Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jen's new place - Part 2

I'm heading back up North in a little while, so I hope you appreciate that I've spent some of my precious time with Mike and Jen to write this entry for you all!! It was much more fun writing with them around to help out (both in the writing and in 'other' ways). Jen has decided to stay in York and spend a couple of days with Mike (not in *that* way), before she heads back to Uni.


I woke up quite early the following morning – which was a bit annoying as I was quite tired and had been looking forwards to waking up late. I tried to get back to sleep for a little while and then gave in and decided that if I was going to be awake, I may as well make the most of it and wake Jen up too. I pulled the covers off her and started to lick and kiss her nipples until she woke up (it took a little while as I was being fairly gentle, but this meant that they were nice and hard by the time she joined the land of the living. She pushed my head against her breasts and told me not to stop, so I obliged and continued to lick and suck on them for quite a while until she was breathing quite heavily.

I suggested that we go brush our teeth before proceeding any further so that we could kiss and do things properly and Jen agreed. I wasn’t too surprised when she said that I had to go naked and I told her that I would if she did as well (of course, given we were at her place, I’m technically meant to do what she says, but she played along and we both went out naked). The bathroom is downstairs at the back of the kitchen (this is quite common in early-mid 20th century houses in England) and we crept past Lucy’s room, downstairs and through the kitchen. Once we were downstairs, we started talking about the fact that we would have to christen the house properly (cum in every room) and wondered how long it would take given I’ll only be there about once a month. We could have probably done the kitchen or living room before Jen woke up, but we wanted to have a proper session so we went straight to the bathroom and brushed our teeth and emptied our bladders before heading back to Jen’s room.

On the way up the stairs, Jen got me to stop and bend over so that she could give me a licking and we slowly climbed up the stairs with me on all fours and Jen’s tongue lashing my pussy. I crawled along the landing, stopping outside Lucy’s room and Jen continued to eat me. We then continued our slow trip back. If Lucy had come out of her room then, she would have been greeted with me fairly close to cumming and a good view of Jen’s ass and cunt in the air as she ate me. We made it back uninterrupted though (but it was getting quite difficult to remain silent as we approached Jen’s room as her tongue had been doing a good job on me). We pushed the door shut behind us, but not all the way and I turned on Jen and told her that it was my turn to pleasure her. She didn’t object to this and I used the fact that I was pretty horny to good effect and really went to town on her cunt and ass. It didn’t take long to get her as turned on as I was and we then rummaged for the short double dildo and quickly buried it between us.

Seeing as I had been the one to initiate things, I told Jen to lie back and let me do the work. We assumed the scissor position and I fucked her (us) with the dildo, our cunts slapping together as we swallowed it between us. I really love this position and told Jen that I wanted to cum. She reached down and rubbed my clit with one hand and her own with her other hand and I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long (not that I wanted to). I wasn’t trying to make a lot of noise, but I still liked the idea of Lucy hearing us, so I didn’t try to be quiet either. I told Jen to rub my clit faster and described how good the dildo felt in me. I kept her apprised of how close I was and then gave a running commentary of my orgasm (mostly ‘oh fuck I’m cumming’). Jen hadn’t cum by the time I had finished so I pulled myself off the dildo and used my tongue on her clit while using a hand to fuck her with the dildo (they are quite slippery when covered in pussy juice). She hadn’t been far behind me and it didn’t take long to get her mewing and panting, closely followed by cumming. While she recovered, I moved up and over her and tried to get the dildo into myself, but we need the long one for that position to work, so I just slowly rubbed myself against her leg.

We stayed like this and after a while, we heard Lucy coming out of her room. I whispered to Jen about whether she had heard us and if we should invite her in to join us for a session (if Jen can fantasies about my little sister then I don’t see any problem with me doing so about Lucy – and as you know, Jen’s done a fair bit more than just fantasise about Sue). As Lucy walked downstairs, I continued whispering to Jen how we could both eat her and make her cum continually until she couldn’t take any more and Jen ended up tickling me until I rolled off her. She called out ‘Morning Luce – we’ll be down to join you for breakfast’ and pulled her legs out from under me. Jen slipped on a long t-shirt and gave me her satin robe to wear. She omitted to give me the belt for it though as a reminder that she was in charge here.

We went down and exchanged pleasantries with Lucy and we apologised for waking her up. She said that given what she knew about us, she wasn’t too surprised and she didn’t seem to mind. She noticed that I was having to sue a hand to keep the robe closed and commented that Jen seemed to be up to her old tricks with making me do things. I apologised and told her that I hoped she didn’t mind and she said she had expected things like this given my performances during my visits the previous (academic) year. I was pleased to hear this and didn’t bother holding the robe while sat and I ate breakfast. It fell open slightly, but Lucy could only really see the skin between my breasts and some side boob – it wasn’t open enough to expose my nips. Lucy told us that she was heading out to meet up with a friend (who I think might be someone she is interested in) and asked us if we wanted to meet up later. We said that we might join them but wanted to catch up properly first (to which she commented that it sounded like we had already caught up the previous night as well as that morning).

Lucy went off to her room and came back down with a towel around her and disappeared into the bathroom (while it’s not really practical or modern, having the bathroom off the kitchen certainly has its advantages). We stayed in the kitchen while Lucy showered and Jen’s foot slid up my leg and rubbed against my pussy. By the time Lucy was done, I was sitting with my legs spread and Jen’s big toe pushing into my cunt – she removed it and I covered myself up before Lucy came back into the kitchen and I admired her legs as she headed down the hallway. Once she went upstairs, Jen said that we should quickly do something in the kitchen but I said that I wanted to wait for a bit until Lucy was out so that we could make her (Lucy’s) bedroom the first room we fucked in (Jen’s doesn’t really count as it is a given we’d do stuff in there). Jen grudgingly agreed, but said that I would have to pay a penalty for disobeying her and I said that was fine.

Shortly after, Lucy bounded down the stairs and we said that we’d send her a txt when we were ready to head out. Once she had left (and we’d waited a little while to ensure she hadn’t forgotten anything), we headed upstairs and snuck into her room (although the sneaking wasn’t really required). She hadn’t made her bed which meant that as long as we put it roughly back how it was, we didn’t need to worry about messing it up and we stripped off and dived in. Lucy has a fairly distinctive smell that is sort of sweet and spicy (and having just deleted about 10 attempts to describe it – let’s just say that it is very difficult to describe, but very pleasant). Between our surroundings and the teasing in the kitchen, I was quite turned on and Jen also seemed to be enjoying things (she claims that it was just the way I was doing things to her, but I know that she also thinks Lucy is quite hot). We had a very energetic session, eating, fingering and humping each other to two orgasms (each) then lay there recovering.

Having decided that we’d pushed our luck far enough (not that we thought Lucy would suddenly return), we put things back as they had been and dumped our clothes in Jen’s room. We went down to the bathroom naked and showered. The wonderful thing about the bathroom being on the ground floor is that there is really good water pressure – it was a bit too soon after our session to properly enjoy it, but Jen used the shower jet on me for a short time just so I could see how good it was (and I could tell that we would be using this a fair bit in future). We walked around the house naked, having a quick finger and lick in every room (not to orgasm, but we figured that it was going to take a while to do them all properly, so this was a mini-initiation), then went back to Jen’s room to dress.

I’d learned enough to wait to find out what I was going to have to wear and Jen told me that despite it being relatively cool, I wasn’t allowed tights, but could have thigh-highs on. I chose a black pair and was handed a short(ish) skirt that I had to do the bend test in (I bent over while Jen checked that it raised enough at the back to expose my pussy). We headed out and caught a bus into town (the new house isn’t as convenient for getting to places). I spent most of the journey trying to figure out where we were and the route (and failed – I don’t know the town well enough) and ended up just waiting until Jen said we had arrived. We wandered around for a bit and met up with Lucy and her friend for coffee (Ramona – a cute little Spanish girl – if I’m right, I can see why Lucy fancies her). We chatted for a while and Jen’s hand made its way up my skirt – not the whole way, but she stroked my thighs just below my pussy and it felt really nice.

Ramona had to leave and Lucy wandered off with her, saying that she would meet us back at the house later on. Jen and I went for another walk and found our way to a sex shop (it’s amazing how we always seem to find them – not that Google has anything to do with it!). As we went in, I had a sneaking suspicion what was about to happen, but I had sort of forgot just how much more Jen pushes me to do things than I do her. It started off fairly quietly – we had a look around, discussed the vibes and other toys (and saw some nice ones). While we looked at some of the outfits, Jen slid a hand down my back and rubbed my ass, then slid her hand under my skirt and pushed it between my legs. I moved my feet apart slightly and Jen’s fingers found my pussy. We’re fairly certain that my skirt was being pushed up by her wrist (but we continued to look ahead so we’re not sure). I didn’t know how far Jen was going to go, but when she asked me to get something from one of the lower shelves, I realised that she wasn’t about to stop.

I bent forwards and I know that my ass and pussy were exposed at this point. I quickly glanced back between my legs and saw two people and the guy behind the counter looking at us. Jen pushed two fingers into me and slid them in and out a couple of times until they were right inside me. I stood up and she withdrew her fingers and licked them clean. I whispered to her that I had enjoyed the fingering and she said that we could always do more if I wanted. I know that she was goading me on, but I didn’t intend to chicken out so said I would go along with whatever she wanted. We moved over to the outfits and had a look through them. Jen picked out a PVC nurses uniform and said that she wondered what I would look like in it.

I was instructed to go and ask if there was somewhere I could try it on and so I went to the counter with it and asked but there (unsurprisingly) didn’t have changing rooms. Jen came over and asked if it would be possible for me to just try it on in a corner. The guy hesitated for a bit and said that if we were okay with that, then he was and we moved back over to the corner opposite the door beside the costumes. I asked Jen what I was meant to do and she said that I just had to get into the uniform somehow, but added (with a grin) that I had to be topless under it. I knew that I could try to do something clever, but the uniform wasn’t exactly stretchable and I would probably have just got in a mess, so I went for the straightforward approach. I pulled my top off and removed my bra – I had my back to the people in the shop, but I could feel them looking at me and was rather enjoying it. I slipped the uniform on and buttoned it up and Jen said that my skirt (which although short, was still longer than the uniform), spoiled the look. I undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor, then had to bend over to pick it up to hand to Jen.

Jen didn’t think my long dark socks went with the white outfit either, so I was told to remove them. This involved a bit more bending and I know my bits were visible during this, but I eventually ended up with just the uniform on and Jen handed me the little hat. At least I learned that I don’t really like the feel of PVC on my skin! After posing for Jen, I was told that I could get dressed again – for a while I feared that she was going to make me try on a number of outfits, but my little display seemed to have satisfied her desire for revenge. I had to put my socks back on first so there was more bending required – having seen that everyone was watching, (now three people in the shop and the guy at the counter), this felt even more arousing as I bent over and the outfit lifted to expose me. As I rolled each sock up, I stroked up my thigh and ran a finger over my pussy. I was expecting Jen to repeat her earlier fingering and when she didn’t I was a little disappointed (as well as relieved).

I considered taking off the nurse’s uniform before putting my skirt back on, but in the end, I slipped the skirt on under it, then removed the uniform and put on my bra and top. On the way out, Jen got me to ask if it would be okay for us tom come back any try on things another time and we were told that we could (I think I know what will be happening during my next visit). We left the shop and walked quickly away. I was still tingling from the teasing but slowly calmed down as we walked and I regained my composure. We wandered around the shops for a bit and went for another coffee (Jen is back on the caffeine) before going to get food for that evening.

Lucy had been home for a while by the time we got back and said that if we didn’t mind, a few of ‘the gang’ were going to come round later on. We had dinner and went upstairs to freshen up. Jen gave me a pair of my lacy panties to wear (white ones – they show up better) and we headed back down when people started to arrive. I didn’t know all of the people (there were only five others, two girls and three guys) but it was a fairly chilled evening and a good chance to have a chat. We didn’t drink much, so I can’t blame alcohol, but Jen related the story of the nurse’s uniform to everyone (much to my embarrassment). After having confirmed that I had actually done it, one of the guys asked if I would model the uniform for them. I told them that we didn’t buy it, and it didn’t really do anything for me anyway. Jen told them that I preferred the schoolgirl look and they asked for me to do that and I was instructed to show them.

It didn’t take much as my skirt was already suitable, so I just threw on a white blouse and long white socks. After giving them a twirl, we chatted some more and Jen stroked my legs. Only at one point did she get me to spread them and I had to sit for a couple of minutes while she gently stroked my panties. I wasn’t made to cum or perform in any other way though, which meant I was ready for Jen when we finally went to bed. While we fucked, I told her that I would make her pay next time she was visiting me and she dared me to try my worst (or best). Lucy would have definitely heard us that night, but I was past caring and I let Jen make me cum twice (she only wanted to cum once).

I woke up first the following morning and licked Jen awake as usual. We were a lot quieter and decided to head down and use the bathroom for my morning orgasm. The water pressure really is quite incredible and even though the shower head is just a standard one, with a bit of effort, Jen make me cum without touching me. Lucy met us on the way back up the stairs and we said that we would be back down to join her for breakfast. I had to wear the same robe as the previous day (I think this is going to be my standard attire – as long as the house is warm enough) and we had a leisurely chat. Once we had finished, Jen said that she would give me the massage that I had been promised ages ago and went to get the stuff. I was called into the living room and Jen had laid out a couple of towels and a few cushions. I pulled the gown down and lay on my front while Jen oiled up my back and went to work. It felt really nice and I really enjoyed it. Jen moved on to my legs and I wasn’t surprised when she pulled the robe completely off me and her hands moved up the inside of my thighs. Lucy was in the room with us, but was sitting in front of me, so she could tell what Jen was doing, but couldn’t see.

I tried to resist Jen’s fingers, but she is quite good and I let out a little moan and apologised to Lucy. She said that she didn’t mind and that it was about time that she got a private viewing. She was sitting cross legged on the chair and I really wished that she didn’t have PJs on as I would have got a wonderful view of her pussy and would finally be able to tell how much it looked like Paulina/Pavlina’s. Jen’s fingers pushed into my pussy and I gave up and pretence of restraint and let out a longer moan. She moved to my clit and strummed it and I wiggled my ass around to show how much I was enjoying it. Knowing that Lucy was watching us (even though she couldn’t see my pussy) made it feel a lot more intense and I came very quickly (and not too quietly). Jen wiped me clean while I recovered and then pulled the robe over me. I looked up to see Lucy still watching us closely and looking a bit flushed herself. I asked if she wanted a massage and told her than Jen was really good – at which we all laughed (but unfortunately, she didn’t take us up on the offer).

I went and showered quickly again to remove the remaining oil and on the way upstairs I’m sure I could hear muffled heavy breathing coming from Lucy’s room. I went and told Jen and she said that we should celebrate (our traditional way), so we had another quick session (69) and imagined that Lucy was there with us. Our final orgasm (of the weekend) completed, we had a quick lunch and it was then time for me to start getting ready to head to the airport. Jen came with me and I was frisked at security once more (reasonably high up my legs), then I waved goodbye to her and went to wait for the plane. The flight was uneventful – if busy – and I slept for a bit of it before getting the train back home to my lonely flat.


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  2. Hi Andi,

    Seems like you had a great time and I'm sure Lucy *was* masturbating after watching Jen massaging you - I want to after reading but if I get up from my desk my colleagues will see my erection quite clearly.

    Cheers, John

  3. Yo andi. If you ever got the chance to fuck a tranny would you?

  4. Side boob- probably the hottest form of boobage beside bare boob.

  5. Would I fuck a tranny? I don't really know. I don't know any trannies and I've never been attracted to any so all I can say at the minute is probably not.