Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jen's 21st - Part 2

Mike is on his way up now (he should be here anytime). it's freezing and foggy out so I think we'll be staying in tonight. Back to Jen's party...


A number of people (including Jen) got pretty drunk and we had a long kissing session on the sofa. Jen’s hands were running up my legs, under my skirt and over my ass and she kept saying that she wanted to suck my nipples. I told her a number of times that she could if she wanted and after about the fifth time, she pulled my top up and pulled my bra down. She spent what felt like a long time sucking on my nipples and licking my breasts and I once again wished that I had nips as sensitive as hers. She spent a little time rubbing my pussy while doing this, but her hand stayed outside my skirt, just pressing it against me. I was feeling quite turned on and was expecting her to try to make me cum when someone said that they thought people were having sex upstairs and told everyone to be quiet. A few people went out into the hall and I straightened myself up and followed. We crept upstairs and burst in to one of the bedrooms to find a couple fucking. They were mostly under the covers, so other than her breasts (and two very startled faces), we didn’t see much. After a bit of shouting and laughing, we left them to it. I went back downstairs but a few people stayed outside the door and cheered them on.

Jen and I returned to the sofa and made out for a while more – I pulled and tweaked her breasts through her dress and got her nips hard enough to be clearly visible. Everyone had returned from upstairs by this point and after a bit of whispering, we decided to sneak upstairs – Jen went first ‘to the toilet’ and I went up after a short while chatting in the kitchen. We met in Mel’s room and I told her that I wanted to give her another birthday orgasm and Jen agreed as long as we were quick. She quickly removed her panties and lay across the bed while I crouched on the floor between her legs and went to work. She was nice and wet (the breast play seemed to have worked at getting her turned on) and I licked her pussy clean and then concentrated on her clit while using a couple of fingers to fuck her. Jen was drunk enough that even though she hadn’t wanted anyone to know what we were up to, she didn’t manage to stay silent and mewed her way through the build up and her orgasm – not incredibly loud, but loud enough. I kept licking her (gently) until she had finished and then once more licked her clean. She put her panties back on and I wiped my face on Mel’s covers. We quietly opened the door to sneak back downstairs, but there were a number of people standing outside who let out a cheer as we emerged.

Jen went bright red almost instantly and I told everyone to leave her alone as it was her birthday and she should be allowed to have some fun too. Initially I didn’t realise how embarrassed she was, but I guess it’s no different than me not wanting my friends to know what I get up to – or see me naked (excluding Lis and Vicky of course). I saw a flash of her wicked grin (possibly evil grin would have been more appropriate at this point) and she said (loud enough for everyone there to hear) that it wasn’t fair that I hadn’t cum. I also didn’t realise what she was planning and I just simply said that I didn’t mind and it was her birthday, but as she pulled me back into the bedroom, I realised that she intended to use me as a distraction to cover her own embarrassment.

I was told to lie down on the bed and I assumed that I would be putting on another display. I wasn’t entirely opposed to this as having just eaten Jen, I was feeling pretty horny myself so I went along with her directions. Jen sat beside me and started to stroke my neck – I told her that was cheating, but arched my back and tilted my head back to give her better access. She continued to do this and then slipped a hand under my top and started to play with my breasts. I’d already been (partially) topless that night so I wasn’t too bothered as my top got pulled up and my breasts pulled free of my bra. I was just getting into it when Mel said that I should be blindfolded. I quickly looked over at her and saw her (somewhat expertly) folding a scarf and handing it to Jen. It was wrapped around my head and tied and I was told to lie back again. I could just about see out the bottom, but not well enough to see anything worthwhile. Jen started to rub my neck again and then my breasts were fondled. I realised straight away that someone else was touching me (not due to any special sense of Jen’s touch – just that there a hand on my neck and one on each of my breasts).

Jen told me to spread my legs and I dutifully did – I knew that there were a few people at the foot of the bed who would have a good view and I pulled my legs as far apart as I could. Someone else took over rubbing my neck and Jen gave them directions as to what to do – it took them a little while to get it right, but the excitement of being made to cum by an unknown person (okay, so I knew that I probably knew them, but I didn’t know who it was) helped things along. Someone else was still rubbing my breasts and playing with my nipples and I heard jen say that I should let myself cum. I felt the inside of my thighs being stroked and asked if it was Jen doing it (it was, so I relaxed a bit). She pulled my panties tight against my crotch and I automatically pushed back against them. Whoever was rubbing my neck wasn’t doing it quite right, but Jen was rubbing my panties by this point and that was making up for it. Just in case they hadn’t guessed, I said that I was getting close and I concentrated on all the places I was being touched and imagined that the bed was surrounded by everyone at the party watching me. I knew exactly what view they must have had with my legs spread, white socks and lacy panties (I’ve seen it in the mirror). Of course, this was my imagination, so I pictured all the guys with their cocks out getting ready to cum over me (despite a number of them being gay).

I was breathing heavily and knew I was past the point of no return (unless they stopped stroking me of course). I let myself moan a bit and Jen pressed harder against my panties. I imagined myself completely naked and all the guys cumming over me and knew I was on the brink of cumming. I told Jen how close I was and she pushed her hand into my panties and rubbed my pussy and clit directly. That was all it took and I came. It was a combination of the shallow rolling orgasm that neck stroking gives me and a stronger one from clit stimulation. I moaned a bit through my orgasm but gasped when I realised that Jen had pulled the crotch of my panties to the side so that she could rub me better. I was in the middle of cumming and it was too late to try to cover myself up anyway as a few people mentioned that I was completely shaved, so I didn’t react (other than the initial jump) and allowed them to finish making me cum.

When I finished cumming, Jen let my panties cover me again and I lay relaxing until she pulled my blindfold off. Mel was sitting up by my head so I guessed it was her who had been touching my neck, but I didn’t find out until later that it was one of the guys who had been playing with my breasts. I was still lying with my legs spread and my breasts out, but I didn’t try to cover myself up (there wasn’t much point). I said that I needed a drink and waited until Jen said I could get up. As I straightened myself up, I realised that my pussy had probably only been on display for 30 seconds or so (maybe a minute tops) while I had been cumming and I pictured who had been standing in a position to get a good look. I made a bit thing of pulling my panties up tight and straightening them, running a finger around each legband, before letting my skirt fall to cover myself.

I gave Jen a big kiss and we headed down so I could get my drink. I asked Jen why she had shown me off (in the past she has always told me that when around her friends, my pussy is for her and her alone). She said that she just got carried away and asked if I minded – I leant closer to her and told her that of course I didn’t, if she enjoyed it then it was a part of her birthday present, before giving her another kiss.

The rest of the night was a bit quieter – a couple of couples were making out, but other than a bit of breast sucking, we didn’t see anything else. By about 1, I told Jen that I wanted to get her home and fuck her senseless. I half expected that she would do something else (or make me do something else) while we were at the party (and I probably wouldn’t have complained too much if she had). She didn’t though and we eventually left at about 2 (when we could get a taxi). We asked Lucy if she was coming with us, but she said that she wanted to stay and would probably crash at Mel’s place – she later admitted that she did this so that we could have some privacy to finish the birthday celebrations. It was only a short taxi ride, but long enough for Jen to get her fingers into me.

When we got in, we knew that we had another opportunity to fuck anywhere in the house, but we were tired and still slightly drunk so decided to take the sensible (but naughty) option of using Lucy’s room once again. We dumped our coats and I slipped out of my skirt and then removed the rest of my clothes other than my socks and panties. I stripped Jen naked (but she insisted that we carefully hang her new dress over the banister) and after a quick bathroom break, we went straight up to Lucy’s room. We fell onto her bed and kissed, writhing against each other, trying to find the best way to rub ourselves together. My panties were quickly removed (while Jen likes the way they look, they get in the way when screwing) and I rubbed my pussy over Jen’s face. Having the place to ourselves, we didn’t have to hold back and could tell each other exactly what we wanted done in the dirtiest way we wanted. We made good use of this and after a quick dash to Jen’s room to fetch a dildo, we came with it shared between us, while frantically humping against it and each other.

While we were kissing, I asked Jen if she would wear some of Lucy panties for me ‘to make up for having exposed me to everyone’. She tickled me and said that she knew full well I didn’t mind people seeing me naked and I admitted that she was right, but at the same time, that I did quite like the fact that my pussy had only been for her (when we were at her place). She agreed to wear the panties anyway and so we got up to have a fish through Lucy’s underwear drawer. She has a number of Snoopy and Disney briefs (which is sort of what I expected from someone as cute as her) but also has a number of ‘sexy’ pairs. Jen tried on a couple of pairs of each type and I ate her through each of them until I could taste her. I made her cum while she was wearing the last pair and we decided that we should probably wash them (and then Jen would sneak them back into Lucy’s drawer in the week) as they were pretty sodden by the time we had finished.

I was a bit disappointed that we hadn’t found any ‘special toys’ in her underwear drawer, but having made it that far, we decided that we may as well go all the way and had a fish around in a couple of other drawers. We eventually found her vibe (who has only one vibe?) and Jen used it on me while I fucked her with our dildo. Of course, when I’d finished with it, it made its way into Jen’s cunt, but only briefly as we were quite tired. We took a chance and slept in Lucy’s bed (and even had our morning session there) before straightening up the place and returning to Jen’s room.

We had showered and dressed by the time Lucy returned. She looked slightly bedraggled and went straight to her room and then came back down to shower. She had only had a small breakfast, so Jen and I made another one for her to thank her for letting us have the house to ourselves (and for using her room – although we may have omitted telling her about this). We chatted while she was eating and Jen stood with her back to the counter (in the corner) while I leant back against her. Jen had her arms around me at first but then pushed them into my pockets. I had planned ahead for my flight and was wearing one of my ‘modified’ work skirts with the pocket linings removed and Jen’s hands made their way to my pussy. Lucy could see the front of my skirt moving and asked what Jen was doing (as if she didn’t know), so Jen told her about the modifications and how it allowed me to play with myself (or in this case, for Jen to play with me).

Jen started to lift my skirt and I reminded her that I didn’t have any panties on but Lucy said that she had already seen pussy the previous night. I was quite surprised by this as I hadn’t seen her there, but she apparently turned up sometime after I had been blindfolded and had stood by the door (directly in a line with the foot of the bed so she had the perfect view of Jen rubbing my pussy). I think I blushed at this point but I was interrupted by Jen flipping up the front of my skirt to show her hand going through the pocket and resting on my pussy. I pulled the skirt down and Jen reminded me that I was meant to do as I was told and unless Lucy wanted us to stop, she would make me cum as part of the morning entertainment. As you can guess, I had no problem cumming in front of Lucy, but still acted a bit shy and told her that if she wanted Jen to stop to tell her, but Lucy sat back in her chair and said that she was happy to watch.

I half expected Jen to lift my skirt again or even take it off, but all she did was put her hands through the pockets (or put the hand she’d used to hold up my skirt through the other pocket) and played with me. We adjusted our position a couple of times – she removed her hands so that I could lift mine up and rest them on the counter and she fed her arms under mine. This gave her a better reach and she managed to hold my lips open and rub my clit. Jen continued having a conversation with Lucy about what else had happened at the party after we had left – I joined in at first but once Jen got going properly, I just concentrated on what her fingers were doing to me. Lucy said that she had slept on the sofa and had heard Mel and Julia going at it in the bedroom as well as at least one other couple later on in the night. I wondered if Lucy had masturbated while listening to them (just because I know that I probably would have) and this led to me imagining her lying there with her fingers working away. I didn’t think I was going to last much longer and was having trouble keeping myself upright, but held on as my orgasm built.

Both Jen and Lucy could tell that I was getting close and Jen whispered to me, telling me to tell her what to do. I told her to keep touching me and she said to be more explicit. I knew exactly what she wanted, but at first I just asked her to keep rubbing my pussy. When she asked again, I gave in and told her to spread my cunt and finger my clit until I came. I was very close by this point and a couple of times I almost lifted the skirt myself to let Lucy see what was being done to me, but I managed to resist and eventually came. I almost fell down but just caught myself in time. I really let go and was quite vocal so that Lucy was in no doubt how good it felt. Jen kept rubbing until I was begging her to stop as I really couldn’t take any more and she finally relented, but kept her hands on my pussy. I told her I needed to sit down and as I slid down, my skirt was pulled up the whole way until Jen’s hands came free – I really didn’t care by this point though and it fell back over my pussy as I sat on the floor.

Lucy said that she was very impressed and Jen told her once more that she (Jen) had said that I would do anything she asked me to. I was beginning to come round now (practice means that I’m fairly good at recovering from even quite strong orgasms) and I told Jen that she was mean, but that I loved her anyway. At my request, we moved into the living room, so I could rest in a more comfortable place. Lucy told us that there was a plan was to meet up for lunch and asked how late my flight was. I told her that I would have time and after we had chatted a bit longer, we got ready and headed into town to meet up with people. Only a couple of other people turned up (the drinking had gone on for quite a while after we left and not everyone had recovered). It was a relatively subdued lunch, but Jen did slip her hand back into my pocket at one point and give my clit a rub for a couple of minutes. I think that only Lucy knew what was actually happening, but she didn’t do it for long enough to make me cum (just long enough to get me excited).

I headed off to the airport soon after we had finished. Jen came with me, but other than holding hands and a nice goodbye kiss, we didn’t get up to anything. I got frisked once again at security (for some reason, I keep forgetting to take off a belt or something that causes the detector to go off!). The woman felt pretty far up my thighs (still no pussy contact – which would have been something of a surprise for her as I still had no panties on). Once on the flight, I slipped a hand into my pocket and spent a fair while gently stroking around my pussy and rubbing my clit. I had someone next to me, so I couldn’t make myself cum and by the time we arrived, I was bursting for an orgasm. I still had to actually get home though so I made myself wait and called Mike while I was walking the final part of the journey. I related what had happened over the weekend to him and he played with himself while I described the happenings. As soon as I got in, I put him on speakerphone, ripped off my clothes (I didn’t actually rip them, but they came off pretty quick) and climbed into bed (the apartment was cold).

We masturbated together twice (the first time was pretty quick – the second one took longer) and I then got dressed and prepared for the following week (just boring stuff like cleaning and laundry). When I spoke to Jen later on, she explained that she had ‘gone that bit further’ with letting people see me cum (both at the party and with Lucy in the kitchen) to give people something else to talk about other than hearing her cum. I assured her that I didn’t mind, but next time I would prefer Lucy to be the one helping her make me cum (not that I don’t like Mel, but she’s not really my type and certainly nowhere near as cute as Lucy). Jen said she would see what she could do and said that she was going to go off and have a play with our new powerful vibe (lucky girl).


  1. Hi Andi.

    Once more you have given me a raging hard-on with your sexy writing.

    I read both of Jen's 21st together - very hot. It seems like Lucy could get involved at some time :)

    Cheers, John

  2. I'm glad I can help keep the end up :)

    I would love for Lucy to get involved - and she knows it. You'll have to wait and see if anything has happened yet though :)