Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cum soaking

Okay, so one person can't produce enough cum to properly soak me, but Mike had a good try... Unfortunately the snow and ice have meant that Lis wasn't able to come up and visit me this week :( - if only she had managed to get here and we'd then been stuck in the flat for a number of days, just huddled up in bed together talking about sex...


The following weekend (end of September), Mike came up to visit me. He arrived late on Friday evening and we decided to just order food and stay in for what was left of the evening. We had obviously been missing each other (as well as the sex), but we decided that we would be reasonably well behaved until we had eaten. Not completely well behaved of course and by the time the food actually arrived it was me who had to go and answer the door due to Mike’s cock being exposed and hard from the gentle stroking I’d been giving it.

We ate dinner without much further playing (we were both quite hungry) and refreshed our drinks before moving onto the sofa. Mike said that by his reckoning, I owed his about 20 orgasms and I told him that if he thought he could manage that in 2 days, he was more than welcome to go ahead. He conceded that this was probably beyond his abilities. I feigned disappointment and told him that I’d wanted to have as much of his cum covering me as I’d had cream during my visit to Jen’s the previous week. He quite liked this image (especially if he was able to cum over Jen as well). We fooled around for a bit while talking about this image and ended up deciding to see how many times he could cum over on in me during the weekend.

Given we intended to make at least a little bit of a mess, we moved into the bedroom and quickly stripped off. Mike was nice and hard and I knew that I was more than ready to get down to things, but we started off fairly slowly anyway. As I’d been playing with his cock before dinner, I decided that I would carry on where I left off and so I got Mike to lie on the bed while I stroked and kissed his cock. He had trimmed his pubic hair just before coming up to visit, so I had good access to the whole length of his shaft and kissed and licked my way up and down it. I wasn’t trying to make him cum just yet, but I used a lot of the tricks I had learned from Sue to make sure that he stayed interested: quick bouts of sucking, flicking the head with my tongue, swirling my tongue around the head...). I rubbed and jerked his cock in a number of different ways, sometimes just using a couple of fingers and sometimes both hands and I really enjoyed watching his reactions to what I was doing.

Mike kept trying to get me to turn around so that he could do things to me at the same time – I resisted this for a while, but in the end my greed got the better of me and I capitulated. I felt so horny by this time that I really wanted him to go to town on my pussy – he teased me a little at first and just gently stroked me, then gently kissed around my pussy. Fortunately, this didn’t last for long and he said that if I really wanted attention, he would give it to me. He pulled my lips open and pushed his face into my pussy (obviously not actually *in* to my pussy – if I can’t take Jen’s fist then I don’t think Mike’s head would fir there!). Nonetheless, he licked and ate me quite ferociously and I knew almost straight away that I wasn’t going to be able to restrain myself so I surrendered to the feelings. I didn’t stop working on his cock though and took it in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down while swirling my tongue around the head.

It took hardly any time for my orgasm to start and I kept my mouth around his cock throughout – he rather liked the vibrations caused by the moaning. As soon as my orgasm finished, I restarted my work on him – I positioned my mouth around the head and flicked it with my tongue while rapidly wanking the shaft with a hand. Mike make it clear that he wasn’t far from cumming, but I just continued what I was doing until he let out a moan and started shooting his cum into my mouth. He came a fair bit, but I didn’t swallow any of it and just made an effort to not let any escape. Once he had finished, I climbed off him and sat up, opened my mouth and let the cum run out down my chin and drip onto my breasts. I used my tongue to push as much of it out of my mouth as I could and when it was all out, I rubbed it over my breasts, across my stomach and into my pussy.

Mike was watching me closely and I could tell he was enjoying my little display, so I continued to play with myself in an exaggerated fashion (think porn video). I spread my legs wide and used a hand to rub my pussy while I used the other hand on my breasts. After not too long, Mike wrapped a hand around his cock (which hadn’t really gone soft) and started to slowly stroke himself. I asked if he was ready for more and he said that he might be, so I quickly clambered over him and positioned my pussy above his cock. Mike still had a hand around his cock and he rubbed the head up and down the length of my slit. I separated my lips and lowered myself ever so slightly so that the head could just rub between then. It was a delicious feeling and the expectation of having his slide into me only helped to heighten it. I lowered myself a bit more and he guides the head into my pussy. I flexed myself around the head and then very slowly slid down his cock. It probably took about 30 seconds until he was fully inside me and I concentrated on what I could feel as his cock stretched my cunt.

Once he was fully inside me, I pushed myself down on him hard and slowly rocked my body back and forth, grinding my clit against him and feeling his cock wiggling slightly in me. This is mostly for me (he doesn’t feel that much when I do this), but I wanted to really enjoy having him fill me once more. I didn’t tease him for too long like this though and soon started to move up and down the shaft, alternating the length of strokes fairly frequently, just to keep it interesting. Mike helped out by reaching down to my clit and giving it a rub from time to time, but I told him that I didn’t need a great deal of help at that point or I would probably end up cumming again too quickly. He continued to play with me, but applied less pressure and I started to move up and down on his cock a bit more energetically. He soon stopped rubbing me and used his hands to guide my hips so he could thrust in time with my movements.

Our combined actions felt really good and I ended up rubbing my clit myself. I told Mike I was getting close and he said that he could probably cum fairly quickly too. I reminded him that he was meant to be cumming over me and he told me that I should cum and then he would pull out (or rather I would have to dismount him). I sped up my fingers and he pushed harder into me and I did indeed cum quite quickly. He kept fucking me through my orgasm and when I said I’d had enough, he told me to get off him quickly. I half fell off him and he quickly moved up so he could aim his cock at my breasts. Almost as soon as he started to rub himself, he came over me – two powerful squirts and then a couple of dribbles. While his cum was still running down my body, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him clean (not too hard as he’s usually rather sensitive just after cumming).

I rubbed his cum into myself once more and we snuggled up under the covers (it’s somewhat colder up here than in York). We rested for a little while and Mike thought it would be a good idea to give Jen a call (he hadn’t spoken to her for a few days). She was at home and went up to her bedroom so we were able to talk freely. She asked what we’d been up to (as if she couldn’t have guessed) and when I described what we’d done, she said that she wished she was there to lick me clean. Mike said that he could always give me a good licking to make up for her absence and Jen thought this was a good idea. I started to object (I’d already cum twice quite quickly), but knew that arguing would be futile so I didn’t try to stop him when he disappeared under the covers.

I described to Jen exactly what he was doing and told her that it was only fair that she have a play with herself so I could hear her cum. She didn’t want to make too much noise, but with her parents downstairs, she could at least be vocal enough that it came over the phone quite well. I put her on speakerphone so that Mike could listen in as well and we had a nice little phone-sex session (and I didn’t even have to play with myself). I could be a lot more vocal and made sure than Jen got to fully experience what my orgasm was like. Mike was still working on me when Jen came, but I lifted up the covers so that he could hear her orgasm reasonably well (which he appreciated). Jen had stripped off to play with herself and she quickly got dressed once she came – we then chatted for a bit longer, reliving the events of the last month in York. Mike started rubbing up against me and we ended up spooning (while still talking to Jen). What started off an gentle movements, turned into proper fucking and Mike got Jen to describe what she was thinking when she got to lick Sue.

Of course, Jen’s description went way beyond what actually happened and she described what she had wanted to happen (which was a real turn on – for both Mike and I) and he ended up reaching down to my clit to rub me. Jen’s description ran out before we had cum, but we then moved onto the various episodes by the lake near her house and these saw us through to our orgasms. I let Mike cum inside me this time (I doubt he came a lot on his third cum of the night) and I came not too long after he did. Jen thought it was a bit unfair that she was all alone and Mike told her that if she ever wanted to be here with both of us, she was more than welcome and he would take care of her orgasms. She told us that she should probably head back downstairs, but she might well have another play with herself when she went to bed and might give us a call back (she did play, but didn’t call us back as her parents were in their room next door by the time she went to bed).

Mike and I decided that we had probably done as much as we could that night, so settled down to sleep. He wasn’t hard enough to get back in me at first, but perked up a bit while we snuggled – not enough to go another round, but enough to be in me for at least a little while before he went soft again.

The following morning I was woken by Mike eating me (he says that the advantage of him cumming over me instead of in me is that I taste better). Once I’d cum, he climbed up onto me and slid straight into me. While we fucked, we discussed whether he should cum over or in me, but both decided that he should cum in me properly at least once, so this is what we went with. I ended up with my legs wrapped around him and we kissed deeply while we finished fucking and he came. He stayed in me (and on top of me) until he went soft and then we got up, showered and had breakfast.

We didn’t get up to much during the day – mostly just wandered around the town finding our way round and exploring. I showed Mike some of the things that I’d discovered so far and we had a trip into the Uni so I could show him where I was working. There were other people there so we couldn’t get up to any mischief (and I don’t know the ‘safe’ areas in terms of CCTV coverage yet). We got some food for dinner, returned home late afternoon and flopped down to recover from all the walking. After a brief rest, we decided to get dinner started so that we could head out again later in the evening and check out some of the nightlife. Well, the plan *was* to get dinner ready, but as we unpacked some of the food, various bits got ‘used’ on me.

It started with Mike rubbing one of the carrots against my crotch (I had tights on as it was beginning to get cold – which is nothing compared to how it is now!). This became more forceful with each item taken out of the bag, and by the time we got to the courgette, he was pushing it into me (my tights were stopping it from actually going in). He pulled the front of my tights away from my body and slid the courgette into them, rubbing along the length of my pussy. I joked that we wouldn’t be able to use it for dinner now and Mike said that given he doesn’t have access to my cunt juice on a daily basis any more, that he wanted to get as much as he could during his visits. Of course, I’ve never been one to stop him from eating me (or pretty much doing anything to me), so I told him to take as much as he wanted and get the courgette properly covered.

Mike tried to angle it and push it into me while I still had my tights on, but this didn’t work too well, so I ended up removing them and sitting up on the work surface with my legs spread. I help my lips apart and he slowly worked it in to me. I was quite pleased that it still felt like it was stretching me (so at least I know my pussy hasn’t gone all flabby due to Jen’s fisting attempts). It didn’t take too long to get most of it into me and he began to fuck me with it. I was instructed to remove my top and mike sucked on my nipples while pumping the courgette in and out of me. Once he had a good rhythm going, he started to rub my clit and I moaned with appreciation. His kissing moved from my breasts up to my neck and after a while, up further to my right earlobe. I was getting quite close by this point and was telling him (through my panting) to make me cum. He didn’t tease me and kept going until my orgasm hit me. I held on to him and tried to push back against the courgette, but in the end I just let him continue to fuck me with it and enjoyed the pleasure pulsing out from my clit and cunt.

When he pulled the courgette out, I felt rather empty, but sufficiently satisfied that I didn’t care. My legs felt quite weak, so Mike helped me down and then immediately started to cut up the courgette. I straightened up my skirt (but didn’t put my top or tights back on) and gave him a hand getting the rest of dinner prepared. Throughout this stage, I had a few other items pushed into or rubbed against my pussy (carrots and cherry tomatoes inside, cucumber rubbed along) before they were chopped and added to the salad. We had a half chicken to go with the salad (but we didn’t play with that) and once the table was laid out, we moved into the dining room. I thought we were going to eat, but Mike said that all the playing with me had gotten to him and he wanted to cum before we ate. I thought this was fair and bent over the table, lifted my skirt and offered myself to him.

He pulled his cock out, rubbed it along my pussy a couple of times, fucked me between my legs (with it rubbing against my pussy) and then pulled back and positioned it at the entrance to my cunt. I reached around and held myself open for him and he pushed into me, only going a little bit at first and working deeper with each thrust. His cock was much warmer than the courgette and it felt really good feeling him moving inside me. I tried clenching myself around him and this made things feel even better so I continued doing this for as long as I could until the muscles got tired. I hadn’t expected to want to cum again so soon but I ended up being turned on enough that I reached down under myself and rubbed my clit. Mike noticed this and said that he would hold back until I had cum and would then season my salad for me.

This seemed like a really good idea and (sort of) tied in with my aim of getting his cum over me, so I agreed. Mike pulled my ass cheeks apart and used slow deliberate strokes, pushing hard into me each time. I continued to play with my clit and was soon rewarded with the familiar feeling of my orgasm building. I asked Mike to speed up (which he did) and I came again, a much deeper, rolling orgasm this time. Mike continued to fuck me through my orgasm and then kept going for a little bit afterwards. He checked once more that I wanted salad dressing and when I said I did, he pulled out, moved around to my bowl and came over it. My face was quiet close to the bowl and I watched as his hand rubbed up and down his cock and his cum squirted out and splattered over my food. Once he had squeezed out the last few drops, he rubbed his cock over the salad and then offered it to me. I sucked him clean, tasting both his cum and my juices and we then sat down to eat.

I decided to give Jen a call and tell her what my dinner consisted of and when she found out, she rather liked the idea (I’ve never met a lesbian who likes boy-cum so much – admittedly I don’t know many lesbians and I haven’t asked the ones I do know about this specifically, but you know what I mean...). Mike said he would be happy to fuck her and cum over her food at Christmas, and they agreed that they would arrange something (although the way Jen said ‘something’, I don’t think it will be her that Mike fucks). I started to eat while on the phone to her and it was actually quite a good flavour. I’ve come to appreciate the taste of Mike’s cum over the past few years and I now know that it actually makes a fairly good salad dressing – not too strong a taste, but it still added something. Of course, the ‘naughty’ factor was probably a help and the fact that I was sitting there mostly naked (I still had my skirt on, but it was pulled up) also helped.

Jen said that she was bored but was going to meet up with a friend later on – I told her to give us a call when she got back and we would have an ‘animated chat’ to help relieve any further boredom. She liked this idea and told me to behave myself when we went out later on (as if that was going to happen). We finished up dinner and moved on to dessert – I knew full well what was going to happen here as we’d bought chocolate mousse. We took turns eating – Mike obviously ate it out of my cunt and I rubbed it over his cock and then licked him clean. He wasn’t ready to cum again just yet but with the last scrapings smeared over me, he went to town on my cunt and ate me until I came. By the time he finished, I was feeling quite exhausted and we thought that we could do with a rest before going out. We quickly cleaned up and retired to bed for a couple of hours sleep.


  1. Hi Andi

    I love the idea of coating the salad vegetables with your cunt juice and eating them. Mike's special salad dressing sounds good for you too. Will he be able to dress a bowl for Jen too ?

    Thanks for making my lunchtime horny again.

    Cheers, John

  2. Jen has already requested that while we're all back together over Christmas - she'll be adding her own flavouring as well so Mike is also pleased about it.