Monday, 10 January 2011

October Sex Party - Part 2

He pushed his hand into my panties and worked two fingers into my pussy – I told him that it felt really good and that I was going to cum quite soon if he continued. I was still aware enough to look around and saw some of the people who were watching us playing with each other as well – one guy was being sucked off by a girl and another guy was clearly fingering another girl under her skirt. Mike asked if I was ready to lose the panties and I didn’t even hesitate – he pulled his fingers out of me and I quickly slipped them off and threw them over by my top (I didn’t want to *actually* lose them). He knelt in front of me and told me to put a leg over his shoulder – I did this and he pushed his head up under my skirt and started to lick me. It seemed a shame to hide what he was doing, so I once again lifted my skirt and let out audience see. I heard an appreciative comment about the fact I was shaved and then stopped paying attention as my first orgasm was approaching. I had considered (earlier0 whether or not I should try to be silent or make lots of noise, but in the end, I just went with how I was feeling (a bit of moaning, but nothing too excessive). I braced myself between Mike and the wall to keep myself upright as I came and when I had finished, he kept licking me gently for a minute or so.

I had a little trouble getting my leg back down from over his shoulder as I was still a bit unsteady, but we made it without falling over and I gave a little bow. Someone asked what I was going to do to please Mike, so I started to unbutton the front of his jeans and pulled his cock free. It felt so good to be able to openly do things and I eagerly took him in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. We stopped so that we could move over to the sofa for him to sit down and I took position on the floor, kneeling between his legs. I resumed my sucking and then stopped to flip up the back of my skirt. It was as if I could feel people eyeing up my (rather wet) cunt and I went to town on Mike’s cock – licking, rubbing and sucking. A girl was lying at the other end of the sofa (just a couple of feet away from us) and she was being fucked. This was rather distracting, and I was trying to watch while sucking Mike, but couldn’t see very much from where I was. I didn’t want everyone to think that I was selfish, so I wanted to make him cum and used all the tricks that Sue had taught me. I think I’m actually quite good at blow jobs now and soon Mike said that he was going to cum and asked if he should do it in my mouth or over me.

I wanted him to cum over me, but I didn’t want my new bra to get stained so I kept sucking and indicated that he should cum in my mouth – he seemed quite happy with this and I felt him squirting a number of times in my mouth. I didn’t swallow it until I had turned around (still on hands and knees) and shown whoever was watching that he had cum – I then swallowed it and showed my empty mouth. I turned back and gave him another quick suck and he put his cock away (but didn’t do his jeans up fully). I moved up onto the sofa beside him (and the girl being fucked) and could now see properly so was much happier.

The girl was completely naked and had her legs in the air. The guy was fucking her with a good rhythm and her breasts (smaller than mine – probably a b cup) were jiggling back and forth. She wasn’t really my type, but I loved how turned on she looked and when she looked up and smiled at me, I could see the lust in her eyes. I really wish that I had played with her breasts or kissed her – we had agreed that neither of us was going to have sex (of any kind) with anyone else, but a bit of kissing or nipple licking would have been allowed. I didn’t let the opportunity go to waste though and I lifted one foot up onto the sofa and spread my legs. I started to touch myself, running my fingers up and down my pussy and then Mike leaned over to help. He sucked on a nipple and helped to spread my pussy lips. I liked what he was doing so I used one hand to spread myself completely and rubbed my clit with the other. I didn’t have the perfect position to see the action going on next to us, but my head was high enough up that I could see his cock sliding in and out of her.

It’s not like this was the first time I’ve seen other people having sex, but this felt really different. I was now amongst a whole group of people who didn’t care who saw them doing things (or more likely, loved the idea of people watching them just as much as I do). As Mike pushed his fingers into me, I spread my legs wider and lay back to let the feelings wash over me. I continued t glance over at the fucking beside me but also took in the rest of the room. It was bazaar in that a number of people were doing things and others were just standing about chatting and watching. I pulled my pussy lips wide open and told Mike to make me cum again and he added pressure to my clit with his thumb. He switched from kissing my nips to kissing my neck and this was enough to send me over the edge (or at least go racing towards it). It took very little time before I started to cum and I smiled back at the girl next to me (who also seemed quite close) as my orgasm pulsed through my body. Mike continued to kiss my neck after I had cum and we stayed like this until our neighbours had finished off. I got a really good look at her face as she came and we saw the guy pull his cock out of her and squirt his cum over her stomach.

We got up to get a drink while the girl cleaned herself off and went to see what other people were doing. There were some people still dancing – in various states of undress (there were only a couple of completely nude people – both girls). The place was fairly warm – not quite sweaty warm, but it was getting there, so we headed into the kitchen where there was an open window to get some fresh air. I had to pull my bra back up over my breasts – not because I wanted to cover them but for comfort (the material was see-through enough that it didn’t really hide my nipples anyway and they were still pointy enough to be quite obvious). We chatted to a couple of people that we had met earlier and it once again felt very strange being in a situation where it was practically encouraged for people to eye each other up. We were told that we were doing quite well for our first time (apparently most people only go for heavy petting at their first party). Feeling a bit more refreshed – and a lot more relaxed than we were when we first arrived (cumming a couple of times can do that – although we weren’t any less excited), we decided to have a wander and see what other people were up to.

We tried to count how many people were there, but kept getting distracted. I think it was about 20-30 (but some were upstairs). As I’ve said before, not everyone was actually doing things at the same time, but I think pretty much everyone had cum at least once (or at least done some serious fooling around) by the end of the party. Up in one of the bedrooms, we saw one guy with a girl sitting over his face (but the action was hidden by her skirt) while another girl was sucking him off. He had the largest cock I’ve ever seen (in RL – obviously I’ve seen huge cocks online). It was a good couple of inches longer than Mike’s and a bit thicker (not that he has anything to worry about – he was at least as large or larger than most of the guys there). The girl sucking him off couldn’t get much of it in her mouth, but she was making a valiant effort and some of the people watching called for her to fuck him. She continued to suck him, but flipped her skirt up (as I had done earlier) and gave her bare ass a wiggle.

A guy moved up behind her and started to rub her ass and then pushed a finger into her – she looked back at him and returned to the sucking. There were still calls for her to fuck him, but in the end, the girl sitting over his face climbed off and said that they should switch places and she would do it. The girl sucking him climbed over his face but at least lifted her skirt so that we could watch and the other girl took out a condom and rolled it onto the guy’s cock. She was about to mount him when I called out for her to take her skirt off so we could see and she unsnapped it and let it slide down her legs before kicking it away. She had her pussy shaved with a triangular patch of hair on her mons – the girl being licked was also shaved with a landing strip and I instinctively touched my own pussy, feeling the baldness (this is why I considered growing some hair back and shaving a pattern last year). Triangular girl positioned herself above the cock and lowered herself down onto it to a round of cheers. She didn’t get him all the way in her, but had enough that she could ride up and down on him a fair amount.

A few people had moved closer to get a better look and I joined them. Mike was behind me and I pushed my ass back against him. He pressed back against me and put his arms around me. I continued to wiggle against him and he slipped a hand down my front and under my skirt onto my pussy. I spread my legs a bit and his fingers once again found my clit and started to rub me. My eyes were glued to the action on the bed and as much I was enjoying the fondling, I told Mike we needed to move so I could see more. We ended up kneeling on the floor – with him still behind me. From this position, I could properly see triangular girl’s cunt swallowing the giant cock – her lips stretching around it as she bounced up and down. The girl on the guy’s face started to make some noise and then came (a bit too theatrically, but I’m pretty certain it was a real orgasm – especially as when she climbed off, the guy’s face was covered in her juices).

The girl riding him started to rub her clit and saying she was going to cum (which got more cheers) and the guy thrust into her. He actually came first, but let her finish off (she wasn’t far behind). Once she had cum, she lay on him and they kissed – or more like she licked his face clean. This gave a good view of her cunt from behind as he was still inside her. I had wanted to see him pull out and find out how much he had cum, but they kept kissing for a while and we decided to leave and see what else was happening.

We headed back downstairs were it seemed that people were taking a break (there was only one couple doing things) and chatted to a few more people. While we were talking, Mike’s hands moved under my skirt and started to fondle me again so I pushed my ass out a bit to make it easier for him. He pushed two fingers into me and wiggled them around inside me before starting a slow deliberate pumping action. I decided that if we were going to do anything, that it was about time we did things properly. Up to this point, we had just played with each other and I really wanted to fuck openly in front of everyone. We excused ourselves (it’s not often you can end a conversation with ‘excuse us, we’re just going to fuck in the living room’) and went to find a suitable spot. time, my first ‘proper’ public fuck...


  1. Hey Andi, I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed catching up on everything that's happened to you, but I have to admit that I was really interested to read about what happened at the often-alluded-to sex party! Glad you've gotten around to writing it up :)

  2. Andi,
    You should get a twitter & FB account about this blog too. You'll probably get A LOT more readers if you do!

  3. Anon 1 - I'm glad too - I've enjoyed reliving this. The final part is now posted.

    Anon 2 - I do have a twitter account - I just keep forgetting to post to it (I tried posting whenever I put an entry up, but didn't even manage to keep doing that). If anyone wants to post links for me then feel free...

    I have my real FB page, but I don't really want my actual friends to know everything I get up to (I know that one of them might find this site by themselves, but I'm prepared to take that chance).

  4. No, I ment set up a seperate FB account to help promote this. You can also use RSS to automatically tweet the link and FB the link when you update so you don't really have to do anything extra outside of set it up.

  5. Thanks for the tip - we set up Feedburner a long time ago and I've now configured it to post to my Twitter page

  6. I've also set up a new FB page where notifications of new postings go to automatically (or I would forget).