Friday, 17 December 2010

Open curtains

Another short entry but a couple of people have asked for a few details of my new place and to elaborate on some things I keep alluding to. I'm posting this early as I'm back down to York tonight and will be occupied tomorrow at the sex party in York. I'm thinking of being a bit more adventurous this time as I really need to unwind after the way work has been going, but I haven't decided what I want to do there...


I live in the ground floor of some sandstone flats/apartments. When I say ‘ground’ floor, it’s more like half a story up as you climb steps to get up to the front door – so you can’t see in from the pavement outside. It’s quite a nice street (given I’m here by myself, we decided to pay a little more and find a safe area). The street is quite wide, but the windows of the flats are quite large, so it is possible to see in from across the street.

Both my living room and bedroom are at the front of the flat and I mostly ‘forget’ to shut my curtains even when I’m walking around naked. In the day this makes very little difference as it’s much harder to see in, but at night (if I have the lights on), I know that I’m visible to a number of the windows opposite and have made good use of this. I generally don’t stand too close to the window so it isn’t obvious that I’m letting people see me, but I’ve figured out the places in the room where I’m probably the most visible and have taken to using those areas when playing with myself at night (and at other times as detailed in previous postings).

I’ve done pretty much all my ‘usual’ kind of things – from sitting on the sofa an idly touching myself to lying down with my legs spread (conveniently facing the window of course) and using fingers and dildos on myself. Most of the time I’m pretty sure that there is nobody watching, but there have been one or two occasions where I’ve seen people standing in the window looking over at me (the giveaway being when I see someone at a window, the lights are turned off and then I see the curtains move again). Even if there isn’t anyone watching, it still feels really nice knowing that they ‘could’ be watching.

Just last week, I got home from work and was feeling lonely so (after having had dinner), I gave Mike a call and we decided to have a little session together. We both stripped off and lay on our beds – he had the curtains closed while mine were open. We both added some of the tingle gel and waited a few minutes for it to start to take effect before starting to play with ourselves. We took turns describing what we would do to each other if we were together and we each acted out the other person’s instructions. ‘I’ started off by gently rubbing Mike’s cock and then wrapping my hand around it and using long firm strokes. Obviously if I had actually been there, I would have also sucked him, but he can’t do that to himself.

‘His’ fingers (or at least two of them) rubbed around my pussy and then slid into me and pumped in and out, getting nice and wet. They then alternated pushing in me and rubbing my clit. By this point I was lying down fully with my legs spread towards the window and I’m pretty sure that I saw someone watching – when I told Mike this, he said that we should put on a good show. I removed my hand from my pussy and reached around my leg and pushed my fingers into myself from behind – at the same time, I rubbed my clit from above and slowly teased myself towards an orgasm. I can cum fairly quickly like this, but we kept talking and I held back until Mike was ready to cum as well. We described to each other what we were feeling and doing (although this became rather unintelligible as we got very close to cumming) and managed to cum reasonably close together (it’s a lot harder without the person there and being able to read their body).

We moaned down the phone at each other and I pushed my fingers as far into myself as I could (this position is good for stimulation, but not so good for depth) while I came. My legs were spread wide apart and I imagined people standing all the windows opposite watching me with my cunt being presented to them. Mike said that he made quite a mess when he came, his cum squirted up in the air and landed on his stomach and the bed. I pictured this and told him that Jen would probably be happy to lick him clean and lay there just idly stroking my clit (just gently).

We’ve done things like that a number of times – and I’ve also done the equivalent with Jen where sometimes we’ve both used one of the double ended dildos and imagined that we are sharing it. I’d like to think that whoever has been watching me might well have been jacking off at the same time and of course I’ve fantasised about everyone from over the road coming over and watching from close up, being surrounded by cocks and having them cum all over me.

As you can probably tell, I’ve still not really adapted to living by myself here – Mike has another couple of job applications in, but there are so few for him to even apply for that we’re not overly hopeful things will change that quickly. At least it will be Christmas soon though and we’ll have a couple of weeks together.


  1. Hi Andi. What was it that made you think someone accross the road was watching you ?

    After you spread your legs wider and presented your cunt did you notice movement ?

    I'd love to live opposite you :)

    Cheers, John xxx

  2. It's been different on different occasions. Sometimes I've seen a light on, someone near the window and then the light goes out fairly quickly. After that I try not to look too closely, but I'm sure I've seen curtains moving in the same room.

    It might just be my imagination, but I still enjoy thinking about having someone watch me even if that's just the case.