Saturday, 1 January 2011

Jen's new place

I hope everyone had a great New Year - it was Jen and my second anniversary and we had a wonderful night (in our traditional attire) - you'll get to read about it in a future posting.

I've started to upload some of the pictures that we spent ages sorting through - I'll change the image galleries on the right of the blog over time as I upload more sets. Please let me know what you think of the various girls/sets. You will be able to tell from the 'Clare' pics that they clearly aren't all of the same girl and they look different. They all remind me of Clare in some way though - either physically or just a look/mannerism and it's always been Clare that we've thought of whenever we've used any of these pictures to cum. It's pretty much the same with the other sets - they all bear a resemblance to the person I've named them after but some look more like our friends than others (Ellie is pretty close in some of the pics).


Mid October: It was time for me to go down and visit Jen in her new place. I was really looking forward to this, partly as I was fully expecting Jen to make me do more ‘interesting’ things around her friends, and partly as I wanted to see Lucy again (not having had the chance for her to come and visit over the summer). This was my first time flying down to see her and I was excited to see what airport security would be like. Unfortunately, it was too cold to have nothing on under my skirt, but I came up with a compromise of wearing tights while on the way to the airport and then slipping into the toilet to remove them and just put on a pair of long socks. I may have accidentally attached a couple of metal buttons to my skirt to ensure that the detector went off and I was indeed called over to the side to be frisked.

My skirt wasn’t too short – just above mid-thigh length, so I stood with my legs parted and arms raised while I was frisked. Unfortunately the woman searching me wasn’t a hot young girl, but she did feel reasonably far up my legs and I wondered what it would feel like to have my pussy touch in front of everyone waiting in the queue. Of course, nothing happened and I was able to get through and wait for my place (which was only slightly delayed). The flight was a bit cold and I was glad that I hadn’t just taken my tights off, but it had another consequence. Once we were airborne, I put my coat over myself to stay warm. I quickly realised that this also covered my lap and I carefully pulled the hem of my skirt up, spread my legs just enough to slip a finger between them and gently rubbed myself. I wasn’t planning on trying to cum (the flight was quite busy and I had someone right beside me), but I’ve certainly set joining the mile high club as a target (does it count if you make yourself cum?). Jen has also been given this goal as well and I will report back which one of us manages it first.

Jen met me at the airport and after a suitable greeting (suitable for somewhere with lots of people anyway) we caught the train back to her place for a ‘proper’ greeting. Lucy wasn’t there when we arrived but Jen knew that she would be arriving back soon so we went up to her room (which I was a bit surprised about as I had half expected to be made to cum in the living room and if Lucy just ‘happened’ to show up then we would be caught). Not that I was complaining – I’d been missing Jen and so the chance to have her to myself for a little while was a good thing. We had a brief but intense session in which we didn’t even get completely undressed. We had started to, but then this got interrupted with kissing. We moved onto the bed and started grinding against each other and then fingers got involved. I think we both wanted to stop and undress fully, but at the same time, we were too caught up in what we were doing and ended up just fingering each other to orgasm.

We stayed on the bed kissing for a while until we heard Lucy arrive back. I obviously wanted to see her so we headed downstairs and had a good chat to catch up with what had been happening over the summer. I still thought that she looked incredibly cute and sexy and it’s been killing Mike that he still hasn’t met her (we’re still getting round to sorting out the Pavlina/Paulina pics and I’ll post a gallery once we’ve done this). I gave her a brief update on my summer (with quite a few of the details edited out). Even though she’s witnessed a lot of the things that Jen has made me do and I now know that she isn’t the sweet innocent girl I first thought she was, she still doesn’t know everything about what we get up to (but I have the feeling that she is going to learn quite a bit of it over the next year). Not all of their group of friends had returned yet so there weren’t any big plans for the weekend and we just decided to get some food in and watch a film. Seeing as Lucy had just got back, it fell to Jen and I to head out and fetch dinner, so we went back upstairs and freshened ourselves up before heading out.

We didn’t have to go far, so I was instructed to leave my tights and panties off and we wandered down to the local Chinese takeaway and soon returned with the food. Lucy had rearranged the cushions in the living room on the floor and we set out the food, opened a bottle of wine and put Eat Pray Love on. I haven’t read the book yet but have heard from lots of people that it is good – none of us really liked the film though and Lucy said the book is much better. All that aside, while we ate, drank, chatted and lounged around, I was fairly careful to not give too direct a view up my skirt – Jen’s living with Lucy for at least a year and I’ll be visiting so until we know how much we can get away with, we planned to be fairly careful.

Having said that, I still ended up sitting cross legged facing Lucy, but I did make sure that the front of my skirt was pushed down so that I was mostly covered. We stayed up chatting for quite a while after the film and eventually decided that we should head up to bed. Lucy was kind enough to say that she would clear up the room so that we could go and have fun upstairs. I could actually feel myself blush a bit when she said this, which I know is odd as she’s already seen me cum. We thanked her and ran upstairs, stripped off and dived under the covers. We talked while we were kissing (or at least between kisses) and I told Jen that I wanted to fuck in Lucy’s bed sometime – in an ideal world, Lucy would be there as well, but I would make do with it just being Jen and myself. Jen quite liked this idea as well, but we had more pressing things to attend to as our session had moved on to include fondling and Jen’s nips felt like they needed some extra attention.

I started rubbing and kissing them while pressing a leg between her legs to give her something to rub against. I worked on Jen’s nips until they were pretty hard – I didn’t do anything too forceful (no biting or flicking this time), but she seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless. I pressed a leg between Jen’s legs and she started to grind herself against me and I told her that if she made too much noise then Lucy would hear us. Jen said that she didn’t care (and it wasn’t as if Lucy didn’t know full well what we were doing), so I took this as a challenge. I started to slide my leg back against Jen as she humped it and I could feel her juices being smeared over my thigh. Jen’s breathing was getting heavier and I whispered in her ear how easily she was getting turned on. Jen’s fingers had worked their way down to my pussy and she was sort of fingering me, but was obviously distracted by her own pleasure – I had no problem with letting/making her cum first so I increased the movement of my leg against her pussy and used a hand to fondle one of her breasts.

I kept telling her to cum and from the sounds she was making (not loud ones, but incredibly hot), I could tell that she was trying to. Her panting morphed into her mewing and I nibbled on her earlobe while telling her how much I had missed holding her and how I was going to eat her and all this seemed to be enough to finish her off. She frantically humped my leg and pulled me tight against her while she came and I lifted my head up slightly so I could watch her face. As her orgasm started to end, we kissed and I told her it was time to 69. Jen said that she needed some time to recover and I assured her that I would be gentle with her.

I moved around and pulled her on top of me. Her pussy was nice and wet and I licked around it, cleaning off her thighs, then the lips and then started to gently lick around her inner lips. She wasn’t being as gentle with me and had my pussy pulled open and her tongue pushed deep into me. Her fingers were tracing around and over my asshole (not pressing into me, but doing enough to really feel good) and I decided that it was probably time for me to apply a bit more pressure to Jen’s pussy. I pulled her lips apart and started to lick her harder – not spending too much time on her clit, but flicking over it. This got a response from her and she started to lick me faster. I was moaning into her pussy as I ate her and I hoped that Lucy could hear us – I was actually picturing her sitting downstairs or just outside the door fingering herself and this helped me along quite well. I pulled my mouth away from Jen’s pussy for long enough to tell her that I was about to cum and to keep eating me and then dived back in. I may have exaggerated my moaning slightly, but it was still mostly being done into Jen (and she likes the way this feels).

I kept eating her the whole way through my orgasm and the added enthusiasm that I was putting into it meant that she was quite close to cumming by the time I had finished. I considered easing off a bit and drawing out her pleasure, but I also quite liked the idea of it sounding like we were having one really long orgasm, so I kept going until Jen started cumming again. I tried to attack her cunt with my tongue and I managed to get her to make more noise than she had the previous time (but I guess she was already a bit tender). Once she’d had enough and started to (try to) pull away I eased off but kept licking her gently until she had finished and we lay panting together. I rolled her off me so that we could kiss properly and we tasted our own juices off each other. Jen’s second orgasm had been fairly strong and I told her I would go fetch her a glass of water to help her recover. Of course, this was just an excuse for me to head downstairs and see if Lucy was still around – despite the intention to not let her see too much, I was now pretty turned on and so wasn’t as concerned with this as I had been previously.

I slipped on one of Jen’s t-shirts (one of the short one that I’ve made good use of before during my other visits) and headed out the door. I got a large glass of water and then headed into the living room to pick up something I had forgotten. It was only when I got in there that I decided I was looking for my keys and the fact that I knew that they were up in Jen’s room meant that I got to spend a good minute looking around. When I first went in, I was sufficiently horny that I had intended to show off a bit more, but the room was fairly cool and it was enough to calm me down a little. The t-shirt was still short enough that Lucy probably got a glimpse of my ass and maybe a tiny flash of my pussy, but I didn’t do too much to expose myself any more to her. We had a little chat and Lucy asked if we’d been having a good time (at which I blushed). After saying goodnight, I headed back up to Jen, slipped off the t-shirt and climbed into bed beside her.

She thought it was unfair that I had only cum once and so she fished out a vibe and slid it into me. We lay close to each other kissing while she fucked me with it. As I got closer to cumming, she kept it buried in me more so that the clit attachment could give me more stimulation. Jen got me to look directly at her while I came and whenever I closed my eyes or glanced away, she would tell me to look at her. This always seems to make the orgasm much more intimate and it somehow feels different. It’s not that it is any stronger or more intense, but it really feels like we’re sharing it a lot more. At some point, we want to try making each other cum like this at the same time and not breaking eye contact (although that will probably be quite difficult). I was pretty quite while I came, but was sort of shaking by the end of it and I let out a long satisfied moan.

We fell asleep after this while making plans for the rest of the weekend.


  1. Which other post is Lucy in? I don't think I read about her before/forgot about reading about her.

  2. She's mostly in the ones about my longer visits to Jen at Uni - last March, April, May & June (wow, I wrote a lot about those visits - but they were incredibly fun).

    Lucy is one of Jen's gay friends who I've been forced to 'perform' in front of (and when I say 'forced', I of course mean 'allowed to'). I get on well with most of Jen's friends, but Lucy is the one I think is the cutest so I'm really glad that they're now sharing a house. Hopefully they will do so again next year (unless Jen does decided to move up here with me which would be even better).