Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Journey North

The morning of the 31st, I woke up to Mike’s licking (not an unusual way for me to be woken and quite fitting for my last morning). I let him know that I was awake but just lay and enjoyed the feelings until I came (which of course I also enjoyed). We then spooned for a little while and when I was ready, I started to press back against him and he started to move in me. He had an arm draped over me and help me tight against him (by use of one of my breasts). As we got closer to cumming, he told me how much he loved me and I ended up crying through my orgasm (which is quite strange). Mike came in me and we stayed locked together until he went soft and fell out of me.

We stayed together for a little while and then finally got up to get ready. After showering (together), we woke Jen up and all had breakfast together. Jen got ready while Mike helped me gather up the last few things and he then helped us get everything to the station. In a way it would have been easier if all of us had gone up to my new place at the weekend, but he was running low on holidays so he couldn’t have stayed beyond the weekend and at least I would have Jen to help me shift the things into a taxi at the other end. It was a tearful farewell at the station and I was very glad that Jen was coming with me for at least a few days. I know I keep saying how sad I was that I wasn’t going to be with Mike – it’s not that I don’t hate being apart from Jen, but we’re a bit more used to it as the two of us have never lived together. Jen’s still considering trying to transfer up to the same Uni that I’ve moved to, but the courses they run might not be similar enough and we don’t want her final grade to suffer.

Jen did a good job of keeping me distracted on the train (with a combination of talking and touching). I was dared to perform my usual trick of ‘dropping’ something and bending over too far to pick it up and I gave a couple of guys a fairly good pussy/ass view while doing this. We weren’t in a quiet enough carriage to get up to much more (all our touching had to be fairly discreet), but I did sit for a while with my legs spread far enough to give someone a few seats away a fairly good view. The ‘newspaper being moved to cover the crotch’ is always a fairly good sign that they have noticed and I allowed them about a five minute view before closing my legs a bit more.

We finally arrived and with a bit of effort, managed to get everything off the train and into a taxi and then from there into the flat. Originally I had planned on just renting a room in a house but we found the flat and it wasn’t too much more expensive. It’s not a wonderful flat, but at least it means when Mike or Jen visit, we will actually have some privacy (which seems somewhat ironic for an exhibitionist to say!). The place felt very empty (which of course it was) and was still pretty sparse by the time we’d unpacked the things we had brought up with us – I knew it would get better as more stuff was shipped up from York and I had everything I needed to get settled in but it just wasn’t the same as our nice little home in York.

We went out for some lunch and then went shopping to stock up on food. Returned to the flat and settled down together. Once again, Jen helped take my mind off things by drawing up a chart of all the rooms in the flat. She put a column in for her, one for Mike and then added one for me. I didn’t get what she was doing until she said that we should get some of the rooms ticked off and started to pull my clothes off. This seemed like an excellent way of spending the evening (and distracting me) so we had a fight to see who could get the other undressed first (Jen won, but she had started first). She took me on the sofa with both fingers and tongue and then when she was finished, I did the same to her. As we cuddled up together to recover, I noticed that the windows are overlooked by the flats on the other side of the street. We didn’t see anyone watching us, but I thought that this might at least give me a way to stay amused when here alone. Jen asked me to get up and close the curtains so I did (although I stood naked in front of the window for a little while before I closed them).

We decided that we could both do with a bit of a shave so we took the bathroom as our next room – we started off by sharing a shower (which isn’t anywhere nearly powerful enough to have fun with) and then took turns shaving each other. As usual, the post-shave ‘test’ was quite thorough and we licked each other to orgasm (and decided that we had both passed the test). We stopped for dinner and I gave Mike a call to let him know that we had settled in and then decided to go for a wander to explore the area. I didn’t want to be out too late (it’s not good turning up late or drunk on your first day), but we found a pub and had a quiet drink together before heading back.

Of course, we also got to tick the bedroom off the list – Jen broke out the toys while I was brushing my teeth and when I returned, she had her schoolgirl outfit on (not the Japanese one). She had decided that I deserved to be punished (though we have no idea what for). Fortunately, her ‘punishment’ involved my head being under her skirt while she used a dildo and egg on me. I had of course been licking her while she had been working on me, but once I had cum, I was allowed to return the favour and use the dildo/egg combination on her.

Feeling quite satisfied, we snuggled up together and fell asleep. I woke up a couple of times in the night and was really glad that I had Jen there with me – each time I just curled up against her and cherished the feeling of her warm body against mine. I was tempted to start something but decided that sleep was probably more important so I restrained myself. I woke up fairly early the next morning though and decided that seeing as I had been well behaved during the night, I deserved a treat before going to my new job. I carefully moved away from Jen and retrieved some toys. I applied a bit of the tingle gel to my pussy and then added a couple of blobs to my nipples before crawling under the covers and kissing Jen’s thighs until she woke up. The gel was making my pussy tingle quite nicely by this point and I told her that I needed a good cum to get me ready for the day. Jen was quite willing to help out with this and I handed her a vibe and crouched over her in a 69 position.

While she started to lick me, I rubbed a bit of gel into her pussy and then pushed a vibe into her – she responded by pushing the one I had given her into me and we started to fuck each other while licking clits. It was a fairly rough session – not painfully so, but we weren’t being gentle in the way we used the vibes. Unusually, I came quite a bit before Jen did, but once I started work on her again, I made sure that she caught up quickly and had an orgasm every bit as hard as mine had been.

We then got up, showered, had breakfast and I got ready for the day. I wore one of my usual ‘work’ flippy skirts (mid thigh length) and of course went without panties. Jen came to see me off at the front door in just a satin robe and I couldn’t resist giving her a quick fondle – while we hugged goodbye, I slipped my hands into the robe, around her ass and brushed my fingertips along her pussy. I instructed her to leave the robe untied until I was down the steps and she did as she was told – it wasn’t as if she was properly exposed, but it was still a nice sight.

My first day at work went as would be expected – meeting new people (some of who, I had met before during the interview) and being shown around. The people all seem quite serious but hopefully that will change as I get to know them. Other than being given a stack of reading, I didn’t have too much to do so I got to leave on time and head back to see Jen. She’d had a fairly quiet day – looking round the area and then just relaxing. When I got home, she was lying on the sofa with her legs draped over the end – I sat down beside her and ran a hand straight up the inside of her thigh and onto her pussy. She was surprised that I wanted to get things started so quickly, but I was really pleased to see a face I knew and so we got straight down to it.

We didn’t do anything special – just humping against each others’ legs and kissing. We didn’t use fingers on each other so it took a little longer than usual, but meant that we had worked up quite an appetite by the time we finished. While we lay catching our breath, Mike called to see how my first day had gone. I gave him the summary and then a longer description of what Jen and I had just been up to. He said that he was jealous and might have to pull out the porn collection to keep himself entertained. Jen had a chat with him and while she was talking I held an egg against her pussy – she resisted it quite well for a little bit but it was soon obvious to Mike that something was going on. I got her to describe what she was feeling to him and this helped accelerate things along – as she got closer, I told her to be more vocal and she ended up cumming while panting and mewing down the phone.

It turned out that Mike no longer needed the porn collection as he had cum while listening to Jen, and he thanked us both for helping make his first evening alone a bit more interesting. We then had dinner and settled down to watch TV for the evening – of course we had a further session when we finally went to bed, this time we buried a dildo between us and humped against it, fucking each other quite energetically. I convinced Jen to leave the curtains open for this (the bedroom is also at the front of the flat), but I don’t know if anyone actually saw what we were doing.


  1. Hey Andi, I came up with some things you can make Jen do. Order pizza and have Jen answer it compleatly naked, or if it is a woman dilivory person, Jen can "accidentally" trip and grap one of her breasts. Keep o. Writing Andi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jen isn't quite as much of an exhibitionist as I am, but I do enjoy showing off her body to other people so we might go with that idea over Christmas...