Monday, 31 January 2011

PhD weekend

Another weekend - another sex party. Life is pretty good at the minute (other than living by myself of course, which still sucks). This entry is from the end of last Nov when I had my viva.


I headed down to York on Wednesday and spent most of the time from my arrival until the viva reading through my thesis. I know this probably wasn’t the most sensible thing to do, but it was a good few months since I had submitted and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to remember what I had spent my PhD doing. I had a very gentle session with Mike the night before – we spooned and he rubbed my neck while slowly moving in me. He didn’t touch my clit at all and it took ages for me to cum, but the orgasm felt really deep and rolled through my body. Mike didn’t cum but that meant that he could stay hard and he just gently pushed into me until I finally fell asleep.

In the end, the viva wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be, but I was still completely drained by the end of it. Of course people wanted to go out to celebrate after and I said that we could grab a drink and some food, but that I probably wouldn’t stay out for long. I called Jen to tell her the news and we chatted for a bit and had a drink of champagne with my supervisor and the friends that were around. I then zonked out at my desk for a little until it was time to head off to the pub. Mike met up with us and I got a bit of energy back once I sat down with a drink and realised that it was all over (apart from some minor corrections). I started to feel tired again though by halfway through the meal and had to give my apologies and head home. Nobody was too bothered as they all had work the following day anyway and we intended to celebrate properly the next night.

We made it home and I let Mike undress me – I lay back on the bed and he went down on me, taking his time to lick and kiss all around my pussy, then the inner lips and finally moving on to my clit. Neither of us said anything while he worked away at me and it was a really nice way to fully relax me. When my orgasm came it was a bit stronger than I had expected and it felt like it tore through my pussy, but didn’t really flow through the rest of my body (hopefully at least girls will know what I mean by this). Mike didn’t ask to do anything to me but even though I was tired, I wanted to reward him so I knelt up and presented my ass to him. He didn’t need to be encouraged and knelt behind me, positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slid into me. I squeezed myself around him and he said that I felt pretty tight and I told him to fill me with his cum. He tried to rub my clit but I told him that I just wanted him to cum in me and after a bit of persuading, he stopped trying to make me cum and just fucked me. He described what he could feel as I contracted around him and he pushed deep into me and as he got close, he buried himself the whole way and just moved ever so slightly. When he came I’m sure that I could feel his cum squirting into me, but it might have just been my imagination. Either way, he was very deep inside me and nothing dribbled out for a fair amount of time when he pulled out (but there was a wet patch by the time I woke up).

I felt fairly well rested the following morning, which is just as well as I was rubbed awake by Mike and we then had a quick fuck before he had to go off to work. This meant that I could have a well deserved lie in, and when I got up, I had a leisurely breakfast and then utilised the pulse setting on the shower head to give myself another orgasm. I texted a few people and arranged to meet them for lunch in Uni – I then spent a while deciding what to wear but seeing as it was too cold (and snowy) to sit outside and I wouldn’t have any alone time with Lis, I wouldn’t be showing myself off anyway. I still went without panties, but wore opaque tights for warmth. It was a good chance to catch up with people and we planned the evenings celebrations (not that it took a lot of planning – out for food, then drinks followed by dancing (or at least what passes for dancing when I’m involved).

After an extended lunch, I left them to get back to work and I wandered home. I had a few hours to kill before Mike returned so I took a nap (to have more energy for the evening) then woke up and had a shower to freshen up. I ended up shaving my legs and pussy and then went to have a look through some of our porn collection that Mike had sorted though in my absence (he needs to cum as well). As soon as I decided to do this, I knew that I was going to end up playing with myself, but I didn’t have anything else I needed to do so it seemed like a good use of my time. I looked through a number of folders and ended up watching some cumshot videos before going online and looking for some new material. I found a site with some nice ones that I hadn’t seen before (very large cocks with lots of cum) and ended up lying back in the chair and fingering myself while watching them (and as a note of reassurance – no, women aren’t generally obsessed with penis size, I was just in the mood to see cumshots and creampies and this was the site I ended up on).

I actually ended up cumming to one of our own videos of a girl being fucked and cum on by many men (I think I’ve posted the link) and imagined that it was me in her place as I came. I continued to look through our stash until Mike returned home and I greeted him (naked) as soon as he walked in the door. He said that even if I’d been wearing clothes, he would have been able to tell I had been playing with myself as the house smelt of sex (or my sex at least). I told him that I would have to shower again before we went out and if that was the case, that we may as well do things and then he could shower with me. He didn’t object to this and I could see the bulge in his trousers growing so I walked over, unzipped them and pulled out his cock. I stroked it a couple of times, then turned around and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. Mike immediately felt how wet I was and pushed in to me (holding on to my hips so I didn’t fall over). We fucked like this for a few minutes and then he pulled out of me, stepped out of his trousers and pulled me over to the wall. He lifted my right leg and pushed his cock back into my cunt and fucked me against the wall. As we fucked, his other hand found my ass and he played with it, just pressing his fingertips into me. Both his hands were busy so I reached down and rubbed my clit, propelling myself towards cumming. I told him I was close and he asked me to wait a bit so he could catch up. I slowed down my rubbing and just concentrated on the feelings of his cock rubbing back and forth inside my pussy. Within a couple of minutes he said that he was nearly there and I resumed frigging my clit. Mike came and I soon followed – we stayed together kissing for a minute (he let my leg back down) and when he pulled out, his cum dripped straight down my legs.

We had a quick shower and headed out to meet people. Some of them had been for post-work drinks already and some had gone home to change, so it took about 30 minutes for everyone to turn up at the restaurant (except Cindy who was about 45 minutes late, but timekeeping was never really her strong point). We had a good meal and then went on to a pub. While there, Mike (discretely) handed me a pair of my tight panties and the strong remote controlled egg and said that I should put them on during my next trip to the toilet. I didn’t go straight away but about 20 minutes later I did and returned with the egg nested against my clit. When I sat down, he turned the egg on and I got a nice rush from it. The egg wasn’t quite in the right place so it certainly felt nice, but I knew it wasn’t going to make me cum.

After we had been there a little while, Jen turned up – this was a complete surprise to me as I didn’t know that she was coming, but she had arranged it with Mike (on certain conditions). She had been meant to turn up in time for the meal, but her train had been delayed due to snow (and then she had popped back to the house to drop her bag off). We moved around to create space and continued chatting for ages (until the pub closed). It was now time for the dancing part of the night but we had left it too late to just get into a club and had to queue up. At least the queues weren’t quite as long as usual due to the cold and after a bit of perseverance, we all got in.

I was drunk by the time we had left the pub (lots of people buying me celebratory drinks) so I held off drinking any more for a while (other than water) but Jen felt that she needed to catch up. After a trip to the toilet to readjust the positioning (and to pee), Mike turned the egg on again and I pressed up against his leg to get more sensation. I enjoyed it at the time but didn’t realise that Lis had noticed what I was doing (until later on, when asked me if I was wearing an egg). As I’ve said, I was a little tipsy and I pressed up against her ass so she could feel it vibrating. I think Lis might have been slightly drunk as well as she pressed her ass back against me and stayed like that for a good few seconds. I enjoyed the feeling but moved away (I’m still a bit nervous about doing things to shock my more conservative friends).

We danced for a couple of hours but mostly behaved ourselves (other than a bit of kissing). By the time we went home, we were rather tired, but it had been a really fun night. We arranged to meet up with Lis and Vicky the following day as well as a larger group for coffee and then headed home. I found out that Mike had first dibs on me (it was his weekend with me after all), but he had no problems with me spending some time with Jen afterwards. I was quite happy with this and when we got in, we all headed up to bed (Jen in her room of course). The house was quite cold so we got under the covers while the heating warmed it up and worked on our own way of warming up. Mike undressed me and then himself and we pressed our bodies together. He disappeared under the covers and ate me for a while before resurfacing and saying that he was suffocating under there. We kissed and he slipped into me and we fucked in the missionary position with my legs wrapped around him as we neared the end.

After he had cum in me, we stayed together for a while until he started to go soft and I said that I would visit Jen and then return. I had a quick dash down the hall (house still cold) and dived into bed with Jen. She had been listening to Mike and I do things and her skin felt hot against mine. I lay on top of her and pushed a leg between hers and we humped against each other. As usual, she was nice and wet, but I was even wetter (helped of course by Mike’s cum). As I’ve said before, Jen is actually quite partial to the taste of his cum (at least when it’s been inside me) and she wanted to 69. I moved around and planted myself on her face before burying my tongue in her pussy. We had a fairly quick session and both came in a fairly short time. After a quick cuddle, I returned to Mike and we fell into a fairly deep sleep.

We woke fairly late the following day and I felt a bit worse for wear (I didn’t actually drink that much, but I’m out of practice and I hadn’t had any water before going to bed). After I can come round properly, Mike still went down on me and my orgasm helped to fully wake me up. We decided that some food would then help so we got Jen up and all went down to eat breakfast. There had been more snow and we discussed going out to have a play (sex play) but decided that it was too cold and I didn’t want to be that cruel to Jen. We did go out to have a snowball fight and build a snowman and just before we came back in we had a competition to see who could cope with snow in their panties (or boxer shorts in Mike’s case) for the longest. Jen and I put a handful of snow in each others’ panties and I then put a couple of handfuls in Mike’s boxers. Mike lost first and had to pull his trousers down to shake it all out and I just about beat Jen (but if she hadn’t given in, I was just about to).

We thought the best way to warm up again would be to have sex (as if there could be a better way). Jen had to dive into the shower as Mike got me first, but she had a play with the pulse setting and enjoyed herself anyway. When Mike first pushed into me, his cock still felt cold and it was a very strange feeling – but I warmed him up fairly quickly and ended up riding him while playing with my clit. Just before we were going to cum, he pulled me down on top of him and guided me up and down on his cock while he quickly slammed into me and we came fairly close together like this. Even though Jen had just showered, I went and dripped cum on her breasts and then rubbed my pussy on them. She didn’t want to cum again (no stamina that girl), but enjoyed the feeling of my cunt rubbing over her nipples.

A little while later, we got a call from Lis to decide where to meet. I wanted somewhere relatively private (so we could talk openly) and as it was cold, I said that we would head over to her place to save her going out. As you would expect, we spent a little while thinking about the best outfits for the meeting. In the end I decided that I was too much of a wuss (die to the cold) and went with opaque tights (but not as opaque as usual and of course I skipped the panties). We tried a slightly different look for Jen and she wore black stockings, black panties and a fairly short skirt (so the top of her stockings were visible). I’m not actually sure I really like this, but it was good enough for what we had in mind. The shortness of her skirt wasn’t an issue on the way over as her coat was long enough (but on a side note, I do love the look of a short skirt hidden under a coat that is *just* longer than the skirt). By the time we got there, Vicky had already arrived and after Lis made some coffee, we headed up to her room to chat.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Sex shop revenge

I'm heading off to York for the weekend and I've decided to go for it at the party. I'm now used to them seeing me naked (and of course watching other people fuck) so I think it's time for the next step...

Back to the second part of Jen's last visit in November where I was introducing her to the toothbrush.


The following morning, I licked Jen awake as usual and then said I wanted to try something else. I applied a bit of the gel to her pussy and got her to lie on top of me in a 69 position. I positioned the toothbrush between us and used it on her clit while I ate her pussy. It wasn’t the easiest of positions as she had to push her pussy forwards, but as I wasn’t trying to lick her clit it worked out reasonably well. Of course, what I wanted was for her to squirt again right into my mouth, but all that happened was she had a relatively strong orgasm (probably not as strong as the night before, but good enough to wake her up properly).

We tried a slightly different position for my turn – I knelt on the floor with my body on the sofa and my ass sticking up in the air. I held the brush under me so it was rubbing my clit while Jen knelt behind me, spread my ass and licked as deep in my cunt as she could. It felt good and I certainly wasn’t complaining, but again, it wasn’t as strong as the night before so I guess the attention that we paid to the clit really paid off. We considered returning to bed for a while, but decided that now we were up, we may as well make the most of the day (which would almost certainly involve returning to bed at some point!) and so went and had breakfast. Sadly we needed to wear dressing gowns as it was too cold for nakedness, but as we’d just cum twice each it wasn’t too much of a hardship.

After breakfast, we showered (together but with little fooling around) and went into town to look round the shops. Jen once again showed off her youth and high metabolism by not wearing tights. I chose a nice little denim skirt for her – slightly tighter than I usually prefer (or less flippy), but it looked cute on her. In the end, I went for long socks again – I’ve been finding them a nice compromise between warmth and having pussy exposed. I wore one of my regular pleated tartan skirts with a warm jumper and once we had confirmed our looks, we set off. We got the bus into town and ended up sitting at the front in the area for disabled and elderly people (there weren’t any of either around). The good thing about this area is that you can have someone facing you and after a few stops, someone did sit down opposite us. I didn’t need to tell Jen what I wanted her to do and she leant over as if to whisper in my ear. As she did this, her legs parted slightly and when she moved away from me, she didn’t close them. I thought it was only fair to join her so I leaned over to whisper back to her and did the same with my legs. Obviously we didn’t look straight at the guy, but we could tell from the reflection in the window that he had noticed and was looking up our skirts (and soon after we could tell from the way his newspaper ended up in his lap).

I decided we would get off a stop early (before lots of people wanted to disembark) so that as we gathered our things, Jen could bend over and give him a proper view. My skirt wasn’t really short enough to do this so I left it to Jen and we then dashed off the bus. We took a slow wander for the rest of the way and then spent a while looking round the shops. I actually ended up getting a bit bored so we went to ‘properly’ try some clothes on. This (as regular readers will know) involved us taking turns at being naked in the changing rooms and pretending to try on clothes that the other one fetched while we played with ourselves (when the person fetching the clothes returned, they would help out with fingers or tongues). We both got really close to cumming and could have easily done so, but I thought it would be better to be nice and excited for my next plan.

Jen thought that we were just going to find a busier shop to finish ourselves off in, but I led her down some back alleys and after about 10 minutes we came to a sex shop (not that I had spent time online finding more locations). As soon as Jen saw it, she knew that I intended to get revenge for what she had made me do a month before (I think up until that point that she thought I had forgotten – or been distracted by the sex party and her birthday). I dragged her in and even though it looked quite shabby on the outside, it was a surprisingly clean and well lit place inside. There were someone in there already (the sex shops up here seem to be busier than the ones in York) and they didn’t look at us when we came in.

We started off the same way as usual, looking around the various merchandise and imagining what we could get up to with it. I got Jen to choose her favourite dildo/vibe from the selection and tell me loudly enough for others to hear (but not so loud it was too obvious) why she thought it would be the best. Unsurprisingly, she went for one similar to the rampant rabbit – and described how she loved the way it rotated and vibrated inside her while also stimulating her clit. I got her to bend over a couple of times and show off her wonderful ass and then we went to have a look at some of the magazines. Just to keep appearances up, we mostly looked at the lesbian ones (I didn’t see a ‘Bisexual weekly’). Jen sat down with her legs spread and ankles crossed – the good thing about her skirt being tighter than one she would usually wear was this position pushed her skirt up her thighs.

I fetched a couple of magazines and we looked at them (at least we looked at the covers as they are all sealed in plastic). We openly discussed what we thought of the various girls or themes and I ran my hand up Jen’s legs a couple of times – the second time I stroked along her pussy. Her skirt was pretty far up now and her pussy was probably quite exposed to anyone at any distance from us (but there was still only the one guy in the shop). On a side note, I don’t know why anyone would pay for magazines at those prices – from what we could gather they don’t have anything in them that I haven’t seen online for free (and it’s more fun exploring online).

I decided in the end that I wanted to try something a bit more daring but that I wouldn’t just make Jen do it so we moved over to the bondage section and I sat on the floor, with my knees up, legs slightly spread and my feet flat on the floor. I didn’t stop my skirt from sliding up my thighs and I told Jen to stand in front of me (almost above me). She crouched down slightly and I spent about 30 seconds giving her pussy a good lick. We were partially hidden by one of the shelves so I also allowed myself to masturbate. We knew full well that there was a camera watching us and as we left, we gave the guy behind the counter a smile.

Once we had left, I wondered if we should go back in and finish things off, but it hadn’t felt the same as it had in the other place for some reason – we just hadn’t felt as comfortable there. This put us in an awkward position as we were now both quite horny and so we decided to go and finish off in a changing room. We dived into the first shop that looked suitable (I can’t even remember which shop it was) and grabbed a number of things to ‘try on’. Once in the changing rooms, Jen stripped off and sat down and I knelt on the floor and ate her. I was rubbing myself while licking her and she came pretty quickly. We switched positions (I didn’t bother getting undressed) and Jen licked my clit and pushed her tongue into me. I had trouble keeping quiet, but I didn’t have any trouble cumming while hearing everyone around us and seeing people walking past the curtain.

We felt much more satisfied and settled after this and I ended up buying Jen a very sweet little skirt (as a thank you to the shop for letting us cum there). We then went for a coffee and Jen once again had to sit with her legs open. About halfway through our coffee, a group of guys came in and I got Jen to change places with me so she was ‘aimed’ at them. At my instruction, she lifted one foot up onto her chair so she could ‘hug’ her knee and display her pussy. She continued to talk to me and pretended that she hadn’t noticed that they were looking at her. I didn’t make her stay like this for too long as I know she isn’t quite as turned on by displaying herself as I am (but I think she is improving). Just before we left, I gave her a big kiss and we headed out.

We’d been invited out that evening with some people for work, but I was feeling a bit tired and run down so we decided to have a night in. We considered getting a movie to watch, but ended up deciding that we should make the most of our time and we would sort through some of the random porn videos from our collection. Of course, we knew that this would have an effect on us, but that was part of the plan. We had picked up food to make a nice meal and once dinner was over, we moved into the bedroom, set up the laptop and started to look through the videos. We started off with some of the ones of Pavlina – unfortunately I don’t have any from her early career (when she looked more like Lucy), but just knowing that it is the same girl is enough to work for our fantasies and what was meant to be our warm up videos, led us to a full blown session.

We were both lying on our front, watching the computer and I slid my hand over Jen’s ass and down between her legs. As I rubbed around her pussy, she did the same to me (not the easiest of positions, but we were just getting started). We discussed what we could do with Lucy (if we ever got the chance) and The more ideas we came up with, the more intense our fingering got. It soon reached the point that the position we were in was seriously limiting what we could do to each other and so we moved around so we were facing and started rubbing each other’s clits. We imagined that it was Lucy fingering us while we both licked her (I don’t know how we would both lick her at the same time, but it was just a fantasy). The licking idea became more appealing so we moved around to 69 and ate each other while listening to Pavlina being fucked. By the time we came, there were also fingers involved and we ended up in a sticky, sweaty mess.

Once a small amount of recovery time had passed, we switched over to the pictures that look like Lis and Jen went through some of her fantasies relating to them. We didn’t involve Vicky in any of the fantasies (which surprised me given Jen’s love of large breasts), but by the time we’d finished, we had introduced Lis to a number of new positions and we had ended up scissoring (in RL). Jen came first and I then ground myself against her though her orgasm and finished myself off with my fingers while she watched.

We had saved dessert (to give us an energy boost) and decided that this was the time to have it. Of course, we didn’t intend to eat it normally and tossed a coin to see who would eat first. I won and Jen climbed up onto the table and lay down (I gave her a pillow for her head). I spooned the dessert (lemon mousse) onto her breasts and pussy and went to work cleaning her off. I spent a considerable amount of time on her nipples and by the time they were clean, they were also very hard and sensitive. The mousse had mostly run off her pussy so I added some more and licked her clean, then repeated this. I gave her the option of having me finish her off or switch places and she said that she wanted to cum again (and I never want to discourage this), so I pulled her pussy open and slowly ate her (I didn’t concentrate on her clit as much as usual so it took a while). She was certainly ready to cum by the time her orgasm hit her and I was very pleased with the results – I could no longer taste any lemon, just her juices, and she pulled on her nips while mewing away.

The disadvantage was that she was now quite tired – I did offer to just let her eat her dessert normally, but she wanted to return the favour, so we had a little break before I climbed up onto the table and presented myself to her. Jen spent less time on my breasts and more time with her tongue pushed into my cunt, licking around the inner walls. She kept adding the mousse and I could feel it running down my ass and when I looked down I could see that her face was covered in it. I didn’t really care though as I had the tongue of the girl I love doing wonderful things to me and I kept encouraging her to continue. She encouraged me to play with my nipples when I got closer to cumming and I think it did add to the pleasure (just not as much as it does for her). The lemon left my pussy feeling quite tingly after I’d cum and while the feeling was nice, we were also both in desperate need of a shower so popped into the bathroom.

We cleaned each other off and I then tried to use the toothbrush on Jen, but she’d cum enough for the evening. She didn’t object to using it on me though and so we returned to the bedroom and she gave my clit a good brushing while pumping a dildo in and out of my pussy. It felt really good, but I don’t enjoy things as much if it is just me cumming (or if I know I’m not going to make Jen or Mike cum just before or after). Nonetheless, I endured the solitude of my pleasure and ended up having a pretty good orgasm. I had really hoped that Jen would get turned on while making me cum, but even after watching my orgasm, she said that she didn’t think she could cum again, so we ended up curled up in bed kissing and chatting.

I still felt oddly horny and after a while I managed to convince Jen to let me go down on her one last time while I played with myself. She would have eaten me, but I wanted to be the one to do the work as she said she didn’t really want to cum again. I don’t think that it was too much of a chore for her though and she certainly sounded like she enjoyed her orgasm. I had been kneeling between her legs and fingering myself the whole time and I sat with my legs spread to finish off, rubbing my clit until I finally came. Jen was definitely spent by this point and I now felt a bit more settled so we kissed a bit longer then drifted off to sleep.

As usual, I was the first to wake up on Sunday so I dived down under the covers and attacked Jen’s cunt. She woke up almost immediately and said that she needed to pee, but I didn’t let her go and said that she had to cum first. I could have been nice and made her cum as quickly as possible – but where would the fun have been in that? I didn’t tease her too much, but I also licked around her pussy as well as her clit and used a couple of fingers in her. I had half expected her to pee a bit when she came, but she managed to hold it in. As soon as she had cum, she shakily got up and moved towards the bathroom – I followed her and while she sat on the toilet and peed, I rubbed her pussy and clit. It was a little messy, but Jen seemed to appreciate it and by the time she had finished, she said that her pussy felt like it was buzzing and I needed to take care of her again.

We returned to bed and I broke out the double dildo, gave it a generous coating of tingle gel and pushed it into Jen before mounting the other end. Jen picked up the electric toothbrush and used it on her clit while I fucked the dildo – obviously the dildo didn’t move as much in her as it had in me when she used her hand on it the previous night, but it was enough when combined with the toothbrush to bring her off fairly quickly. I still hadn’t cum and I tried to use the brush on my clit, but I couldn’t keep it in place while humping on the dildo so just resorted to using my fingers on my clit. Jen enjoyed the feeling of the dildo still moving in her (coupled with the tingling from the gel) and moaned along with me until I came. I leaned forwards to kiss her, but we had been using the short dildo so it popped out of my pussy (slightly painfully). We kissed for a while and dozed off again, waking up fairly close to midday.

It would have been nice to do things again, but we knew that we had to get ready, get some food and get Jen to the airport. I let Jen take a shower while I prepared a quick lunch (I liked the idea of keeping her juices on me for as long as possible) and we ate it in relative silence. This was another week that being apart from Mike and Jen had been taking its toll – coupled with the fact that I had my viva coming up (we had agreed not to mention it). When I went to get ready, Jen dared me to try something that Vicky had mentioned – go out with nothing on under my coat. I reminded her that I’d done this before (most recently on the way home from the sex party), but she thought it would be quite different going to an airport like that in the middle of the day. I toyed with the idea, but it was too cold outside and I told her that she could get me to do it during one of my visits when it got warmer.

We rode to the airport holding hands and had a tearful farewell at security. I waited until she had been patted down and disappeared around the corner before I headed home. The only consolations I had were still having Jen’s juices on me (and the various toys we’d used) and the fact that I would be back in York in the middle of the week (although that was somewhat tempered by the dread of the viva).

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More toothbrush fun

A fairly short post this time, but I'll put the second part up on Friday before I head down to York (another sex party, at which I'm hoping to try something new - reports will follow!)

Please let me know if you like the galleries and I'll continue to upload them.


The following week (we’re up to mid-November now), Jen came up to visit. I had asked her to bring up our new vibrator, but it is a relatively large item and she chickened out of carrying it through airport security. She did at least go without panties on and wore one of her short skirts – she said that she only realised when she was at the airport that if they had asked her to take off her shoes, she would have had to be very careful about how she bent over. Her flight was on time and I met her at the train station (being a student, she could skive off early so she arrived just after I finished work).

We went out to join people from my work for drinks and some food so that everyone could meet her. I think I went up in the estimations of the guys – they knew that I was bi, but this was the first time they had met Jen and I wonder if any of them have imagined what the two of us do together (Mike tells me that pretty much all straight guys love the idea of lesbians for some reason). We had already kissed hello at the station and didn’t put on any kind of show while we were out, but once again we didn’t stay too late and headed home. On the way, I took advantage of her short skirt and slipped my hand onto her ass. I am clearly getting old – while Jen seemed fine without tights on, I was wearing my opaque tights to keep warm – but when we slipped into an alleyway, Jen still managed to push them far enough between my lips to feel good. As nice as the teasing was, we both wanted to get home and do things properly, so we didn’t hang around for long.

Once indoors, we did our usual act of stripping each other within seconds of having the door shut and quickly went into the bedroom. I told Jen that I wanted to spend the weekend fucking her and we agreed to start off with a simple 69 to get things going. I lay down and pulled Jen down on top of me, guiding her pussy to my mouth and immediately diving in and lashing her cunt with my tongue. She pushed her tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my cunt and I humped back against her face. It was a pretty intense session and we obviously both wanted to cum so it wasn’t long before we were moaning into each other and were approaching orgasm. Jen sucked my clit into her mouth (more like the whole top half of my cunt) and flicked back and forth with her tongue until I came. It was delightful and even though I was really enjoying it, I concentrated on continuing to do things to her as well until she came (my orgasm had finished by then). She had stopped licking me and I ate her the whole way through her orgasm and then moved to the gentle licking that she likes. Once she had recovered, we moved around so we could kiss and both our faces were pretty messy with each others’ juices. A little kissing, licking (and then wiping) mostly sorted this out.

With our immediate passion sated, we chatted for a while (still curled up in bed) and I told Jen that I was going to use the toothbrush on her. She was quite willing to give this a try and I quickly clambered out of bed and dashed to the bathroom. Once I had put one of the soft heads on, I got Jen to lie with her legs spread and I knelt on the floor. She pulled her pussy open and I applied a little of the tingle gel (we hadn’t used it for a while) and rubbed it in and around her pussy. I started (as Mike had done with me) by using the back of the head and then turning it around. I didn’t touch her clit with the bristles straight away, but ran the brush around her pussy and along her inner lips. Jen liked the way this felt, but when I finally moved it onto her clit, she *really* liked it (I wasn’t surprised as I knew how good it felt). I now had the view that Mike had of me the previous week and as I made sure her clit was perfectly clean. I don’t know if Jen is really more sensitive than I am, or if the gel was helping, but she was panting and moaning and telling me how good it felt. I told her that the whole point was for it to feel good and to enjoy it as much as possible and let me watch her cunt as she came.

It obviously wasn’t going to take too long and she was already squirming around and moving her hips, humping against the brush. I watched her inner lips moving and quivering and moved my head closer so I could see everything. Jen let out a series of ‘Oh fucks’ and I thought that she had already started to cum but she then let out a ‘aannghhh’ and squirted over my face. Between her moving and my face getting covered in goo, the brush slipped away from her clit, but I quickly put it back (there’s nothing worse than having all stimulation removed just as you cum). I initially thought that Jen had just peed over me but I realised that she had actually squirted her juices and I tasted them as they dripped down. I kept the brush on her clit until she told me she couldn’t take any more so I gave her pussy a few gentle kisses and then climbed up her body. I showed her what she had done and she said she hadn’t even realised she had squirted, but that her orgasm had felt really really strong (especially the first wave). I wiped my face and we shared her juices while I humped against her leg.

She wanted a little time to recover so I said that I would get things started and she could take over when she was ready. I added some gel to my own pussy and sat up against the headboard with my legs spread. Jen moved around a little so she could watch and I started brushing my clit. I was going quite well when Jen said she would take over so I scooted over to the side of the bed and she took up position on the floor between my legs. After handing the brush to her, I lay back, spread my lips and enjoyed the feeling. I was right that the gel added something and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum. I told Jen this and she said that she would enjoy the view while she had it then (to which I told her that she could spend as long looking at my cunt as she wanted, whenever she wanted, as long as I could do the same to hers). She thought this was sweet and gave me a little lick before watching me closely and describing what my inner lips looked like. I spread those as well for her and she told me how she could see up inside me and was watching the walls pulsing as I contracted the muscles. Obviously she couldn’t see too far (it’s dark in there), but she liked the view. I told her I was really close and she said i should cum and squirt all over her. I came, but didn’t squirt (which isn’t surprising as I’ve only ever squirted two or three times in my life). I wasn’t too bothered about that though as it felt really strong and I was making incoherent sounds.

I managed to endure the brush for longer than Jen had but I finally had to push it away and manage to gasp to her that I wanted her to lick me. She pushed her tongue into me and licked around my lips, but avoided my clit (which was a good thing). She slowly licked with less force and ended up with kitty kissing. When she finished, my only response was ‘oh fuck’ and I had to spend a while relaxing before I even wanted to move. Jen curled up beside me and pulled the covers over us and we spent a while saying how much we loved each other (I had forgiven her for not bringing the strong vibe by this time). I asked Jen if she wanted to carry on and was actually relieved when she said that she didn’t think she could cum again (I may have pretty good sexual stamina, but even I had been knocked out by my orgasm). We decided to call it a night and rearranged ourselves on the bed so we could sleep. Of course, we chatted for a while longer before going to sleep and I think that I could have probably managed something else after a while, but Jen didn’t seem ready so we just slept.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Japanese pussy

Just a quickie...

What is it about Japanese pussies that look so appealing? I've just had a nice session while browsing a whole set of pics (I'll post a gallery at a future date). Of course I've been concentrating on the 'schoolgirl' pictures but I've found so many that just look incredibly yummy (and fingered myself to two orgasms while imagining eating them).

Sleepy time now

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fun with toothbrushes

This is a relatively tame entry compared to those from the previous couple of weekends – but (unfortunately) I don’t get invited to wild sex parties every week. Mike’s just left for York (but at least he got to come up a day early – we needed to do some more wedding planning) and despite the cold, we had a nice weekend. He got to see some of the things Jen and I do in the sex shops up here, but I’ll write about that in due course.


It was Mike’s turn to come up and visit me and he arrived late on Friday evening. I was out for Friday drinks with some of the people from work and he came along to the pub we were in (I had offered to meet him at the station). A lot of my work friends hadn’t met him before this point, so there was the usual introductions and questions about what he does and how we met. Although it has got round the lab that we are engaged, but that I also have a girlfriend, Hannah is the only person who has actually met Jen and she was fairly blunt in asking Mike how he felt about me being with Jen. Of course, he said that he was fine with it as long as I was happy and that he got on well with Jen and liked her (he didn’t explain quite how much he likes her). We didn’t stay out too late and made it home by about 10. As you would expect, as soon as we were indoors, we greeted each other properly – we stripped in the hallway and I led Mike into the bedroom by his cock (occasionally stopping to have a little rub).

I lay on the bed and Mike lay on top of me – he rubbed the length of his cock up and down my pussy, the shaft slipping between the lips and putting some pressure on my clit. I told him not to tease me and he pulled back, positioned his cock and pushed right into my cunt. I had been looking forward to this all day and let out a long satisfied moan. Mike said that he had been missing my cunt so I told him to spend as long as he wanted getting reacquainted with it. He thought this sounded like an excellent plan and we had a fairly long session – mostly just staying in the missionary position, kissing, fucking and talking. We went for over an hour without cumming until we decided that we probably needed some food and should finish up. I wrapped my legs around Mike and told him to fuck me as hard as he could. We relived some of the sex party while we fucked and planned what we wanted to do and see at the next one. I managed to cum without him doing anything to my clit and when I had finished, he came in me.

After a brief break, we ordered some food and when it came, I collected it wearing just my light gown, loosely tied around my waist. Mike’s cum was leaking out of my pussy and even though it was cold out, it felt nice having the door open, standing there only just covered up. We ate the food quickly and then lounged around for a while to let it settle before returning to bed for a second session (just spooning this time, but it meant that Mike could easily rub my clit). This time we were much quicker (but I still came first) and after a bit more kissing, we spooned again and drifted off to sleep like that (Mike went soft and slipped out of me before I fell asleep, but we stayed in the spoon position).

I woke first in the morning and needed to pee – I had intended to go to the bathroom and then wake Mike up by either giving him a blow job, or trying to get him hard and mounting him while he was sleeping. Unfortunately, he woke up while I was leaving the room and said that he needed to pee as well. We both went to the bathroom and decided that if we were there, we may as well brush our teeth so we could kiss and do things properly. After having done his teeth, Mike pressed his toothbrush against my pussy (it’s an electric one) and moved it so the back of the head was vibrating against my clit. This feels really nice and was helped by him rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. I leant against the sink and watched my reflection as I came. Mike sucked the toothbrush clean and then we returned to the bedroom to take care of him.

I decided to return to my original plan (with the alteration of him being already awake) and got him to lie on his back so that I could ride him. For a bit of added excitement, I dragged a mirror over to the foot of the bed and I mounted him in reverse so that I could watch myself sliding up and down on his cock. Mike likes this position as well because if I lean forwards slightly, he gets a good view of his cock being swallowed by my cunt. It is also a good position for him to finger my ass and it wasn’t long before I felt his thumb pressing against my asshole and then pushing into me slightly (not very deep, but enough that it added to the stimulation). I did most of the work (including rubbing my clit), but it was worth it to be able to watch us fucking. I wanted Mike to cum first and as he got closer, he started to push back against me harder and I stopped my clit rubbing until he had cum. I was quite close and he stayed in me (and even moved a little) while I finished myself off and watched my second orgasm of the day.

Mike stayed hard for quite a while after I dismounted him and was still hard when we sat down for breakfast. This may have been partially my fault as I kept accidentally brushing against him and stroking his cock. By the time we had finished breakfast, he said that he needed to cum again so I bent over the table and presented my ass to him. I had been expecting him to slide into my pussy, but he pressed up against my ass and said that it had been a while since he’d fucked it. I told him that as long as he paid some attention to my clit as well, he could use whichever hole he wanted and he promptly (but still slowly) pressed harder against my ass and worked his way in. We were in full view of a window (but this one isn’t overlooked as much as the bedroom and living room ones) and I gently pushed back against him until he was mostly inside me. He started to fuck my ass and I wished that I’d got a vibe before we started, but it was too late for that now. I asked him to rub me and he reached around and played with my clit – sometimes pushing a finger into my pussy and sometimes moving his hand up to play with my breasts. I squeezed myself around him (which apparently makes me feel really tight) and the fucking became a bit faster. He suggested that we should demonstrate this at the next sex party and returned to rubbing my clit. Mike described the view he had and I pictured it in my mind. He said he was getting close and I told him I was too – we actually came very close together and Mike said it was so intense that he couldn’t move for a while (he had to wait until his cock went a bit soft before he pulled out).

Once we were separated, we showered and then tidied up the apartment. We didn’t have any real plans for the weekend and just went out for a wander, finally ending up in town. We had a look round for some of the things we still needed to sort out and decide on for the wedding and went for a light lunch (I’m still dieting in preparation). I called a couple of people from work and arranged for us to meet up with them that evening (they had been promising to show us some of their favourite places) and after a bit more wandering, we went home and relaxed for a bit. Once home, Mike said that he wanted to try something – and I’m usually up for giving anything a try once (maybe twice, just to make sure) so agreed. He had bought a few toiletries while we were out and I hadn’t paid too much attention, but one of the things was an extra soft head for the electric toothbrush. While I like using the back of the head on my clit (so I feel the vibrations), I’ve never understood how people manage to use the bristles (we’ve seen videos of girls masturbating on webcam like this). Having made me cum with the toothbrush earlier that day, Mike thought it would be worth investigating.

The bristles were indeed very soft (the head is designed for people with sensitive gums) and I sat on the sofa and spread my legs. Mike started off using the back of the head (as usual) and then got me to spread my pussy and hold back the skin from around my clit. I was a little nervous and told him to be gentle (but I wasn’t too worried as I know he doesn’t want to hurt me). He turned the brush around and slowly pressed it on my clit – the feeling was very strong (much stronger than I had expected) and when he only pressed lightly, the bristles didn’t hurt at all. With a bit of experimentation, he found how hard he could press and how to move it around and I relaxed back into the sofa to enjoy our new found toy. It was a very pleasant feeling and I found that I enjoyed it more if I didn’t keep my clit fully exposed (so only some of the bristles rubbed directly on it). Mike tried using the brush all around my pussy – not actually ‘properly’ inside me, but around my outer and inner lips. The clit was (unsurprisingly) definitely the best area though and when he returned the head there, I told him to keep going and let him watch my cunt pulsing and contracting as I came. He said that it was a wonderful view and I intended to try it out on Jen so I could see what he was talking about.

He tried it on my nipples and it felt kind of nice, but that is something else I intended to try on Jen. I had the idea of using it on him and so he undressed and we switched positions. He held his cock still and I tried rubbing different parts of his cock (or holding the brush against different parts). Unsurprisingly (again), he said it felt best when I used it on the glans. I tried also rubbing the shaft of his cock with my other hand but he said that while that felt good, he wanted to try and cum with just the toothbrush. With a bit more experimentation, I found the most sensitive part (it’s not as if I don’t know my way round Mike’s cock pretty well by now) and I could tell from his expressions, that he was getting close. I watched closely as he got closer to cumming and I could see his cock almost pulsing and then watched as his cum shot straight up and splattered over both of us (the first shot landed mostly on him but he pushed his cock forwards slightly so the latter ones landed on my face and hair). Fairly soon after he came he said it was too intense and I had to pull the brush away, but he thought that he would be able to tolerate a bit of licking, so I took the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked him clean.

I wanted to be able to use the brush again so we rinsed it out and I put the soft heads to one side (well, in the sex-toy drawer) and I had a shower to wash my hair (I don’t think turning up at the pub with cum through my hair would be that wonderful an idea). We had dinner and watched some TV before getting ready to go meet people. Mike suggested that I wear one of the egg vibes and I decided to go one better and wear two of them – one in my pussy and one inside a pair of my tight panties so it was held against my pussy (the idea being that it is held against my clit, but it rarely stays in the right place – but feels good anyway). Mike took the controls (one in each pocket) and played around with them while we walked to the bar. I was nice and horny even before we arrived and Mike made the situation even worse as the night went on. I may have not helped matters by readjusting the egg in my panties to apply more pressure to my clit every time I went to the bathroom, but I was just being helpful. At one point, I sat in a way where the egg was slightly caught between my thighs and it applied even more pressure to my clit – for a while I actually thought that I was going to cum and I probably could have if I hadn’t been greedy and squirmed around to try to get more pressure (the egg moved in the wrong direction and I was left hanging).

I had to pretend that I was just tired or coming down with something as people noticed that I wasn’t as talkative as usual, but I didn’t get anywhere near as close to cumming again (I tried). Some people went on to a club but we decided to head home and on the way stopped off in an alley. It was quite easy for Mike to make me cum as all we had to do was kiss and he pushed the egg onto my clit. I was a bit louder than I had intended to be and I think some people passing by may have heard, but his hand wasn’t even under my skirt so they didn’t see anything.

We hurried home after this so that I could take care of Mike and we fucked with me standing in front of the window naked (with the lights off). We could see people walking past clearly, but (presumably) they couldn’t see us – or at least not well. Mike pounded his cock into my cunt and I used one of the eggs on my clit (for part of the time – I didn’t want to cum too quickly). Because I was fully in charge of my clit stimulation and Mike kept me informed of how close he was getting, it was very easy for us to cum at the same time and I could feel Mike pushing as deep into me as he could while came while my cunt was spasming around his cock. The downside being that with only one hand holding me up, I hit my head on the window, but it wasn’t too hard and I didn’t intend to stop what we were doing until we had finished.

We didn’t do anything else that night – just went to bed and talked about things. Neither of us were enjoying the living apart and we were considering what our options were – including one of us giving up their job so that we could be together. As nice as this would have been, we knew that it wasn’t really practical and agreed that we just had to keep going until Mike found a job up here. We fell asleep spooning – not really in a sexual way, more for the comfort of being that closely joined. Mike kept himself hard until I was asleep (he later said that he did this by thinking of combinations of me, Jen, Sue and our friends), but he didn’t move in me very much despite what he was thinking about. Apparently it did affect his dreams though as I was woken up in the middle of the night (I don’t know what time it was, but it was still dark) for a quickie and we then went straight back to sleep.

I woke first again the following morning (or later that morning) and despite needing to pee, I decided that I would wake Mike the way I had intended on the Saturday and crawled under the covers. I had his cock in my mouth and it had swollen to be nice and stiff before he woke up – he said that he hoped I was going to finish what I started and I assured him that I would once I got back from the bathroom. I tried to get up but he grabbed me and told me that he wanted to cum before he would let me go and after protesting for a little while, I decided it would be easier to give in and I went to work. I licked sucked and rubbed for all I was worth and made him cum pretty quickly. I took his cum in my mouth, then sat up and let it run out over my breasts (where I massaged it in). I then quickly went to the bathroom before I burst and on returning I told Mike that it was now my turn.

I think he expected me to want him to eat me, but I straddled him, rubbed myself against his cock and then pushed it into me. He said that he wasn’t sure he could cum again so quickly and I told him that was fine, but he had to stay hard until I came. He tried to help by rubbing my clit but I said that I wanted to do everything myself and his job was to just lie there and let me use him for my pleasure. Even when he started to push back in time with my bouncing, I told him to stop and lie still and I quite enjoyed moving, gyrating, grinding and rubbing purely for my own pleasure. Mike said that it was a strange feeling to not be doing anything and even though he didn’t cum, he really enjoyed watching me get off. I came while grinding myself against him (good pressure on my clit) and I continued humping him for as long as I could afterwards and then lay down on him so we could kiss good morning.

Mike had an early train back (it was much cheaper), so we didn’t have too much time. Just before he left he said that he wanted to do things properly once more and we had another fairly quick session with me leaning against the back of the sofa. He came inside me this time and reached around to rub my clit (I actually came first). I had thigh highs on again and had to stop a couple of times on the way to the station to wipe his cum off them (there was only a little bit so it wasn’t too noticeable). I tried using the toothbrush again that night and it made me cum, but was certainly better when Mike did it (he could see exactly where he was brushing with it) – but at least it meant I got some practice before using on Jen (next entry).

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jen's 21st - Part 2

Mike is on his way up now (he should be here anytime). it's freezing and foggy out so I think we'll be staying in tonight. Back to Jen's party...


A number of people (including Jen) got pretty drunk and we had a long kissing session on the sofa. Jen’s hands were running up my legs, under my skirt and over my ass and she kept saying that she wanted to suck my nipples. I told her a number of times that she could if she wanted and after about the fifth time, she pulled my top up and pulled my bra down. She spent what felt like a long time sucking on my nipples and licking my breasts and I once again wished that I had nips as sensitive as hers. She spent a little time rubbing my pussy while doing this, but her hand stayed outside my skirt, just pressing it against me. I was feeling quite turned on and was expecting her to try to make me cum when someone said that they thought people were having sex upstairs and told everyone to be quiet. A few people went out into the hall and I straightened myself up and followed. We crept upstairs and burst in to one of the bedrooms to find a couple fucking. They were mostly under the covers, so other than her breasts (and two very startled faces), we didn’t see much. After a bit of shouting and laughing, we left them to it. I went back downstairs but a few people stayed outside the door and cheered them on.

Jen and I returned to the sofa and made out for a while more – I pulled and tweaked her breasts through her dress and got her nips hard enough to be clearly visible. Everyone had returned from upstairs by this point and after a bit of whispering, we decided to sneak upstairs – Jen went first ‘to the toilet’ and I went up after a short while chatting in the kitchen. We met in Mel’s room and I told her that I wanted to give her another birthday orgasm and Jen agreed as long as we were quick. She quickly removed her panties and lay across the bed while I crouched on the floor between her legs and went to work. She was nice and wet (the breast play seemed to have worked at getting her turned on) and I licked her pussy clean and then concentrated on her clit while using a couple of fingers to fuck her. Jen was drunk enough that even though she hadn’t wanted anyone to know what we were up to, she didn’t manage to stay silent and mewed her way through the build up and her orgasm – not incredibly loud, but loud enough. I kept licking her (gently) until she had finished and then once more licked her clean. She put her panties back on and I wiped my face on Mel’s covers. We quietly opened the door to sneak back downstairs, but there were a number of people standing outside who let out a cheer as we emerged.

Jen went bright red almost instantly and I told everyone to leave her alone as it was her birthday and she should be allowed to have some fun too. Initially I didn’t realise how embarrassed she was, but I guess it’s no different than me not wanting my friends to know what I get up to – or see me naked (excluding Lis and Vicky of course). I saw a flash of her wicked grin (possibly evil grin would have been more appropriate at this point) and she said (loud enough for everyone there to hear) that it wasn’t fair that I hadn’t cum. I also didn’t realise what she was planning and I just simply said that I didn’t mind and it was her birthday, but as she pulled me back into the bedroom, I realised that she intended to use me as a distraction to cover her own embarrassment.

I was told to lie down on the bed and I assumed that I would be putting on another display. I wasn’t entirely opposed to this as having just eaten Jen, I was feeling pretty horny myself so I went along with her directions. Jen sat beside me and started to stroke my neck – I told her that was cheating, but arched my back and tilted my head back to give her better access. She continued to do this and then slipped a hand under my top and started to play with my breasts. I’d already been (partially) topless that night so I wasn’t too bothered as my top got pulled up and my breasts pulled free of my bra. I was just getting into it when Mel said that I should be blindfolded. I quickly looked over at her and saw her (somewhat expertly) folding a scarf and handing it to Jen. It was wrapped around my head and tied and I was told to lie back again. I could just about see out the bottom, but not well enough to see anything worthwhile. Jen started to rub my neck again and then my breasts were fondled. I realised straight away that someone else was touching me (not due to any special sense of Jen’s touch – just that there a hand on my neck and one on each of my breasts).

Jen told me to spread my legs and I dutifully did – I knew that there were a few people at the foot of the bed who would have a good view and I pulled my legs as far apart as I could. Someone else took over rubbing my neck and Jen gave them directions as to what to do – it took them a little while to get it right, but the excitement of being made to cum by an unknown person (okay, so I knew that I probably knew them, but I didn’t know who it was) helped things along. Someone else was still rubbing my breasts and playing with my nipples and I heard jen say that I should let myself cum. I felt the inside of my thighs being stroked and asked if it was Jen doing it (it was, so I relaxed a bit). She pulled my panties tight against my crotch and I automatically pushed back against them. Whoever was rubbing my neck wasn’t doing it quite right, but Jen was rubbing my panties by this point and that was making up for it. Just in case they hadn’t guessed, I said that I was getting close and I concentrated on all the places I was being touched and imagined that the bed was surrounded by everyone at the party watching me. I knew exactly what view they must have had with my legs spread, white socks and lacy panties (I’ve seen it in the mirror). Of course, this was my imagination, so I pictured all the guys with their cocks out getting ready to cum over me (despite a number of them being gay).

I was breathing heavily and knew I was past the point of no return (unless they stopped stroking me of course). I let myself moan a bit and Jen pressed harder against my panties. I imagined myself completely naked and all the guys cumming over me and knew I was on the brink of cumming. I told Jen how close I was and she pushed her hand into my panties and rubbed my pussy and clit directly. That was all it took and I came. It was a combination of the shallow rolling orgasm that neck stroking gives me and a stronger one from clit stimulation. I moaned a bit through my orgasm but gasped when I realised that Jen had pulled the crotch of my panties to the side so that she could rub me better. I was in the middle of cumming and it was too late to try to cover myself up anyway as a few people mentioned that I was completely shaved, so I didn’t react (other than the initial jump) and allowed them to finish making me cum.

When I finished cumming, Jen let my panties cover me again and I lay relaxing until she pulled my blindfold off. Mel was sitting up by my head so I guessed it was her who had been touching my neck, but I didn’t find out until later that it was one of the guys who had been playing with my breasts. I was still lying with my legs spread and my breasts out, but I didn’t try to cover myself up (there wasn’t much point). I said that I needed a drink and waited until Jen said I could get up. As I straightened myself up, I realised that my pussy had probably only been on display for 30 seconds or so (maybe a minute tops) while I had been cumming and I pictured who had been standing in a position to get a good look. I made a bit thing of pulling my panties up tight and straightening them, running a finger around each legband, before letting my skirt fall to cover myself.

I gave Jen a big kiss and we headed down so I could get my drink. I asked Jen why she had shown me off (in the past she has always told me that when around her friends, my pussy is for her and her alone). She said that she just got carried away and asked if I minded – I leant closer to her and told her that of course I didn’t, if she enjoyed it then it was a part of her birthday present, before giving her another kiss.

The rest of the night was a bit quieter – a couple of couples were making out, but other than a bit of breast sucking, we didn’t see anything else. By about 1, I told Jen that I wanted to get her home and fuck her senseless. I half expected that she would do something else (or make me do something else) while we were at the party (and I probably wouldn’t have complained too much if she had). She didn’t though and we eventually left at about 2 (when we could get a taxi). We asked Lucy if she was coming with us, but she said that she wanted to stay and would probably crash at Mel’s place – she later admitted that she did this so that we could have some privacy to finish the birthday celebrations. It was only a short taxi ride, but long enough for Jen to get her fingers into me.

When we got in, we knew that we had another opportunity to fuck anywhere in the house, but we were tired and still slightly drunk so decided to take the sensible (but naughty) option of using Lucy’s room once again. We dumped our coats and I slipped out of my skirt and then removed the rest of my clothes other than my socks and panties. I stripped Jen naked (but she insisted that we carefully hang her new dress over the banister) and after a quick bathroom break, we went straight up to Lucy’s room. We fell onto her bed and kissed, writhing against each other, trying to find the best way to rub ourselves together. My panties were quickly removed (while Jen likes the way they look, they get in the way when screwing) and I rubbed my pussy over Jen’s face. Having the place to ourselves, we didn’t have to hold back and could tell each other exactly what we wanted done in the dirtiest way we wanted. We made good use of this and after a quick dash to Jen’s room to fetch a dildo, we came with it shared between us, while frantically humping against it and each other.

While we were kissing, I asked Jen if she would wear some of Lucy panties for me ‘to make up for having exposed me to everyone’. She tickled me and said that she knew full well I didn’t mind people seeing me naked and I admitted that she was right, but at the same time, that I did quite like the fact that my pussy had only been for her (when we were at her place). She agreed to wear the panties anyway and so we got up to have a fish through Lucy’s underwear drawer. She has a number of Snoopy and Disney briefs (which is sort of what I expected from someone as cute as her) but also has a number of ‘sexy’ pairs. Jen tried on a couple of pairs of each type and I ate her through each of them until I could taste her. I made her cum while she was wearing the last pair and we decided that we should probably wash them (and then Jen would sneak them back into Lucy’s drawer in the week) as they were pretty sodden by the time we had finished.

I was a bit disappointed that we hadn’t found any ‘special toys’ in her underwear drawer, but having made it that far, we decided that we may as well go all the way and had a fish around in a couple of other drawers. We eventually found her vibe (who has only one vibe?) and Jen used it on me while I fucked her with our dildo. Of course, when I’d finished with it, it made its way into Jen’s cunt, but only briefly as we were quite tired. We took a chance and slept in Lucy’s bed (and even had our morning session there) before straightening up the place and returning to Jen’s room.

We had showered and dressed by the time Lucy returned. She looked slightly bedraggled and went straight to her room and then came back down to shower. She had only had a small breakfast, so Jen and I made another one for her to thank her for letting us have the house to ourselves (and for using her room – although we may have omitted telling her about this). We chatted while she was eating and Jen stood with her back to the counter (in the corner) while I leant back against her. Jen had her arms around me at first but then pushed them into my pockets. I had planned ahead for my flight and was wearing one of my ‘modified’ work skirts with the pocket linings removed and Jen’s hands made their way to my pussy. Lucy could see the front of my skirt moving and asked what Jen was doing (as if she didn’t know), so Jen told her about the modifications and how it allowed me to play with myself (or in this case, for Jen to play with me).

Jen started to lift my skirt and I reminded her that I didn’t have any panties on but Lucy said that she had already seen pussy the previous night. I was quite surprised by this as I hadn’t seen her there, but she apparently turned up sometime after I had been blindfolded and had stood by the door (directly in a line with the foot of the bed so she had the perfect view of Jen rubbing my pussy). I think I blushed at this point but I was interrupted by Jen flipping up the front of my skirt to show her hand going through the pocket and resting on my pussy. I pulled the skirt down and Jen reminded me that I was meant to do as I was told and unless Lucy wanted us to stop, she would make me cum as part of the morning entertainment. As you can guess, I had no problem cumming in front of Lucy, but still acted a bit shy and told her that if she wanted Jen to stop to tell her, but Lucy sat back in her chair and said that she was happy to watch.

I half expected Jen to lift my skirt again or even take it off, but all she did was put her hands through the pockets (or put the hand she’d used to hold up my skirt through the other pocket) and played with me. We adjusted our position a couple of times – she removed her hands so that I could lift mine up and rest them on the counter and she fed her arms under mine. This gave her a better reach and she managed to hold my lips open and rub my clit. Jen continued having a conversation with Lucy about what else had happened at the party after we had left – I joined in at first but once Jen got going properly, I just concentrated on what her fingers were doing to me. Lucy said that she had slept on the sofa and had heard Mel and Julia going at it in the bedroom as well as at least one other couple later on in the night. I wondered if Lucy had masturbated while listening to them (just because I know that I probably would have) and this led to me imagining her lying there with her fingers working away. I didn’t think I was going to last much longer and was having trouble keeping myself upright, but held on as my orgasm built.

Both Jen and Lucy could tell that I was getting close and Jen whispered to me, telling me to tell her what to do. I told her to keep touching me and she said to be more explicit. I knew exactly what she wanted, but at first I just asked her to keep rubbing my pussy. When she asked again, I gave in and told her to spread my cunt and finger my clit until I came. I was very close by this point and a couple of times I almost lifted the skirt myself to let Lucy see what was being done to me, but I managed to resist and eventually came. I almost fell down but just caught myself in time. I really let go and was quite vocal so that Lucy was in no doubt how good it felt. Jen kept rubbing until I was begging her to stop as I really couldn’t take any more and she finally relented, but kept her hands on my pussy. I told her I needed to sit down and as I slid down, my skirt was pulled up the whole way until Jen’s hands came free – I really didn’t care by this point though and it fell back over my pussy as I sat on the floor.

Lucy said that she was very impressed and Jen told her once more that she (Jen) had said that I would do anything she asked me to. I was beginning to come round now (practice means that I’m fairly good at recovering from even quite strong orgasms) and I told Jen that she was mean, but that I loved her anyway. At my request, we moved into the living room, so I could rest in a more comfortable place. Lucy told us that there was a plan was to meet up for lunch and asked how late my flight was. I told her that I would have time and after we had chatted a bit longer, we got ready and headed into town to meet up with people. Only a couple of other people turned up (the drinking had gone on for quite a while after we left and not everyone had recovered). It was a relatively subdued lunch, but Jen did slip her hand back into my pocket at one point and give my clit a rub for a couple of minutes. I think that only Lucy knew what was actually happening, but she didn’t do it for long enough to make me cum (just long enough to get me excited).

I headed off to the airport soon after we had finished. Jen came with me, but other than holding hands and a nice goodbye kiss, we didn’t get up to anything. I got frisked once again at security (for some reason, I keep forgetting to take off a belt or something that causes the detector to go off!). The woman felt pretty far up my thighs (still no pussy contact – which would have been something of a surprise for her as I still had no panties on). Once on the flight, I slipped a hand into my pocket and spent a fair while gently stroking around my pussy and rubbing my clit. I had someone next to me, so I couldn’t make myself cum and by the time we arrived, I was bursting for an orgasm. I still had to actually get home though so I made myself wait and called Mike while I was walking the final part of the journey. I related what had happened over the weekend to him and he played with himself while I described the happenings. As soon as I got in, I put him on speakerphone, ripped off my clothes (I didn’t actually rip them, but they came off pretty quick) and climbed into bed (the apartment was cold).

We masturbated together twice (the first time was pretty quick – the second one took longer) and I then got dressed and prepared for the following week (just boring stuff like cleaning and laundry). When I spoke to Jen later on, she explained that she had ‘gone that bit further’ with letting people see me cum (both at the party and with Lucy in the kitchen) to give people something else to talk about other than hearing her cum. I assured her that I didn’t mind, but next time I would prefer Lucy to be the one helping her make me cum (not that I don’t like Mel, but she’s not really my type and certainly nowhere near as cute as Lucy). Jen said she would see what she could do and said that she was going to go off and have a play with our new powerful vibe (lucky girl).

Monday, 17 January 2011

Jen's 21st - Part 1

Jen was up for the weekend (she left yesterday evening) and Lis is arriving tomorrow. I doubt very much that I’ll have anything too exciting to report about her visit (other than more details of what her and Vicky have been up to), but I have a few plans to try and spice things up. I have permission from Jen to seduce Lis on the condition that Jen gets to have a go with her at some point... Fantasies aside, back to the timeline and Jen's 21st birthday. I've split this into two entries which are slightly longer than usual (so pace your fapping!)


I knew that the party was going to be a difficult thing to follow – and having to head back for a week by myself was certainly something of a come down. I made the best i could of the time I had though and relived a lot of the events (many times over) in both my morning and evening masturbation sessions. I was glad though when it got round to the Friday so I could head down to see Jen and celebrate her birthday.

Originally, we had a private celebration planned (that would have involved me making her cum many times – my target was one orgasm for each year (but I think that would have broken her), but her friends wanted to have a big party and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Even without Jen’s 21 orgasm salute, I was still looking forward to seeing her and so rushed to the airport. I repeated my previous trick of changing out of my tights and into long socks at the airport before I went through security, but despite beeping when I went through the detector, I only got a cursory pat down. The flight was slightly better as I didn’t have anyone beside me so I had a slightly more involved touching session that during the previous flight – still nowhere near cumming, but enough to ensure I would be nice and wet for Jen. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed, which meant by the time we got to Jen’s place (she met me at the airport), it was a bit too late to bother going out and joining everyone. On the plus side, it meant that we had the house to ourselves and on the way upstairs, we decided that we should really tick another ‘room’ off the list of ones that we’d cum in.

Jen was in front of me, so it was only natural that she should get to cum first. We started with her leaning forwards and pushing her ass in the air. I licked around her pussy and then rubbed her clit. She turned around and sat down and I decided to stop playing and go to work properly. It wasn’t the most comfortable of positions, but with her legs raised, I had reasonably good access and licked and sucked away until she came. It was now my turn and I slipped out of my skirt and assumed a similar position. Jen ate me for a while then moved on to fingering me while rubbing my clit. She continued to do this until I came and we then moved upstairs to her room. We got undressed, but Jen wanted me to leave my socks on (she has as much a thing for long socks as I do – they were black instead of our favourite (white), but it was good enough).

I told her that I had a present for her (or us) from Mike and wanted to give it to her straight away. She guessed that it would be something related to sex and wasn’t surprised when I pulled out a large vibrator. This one was different than anything else we have; it is a mains powered thing that is quite large with a pad on the end that vibrates (powerfully). It isn’t used inside (I guess you could do if you were big enough!), but gives wonderfully powerful stimulation. I’d had it for a while and had resisted ‘testing’ it as it was Jen’s present – and while I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded a coating of my pussy juice on it, I wanted her to be the first to experience it. We’ve seen them used in various videos and have seen similar ones in some of the sex shops we’ve been in, but now it was time to find out if it was really as good as the reviews had said...

I told Jen to lie back and relax while I unpacked it and plugged it in. I tested it on my hand first and I was very impressed (having mains power means that the vibrations are much more powerful). I started it off on low power and gave her breasts a massage. Jen liked this so I focused a bit more on her nipples until they were nice and hard. I then set about exploring her body with it and massaged the inside of her thighs and got her to turn over so I could have a go at her ass. Of course, it was really designed to be used on her pussy and we decided that we had played around for long enough and it was time to see what it could do. Jen flipped over onto her back again and spread her legs. I started running it around her pussy and over her mons and she said that the vibrations really carried well. I gently ran it over her pussy and then applied a bit more pressure and pressed down on her clit. This certainly got a reaction from her and she let out a series of gasps. I asked her if it felt good and she said it felt really good. I kept it pressed on or near her clit and it took hardly any time for her to start to cum – she panted her way through her orgasm and then pushed it away as the feeling was too strong. Of course, I moved it back, but I didn’t press directly against her pussy and just massaged around it again, which she said still felt good as the vibrations were strong enough to carry to her clit.

While she recovered, I returned to using it on her breasts and she said that this left them feeling really tingly and sensitive (in a good way). I finished off by spending a few minutes having a suck on her nips and she then said it was my turn to experience our new toy. She pretty much repeated what I had done to her and I have to say, it was stronger than I had expected (I guess being powered by batteries limits how strong our other vibes are). As I got close, I wanted to feel it fully on my clit so I spread my lips and Jen gave me the full force of the head directly on my clit. This felt incredible, but just as she had done, I pushed it away mid orgasm as I couldn’t take it, so Jen rubbed it around my pussy while my orgasm finished. She then used it on an extended session on my breasts – it was enough to leave me with very hard nipples and knowing that we’d be doing something else that night.

We went downstairs to get a drink and Jen noticed that she had some missed calls – Lucy had been trying to get a hold of her to find out where we were. We tried saying that it was too late to join everyone, but were bullied in to going out and meeting up for a final drink. We obviously didn’t have time to get ready properly, so just quickly freshened up and threw on some clothes. We got a taxi into town so it didn’t take long to get there (I think we were lucky and got one that had just dropped people off). All of the gang were now back (it was almost the middle of term), so it was a good chance to catch up with the people who hadn’t been around during my last visit. Not a great deal happened while we were out and we ended up heading back to someone’s house. There were a couple of people who I hadn’t met before – one of them being a girl called Julia who was a first year (18 years old). She is quite small, but incredibly bouncy and full of energy and while she might look cute, you certainly couldn’t use the word innocent to describe her. She tends to go by the name Jules or Juju and started dating Mel just a few weeks after starting Uni. I think she is quite attractive, but she isn’t how I had imagined her (not the sort of girl I would have imagines Mel pairing up with).

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see everyone else, but I still wanted to do more with Jen and whispered to her that I didn’t want to stay too long so that we could get home and fuck. Jen kissed me and said that we wouldn’t stay for long then started gently stroking my arm. Her hand slowly moved up over my shoulder and ended up stroking my neck. She did this gently enough that I didn’t properly register what she was doing until I started to feel tingly (note for newer readers, I can cum from just having my neck stroked – if it is done properly and for long enough). I turned to her and whispered that I really wanted to do things with just the two of us and she promised me that we would do things back at home as well, but that I should enjoy what she was doing. Jen pointed out that Mel was pointing out to Jules what we were up to and Jen told me that Mel had told Jules about all of my earlier exploits (at least the ones that Mel knows about).

Jen’s other hand slipped under my top and cupped one of my breasts, then pushed the bra up and off so she could play with the nipple (which was still hidden under my top). I knew there was no point in arguing, but wasn’t yet quite far enough along to not feel a bit embarrassed. Jen started to nibble on my earlobe as well and my arousal quickly increased. She asked if I had panties on (I’ve learned that wearing panties is a good idea when we’re with her friends and had automatically put them on before we left) and I told her I did. She slowly slid her hand down from my breasts and pressed my skirt hard against my pussy – I instinctively spread my legs a little and she whispered ‘good girl’ in my ear. I felt her hand on my thigh and then on my panties and decided to give in fully and spread my legs. Jen’s fingers pressed harder against my panties and the material began to slip between my lips. I let out a moan and told her if she kept going that I would cum soon. I was now horny enough that I didn’t mind looking round at everyone watching me and Jen’s fingers started applying more pressure to my clit (still through my panties).

I heard a few calls for my panties to come off (one of them from Julia), but Jen just kept rubbing my clit and stroking my neck (the earlobe nibbling had stopped). I could feel my orgasm building and I kept asking her to rub faster but she didn’t speed up her fingers. It seemed to take a while to get there and I wanted to cum more and more, but eventually my release happened and I thrust my pussy up to meet her hand as I started to cum. Despite the build up, it wasn’t that strong an orgasm, but it still felt good and when it finished, Jen told me to keep my legs spread. I was still in the post orgasmic glow so I didn’t object to this and relaxed back against her with my skirt pulled up and legs spread fairly wide. As I calmed down, I began to feel a bit more exposed like this, but they’ve all seen it before (apart from the newcomers of course) so I wasn’t too bothered. After a little while, Jen said that we could go home and Lucy said she would come with us. Someone pointed out that we might want some privacy and I replied that if Lucy didn’t mind listening to us, then I didn’t care how much she heard – and we set off.

I hadn’t talked much to Lucy so far, so we had a quick catch up session on the way back to the house and I apologised to her if we ended up being too loud. She said it was fine and as soon as we got in, we (Jen and I) ran upstairs and stripped off. I told her that she owed me an orgasm for making me cum (strange logic, but I win both ways so I don’t mind) and we decided to just go with the traditional 69. It seemed to be a competition to make the other one cum first – I can usually win these, but didn’t want to hold back and we licked and fingered each other until we had both cum (Jen still came first, but not by much). I could have gone another round in terms of horniness, but tiredness won out and we decided to call it a night.

I woke first the following morning and went down on Jen to give her the first orgasm of the day. Once I had finished this, I fished our new toy out and gave her a massage with it – spending most of the time working on her breasts. After having done this for a while, I gently stroked her pussy as well. I wasn’t intending to make her cum, but after the extended breast play, it was clear that I wouldn’t have to do much to bring her off. I continued using the vibe on her breasts (maybe concentrating it a bit more on her nipples) and very gently traced my fingers up and down her lips and over her clit. She was quite wet and small beads of her juices were leaking out, but I didn’t push my fingers into her, just continued to gently rub up and down. Jen was mewing away and I took one of her nips in my mouth and sucked it and between the three sets of stimulation (my mouth, the vibe and my fingers), she came. I didn’t increase the pressure of my fingers, so it was only a fairly light and shallow orgasm, but it seemed to last for a fair amount of time and Jen certainly didn’t complain that it wasn’t strong enough. I continued to suck, stroke and vibrate her until she had completely finished (and because I wasn’t doing anything too intense, I could keep going the whole way through her orgasm).

I really wanted to cum, but as it was her birthday, I said that I would give her a chance to rest and go prepare her breakfast. I threw my gown on (still beltless) and headed down to the kitchen. I had called Lucy earlier in the week and asked her to pick up a few things for me, and I heated up some croissants, poured orange juice and perked some fresh coffee (Jen already had the coffee – no danger of her being short of that!). I prepared things for the three of us but couldn’t get everything onto the tray, so I first took up the food and juice. Jen was curled up under the covers and I went over and gave her a kiss before heading back down for the coffee. On the way upstairs, I met Lucy and my robe was wide open. I couldn’t do anything about it as I had the coffee and cups on a tray. I didn’t bother trying to hide my nakedness (she was going to see sometime anyway and I still hope that if she gets used to seeing us naked, that we’ll get to see her naked). I told her that breakfast was ready so she turned around and I followed her up into Jen’s room. When we walked in, Jen was no longer under the covers and was lying with her legs spread waiting for me – as soon as she saw Lucy (who went in first), Jen made a mad scramble for the covers and pulled them over herself. It was incredibly funny – she had obviously been expecting just me and either wanted to be serviced again or was going to make me cum, but she didn’t seem to embarrassed once she was covered up and saw that I was fairly exposed as well.

I did pull the gown shut once I sat down – both Lucy and I climbed up onto the bed and Jen sat up (with the covers pulled up over her breasts). We ate and chatted and I admired Lucy’s figure (and face). I couldn’t help but picture the various Paulina/Pavlina pictures and videos and I could feel myself getting restless (and wished that I had let Jen do things to me earlier). I made it to the end of breakfast though and waited until Lucy went to have a shower before I pounced on Jen. Originally, I had wanted Jen to use our new vibe on me, but the session was a bit too animalistic to worry about dragging out toys and after humping against each other for a little while, we ended up in the scissor position and I ground my pussy against Jen’s until I came. I finished her off by eating her (her pussy and thighs were covered in our juices) and with that job done, we headed off to shower.

I was given the short towel to ‘cover’ myself with and I managed to convince Jen to use one that was only slightly larger. We passed Lucy in the kitchen (she had finished, got dressed and was washing up the breakfast things). I hadn’t entirely given up on my plan of making Jen cum 21 times (although I knew I had to scale back the target number) and given she’d managed three before showering, I thought we may as well continue. Once we were clean, I used the shower jet on her clit while fingering her. I teased her like this for a little while and then got her to hold her lips open so I could aim the jet straight at her clit (and wiggle it around of course to give a better sensation). We could still hear Lucy in the kitchen and so Jen was trying to be fairly quiet but I kept encouraging her to make noise and I told her to let go and pee when she came. We hadn’t done this for a while and so I went all out and pumped two fingers in and out of her cunt, had the jet directly on her clit and when she came, she sprayed us both and certainly didn’t stay silent. I was quite pleased with my work as I don’t want Lucy to think that it’s just me who gets to cum – and after a quick shower to clean up, we headed out. It was a bit cold, so we didn’t stand around talking in the kitchen and went up to get dressed – Jen decided that as we weren’t going out just yet, I had to wear just a t-shirt, so I spent the rest of the morning around the house dressed like that.

I decided to take Jen out for lunch – somewhere fairly nice but not too posh (still short on money). We both went out with thigh highs and no panties, but didn’t get up to anything over lunch (other than enjoying the lunch). We arranged to meet up with a couple of people mid afternoon for coffee and I reminded Jen beforehand that I didn’t have panties on, so if she tried anything, they would see my pussy. We didn’t end up anywhere private enough for her to do anything anyway, so it wasn’t an issue. We went home via the shops to pick up the final things for the party that night (I had helped plan it, but Lucy had already done most of the work during the week) and then went to bed for a quick power nap in the late afternoon. Of course, our power nap involved me making Jen cum once again (I used the new vibe on her again, but used it ‘properly’ on her pussy). Once she had cum, we slept for a while and when we woke, we 69ed (so I could cum as well).

We had another quick shower before getting dressed for the evening. Jen wore a new dress that I had got for her – it was a very girly dress – light pink, reasonably low cut (but still perfectly decent) and the perfect length skirt. She had seen it a few months and mentioned how cute she thought it was so I had secretly bought it for her and saved it. I was given relative freedom to dress as I chose so went with one of my nicer pleated skirts, white lacy panties and long white socks (Jen likes this outfit). I would have preferred to go without panties, but as I’ve said before, I generally end up getting my crotch exposed while we’re around her friends. We were having the party around at Mel’s house (there were four of them living there and it has quite a larger living room and kitchen than Jen and Lucy’s place). Lucy and I took the final set of supplies over and helped finished decorate the house and I then headed home to fetch Jen.

Before we left, I wanted to have one final session with her (which I assumed would be the final chance I got to make her cum on her birthday as I knew we wouldn’t be home before midnight). I didn’t want to do anything to crease her dress or mess up her hair, so I got her to remove her panties, sit on the sofa, pull her legs up and let me play. I used a vibe in her pussy and another on her clit and got her to make as much noise as she wanted when she came. She was reasonably loud and I was quite pleased with my work. I wanted to use the vibe to fuck myself with (or have Jen fuck me), but she said that it would be better if I was feeling horny when we went to the party (I knew that this would probably involve me cumming at some point).

We walked over to Mel’s house arm in arm and arrived a bit after 9. There were a few more people there by this point and I knew that I would have to share Jen’s time throughout the evening. This wasn’t really a problem as I now know enough of her friends well enough to spend a while chatting. It also gave me a chance to get to know Julie a bit – and I found out a lot more than I had expected. She is quite a strong personality and she seemed to want to challenge me on how much sex I’d had. Now I think that (despite my late start), I am pretty experienced (due to being willing to try almost anything – and having two lovers helps of course!), but I don’t claim to know everything about sex or have done everything. Julia seems to identify herself by what she has done though – I know it might seem to you like I do the same, but I work off the assumption that people reading this blog are really only here for one reason.

I found out that she was only twelve when she first had sex – it was with one of her brother’s friends (and from what she said, he didn’t exactly have to encourage her to do it – it was more like her getting him to fuck her). She let a few of his friends fuck her over the next few years (as well as a couple of guys at school) and then discovered girls when she was 15. Since then, she has been with a number of different people (boys and girls) and seems to enjoy sex just as much as I do. After having found out all this about her, I understood a bit more why Mel liked her so much (and I realised that she was actually a lot cuter than I had first thought – despite her initial hostility. When she realised that I didn’t want to compete with her, she softened up a bit and on our third or fourth chat, we seemed to get on a bit better (which is probably just as well as Jen and Mel are such good friends).


Next time - more 'public' cumming.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

October Sex Party - Part 3 (final)

Jen is coming up tomorrow and Lis is arriving on Tuesday (I'm having a little time off work to show her around). There is even a chance that she might be able to get a position in the lab up here when she finishes writing up, which would be awesome! Back to the October party though where we finally get to fuck...


I sat on the arm of a sofa facing Mike and undid his jeans. I didn’t need to do anything to prepare him as he was already stiff (and had been for most of the night), but I gave him a quick suck anyway and then I turned around and leant over the sofa, presenting my ass to him. He lifted my skirt and slid straight in to me. I knew that we were being watched and there was a girl sitting on the sofa that my head was right beside – all I could think of saying to her was ‘hi’. Mike was sliding in and out of me and he reached around to fondle my breasts. He then unsnapped my bra and pushed it off my shoulders so my breasts were now free. He resumed fondling them while we fucked and I then said that I wanted to do things in a better position (my arms were getting a bit tired, but I really wanted to let everyone see my cunt being fucked).

I asked the girl on the sofa to move up and we assumed the position that the couple beside us earlier had been in (my lying on my back on the sofa with legs in the air and Mike fucking me). I spread my legs a bit more than she had and ended up holding them up over my breasts. Mike normally quite likes this position normally, so was really enjoying it now and he pounded into me. The girl beside us seemed impressed that he could last for as long as he did – he just kept fucking away as I felt my pleasure building. He used a bit of clit stimulation, but not a great deal (I was horny enough to not need too much) and even when I came, he kept fucking me. I saw that the girl was being fingered by someone, but I couldn’t see her pussy (Mike could) and I told him I wanted him to cum in me. He pushed even deeper in me and rubbed my clit much faster and said that I needed to cum again. I’d already cum three times, but was up for giving it a try to told him to make me cum. He fucked me harder than before, slamming himself into me and told me that everyone wanted to watch me cum again and then see his cum dripping out of my cunt. I really liked the sound of this and the fact that the girl beside me was clearly close to cumming was helping. I let myself moan away and told him I was getting close. The girls beside me came and I looked over at her and pictured my fingers buried in her (she was reasonably cute – especially when cumming).

This was enough for me and I said (a bit louder than I had intended) that I was cumming again. Mike pushed even harder into me and we came pretty close together – I moaned a lot more than I had before and Mike even let out a few grunts. He was panting by the time he stopped moving and he kept his cock buried in me for a little while before pulling out and getting me to suck him clean. He waited until he had gone soft before buttoning up his jeans while I stayed where I was, with my legs spread and feeling his cum slowly trickle out. The girl beside me asked if I often managed to cum twice and I told her that it occasionally happened, but that it was usual for Mike to be able to keep going (I’ve never dated a ‘young’ boy (18 or so), so I don’t have any experience of men who cum really quickly – but more on that in another post).

Mike returned with some kitchen towel to put under my ass (I didn’t want to leave cum stains) but I decided to stand up and let it run out of my pussy and drip down my socks. I kept my skirt raised while this happened so I could watch until most of it had run out of me (and the top of my socks were rather damp). All I had on by this point was my skirt and socks, but there were a number of people sitting around who were just as (or more) naked – both men and women – so I didn’t feel at all out of place.

There was a ‘whoop’ from upstairs and some of us went up to see what was happening. There were two girls on the bed just wearing bra and panties and making out in a pretty serious way. It was mostly guys standing around cheering them on, but there were a couple of girls as well who seemed as interested as I was. They got topless pretty quickly and sucked each others’ breasts but it took a while before they went any further. I found out from someone else watching that the girl on top was bi, but the other one was straight – the bi girl tried to get off with a straight girl at each of these parties with varying degrees of success. It didn’t seem to be going too badly as the straight girl’s panties were pulled off and thrown across the room – she covered her face, but didn’t do anything to stop the bi girl as she pushed her knees apart and went down on her. The straight girl was clearly enjoying what was being done to her, but didn’t remove her hands from her face. The bi girl slipped a hand between her own legs and rubbed away at her panties before pulling them aside and pushing her fingers into her cunt.

I was once again in heaven and when Mike undid my skirt, I let it slide down my legs without even thinking about it. He held me from behind and rubbed my cunt with one hand and stroked my neck with the other one. I wondered what would happen if I were to go over to the bed and sit over the ‘straight’ girl’s face – would she had eaten me or just stayed hiding behind her hands? Either she was easy to get aroused, or the bi girl was very good with her tongue because straight or not, she was moving around in a way that made it obvious how much she was feeling. The bi girl was still working away at her own pussy with her fingers but when the straight girl got close to cumming, she focussed her attention on her. Straight girl didn’t make much noise when she came, but she definitely came and when her face finally emerged from behind her hands, she was bright red, but smiling. She wouldn’t return the favour and go down on bi-girl, but did end up rubbing her to orgasm (not even proper fingering, just rubbing her pussy which I thought was a bit mean). Bi-girl didn’t seem to mind though and they kissed afterwards before straight girl pulled her clothes back on.

I knew that I wanted to do something else (more than just let Mike keep fingering and rubbing me) and decided to show off the fact that I was now naked (apart from the thigh-high black socks, which I think looked quite hot). We headed back downstairs (Mike carried my skirt and threw it with the rest of my clothes). We went to get another drink (water this time) and I leant back against the counter with one foot against the cupboard door (so I could push my pussy forwards). Someone said that it looked nice having it fully shaved and I thanked him and gently stroked it, then pushed a finger a little between the lips and stroked back and forth. He asked if I wanted to have sex and I told him that I wasn’t going to fuck anyone else that night (we weren’t actually planning on fucking anyone else at all, but that’s the way it came out). I told him he could see me cum if he wanted and I parted my pussy while I continued to rub it.

He thought this was a good idea and we returned to the living room to find somewhere. I got a place on the sofa (where we had first done things that night) and I hooked a leg over the arm and pulled the other one up out of the way. Our original contacts were nearby and said that we seemed to be really getting into the spirit and then asked how many times I’d cum. I told them four and that the fifth was just about to happen and they seemed quite impressed (I’ve yet to tell them about my record – but that did take a whole day and not just a few hours). There were a few people watching me (again there was only one other couple doing things) and the guy I was showing was watching closely. He asked if I minded if he jerked off and I said I didn’t (just as well as he already had his cock out). I used one of my favourite positions to masturbate, where I reach around under my ass to push my fingers into my pussy and use the other hand from above to rub my clit. Not only does this feel really good, but it is an excellent way to let people see what is happening.

I liked the fact that what I was doing was turning him on so much that he had to wank and he called a girl over (presumably the one he came with – although I guess that may well have not been the case given the threesome upstairs earlier. I watched her kneel and suck him off while I continued to play with myself. He was still closely watching me and I tried to put on a good show – I think I did a good job as after just a couple of minutes, he pulled out of her mouth and came over her face and top. I almost wish I’d told him to cum over my breasts, but I really didn’t want to risk getting any of his cum in/on my cunt. I still hadn’t cum so increased the speed I was fingering myself and went for it. The girl took her top off and wiped her face clean with it – she had very small breasts (the way I like them) and I wished that she had been topless and got them covered with cum. As had been the case for most of the evening, I was sufficiently turned on that it didn’t take as long as usual and I had my fifth orgasm of the night – it wasn’t very long or deep, but quite sharp at one point so I let out a little cry. My admirer told me that I had looked really hot and I relaxed on the sofa while I recovered.

At least I intended to relax, but Mike had also quite liked my little display and came over to kneel between my legs. He started off relatively gently, just licking up and down my pussy but soon moved on to pushing his tongue into me. At one point he lifted my ass up a bit and spent a while licking around my ass and speared me a couple of times before returning to my pussy and focussing more on my clit. I knew that I was going to cum again and was amazed that I was ready so quickly, but soon stopped worrying about this and just went with the flow. This orgasm was quite a bit stronger than the last one (probably due to him alternating between licking around and in my pussy and my clit and the fact that he had his thumb pumping in my ass. I was a lot more vocal during this orgasm, but there were some other people elsewhere making even more noise. They were just noisy though while I told him to eat my cunt and then kept saying ‘oh fuck’. I think I moaned quite a bit when I came and I felt quite exhausted by the end of my orgasm.

As soon as he stopped licking me, Mike pulled his jeans down and tried to push into me – I had to tell him that I needed a few minutes to recover. He moved in me a few times before pulling out and I asked him to go fetch me a drink. Our contacts were still standing beside me (they had also watched me cum) and she had his cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it. I again considered having someone cum on me (other than Mike who can do that anytime), but was still a bit too nervous to start involving other people. I still hadn’t seen her pussy so I asked and she lifted her skirt and I saw that she was shaved bald as well. He inner lips were somewhat bigger than mine and I wondered what it would be like to suck them into my mouth. As I’ve already said though, we had agreed in advance that we wouldn’t be doing things with other people, so all I did was imagine what it might be like.

Mike returned and I felt a bit more refreshed after my drink (beer). We headed back upstairs as there wasn’t much happening downstairs (the noisy couple had finished up). We caught the tail end of some good action in the first bedroom (that I wish I’d seen more of). There was a guy lying on the bed with a girl on top of him riding his cock and another guy on top of her with his cock buried in her ass. This was the sort of thing I had really hoped to see and I worked my way closer to get a good view. There was another couple half on the bed – the girl was leaning on it and she was being fucked doggy style. The threesome was fairly close to finishing but I still got a couple of minutes viewing pleasure. By the time both guys had cum I had started to finger myself without even realising it. I had half hoped for them to both spray her with cum, but they were being sensible and both hand condoms on. The girl still hadn’t cum so the guy who had been fucking her pussy fingered her while they kissed until she came.

I felt that I was ready to let Mike have more fun by this point and told him he could fuck me now if he wanted (he did). I leant on the bed (on the opposite side to the other couple who were still going) and Mike pushed into me from behind. It was only when he started that I realised how turned on he was as it was a pretty energetic fuck (and this for his third cum of the night). He spread my ass cheeks and pumped in and out of my cunt. I felt quite sensitive, but was prepared to try to cum again and so reached down to my clit and started to rub myself. I also contracted myself around him (which he loves) and he told me how tight my little cunt felt. Another couple ended up joining us after a few minutes – she leant against the bottom of the bed. I noticed that I had the largest breasts out of the three of us and was the only one completely naked (not counting the girl on the bed who had been double fucked earlier).

Now it seemed more like the videos I’d seen online with multiple people fucking close to each other and others watching. The couple who had started before us finished up first and I had half expected Mike to outlast the new people, but he said he was getting close and reached around to take over rubbing my clit. Of course, I can do this perfectly well by myself, but if someone else wants to make me cum (well, Mike or Jen) then I’m not going to complain. He slowed his movements inside me and rubbed until I said I was almost there and then started fucking me again. I came first but not by much and he came in me for the second time that night. I hadn’t expected him to cum too much, but when he pulled out, I felt it drip down my legs again. We stayed and watched the third couple finish before we went back downstairs. Things seemed to be winding down and we were feeling rather tired, but didn’t want to leave before other people did.

We sat, rested and chatted to some people – it turns out that we ‘passed’ the initial test and could be invited back in future as long as long as we passed the final test (but they wouldn’t tell us what that was yet). I get the feeling that everyone passes the initial test just by turning up and doing things, but I’d like to think that our efforts had been recognised (seven orgasms for me and three for Mike, fucking fingering and eating on our first visit must count for something).

Other than a bit of gentle touching, we didn’t do anything more and once a number of others had left we decided to call it a night and get home to get some much needed sleep. I then found out what the final test was – I had to go home without my clothes (obviously I was allowed my coat as a) it was cold out and b) I wasn’t meant to get arrested. Apparently this was considered fairly risky but I guess they don’t know that I enjoy things like that (they do now) as I said that was fine and Mike would pick up my clothes another time. I put my coat on and we walked out the door before I’d even done it up (although I quickly did it up once we were outside as it *was* pretty chilly). We had a brisk walk home and dived into bed to warm up as soon as we got back.

Surprisingly, I felt Mike’s cock harden as we lay there and we ended up having a final session for the night (it wasn’t anything too energetic, but was a nice way to finish off what had been a wonderful evening that I’m going to remember forever). We had a very long lie in the following morning, but still managed our morning session (just – as in we did it while it was still just morning). I had hoped to meet up with some people for brunch, but we decided to skip this and lounged around until it was time for me to get the train back up here. I didn’t even bother playing with myself on the train (but did have my usual nightly masturbation session before going to sleep while telling Jen about the party).


We’ve been to another party since then at the end of last year and there is another one coming up at the end of the month. I’m thinking of trying a couple of new things this time as there is some stuff that I would like to experience before we get married. Everything will be posted in due course so keep reading and you’ll find out how things go (or went, by the time I write about it).