Monday, 31 January 2011

PhD weekend

Another weekend - another sex party. Life is pretty good at the minute (other than living by myself of course, which still sucks). This entry is from the end of last Nov when I had my viva.


I headed down to York on Wednesday and spent most of the time from my arrival until the viva reading through my thesis. I know this probably wasn’t the most sensible thing to do, but it was a good few months since I had submitted and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to remember what I had spent my PhD doing. I had a very gentle session with Mike the night before – we spooned and he rubbed my neck while slowly moving in me. He didn’t touch my clit at all and it took ages for me to cum, but the orgasm felt really deep and rolled through my body. Mike didn’t cum but that meant that he could stay hard and he just gently pushed into me until I finally fell asleep.

In the end, the viva wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be, but I was still completely drained by the end of it. Of course people wanted to go out to celebrate after and I said that we could grab a drink and some food, but that I probably wouldn’t stay out for long. I called Jen to tell her the news and we chatted for a bit and had a drink of champagne with my supervisor and the friends that were around. I then zonked out at my desk for a little until it was time to head off to the pub. Mike met up with us and I got a bit of energy back once I sat down with a drink and realised that it was all over (apart from some minor corrections). I started to feel tired again though by halfway through the meal and had to give my apologies and head home. Nobody was too bothered as they all had work the following day anyway and we intended to celebrate properly the next night.

We made it home and I let Mike undress me – I lay back on the bed and he went down on me, taking his time to lick and kiss all around my pussy, then the inner lips and finally moving on to my clit. Neither of us said anything while he worked away at me and it was a really nice way to fully relax me. When my orgasm came it was a bit stronger than I had expected and it felt like it tore through my pussy, but didn’t really flow through the rest of my body (hopefully at least girls will know what I mean by this). Mike didn’t ask to do anything to me but even though I was tired, I wanted to reward him so I knelt up and presented my ass to him. He didn’t need to be encouraged and knelt behind me, positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slid into me. I squeezed myself around him and he said that I felt pretty tight and I told him to fill me with his cum. He tried to rub my clit but I told him that I just wanted him to cum in me and after a bit of persuading, he stopped trying to make me cum and just fucked me. He described what he could feel as I contracted around him and he pushed deep into me and as he got close, he buried himself the whole way and just moved ever so slightly. When he came I’m sure that I could feel his cum squirting into me, but it might have just been my imagination. Either way, he was very deep inside me and nothing dribbled out for a fair amount of time when he pulled out (but there was a wet patch by the time I woke up).

I felt fairly well rested the following morning, which is just as well as I was rubbed awake by Mike and we then had a quick fuck before he had to go off to work. This meant that I could have a well deserved lie in, and when I got up, I had a leisurely breakfast and then utilised the pulse setting on the shower head to give myself another orgasm. I texted a few people and arranged to meet them for lunch in Uni – I then spent a while deciding what to wear but seeing as it was too cold (and snowy) to sit outside and I wouldn’t have any alone time with Lis, I wouldn’t be showing myself off anyway. I still went without panties, but wore opaque tights for warmth. It was a good chance to catch up with people and we planned the evenings celebrations (not that it took a lot of planning – out for food, then drinks followed by dancing (or at least what passes for dancing when I’m involved).

After an extended lunch, I left them to get back to work and I wandered home. I had a few hours to kill before Mike returned so I took a nap (to have more energy for the evening) then woke up and had a shower to freshen up. I ended up shaving my legs and pussy and then went to have a look through some of our porn collection that Mike had sorted though in my absence (he needs to cum as well). As soon as I decided to do this, I knew that I was going to end up playing with myself, but I didn’t have anything else I needed to do so it seemed like a good use of my time. I looked through a number of folders and ended up watching some cumshot videos before going online and looking for some new material. I found a site with some nice ones that I hadn’t seen before (very large cocks with lots of cum) and ended up lying back in the chair and fingering myself while watching them (and as a note of reassurance – no, women aren’t generally obsessed with penis size, I was just in the mood to see cumshots and creampies and this was the site I ended up on).

I actually ended up cumming to one of our own videos of a girl being fucked and cum on by many men (I think I’ve posted the link) and imagined that it was me in her place as I came. I continued to look through our stash until Mike returned home and I greeted him (naked) as soon as he walked in the door. He said that even if I’d been wearing clothes, he would have been able to tell I had been playing with myself as the house smelt of sex (or my sex at least). I told him that I would have to shower again before we went out and if that was the case, that we may as well do things and then he could shower with me. He didn’t object to this and I could see the bulge in his trousers growing so I walked over, unzipped them and pulled out his cock. I stroked it a couple of times, then turned around and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. Mike immediately felt how wet I was and pushed in to me (holding on to my hips so I didn’t fall over). We fucked like this for a few minutes and then he pulled out of me, stepped out of his trousers and pulled me over to the wall. He lifted my right leg and pushed his cock back into my cunt and fucked me against the wall. As we fucked, his other hand found my ass and he played with it, just pressing his fingertips into me. Both his hands were busy so I reached down and rubbed my clit, propelling myself towards cumming. I told him I was close and he asked me to wait a bit so he could catch up. I slowed down my rubbing and just concentrated on the feelings of his cock rubbing back and forth inside my pussy. Within a couple of minutes he said that he was nearly there and I resumed frigging my clit. Mike came and I soon followed – we stayed together kissing for a minute (he let my leg back down) and when he pulled out, his cum dripped straight down my legs.

We had a quick shower and headed out to meet people. Some of them had been for post-work drinks already and some had gone home to change, so it took about 30 minutes for everyone to turn up at the restaurant (except Cindy who was about 45 minutes late, but timekeeping was never really her strong point). We had a good meal and then went on to a pub. While there, Mike (discretely) handed me a pair of my tight panties and the strong remote controlled egg and said that I should put them on during my next trip to the toilet. I didn’t go straight away but about 20 minutes later I did and returned with the egg nested against my clit. When I sat down, he turned the egg on and I got a nice rush from it. The egg wasn’t quite in the right place so it certainly felt nice, but I knew it wasn’t going to make me cum.

After we had been there a little while, Jen turned up – this was a complete surprise to me as I didn’t know that she was coming, but she had arranged it with Mike (on certain conditions). She had been meant to turn up in time for the meal, but her train had been delayed due to snow (and then she had popped back to the house to drop her bag off). We moved around to create space and continued chatting for ages (until the pub closed). It was now time for the dancing part of the night but we had left it too late to just get into a club and had to queue up. At least the queues weren’t quite as long as usual due to the cold and after a bit of perseverance, we all got in.

I was drunk by the time we had left the pub (lots of people buying me celebratory drinks) so I held off drinking any more for a while (other than water) but Jen felt that she needed to catch up. After a trip to the toilet to readjust the positioning (and to pee), Mike turned the egg on again and I pressed up against his leg to get more sensation. I enjoyed it at the time but didn’t realise that Lis had noticed what I was doing (until later on, when asked me if I was wearing an egg). As I’ve said, I was a little tipsy and I pressed up against her ass so she could feel it vibrating. I think Lis might have been slightly drunk as well as she pressed her ass back against me and stayed like that for a good few seconds. I enjoyed the feeling but moved away (I’m still a bit nervous about doing things to shock my more conservative friends).

We danced for a couple of hours but mostly behaved ourselves (other than a bit of kissing). By the time we went home, we were rather tired, but it had been a really fun night. We arranged to meet up with Lis and Vicky the following day as well as a larger group for coffee and then headed home. I found out that Mike had first dibs on me (it was his weekend with me after all), but he had no problems with me spending some time with Jen afterwards. I was quite happy with this and when we got in, we all headed up to bed (Jen in her room of course). The house was quite cold so we got under the covers while the heating warmed it up and worked on our own way of warming up. Mike undressed me and then himself and we pressed our bodies together. He disappeared under the covers and ate me for a while before resurfacing and saying that he was suffocating under there. We kissed and he slipped into me and we fucked in the missionary position with my legs wrapped around him as we neared the end.

After he had cum in me, we stayed together for a while until he started to go soft and I said that I would visit Jen and then return. I had a quick dash down the hall (house still cold) and dived into bed with Jen. She had been listening to Mike and I do things and her skin felt hot against mine. I lay on top of her and pushed a leg between hers and we humped against each other. As usual, she was nice and wet, but I was even wetter (helped of course by Mike’s cum). As I’ve said before, Jen is actually quite partial to the taste of his cum (at least when it’s been inside me) and she wanted to 69. I moved around and planted myself on her face before burying my tongue in her pussy. We had a fairly quick session and both came in a fairly short time. After a quick cuddle, I returned to Mike and we fell into a fairly deep sleep.

We woke fairly late the following day and I felt a bit worse for wear (I didn’t actually drink that much, but I’m out of practice and I hadn’t had any water before going to bed). After I can come round properly, Mike still went down on me and my orgasm helped to fully wake me up. We decided that some food would then help so we got Jen up and all went down to eat breakfast. There had been more snow and we discussed going out to have a play (sex play) but decided that it was too cold and I didn’t want to be that cruel to Jen. We did go out to have a snowball fight and build a snowman and just before we came back in we had a competition to see who could cope with snow in their panties (or boxer shorts in Mike’s case) for the longest. Jen and I put a handful of snow in each others’ panties and I then put a couple of handfuls in Mike’s boxers. Mike lost first and had to pull his trousers down to shake it all out and I just about beat Jen (but if she hadn’t given in, I was just about to).

We thought the best way to warm up again would be to have sex (as if there could be a better way). Jen had to dive into the shower as Mike got me first, but she had a play with the pulse setting and enjoyed herself anyway. When Mike first pushed into me, his cock still felt cold and it was a very strange feeling – but I warmed him up fairly quickly and ended up riding him while playing with my clit. Just before we were going to cum, he pulled me down on top of him and guided me up and down on his cock while he quickly slammed into me and we came fairly close together like this. Even though Jen had just showered, I went and dripped cum on her breasts and then rubbed my pussy on them. She didn’t want to cum again (no stamina that girl), but enjoyed the feeling of my cunt rubbing over her nipples.

A little while later, we got a call from Lis to decide where to meet. I wanted somewhere relatively private (so we could talk openly) and as it was cold, I said that we would head over to her place to save her going out. As you would expect, we spent a little while thinking about the best outfits for the meeting. In the end I decided that I was too much of a wuss (die to the cold) and went with opaque tights (but not as opaque as usual and of course I skipped the panties). We tried a slightly different look for Jen and she wore black stockings, black panties and a fairly short skirt (so the top of her stockings were visible). I’m not actually sure I really like this, but it was good enough for what we had in mind. The shortness of her skirt wasn’t an issue on the way over as her coat was long enough (but on a side note, I do love the look of a short skirt hidden under a coat that is *just* longer than the skirt). By the time we got there, Vicky had already arrived and after Lis made some coffee, we headed up to her room to chat.


  1. Hi Andi. That was a nice surprise Jen coming over. Nice to see that she still likes licking Mike's cum from your pussy. She really should try getting it directly at least once.

    Cheers, John

  2. I wonder what exactly it is that she doesn't like that causes the problem. Is it the method of delivery or the delivery "device" it's self?

  3. I think the 'problem' is that she is a lesbian - they don't traditionally like cock that much.

    ...and before anyone complains - no I don't think that this is a problem at all (other than for Mike maybe who doesn't get to fuck her - but he gets me and can taste her from time to time, so he isn't too bothered).

  4. I didn't mean anything by it (Apologize if any was taken), just unusual that for a lesbian she has this much interest in Mike's cum and teasing men and I was wondering where the line was drawn at. Usually that doesn't happen (heterosexual or homosexual) unless there is bisexual leanings somewhere. At least that has been my experience.