Friday, 28 January 2011

Sex shop revenge

I'm heading off to York for the weekend and I've decided to go for it at the party. I'm now used to them seeing me naked (and of course watching other people fuck) so I think it's time for the next step...

Back to the second part of Jen's last visit in November where I was introducing her to the toothbrush.


The following morning, I licked Jen awake as usual and then said I wanted to try something else. I applied a bit of the gel to her pussy and got her to lie on top of me in a 69 position. I positioned the toothbrush between us and used it on her clit while I ate her pussy. It wasn’t the easiest of positions as she had to push her pussy forwards, but as I wasn’t trying to lick her clit it worked out reasonably well. Of course, what I wanted was for her to squirt again right into my mouth, but all that happened was she had a relatively strong orgasm (probably not as strong as the night before, but good enough to wake her up properly).

We tried a slightly different position for my turn – I knelt on the floor with my body on the sofa and my ass sticking up in the air. I held the brush under me so it was rubbing my clit while Jen knelt behind me, spread my ass and licked as deep in my cunt as she could. It felt good and I certainly wasn’t complaining, but again, it wasn’t as strong as the night before so I guess the attention that we paid to the clit really paid off. We considered returning to bed for a while, but decided that now we were up, we may as well make the most of the day (which would almost certainly involve returning to bed at some point!) and so went and had breakfast. Sadly we needed to wear dressing gowns as it was too cold for nakedness, but as we’d just cum twice each it wasn’t too much of a hardship.

After breakfast, we showered (together but with little fooling around) and went into town to look round the shops. Jen once again showed off her youth and high metabolism by not wearing tights. I chose a nice little denim skirt for her – slightly tighter than I usually prefer (or less flippy), but it looked cute on her. In the end, I went for long socks again – I’ve been finding them a nice compromise between warmth and having pussy exposed. I wore one of my regular pleated tartan skirts with a warm jumper and once we had confirmed our looks, we set off. We got the bus into town and ended up sitting at the front in the area for disabled and elderly people (there weren’t any of either around). The good thing about this area is that you can have someone facing you and after a few stops, someone did sit down opposite us. I didn’t need to tell Jen what I wanted her to do and she leant over as if to whisper in my ear. As she did this, her legs parted slightly and when she moved away from me, she didn’t close them. I thought it was only fair to join her so I leaned over to whisper back to her and did the same with my legs. Obviously we didn’t look straight at the guy, but we could tell from the reflection in the window that he had noticed and was looking up our skirts (and soon after we could tell from the way his newspaper ended up in his lap).

I decided we would get off a stop early (before lots of people wanted to disembark) so that as we gathered our things, Jen could bend over and give him a proper view. My skirt wasn’t really short enough to do this so I left it to Jen and we then dashed off the bus. We took a slow wander for the rest of the way and then spent a while looking round the shops. I actually ended up getting a bit bored so we went to ‘properly’ try some clothes on. This (as regular readers will know) involved us taking turns at being naked in the changing rooms and pretending to try on clothes that the other one fetched while we played with ourselves (when the person fetching the clothes returned, they would help out with fingers or tongues). We both got really close to cumming and could have easily done so, but I thought it would be better to be nice and excited for my next plan.

Jen thought that we were just going to find a busier shop to finish ourselves off in, but I led her down some back alleys and after about 10 minutes we came to a sex shop (not that I had spent time online finding more locations). As soon as Jen saw it, she knew that I intended to get revenge for what she had made me do a month before (I think up until that point that she thought I had forgotten – or been distracted by the sex party and her birthday). I dragged her in and even though it looked quite shabby on the outside, it was a surprisingly clean and well lit place inside. There were someone in there already (the sex shops up here seem to be busier than the ones in York) and they didn’t look at us when we came in.

We started off the same way as usual, looking around the various merchandise and imagining what we could get up to with it. I got Jen to choose her favourite dildo/vibe from the selection and tell me loudly enough for others to hear (but not so loud it was too obvious) why she thought it would be the best. Unsurprisingly, she went for one similar to the rampant rabbit – and described how she loved the way it rotated and vibrated inside her while also stimulating her clit. I got her to bend over a couple of times and show off her wonderful ass and then we went to have a look at some of the magazines. Just to keep appearances up, we mostly looked at the lesbian ones (I didn’t see a ‘Bisexual weekly’). Jen sat down with her legs spread and ankles crossed – the good thing about her skirt being tighter than one she would usually wear was this position pushed her skirt up her thighs.

I fetched a couple of magazines and we looked at them (at least we looked at the covers as they are all sealed in plastic). We openly discussed what we thought of the various girls or themes and I ran my hand up Jen’s legs a couple of times – the second time I stroked along her pussy. Her skirt was pretty far up now and her pussy was probably quite exposed to anyone at any distance from us (but there was still only the one guy in the shop). On a side note, I don’t know why anyone would pay for magazines at those prices – from what we could gather they don’t have anything in them that I haven’t seen online for free (and it’s more fun exploring online).

I decided in the end that I wanted to try something a bit more daring but that I wouldn’t just make Jen do it so we moved over to the bondage section and I sat on the floor, with my knees up, legs slightly spread and my feet flat on the floor. I didn’t stop my skirt from sliding up my thighs and I told Jen to stand in front of me (almost above me). She crouched down slightly and I spent about 30 seconds giving her pussy a good lick. We were partially hidden by one of the shelves so I also allowed myself to masturbate. We knew full well that there was a camera watching us and as we left, we gave the guy behind the counter a smile.

Once we had left, I wondered if we should go back in and finish things off, but it hadn’t felt the same as it had in the other place for some reason – we just hadn’t felt as comfortable there. This put us in an awkward position as we were now both quite horny and so we decided to go and finish off in a changing room. We dived into the first shop that looked suitable (I can’t even remember which shop it was) and grabbed a number of things to ‘try on’. Once in the changing rooms, Jen stripped off and sat down and I knelt on the floor and ate her. I was rubbing myself while licking her and she came pretty quickly. We switched positions (I didn’t bother getting undressed) and Jen licked my clit and pushed her tongue into me. I had trouble keeping quiet, but I didn’t have any trouble cumming while hearing everyone around us and seeing people walking past the curtain.

We felt much more satisfied and settled after this and I ended up buying Jen a very sweet little skirt (as a thank you to the shop for letting us cum there). We then went for a coffee and Jen once again had to sit with her legs open. About halfway through our coffee, a group of guys came in and I got Jen to change places with me so she was ‘aimed’ at them. At my instruction, she lifted one foot up onto her chair so she could ‘hug’ her knee and display her pussy. She continued to talk to me and pretended that she hadn’t noticed that they were looking at her. I didn’t make her stay like this for too long as I know she isn’t quite as turned on by displaying herself as I am (but I think she is improving). Just before we left, I gave her a big kiss and we headed out.

We’d been invited out that evening with some people for work, but I was feeling a bit tired and run down so we decided to have a night in. We considered getting a movie to watch, but ended up deciding that we should make the most of our time and we would sort through some of the random porn videos from our collection. Of course, we knew that this would have an effect on us, but that was part of the plan. We had picked up food to make a nice meal and once dinner was over, we moved into the bedroom, set up the laptop and started to look through the videos. We started off with some of the ones of Pavlina – unfortunately I don’t have any from her early career (when she looked more like Lucy), but just knowing that it is the same girl is enough to work for our fantasies and what was meant to be our warm up videos, led us to a full blown session.

We were both lying on our front, watching the computer and I slid my hand over Jen’s ass and down between her legs. As I rubbed around her pussy, she did the same to me (not the easiest of positions, but we were just getting started). We discussed what we could do with Lucy (if we ever got the chance) and The more ideas we came up with, the more intense our fingering got. It soon reached the point that the position we were in was seriously limiting what we could do to each other and so we moved around so we were facing and started rubbing each other’s clits. We imagined that it was Lucy fingering us while we both licked her (I don’t know how we would both lick her at the same time, but it was just a fantasy). The licking idea became more appealing so we moved around to 69 and ate each other while listening to Pavlina being fucked. By the time we came, there were also fingers involved and we ended up in a sticky, sweaty mess.

Once a small amount of recovery time had passed, we switched over to the pictures that look like Lis and Jen went through some of her fantasies relating to them. We didn’t involve Vicky in any of the fantasies (which surprised me given Jen’s love of large breasts), but by the time we’d finished, we had introduced Lis to a number of new positions and we had ended up scissoring (in RL). Jen came first and I then ground myself against her though her orgasm and finished myself off with my fingers while she watched.

We had saved dessert (to give us an energy boost) and decided that this was the time to have it. Of course, we didn’t intend to eat it normally and tossed a coin to see who would eat first. I won and Jen climbed up onto the table and lay down (I gave her a pillow for her head). I spooned the dessert (lemon mousse) onto her breasts and pussy and went to work cleaning her off. I spent a considerable amount of time on her nipples and by the time they were clean, they were also very hard and sensitive. The mousse had mostly run off her pussy so I added some more and licked her clean, then repeated this. I gave her the option of having me finish her off or switch places and she said that she wanted to cum again (and I never want to discourage this), so I pulled her pussy open and slowly ate her (I didn’t concentrate on her clit as much as usual so it took a while). She was certainly ready to cum by the time her orgasm hit her and I was very pleased with the results – I could no longer taste any lemon, just her juices, and she pulled on her nips while mewing away.

The disadvantage was that she was now quite tired – I did offer to just let her eat her dessert normally, but she wanted to return the favour, so we had a little break before I climbed up onto the table and presented myself to her. Jen spent less time on my breasts and more time with her tongue pushed into my cunt, licking around the inner walls. She kept adding the mousse and I could feel it running down my ass and when I looked down I could see that her face was covered in it. I didn’t really care though as I had the tongue of the girl I love doing wonderful things to me and I kept encouraging her to continue. She encouraged me to play with my nipples when I got closer to cumming and I think it did add to the pleasure (just not as much as it does for her). The lemon left my pussy feeling quite tingly after I’d cum and while the feeling was nice, we were also both in desperate need of a shower so popped into the bathroom.

We cleaned each other off and I then tried to use the toothbrush on Jen, but she’d cum enough for the evening. She didn’t object to using it on me though and so we returned to the bedroom and she gave my clit a good brushing while pumping a dildo in and out of my pussy. It felt really good, but I don’t enjoy things as much if it is just me cumming (or if I know I’m not going to make Jen or Mike cum just before or after). Nonetheless, I endured the solitude of my pleasure and ended up having a pretty good orgasm. I had really hoped that Jen would get turned on while making me cum, but even after watching my orgasm, she said that she didn’t think she could cum again, so we ended up curled up in bed kissing and chatting.

I still felt oddly horny and after a while I managed to convince Jen to let me go down on her one last time while I played with myself. She would have eaten me, but I wanted to be the one to do the work as she said she didn’t really want to cum again. I don’t think that it was too much of a chore for her though and she certainly sounded like she enjoyed her orgasm. I had been kneeling between her legs and fingering myself the whole time and I sat with my legs spread to finish off, rubbing my clit until I finally came. Jen was definitely spent by this point and I now felt a bit more settled so we kissed a bit longer then drifted off to sleep.

As usual, I was the first to wake up on Sunday so I dived down under the covers and attacked Jen’s cunt. She woke up almost immediately and said that she needed to pee, but I didn’t let her go and said that she had to cum first. I could have been nice and made her cum as quickly as possible – but where would the fun have been in that? I didn’t tease her too much, but I also licked around her pussy as well as her clit and used a couple of fingers in her. I had half expected her to pee a bit when she came, but she managed to hold it in. As soon as she had cum, she shakily got up and moved towards the bathroom – I followed her and while she sat on the toilet and peed, I rubbed her pussy and clit. It was a little messy, but Jen seemed to appreciate it and by the time she had finished, she said that her pussy felt like it was buzzing and I needed to take care of her again.

We returned to bed and I broke out the double dildo, gave it a generous coating of tingle gel and pushed it into Jen before mounting the other end. Jen picked up the electric toothbrush and used it on her clit while I fucked the dildo – obviously the dildo didn’t move as much in her as it had in me when she used her hand on it the previous night, but it was enough when combined with the toothbrush to bring her off fairly quickly. I still hadn’t cum and I tried to use the brush on my clit, but I couldn’t keep it in place while humping on the dildo so just resorted to using my fingers on my clit. Jen enjoyed the feeling of the dildo still moving in her (coupled with the tingling from the gel) and moaned along with me until I came. I leaned forwards to kiss her, but we had been using the short dildo so it popped out of my pussy (slightly painfully). We kissed for a while and dozed off again, waking up fairly close to midday.

It would have been nice to do things again, but we knew that we had to get ready, get some food and get Jen to the airport. I let Jen take a shower while I prepared a quick lunch (I liked the idea of keeping her juices on me for as long as possible) and we ate it in relative silence. This was another week that being apart from Mike and Jen had been taking its toll – coupled with the fact that I had my viva coming up (we had agreed not to mention it). When I went to get ready, Jen dared me to try something that Vicky had mentioned – go out with nothing on under my coat. I reminded her that I’d done this before (most recently on the way home from the sex party), but she thought it would be quite different going to an airport like that in the middle of the day. I toyed with the idea, but it was too cold outside and I told her that she could get me to do it during one of my visits when it got warmer.

We rode to the airport holding hands and had a tearful farewell at security. I waited until she had been patted down and disappeared around the corner before I headed home. The only consolations I had were still having Jen’s juices on me (and the various toys we’d used) and the fact that I would be back in York in the middle of the week (although that was somewhat tempered by the dread of the viva).

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