Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Just a brief post to describe my travels to work...

I need to get a train for part of my journey to work now – it’s not a long ride, but the train is often quite busy (depending on what time I travel). A couple of months ago, on a particularly crowded train, an image from an anime we watched came into my mind. I think it was triggered by the fact that there were a number of schoolgirls around me – in the anime, there is a girl on a train and a hand starts to rub against her ass. She tries to move away, but the train is so crowded that she can’t escape and the hand ends up rubbing her pussy. While I obviously don’t condone any kind of sexual attack on anyone, I did quite like the idea of being randomly groped and I took the opportunity to lean back a bit harder whenever the train bumped or swayed. I don’t think I was doing anything too obvious, but I pushed my ass against the person behind me and didn’t pull away. Nothing else happened, but it got me thinking about ways to enjoy myself on the way to and from work and I’ve been working on this ever since.

As with most things I do, I started out gently and have worked up from there. Initially, it was just pressing back against someone relatively lightly, or when the train wasn’t as busy, sitting with my legs open a bit more than they should be. I’ve been wearing opaque tights for a couple of months now as it’s quite cold (very cold at the minute) and so I was relatively brave as to how far I would spread my legs. It’s particularly good if I get to sit at one of the seats for disabled/elderly people (which I don’t do if anyone else needs it) – as there is a little step that I can rest my feet on. This obviously raises my knees and gives the person sitting opposite a view up my skirt.

Now that I’m no longer a student, I’m trying to be very well behaved when I’m actually in work, so my skirts haven’t been too short. One way I found to get round this problem is to roll up my skirt at the waist before I set off in the morning – this means that I have a nice short skirt while travelling, but a quick trip to the toilet at work and I can roll it back down to a more reasonable length. The advantage of a shorter skirt is that I can give a much clearer view to whoever might be looking. I played around with this for a little while and on some days had my skirt rolled up almost all the way (which I hid with my coat when not on the train). In the end I had to admit defeat though. Most of the schoolgirls on the train go to one of the private schools here (and they are dressed very properly and smartly in pleated tartan skirts either with long socks or tights). Some of the other girls clearly go to state schools though and their skirts are shorter than I was wearing mine. Okay, so they also mostly have dark tights on, but I know that I certainly didn’t dress like that at school.

I switched tactic and didn’t roll up my skirt quite as much, but instead tried wearing opaque hold-ups instead of tights. These have the obvious advantage of leaving my pussy exposed, and if the skirt is just the right length, anyone looking can tell that they are stockings and this seems to encourage them to look more. (Obviously if the skirt id short enough then they’ll be able to see bare skin above the stockings, but the game is to encourage them to look.) This only works when I manage to get a seat, but this happens often enough if I go in a bit earlier that I get to show myself off often enough to be worth the effort. Of course, as I got more daring, my skirt got a bit shorter again and I’ve sat a number of times with my legs just far enough apart to give a glimpse of my pussy and it’s fun watching people look while trying to not be caught looking.

I’ve also made good use of the times when the train has been really busy – I’ve found that most men don’t seem to mind a woman leaning back against them (or if they do, they don’t actually complain about it). It works best when the journey is slightly bumpy as I get to sway back and forth as the train rocks and on a couple of occasions I’ve felt a stiffening against my ass before the person has pulled away. This has been a real thrill, but nobody has yet pressed back against me so I think I need to find a new strategy.

Over the past few weeks (before it got really snowy here) I tried out something else. I wore a coat over my skirt but cut holes in the pockets. I’ve only had the chance to try this out a couple of times as it needs a fairly packed train so it’s not noticeable, but I’ve managed to get a hand into a pocket, lift up my skirt and rub my crotch (it’s not been busy enough on the days I wore hold-ups so I haven’t had a chance to actually finger my pussy directly). I haven’t been able to touch myself enough to even get close to cumming, but it’s still been fun stroking myself and rubbing hard against my clit while surrounded by people.

Due to the cold weather over the past week, I’ve been wearing much heavier coats and haven’t been brave enough to go with just hold-ups. I realised that it’s probably going to be like this for a number of months so I’ve switched tactics again. I’ve tried using an egg (and wearing tight panties to keep it firmly against my pussy) and today went for my crotchless tights (still a bit exposed, but more covered than with stockings) and the long dildo. It isn’t as good using this when I’m not cycling, but it makes running up stairs much more interesting and I kept the dildo inside me for a while (so I could make a few more trips up and down stairs). Again, it’s not enough for me to cum with, but any additional stimulation is welcome as my morning session is somewhat less interesting without someone else there to make me cum. I haven’t stopped playing with myself at night (and still have an occasional fiddle before I get up), but I seem to be saving up most of my passion for the weekends when we tend to go all out (about which, there is more to come...)


  1. Hi Andi. Do be careful when there are schoolgirls on the train as you don't want anyone to make a complaint about you.

    I love the idea of you pressing your ass against me though. I would be sure to stand in the same place each journey in the hope that you would do it again. Once I was sure it was deliberate I would definitely press back so you could feel my stiff cock!

    Just a shame you are not in Cambridge :( - we do have a good uni here you know !

    I'm loving the pics of "Clare" too.

    Cheers, John

  2. We're always very careful when there are children around and I don't make an exception when I'm on the train. If I'm not in a 'safe' place then I make sure that I don't show anything.

    I'm going to be able to enjoy the journey a lot more when the weather gets warmer and I can get rid of my tights - the best I can do right now is skirts with holes in the pockets and gently fingering myself...