Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Double date

We're up in York now (Mike, Jen and myself) - no Sue this time as there wouldn't really be much for her to do (although a bit more happened with her over Christmas than we had intended - but she didn't technically cheat on her bf).

This follows on from the previous posting...


Pretty much as soon as the door was closed, I pounced on Mike and told him about me fingering myself under the table. He slipped a hand under my skirt and thought that I did indeed feel quite wet (although that was still partially due to his cum from earlier). He asked me what i wanted to do about it and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me. He considered this for a moment and said that it might be better if I was really horny when we went out this evening as it might make things ‘more interesting’. I really didn’t want to wait until we got back (or even until we went out) to cum, so I told him that we should go fuck and then he could tease me later on and get me horny for going out. Mike agreed to this and said that if we were going to fuck, we should do it properly so we went upstairs. On the way up, he grabbed me from behind and buried his face in my cunt (this is why I love short flippy skirts). He licked my cunt and tongued around my ass before giving me a slap and telling me to get ready for a god fuck.

I was more than ready even before he started to lick me so I bounded upstairs, pulled my clothes off and lay on the bed. He slowly undressed and I gave him some encouragement by spreading my legs and pushing a couple of fingers into myself. As he lowered his boxers, his cock sprang free and I told him to get it inside me quickly. He obliged and climbed on top of me, slipping into me straight away. This was probably the horniest I had felt all weekend and I pulled him hard against me and told him to fuck me and make me cum quickly. While we fucked, he got me to describe what I’d been doing while talking to Lis and I pictured it and described the scene to him. This really helped things along and I was getting close by the time I had finished and we turned over so I was on top. Mike grabbed my ass and held it while he pounded into me rapidly. He told me to imagine what might have happened if I had kept going and Lis had noticed that I was fingering myself. He described her moving under the table to get a better look, me spreading my legs and them her mouth making contact with my pussy.

I started to cum, and he kept pistoning in and out of my cunt. He described how I held Lis’ mouth to my cunt and how her tongue explored the inside before focussing on my clit and eating me to orgasm. This was a really powerful image and my orgasm was very intense, but Mike didn’t stop fucking me. I was a bit too sensitive now but he continued to describe how we moved over onto the sofa, Lis’ clothes were pulled off and I buried my face between her legs. I couldn’t take much more and told Mike to hurry up and he continued his description of me eating her, tasting her sweet little pussy and feeling her making me cum. He joined the fantasy at the end of it (but it was the very end as he started to cum in me, so his part was coming in the front door and pushing his cock into Lis and cumming in her).

Once he had cum, he slowed his movements and then stopped, just resting in me. My pussy felt really sensitive and was still tingling and throbbing. We were both rather sweaty and kissed for a while before Mike asked if I had enjoyed the fantasy. I told him that I obviously did and that my cunt felt like it was on fire so he suggested that once we’d had a rest, we go and shower and then get start to get ready for our double date. I wasn’t really with it enough to figure out what he meant (I know it doesn’t take us that long to get ready), but slid off his cock and dozed beside him for a little while. When I woke up, his cum had dribbled out of my pussy and over my leg. I gave Mike a nudge and we headed into the bathroom to clean up. We only needed a quick shower to freshen up, but Mike wanted to make sure that my pussy was nice and clean so he used the pulse setting and gave the whole area a good going over. I had pretty much assumed that he wasn’t just going to clean me, so I wasn’t surprised when he directed the jet mostly at my clit and spread my lips. It certainly felt nice (and I do miss having a decent shower to make me cum) so I settled back to enjoy it.

I didn’t get that close to cumming before the shower was turned off though and I told him that he could finish me off if he wanted. He reminded me that I had agreed he could make me horny again before we went out and I realised what that might mean. While we dried off, he gave my pussy a little rub and said that he was going to take good care of it. Back in the bedroom, this consisted of spending a long time playing with various toys, fingering, licking and fucking me – but not letting me cum. As I got more aroused, the periods where he was doing things to me got shorter (as I got close to cumming in less time). I *very* nearly came at one point but he stopped licking me just as the first wave of my orgasm was about to hit and he held my hands so I couldn’t play with myself (which I would have done at that point).

This continued on and off throughout the afternoon and by the time we were ready to actually get ready to go out I was even more horny than I had been earlier in the afternoon and begged him to let me cum (although a part of me really liked the idea of going out with the girls while feeling like this). It also probably had something to do with my choice of clothes – I wore my partially see-though dress and took a large shawl with me for use in the restaurant (there is only so much you can get away with in a brightly lit place). On the way to the restaurant, we stopped a few times and Mike kept me nicely aroused (actually, more than nicely, more like frustratingly aroused). We arrived first and Lis and Vicky turned up about 10 minutes later. Vicky was still a bit nervous about being seen by people she knew, but I pointed out how I was dressed and that we’d never seen people we knew here. Lis and I popped off to the toilet while Vicky and Mike ordered the drinks and Lis was really excited about having an actual date (it was very cute, she was like a little schoolgirl – but then Lis in a school uniform is a whole other fantasy).

Mike and Vicky get on quite well – she has quite a dirty sense of humour and is very friendly (as well as pretty and large breasted - so is popular with quite a few men). When we returned, they were talking about the fact that nobody else knows about her and Lis and Mike was reassuring her (just as he had with Lis) that he wasn’t going to tell anyone. She seemed to relax a lot more over dinner (although I was somewhat distracted as Mike kept pulling my legs apart and fondling me. I think the others knew that something was happening, but neither of them said anything and we finished up the meal.

I said that we would go onto one of our other places. I noticed that Lis took Vicky’s hand while we walked and how happy she seemed. It wasn’t long before we arrived and after just a short queue, we got inside and checked our coats (and shawl). We headed to the bar and got a drink and stood around chatting (loudly) for a while. One of the reasons I like this place is that there is a good area to stand that overlooks the dance floor and there is a ledge at the bottom of ht banister that is both at a comfortable height to rest a foot on and high enough to separate my legs enough to give a decent view up my skirt. We danced for a bit and had another couple of drinks – Mike hadn’t had much of an opportunity to tease me as Lis and Vicky were around, but just wearing that dress (without panties) usually gets me nice and wet anyway so in my pre-aroused state, I had a nice buzz going. Vicky and Lis were drinking more than we were (I seem to have turned into a lightweight recently) and we got to see them having a proper smooch. Mike took this opportunity to reach behind me and slipped a finger between my legs to rub my pussy.

As Vicky got drunker (she wasn’t really drunk, but a bit tipsy), she said that Lis had told her some of the things I’ve got up to. I didn’t deny anything and told Vicky that I really loved sex and showing myself off. She commented on my dress and I said that I loved wearing it, knowing that people can see my nipples (especially when they are hard – which thanks to Mike’s teasing, they were). Mike was standing behind me and reached round and caressed my breasts, running his hands over them and then teasing my nipples until they were properly hard. Lis and Vicky were right in front of us and could see everything he was doing and I could feel his cock pressing up against my ass. I had expected him to drop a hand to my pussy and rub it, but he said that he needed to pee and would be back. We took the opportunity to go to the bathroom as well and this was the first time the girls had seen my dress properly in good light (I’d made good use of the shawl in the restaurant).

Vicky said it was really daring and asked if I really went out without panties on. I’m sure this is exactly why Mike wanted me to be really horny as I just went with the easiest way of demonstrating and lifted the hem of my dress up and showed off my bald pussy. It was only for a few seconds but it got a nice reaction from Vicky and I saw Lis smile. I asked Lis if she had told Vicky and she looked confused until I mentioned underwear. She shook her head and I told Vicky that Lis was going command as well and made a grab for her dress. Lis pulled away at first, but then lifted her dress – just for a second – and I finally got to see her little patch of hair (but not her pussy as her legs were closed).

Vicky recounted a story where she went to the station to meet her boyfriend (at the time) wearing just a raincoat. I actually think that she had told me about this before (but I’d somehow forgotten) and I said that if she had done that, then surely she could take off her panties and be the same as Lis and I. She hesitated for a minute and Lis pressed up against her and said something and Vicky agreed. I had to turn my back (not very effective in a room full of mirrors, but this seemed to escape their attention) and I saw Lis reach up under Vicky’s skirt and pull of a very lacy pair of black panties. While facing away from them, I gave my pussy a little rub (then a slightly less little rub) and would have probably done a bit more if the door hadn’t opened. I dropped the front of my skirt and looked presentable by the time the inner door opened and saw that Lis had stuffed Vick’s panties into her bag.

I think the newcomer was too drunk to realise that something had been happening and she stumbled into one of the stalls. We had a giggle and I told Vicky and Lis that they could have probably been fucking each other and she wouldn’t have noticed. We headed back out and eventually found Mike again and went to get some water. As the evening went on, he was a bit bolder and did rub my pussy (through my dress) with them in front of us. While I was standing with my back to the railing, he also slipped a hand under my dress and fingered me, but I don’t think they realised that was happening – although people on the dance floor might have done so! Vicky certainly loosened up and they were dancing and kissing, holding each other and even squeezing each others’ asses (only on top of their skirts/dresses).

Mike and I stood watching them dance (me with my foot up on the convenient rest) and Mike standing behind me. We started constructing what the rest of their evening would be like when they got home and Mike started kissing my neck. His hands were being perfectly well behaved (they were just resting on my hips), but his mouth kissed and nibbled my neck in exactly the right way. I kept concentrating on the image of Vicky and Lis and imagined me joining them, their tongues licking my body, my neck, breasts and pussy. I moaned to Mike that if he kept this up, I would cum and he said I should go ahead and try. I didn’t actually expect to be able to cum – while it is possible for me to do so with just my neck being stimulated, it usually takes a long time and I don’t think we’ve ever managed it with me standing. Technically, the fact that I was standing overlooking a large number of people was probably helping, but I was aware that I probably wouldn’t cum and it would just be more teasing.

He continued to kiss and lick my neck – changing sides occasionally and I then heard Lis’ voice. I looked round and her and Vicky were standing watching us. Looking back, I wish I had just let him continue (knowing that they were there), but it sort of broke the spell (although it didn’t stop me from being damn horny). Lis whispered something to Vicky who nodded and when I pressed them I found out that Lis had told Vicky about my sensitive neck and that I can cum like that. Mike was still behind me but I was now facing Lis and I felt his hand slide under my dress once more and his fingers playing with my pussy. We ended up all standing facing the dancefloor (although I think I was the only one with the right kind of skirt on for people to see up) and it was really nice seeing Lis so happy.

I wanted to stay out with them a bit longer, but the horniness had finally become too much for me and I started to make excuses about being tired from travelling and needing to get home to bed (so I was only partially lying as bed was certainly involved in what I would be doing). I got Mike to buy us a final round of drinks and he took Vicky with him so that I could have a chat with Lis. She thanked me once more for arranging the date and I told her that we could repeat it whenever I was in York. She promised (once again) to come up and visit and Lis gave me a hug and a pretty nice kiss. I kissed her back and gave her ass a good fondle while we kissed and she didn’t pull away.

Mike and Vicky returned and found us like this and Mike asked Vicky if she minded me kissing her girlfriend and she said that as long as it was just a kiss, she could cope with it. He then asked her if that meant that Lis was actually her girlfriend and she smiled and gave Lis a kiss and said that she thought she was. He was sensible enough to not push it any further and we had our last drink and chatted. I was fondled a bit more (from behind so Lis and Vicky couldn’t see) and I leant over to Mike and whispered that I really needed to go home and cum or I’d end up having him fuck me with a beer bottle where we were standing. Mike got the message and we finished up and said our goodbyes. We hugged goodbye and when Vicky hugged me she told me that she thought that Mike needed taking care of. I wasn’t too sure what she meant at first, but as we walked out he told me that when he had hugged her, she had pressed up against him hard enough to easily feel that he was very hard and he even thinks that she might have pressed her crotch against his cock a bit. Of course, knowing that she didn’t have any panties on under the skirt had only added to his enjoyment.

We retrieved our coats and headed out – I didn’t bother trying to cover myself up with the shawl on the way home (it was dark and I was horny). We stopped off a couple of times in various alleyways that we are used to and we kissed, I was fingered and Mike knelt in front of me and I lifted a leg over his shoulder so he could lick me. In the last alleyway (before we got home), I fished his cock out and started to rub it while we kissed. Mike pressed me back against the wall and managed to slide into me and we fucked like that briefly (there were people walking past the end of the alley so we didn’t risk it for too long. He had a bit of trouble getting his cock back into his jeans and had to undo them properly. We were pretty close to home by this point so went straight there. At the front door, I had my dress pulled off while I was trying to unlock it) and Mike pushed his cock into me once more. Being at the end of the street, we have a little privacy and managed to fuck for a little while before we actually went indoors.

By this point, we were both pretty desperate to cum and we decided that we would have a quick fuck and release the tension and then do things at a more leisurely pace. The quick fuck was incredibly quick. As soon as we were in the door, I leant over the sofa, Mike reached around to my clit and slid into me and within a minute or so, we had both cum. Mike pulled out of me before he came (se he could eat me later on) and I ended up with streaks of cum covering my back and up in my hair (and some on the sofa that we had to clean up). I felt a bit better after having cum, but even as Mike was rubbing his cum into me, I was ready to go again. He didn’t recover quite as quickly though and needed a little rest (his orgasm had apparently been quite strong).

We moved up to the bedroom and I helped to get him in the mood once more by putting on a little show for him. While I did this, I got him to imagine what is was like when Vicky pressed up against him and we imagined what could have happened if Lis and I had lifted her skirt and started to fondle her. We developed this fantasy nicely and Mike soon joined me while we thought what it would be like to have a foursome. We imagined all the possible combinations (I know that Lis is gay so probably wouldn’t let Mike fuck her – but then this was a fantasy so reality didn’t feature too much and he took turns fucking us while the other two played with each other).

Our extended session didn’t last as long as we had expected (probably due to the imagery we were conjuring up), but it was pretty intense and this time, Mike did cum inside me. He stayed on top of me, pinning me down and whispering in my ear how much he wanted to see me fucking Vicky and Lis, having them both make me cum and watching me eat them in turn. It was a delicious thought (but sadly I don’t think Lis is going to share Vicky with anyone) and we stayed like that, still creating the fantasy for a while until mike eventually went soft and we decided that we needed some sleep.

Unfortunately, I had to get an earlier train back than usual (it was significantly cheaper), so we didn’t get time to do much on the Sunday (of course, we had our morning fuck and Mike added a further load of cum to my pussy. Most of it came out fairly quickly, but there was still a bit of leakage on the way to the station so I ended up having to pop to the toilet and put a pair of panties on before the train journey (or end up with a massive wet patch on my skirt). I wrote a long email to Lis on the journey home and told her how much fun I’d had going out with them. She had replied by the time I got back and said that it had been wonderful to actually go out in public with Vicky and she can’t wait to do it again. I obviously told Jen about everything that had happened and we had a nice phone sex session while thinking about Lis’ little (mostly) shaved pussy and what she might taste like.

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  1. Hi Andi - Happy New Year !!!

    It was so nice to read about you, Mike, Lis and Vicky out on a date together. Such a sexy time you all had - Lis flashing her pussy, Vicky pressing against Mike's hard cock, plenty of cumming too.

    Now to read about Jen's place and more tales to make my cock stiff :)

    Cheers, John xxx