Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Distractions - Part 2

Ryan (Sue's boyfriend) is arriving today. We have plans - as long as Sue intends to go through with them... Back to October first.


I gave them the full details of everything that had happened (including the bits they hadn’t figured out from the audio) and I then showered myself off while going over the final details. Jen said that I deserved a bonus for having done so well and once I had showered, I was instructed to lie on the kitchen table and Jen ate me. Both Lucy and Ramona were sitting there and saw pretty much everything (maybe not actually everything as they had a side view, but it was clear that neither Jen nor I was faking it.

It is always interesting doing things in front of a new person – Ramona had seen me cum properly the night before, but it was still a new enough experience to make me both embarrassed and excited. It was also the first time (I think) that Lucy had witnessed Jen eating me properly (more than just a couple of little licks) and that also helped. When I had cum and was allowed down from the table (not the best position to hold a conversation), we moved into the living room and I asked why things had changed (as in why I was now being exhibited more). Lucy said that over the summer, Ramona had said how she (sort of) envied my ability to feel free and go with what I enjoyed doing, not caring what others thought. Lucy had told this to Jen who had been more than willingto step things up a level. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t quite like that – I certainly enjoy sex and cumming (and even more so with people watching), but that I wanted them to want to watch and if I could do things that also got them aroused, it was even better.

The other reason was that Jen realised that they were in their final year and wanted to make sure that we didn’t waste any opportunities to have fun and take advantage of the group of friends who all enjoyed that sort of thing. I told Ramona that if she wanted to be less inhibited and enjoy herself more, then all she had to do was to start small and try some things out. She said that she would be too nervous but I pointed out that she had been happy to be (sort of) topless over breakfast and all she had to do was carry on from there, maybe get used to being topless or naked around the house, then with Lucy there, then with Jen or myself... Ramona wasn’t too sure, but I told her to think about it and made a note of my project for the upcoming year.

I was allowed to wear a robe for the rest of the day (it was a little cold), but it was mostly unfastened and remained so when people turned up late that evening. True to her word, Jen continued to push things forwards and with everyone present, I was told to remove the robe and spend the evening naked. Mel didn’t want to be left behind so Jules was instructed to follow suit and we were both teased and fondled throughout the night.

We had to dance together as seductively as possible and put on a fairly good show. There was a lot of humping and grinding, fondling of breasts and eventually fingering (when we got a bit too carried away). We were told to carry on when the doorbell went and the living room door was pulled shut. I suspected that something might be up, but was enjoying myself so Julia and I continued to fondle each other and get more and more worked up. Our visitor was the pizza guy and Mel invited him in to the kitchen to get his money. On the way past the living room, she told him not to look in (which is of course the best way to arouse curiosity) and he peeked through the gap. I had been watching for something like this (but actually expecting someone to come in) and told Julia that we had to put on a proper show for him.

My long term readers will know that Julia is the one person I know who is (possibly) more addicted to sex than I am, so she had no problems with this and faced the door. I stood behind her and we kissed while my hands roamed over her breasts and between her legs. As pizza guy came back from the kitchen, Mel opened the door and passed the pizzas in, giving him a full view of Jules getting quite close to cumming. Mel didn’t say anything, but pulled the door mostly shut behind her and carried on walking down the hallway. Pizza guy stayed looking through the gap at our display until Mel called him when he scurried to the door and was let out.

I thought we’d done fairly well and wondered why she hadn’t let him stand and watch us (or at least Jules) cum. There wasn’t really a good reason, but we were told to stop playing with each other as we had done enough and it was time to eat. Over dinner, I discussed the morning’s events involving Peter with Julia and we came up with a plan for my next visit to give him an extra treat. We were mostly left alone for the rest of the evening (which made being naked somewhat pointless) but when I complained to Jen, she said that as long as I had energy to do things with her, she would make me cum if I wanted (of course I wanted!). I was laid out on the sofa and fucked with a dildo. For a long time I wasn’t given any clitoral stimulation, but people were allowed to fondle my breasts. It felt good, but got a bit frustrating and I told Jen that I really wanted to cum. To finish off, one of the guys was allowed to hold the tip of a vibe against my clit while Jen fucked me with the dildo and it took hardly any time.

Julia didn’t want to be left out, so Mel ate her. Jen decided that she shouldn’t be alone in this, so I was made to side beside her and Jen went down on me and gave me a (much needed) second orgasm. She then reminded me that I had promised to have the energy left to do things with her later on and I reassured her that I would fuck her senseless if she wanted. Just as I had wanted to cum earlier in the evening, Jen wanted that when people left and we finally went to bed. On the way upstairs, she warned Lucy and Ramona that we might be slightly louder than usual as she was going to get everything out of me that she could. It was more a case of what she put into me – we ended up using a pretty good selection of our sex toys and humped each other raw. For some reason, Jen wanted to cum three times (which is more than her usual amount), but I wasn’t complaining. I was a little tender by the third orgasm (fifth that night), but I had promised her I would do what she wanted, so I kept my word.

I also really liked the fact that we didn’t hold back at all in how much noise we made – clearly Jen no longer cared how much Lucy heard (and I think she was actually trying to let her hear). When we were being less energetic, we could hear little noises coming from their room so it was clear that we weren’t keeping them awake. I commented on this over breakfast the next morning and asked if they had been enjoying themselves. They didn’t give any details, but said that they’d had a fairly good session before going to sleep.

I was instructed to use the shower to make myself cum while they had coffee and as my orgasm started to build, three heads appeared in the doorway to watch me cum. I adjusted my position to give them a better view, but was so close that I doubt I could have stopped if I’d wanted to, so they didn’t get a long show. Jen then joined me in the shower so we could wash each other (and the contract of the lust of masturbation with the romance of cleaning each other was quite extreme). Of course we touched each other and there was a little gentle fondling, but it was almost non-sexual (or at least as non-sexual as I can get).

Peter came round to visit again, but other than giving him a view up my skirt, nothing else happened. I had also expected to have been made to cum one last time in front of Lucy, but even that was denied me. It wasn’t until after we had set off to catch my plane that Jen decided I had waited long enough. We moved to the back of the coach and Jen pulled out a little vibe. I was a bit disappointed as I knew it wasn’t that powerful, but Jen promised that she would make me cum with it, so I lifted my skirt and spread my legs for her. She used it directly on my clit and rubbed back and forth, pushing fairly hard. It took quite a while and I was a bit worried that we would end up at the airport before I came (I don’t like doing things in toilets, but I would have done so if needed). My fears were unfounded though as she also pushed a couple of fingers into me and fingered me. It was actually quite a strong orgasm and I would have loved to be able to make some noise, but our surroundings required me to be silent (or at least very quiet).

I wanted to make Jen cum in return, but all we had time for was for me to finger her (and then taste her from my fingers – I don’t see why perfectly good Jen-juice should be wasted). While she was on the way home, we sexted each other and I talked her into using the vibe on herself. I really wish I’d been there to watch as a masturbating Jen is an incredibly sexy sight. Unfortunately I had to turn my phone off before she came, but when I landed and turned it back on, I immediate got a message saying that she had managed to cum. I told her that she had done well and I would reward her the next time I saw her and asked if she would do it again while wearing panties and then send them to me (having her scent while falling asleep or playing with myself is nice. We settled on a compromise where Mike sent me a pair of Jen’s panties that he had ‘used’ and I used them to masturbate with, knowing that I had both their juices mixing with mine as I came.

During the week, the trains to & from work were misbehaving (power line problems) and about half of them were cancelled. This meant that the ones that actually ran were incredibly busy and I didn’t get my usual seat. This was somewhat annoying until the second day when I was standing crushed in a group of people and found the edge of a briefcase pressing up against my crotch. At each stop, as more people got on, I made sure to manoeuvre myself to be in a slightly better position and pressed up tighter against it. I couldn’t really move that much, but managed to bounce up and down in time with the train and it did a fairly good job of stimulating me. I really wanted to lift my skirt and let my pussy directly rub against it, but for the usual reasons of not wanting to be in jail, I refrained from doing this.

I looked for similar opportunities on the way home, but the best I could do was to press up against someone with my ass fully against their crotch. I again used the movements of the train and wriggled slightly against them and I’m fairly sure that I felt at least a little stiffening in the guy’s groinal area. The next day I made sure I wore a shorter skirt than I would usually do so to work and I had thigh high socks on. I was really hoping that this would give me the best opportunity for some direct contact, but they had fixed whatever the problem was and the trains were back to usual. I made the best of the situation and sat with my legs slightly parted, allowing an older man sitting opposite a view up to my pussy. By the time I got to work I was feeling quite horny (despite having had my morning masturbation session) and by mid-morning, I gave up and went and frigged myself in our archive cupboard while pretending to look for an old journal. I felt much more composed by the time I returned to my desk.

I was a little less subtle over lunch and allowed my skirt to ride up a bit. I made sure that I didn’t let anyone realise that I was naked under it, but I enjoyed the gaze of the guys who were trying to subtly eye my legs up (I like my legs and think they are in fairly good shape due to all the walking I do). I could have easily made another trip to the archive cupboard after lunch, but decided to wait until I got home and had a three way call with Mike and Jen.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Distractions - Part 1

Mid-October, Jen was now back at Uni and I went down for my first visit of the academic year with everyone around. It was great to catch up with Lucy and Ramona and I heard all about their travels (I hadn’t seen them since my wedding). The rest of the gang were also back and within a short while of me arriving, Jules and I were being teased while we were still in the pub. Not wanting to get arrested for indecency, it was obviously much more subtle than what was done when we were at home, but with a few of the group standing around us, Mel slipped a hand under Julia’s skirt and Jen did the same to me and we were fingered and fed our juices.

There were a lot of freshers around and a couple of the group tried (and in once case succeeded) in pulling. They went off by themselves though, leaving the rest of us to head back to Amanda’s room to carry on. I know I’m really getting a bit too old for it to be appropriate, but I certainly enjoyed seeing the new batch of 18 year old girls wandering around the halls (18 year old boys aren’t quite as appealing (except to tease) – I prefer my men older, like Mike).

Now that more people she knew were around, Amanda didn’t seem as keen on being partially naked, but had no problem with Jules and I being exposed and played with as usual. Mel decided that it would be a good idea if we took a shower and we were told that we could wander down to the showers in our underwear. When I pointed out that neither Jules nor I had panties on, we were given a towel each and then attacked by a number of people who stripped us of all our clothes in a matter of seconds. Our towels weren’t large enough to cover us so we wrapped them around our waists and walked to the showers with our breasts on display. We were then instructed to wash each other thoroughly and leave the door open while we did it.

We toyed with each other’s breasts for a while and then moved lower. Asses got a good wash and I turned Julia around so I could hug her from behind and ‘wash’ her pussy. She’s not exactly the shy quiet type though and took control, getting me to lean against the wall and fingering me from behind. To finish up, we stood beside each other, leaning against the wall (which was cold, although the water was nice and hot), facing the door (and the people watching us) and used a hand on each other’s pussies. We both had our legs spread and I felt that we were putting on a pretty good display. A couple of other people wandered in to the bathroom and saw what we were doing, but we ignored them and carried on. We weren’t allowed to cum though (which was somewhat annoying) and were told to dry off and then follow everyone back to Amanda’s room.

We had to sit naked while our fate was decided and Jules said that if they didn’t hurry up she would just make herself cum. I felt a similar way, but I’ve been getting better at drawing out my sessions. In the end, it was decided that letting us fuck ourselves would be as good as anything else and we were each handed a beer bottle and told to cum. Once the glass had warmed up, it was a pleasant experience – I used fingers on my clit and fucked myself with the bottle. Partway through, we were offered to anyone and a couple of people took turns in pumping the bottles into us (sometimes a bit too hard) but we were given them back to finish ourselves off. Having cum, we had to spend the remainder of the evening naked with the bottle necks in us (replacing them whenever they fell out). We were allowed to get dressed to go home (just as well as it was fairly chilly) and I had a proper chat with Lucy and Ramona on the way.

Once indoors, Jen promised that I would provide breakfast for everyone and then take care of other tasks afterwards. Jen wouldn’t tell me what the ‘other tasks’ were, but I assumed I would enjoy it (or would be made to enjoy it). She then stripped me in front of Lucy and Ramona and we headed upstairs. We had a standard session (fingers, vibes, 69ing) and fell asleep. In the morning, we had a longer but more relaxed session and I used the nipple vibes on Jen and spent a long time teasing her before making her cum. She teased me back and was going to leave me hanging, but I promised that I would be horny enough for whatever she had planned and so she relented and used an egg on my clit while kissing my neck and I had a very satisfactory orgasm.

I was then sent down to make the promised breakfast. I returned wearing just the little frilly apron and we knocked and entered Lucy’s room. We woke them up and they sat up, pulling the covers up to hide their nakedness. As we ate, the covers slipped down slightly and I caught a few glimpses of their breasts – at first they covered up again, but by the end Lucy’s breasts were nearly exposed and I could see a fair bit of Ramona’s. They put gowns on when we went downstairs so I still have no idea about their pussies, but I got a few good views of their silhouettes as they helped clear up the breakfast things.

Jen and I showered together and Lucy and Ramona then did the same. Jen teased me quite a bit, both in the shower and then back up in her room, but said that I wasn’t allowed to cum again until the right time. I was dressed and we went downstairs but tt wasn’t until nearly midday that I found out what my ‘additional duties’ where, when Peter turned up. I was given a very quick briefing while Lucy acted all apologetic and said that she had meant to text him and let him know not to come as Ramona had to head off to a drama class and she and Jen were going to tag along to watch. He looked somewhat disappointed but I told him that I had to stay behind to get some work done and if he wanted, he was welcome to stay and have a cup of tea with me.

He liked this idea and once the others had left, I asked him if he actually wanted some tea, or if there was some other way we could find to pass the time. He said he wasn’t thirsty and I pushed him back so he sat down on the sofa and straddled him, then lowered my crotch to his and slowly moved back and forth. I felt him quickly get hard and I leant forwards to kiss him. His hands quickly went for my breasts, first under my top and this was then pulled off and my bra undone (I had to help with that). He licked and nibbled my nipples and I reached down to his crotch to undo his jeans. I had no trouble fishing his cock out, but had to get him to help pull his jeans down slightly to free it properly. I then nestled my pussy on top of it and rubbed back and forth slowly.

I thought it wise to set out some ground rules and told him that I didn’t want to fuck, but would be happy to make him cum as many times as he wanted and would let him play with me. He said this was okay and we moved round so he was lying on the sofa and I carried on grinding my panties against his cock while he reached up to play with my breasts. I lifted the front of my skirt so he could see my panties (white with pink piping and a little bow) and asked if he liked my outfit. I had been given a tartan skirt and long white socks and certainly felt quite sexy so was pleased that Peter approved of it (although given his cock was slowly pushing the panties between my pussy lips, I bet he would have approved of anything I was wearing).

I told him to get naked – he was a bit apprehensive about doing this in the living room, but I told him that the others would be gone for ages. We compromised on him removing his jeans & shorts (and socks) and I removed my skirt. This meant that I could still hump against him with my panties as protection, although I knew that I was getting quite wet and if something were to push at the wrong angle, things could have easily slipped into me. I asked if he wanted another tit job and he said he did, so we moved round and I sat on the sofa while he straddled me and I pushed my breasts around his cock. I told him to move however felt best and to let me know when he got close – this didn’t take him long and he soon started to moan and say he was about to cum. I told him to give me his cum and felt the warm liquid squirt out over my neck, chin and breasts. The cum provided really good lubrication and he fucked my breasts a bit more before pulling out and standing with his cock dangling in front of me.

I wiped myself clean with my top, and then cleaned off his cock. I lay back on the sofa, spread my legs fully and pulled the crotch of my panties aside. I asked if he had enjoyed watching me play with myself before and if he wanted me to do it again (he did). I told him to sit on the floor in front of me and watch carefully what I did so I could make sure he knew what I liked. I had initially intended to keep my panties on, but decided to let him see everything and asked him to slide them down my legs before I started to work. I spread my lips wide and showed him my clit, how I liked having it touched and how I liked to be fingered. He leaned in close and I spread myself as wide as I comfortably can, before reaching around under my legs with two fingers and quickly strumming my clit with my other hand. I told him I was about to cum and to watch my cunt contracting and he eagerly did. I love cumming with someone watching me so intently and the fact that I could feel his breath on my cunt meant that I knew he had a good view so I didn’t hold back at all and moaned my way through my orgasm, telling him what I could feel as it happened.

When I finished, I realised that he was stroking his cock again (it was hidden by my body and the sofa, but I could see his arm moving) and I told him that it was up to me to make him cum. I asked if he had a condom and when he produced one, we gathered our things up, washed our hands (at my insistence) and headed upstairs. I told him I still didn’t want to fuck, but I would blow him if he would use a vibe to fuck me and he said he was up for that. I selected a suitable vibe (with clit attachment), added some tingle gel and then smeared some of the gel over his cock before putting the condom on and arranging myself on the bed. We lay beside each other in a top to tail position and I stroked his cock, giving the gel time to start working. Once he said he could feel it, I told him to push the vibe into me and I took his cock in my mouth.

It only took a little bit of instruction to get him to fuck me the way I like and I rewarded him with all the tricks I’d learned. Between sucks, I told him to describe what he could feel and got him to give a fairly graphic description. He said he was about to cum and I rapidly swirled my tongue around the head of his cock (Mike loves this) and felt his cum squirt into the condom. I kept going until he had completely finished and then told him it was now my turn to cum. I lay on my back and told him exactly how to move the vibe, when to pump, when to push hard and when to push the clit attachment against my clit. I gave a running commentary of what I could feel and how close I was and came quite loudly.

He had kept the condom on while making me cum, but his cock was beginning to wilt, so I pulled the condom off, wiped my pussy clean with my panties and then draped them over his cock, saying he could keep them to remind him of me. I then had a better idea and told him that I wanted him to wear them, which he did and he stood there with his cock (hard again) sticking out of my little panties. I told him to keep them on the whole way home (as if he was going to stop off and remove them somewhere) and he agreed. I showed him to the door naked and rubbed myself up against him to get him hard once more before saying that he had better go as I didn’t know when the others would be returning. Once he was gone, I dashed back upstairs to my phone and asked how much they had heard.

Part of the plan had been to use my free weekend calls (a perk of having a plan with so many minutes to allow Mike Jen and I to keep in touch) – before the others had left, Jen had called her phone from my one and her, Lucy and Ramona had been listening in on the whole thing. Peter hadn’t noticed that I had transported my phone upstairs with us and placed it beside the bed. They had only gone a short distance away and sat in a cafe, taking turns listening in on us and were back within minutes of Peter having left. 

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas

I'm just about to head to Mum's for the holidays and meet up with Mike an Jen. I should be able to get a real post out tomorrow, but just in case, I want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

Don't forget to give your loved ones a couple of nice orgasms - and if you're single, then don't forget to take care of yourself - lets face it, an orgasm is an orgasm no matter where or who is comes from! If there are any special requests for Jen, Mike or myself over the holidays, let me know and we'll try our best to satisfy your desires...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

October 2011 Sex Party - Part 2

It's nearly Christmas and I'm heading home (to Mum's) for the holiday. I'll carry on posting over the break and I hope everyone has a good time.


Just the possibility of this actually happening was enough to make my pussy tingle and I wanted to cum again. I sat on the sofa and stroked myself, trying to make eye contact with a couple of people. Someone noticed my invitation and wandered over to ask if I wanted any help. While I undid his trousers and fished his cock out, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could. He said that he thought he could manage that and I rolled a condom on to his cock, gave his a quick suck and then stood up, leant against the sofa and bent over to offer myself to him. He didn’t hesitate in sliding into me and quickly got into a good rhythm, pumping into me hard enough that his body was slamming into my ass. I kept telling him to go harder and reached down to rub my clit. I didn’t expect him to last too long given how hard we were going at it (I’ve learned that not everyone can hold back as long as Mike can) but interspersed my calls for him to fuck me harder with instructions to hold back and not cum yet.

He actually did a pretty good job in holding back but eventually said that he couldn’t keep going much longer. I was fairly close and rubbed my clit, telling him to go for it. I came before he did and he gripped my ass really hard and pumped into me over and over again. He clearly hadn’t been quite as close as he’d thought as it took a little while for him to cum – long enough that the forceful fucking actually got a bit too much, but I held on as I’d been the one to encourage him and I let him finish off in me. I had to sit down afterwards but we got a couple of cheers for putting on such an energetic show.

Mike and I chatted for a while then joined some others. He went off with another girl and they didn’t return for quite a while. He told me that they hadn’t done anything too special, but she had heard that he was quite good at lasting for a long time and had wanted to test him. They had used one of the bedrooms and had started off with her on top, grinding against him (I like this position as I can get good pressure on my clit), then they had spooned, moved on to missionary and finished with doggy style. He thinks that he managed to give her a suitably long fuck (and got her to cum twice in the process before he came).

It had been a fairly good party but I still felt a little tender from my energetic fuck. We decided to call it a night (a couple of people had left already so we weren’t the first) but got people to promise to keep us informed of the ‘special’ party. We headed home and had a quick shower before heading to bed. I was still tender so Mike kitty kissed me and spent a long time teasing me until I was ready to cum. While being licked, I texted Lis and invited her over for brunch the next day (or later that morning) and I came while describing (again) to Mike what her little pussy looked and tasted like.

Mike spooned up against me and said if I was still sore that we could wait until the morning, but his cock was stiff and rubbing against my ass so I suggested that if he wanted to cum, he could always use my ass. I wiggled back against him while saying this and he cupped one of my breasts while he positioned his cock and pressed into me. He didn’t go in too deep and then slowly fucked in and out while we planned some things to do in future. As he got closer to cumming, I flexed my ass around him (which is obviously much stronger than my pussy muscles) and he came in me. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to fall asleep while spooning in this position, so he pulled out, but stayed hard for a while.

My pussy felt much better by the morning and I took full advantage of this by allowing Mike to use it (aren’t I generous?). We couldn’t stay in bed too long as Lis had replied and said that she would be happy to join us for brunch, so we needed to make a quick trip to the shops. We made it back in time though and even gave the house a quick tidy before she showed up. I had changed back into a gown that was only loosely tied (but I was still pretty much covered). Mike got a quick kiss hello but I held on tightly to her and said that I wanted a proper greeting from my little lesbian fuck bunny. Unfortunately, Lis had a pair of jeans on so when my hands wandered down over her ass I couldn’t get to feel her properly, but it was a pretty intense kiss.

We chatted and ate, then moved over to the comfy chairs and talked some more. As expected (or planned), the conversation moved on to what had happened between Jen, Lis and myself and Mike said that he was glad that Lis had got to enjoy herself. Lis blushed a little at this, but she seems to get much less embarrassed than she used to. Mike asked Lis if Jen had played with me or made me play with myself in front of her and as he did this, he slid his hand up my leg, pushing my robe out of the way as he did so. I told him not to embarrass Lis, but she said that both things had happened so Mike said that if that was the case, Lis had seen everything already and he slid his hand up to my pussy. He rubbed my slit with the side of his hand and his little finger slipped between my lips. Lis couldn’t really see anything as my legs were still mostly closed, but it was obvious that Mike was touching me.

He pulled my gown open and asked Lis if she wanted to do anything with me. It was still tied around my waist, but my breasts were now exposed and he suggested that we go upstairs if she wanted some privacy. Lis asked him if it was really all right and he told her that he was used to me going off and doing things with Jen, so if she wanted, she was welcome to borrow me for a while. I waited with bated breath to see what Lis wanted to do and when she nodded, I quickly grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs.

It was obvious that she was unsure about doing things with Mike downstairs, but I explained that he really is used to knowing that Jen and I are doing things and not interrupting us (no matter how much he would like to). I closed the door and slipped off my robe, then pulled Lis to me and we fell onto the bed. I quickly pushed my thigh between her legs and humped against her leg while we kissed, then told her that we should probably remove her jeans or I would leave a wet mark on them. Lis reached down to my pussy and commented on how wet I felt and I told her that was due to me having been thinking about doing things with her. I had a hand on her crotch by this point and was rubbing her through her jeans, and sat up to undo them. I pulled her jeans off and chastised her for having a pair of panties on – she tried to defend herself but I reminded her that she had promised to not wear any and that I would find a skirt for her to wear home and would keep the panties.

I had plans for them though, and before I took them off, I lay on top of Lis once more and ground against her while we kissed and I slipped a hand under her top to her breasts. I was pleased to find that at least she didn’t have a bra on and I found her hard little nips and teased them. I then sat up again and rubbed her pussy through her panties, pushing the crotch between her lips and partly into her. I then peeled them off to uncover her cute little pussy and planed my mouth straight onto it. I had a good lick, both inside and out before pulling away and moving back up to kiss her. I really wanted to get to her breasts, so her top was removed and I had a good play with her nips while we humped against each other’s thighs.

Lis said that she had missed Jen and I and I told her that we could continue our phone sex whenever she wanted, but added that it wasn’t quite the same as I couldn’t taste her. I leant close to her ear and whispered that I wanted to feel her tongue lapping away at my cunt. We clambered around into a 69 position, with us on our sides and got properly stuck in. I loved the way her tongue flicked back and forth over my clit – I think I’m getting the hang of the way she does it, but the additional tuition was certainly good. I didn’t hold back at all and as I got closer to cumming, I panted and moaned into her cunt and ate her even more furiously. This of course spurred Lis on and I soon felt her shudder as she came (I may not know her reactions as well as I do Mike or Jen’s, but it’s at least fairly easy to know when she is actually cumming).

I moved round to kiss her again and used her panties to wipe her pussy clean. I decided that I may as well get them properly wet and pushed them about halfway in to her, claiming that it was just to make sure she couldn’t wear them on the way home. She gave me a little grin and said that just because they were wet, it didn’t mean she couldn’t wear them and I told her that I would keep them for the time being. In payment for them, I told her that I’d make sure she came again though and asked how good she was in the scissor position.

Lis confirmed that she had used the position and I told her that we would practice – I pulled out one of our short double ended dildos, added a bit of tingle gel to it (not much) and slipped one end into Lis. I rubbed a little more gel over her clit and threaded one of my legs under hers before mounting the dildo. We moved together until our cunts were touching and I started to pump back and forth against her, alternating this movement with pressing our pussies together and sliding up and down so they rubbed against each other (obviously we couldn’t move too much with the dildo anchoring us, but it still feels nice and can get very slippery when I use this position with Jen).

Lis said that it felt really good so I moved on to the next level. We held hands and pulled ourselves together tight, then I quickly pumped back and forth on the dildo, slamming and grinding my cunt against hers. This is a fairly energetic position but when done properly can give good clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal. We ended up with our bodies rotated at almost 90 degrees to each other with Lis lying on her side as I fucked her. She was panting away and I told her to be more vocal so I could tell what she was feeling. She didn’t exactly start screaming, but she was a bit more vocal and moaned that it felt good. I could feel her pulling on my arms and we really went at it. I had to concentrate to hold back from cumming, but I didn’t have any trouble staying interested as I watched Lis writhing on the bed and heard her cum. I moved as fast and hard as I could (I was doing all the work at this point) and came loudly with my cunt glued to hers, then relaxed back on the bed with the dildo still shared between us.

We were a bit messy and sweaty by this point, not helped by me crawling up over her body and kissing her while sliding my cunt up and down her thigh. Lis played with my breasts for a while and said that it had been an incredible session. I asked her if she had expected this to happen. She told me that she had sort of hoped something might happen, but hadn’t really expected it to and therefore hadn’t really dressed for the occasion. I told her that she had still looked cute just in jeans and t-shirt, but reminded her that she had to wear one of Jen’s skirts to go home. I gave her pussy another wipe over with her panties and couldn’t resist spending a few minutes kitty kissing her and exploring her pussy with my tongue, then said that we should get sorted out.

I selected one of Jen’s short pleated skirts and helped Lis put it on (this was just an excuse to kneel in front of her and have a play with her ass). I used my fingers to smear some more of her juices over my breasts, did the same to her breasts with my juices, handed her t-shirt to her and slipped my gown on (which I didn’t bother doing up at all). I also let her borrow a pair of long black socks to keep her legs warm. Just before we left the bedroom, Lis asked if I thought Mike had heard what we’d done and I told her that I was sure he’d heard us and had probably been sitting downstairs listening in with an ultra-stiff erection. Lis blushed (a lot) at this, but I just reminded her that he thinks she is incredibly hot and likes the fact that she is happy.

She seemed a little nervous about going downstairs – I don’t know if it was facing Mike or wondering if the skirt properly covered her bare pussy. She was definitely a lot shyer around Mike, but loosened up after a while. This might have been helped by Mike openly fondling my breasts and sliding a hand between my legs a couple of times. I had half expected him to make me cum again in front of her, but he didn’t. He did tell Lis that she looked much cuter in a skirt and that she had really nice legs (he knows that she is paranoid about her legs because of the little bit of scar tissue she had from her shaving accident). He also knows she is paranoid about her breast size, but he refrained from commenting on them, even though he thinks they sound cute from the descriptions Jen and I have given him and what he saw on holiday. I think that Lis is getting over her unfounded body images issues and if I can help by spending time worshipping her breasts and legs (and what is between them), then I am prepared to do that for her (selflessly).

When Lis headed off, she hugged Mike goodbye and thanked him for being so generous (with me). When I hugged her goodbye, I whispered in her ear that I was going to let Mike taste her juices off my body. I could feel her blushing (she got very hot), but she didn’t object so I assumed it was okay. As soon as the door was shut, Mike asked what I’d said and when I told him, he asked where the best places were and immediately went to work licking my breasts, thighs and (when we’d moved upstairs), both ends of the dildo to ‘taste the difference’ in us. Of course, he also wanted to fuck and as soon as he had cleaned me of Lis’ juices, he shed his clothes and pounced on me. His cock slid straight in to me and I wrapped my legs around him. We had a deep fuck in this position while I described to him what had happened with Lis. He liked the fact that she had probably eaten some of his cum from our morning fuck and once again said how much he would like to join us and take her virginity. (I like how he has these impossible fantasies – although until a very short time ago, the thought of Jen or me actually getting to do anything with Lis was probably in the same league).

Mike came in me fairly quickly but moved down to suck my clit and fingered me to bring me off. In return, I sucked him clean and handed him the soggy pair of Lis’ panties for use during the week. They really had her scent and Mike promised to make good use of them (and he did so while we chatted on the phone a few times – at first he didn’t want to pollute them and just got her smell and taste from them, but later in the week, he used them to wank with a few times until they were thoroughly covered in his cum.

I called Lis while on the train journey home and told her how much I had enjoyed brunch. I was glad to find out that she was happy with the way things had gone and didn’t even seem to mind the fact that Mike had heard us at it. If the train had been a little less busy, I would have masturbated while talking to her, but I didn’t get the chance so had to wait until I got home and we had a three way session involving Jen (Lis also wanted to make sure that Jen was fine with what we had done – she was as long as she got the same opportunities).

Sunday, 18 December 2011

October 2011 Sex Party - Part 1

Jen has now been thoroughly introduced to everyone at the sex party - and far more rapidly than I was shown off to her friends. I don't know if she'll want to repeat the occurrence, but she seemed to enjoy herself.

At the start of October, I headed down to York for the first sex party of the academic year. I didn’t arrive until fairly late on the Friday, so missed meeting up with old work friends and just went straight home with Mike to practice for the following night. It wasn’t actually much of a practice session as I was fairly tired, but I managed to cum twice (once being eaten and once being fucked) so it was enough to satisfy me.
In the morning, I woke up with Mike inside me and we had a slow gentle session (to start with at least). He came inside me and I finished up using an egg on my clit while he stayed in me. We stayed in that position (although he had gone soft and fallen out of me). We didn’t have to be anywhere until lunchtime, so stayed in bed for most of the morning and discussed what had happened with Lis during her visit. Mike already knew all the details, but this was the first time we’d actually seen each other and could talk about it face to face.

Lis had been somewhat nervous about seeing Mike, but they met up on the Tuesday night. Mike said that it was a little awkward at first, but once they got chatting and he mentioned that he was glad she had enjoyed herself, other than her turning bright red, things quickly got better. Mike would have loved to talk about the weekend in detail with her, but I don’t think Lis is ready to be quite that open with him. It wasn’t until the Wednesday night that she asked him how much he knew about what had happened and when he told her that it was probably everything, she went red again but asked him if he minded her borrowing his wife (me). He said that he was fine with it and to do so whenever she wanted.

They chatted a little about what had happened (mostly in general terms) and he said that he was glad that we (Jen and I) had been able to help cheer her up and take her mind off Vicky. I spoke to Lis later on that night and she told me that Mike had been ‘very interested’ in the conversation – when I asked her what she meant, she said that he’d had an obvious bulge in his jeans the whole time they had been talking and I told her that just proved my point about how much he liked the idea of us doing things as well as how hot he thought she was. I also reminded her that she knew exactly what his cock looked like from our pictures.

As we often do, we discussed how things ‘could’ have gone and Mike said he was hoping that Lis would be interested in seeing his cock for real, he would give her a chance to see him cum, go down on her and eat her and then she would ask him to take her (heterosexual) virginity and they would fuck. I tried to convince him that he would stand a better chance if he stopped trying to get to sleep with lesbians, which he agreed with, but still thinks that Jen and Lis are too cute to ignore from his fantasy life.

We’d both gotten fairly horny during our conversation, but wanted to save it until the party, so we got ready and headed out. We met up with Lis for lunch and Mike asked if we wanted a little time to chat alone, but Lis seemed to have got used to the idea that he knew everything and said that he could stay. We had a fairly tame conversation over lunch and Lis gave me a goodbye hug, but I pointed out that we were probably a bit past that and we ended up having a proper kiss goodbye.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the afternoon and just rested and had an early dinner. About 7 we started to get ready for the party – Mike shaved me and I helped trim all if his pubic hair. We showered together and I got dressed into a more daring outfit than I would usually wear to go to the party (it obviously doesn’t make much difference when I’m there and naked) – a tiny, tiny pleated skirt that just covered my pussy and didn’t entirely cover the bottom of my ass cheeks. I was banking on it being dark enough to be able to walk outside with this on and accordingly, we didn’t make any stops in pubs on the way. It was good to see everyone and we chatted for a while as we caught up on what had happened over the summer. Our wedding had happened after the last party so we were congratulated and Mike was asked if he minded other men fucking his wife. This was done in a very formal (but obviously joking) way and he responded accordingly, saying that he had no objections to whomever I wanted pounding my cunt until I came.

This was well received, and after asking my permission, someone slipped a hand under my skirt and started to finger me. I was encouraged to get my breasts out, so shed my top and bra and allowed my body to be fondled while we chatted. I did a fairly good job of pretending to maintain my composure for a while, but eventually had to give in and suggest we move onto the sofa. I told Mike I would be back and as soon as we sat down, I fished out the guys cock and started to give him a handjob while he licked away at my nipples. We had to get someone to pass us a condom and I then clambered over him and slid down onto his cock. I bounced up and down, pushing my tits into his face and as he got close to cumming, he said that he’d heard I gave good blowjobs and asked if I would finish him off that way.

This was news to me, but apparently I’ve learned something of use and so I dismounted, stood in front of him and bent down to suck him. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I used all the little tricks I’ve picked up, but made sure that I took my time so he didn’t finish too quickly. I was very happy when I felt someone move up behind me and start to poke around my pussy before sliding into me (that is why I’d stood in the somewhat awkward position). I later found out that Mike had suggested someone else fuck me at the same time and I rocked back and forth against the invading cock in time with its thrusts. I imaged that I was going to be filled with cum from both ends and this helped to spur my passion along. The guy came in my mouth first and I kept my head on his lap while the guy behind me carried on fucking me. The one I’d just sucked off asked where I’d learned to give such good blow jobs and I decided that I could probably get away with telling the truth (as they wouldn’t believe it) so said that my little sister had taught me. I was getting closer to cumming and I wrapped my hand around the cock beside my face and pumped up and down. I reached back with my other hand and rubbed my clit as fast as I could and I managed to cum just a little before the guy inside me came.

He pulled out fairly quickly and I slumped down onto the floor, but as soon as my orgasm finished I was up again and returned to Mike. I slipped my hand into his trousers and fished out his cock, then leaned back against him so I could rub it between my ass cheeks. He asked if I was ready for more already and without waiting for an answer, reached around and started to play with my clit. He made me cum while he carried on talking to people and this time it was a fair bit stronger (I guess as it was all direct clit stimulation and being so close to my previous orgasm). I ended up sliding down to the floor again and once I’d caught my breath I saw his cock waving above my head, so turned around, knelt up and swallowed as much of it as I could. I didn’t expect it to take long to milk him as I’d been squirming against his cock the whole time he’d been rubbing my clit and I was fairly quickly (for Mike anyway) rewarded with his cum pumping into my mouth. I debated letting it dribble out and run down my body, but wanted to let other people play with me as well so I just swallowed it.

When I stood up, I saw that we’d been left alone (not alone in the room, there was just nobody talking to Mike as he’d been slightly distracted). We watched another couple fuck and I gently stroked Mike’s cock (which pretty much stayed hard the whole time) and then decided to go upstairs and see what was happening. There were two threesomes – in one room, a guy was fucking a girl and fingering and kissing another girl and in the other room, two guys were playing with a girl and each other. I was hoping to find some proper lesbian action (either to watch or to join) and we headed back downstairs. I tried propositioning a couple of girls but they weren’t interested and we then found two girls kissing in the kitchen.

As usual, there were a couple of guys watching and egging them on, so I asked if I could help out and we had a three way kiss. We were all topless and the girls had got as far as fondling each other’s breasts but they appeared to be doing things more for show than effect. There wasn’t really room to get three pairs of hands between us, so I let my hands slide down their bodies and over their asses (one girl still had a skirt on, the other only had her panties on). I pushed my hand into her panties and when she didn’t object, slipped it lower to properly caress her ass and slide between her cheeks. I tried to get my hand under the other girls skirt, but she pulled away so I guessed she didn’t want to go that far. Panty girl certainly didn’t mind though as my fingers were now on her pussy and sliding back and forth between her lips. As I pushed my hand towards the front of her pussy, I could feel a little bit of hair, but I wasn’t going to be able to see anything in the position we were in, so I soldiered on until I found her clit and started to rub it.

She let out a little yelp and I tried to use my wrist to work her panties down a bit – I got them to move enough to make it easier to play with her, but they didn’t slide down the way I’d hoped. The girl in the skirt had figured out what was going on, as panty girl was responding quite well to my fingers – even though skirt girl still wasn’t interested in me doing the same to her, she didn’t seem to object to kissing while panty girl got more and more aroused. I asked panty girl if she wanted to cum and she murmured yes so I pushed a bit harder on her clit and rubbed away. She held herself up on the other girl and moaned as she came – I waited until she had finished before I moved my fingers away from her clit and pushed them into her. She didn’t object to this at all, so I gently finger fucked her for a while, enjoying the feeling of her wet cunt engulfing me.

I asked if she wanted to pay me back and she said yes, so I climbed up on the counter, spread my legs and offered myself to her. The girl in the skirt asked her if she really wanted to do this and she just said yes and pushed her face onto my cunt. I told the people watching that I was sure she wouldn’t mind someone fucking her and a guy selflessly offered to take the job on. I watched him sidle up behind her, pull his cock out and rub up and down her slit (I couldn’t actually see that, but it was fairly obvious what he was doing). It was also obvious when he pushed into her – both from his expression and the way panty girl let out a quick moan onto my cunt. The guy started to pump in and out of her straight away (I guess she was still nice and wet from my fingering) and she resumed licking me. I would have loved to feel her tongue directly on my cunt, but with my ever expanding sexual circle, I know that I need to be careful, so had to make do with the sensation through the dental dam.

Not that I really minded as she was making a good enough effort that it felt really good (and having people watching helped). The guy fucked her quickly (and came quickly) and I was worried that panty girl was going to stop so I held her head in place and asked her to keep licking me. I was feeling really good by this point and didn’t want to be left hanging, but she was good enough to continue and I moaned louder and louder as I got close to cumming. I had her head held tight against my cunt as I came and I jerked my head back and whacked it fairly hard on the cupboard, but told her to carry on. She kept licking until I told her I had finished and I slid down off the counter so I could kiss her.

My hands roamed over her back and down to her now exposed ass. I really wanted to see what I had been playing with earlier so quickly knelt down and pulled her panties down the whole way. Her lips were shaved, but she had a fairly large patch of hair that covered her mons and extended just over her clit. I ran a finger along her lips (which were fairly large) and diddled her clit before sliding my finger into her and returning to her clit. I stood up again and thanked her for making me cum and told her that she was quite good at it. She said that she didn’t do that very much and I said that I wanted to do the same to her. She seemed a bit nervous about standing there naked (her panties were now down around her ankles) and I told her I could either eat her on the counter or we could go up to a bedroom. She seemed a little nervous and said (again) that she didn’t usually do things with girls, but I pointed out that she had just eaten me with everyone watching and the least I could do was to return the favour and I dragged her out of the kitchen.

I also grabbed Mike on the way up and he happily followed along. I threw panty girl (who was now pantiless as they were still somewhere on the kitchen floor) onto the bed and climbed between her legs, proffering my ass up to Mike. With a few adjustments to our position, we ended up with me able to eat panty girl and Mike able to stand at the end of the bed and slide into me. It felt nice having a bare cock in me and I lapped around panty girl’s cunt before concentrating on her clit. She seemed to like me licking quite hard, so I did and despite her claims of not often doing things with girls, she seemed to be more than willing to enjoy herself. Mike rubbed my clit while he fucked me and he pulled out soon after cumming in me. I could feel his cum leaking out down my left thigh and saw him move round and rub his cock over panty girl’s breasts, smearing my juices a few drops of his cum onto them. It didn’t take me long to finish her off and I left her with her legs spread so I could move up and give her a thank you kiss. This gave me the chance to rub my pussy up most the length of her leg, leaving a much larger trail of mixed juices than Mike had left on her breasts.

We headed back down and chatted with panty girl for a while and found out who had now left the Uni and moved on. I was a little disappointed to find out that giant cock guy had gone (which I think I already knew, but had forgotten) and suggested that he be invited back. We spent a while watching a few other couples fuck and play and had a much more interesting conversation that followed on from something I’d told people at the previous party. It had been near the end and I had let slip about my fantasy to be ‘properly’ group fucked (this is the fantasy that ends with me covered with and leaking cum from every hole). We were told that if we agreed to certain prerequisites, that there could be a chance to act this out.

This isn’t something that happens often due to the logistics of getting everyone done at the same time, but if we were willing to get tested for diseases and provide proof of this, there was the possibility of organising an unprotected sex party. This obviously really appealed to me but I thought that Mike might have a few reservations (not so much about the actual sex, but I wasn’t entirely sure about him wanting contact with other guys’ cum). We said that we were certainly interested and would do anything required.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fucking Friends - Part 2

I'm off to York tomorrow for the final sex party of the year - and Jen is joining us for this one so I intend to make the most of the situation and do everything I can to her... Back to the weekend in September with Lis


Lis was happy to stay naked after we had dried off (it’s not as if we could see much more of her) and we sat in the living room chatting. I really wanted to cum again, but the weekend was meant to be about Lis (I was pretty sure we had distracted her from moping over Vicky). I gently stroked Lis’ legs and showed Jen the little rough patch of skin where Lis had cut herself shaving a number of years ago. We talked fairly openly about sex, what we had done (Jen and I sort of won on that front, although we held quite a bit back) and what we enjoyed. I asked Lis why she was so quiet when she came and the best answer she could come up with was that she was used to holding back when doing things with Vicky in case anyone heard her. I told her that she didn’t need to worry about that and could let go and make as much noise as she wanted. She said that she would feel silly making too much noise but I pointed out how Jen and I sounded when we came and Jen decided that it would be a good idea for me to put on an additional demonstration.

As I’d said, I really wanted to cum anyway, so I didn’t object to this at all. I asked Lis if she wanted a demonstration and she grinned and said she did, so I moved to the far end of the sofa and half turned to face Lis, lifted a leg up onto the back of the sofa and dropped a hand to my pussy. I started off rubbing my clit and dipping fingers into my cunt, but by the time I got close to cumming, I had reached around under my leg with one hand and had two fingers pumping into me while I used my other hand on my clit. I wasn’t trying to be overly theatrical about it (no porn ‘ooh-ooh’ing), but I was still fairly vocal, describing what I could feel, what I wanted to feel and how close I was to cumming. Even though Lis had seen me cumming before, I noticed that she watched closely as I came and didn’t seem at all shocked by my language as I moaned my way through my orgasm.

We then talked more about sex talk and I noted how Lis’ language had improved (or deteriorated, depending on your point of view) from when I first started to really get to know her (not that I think that is all my fault, but I like to think I helped). From the girl who used ‘vagina’ and struggled to say ‘pussy’, she was now fairly happy to say ‘cunt’ (with a bit of encouragement). We got her to practice and made her ask Jen to slide her tongue into her cunt. As a reward, Jen did just this and I told her to go as deep as she could. I’ve described to Lis how long Jen’s tongue is and how good it feels, so it was good to let her experience it properly. Jen didn’t make her cum (so she could do more later), but it was still incredibly arousing to watch and if I hadn’t just cum, I would have certainly masturbated.

It was getting a bit late by this point and we decided to order some food (there wasn’t much in the house as nobody was living there full time). Once we’d ordered, Jen told Lis that I would show her how to answer the door to delivery people. I knew exactly what this meant and suggested that we do things a little differently – I would still take the lead (if Jen wanted), but thought that we could put on a better show together. Lis had heard of my ‘delivery boy displays’ as she called them and said that she was game if Jen was, so we all headed upstairs to get ready. This was also a bit of an excuse on my part to try and get Lis into costume (not that I’d been thinking about this), and she borrowed some of Jen’s clothes. The blouse was a bit too large for her, but it didn’t matter too much as we weren’t buttoning them, just leaving them open and tying them around our waists. The rest of the outfit was our (Jen and my) usual short pleated skirts and long white socks. Lis wore a pair of Jen’s light pink panties as well as she thought the skirt might be a bit too short, but she still looked damn cute. We finished off the look by all putting our hair up in bunches and I insisted that we get a photo to send to Mike.

While we waited, I demonstrated to Lis how Jen would sometimes fondle me in front of the delivery guys by slipping a hand into her blouse and cupping her breasts. I also slid a hand down her back, under her skirt and between her legs. With a bit of teasing, I managed to convince her to be a bit more adventurous and remove her panties, so when the food arrived, we all had bare pussies. We answered the door, leaning together and got a pretty good response out of the guy. We invited him in and Jen and Lis continued to cuddle up to each other while I led him into the kitchen. I did my usual trick of having to bend over and rummage around in my bag to get the money – which I then somehow dropped and had to bed over again and pick up (it’s amazing how careless I can be when wearing a short skirt). Jen and Lis were standing in the doorway watching everything and Lis got to see exactly how much I showed off (which, with the length of skirt I had on, was pretty much my whole ass and a clear view through to my pussy).

I considered trying to let me blouse fall open when I stood up, but I had tied the knot too well so had to make do with the fact that it was open wide enough to show that I didn’t have a bra on. We saw the guy out and Jen told me that while they had been watching me, she had managed to slide a hand under Lis’ skirt and caress her ass. I congratulated Lis for being adventurous and she said that she hadn’t done anything compared to my display.

We sat and ate and drank our way through a bottle of wine. I couldn’t help but admire Lis in her cute outfit (technically Jen’s cute outfit). Jen could tell that I wanted to do things again and the fact that she finds Lis extremely cute helped, so we quickly finished off dinner and Jen suggested I put on a little display while our food settled and then we could move on to a ‘group activity’. Looking back, I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised that Lis was so willing to watch me play with myself – I’d got her used to seeing me naked and she had seen me cum or be played with a number of times, but it still felt very exciting at the time.

I let Jen give me instructions as to the sort of display I should put on and she suggested that I could fuck the wine bottle and let Lis witness what she had seen in some of my older pictures. This sounded like a good idea to me and I indicated to Jen to pass it to me without saying anything. As I slid the neck into my waiting cunt, I once again thought how much things had changed. In a little over a year, I had become quite close to Lis, helped her with her first lesbian relationship, fantasised about her countless times (both with Jen and Mike) and now finally got to fuck her. It didn’t seem at all strange to be pumping a bottle into myself with her watching and I put on the best show I could. I came in hardly any time and Jen took the bottle from me and licked the neck clean. It wasn’t worth trying to pull my skirt down to cover myself so I stayed lying with my legs partially spread.

Jen said that Lis should probably see everything – I thought that she was doing to spread my lips or get Lis to have a closer look at me, but she was referring to the rest of the pictures of me. There wasn’t really anything worse than Lis had already seen so I didn’t mind this, but it did mean that Lis got to see quite a bit more of Mike’s cock, in my cunt, ass and mouth.

It wasn’t too late and we briefly debated going out for a while, but decided that we could have more fun if we stayed in. We went upstairs and I convinced Lis to leave her outfit on while we made out. Jen and I spent a while on Lis’ breasts, then we switched round and they each took one of my nipples and teased it with their tongues. It felt pretty good, but when we moved on to Jen we almost managed to make her cum (I don’t know how close she actually was, but she was certainly mewing away enough that it was obvious she really enjoyed what we were doing).I humped my pussy against Jen’s leg and when Lis saw what I was doing, she did the same with her other leg. We were clearly all ready to move on to more substantial playing and I told Jen to spread her legs and got Lis to move down between them with me.

Between us, we spread Jen’s lips and took turns licking her. I wanted Lis to see every part of her and I showed her how Jen liked to be licked and got Lis to demonstrate her licking method. It was incredibly arousing watching up close and I ended up reaching down behind Lis and slipping a finger into her pussy while she worked. Jen said that she wanted to taste Lis again so I told her to climb up over Jen’s face and to feel free to make as much noise as she wanted so we knew whether she was enjoying herself. I quickly retrieved the long double dildo and slipped it into Jen before mounting the other end. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and got Lis to bend forwards so that Jen could lick her clit and I lay on top of Jen so I could lick Lis’ pussy. I couldn’t get that much contact, but it was enough that she can now certainly say that she’s had two tongues working on her at the same time and she seemed to enjoy it.

While I enjoyed helping to lick her like this, I actually had a different goal and as she got closer to cumming, I let my tongue wander up slightly so it brushed over her ass more often. I could feel jen’s tongue pushing into Lis’ cunt as well as her clit and also brushing against my chin. Lis was still being fairly quiet, but was letting little moans out from time to time. From her breathing, it sounded like she was getting close to cumming and I left the stimulation of Lis’ pussy up to Lis and concentrated on flicking my tongue over her ass. She either really enjoyed it or was too far gone to notice (and still enjoyed it) as she certainly didn’t complain and started to shudder (which I’d learned meant that she was cumming). We continued to eat her until she had finished, then switched to gently kitty kissing her.

Jen and I had been pushing against each other the whole time, sort of fucking the dildo, but not really getting much stimulation. When Lis climbed off Jen’s face, I pointed out how Lis had covered Jen with her juices and I kissed and licked Jen to help her clean up (and taste Lis). I really wanted to cum again though, so ended up half sitting and pumped up and down on the dildo while rubbing Jen’s clit. I kept this up until Jen came and then lay back so she could sit up and fuck me (as well as rub my clit). Lis watched us from the other side of the bed and I really hoped that she would offer to lick us both while we shared the dildo, but that was our fantasy, and she doesn’t seem to be able to read minds. Jen did a good enough job by herself though and I came again, then we all curled up together under the covers.

We couldn’t keep our hands off Lis, but while she was happy to kiss and be gently fondled, she said that she didn’t think she could cum again. I was a bit disappointed, but I appreciate that not everyone has quite the sexual appetite that I do – and I also realised that given what had happened already, it *had* been a fantastic day. Not that this stopped us trying and we continued to gently fondle and tease each other. Lis started to drift off to sleep and we decided to let her do this. Jen said that she had cum enough as well so we just chatted and gently caressed Lis while she slept. It was nice being able to curl up properly with her and not worry about where my hands went.

I woke up first in the morning and knew what I wanted do to, but wasn’t sure if I could manage it. Fortunately, Lis turned out to be a fairly heavy sleeper so I managed to slide out of bed and let her roll onto her back. With that done, it was easy enough to crawl under the covers from the bottom of the bed, nudge her legs apart and gently kiss and lick her. I wanted to do this for as long as possible before she woke up but it was soon clear that she was responding to what I was doing as her pussy started to get wetter. I fingered Jen awake and she helped things my playing with Lis’ breasts until she was awake. She woke with a bit of a start, but knows how much I enjoy waking Lis up this way and settled back to allow us to continue.

Jen told her to try to be a lot more vocal and tell us exactly what she wanted and what she was feeling. She was willing to tell us what she wanted (although, not using proper dirty talk) and was slightly more vocal in her enjoyment, but still seemed to be holding back. We made her cum anyway, but told her that she had to practice being much louder if we were going to have another weekend like this.

I then asked Lis if she would be willing to try something I’d always wanted to try. She asked what it was and when I described it, she said that it sounded like fun. We put Jen’s duvet down on the floor and lay in a triangle in a 3 way 69 (I’m sure this position must have a name). Jen ate Lis, Lis ate me and I ate Jen. We started off fairly gently, kissing and exploring with fingers and then moved on to more serious pussy eating. I’ve had a three way before, but not in this particular configuration – and this was much more enjoyable than the time we did things with Julia and Mel (both because I think Lis is a lot cuter and because I really care about her). I really enjoyed feeling her tongue flicking back and forth over my clit and I tried to copy what she was doing in how I licked Jen. Jen wasn’t having any of this though and I later found out that she was giving Lis the full benefit of her long tongue and had been scouring the inside of Lis’ pussy between sucking her clit.

Lis came first, followed by me, and finally Jen. I moaned into Jen’s cunt as I came and Jen moaned out load as she was no longer being muffled by Lis. We then had another awkward three way kiss before lying back and resting. I asked Lis if she minded me having a close look at her pussy and she said it was fine as long as she could do the same to us. Jen realised that she had only really seen one pussy up close before that weekend (porn doesn’t count), so got me to sit up on the bed with my legs spread and she showed Lis my pussy in great detail. This wasn’t specifically a sexual thing (but it did feel good when Jen fingered me of rubbed my clit) and watching Lis’ slender fingers slide into me was certainly exciting. Jen knew what she was doing though and said that Lis could have a look at her pussy before I started to enjoy myself too much.
This meant that I got to tease Jen and watched as Lis examined Jen’s pussy and slipped her fingers into her. I pointed out the differences between Jen and my pussy and even managed to resist questioning Lis about what Vicky’s pussy was like. I held Jen’s lips open and let Lis have a little play with Jen’s clit, just enough to get her excited befoe saying that it was now my turn to examine her (Lis).

Lis climbed up on the bed and seemed a little embarrassed, but let me pull her legs apart, then her outer lips and finally spread her inner lips. Jen and I both had a good look and a few cheeky licks. I slipped a finger into Lis, and then added a second one. She felt quite tight – maybe even slightly tighter than Jen. I slowly finger fucked her, allowing the knuckle of my ring finger to press up against her ass when my fingers were fully inside her. I asked if she wanted me to carry on and she said she did so I also started to lick her clit. Jen decided that she wanted to make the most of the opportunity and got Lis to lie back on the bed so she could sit over her face. I had a perfect view up Lis’ body and could watch my fingers sliding into her at the same time as her tongue working on Jen. I really wanted to switch places with Jen, but I knew how much she had wanted this to happen, so I satisfied myself with my fingers (I’m not as adept with my left hand, but my right hand was busy with Lis – and the whole situation kind of helped things along anyway). Lis came first, allowing me to use both hands on my pussy while I watched Jen being licked. I came not too long before Jen and managed to get a bit of kitty kissing in on Lis while looking up at Jen.

After a bit of a rest, we headed down for breakfast (naked) and then showered together. Before Lis left, we had a brief chat as I wanted to make sure that she was fine with everything that had happened (although it would have been somewhat too late if she hadn’t been). Lis asked if I would tell Mike what had happened and I told her that we didn’t keep any secrets, but that he wouldn’t mind (to put it mildly and that he would think it was incredibly hot). She blushed a little at this, but didn’t object and after chatting for a while longer, it was time to get ready to leave. As we got dressed, Jen and I convinced Lis to keep her panties off and to promise to not wear any until we next saw her (I wasn’t at all convinced she would manage that, but it was nice to think that she would try).

We saw Lis off to the train station and then hung around in town until it was time to head to the airport. Jen couldn’t believe that we’d managed to bed Lis and we agreed that we would be careful to try to make sure that she didn’t get hurt. I’m pretty sure that Lis knows that while we certainly ‘love’ her, it is ‘love like a friend’ and we’re not about to try and pull her into a four way relationship (although if Mike got to fuck her, I know he wouldn’t mind in the least). Having said that, Jen and I both hoped that we would get another chance to do things with her...

As expected, Mike was over the moon when I told him what had happened. I gave him the full details and we used the events over the following week to cum together (as well as in three way conversations including Jen).

Monday, 12 December 2011

Fucking Friends - Part 1

Often when you really want something to happen and it does, it doesn’t live up to your hopes and expectations. Sometimes though, it really, really does....

During the last weekend in September, I went down to visit Jen at her Uni house again. We had the place to ourselves as Lucy wasn’t back yet. I had arrived relatively early on the Friday evening so we got to go out with a couple of the gang who were around and we had a fun evening out. I wasn’t made to do anything and it was nice to spend time out, fully clothed for a change (okay so I still didn’t have panties on, but nobody could see that).

Not that I didn’t enjoy stripping off when we got home and then having sex in a few places around the house (it’s going to be so difficult limiting our activities when Lucy returns). We once again slept in Lucy’s room and in the morning (after our session, but before breakfast) Jen suggested that I take part in a bit of plushie sex. Lucy has a large teddy bear that she’s had since she was quite young. It’s far too large to easily move around and as she was travelling over the summer, she left it in her room. It has really soft fur and I’ve seen her sitting snuggled up to it a number of times, but Jen had a much less innocent use for it.

We attached our strap on, laid it on its back and I mounted it. Jen helped to hold the bear still while I rode up and down and fucked myself on it. I loved the way the fur felt on my legs and rubbed my clit to help me cum. I thought it was only fair that Jen should get to experience it as well, but for her turn, she lay on her back and the bear mounted her (possibly with a bit of help from me). Jen wrapped her legs around the bear and between her pulling and my pushing, it gave her a fairly good going in the missionary position. We finished off with Jen on top of the bear, facing away from its head so I could lick he clit while she rode the strap on.

We carefully brushed the bear down and fluffed him up again before tidying up Lucy’s room and getting breakfast. We didn’t have long as Lis was coming to visit again – she had initially intended to come along on the Friday evening (which is why I had turned up early), but I got a call while I was on the way down to say that she had been held up in work and would have to miss the Friday night. This was obviously a great pity as we enjoy spending time with her (and Jen enjoys teasing me in front of her), but at least we had a day and a bit.

Jen had prepared and purchased items for a picnic – the forecast had said it was going to be a hot weekend and it was, which meant we got to wear nice light summer dresses. Jen was naked under her one and I just wore a lacy bra which was only slightly visible. When we met up with Lis, she had a similar outfit on (but she had panties on – I know as I let my hands slide down her back and over her ass when we hugged hello). We headed off for a walk then out to one of the parks for our picnic. There were quite a few people around, so we had to behave, but Jen got me to sit in a way that allowed my pussy to be visible to her and Lis and Jen even demonstrated that she didn’t have panties on. While we ate, Jen and I told Lis about our naked sunbathing when Jen visited me. We left out a couple of the details, but did describe how the sunbathing had turned into having sex and how much fun it was doing things on the side of a hill overlooking a massive area.

Lis said that she didn’t think she would be brave enough to do anything like that and would be too afraid that someone might come along and see her, but Jen demonstrated how easy it was by getting me to touch myself. I had to be quite careful as there were a fair number of people around, but I managed to rub my clit and push a finger between my lips, then suck it clean. I was a bit more daring after this and sat with my dress pulled up a lot higher on my thighs – I was still careful to not expose myself properly (there were children around), but could feel the air moving over my pussy, which always helps to get or keep me aroused.

The day got warmer as it went on and we had to go buy some sun cream to stop our shoulders getting burned. Armed with this, Jen and I demonstrated to Lis how we sometimes tease a group of guys and we took turns slipping the straps of our dresses down and holding the front up while the other person applied the cream to our shoulders, backs and chests (just down to the top of the dress, but with fingers just slipping under onto breasts). Lis thought this looked like fun and allowed me to do the same to her, so I made sure to give the top of her breasts a nice rub.

By the time we got back to Jen’s place, we were very hot & sweaty and Jen asked Lis if she minded us stripping off. Lis said that she was fine with it and Jen and I removed our dresses. I could see that Lis was somewhat sweaty as well and suggested that she remove her clothes as well. We’ve seen her naked so it wasn’t that big a deal and she slipped her dress off, but didn’t remove her panties. Once we had cooled down a bit, we thought we should tone things down slightly and put on light robes but left them untied and we let Lis use one of Lucy’s robes so she didn’t feel too exposed.

Lis met Lucy (at the wedding), so she knows what she looks like and agrees with us that she has a striking resemblance to Pavlina (one of our favourite porn stars). The fact that she was now wearing Lucy’s robe led nicely into me suggesting that we have a look at some of the pictures and videos we have of her (Pavlina, not Lucy). Lis has seen some of these before (and even has some of them herself) and we watched Pavlina be fingered and eaten by girls as well as fucked by guys (including some nice cumshots). Even ignoring the warm weather, the room was certainly heating up and I knew that I would need to cum if we carried on. I still had my fantasy about how I wanted things to work out though, so once we’d watched a decent selection of ‘Lucy’ videos, I suggested that we moved on to ‘Lis’ videos.

These are of a girl that we know as ‘Vonda’, but she poses/acts under a few different names. In some of her shots, she really looks like Lis (although Lis has smaller breasts), but in others, the resemblance is much less. I chose the ones that look a lot like Lis (and the fact that Lis could see they are all in a folder called ‘Lis’ helped) and we spent a while looking through. Many of them picture Vonda with other girls (I don’t think she has done any pics with men in them – or if she has, we haven’t found them).

Lis blushed quite a bit while we looked though these pictures, but as we drew to the end, Jen suggested that the next lot should be of me. I tried to protest, but she reminded me that I had to do what she wanted (Lis knows about our game of the person visiting having to obey the other person) so I stopped arguing and opened the folder of my pictures. Despite Lis having seen me naked (and seen me cum), it felt very strange letting her see images of me with my cunt spread, fingering myself, cumming and being fucked. She got to see me with food, vibes and Mike’s cock in my cunt as well as vibes in my cunt and ass and then cumshots, with his cum on my body, oozing out of my cunt and dripping out of my mouth.

Jen needed to go and pee and while she was gone, I decided that I would get some revenge. I opened the folder of pictures of her and let Lis see Jen in various compromising positions. Obviously, she hasn’t been fucked by Mike, but I had enough detailed pics of her pussy, both with and without things in it. Jen returned to find us looking at a few pics of her cumming and she said that I had been very naughty and should be punished. Jen pushed me back on the sofa and slid two fingers into my pussy (to say I was already wet would have been an understatement). She slowly and deliberately finger fucked me, pulling her fingers almost all the way out and them sliding them in as far as she could. After doing this for a minute or so, she casually turned to Lis and asked if she minded, to which Lis replied that she didn’t. I tried to tell her (Lis) that she was a traitor, but Jen sped up and used her other hand to rub my clit.

I told Jen that I was about to cum and she carried on until just before I came, then pulled her fingers out and left me hanging. Jen carried on chatting to Lis until I had calmed down a bit and then knelt between my legs and licked up and down the length of my pussy. We were obviously way past the point of it being worthwhile my hiding what I was feeling and I let out a long moan and Jen’s tongue worked its way into me. I looked over at Lis who was raptly watching us and could see that her little nipples were pushing against her robe. Jen’s tongue roamed all over my pussy and I jumped when she pushed a finger against my ass (but Lis couldn’t see this). I was now panting and (once again) getting close to cumming, but (once again) Jen stopped before my orgasm actually hit me.

I glanced over at Lis again and could see that she was pressing her thighs together. I reached past Jen to the computer and put a picture up of the two of us sharing a double dildo – it was a fairly close up shot so you couldn’t see our faces, but I assumed that Lis knew what our pussies looked like well enough by now to know it was us. In response to this, Jen got me to remove my robe and lie on the sofa, so my pussy was facing Lis, with one foot down on the floor and the other leg raised up on the back of the sofa. She spread my lips, fully exposed my clit and offered Lis the chance to have a good look at me. I could almost feel my pussy quivering as Lis leant forwards – long gone were the days of her being a shy little girl and she now seemed to fully accept our nudity and games.

Jen rubbed my clit, which made me gasp and then reached between her own legs and rubbed herself. She offered me her fingers and I sucked them clean. Jen whispered something to Lis about whether she liked the view and then started to nibble on her earlobe. I knew that this was when we would find out what the rest of the day would be like, and when Lis didn’t pull away, I slowly sat up, leant forwards and kissed her on the lips.

Jen and I had planned for this moment for quite a while. ‘Fantasised about’ would probably be a better way of putting it, but either way, we knew what we wanted to do. We each slid a hand onto Lis’ chest and stroked her breasts. Her robe was slipped off and we moved down and took a nipple each in our mouths and gently sucked and licked them. Jen adores breast play and is extremely adept at it (and I’ve learned a fair amount from her), so I wasn’t too surprised that we managed to get her breathing heavily and writhing around underneath us.

Having been taken close to orgasm twice, I was a bit less patient than Jen and had also been stroking Lis’ thighs. I had avoided touching her panties, but desperately wanted to see how much further we could go. I think it was fairly clear from the fact that Lis had her legs spread enough to allow me to stroke right up her inner thigh that she was happy with what we were doing, but I used my final reserve of willpower to ask her if it was okay as I slid my hand over the crotch of her panties. She let out a quiet ‘yessss’ and I pressed my fingers more firmly against the material.

In our fantasies, Jen tended to be the one who got to do things to Lis first, so I wasn’t surprised when she moved off the sofa and took hold of Lis’ panties. The panties slid off and Jen pushed Lis’ legs open, then knelt down and gave her a gentle lick. This was technically the second time she had licked her (once a few of weeks before when she had shaved Lis) but the first time had only been a tentative lick around the outer lips. This time, Jen squirreled her tongue between the lips and tasted her properly.

I didn’t want to be left out so told her to move over and give me a turn. I was a bit greedier and licked a lot harder, savouring the taste. It was quite different from anyone else I’d tasted (but then each girl seems to have her own taste – and I still haven’t got a representative sample of the population). Jen told me not to hog her and suggested that we head upstairs. As Lis stood up, she went to pick up her panties and gown but Jen pointed out that we might be a bit past that now and giggling like little girls, we dashed upstairs.

We fell onto Jen’s bed and instantly started kissing and fondling. The problem with threesomes is that without careful planning, one person tends to be a bit left out. While Jen and I definitely knew the sorts of positions we wanted to use, Lis didn’t, so Jen and I had to take turns finding ways to occupy ourselves while the other one kissed Lis. We were making sure that she was really turned on before moving on to eating her and as she had enjoyed the breast play so much before, we returned to doing that with her lying on her back and us on either side of her with a nipple each to play with. This time though, we also had fingers stroking around her pussy and clit. Her lips felt very soft and certainly wet enough so a couple of times I smeared some of her juices over her nipple before licking it clean.

Eventually, Jen moved down the bed and crouched between Lis’ legs. I kissed Lis and told her it was time for her to find out just how good Jen was. As Jen started to eat her, I realised that I couldn’t wait any more and climbed over Lis so my pussy was near her face. I started to rub myself while watching Jen lick her and slowly backed towards Lis’ mouth. I knew that this would be the real test – while Lis hadn’t been exactly passive up until now, she had mostly just been kissing us back and letting us do things to her. I went slowly so that she could say something, but felt her chin bump against my hand and hadn’t heard any objections, so I pulled my hand away and slid back further until my pussy was on her mouth.

This was exactly what Jen and I had been imagining for months and when I let Lis’ tongue flick between my lips, I let out a sigh and pressed back against her face. Jen looked up at me and I nodded back to her, and then settled down to enjoy the experience. The way Lis licked me was very different to the way Jen or Mike does, but it still felt wonderful. She used lots of little light flicks over my clit and interspersed this with longer harder licks across my whole cunt. I assumed that she liked (or at least didn’t object to) the way I tasted and leant forwards so I could ask Jen to kiss me and I could taste Lis again from Jen’s mouth. Due to my previous teasing, it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm rapidly building and I told Lis that I was getting close and to keep going so I could cum. Fortunately, she isn’t as mean as Jen and did as I asked. The light flicking motion really felt good as I came (and Jen and I have added this to our techniques) and I panted my way through my orgasm and told Jen to finish Lis off.

Jen is somewhat accomplished at cunnilingus and I slid forwards a little and watched as she feverishly ate Lis. Lis jerked around a little under me as she came, but was fairly quiet. When she had finished cumming, I climbed off her and Jen moved back up and we lay on either side of Lis again and all kissed. (Three way kisses aren’t actually that easy, but we did a good enough job). Lis’ face was covered with my juices and Jen and I kissed it clean(er) while our hands roamed over Lis’ body. Jen was pressed up against her and grinding her pussy against Lis’ thigh. It was only fair that she got a chance to cum.

I kissed Lis and told her that I hoped she had a bit more energy as it was my turn to taste her. I was very tempted to describe to her how I was going to slide my tongue into her little cunt and eat her until she was screaming, but I didn’t know how she would react to this and I didn’t want to spoil things as they were going so well. I slid down between her legs, opener her lips and started to eat her. As I did this, Jen straddled Lis’ face and plonked her pussy down onto Lis’ mouth – assuming that if Lis was fine with eating me, she would be fine eating her. Once I’d got a proper extended taste of Lis, I started to explore a little more. I took my time, not really knowing how quickly she could cum a second time, and also licked around her pussy, sucked her lips into my mouth, pushed my tongue deep into her and a couple of times, let my tongue quickly flick over her ass.

Whenever I looked up I could see that Jen was enjoying what Lis was doing to her and as Jen’s mewing got louder and more lustful, I ate Lis faster. Jen came and then stayed crouched over Lis as I had done while I carried on licking and sucking away. Lis’ body shivered a bit again as she came, but she was still pretty quiet. I was using both hands to spread her lips wide so I could lick right up the length of her cunt, from her ass to her clit. I obviously don’t know how Lis acts when she cums, but when I thought she had finished, I started kitty kissing her. Jen climbed off and kissed Lis properly while I continued to gently lick, kiss and nibble at her pussy. This also gave me time to have a proper close up look and note all the differences between her pussy and the others I’ve seen. (Sadly it isn’t that similar to Vonda’s pussy, so the pictures aren’t really going to cut it again).

I spent a fair while kitty kissing her and fondled Jen a little while I was doing this. Finally, I moved back up beside Lis and we curled up together. I eventually asked Lis if she was okay with what we’d just done and she said that she hoped it wouldn’t spoil things, but had certainly felt great. I told her that once we’d rested a bit, we could play some more if she wanted and she said that would be nice (her word – I was hoping it would be a lot more than just ‘nice’).

We were all somewhat sweaty and sticky and Jen suggested that we go freshen up. Not that I minded being a mess, but it was still quite hot so a cool shower sounded like a good idea. Unlike during Lis’ previous visit, we all showered together this time and I demonstrated to Lis just how good the water pressure was, then got Jen to help me by holding Lis’ lips apart to expose her clit while I used the pulse spray to make her cum again.