Friday, 3 December 2010

Everything posted now

It’s now almost the end of October and it’s taken me quite a while to get my last days in York written up. You might have noticed that the entries haven’t seemed quite as enthusiastic as normal and this is due to a number of reasons:

As I’ve said before, the plan was for me to have a really amazing last few weeks in York with enough orgasms that I would be able to cope being up here by myself – it certainly was an amazing time, but I didn’t fare so well after moving here. Of course I’ve enjoyed my weekends when I got to see Mike or Jen, but increasingly I’ve hated it when they (or I) leave on a Sunday afternoon. I kept myself occupied for the first month or so by writing up entries and reliving the fun I’d had (which of course led to lots of playing with myself). As the time alone continued with no sign of a possible job for Mike the writing started to feel like a bit of a chore.

There were a few events (like being masturbated in front of a group of strangers at the lake) that I really enjoyed writing about (and I think it shows), but other entries that I would have loved writing about in the past seem a rather flat to me. I’m not saying that I want to stop writing this blog as it has been a lot of fun (even if my readership hasn’t increased), but I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep it going in the same way it was before. We (either Mike and I or Jen and I) usually use the writing process to get nice and worked up for our subsequent session – it just isn’t the same writing it by myself. I’ve got enough entries saved up to keep it going for a while and hopefully Mike will be here soon which I think will make things a lot better.


I wrote this just after I finished writing up my time in York – of course I still miss having Mike and Jen around, but the last couple of weeks have been a bit better (between making some friends up here, sex parties in York and Jen’s 21st). I’ve also got notes for a couple of entries from the intervening period which I might write up, but otherwise I’ll probably going to skip over a lot of the past couple of months and just post entries relating to the highlights. It’s not as if the time has been entirely uneventful so I’m fairly sure you’ll enjoy them and I just hope that my passion for writing returns to what it was so I can do them justice.

I would actually quite like to increase the number of regular readers I have – the initial point of this blog was the fact that having people reading about what we got up to was an incredible turn on for me. I’d be grateful if anyone who has used this to help them cum could post a link on any other forums/blogs that they read – not in a spamming kind of way, but if you know any other groups who might enjoy reading this then please point them over here. In return, I’ll concentrate on getting back into the flow of writing and will give you some exciting entries to cum to once more...

I'm just about to head off and see Jen - another trip through airport security without panties on...


  1. Hey Andi, I was just wondering if you knew any porn sites with free movies because I can't find any

  2. Dont stop, this is the best site i know of, it gets me hard every day It would be good to see more pictures of you all.
    Keep up the good work

  3. I am a regular reader but must stay anonymous. My career would be in serious Jeopardy if people found out about my online habits. I suspect you may have many "ghost" readers, but do know I have been a reader from the earliest stages. Please don't go!

  4. Thats a very true comment, I think you possibly have 10 times the readers you think you have.
    I only really have one friend who I could say to him, go and have a good wank over this site, people just dont discuss there wanking habits so its a bit harder to spread the word.

  5. Andi, I love this blog, I also love your pictures from a while back. Don't suppose you could post any more? They've helped me cum so often.

  6. Hi Andi. I have read all your posts and love the way you write as well as *what* you write.

    Most of it I have read at work during my lunch time and my cock has been stiff all the time. But I have also re-read some at home where I can stroke my cock and shoot some spunk :)

    Please don't stop. I am sure that you will have fun at Christmas and I want to know what goes on.

    Like one of the anons said guys don't talk to each other about our wanking habits - ask Mike!

    As far as being apart is concerned - yes it sucks. I had to work away for 6 months and leaving on Sunday night got very painful. I hope Mike can join you soon.

    Keep strong and sexy!

    Cheers, John xxx

  7. Hey Andi, like the other people said, you have alot more readers then you think! I've read you're hole blog 7 times and have came off to every single one!! Please don't stop writing!!!

  8. There are thousands of free porn video sites:

    You'll probably find enough links off those sites to keep you busy for a while.


    I'm not intending to stop - I'd just reached the end of the material from my time in York. As I said, I am finding writing a bit more difficult without someone here to help get the creative (and literal) juices flowing, but I'm trying so there will be posts about what I've been up to since having left York.