Wednesday, 26 January 2011

More toothbrush fun

A fairly short post this time, but I'll put the second part up on Friday before I head down to York (another sex party, at which I'm hoping to try something new - reports will follow!)

Please let me know if you like the galleries and I'll continue to upload them.


The following week (we’re up to mid-November now), Jen came up to visit. I had asked her to bring up our new vibrator, but it is a relatively large item and she chickened out of carrying it through airport security. She did at least go without panties on and wore one of her short skirts – she said that she only realised when she was at the airport that if they had asked her to take off her shoes, she would have had to be very careful about how she bent over. Her flight was on time and I met her at the train station (being a student, she could skive off early so she arrived just after I finished work).

We went out to join people from my work for drinks and some food so that everyone could meet her. I think I went up in the estimations of the guys – they knew that I was bi, but this was the first time they had met Jen and I wonder if any of them have imagined what the two of us do together (Mike tells me that pretty much all straight guys love the idea of lesbians for some reason). We had already kissed hello at the station and didn’t put on any kind of show while we were out, but once again we didn’t stay too late and headed home. On the way, I took advantage of her short skirt and slipped my hand onto her ass. I am clearly getting old – while Jen seemed fine without tights on, I was wearing my opaque tights to keep warm – but when we slipped into an alleyway, Jen still managed to push them far enough between my lips to feel good. As nice as the teasing was, we both wanted to get home and do things properly, so we didn’t hang around for long.

Once indoors, we did our usual act of stripping each other within seconds of having the door shut and quickly went into the bedroom. I told Jen that I wanted to spend the weekend fucking her and we agreed to start off with a simple 69 to get things going. I lay down and pulled Jen down on top of me, guiding her pussy to my mouth and immediately diving in and lashing her cunt with my tongue. She pushed her tongue deep into me and licked around the inside of my cunt and I humped back against her face. It was a pretty intense session and we obviously both wanted to cum so it wasn’t long before we were moaning into each other and were approaching orgasm. Jen sucked my clit into her mouth (more like the whole top half of my cunt) and flicked back and forth with her tongue until I came. It was delightful and even though I was really enjoying it, I concentrated on continuing to do things to her as well until she came (my orgasm had finished by then). She had stopped licking me and I ate her the whole way through her orgasm and then moved to the gentle licking that she likes. Once she had recovered, we moved around so we could kiss and both our faces were pretty messy with each others’ juices. A little kissing, licking (and then wiping) mostly sorted this out.

With our immediate passion sated, we chatted for a while (still curled up in bed) and I told Jen that I was going to use the toothbrush on her. She was quite willing to give this a try and I quickly clambered out of bed and dashed to the bathroom. Once I had put one of the soft heads on, I got Jen to lie with her legs spread and I knelt on the floor. She pulled her pussy open and I applied a little of the tingle gel (we hadn’t used it for a while) and rubbed it in and around her pussy. I started (as Mike had done with me) by using the back of the head and then turning it around. I didn’t touch her clit with the bristles straight away, but ran the brush around her pussy and along her inner lips. Jen liked the way this felt, but when I finally moved it onto her clit, she *really* liked it (I wasn’t surprised as I knew how good it felt). I now had the view that Mike had of me the previous week and as I made sure her clit was perfectly clean. I don’t know if Jen is really more sensitive than I am, or if the gel was helping, but she was panting and moaning and telling me how good it felt. I told her that the whole point was for it to feel good and to enjoy it as much as possible and let me watch her cunt as she came.

It obviously wasn’t going to take too long and she was already squirming around and moving her hips, humping against the brush. I watched her inner lips moving and quivering and moved my head closer so I could see everything. Jen let out a series of ‘Oh fucks’ and I thought that she had already started to cum but she then let out a ‘aannghhh’ and squirted over my face. Between her moving and my face getting covered in goo, the brush slipped away from her clit, but I quickly put it back (there’s nothing worse than having all stimulation removed just as you cum). I initially thought that Jen had just peed over me but I realised that she had actually squirted her juices and I tasted them as they dripped down. I kept the brush on her clit until she told me she couldn’t take any more so I gave her pussy a few gentle kisses and then climbed up her body. I showed her what she had done and she said she hadn’t even realised she had squirted, but that her orgasm had felt really really strong (especially the first wave). I wiped my face and we shared her juices while I humped against her leg.

She wanted a little time to recover so I said that I would get things started and she could take over when she was ready. I added some gel to my own pussy and sat up against the headboard with my legs spread. Jen moved around a little so she could watch and I started brushing my clit. I was going quite well when Jen said she would take over so I scooted over to the side of the bed and she took up position on the floor between my legs. After handing the brush to her, I lay back, spread my lips and enjoyed the feeling. I was right that the gel added something and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum. I told Jen this and she said that she would enjoy the view while she had it then (to which I told her that she could spend as long looking at my cunt as she wanted, whenever she wanted, as long as I could do the same to hers). She thought this was sweet and gave me a little lick before watching me closely and describing what my inner lips looked like. I spread those as well for her and she told me how she could see up inside me and was watching the walls pulsing as I contracted the muscles. Obviously she couldn’t see too far (it’s dark in there), but she liked the view. I told her I was really close and she said i should cum and squirt all over her. I came, but didn’t squirt (which isn’t surprising as I’ve only ever squirted two or three times in my life). I wasn’t too bothered about that though as it felt really strong and I was making incoherent sounds.

I managed to endure the brush for longer than Jen had but I finally had to push it away and manage to gasp to her that I wanted her to lick me. She pushed her tongue into me and licked around my lips, but avoided my clit (which was a good thing). She slowly licked with less force and ended up with kitty kissing. When she finished, my only response was ‘oh fuck’ and I had to spend a while relaxing before I even wanted to move. Jen curled up beside me and pulled the covers over us and we spent a while saying how much we loved each other (I had forgiven her for not bringing the strong vibe by this time). I asked Jen if she wanted to carry on and was actually relieved when she said that she didn’t think she could cum again (I may have pretty good sexual stamina, but even I had been knocked out by my orgasm). We decided to call it a night and rearranged ourselves on the bed so we could sleep. Of course, we chatted for a while longer before going to sleep and I think that I could have probably managed something else after a while, but Jen didn’t seem ready so we just slept.

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