Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fun with toothbrushes

This is a relatively tame entry compared to those from the previous couple of weekends – but (unfortunately) I don’t get invited to wild sex parties every week. Mike’s just left for York (but at least he got to come up a day early – we needed to do some more wedding planning) and despite the cold, we had a nice weekend. He got to see some of the things Jen and I do in the sex shops up here, but I’ll write about that in due course.


It was Mike’s turn to come up and visit me and he arrived late on Friday evening. I was out for Friday drinks with some of the people from work and he came along to the pub we were in (I had offered to meet him at the station). A lot of my work friends hadn’t met him before this point, so there was the usual introductions and questions about what he does and how we met. Although it has got round the lab that we are engaged, but that I also have a girlfriend, Hannah is the only person who has actually met Jen and she was fairly blunt in asking Mike how he felt about me being with Jen. Of course, he said that he was fine with it as long as I was happy and that he got on well with Jen and liked her (he didn’t explain quite how much he likes her). We didn’t stay out too late and made it home by about 10. As you would expect, as soon as we were indoors, we greeted each other properly – we stripped in the hallway and I led Mike into the bedroom by his cock (occasionally stopping to have a little rub).

I lay on the bed and Mike lay on top of me – he rubbed the length of his cock up and down my pussy, the shaft slipping between the lips and putting some pressure on my clit. I told him not to tease me and he pulled back, positioned his cock and pushed right into my cunt. I had been looking forward to this all day and let out a long satisfied moan. Mike said that he had been missing my cunt so I told him to spend as long as he wanted getting reacquainted with it. He thought this sounded like an excellent plan and we had a fairly long session – mostly just staying in the missionary position, kissing, fucking and talking. We went for over an hour without cumming until we decided that we probably needed some food and should finish up. I wrapped my legs around Mike and told him to fuck me as hard as he could. We relived some of the sex party while we fucked and planned what we wanted to do and see at the next one. I managed to cum without him doing anything to my clit and when I had finished, he came in me.

After a brief break, we ordered some food and when it came, I collected it wearing just my light gown, loosely tied around my waist. Mike’s cum was leaking out of my pussy and even though it was cold out, it felt nice having the door open, standing there only just covered up. We ate the food quickly and then lounged around for a while to let it settle before returning to bed for a second session (just spooning this time, but it meant that Mike could easily rub my clit). This time we were much quicker (but I still came first) and after a bit more kissing, we spooned again and drifted off to sleep like that (Mike went soft and slipped out of me before I fell asleep, but we stayed in the spoon position).

I woke first in the morning and needed to pee – I had intended to go to the bathroom and then wake Mike up by either giving him a blow job, or trying to get him hard and mounting him while he was sleeping. Unfortunately, he woke up while I was leaving the room and said that he needed to pee as well. We both went to the bathroom and decided that if we were there, we may as well brush our teeth so we could kiss and do things properly. After having done his teeth, Mike pressed his toothbrush against my pussy (it’s an electric one) and moved it so the back of the head was vibrating against my clit. This feels really nice and was helped by him rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. I leant against the sink and watched my reflection as I came. Mike sucked the toothbrush clean and then we returned to the bedroom to take care of him.

I decided to return to my original plan (with the alteration of him being already awake) and got him to lie on his back so that I could ride him. For a bit of added excitement, I dragged a mirror over to the foot of the bed and I mounted him in reverse so that I could watch myself sliding up and down on his cock. Mike likes this position as well because if I lean forwards slightly, he gets a good view of his cock being swallowed by my cunt. It is also a good position for him to finger my ass and it wasn’t long before I felt his thumb pressing against my asshole and then pushing into me slightly (not very deep, but enough that it added to the stimulation). I did most of the work (including rubbing my clit), but it was worth it to be able to watch us fucking. I wanted Mike to cum first and as he got closer, he started to push back against me harder and I stopped my clit rubbing until he had cum. I was quite close and he stayed in me (and even moved a little) while I finished myself off and watched my second orgasm of the day.

Mike stayed hard for quite a while after I dismounted him and was still hard when we sat down for breakfast. This may have been partially my fault as I kept accidentally brushing against him and stroking his cock. By the time we had finished breakfast, he said that he needed to cum again so I bent over the table and presented my ass to him. I had been expecting him to slide into my pussy, but he pressed up against my ass and said that it had been a while since he’d fucked it. I told him that as long as he paid some attention to my clit as well, he could use whichever hole he wanted and he promptly (but still slowly) pressed harder against my ass and worked his way in. We were in full view of a window (but this one isn’t overlooked as much as the bedroom and living room ones) and I gently pushed back against him until he was mostly inside me. He started to fuck my ass and I wished that I’d got a vibe before we started, but it was too late for that now. I asked him to rub me and he reached around and played with my clit – sometimes pushing a finger into my pussy and sometimes moving his hand up to play with my breasts. I squeezed myself around him (which apparently makes me feel really tight) and the fucking became a bit faster. He suggested that we should demonstrate this at the next sex party and returned to rubbing my clit. Mike described the view he had and I pictured it in my mind. He said he was getting close and I told him I was too – we actually came very close together and Mike said it was so intense that he couldn’t move for a while (he had to wait until his cock went a bit soft before he pulled out).

Once we were separated, we showered and then tidied up the apartment. We didn’t have any real plans for the weekend and just went out for a wander, finally ending up in town. We had a look round for some of the things we still needed to sort out and decide on for the wedding and went for a light lunch (I’m still dieting in preparation). I called a couple of people from work and arranged for us to meet up with them that evening (they had been promising to show us some of their favourite places) and after a bit more wandering, we went home and relaxed for a bit. Once home, Mike said that he wanted to try something – and I’m usually up for giving anything a try once (maybe twice, just to make sure) so agreed. He had bought a few toiletries while we were out and I hadn’t paid too much attention, but one of the things was an extra soft head for the electric toothbrush. While I like using the back of the head on my clit (so I feel the vibrations), I’ve never understood how people manage to use the bristles (we’ve seen videos of girls masturbating on webcam like this). Having made me cum with the toothbrush earlier that day, Mike thought it would be worth investigating.

The bristles were indeed very soft (the head is designed for people with sensitive gums) and I sat on the sofa and spread my legs. Mike started off using the back of the head (as usual) and then got me to spread my pussy and hold back the skin from around my clit. I was a little nervous and told him to be gentle (but I wasn’t too worried as I know he doesn’t want to hurt me). He turned the brush around and slowly pressed it on my clit – the feeling was very strong (much stronger than I had expected) and when he only pressed lightly, the bristles didn’t hurt at all. With a bit of experimentation, he found how hard he could press and how to move it around and I relaxed back into the sofa to enjoy our new found toy. It was a very pleasant feeling and I found that I enjoyed it more if I didn’t keep my clit fully exposed (so only some of the bristles rubbed directly on it). Mike tried using the brush all around my pussy – not actually ‘properly’ inside me, but around my outer and inner lips. The clit was (unsurprisingly) definitely the best area though and when he returned the head there, I told him to keep going and let him watch my cunt pulsing and contracting as I came. He said that it was a wonderful view and I intended to try it out on Jen so I could see what he was talking about.

He tried it on my nipples and it felt kind of nice, but that is something else I intended to try on Jen. I had the idea of using it on him and so he undressed and we switched positions. He held his cock still and I tried rubbing different parts of his cock (or holding the brush against different parts). Unsurprisingly (again), he said it felt best when I used it on the glans. I tried also rubbing the shaft of his cock with my other hand but he said that while that felt good, he wanted to try and cum with just the toothbrush. With a bit more experimentation, I found the most sensitive part (it’s not as if I don’t know my way round Mike’s cock pretty well by now) and I could tell from his expressions, that he was getting close. I watched closely as he got closer to cumming and I could see his cock almost pulsing and then watched as his cum shot straight up and splattered over both of us (the first shot landed mostly on him but he pushed his cock forwards slightly so the latter ones landed on my face and hair). Fairly soon after he came he said it was too intense and I had to pull the brush away, but he thought that he would be able to tolerate a bit of licking, so I took the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked him clean.

I wanted to be able to use the brush again so we rinsed it out and I put the soft heads to one side (well, in the sex-toy drawer) and I had a shower to wash my hair (I don’t think turning up at the pub with cum through my hair would be that wonderful an idea). We had dinner and watched some TV before getting ready to go meet people. Mike suggested that I wear one of the egg vibes and I decided to go one better and wear two of them – one in my pussy and one inside a pair of my tight panties so it was held against my pussy (the idea being that it is held against my clit, but it rarely stays in the right place – but feels good anyway). Mike took the controls (one in each pocket) and played around with them while we walked to the bar. I was nice and horny even before we arrived and Mike made the situation even worse as the night went on. I may have not helped matters by readjusting the egg in my panties to apply more pressure to my clit every time I went to the bathroom, but I was just being helpful. At one point, I sat in a way where the egg was slightly caught between my thighs and it applied even more pressure to my clit – for a while I actually thought that I was going to cum and I probably could have if I hadn’t been greedy and squirmed around to try to get more pressure (the egg moved in the wrong direction and I was left hanging).

I had to pretend that I was just tired or coming down with something as people noticed that I wasn’t as talkative as usual, but I didn’t get anywhere near as close to cumming again (I tried). Some people went on to a club but we decided to head home and on the way stopped off in an alley. It was quite easy for Mike to make me cum as all we had to do was kiss and he pushed the egg onto my clit. I was a bit louder than I had intended to be and I think some people passing by may have heard, but his hand wasn’t even under my skirt so they didn’t see anything.

We hurried home after this so that I could take care of Mike and we fucked with me standing in front of the window naked (with the lights off). We could see people walking past clearly, but (presumably) they couldn’t see us – or at least not well. Mike pounded his cock into my cunt and I used one of the eggs on my clit (for part of the time – I didn’t want to cum too quickly). Because I was fully in charge of my clit stimulation and Mike kept me informed of how close he was getting, it was very easy for us to cum at the same time and I could feel Mike pushing as deep into me as he could while came while my cunt was spasming around his cock. The downside being that with only one hand holding me up, I hit my head on the window, but it wasn’t too hard and I didn’t intend to stop what we were doing until we had finished.

We didn’t do anything else that night – just went to bed and talked about things. Neither of us were enjoying the living apart and we were considering what our options were – including one of us giving up their job so that we could be together. As nice as this would have been, we knew that it wasn’t really practical and agreed that we just had to keep going until Mike found a job up here. We fell asleep spooning – not really in a sexual way, more for the comfort of being that closely joined. Mike kept himself hard until I was asleep (he later said that he did this by thinking of combinations of me, Jen, Sue and our friends), but he didn’t move in me very much despite what he was thinking about. Apparently it did affect his dreams though as I was woken up in the middle of the night (I don’t know what time it was, but it was still dark) for a quickie and we then went straight back to sleep.

I woke first again the following morning (or later that morning) and despite needing to pee, I decided that I would wake Mike the way I had intended on the Saturday and crawled under the covers. I had his cock in my mouth and it had swollen to be nice and stiff before he woke up – he said that he hoped I was going to finish what I started and I assured him that I would once I got back from the bathroom. I tried to get up but he grabbed me and told me that he wanted to cum before he would let me go and after protesting for a little while, I decided it would be easier to give in and I went to work. I licked sucked and rubbed for all I was worth and made him cum pretty quickly. I took his cum in my mouth, then sat up and let it run out over my breasts (where I massaged it in). I then quickly went to the bathroom before I burst and on returning I told Mike that it was now my turn.

I think he expected me to want him to eat me, but I straddled him, rubbed myself against his cock and then pushed it into me. He said that he wasn’t sure he could cum again so quickly and I told him that was fine, but he had to stay hard until I came. He tried to help by rubbing my clit but I said that I wanted to do everything myself and his job was to just lie there and let me use him for my pleasure. Even when he started to push back in time with my bouncing, I told him to stop and lie still and I quite enjoyed moving, gyrating, grinding and rubbing purely for my own pleasure. Mike said that it was a strange feeling to not be doing anything and even though he didn’t cum, he really enjoyed watching me get off. I came while grinding myself against him (good pressure on my clit) and I continued humping him for as long as I could afterwards and then lay down on him so we could kiss good morning.

Mike had an early train back (it was much cheaper), so we didn’t have too much time. Just before he left he said that he wanted to do things properly once more and we had another fairly quick session with me leaning against the back of the sofa. He came inside me this time and reached around to rub my clit (I actually came first). I had thigh highs on again and had to stop a couple of times on the way to the station to wipe his cum off them (there was only a little bit so it wasn’t too noticeable). I tried using the toothbrush again that night and it made me cum, but was certainly better when Mike did it (he could see exactly where he was brushing with it) – but at least it meant I got some practice before using on Jen (next entry).

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