Thursday, 13 January 2011

October Sex Party - Part 3 (final)

Jen is coming up tomorrow and Lis is arriving on Tuesday (I'm having a little time off work to show her around). There is even a chance that she might be able to get a position in the lab up here when she finishes writing up, which would be awesome! Back to the October party though where we finally get to fuck...


I sat on the arm of a sofa facing Mike and undid his jeans. I didn’t need to do anything to prepare him as he was already stiff (and had been for most of the night), but I gave him a quick suck anyway and then I turned around and leant over the sofa, presenting my ass to him. He lifted my skirt and slid straight in to me. I knew that we were being watched and there was a girl sitting on the sofa that my head was right beside – all I could think of saying to her was ‘hi’. Mike was sliding in and out of me and he reached around to fondle my breasts. He then unsnapped my bra and pushed it off my shoulders so my breasts were now free. He resumed fondling them while we fucked and I then said that I wanted to do things in a better position (my arms were getting a bit tired, but I really wanted to let everyone see my cunt being fucked).

I asked the girl on the sofa to move up and we assumed the position that the couple beside us earlier had been in (my lying on my back on the sofa with legs in the air and Mike fucking me). I spread my legs a bit more than she had and ended up holding them up over my breasts. Mike normally quite likes this position normally, so was really enjoying it now and he pounded into me. The girl beside us seemed impressed that he could last for as long as he did – he just kept fucking away as I felt my pleasure building. He used a bit of clit stimulation, but not a great deal (I was horny enough to not need too much) and even when I came, he kept fucking me. I saw that the girl was being fingered by someone, but I couldn’t see her pussy (Mike could) and I told him I wanted him to cum in me. He pushed even deeper in me and rubbed my clit much faster and said that I needed to cum again. I’d already cum three times, but was up for giving it a try to told him to make me cum. He fucked me harder than before, slamming himself into me and told me that everyone wanted to watch me cum again and then see his cum dripping out of my cunt. I really liked the sound of this and the fact that the girl beside me was clearly close to cumming was helping. I let myself moan away and told him I was getting close. The girls beside me came and I looked over at her and pictured my fingers buried in her (she was reasonably cute – especially when cumming).

This was enough for me and I said (a bit louder than I had intended) that I was cumming again. Mike pushed even harder into me and we came pretty close together – I moaned a lot more than I had before and Mike even let out a few grunts. He was panting by the time he stopped moving and he kept his cock buried in me for a little while before pulling out and getting me to suck him clean. He waited until he had gone soft before buttoning up his jeans while I stayed where I was, with my legs spread and feeling his cum slowly trickle out. The girl beside me asked if I often managed to cum twice and I told her that it occasionally happened, but that it was usual for Mike to be able to keep going (I’ve never dated a ‘young’ boy (18 or so), so I don’t have any experience of men who cum really quickly – but more on that in another post).

Mike returned with some kitchen towel to put under my ass (I didn’t want to leave cum stains) but I decided to stand up and let it run out of my pussy and drip down my socks. I kept my skirt raised while this happened so I could watch until most of it had run out of me (and the top of my socks were rather damp). All I had on by this point was my skirt and socks, but there were a number of people sitting around who were just as (or more) naked – both men and women – so I didn’t feel at all out of place.

There was a ‘whoop’ from upstairs and some of us went up to see what was happening. There were two girls on the bed just wearing bra and panties and making out in a pretty serious way. It was mostly guys standing around cheering them on, but there were a couple of girls as well who seemed as interested as I was. They got topless pretty quickly and sucked each others’ breasts but it took a while before they went any further. I found out from someone else watching that the girl on top was bi, but the other one was straight – the bi girl tried to get off with a straight girl at each of these parties with varying degrees of success. It didn’t seem to be going too badly as the straight girl’s panties were pulled off and thrown across the room – she covered her face, but didn’t do anything to stop the bi girl as she pushed her knees apart and went down on her. The straight girl was clearly enjoying what was being done to her, but didn’t remove her hands from her face. The bi girl slipped a hand between her own legs and rubbed away at her panties before pulling them aside and pushing her fingers into her cunt.

I was once again in heaven and when Mike undid my skirt, I let it slide down my legs without even thinking about it. He held me from behind and rubbed my cunt with one hand and stroked my neck with the other one. I wondered what would happen if I were to go over to the bed and sit over the ‘straight’ girl’s face – would she had eaten me or just stayed hiding behind her hands? Either she was easy to get aroused, or the bi girl was very good with her tongue because straight or not, she was moving around in a way that made it obvious how much she was feeling. The bi girl was still working away at her own pussy with her fingers but when the straight girl got close to cumming, she focussed her attention on her. Straight girl didn’t make much noise when she came, but she definitely came and when her face finally emerged from behind her hands, she was bright red, but smiling. She wouldn’t return the favour and go down on bi-girl, but did end up rubbing her to orgasm (not even proper fingering, just rubbing her pussy which I thought was a bit mean). Bi-girl didn’t seem to mind though and they kissed afterwards before straight girl pulled her clothes back on.

I knew that I wanted to do something else (more than just let Mike keep fingering and rubbing me) and decided to show off the fact that I was now naked (apart from the thigh-high black socks, which I think looked quite hot). We headed back downstairs (Mike carried my skirt and threw it with the rest of my clothes). We went to get another drink (water this time) and I leant back against the counter with one foot against the cupboard door (so I could push my pussy forwards). Someone said that it looked nice having it fully shaved and I thanked him and gently stroked it, then pushed a finger a little between the lips and stroked back and forth. He asked if I wanted to have sex and I told him that I wasn’t going to fuck anyone else that night (we weren’t actually planning on fucking anyone else at all, but that’s the way it came out). I told him he could see me cum if he wanted and I parted my pussy while I continued to rub it.

He thought this was a good idea and we returned to the living room to find somewhere. I got a place on the sofa (where we had first done things that night) and I hooked a leg over the arm and pulled the other one up out of the way. Our original contacts were nearby and said that we seemed to be really getting into the spirit and then asked how many times I’d cum. I told them four and that the fifth was just about to happen and they seemed quite impressed (I’ve yet to tell them about my record – but that did take a whole day and not just a few hours). There were a few people watching me (again there was only one other couple doing things) and the guy I was showing was watching closely. He asked if I minded if he jerked off and I said I didn’t (just as well as he already had his cock out). I used one of my favourite positions to masturbate, where I reach around under my ass to push my fingers into my pussy and use the other hand from above to rub my clit. Not only does this feel really good, but it is an excellent way to let people see what is happening.

I liked the fact that what I was doing was turning him on so much that he had to wank and he called a girl over (presumably the one he came with – although I guess that may well have not been the case given the threesome upstairs earlier. I watched her kneel and suck him off while I continued to play with myself. He was still closely watching me and I tried to put on a good show – I think I did a good job as after just a couple of minutes, he pulled out of her mouth and came over her face and top. I almost wish I’d told him to cum over my breasts, but I really didn’t want to risk getting any of his cum in/on my cunt. I still hadn’t cum so increased the speed I was fingering myself and went for it. The girl took her top off and wiped her face clean with it – she had very small breasts (the way I like them) and I wished that she had been topless and got them covered with cum. As had been the case for most of the evening, I was sufficiently turned on that it didn’t take as long as usual and I had my fifth orgasm of the night – it wasn’t very long or deep, but quite sharp at one point so I let out a little cry. My admirer told me that I had looked really hot and I relaxed on the sofa while I recovered.

At least I intended to relax, but Mike had also quite liked my little display and came over to kneel between my legs. He started off relatively gently, just licking up and down my pussy but soon moved on to pushing his tongue into me. At one point he lifted my ass up a bit and spent a while licking around my ass and speared me a couple of times before returning to my pussy and focussing more on my clit. I knew that I was going to cum again and was amazed that I was ready so quickly, but soon stopped worrying about this and just went with the flow. This orgasm was quite a bit stronger than the last one (probably due to him alternating between licking around and in my pussy and my clit and the fact that he had his thumb pumping in my ass. I was a lot more vocal during this orgasm, but there were some other people elsewhere making even more noise. They were just noisy though while I told him to eat my cunt and then kept saying ‘oh fuck’. I think I moaned quite a bit when I came and I felt quite exhausted by the end of my orgasm.

As soon as he stopped licking me, Mike pulled his jeans down and tried to push into me – I had to tell him that I needed a few minutes to recover. He moved in me a few times before pulling out and I asked him to go fetch me a drink. Our contacts were still standing beside me (they had also watched me cum) and she had his cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it. I again considered having someone cum on me (other than Mike who can do that anytime), but was still a bit too nervous to start involving other people. I still hadn’t seen her pussy so I asked and she lifted her skirt and I saw that she was shaved bald as well. He inner lips were somewhat bigger than mine and I wondered what it would be like to suck them into my mouth. As I’ve already said though, we had agreed in advance that we wouldn’t be doing things with other people, so all I did was imagine what it might be like.

Mike returned and I felt a bit more refreshed after my drink (beer). We headed back upstairs as there wasn’t much happening downstairs (the noisy couple had finished up). We caught the tail end of some good action in the first bedroom (that I wish I’d seen more of). There was a guy lying on the bed with a girl on top of him riding his cock and another guy on top of her with his cock buried in her ass. This was the sort of thing I had really hoped to see and I worked my way closer to get a good view. There was another couple half on the bed – the girl was leaning on it and she was being fucked doggy style. The threesome was fairly close to finishing but I still got a couple of minutes viewing pleasure. By the time both guys had cum I had started to finger myself without even realising it. I had half hoped for them to both spray her with cum, but they were being sensible and both hand condoms on. The girl still hadn’t cum so the guy who had been fucking her pussy fingered her while they kissed until she came.

I felt that I was ready to let Mike have more fun by this point and told him he could fuck me now if he wanted (he did). I leant on the bed (on the opposite side to the other couple who were still going) and Mike pushed into me from behind. It was only when he started that I realised how turned on he was as it was a pretty energetic fuck (and this for his third cum of the night). He spread my ass cheeks and pumped in and out of my cunt. I felt quite sensitive, but was prepared to try to cum again and so reached down to my clit and started to rub myself. I also contracted myself around him (which he loves) and he told me how tight my little cunt felt. Another couple ended up joining us after a few minutes – she leant against the bottom of the bed. I noticed that I had the largest breasts out of the three of us and was the only one completely naked (not counting the girl on the bed who had been double fucked earlier).

Now it seemed more like the videos I’d seen online with multiple people fucking close to each other and others watching. The couple who had started before us finished up first and I had half expected Mike to outlast the new people, but he said he was getting close and reached around to take over rubbing my clit. Of course, I can do this perfectly well by myself, but if someone else wants to make me cum (well, Mike or Jen) then I’m not going to complain. He slowed his movements inside me and rubbed until I said I was almost there and then started fucking me again. I came first but not by much and he came in me for the second time that night. I hadn’t expected him to cum too much, but when he pulled out, I felt it drip down my legs again. We stayed and watched the third couple finish before we went back downstairs. Things seemed to be winding down and we were feeling rather tired, but didn’t want to leave before other people did.

We sat, rested and chatted to some people – it turns out that we ‘passed’ the initial test and could be invited back in future as long as long as we passed the final test (but they wouldn’t tell us what that was yet). I get the feeling that everyone passes the initial test just by turning up and doing things, but I’d like to think that our efforts had been recognised (seven orgasms for me and three for Mike, fucking fingering and eating on our first visit must count for something).

Other than a bit of gentle touching, we didn’t do anything more and once a number of others had left we decided to call it a night and get home to get some much needed sleep. I then found out what the final test was – I had to go home without my clothes (obviously I was allowed my coat as a) it was cold out and b) I wasn’t meant to get arrested. Apparently this was considered fairly risky but I guess they don’t know that I enjoy things like that (they do now) as I said that was fine and Mike would pick up my clothes another time. I put my coat on and we walked out the door before I’d even done it up (although I quickly did it up once we were outside as it *was* pretty chilly). We had a brisk walk home and dived into bed to warm up as soon as we got back.

Surprisingly, I felt Mike’s cock harden as we lay there and we ended up having a final session for the night (it wasn’t anything too energetic, but was a nice way to finish off what had been a wonderful evening that I’m going to remember forever). We had a very long lie in the following morning, but still managed our morning session (just – as in we did it while it was still just morning). I had hoped to meet up with some people for brunch, but we decided to skip this and lounged around until it was time for me to get the train back up here. I didn’t even bother playing with myself on the train (but did have my usual nightly masturbation session before going to sleep while telling Jen about the party).


We’ve been to another party since then at the end of last year and there is another one coming up at the end of the month. I’m thinking of trying a couple of new things this time as there is some stuff that I would like to experience before we get married. Everything will be posted in due course so keep reading and you’ll find out how things go (or went, by the time I write about it).


  1. Hi Andi,

    I love your descriptions, especially when you talk of Mike's cum dribbling out of your cunt and down your legs - how I wish it was mine :)

    Mike - cumming three times in the evening must have felt excellent.

    Cheers, John

  2. Mike's cum is the only cum allowed inside me (except in my fantasies!)

    He can cum three of four times in a day, but they aren't usually so close together. I think it's a sign that he enjoyed the evening as much as I did :)