Monday, 6 December 2010

Creamy fuck

I had a rather delayed journey on the way down but it wasn't too bad on the way back. It's snowing heavily here so I've decided to work from home today (which is code for stay in bed and play with myself while thinking about the weekend I've just had with Jen). We went back to the hardcore club (no live fucking this time - on stage anyway)... I'll get round to posting about it in a while, but there are other thing to write about first. This was another really fun weekend - not entirely planned, but it all worked out well.


This is from the third weekend since my exile from York (late September) – Mike had been up to visit me at the end of my first week and I’d gone to York after the second week. I decided that I would go down and visit Jen at home once more as it had been such fun the previous time. We already had various plans for the weekend and I had packed appropriately and was looking forwards to it. Because I wasn’t flying, I could take a little bit more and so took a few extra clothes down for Jen to transport back to Uni (the idea being we would move part of my wardrobe there, she would have part of hers with me and we wouldn’t have to carry too much when we had to fly to see each other).

I was allowed to leave work a bit early and raced to the station to catch my train. As expected, it was pretty busy, but I had intended to sleep on the journey anyway (I only had the weekend with Jen, so didn’t want to turn up tired). I dozed for a while on the train and as I fidgeted around my skirt worked its way reasonably high up (which I think the person next to me noticed). When I woke up, I would straighten it, but when I went back to sleep, I may have fidgeted around a bit more than needed, so it rode up again. My dreams were of the things I wanted to do at Jen’s place (none of which happened – but that’s mainly due to them being the extreme version as opposed to anything actually likely to happen). They had the effect of getting me nice and wet though and I ended up being too horny to sleep for the last hour of the journey. I put this time to good use and continued the fantasies in a more active way and envisioned multiple ways of cumming. This meant that by the time I reached Jen’s town, I was ready to burst. My horniness almost got me in trouble as when I went to get my bags down, I purposely reached up in a way that raised my skirt and the person who I’d been sitting next to must have got a pretty good view of my freshly shaved pussy, only inches from his face. If the train hadn’t been so busy, I would have probably also ‘dropped’ something so i could give him the rear view, but I thought that I’d taken a big enough risk and quickly departed.

Jen met me at the station and she could see that I was still flushed so asked how my journey had gone. She was surprised that I hadn’t actually done anything and my arousal was due to just thinking about what we were going to get up to, but was also quite happy that I was so eager to see her. We debated our options – either go home and try to do things quietly, go out somewhere by ourselves or join her brother and his friends. I really wanted some alone time with Jen, but I’d got myself pretty worked up on the train and so the idea of having a group of people to be shown off to quite appealed to me. She gave her brother a call and we picked a place to meet up (which didn’t take long as there aren’t too many choices in Jen’s home town).

I still had my bag with me, but fortunately it was small enough to not be too difficult to carry. We slowly wandered towards the pub, stopping off in a few alleyways to kiss and fondle. I was greeted with a surprise when I slipped my hand under Jen’s skirt – she had decided to grow out a patch of her pubic hair (only on the mons – her lips were still beautifully smooth and slippery). We weren’t in a private enough place for me to be able to take a look, but I traced my fingers around her pussy and the patch of hair to get an idea of what it was like. Obviously, it hadn’t grown that much in a couple of weeks, but it was already past the stubble stage and it didn’t feel too prickly so I was looking forwards to having a play with it later in the evening. Of course, Jen’s also familiarised herself with my pussy and she was pleased with how wet I felt (I said that I’d been getting excited on the train). The gentle fondling that we managed wasn’t anywhere near enough for either of us to cum, but it did serve to get Jen nicely turned on and it heightened my own state of arousal, so we decided that we should probably just head to the pub before things got too out of hand.

The group seemed happy to see us – there were a couple of new faces, but it was mostly the same people as during my previous visit. It was a fairly quiet pub (nothing like the ones in York on a Friday night) and we all got seated around a couple of tables in a room near the back. There was a quick catch up session with people asking what my new place was like and then the conversation descended into general Friday night chatter. I was having trouble keeping my hands off Jen – we weren’t doing anything that would have got us kicked out, but we were kissing and allowing our hands to wander over each others’ thighs (not too far under skirts, but enough that the group noticed). After a couple of comments, we calmed down a bit (well, we stopped what we were doing, but I was feeling far from calm).

We were told that if we wanted to head off home that nobody would mind (as if it would have stopped us if that had been the reason!) but we explained about Jen’s room being next to her parents’ one, so it wouldn’t be much better. We stayed in the pub for another couple of hours – Jen and I didn’t drink that much which meant that we were a fair bit more sober than the rest of them. This allowed us to get away with a few things without anyone noticing – I moved my coat onto my lap and Jen slid her hand up my leg so she could brush against my pussy and work a finger between the lips. I pushed back against her hand and it felt a lot better than I had expected – I still wasn’t about to cum, but it felt wonderful and I contracted my pussy and she later said that she could feel what I was doing.

She didn’t keep her hand there for too long (so as to not around any suspicions), but the damage had pretty much already been done. When I moved my coat off my lap, I didn’t pull my skirt back down and I raised a foot up onto the seat in front of me so I could hug my leg. I love this position because it can look so innocent, but when not wearing panties (which should be the case all the time), it’s anything but. I had my thighs together, but I know that this position gives a nice view up (or down) the skirt right to my pussy so even if they couldn’t see the actual lips, the promise of a view is certainly there. I stayed in this position for a little while – pretending to be oblivious of what I was showing and then decided that if I was going to do it, I should do it properly. I leant over to Jen and told her to watch out for any reactions. As I’d leant towards her, I had moved my ‘down’ leg slightly away from the ‘up’ on – when I sat upright again, I didn’t close them. I could now feel air on my pussy so I knew that there was a clear line of sight to it and it felt as if I was getting even wetter.

I really wanted to show off a bit more, but I couldn’t think of a way of doing it without making it obvious what I was doing – I considered making it obvious, but of course I still want Jen’s parents to think I’m a (relatively) good girl (if somewhat unconventional), so I didn’t want any tales of my exhibitionism to get back to them. I did continue sitting with a leg up and my pussy visible for a little while though and only straightened myself up when I thought I was getting a bit too turned on and I was afraid that I might go a bit too far. We did have another quick kissing session (which was appreciated) and then decided that parents or no parents, we were heading back. I nearly gave a flash when I bent over to pick up my bag, but I restrained myself and we headed home. Her parents were already in bed so we decided to stay downstairs to get reacquainted. For a long time, this just involved us making out on the sofa with just the occasional bit of heavier fondling, but we eventually decided that her parents weren’t going to come back down so items of clothing started to be removed.

My top and bra were removed and Jen got busy sucking and nibbling on my nipples. She moved from there up to my neck and I lay back on the sofa knowing that I wouldn’t be able to hold back for too long. Jen was on top of me and my hands found their way under her skirt. I started to rub her and was rewarded with one of her hands pushing between my legs. I was doing a good job at keeping quiet, despite how good I was feeling and I only whispered to her how close I was getting. Jen was panting away as well and I repeatedly plunged my fingers into her (as best I could given the angle). I remember wondering if her brother was going to turn up at any point but I was now too close to cumming to let that worry me too much and just kept going. Fortunately, he didn’t burst in and Jen made me cum. I’d been waiting for quite a while for this orgasm and I intended to enjoy it as much as possible. Even when the feelings started to get a bit too intense I told her to keep going – of course that didn’t really make it last any longer, but the intention was there.

With my orgasm out of the way, I wanted to take care of Jen. With a bit of encouragement, I got her to sit up over my face and I licked her rather wet cunt, enjoying the taste that I’d been missing. It’s certainly much harder to know the timings when the other person isn’t making any noise, but I just went for the kill and ate her until she came (even without sound, it’s not difficult to figure out when her orgasm starts). I kept licking away until she lifted herself off me – I tried to pull her back so I could move to more gentle licking but she thought that I was going to continue to attack her so moved away (and by the time she understood what I wanted to do, her orgasm had already passed). Jen straightened up her clothes and I gathered up mine and we headed upstairs. Jen was a bit nervous about me being half naked with her juices smeared over my face, but there was still not sign of her parents so we made it into her room safely. We didn’t do anything more that night other than cuddling up together and a bit of heavy kissing – just lips and breasts. This got Jen and her super-sensitive nips a lot more turned on than it did me, but she declined my offer to make her cum again.

We slept in a bit the following morning (about 10ish) and when we surfaced, we could hear people moving around downstairs. I thought it would be best to dress a bit more conservatively that I usually would for breakfast and so we showered and dressed for the day before we went down. Her parents had already finished breakfast but they sat and chatted with us while we ate ours. We headed back up to get ready to go out – the plan was to go back to the lake, although it was a bit colder than during my previous trip so we weren’t sure if we would be able to swim. Just in case, Jen put her swimsuit on under her dress and I was given the bra and panty set (which I put in my bag). We gathered up a couple of toys, some towels, made a lunch to take with us and headed off. It was actually a reasonably nice day and so we enjoyed the walk out to the lake. We just held hands and chatted for most of the walk and enjoyed being with each other again.

When we arrived, there was only one other group of people there, so we moved round to the opposite side of the lake and spread out our towels. Jen slipped her dress off and I pulled the panties on, slipped my dress of and put on the bra. We had a wander over to the lake and paddled near the edge, but while it was just about warm enough to be in swimsuits, it wasn’t warm enough to have wet skin, so we just went back to the towels to sunbathe and have some food. Of course, the sight of Jen in her swimsuit meant that I didn’t want to just eat the food, but we decided that we needed some energy after the walk. This didn’t stop me from at least having a little play with Jen – running my fingers up the inside of her thighs and fondling her breasts through the swimsuit. She wasn’t exactly being an angel either and was pressing her foot against my crotch. We continued our teasing throughout lunch – sometimes concentrating more on eating, sometimes more on playing – but certainly enough to get us both hot again (remember that we hadn’t had our morning cum). By the time we’d finished eating, the fooling around had got reasonably serious and my panties weren’t quite covering my pussy any more. We decided that we should find a more private place and gathered up our things. We only moved a little distance away from the lake, but we found a secluded spot that was well sheltered by bushes and spread the towels out again.

I got Jen to lie down so I could admire her – I think that she would have quite liked to wear a bikini, but I really love the way the swimsuit looks on her (not that she doesn’t look hot in a bikini, but the suit fits her figure so well and manages to look really innocent while still being smokin’ hot). I traced around the edge of the suit – above her breasts, under her arms and around her crotch and finally started to rub her pussy. We rolled around on the ground for a bit and my bra came off, soon followed by my panties. It wasn’t as easy to remove her swimsuit (while rolling), but we managed to pull the material down so that I could at least move the crotch to the side and get some access to her pussy. We ended up in a 69 position with Jen on top of me – I worked her pussy with a couple of fingers and she first licked me then pulled out a vibe and used that on me. Everything was going really well (which might have been a part of the problem) until Jen told me to stop. I looked up (I’d been concentrating on the view of my fingers sliding into her cunt) and over the bulge of her ass, I saw a man standing looking at us.

We were angled in such a way that my pussy was almost directly facing him (I doubt we could have done it better if we’d planned it). Jen was still on top of me, my legs were spread wide and she was still holding the vibe that was buzzing away inside me (she had stopped pumping it into me though). He was staring straight at us (although it looked like he was mostly looking at Jen’s face and my pussy). I then saw that he had a dog with him (which I guess explains why he was there). None of us said anything for what seemed like ages and I could feel the vibe vibrating inside me and was sure that I could actually feel his gaze roaming over my cunt. I still had my fingers inside Jen, but I’d stopped moving them when Jen had first said something. I wasn’t so far along that I thought it would be a good idea to continue, but I did slowly spread my legs a bit more and pushed back slightly against the vibe. I then wiggled my fingers inside Jen and waited for her to decide what to do next. She told him to go away and leave us alone, then sat up so my fingers were pulled out of her cunt (or her cunt was pulled away from my fingers).

She had the sense to leave the vibe inside me and I closed my legs around it to keep it in place (and of course, to hide my pussy). Jen stood up and straightened her swimsuit (and exposing the rest of my body in the process) and asked him to leave us alone once again. Jen can look quite formidable when she tries (although this was tempered somewhat by her outfit) and he mumbled something along the lines of ‘sorry – but you are in the middle of a public place’. He did leave us though and I couldn’t help but spread my legs and push the vibe back into me as soon as he left. Jen was worried that he might come back, or be peeking but I wasn’t as concerned (I actually quite liked the idea of him peeking on us). With not too much effort, I encouraged her to resume her position on top of me and carry on from where we left off. Jen resumed work with the vibe and used her fingers on my clit and I pushed my fingers back into her and rubbed her clit with my other thumb. I managed to also give her ass a couple of licks, but was mostly concentrating on keeping her swimsuit out of the way so I could pleasure her properly. We did try to be a bit quieter, but as I came, I did imagine our guest peeking through the bushes at us with his cock in his hand. As you’ve probably gathered from this blog – I like knowing that I can make other people want to cum, and this just helped me along. I came first and humped my pussy up in the air and then redoubled my efforts on Jen. Once she no longer needed to use her hands on me, I got her to hold her suit out of the way and now I could really do things properly – two fingers in her, a thumb on her clit and my tongue on her ass. It didn’t take much of this to finish her off and she wasn’t as quiet as I was during my orgasm.

Once she finished cumming, she rolled off me and we lay beside each other looking up at the sky. I was still stark naked and kept thinking about the view the dog walker must have had – which of course just helped get me feeling horny again. Almost without realising it, I started to stroke my pussy and Jen told me that I was unbelievable. I just shrugged and pushed a couple of fingers into myself and told her that when a girl needs to cum, a girl needs to cum. I made it clear that I intended to cum again and Jen started fishing around in the bag. I was instructed to close my eyes and I assumed that she was fetching another toy, but I then felt a cold liquid on my pussy. When I looked down I saw that she had dribbled some cream onto my pussy so I rubbed it in. I thought that she was going to lick it off me, but she added a few drops to my breasts and got me to rub that over my body as well. I told her that it was like our earlier visitor was cumming over me and she decided to run with this idea. While I continued to rub and finger myself, she got me to imagine that the guys from our last trip were there with us and were all wanking over me. Every time one of them ‘came’, she dripped some more cream onto my breasts, pussy, neck and legs and told me to rub it in. This is of course one of my long held fantasies and so I got really into it and had a very satisfying orgasm.

As I started to cum, I moved both hands down to my very creamy pussy and used three fingers in myself while rubbing my clit. A couple of times I moved my clit hand around my leg and pushed a finger into my ass and double fucked myself (cream is actually quite a good lubricant), but I mostly concentrated on my clit. My orgasm did seem to last for quite a while and when it finished I looked down and saw that I was a real mess. Jen said that it looked like I had really enjoyed myself (and it certainly felt like I had), so I deemed it was worthwhile. The only way to clean up was to use the lake so I suggested that Jen should make good use of the situation and possibly get a bit messy herself. She was a bit reticent to do this, but once I had wrestled her to the ground, her suit was pretty covered in cream anyway so she conceded that she might as well enjoy herself.

Despite having just cum fairly hard, I was prepared to sacrifice myself for her pleasure (doing things in public seems to give me much more stamina – either that or I just feel too horny to want to stop). We grabbed the double dildo (the short one) from the bag and I pushed one end into myself. Jen pulled her suit aside, mounted the other end and started to hump against me. I grabbed the pot of cream and dribbled a bit over her pussy and rubbed it into her clit. I continued to rub her clit while she rode the dildo and any apprehensions she had about being caught were soon forgotten. I even got her to pull the top of her suit down so I could have a fondle of her breasts and tweak her nipples. Once we’d got to this stage, I couldn’t resist pouring a bit of cream over her breasts and rubbing it in. Jen was close enough to cumming that she didn’t mind this too much and I hatched a plan. I resumed rubbing her clit and waited until she was really close to cumming before I grabbed the top of her suit, pulling it away from her body and dumped the rest of the cream down the front of her body. Jen let out a little shriek but I quickly returned to rubbing her clit and told her to carry on.

I had timed it well and Jen was close enough to cumming that this was more important than being covered in cream (and it’s not as if she could have done anything about it anyway). She bounced against my pussy and came while the cream dribbled out the bottom of her swimsuit and made even more of a mess of us both. I continued to rub her clit until she couldn’t take any more and fell back onto the ground. I wasn’t ready to let things end quite yet though and I lifted my body up so I could move on the dildo. Jen was still recovering (not helped by me fucking the dildo which was still inside her), so I took care of rubbing my clit. I wished that I hadn’t wasted all the cream as I would have quite liked to pour it over my breasts and watch it run down and drip onto Jen, but there was only a little left so I dripped it just above my pussy and some of it managed to make it down onto the dildo.

I rode the dildo quite forcefully, slapping my cunt against Jen’s and I was rapidly approaching my second orgasm. I knew that if someone came along at this point, they would get a much better view than before – Jen lying with her suit half down, breasts covered in cream and cream leaking out around her pussy – the dildo buried between us with me riding it and my body covered in cream (oh yes – and me obviously about to cum). I pictured a group of people watching us and this helped push me over the edge (not that I was resisting) – I was more controlled than Jen and wasn’t as loud (but I’ve had more practice). It wasn’t anywhere near as strong as my first orgasm and no matter what I did, it just didn’t equal the orgasm I wanted. I could almost have gone again as soon as it ended (if it wasn’t for being tired and my pussy feeling rather tender after it’s second pounding in a short period of time). I stayed on the dildo for a little while, gently grinding against Jen and enjoying the view until i finally had to dismount as my legs were aching.

We now both needed to clean up and once we had caught our breath, we gathered up our towels and I went to slip my underwear back on but Jen stopped me. As part of my punishment for ‘creaming’ her, I had to sneak out and see how many people were around while still naked (and creamy). I made my way through the bushes, wondering if the dog walker had indeed left – I imagine if the dog had been around I might have ended up getting a very thorough licking! I saw that there were still people on the far side of the lake and headed back to tell Jen. As there were still people around, I was allowed to put my underwear on and Jen pulled up her swimsuit to cover her breasts. We strode out, put the towels down and quickly walked into the lake. The water was fairly cold, but we weren’t planning on staying in for too long and we started to rub ourselves clean. It was obviously easier to get clean without our clothes on so we took turns stripping off and cleaning ourselves while the other person cleaned the clothes (as best they could).

It was quite nice being completely naked in the water with other people not too far away – it probably looked like we were just splashing around and we stayed mostly submerged so they couldn’t tell we were naked. I helped to rub Jen down and gave her nips a few decent squeezes which she seemed to enjoy, but as I said, the water was quite cold so we weren’t going to stay in for long. We managed to create a cloud of milky water around us as we cleaned ourselves and the clothes so had to swim to another area and do a final rinse. As we climbed out, I nearly lost my panties again (wet lacy panties don’t stay up that well), and we padded over to the towels. I slipped out of the bra and panties as soon as I had the towel around me and with a bit of encouragement, I got Jen to remove her swimsuit- this made it much easier to get dry and stopped us from getting too cold. We went back to the rest of our stuff and got dressed (well, Jen put her dress on and I put a bra and dress on). After gathering up the rest of our things, we headed back to Jen’s place and crashed out on the bed for a while.

We didn’t really have any plans that night as the people we had hoped to meet up with (some of Jen’s school friends that I was going to be introduced to), hadn’t come home for the weekend as planned. Instead, we ended up going out with her brother once again (I think I’ve almost spent more time with him in the past few visits than I did during our entire time at school). Jen had decided on my punishment for my earlier transgression – I had to wear one of my shorter skirts and a pair of white panties (the lacy ones hadn’t quite recovered and needed a proper wash, so I was told to wear one of my white cotton pairs).

I was instructed to be discreet, but to see how much I could tease them and I did my best throughout the evening. It actually turned out to be more of a turn on than I had expected - I’m used to giving people peeks of my pussy, but having panties on meant that I could be a bit bolder. In a way it was even more erotic, knowing that they couldn’t actually see anything, but were still looking at my panties. We were otherwise pretty well behaved and just had a fun night. When we returned home, we had a very quick session in the kitchen before heading up to bed – we had to be fairly quiet as it is partly under her parents’ room, but we took turns up on the table and being made to cum. Jen seemed to really enjoy lying with her legs spread and went as far as pulling her top off and playing with her breasts while I ate her. We didn’t do anything more once we got to bed (other than talk) and were soon asleep.

The Sunday went pretty quickly – we woke up sometime before 10 and had a quick trip to the bathroom (to brush teeth) and then returned to bed and spent a fair amount of time making out. Jen rubbed herself on my neck for quite a while and then finished me off with her fingers while we kissed and I had a fair session with her breasts to repay her. I didn’t go straight for the kill after this and decided to give her a rim job first before moving onto her pussy and her (much wanted by this point) orgasm. I used one of my own favourite method for cumming on her and had fingers in both her ass and cunt while I ate her and she seemed to be having difficulty keeping quiet while she came. We showered (separately) and then went down for a late brunch before heading into town for me to get the train back.

The train was surprisingly busy so after a quick call to Mike, I ended up just sleeping for most of the journey back. Sadly I had all the boring things to do when I got home (shopping, washing, ironing and cleaning) so it was a good job I’d got a rest. I had a much longer chat with Mike that night and told him about the weekend and he said he wished he’d been there to see the ‘cream scene’ as he refers to it. I think that’s probably going to be the last time for a while that the weather is going to be warm enough to do things like that so I’m glad we made good use of the opportunity.


  1. Wow, that was a very close call there and could have turned into a dangerous situation very fast. Though I would have left as he could have called the authorities over very quickly.

  2. Another hot tale, sorry Mike couldn't be a part of it (not nearly as much as he i'm sure! :), anything new on his job search & Jen's uni situation?

    Hopefully, you all've stayed in touch at least semi-regulary during this period of absence.

    Perhaps the new year will bring better fortunes!

    Hezi, Balto, U.S.A.

  3. I can understand the guy wanting to watch you - I think all of your fans would love that.

    Good though that he was polite enough to repesct your wishes and leave. At least he had something nice to remember.

    Cheers, John

  4. No new news on jobs - we're still deciding on the best thing for Jen to do (but are running out of time). I think it might disadvantage her if she changes to a new course (but of course I do want her to be up here with me). Of course we're all in touch - I speak to Mike and Jen pretty much every night and they call each other a few times a week.

    As for getting caught - or the guy calling the police - I didn't really consider that too much at the time. I guess that's the good thing about having Jen or Mike to help keep me from going too far (most of the time anyway). I wasn't too far off offering to let him stay and watch and id we'd been just a minute or so further in I would have probably done that.