Friday, 7 January 2011

October Sex Party - Part 1

I've just got down to York for the weekend and we're heading out to meet people. This entry should really be about Mike’s next visit (in the timeline) to me up here, but I’ve tried writing it and haven’t got too far. It’s not that we didn’t have fun that weekend (we found a couple more good clubs with places for us to ‘play’), but I’m still finding it difficult to write. Instead, I’m going to skip ahead to the end of October and my return trip to York where we finally went to our first ‘sex party’.


I left work early on the Friday and rushed to the station to make sure I made the train. I had plenty of time as the party wasn’t until the following night – but I wanted to be certain I didn’t miss it. I had been getting more and more excited thinking about what it might be like – while I didn’t think it would really be anything like the videos of hardcore parties we’ve watched (and certainly nowhere near as big), I had been looking forwards to this for so long (despite having chickened out of it twice before). I hadn’t decided if I should be trying to hold back and ‘save myself’ for the party, or whether to just go with the excitement and enjoy myself as much as possible in the run up to it. I decided that trying to hold back wasn’t a good idea as I didn’t want to be all wound up and cum too hard or quickly when we started to do things, so I had been masturbating at my usual frequency (morning and night), and intended to enjoy the evening with Mike as per usual.

With this in mind, I had dressed ‘appropriately’ for the train and sat with my coat over my lap so I could gently stroke myself throughout the journey (not the whole journey of course, but I just let my mind wander and whenever I felt particularly aroused, I rubbed up and down my pussy). By the time I got to York, I was feeling pretty horny (and I’m surprised that the guy sitting next to me couldn’t smell how wet I was). We were meeting up with friends that night and Mike met me at the station. As I got off the train, I had an idea – my skirt was shorter than my coat, so once I had greeted him, I slipped into the toilets and removed it. With my coat buttoned up, it was impossible to tell and I intended to try to stay dressed (or undressed) like this for as long as possible. I actually made it for quite a while in the pub before I got too warm and had to take it off (after another trip to the toilet to put my skirt back on of course).

It had been a few weeks since I’d seen my York friends so it was good to catch up, but I also wanted to get home to spend some time with Mike, so we didn’t stay too late. We arranged to meet some of the gang the following day for lunch and headed home. I considered removing my skirt before we set off, but decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle (and it wasn’t long enough to get in the way of anything we decided to do). It was a fairly cool night, so we didn’t dawdle too much anyway – just a couple of quick gropes in some of our favourite spots. As is becoming the norm, Mike started to pull my clothes off while I was opening the front door and I had to step out of my skirt to enter the house. He said that he wanted to eat me straight away and he threw a pillow from the sofa on to the floor and lay down. I quickly removed my coat and straddled his face, at which point his fingers spread my pussy and guided it to his mouth.

While he ate me, I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock free. I traced my fingers up and down the length and asked him what we were going to do the following night – if he wanted to finger me, eat me and fuck me with everyone watching. His answer was somewhat muffled but I knew that he was up for it as much as I was and I bent down and started to lick around the head of his cock. 69ing isn’t the easiest position for sucking him off (this is where lesbians definitely have the upper hand), but I took him in my mouth and did the best I could while also jerking him off. He started licking both my cunt and ass and I could feel that he was getting serious so I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth or wait to fuck me. He asked me to continue what I was doing as it felt good, but that he would wait to cum in me later. I didn’t get the choice of cumming later though and Mike went back to concentrating on my putty and clit – in a very short time, I was humping back against his face and could feel my orgasm rushing through me. I managed to keep sucking him through it (and he especially liked the feeling that me moaning around his cock gave him).

I had expected a bit of time to rest before we moved on to the next stage, but I was pulled up onto the sofa, directed to straddle him (Mike was sitting down) and plonked down onto his cock. This position meant that we could kiss while I bounced up and down. He pulled my ass cheeks apart (it always feels like he’s getting deeper into me when he does this) and I alternated between riding him and grinding myself against him. While we did this, he told me how he was going to make me cum in front of everyone at the party and they would see his cum dripping out of me. He continued the description – getting more and more explicit – as we continued to fuck and he thrust into me in time with my bounces. His fingers rubbed over my asshole and I reached down to give my clit a little rub (I only needed a little push) and I started to cum. Mike held out until I was almost done and then came as well, pulling me down hard onto his cock as he squirted inside me. I stayed on him and we kissed for a little while before I dismounted (and immediately started to drip). I used his boxer shorts to clean myself up and we headed up to bed to get warm.

We spooned for a while and this ended up with me cumming once more (Mike fucked me and reached around to rub my clit). He didn’t cum and this meant that he could stay nice and hard inside me while we fell asleep. He was still hard (and inside me) in the morning when I woke up – he obviously hadn’t been like that all night, but had woken up before me and had slipped inside me so he could fuck me awake. This was a nice surprise and a change from the usual being eaten awake (not that I’m complaining about that). We started off fairly gently but the session got more vigorous as we proceeded. We ended up with Mike on his back and me balanced on top of him, facing up (away from him). This meant that I had to do a bit more work, but he could both fuck me and rub my clit easily so it was worth it. As usual, he held back until I had cum and then he started to move faster. Just before he came, he pulled out of me and started to wank himself. I was still on top of him, so when he came, his cum squirted over me and splattered mostly on my stomach with the dregs falling onto my pussy. He explained that he intended to eat me a number of times that night so wanted as little of his cum in me as possible.

It had started to drip off me and when I stood up, it ran down my legs so we went to have a shower and Mike gave me a shave (I was pretty smooth already, but we wanted to make sure my pussy looked perfect). He gave me the usual lick test, but stopped before I came again – I told him that he was just teasing, so he went back to work and I had a standing orgasm in the shower. He then gave his pubes a trim (he doesn’t shave, but keeps them short) and we went down for some breakfast. We didn’t eat much as we had woken up fairly late and we were meeting people in a couple of hours – once we had finished, we just lazed around for the morning. I decided that it was a bit too cold to go out without tights on (which is the one thing about this time of year I really don’t like), so went with opaque tights pulled up tight and no panties

Lunch was a nice affair – it’s so much easier to talk in a cafe than in a noisy pub. I complimented Jo on how cute she looked and I was glad that she was happy with the compliment and didn’t seem to mind that I had told her that I fancied her. We stayed and chatted for a while and then a few of us went for a wander round the shops – Mike said that he would meet up with us later and this left us girls to go try on some clothes. Of course I was fantasising about having a chance to share a dressing room with Jo, but it wasn’t to be and all I got to do was to admire her in some cute clothes (Jo does cute really well – when I’ve finished sorting through the photos, I’ll post the album of Beth – whom Jo looks like).

Mike rejoined us later on and showed Lis what he had bought (I wasn’t allowed to see yet). We all went for a coffee and then Mike and I headed off home. We had an early dinner – reasonably large (to give us energy), but nothing too stodgy and then started to get ready. We still had lots of time (but have I mentioned that we were really excited) and so I took a while deciding what I was going to wear. I ended up standing naked in front of the wardrobe looking through my clothes (or at least the ones I still have in York, so it was a somewhat limited selection). I was considering just going for an old favourite (schoolgirl outfit), when Mike joined me. He stood behind me and gave me a hug, then started playing with my nipples. This moved on to stroking my clit and he then said it was time to find out what my present was. He had bought me a new set of black lacy underwear for the evening. Both the bra and panties were both fairly see through (similar to my white pairs), and this made it somewhat easier to pick the rest of my outfit. I obviously now had to go thigh-high black socks and I chose a skirt that came down to just above the top of the socks. I also had a dark t-shirt on (easy to remove) and finished the outfit with a pair of black patent shoes with a relatively flat heel (but enough to give me a bit of extra height). Mike just went with a new pair of jeans and t-shirt (men have it much easier).

We ended up watching some TV to pass the time before we headed out and eventually gave up and just started a slow walk to the house the party was in. We stopped off to get some alcohol but even so, we were the people that turned up at 9.03 for a party that started at 9 – even so, we weren’t the first ones there which was quite good as we could actually get to know people as they arrived. For the first hour, people just chatted, drank and danced (i.e. had a party) and this gave us the opportunity to ask a few questions. Obviously the other people there knew that we were the ‘new’ people and we knew a little from our ‘contacts’, but we still didn’t really know exactly how things happened. I don’t know what we were expecting, but in the end it was nothing really complicated. Basically, you could do almost anything you wanted – as long as everyone involved agreed of course – nobody was forced/coerced into doing things and you could stop or leave at any point (we hadn’t even considered the option of being kept there against our will!).

Neither Mike nor I drank too much as we both wanted to be able to really experience the evening – mostly people weren’t too drunk. As the evening wore on, there was a lot more kissing and fondling going on and people grinding against each other. We were no exception and found a nice spot on a sofa to make out – we sat and kissed and Mike’s hands roamed over my body. There were a couple of girls who were topless by this point – one of them had two guys (one sucking each nipple) and I decided it was time to start taking the plunge. I lost my top (but kept the bra on) and Mike started paying more attention to my breasts. He freed a nipple and licked it for a while before returning to kissing me while he fondled it. I had one of the largest sets of breasts there and I noticed a few people eyeing them up so I told Mike to get the other one out of the bra (which he did).

We decided to have a dance (an opportunity to let my breasts jiggle around) – but only briefly as it isn’t too comfortable dancing with breasts half out of a bra – and then moved closer and kissed. Mike’s hands moved down my back, under my skirt and started to squeeze my ass. We had decided that we weren’t going to be the first to get to any stage of doing things, but there was a couple in the corner already having sex so most things were now fair game. We moved over to a wall and leant against it – Mike’s hands went into my panties and ran over my ass more, then dipped between my legs. We switched places so I was leaning against the wall and he kissed my nipples while rubbing the front of my panties. The people who weren’t doing anything at that point were watching those of us who were and so I spread my legs and lifted the front of my skirt. Mike pressed his fingers harder against me, pushing my panties between my lips. There didn’t seem any point trying to hide what I was feeling as it was obvious to everyone watching that I was enjoying what he was doing so I let out a small moan and reached down to rub the front of his jeans.

...and you’ll have to wait until next time to find out what happened next...

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