Monday, 17 January 2011

Jen's 21st - Part 1

Jen was up for the weekend (she left yesterday evening) and Lis is arriving tomorrow. I doubt very much that I’ll have anything too exciting to report about her visit (other than more details of what her and Vicky have been up to), but I have a few plans to try and spice things up. I have permission from Jen to seduce Lis on the condition that Jen gets to have a go with her at some point... Fantasies aside, back to the timeline and Jen's 21st birthday. I've split this into two entries which are slightly longer than usual (so pace your fapping!)


I knew that the party was going to be a difficult thing to follow – and having to head back for a week by myself was certainly something of a come down. I made the best i could of the time I had though and relived a lot of the events (many times over) in both my morning and evening masturbation sessions. I was glad though when it got round to the Friday so I could head down to see Jen and celebrate her birthday.

Originally, we had a private celebration planned (that would have involved me making her cum many times – my target was one orgasm for each year (but I think that would have broken her), but her friends wanted to have a big party and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Even without Jen’s 21 orgasm salute, I was still looking forward to seeing her and so rushed to the airport. I repeated my previous trick of changing out of my tights and into long socks at the airport before I went through security, but despite beeping when I went through the detector, I only got a cursory pat down. The flight was slightly better as I didn’t have anyone beside me so I had a slightly more involved touching session that during the previous flight – still nowhere near cumming, but enough to ensure I would be nice and wet for Jen. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed, which meant by the time we got to Jen’s place (she met me at the airport), it was a bit too late to bother going out and joining everyone. On the plus side, it meant that we had the house to ourselves and on the way upstairs, we decided that we should really tick another ‘room’ off the list of ones that we’d cum in.

Jen was in front of me, so it was only natural that she should get to cum first. We started with her leaning forwards and pushing her ass in the air. I licked around her pussy and then rubbed her clit. She turned around and sat down and I decided to stop playing and go to work properly. It wasn’t the most comfortable of positions, but with her legs raised, I had reasonably good access and licked and sucked away until she came. It was now my turn and I slipped out of my skirt and assumed a similar position. Jen ate me for a while then moved on to fingering me while rubbing my clit. She continued to do this until I came and we then moved upstairs to her room. We got undressed, but Jen wanted me to leave my socks on (she has as much a thing for long socks as I do – they were black instead of our favourite (white), but it was good enough).

I told her that I had a present for her (or us) from Mike and wanted to give it to her straight away. She guessed that it would be something related to sex and wasn’t surprised when I pulled out a large vibrator. This one was different than anything else we have; it is a mains powered thing that is quite large with a pad on the end that vibrates (powerfully). It isn’t used inside (I guess you could do if you were big enough!), but gives wonderfully powerful stimulation. I’d had it for a while and had resisted ‘testing’ it as it was Jen’s present – and while I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded a coating of my pussy juice on it, I wanted her to be the first to experience it. We’ve seen them used in various videos and have seen similar ones in some of the sex shops we’ve been in, but now it was time to find out if it was really as good as the reviews had said...

I told Jen to lie back and relax while I unpacked it and plugged it in. I tested it on my hand first and I was very impressed (having mains power means that the vibrations are much more powerful). I started it off on low power and gave her breasts a massage. Jen liked this so I focused a bit more on her nipples until they were nice and hard. I then set about exploring her body with it and massaged the inside of her thighs and got her to turn over so I could have a go at her ass. Of course, it was really designed to be used on her pussy and we decided that we had played around for long enough and it was time to see what it could do. Jen flipped over onto her back again and spread her legs. I started running it around her pussy and over her mons and she said that the vibrations really carried well. I gently ran it over her pussy and then applied a bit more pressure and pressed down on her clit. This certainly got a reaction from her and she let out a series of gasps. I asked her if it felt good and she said it felt really good. I kept it pressed on or near her clit and it took hardly any time for her to start to cum – she panted her way through her orgasm and then pushed it away as the feeling was too strong. Of course, I moved it back, but I didn’t press directly against her pussy and just massaged around it again, which she said still felt good as the vibrations were strong enough to carry to her clit.

While she recovered, I returned to using it on her breasts and she said that this left them feeling really tingly and sensitive (in a good way). I finished off by spending a few minutes having a suck on her nips and she then said it was my turn to experience our new toy. She pretty much repeated what I had done to her and I have to say, it was stronger than I had expected (I guess being powered by batteries limits how strong our other vibes are). As I got close, I wanted to feel it fully on my clit so I spread my lips and Jen gave me the full force of the head directly on my clit. This felt incredible, but just as she had done, I pushed it away mid orgasm as I couldn’t take it, so Jen rubbed it around my pussy while my orgasm finished. She then used it on an extended session on my breasts – it was enough to leave me with very hard nipples and knowing that we’d be doing something else that night.

We went downstairs to get a drink and Jen noticed that she had some missed calls – Lucy had been trying to get a hold of her to find out where we were. We tried saying that it was too late to join everyone, but were bullied in to going out and meeting up for a final drink. We obviously didn’t have time to get ready properly, so just quickly freshened up and threw on some clothes. We got a taxi into town so it didn’t take long to get there (I think we were lucky and got one that had just dropped people off). All of the gang were now back (it was almost the middle of term), so it was a good chance to catch up with the people who hadn’t been around during my last visit. Not a great deal happened while we were out and we ended up heading back to someone’s house. There were a couple of people who I hadn’t met before – one of them being a girl called Julia who was a first year (18 years old). She is quite small, but incredibly bouncy and full of energy and while she might look cute, you certainly couldn’t use the word innocent to describe her. She tends to go by the name Jules or Juju and started dating Mel just a few weeks after starting Uni. I think she is quite attractive, but she isn’t how I had imagined her (not the sort of girl I would have imagines Mel pairing up with).

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see everyone else, but I still wanted to do more with Jen and whispered to her that I didn’t want to stay too long so that we could get home and fuck. Jen kissed me and said that we wouldn’t stay for long then started gently stroking my arm. Her hand slowly moved up over my shoulder and ended up stroking my neck. She did this gently enough that I didn’t properly register what she was doing until I started to feel tingly (note for newer readers, I can cum from just having my neck stroked – if it is done properly and for long enough). I turned to her and whispered that I really wanted to do things with just the two of us and she promised me that we would do things back at home as well, but that I should enjoy what she was doing. Jen pointed out that Mel was pointing out to Jules what we were up to and Jen told me that Mel had told Jules about all of my earlier exploits (at least the ones that Mel knows about).

Jen’s other hand slipped under my top and cupped one of my breasts, then pushed the bra up and off so she could play with the nipple (which was still hidden under my top). I knew there was no point in arguing, but wasn’t yet quite far enough along to not feel a bit embarrassed. Jen started to nibble on my earlobe as well and my arousal quickly increased. She asked if I had panties on (I’ve learned that wearing panties is a good idea when we’re with her friends and had automatically put them on before we left) and I told her I did. She slowly slid her hand down from my breasts and pressed my skirt hard against my pussy – I instinctively spread my legs a little and she whispered ‘good girl’ in my ear. I felt her hand on my thigh and then on my panties and decided to give in fully and spread my legs. Jen’s fingers pressed harder against my panties and the material began to slip between my lips. I let out a moan and told her if she kept going that I would cum soon. I was now horny enough that I didn’t mind looking round at everyone watching me and Jen’s fingers started applying more pressure to my clit (still through my panties).

I heard a few calls for my panties to come off (one of them from Julia), but Jen just kept rubbing my clit and stroking my neck (the earlobe nibbling had stopped). I could feel my orgasm building and I kept asking her to rub faster but she didn’t speed up her fingers. It seemed to take a while to get there and I wanted to cum more and more, but eventually my release happened and I thrust my pussy up to meet her hand as I started to cum. Despite the build up, it wasn’t that strong an orgasm, but it still felt good and when it finished, Jen told me to keep my legs spread. I was still in the post orgasmic glow so I didn’t object to this and relaxed back against her with my skirt pulled up and legs spread fairly wide. As I calmed down, I began to feel a bit more exposed like this, but they’ve all seen it before (apart from the newcomers of course) so I wasn’t too bothered. After a little while, Jen said that we could go home and Lucy said she would come with us. Someone pointed out that we might want some privacy and I replied that if Lucy didn’t mind listening to us, then I didn’t care how much she heard – and we set off.

I hadn’t talked much to Lucy so far, so we had a quick catch up session on the way back to the house and I apologised to her if we ended up being too loud. She said it was fine and as soon as we got in, we (Jen and I) ran upstairs and stripped off. I told her that she owed me an orgasm for making me cum (strange logic, but I win both ways so I don’t mind) and we decided to just go with the traditional 69. It seemed to be a competition to make the other one cum first – I can usually win these, but didn’t want to hold back and we licked and fingered each other until we had both cum (Jen still came first, but not by much). I could have gone another round in terms of horniness, but tiredness won out and we decided to call it a night.

I woke first the following morning and went down on Jen to give her the first orgasm of the day. Once I had finished this, I fished our new toy out and gave her a massage with it – spending most of the time working on her breasts. After having done this for a while, I gently stroked her pussy as well. I wasn’t intending to make her cum, but after the extended breast play, it was clear that I wouldn’t have to do much to bring her off. I continued using the vibe on her breasts (maybe concentrating it a bit more on her nipples) and very gently traced my fingers up and down her lips and over her clit. She was quite wet and small beads of her juices were leaking out, but I didn’t push my fingers into her, just continued to gently rub up and down. Jen was mewing away and I took one of her nips in my mouth and sucked it and between the three sets of stimulation (my mouth, the vibe and my fingers), she came. I didn’t increase the pressure of my fingers, so it was only a fairly light and shallow orgasm, but it seemed to last for a fair amount of time and Jen certainly didn’t complain that it wasn’t strong enough. I continued to suck, stroke and vibrate her until she had completely finished (and because I wasn’t doing anything too intense, I could keep going the whole way through her orgasm).

I really wanted to cum, but as it was her birthday, I said that I would give her a chance to rest and go prepare her breakfast. I threw my gown on (still beltless) and headed down to the kitchen. I had called Lucy earlier in the week and asked her to pick up a few things for me, and I heated up some croissants, poured orange juice and perked some fresh coffee (Jen already had the coffee – no danger of her being short of that!). I prepared things for the three of us but couldn’t get everything onto the tray, so I first took up the food and juice. Jen was curled up under the covers and I went over and gave her a kiss before heading back down for the coffee. On the way upstairs, I met Lucy and my robe was wide open. I couldn’t do anything about it as I had the coffee and cups on a tray. I didn’t bother trying to hide my nakedness (she was going to see sometime anyway and I still hope that if she gets used to seeing us naked, that we’ll get to see her naked). I told her that breakfast was ready so she turned around and I followed her up into Jen’s room. When we walked in, Jen was no longer under the covers and was lying with her legs spread waiting for me – as soon as she saw Lucy (who went in first), Jen made a mad scramble for the covers and pulled them over herself. It was incredibly funny – she had obviously been expecting just me and either wanted to be serviced again or was going to make me cum, but she didn’t seem to embarrassed once she was covered up and saw that I was fairly exposed as well.

I did pull the gown shut once I sat down – both Lucy and I climbed up onto the bed and Jen sat up (with the covers pulled up over her breasts). We ate and chatted and I admired Lucy’s figure (and face). I couldn’t help but picture the various Paulina/Pavlina pictures and videos and I could feel myself getting restless (and wished that I had let Jen do things to me earlier). I made it to the end of breakfast though and waited until Lucy went to have a shower before I pounced on Jen. Originally, I had wanted Jen to use our new vibe on me, but the session was a bit too animalistic to worry about dragging out toys and after humping against each other for a little while, we ended up in the scissor position and I ground my pussy against Jen’s until I came. I finished her off by eating her (her pussy and thighs were covered in our juices) and with that job done, we headed off to shower.

I was given the short towel to ‘cover’ myself with and I managed to convince Jen to use one that was only slightly larger. We passed Lucy in the kitchen (she had finished, got dressed and was washing up the breakfast things). I hadn’t entirely given up on my plan of making Jen cum 21 times (although I knew I had to scale back the target number) and given she’d managed three before showering, I thought we may as well continue. Once we were clean, I used the shower jet on her clit while fingering her. I teased her like this for a little while and then got her to hold her lips open so I could aim the jet straight at her clit (and wiggle it around of course to give a better sensation). We could still hear Lucy in the kitchen and so Jen was trying to be fairly quiet but I kept encouraging her to make noise and I told her to let go and pee when she came. We hadn’t done this for a while and so I went all out and pumped two fingers in and out of her cunt, had the jet directly on her clit and when she came, she sprayed us both and certainly didn’t stay silent. I was quite pleased with my work as I don’t want Lucy to think that it’s just me who gets to cum – and after a quick shower to clean up, we headed out. It was a bit cold, so we didn’t stand around talking in the kitchen and went up to get dressed – Jen decided that as we weren’t going out just yet, I had to wear just a t-shirt, so I spent the rest of the morning around the house dressed like that.

I decided to take Jen out for lunch – somewhere fairly nice but not too posh (still short on money). We both went out with thigh highs and no panties, but didn’t get up to anything over lunch (other than enjoying the lunch). We arranged to meet up with a couple of people mid afternoon for coffee and I reminded Jen beforehand that I didn’t have panties on, so if she tried anything, they would see my pussy. We didn’t end up anywhere private enough for her to do anything anyway, so it wasn’t an issue. We went home via the shops to pick up the final things for the party that night (I had helped plan it, but Lucy had already done most of the work during the week) and then went to bed for a quick power nap in the late afternoon. Of course, our power nap involved me making Jen cum once again (I used the new vibe on her again, but used it ‘properly’ on her pussy). Once she had cum, we slept for a while and when we woke, we 69ed (so I could cum as well).

We had another quick shower before getting dressed for the evening. Jen wore a new dress that I had got for her – it was a very girly dress – light pink, reasonably low cut (but still perfectly decent) and the perfect length skirt. She had seen it a few months and mentioned how cute she thought it was so I had secretly bought it for her and saved it. I was given relative freedom to dress as I chose so went with one of my nicer pleated skirts, white lacy panties and long white socks (Jen likes this outfit). I would have preferred to go without panties, but as I’ve said before, I generally end up getting my crotch exposed while we’re around her friends. We were having the party around at Mel’s house (there were four of them living there and it has quite a larger living room and kitchen than Jen and Lucy’s place). Lucy and I took the final set of supplies over and helped finished decorate the house and I then headed home to fetch Jen.

Before we left, I wanted to have one final session with her (which I assumed would be the final chance I got to make her cum on her birthday as I knew we wouldn’t be home before midnight). I didn’t want to do anything to crease her dress or mess up her hair, so I got her to remove her panties, sit on the sofa, pull her legs up and let me play. I used a vibe in her pussy and another on her clit and got her to make as much noise as she wanted when she came. She was reasonably loud and I was quite pleased with my work. I wanted to use the vibe to fuck myself with (or have Jen fuck me), but she said that it would be better if I was feeling horny when we went to the party (I knew that this would probably involve me cumming at some point).

We walked over to Mel’s house arm in arm and arrived a bit after 9. There were a few more people there by this point and I knew that I would have to share Jen’s time throughout the evening. This wasn’t really a problem as I now know enough of her friends well enough to spend a while chatting. It also gave me a chance to get to know Julie a bit – and I found out a lot more than I had expected. She is quite a strong personality and she seemed to want to challenge me on how much sex I’d had. Now I think that (despite my late start), I am pretty experienced (due to being willing to try almost anything – and having two lovers helps of course!), but I don’t claim to know everything about sex or have done everything. Julia seems to identify herself by what she has done though – I know it might seem to you like I do the same, but I work off the assumption that people reading this blog are really only here for one reason.

I found out that she was only twelve when she first had sex – it was with one of her brother’s friends (and from what she said, he didn’t exactly have to encourage her to do it – it was more like her getting him to fuck her). She let a few of his friends fuck her over the next few years (as well as a couple of guys at school) and then discovered girls when she was 15. Since then, she has been with a number of different people (boys and girls) and seems to enjoy sex just as much as I do. After having found out all this about her, I understood a bit more why Mel liked her so much (and I realised that she was actually a lot cuter than I had first thought – despite her initial hostility. When she realised that I didn’t want to compete with her, she softened up a bit and on our third or fourth chat, we seemed to get on a bit better (which is probably just as well as Jen and Mel are such good friends).


Next time - more 'public' cumming.

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