashing in the cafe. Are you sure no-one saw ?

    Mike really knows how to give you a satisfying fuck doesn't he, and I enjoy reading what his cock does for you.

    Cheers, John

  2. I don't think anyone saw me at the cafe - and if they did, then they shouldn't have been looking up my skirt!