Sunday, 27 February 2011

Christmas - Part 1

Quite a bit happened over Christmas/New Year, so there will probably end up being quite a few posts...


The week went by fairly quickly (not a great deal of work was happening at work) and it was soon time for me to head home for Christmas. We had decided that it would be easier for us to meet at Mum’s house rather than me going to York first. I had a much better journey down that my journeys the previous weekend and arrived in the late afternoon. Mike had arrived a couple of hours earlier (but he’d had a shorter distance to travel). He said that Sue had been flirting with him quite a bit (when Mum wasn’t around), but that he had managed to refrain from pouncing on her.

Mum and Sue had done a good job in decorating the house and we had the fairy ceremony (putting it on the top of the tree) and then all sat around and chatted. Mum wanted to know about the new job and how I was settling in (of course I’d told her all this already over the phone, but it was the first time I’d actually seen her since I’d moved). She had a bit of a moan at Mike for not having found a job yet (not a real go, she knows he is trying) and I told her that there were advantages to him still being in York in that I still got to see my friends when I visited (I decided to omit the details about the sex parties – although they are obviously a huge benefit).

As expected, Mum went to bed reasonably early and the three of us stayed up chatting for a while. Sue ended up telling us about her bf and confirmed that they hadn’t had unprotected sex yet. Seeing as I know she seems to enjoy sex almost as much as I do, I’ve been quite surprised about this, but it’s not as if they haven’t done anything. They started off fairly gently and fingered/rubbed each other through clothes and then partially naked. They then moved on to being completely naked and sharing a bed. They’ve had oral sex (using protection) and Sue said that he really enjoys it when she sucks him off (and given she was able to teach me things in this department, I’m not surprised). They’ve had sex using condoms and she is planning on let him fuck her ‘properly’ next year (they both got tested for STDs at the end of the year). I was quite glad the she listened to the advice that Mike gave her about being careful (he is quite protective of her.)

We headed up to bed and while Sue went off to the bathroom, Mike started to finger me. We had originally intended to brush teeth and wash so that we could retire to bed properly, but by the time we heard Sue leave the bathroom and her door shut, we were already underway. We hadn’t got undressed, but were lying on the bed kissing and Mike had a hand under my skirt, finger fucking my pussy. We discussed what Sue had got up to with her bf and what it would be like to watch the two of them innocently playing (well, innocent compared to some of the things we’d done with her). We soon graduated onto actually fucking – but without getting undressed. Mike pulled his trousers down a little and lay on his back so I could mount him. All the interesting stuff was hidden under my skirt, but that didn’t stop us feeling what was happening.

We were getting into it when we heard a knock at the door and froze (I was worried it was Mum – of course I’m sure she knows that Mike and I have sex, but she hasn’t actually seen us doing anything). I asked who it was and Sue replied. She opened the door and stood there in her nightdress. She said that she had heard us and wondered if she could at least watch. I wasn’t sure if we should let her, but decided that watching wouldn’t do any harm (and you know that I like being observed), so we invited her in. She joined us on the bed and after complaining that she couldn’t see anything, we stripped off and I re-mounted Mike.

I know that we’ve seen each other cum multiple times, but it felt a bit different just having Sue sitting there watching us – much more like when she first saw us having sex. After a while, we rolled over so Mike was on top and we continued fucking. Sue’s hand was in her lap, obviously playing with herself so Mike said that it was only fair that if we were naked, that she should be as well so we could watch her. We switched position again so that we were spooning, facing her. Mike got me to spread my legs and he rubbed my clit in time with what Sue was doing to herself. I didn’t have that good a view as the bedcovers were partially in the way, but I could see enough to know that she was rubbing away at her pussy and also that she had been keeping herself fully shaved. Mike continued to rub me roughly in time with Sue’s movements and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came and he kept fucking me until Sue also came.

I was fairly certain that he hadn’t cum and asked him. He confirmed that he hadn’t, but that he assumed I would want to cum again so had held back. Sue said that I was lucky that he could keep going to long and that her bf tends to cum fairly quickly. It didn’t matter quite so much when they were just fingering or going down on each other, but when they have sex, he finishes quite a while before she has cum and then needs to either finger her or she plays with herself. A couple of times, she has ended up crouched over his face so he can watch her play with herself and she has licked his cock and sucked her juices off the condom. Mike told her off for doing this (in case the condom broke), but she pointed out that they are both ‘clean’ so it didn’t matter (and she is quite young so I guess I should be pleased that she’s been as careful as she has been).

Sue told us that he is even capable of cumming while just being rubbed with a single finger. Mike said that he didn’t believe it and she described to us how he had told her that he would sometimes do this around his sister’s friends. Because it involved very little movement, he could put his hand in his pocket and rub the head of his cock until he came. Sue has since been instructed on how to do this and she has made good use of the technique to draw out his orgasm when they are fingering each other. Mike was still unconvinced and Sue gave us her cute/pouty/sexy look and said that she would be happy to demonstrate if she was allowed to. Mike was still buried inside me, but I could tell from the way his cock was twitching and he was pushing into me, that he liked this idea.

We had agreed before Christmas that he wasn’t going to have sex with Sue (not while she was dating someone) and I wasn’t entirely sure that it was a good idea to let her stroke his cock, but I was also a bit curious and wasn’t convinced that she could make him cum with a single finger. After a bit of consideration, I agreed that she could demonstrate – if Mike wanted (which he did) – but reiterated that there would be no sex. Sue seemed happy enough with this and Mike pulled out of me. I sat up so I could watch and Sue gave his cock a gentle stroke with her hand and said that it seemed to work better without any lubrication (referring to my juices). I tried to wipe him off with Sue’s nightdress but then fetched a flannel and wiped his cock clean, before using another part of the nightdress to dry him off (I knew he would like the idea of her wearing it while it had my juices on it).

I swapped sides with Sue and she lay down against his right side (so she could use her right hand). I noticed that she had her pussy pressed up against his leg, but I let her get away with this and watched as she started to stroke up and down the glans with her thumb. Usually if I’m jerking Mike off (or if he’s doing it himself), I don’t touch the head directly, but make sure that there is some skin between it and my hand (otherwise he says the feeling is too intense). Because she was just using one finger though, he seemed to enjoy it but I still wasn’t sure she could make him cum like this. Sue ended up resting her hand on his cock, but the only part moving was her thumb – after a bit of positioning, she ended u rubbing up and down the front of the glans with the slight bump at the side of the knuckle of her thumb. Mike said that it felt really good and after she had been doing this for a while, he was moving his hips around to get better contact. I told him that he had to lie still and let Sue show us how it was done and she said that he bf would have usually cum by this time. Mike said that he wasn’t being difficult or trying to hold back and that it felt really good, but he wasn’t quite there yet. Sue used slightly longer strokes (still just on the glans though) and sped up he movements. Mike was no breathing heavily and letting out small moans of appreciation and saying that he thought if she kept this up that he actually would be able to cum.

I noticed that Sue was gently grinding herself against his leg, but I had also started to stroke myself without really realising it so I didn’t say anything. Mike was obviously very close and in the state of ecstasy/agony at not being able to cum, but Sue kept going and told him that she wanted to see and feel him squirt his cum. Sue continued to flick her thumb back and forth and Mike arched his back slightly and started to cum. His cum squirted up and landed on his chest and covered Sue’s thumb. He let out three good sized squirts and then a couple of small dribbles – he was as amazed as I was that she had actually made him cum with s single finger (or thumb), but he wasn’t complaining. She continued to gently stroke him and his cum started to run off his body so I handed him Sue’s nightdress to clean himself up. Sue only noticed what he was using when he wiped around his cock and she started to object, but Mike pointed out that it wasn’t as if it would be the first time his cum covered her.

Sue was still grinding herself against his leg and I reminded her that she wasn’t meant to be having sex with him. She gave me a pouty look and said I was spoiling her fun so Mike told her that if she called her bf and he agreed it was OK, he would gladly fuck her and make her cum as much as she wanted. Of course, she didn’t think that he (her bf) would be willing to go along with this, so she pulled herself away from him (but still complained that it wasn’t fair). She said that she hadn’t had a really good fuck for months and Mike suggested to me that it would only be fair to at least return the favour of her making him cum. He suggested just using a single finger on her and I ended up agreeing, as long as he didn’t actually fuck her with it (yes, I’m sure this wouldn’t have made much difference to her bf, but I was determined that we weren’t going to give in and let things happen ‘properly’).

Sue seemed at least a little satisfied with this arrangement and lay on her back with her legs spread. Mike lay beside her and rubbed up and down her pussy with his index finger. Sue tried to press back against him, but he told her to lie still and just enjoy what he was doing. I could see that he had to restrain himself from pushing his finger into her or kissing her, but he did an admirable job and just rubbed around her pussy and against her clit. With direct clitoral stimulation, it didn’t take her as long to cum as it did for Mike, but he drew it out a little and stopped rubbing her clit when she got too close. He didn’t tease her for long though and on the third approach, he kept going and ended up rapidly rubbing back and forth as she came. Mike was pressed up against her by this time and was rubbing his cock against her outer thigh – I was pleased to see that he was still nice and hard as Sue had now cum twice and I thought it only fair that I should cum again.

Mike suggested that we give her a good view of what we were going to do, so we again went back to one of our early sessions with her and I knelt over her face while mike took me from behind). This meant that I also had a good view of her pussy and I could certainly smell her juices. Mike held my outer lips open while he fucked me (which meant it was up to me to rub my clit). I think we all enjoyed repeating this and I half expected Sue to start playing with herself again, but she didn’t. Mike alternated between long steady strokes and rapid fucking (and used more of the latter as he got closer to cumming). He did at least wait until I had cum before he pushed deep into me and came. I stayed on all fours while I caught my breath and then (on purpose) I sat up so that some of Mike’s cum dripped out onto Sue).

She asked if she could spend the night sleeping with us (just sleeping) but we (Mike and I) decided that it might be a bit too much of a temptation (and too easy for him to turn over and accidentally end up sliding into her). After we chatted for a little longer, she went back into her room. She was naked when she went to leave, but Mike convinced her to put her cum stained nightdress back on and sleep in it. Once she had left us, we chatted about whether we should have let things go as far as they did and reaffirmed that we weren’t (or Mike wasn’t) going to have sex with her while she was dating someone. He was quite happy with this (especially as he’d been given a new type of ‘hand’ job) and we decided that we should go to sleep so we could wake up early and open our presents.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

December Sex Party - Part 3

I'm back home now having spent a good part of the week with Jen. It would have made more sense to stay there and go straight to visit Mike in York, but I have a meeting tomorrow that I have to be at...

This is the final chapter of the sex party - next post will start the events over Christmas.


At his direction, I sat on the sofa and he pulled me forwards so I was lying on it with my ass almost at the edge of the seat. He went down on me again (despite my pussy having multiple loads of his cum in it – although I guess quite a lot had leaked out through the evening). I thought he was just going to get me warmed up (not that I wasn’t still wet), but he ended up going all out and eating me to orgasm, licking both my cunt and ass and sucking on my clit until I came. Almost as soon as my orgasm finished, he lifted me up and held me against the wall while he pushed his cock into me and started to fuck me. I had to hold on to him to keep myself upright, but he ended up lifting up one of my legs so he could get deeper into me which helped. I whispered to him that I didn’t think I could cum again, but he told me that everyone was watching us and I just had to concentrate on the fact that I had that many eyes focused on my cunt. Admittedly, this helped, but I still didn’t think I would be able to cum – in order to help things along further, we ended up moving into the kitchen and I leant against the counter so Mike could fuck me from behind and reach around to rub my clit. As he continued to pump into my cunt, I began to feel the pleasure building up and realised that I would be able to cum if we kept going.

I tried to clench myself around him, but was too tired to manage this well, so just wiggled my ass a bit and told him to keep going. A few people had wandered in to watch while the rest watched something else that was happening in the living room which we could hear but not see. The kitchen had much stronger lighting and I pictured the view that our audience had. I replayed the scenes we had seen from earlier that night and imagined everyone fucking at the same time, all the guys cumming over me and giant cock guy’s cock sliding deep inside me and squirting so much cum into me that it exploded out around his cock and poured down my legs (I know, I’ve been watching too much anime). I told Mike I was going to cum and he said to try and hold on for a little bit (and stopped stroking my clit). He quickly resumed doing this though and pushed deep into me and started making shorter faster strokes. I was now really close, but he came first and pushed hard up against my ass. He continued to rub my clit though and I quickly joined him in cumming. My legs started to weaken and I had to tell him to hold me up – it wasn’t that my orgasm was so incredibly strong, I think it was just exhaustion catching up with me.

Once I had finished cumming and Mike pulled out of me (no cum leakage this time – I think I had milked him dry earlier), I sat down in the kitchen and said that I couldn’t take any more. There was still something happening in the living room, but I didn’t have the energy to go watch until Mike helped me up and we went to sit on the other sofa. The small girl that we had watch giant-cock guy fuck earlier was with another guy. She looked quite drunk, was completely naked and on top riding his cock. She sounded like she was really enjoying it and he was fondling her breasts as they bounced back and forth. Mike saw that I was interested in what they were doing and dropped his hand to rather pink and tender pussy. I swatted it away and told him that I’d cum enough (not something I sat often). I offered to suck him off if he wanted (he didn’t – he had also cum enough for one night). We watched the small girl finish herself off (she was still riding the guy, but was also playing with herself) and she then lay on top of him and kissed him. I remember thinking once again that she had the cutest little ass and wondered if he had ever been ‘converted’ by bi-girl (but was too tired to bother asking).

We decided that we really needed to get home or end up sleeping where we were (which I think would have been an option). Mike tried to call a taxi but was told that it was unlikely they would get one to us so we decided to just brave the cold and walk. I wandered around trying to find all of my clothes and after my little rest on the sofa, was at least awake enough to remain naked while doing this and make sure than whenever I bent over to look under something, I gave a decent pussy view. I found my blouse and skirt but couldn’t find my bra or panties (Mike had lost my panties). They were only a plain pair so I wasn’t too bothered, but asked for people to let me know if they turned up. I pulled my skirt on to save carrying it, then pulled my jeans back on. Finally I put my blouse, shoes and coat on and we headed off.

On the way home, we realised that we should have dared people to go out into the garden naked and play with the snow. I’m fairly sure that this would have been fun, but we did plenty at the party so wasn’t too sorry that we didn’t think of it earlier. It wasn’t too bad a walk home (other than the freezing cold and nearly falling over on the ice multiple times). The cold air definitely woke us up, but sadly didn’t give us any more energy. It was one of the rare times that we went to bed and didn’t do a single thing (not even spooning with Mike inside me). I had some amazing dreams that night though.

I had recovered by the time I woke up the following morning, but Mike said that his balls still ached a bit, so he just went down on me instead of us having sex. This didn’t turn out quite the way he’d hoped though as he gets quite turned on by eating me so ended up with a raging erection that caused his balls to ache even more. Once I’d cum (he was determined to at least manage that), we went to have breakfast. It was clear from the news that my journey back was in some doubt and I hoped that I would have the excuse of my train being cancelled to stay for an extra day. Of course, usually being trapped in York with heavy snow would be a great opportunity to spend the whole day in bed, but between Mike’s discomfort and the fact that we’d spent the previous evening cumming, we decided a better course of action would be to have a restful day.

We started off just watching TV and then decided to go make good use of the snow and went and built a snowman in the back garden. Following on from this, we had a snowball fight and then returned indoors for lunch. Mike was feeling a bit less sort by now and I had an idea to help him recover properly. I used small amounts of snow and gently rubbed it into his balls. He said that this felt good so I continued. I obviously didn’t want to get them too cold but this was solved by the fact that the rubbing seemed to convince Mike that he might be ready to try doing a bit more. I treated him very gently (in a patronising sort of way) and gently stroked his cock, then started to kiss and lick the shaft, before finally sucking on the head and swirling my tongue around it.

He was even more convinced that he was ready to do things by this point, so we returned to bed and had a gentle lovemaking session. He was on top most of the time (good old missionary position) but we rolled around a bit in the middle and I had a turn on top before we returned to missionary – with my legs partly wrapped around him – to finish off. We checked the trains again and confirmed that I wasn’t going to be leaving York and spent a little while sorting through some of our porn collection (you’ve seen a number of the galleries that we sorted out).

Mike didn’t want to cum too many times (in case his balls started to hurt again), but was quite happy to satisfy my lust. He ended up using the long double dildo with one end in my ass and the other in my pussy (with tingle gel of course). We determined that the original position we used for this was the best (me on all fours) and he rocked the dildo between my ass and cunt while I held an egg against my clit. When I came, I asked him to leave the dildo buried ne me for a while and I practiced contracting myself around it (I’ve got fairly good at this now). They say that exercising these muscles leads to having stronger orgasms – I’m not sure if that is actually true, but Mike enjoys it when I squeeze myself around him so it’s a useful trick to have.

I debated on trying to meet up with some people, but it wasn’t the weather for going out and walking too far so just ended up calling some friends and chatting. Mike took this as a challenge to see how much stimulation I could take while in a conversation and he tried a number of different things. At first, he just fingered me, then rubbed my clit, used a vibe, fucked me (quietly) and then went down on me. I managed a whole conversation with Clare without letting on (I think) what was happening but I didn’t fare so well during my conversation with Jo. Of course, I was already pretty turned on from him toying with me during the previous conversation, but I think knowing that it was my cute fuzzy Jo on the other end of the line also helped a bit.

Mike started off by going down on me again and when I started to squirm about (I had kept my voice reasonably steady), he moved up beside me, rolled me onto my side and pushed his cock into me. I continued my conversation with Jo while he fucked me – all was going well until he reached around and started to rub my clit at the same time and then I realised that he was going to make me cum. A part of me wanted to bat his hand away but I also liked the idea of cumming while talking to Jo, so I pulled the foot of my upper leg towards me to spread my legs further and pushed back against his cock.

Mike knew well enough that this meant I wanted him to continue and he started to fuck me a bit harder. I knew that my breathing was getting a bit heavier so I told Jo that we had been outside building a huge snowman and having a snowball fight (which technically we had been – just a number of hours ago) and that I was still a bit out of breath. I concentrated really hard on listening to her and replying with short answers and couldn’t help picturing her there with us (with me being the one doing things to her). I let out a little yelp when I came, but then said that Mike had been tickling me. I let him continue to fuck me while we talked and he came in me after a minute or so and then he stayed pressed deep in me, listening to our chat.

He was still hard when I hung up (but not ready to do anything else), so I just enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside me. We discussed what I wanted to do with Jo (I’m sure you can imagine) and what it would be like to get Jen, Lis, Vicky and myself all doing things to her at the same time and making her cum over and over again. Jo was the subject of so many of my early lesbian fantasies (while Mike was still ‘training’ me to be bi) that she holds a special place in my fantasy world and I once again got fairly turned on. Mike suggested that if I wanted to use my imagination, he could just stroke my neck and we could take a while to give me my next orgasm. I quite liked this idea but we decided to have a toilet break and quick snack before we started.

Once refreshed, we returned to bed and Mike set up the laptop to display a slideshow of our pictures of Beth from Nubiles (who really reminds me of Jo). Mike sat against the headboard and put a pillow on his lap and I lay on the bed with my head on the pillow so I could see the laptop. At first I just relaxed and let him stroke my neck and then once it started to feel a bit better than just ‘nice’, I also started looking at the images of Beth. We rehashed one of the fantasies from years ago – Jo was sleeping over and things ended up developing so we made each other cum. Mike continually stroked and gently tickled my neck while we worked our way through the fantasy and while I pictured sliding my tongue between her pussy lips and hunting out her clit, I could feel the tingling building in my own pussy.

It takes quite a while for me to cum with just neck stroking and Mike kept telling me to stop squeezing my legs together or do anything that helped to stimulate myself. As my passion increased, he also gently teased my nipples with his other hand and it reached the stage where I couldn’t stop myself from opening and closing my legs. This is such a delicious way to cum – although it’s also torturous when I’m so close, but know that it’s still going to take a while to get to release. For the final part, we returned to the fantasy of Jen, Lis, Vicky and I all fucking Jo and driving her wild. I pictured her sweet naked body writing around as orgasm after orgasm tore through her and them imagines planting myself on her face and feeling her tongue explore my pussy. As my orgasm started, I imagined spreading her pussy lips and burying my tongue in her and I felt the warmth spread out from my pussy and engulf my body.

A ‘neck orgasm’ isn’t usually anywhere near as strong as some of the other ways to cum (direct clit stimulation, fingering, fucking...) but it can be very satisfying. It’s is usually much deeper – as if the feeling is rolling or pulsing throughout my whole body, emanating out from my pussy in waves. This orgasm felt just like that and I continued to imagine how Jo’s pussy felt and tasted and how her body would writhe under me as I made her cum. I really wanted to stroke myself, but the only (physical) stimulation I was allowed was Mike’s hands on my neck and nipples. I moaned a fair bit and as my orgasm tailed off, I felt an incredible sense of well-being and steeled back against Mike. My head was still in his lap and he was rubbing my hair against his cock. I mentioned that he had earlier said that he wasn’t ready to do anything more, but apparently in this age of equality, if a woman has the right to change her mind, so does a man. He said that my hair felt really nice so I suggested that he keep going for a while until I recovered, and if he happened to cum before I had recovered, then I would just end up with sticky hair (until we showered).

Mike gather up a bit more of my hair and wrapped it around his cock – I couldn’t really turn my head to watch, but could see out of the corner of my eye. We once again returned to the early fantasy – whenever I got to do thing with Jo (or any of my other friends), he also got to join in with us, so we continued with him joining us and sliding his cock into her wet pussy while she continued to eat me. It’s been quite a while since Mike has used my hair to cum, and he really enjoyed it. Before he actually came I said that I would help out if he wanted, but he opted to carry on as he was and came directly in my hair. He wiped his hand over my neck and across my body and untangled his cock from my hair. There wasn’t too much cum (he’d cum not too long before), but I needed to wash my hair so once we had relaxed for a while, we went to shower.

After a lazy dinner and realising that there was nothing good on TV, we decided to give Sue a call. We chatted for a bit but soon found out that her bf was with her, so it limited the conversation we could have somewhat. Or so I thought, but Mike ended up going down on me and getting me to describe to her what he was doing. Of course, she couldn’t say much in return, but she got to hear me cum and then Mike threatened to go straight into fucking me (but he was only teasing as he’d cum enough). He had a quick chat with her and when we had hung up, we joked that her bf was probably about to get lucky.

We didn’t do much for what was left of the evening and decided to get a reasonably early night. Other than having a tickling match, we didn’t do anything in bed and just curled up to keep warm while we fell asleep. The following morning, Mike woke up and mounted me and we had a fairly intense (but short) session before he went to work. I really wanted to just stay for the rest of the week, but needed to get back up north to pick up presents and things to take home for Christmas. As I said, Mike still had to go into work anyway, but it would have been a good chance for a couple of extra days holiday to meet up with friends. After checking the trains were running (sort of), I made my way to the station and waited for ages. Fortunately, they allowed me to use my ticket from Sunday’s cancelled train and I finally made it back by late afternoon. It then took me a fair while to get back to my place (which was freezing). I wasn’t at all tired that night as I had been dozing on the train, so ended staying up quite late chatting to Jen. I gave her a full description of our weekend and we couldn’t wait to see each other (it had been a couple of weeks).

We had lots of plans for our time together and I ended up talking her into playing with herself while I was on the phone (as you can probably imagine, it didn’t take much to convince Jen to want to cum). Of course, I didn’t make her do things by herself and I broke out a selection of toys and pleasured myself at the same time. Jen came before I did, but gave me a nice visual image to cum to by describing what she would do to Lis and Vicky if she was given the chance (when I actually came, she was describing sharing the long double dildo with Vicky while they both ate Lis – it wasn’t clear if Vicky was eating Lis’ pussy and Jen licking her ass, but I wasn’t really concerned about the details).

By the time we finished playing, I was ready for bed (well, I’d been *in* bed for a while, but I was ready for sleep). I said goodnight to Jen, had a quick chat with Mike and went to sleep alone. I didn’t feel as lonely as usual after returning from visiting one of them as it was a short week and I knew we would be spending the holiday together.

Monday, 21 February 2011

December Sex Party - Part 2

I'm still down with Jen and will be here for a couple more days (at least). As expected, she has been ensuring that everyone gets to 'see' me in various ways. I'm probably going to go to a lecture with her tomorrow and will hopefully get a chance to have some fun there...

Now back to the sex party...


With the fucking over, we were now the main attraction and I stopped playing with my breasts and lifted my skirt up. Mike had a better idea and lifted me up onto the counter top. He lifted my feet up and placed them either side of me so I was nice and exposed and then continued to finger me. He did this for a short while before bending forwards to eat me. He also put on a show while doing this, spreading my lips and alternating between licking up and down the length of my slit, pushing his tongue into me and sucking on my clit. I had a good few people watching me and so started to play with my nips again (it’s not as if they do *nothing* for me). I had already been pretty close, but when he started to really concentrate on my clit, I came very quickly. I didn’t try to hide how much I was enjoying my orgasm (but I also didn’t try to make any fake noises). When my orgasm ended, Mike wiped his face on my blouse and kissed me while he gave my (now very wet and still very exposed) pussy a rub.

After a few minutes I climbed down from the counter and we went to sit down for a while to recover. There was another couple on the sofa beside us making out, which evolved into her climbing on to his cock and riding him. We watched them fuck and when she climbed off, I got to see cum leaking from her pussy. I felt like I was constantly aroused (but being semi-naked and watching people getting off around me, I guess that’s not surprising). We heard cheering and so went back upstairs to see what was happening. There were two girls making out on the bed and I recognised one of them as the bi girl who likes to ‘convert’ a new girl at each party. She was kissing a pretty blonde girl who looked rather drunk, but was enthusiastically kissing her back). We were lucky that we went up when we did as the blonde girl is apparently quite popular and when word got round that it was her ‘turn’, lots of people came up to watch. She seemed fairly oblivious to this though and they continued to kiss. Bi girl removed blonde girl’s top and started to work on her breasts while her fingers went under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. The skirt came off next and blonde girl was now completely naked.

Bi girl didn’t waste any time and planted her face between blonde girl’s legs. A chant of ‘69’ started up and bi-girl pulled off her own skirt and panties and moved round so her pussy was above blonde girl’s face. She started to lick blonde girl again and then lowered her pussy onto blonde girl’s face. We were at the wrong end to see what was happening, but it was obvious from the cheer that blonde girl was reciprocating. We caught the occasional flash of blonde girl’s pussy whenever bi-girl moved her head out of the way (she had nicely shaved lips with a little landing strip). Bi girl really went to town and it looked like she was devouring blonde girl’s cunt – I was only watching and I could almost feel the tongue lashing in my own cunt. I wriggled my ass back against Mike and he reached round and toyed with my pussy.

As much as blonde girl seemed to be getting into the spirit of things, it was clear that bi-girl was more experienced as blonde girl was soon moaning away and then came. She stopped licking bi-girl when this happened, but she was told that she wasn’t getting away with doing that. A guy in the crowd was told to help out (we later found out that this is blonde girl’s boyfriend). Bi-girl sat at the head of the bed, leaning against the headboard and blonde girl was made to kneel on all fours. The guy helped manoeuvre her into position between bi-girl’s legs and then he knelt behind her and pushed his cock into her. Bi-girl pulled blonde girl’s head forwards onto her pussy and told her to lick (I think the exact phrase was ‘that’s right, eat me bitch’). She held blonde girls face against her pussy, but blonde girl didn’t seem to be objecting – her boyfriend was fucking her from behind (and clearly in heaven) and people started synchronised clapping. This got faster and he sped up his fucking but bi-girl was the first one to cum. She was quite vocal and kept telling blonde girl to lick harder or faster and finally let out a strangled moan. The guy was now pounding away at her cunt and he came soon after then quickly pulled out and let blonde girl roll onto her side. I’m fairly certain that she hadn’t cum again (admittedly it would have been hard to tell if she had, but he hadn’t fucker her for long and hadn’t done anything else to stimulate her). Bi-girl gave blonde girl a kiss and then gave the guy’s cock a quick suck. She made some comment about blonde girl tasting as good as she looked and then grabbed her clothes and left the room.

The guy ended u helping blonde girl up and gave her clothes back to her. I felt like I was on fire by this point and didn’t want to miss the opportunity of having so many people so I pulled my top off and sat down on the bed. Mike had been rubbing against my ass the whole time so I knew that he was more than ready. We clearly weren’t the only ones who had been affected by the display, but I intended to put on the best second round show. I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs, then changed my mind and pulled it off so I was naked (other than my socks – but I think that girls can get away with just wearing socks if they are long white ones). I told Mike to fuck me and he quickly slipped his trousers off and joined me on the bed. He knew that I didn’t need to warm up and more and lifted both my legs in the air before pushing into me. I immediately moved a hand down to my clit and started to rub myself (not too hard, but enough to feel good). Mike used long strokes on me (just like giant cock guy had in the kitchen) and rested my legs against his shoulders so I was quite exposed.

He then decided to change position and pulled out of me. He rolled me onto my side and knelt over my lower leg. He lifted my upper leg and pushed back into me (so we were sort of in a scissor position) and resumed his fucking. This position feels quite different from ‘normal’ fucking. It’s not bad and to be honest, he could have probably done anything to me at that point. After we had fucked for a bit, I started to rub my clit again. One of Mike’s hands was rubbing my ass and I then felt his thumb press against my asshole and work its way into me. I know that people noticed this, but I was too close to cumming to care. He fucked my ass with his thumb and fucked my cunt with his cock while I rubbed my clit, and I came. It was a really good orgasm, but didn’t last as long as I would have liked. He kept fucking me throughout my orgasm and continued when it faded. I could tell he intended to try to make me cum again before he did and I wasn’t going to object to this.

My clit was too sensitive for me to rub so I just had to enjoy the fucking for a while. I noticed that someone beside the bed had their cock out and was stroking it. I looked up at him and said that he could cum on my tits if he wanted. He didn’t need a second invitation and started to stroke himself faster. I watched what he was doing intently and it was sometime during this that my hands wandered back down to my pussy and started to play with myself again. I saw his cum squirt out of his cock and felt the warm liquid splatter on my breasts. He only managed two or three squirts, but I had achieved one of my aims for the night (and a part of one of my all time fantasies). I wanted to rub his cum over my body, but I was still using my hands on my clit and I was quite wary about getting any cum down there (other than Mike’s of course). I asked if anyone else wanted to cum on me and found another volunteer. I think he wanted me to jerk him off but I didn’t make any moves to touch him and just encouraged him to cum on me. He took a hold of my cock and started to rub himself.

I told him (and Mike – and everyone left watching) that I was going to cum again. Mike sped up his fucking and I rubbed my clit faster while telling the guy jacking off to hurry up and cover my tits with his cum and how I wanted to feel it running down over them. He came first and I was treated to a second load of cum (again, not a great deal, but I assume both of them had already cum that night). I was pretty close now and decided that I only really needed one hand for my clit, so I lifted my right hand and rubbed the cum into my body and tweaked my nipples. I was very turned on and pulled a lot harder than I would usually enjoy – almost (but not quite) the way Jen likes it. I let out a series of ‘oh fuck’s and then a loud ‘I’m cumming’. Mike pounded into me and pushed his thumb deeper into my ass (well, as deep as he could get it). My orgasm tore through me and I let myself thrash around on the bed a bit. Mike fucked me through my orgasm again but came pretty soon after I had finished (which is probably just as well as I couldn’t have managed a third orgasm).

Mike pulled out of me (both holes) and I rolled onto my back feeling very satisfied but as if both my cunt and ass were gaping open (they weren’t). I made sure to remember not to use my right hand to touch my pussy and gave it a gentle rub as a bit of Mike’s cum leaked out. My back was lying on another wet patch (probably from blonde girl) and I lay with my knees raised in the air gently toying with myself while I caught my breath. Mike slipped his trousers back on and handed me my blouse to wipe myself off with. I quite liked the idea of going home with a multiple cum-stained top, so I used it and then slipped my skirt back on. I decided to remain topless (I wasn’t the only one – and when we went back down I saw another girl completely naked).

I thought that I definitely deserved another drink (and another rest), so we went back to just watching others and chatting. |Even though we’d been there before and I loved what we were doing, it was still odd to be able to openly talk to the people who had just watch us or whom we’d seen doing things, but I didn’t worry about it. The first time we attended the party, I didn’t know who was dating whom so I hadn’t realised, but between what we’d seen this time and what we were told, I realised that a lot more swapping of partners goes on than I had first thought. T now made a bit more sense why we saw the same guys sometimes using condoms and sometimes not (although some always used them). While we were talking, I could feel little bits of Mike’s cum dribbling down my legs and commented on how I loved the feeling of this (at which people just laughed). We saw giant cock guy heading upstairs with a girl and decided to go and see if anything was about to happen.

They ended up on the bed and he pulled his cock out from his trousers. The girl lay back and spread her legs and told him to fill her. He lay on top of her and worked his cock into her and they started fucking. He got a fair amount of his cock into her and started pumping away before lifting both her legs up to her shoulders and lying on top of them. Because he wasn’t pressed tight against her, we had a pretty good view of him sliding in and out of her and she seemed to be really enjoying it. She got quite loud and told him to fuck her deep (I don’t think there was much danger of him doing anything other than this). Mike once again started to gently stroke my pussy and it felt nice, but I’d cum 5 times in a couple of hours and wasn’t quite ready for another round yet.

Another couple joined us and we watched giant cock guy fuck the girl. He came first, but not by much and he rubbed the girl’s clit until she came. I still wasn’t ready to cum again, but wanted to at least get ready and so unsnapped my skirt and let it slide down my legs so I was once again wearing only my socks. I somehow felt less conspicuous like this than I had with just my skirt on (I have no idea why). With the show over, we headed back downstairs and spent a while sitting on the sofa kissing. Mike ended up going down on me again (he knelt on the floor between my legs). He got me very close, but didn’t let me cum. This meant that for the next 20 minutes or so, whenever he played with me, I was more than willing to comply (but still didn’t get to cum). I wasn’t being kept on the edge of orgasm so it wasn’t like I became desperate, but was certainly very aroused.

I was wondering if he had anything special planned (but I was happy to just wait and see so I didn’t ask). It turned out that he didn’t, but when we saw another couple head upstairs, we followed them and joined them on the bed. Mike ended up sitting against the headboard and I mounted his cock while facing away from him. I bounced up and down and Mike alternated between playing with my nipples and my clit. I ended up slamming up and down on his cock while we watched the other couple play and then fuck. Mike said I wasn’t allowed to cum until I had made him cum and I said that wasn’t fair, but he assured me that he wouldn’t hold back. I quite liked the idea of having him just enjoy what I was doing and I really fucked him, bouncing and squeezing away. It didn’t take too long before I could hear that he was getting close and he started to play with my clit again. We put on a fairly good show which seemed to encourage our bedmates and when Mike moaned and started to cum in me, he rubbed my clit until I came. This wasn’t anywhere near as strong an orgasm as the previous one (but hey, even a weaker orgasm feels good). When I climbed off him by legs were aching so we stayed on the bed for a while to relax.

When we finally went back downstairs, a couple of people had already left, but there were still plenty of people around. We had really gone for long enough (I’d cum six times and Mike three), but I didn’t want to leave just yet – coupled with the fact that it was still snowing outside and I thought it would be sensible to see if it eased off (it didn’t). As had happened at the previous party, the action died down near the end (I assume everyone was just as fucked out as we were), but there were a few people still making out and playing with each other. We watched a couple of girls (bi-girl and her girlfriend) who were kissing while she fingered her. Of course, Mike wasn’t the only guy who was interested in this – but at least in this case they had a chance of getting to fuck at least one of them (we never found out if her girlfriend was bi or gay). By the time she came, Mike’s hand was rubbing between my ass cheeks and I asked him if he wanted to do anything more, to which he replied yes.

Friday, 18 February 2011

December Sex Party - Part 1

I'm off to visit Jen - I still haven't decided when I'm coming back - probably Tuesday or Wednesday - either way, we'll have a decent amount of time together to have fun. I hope people like my latest gallery - if she was just wearing a blouse and lost the belt and chain it would be the perfect school uniform. Not that I'm complaining - I can't even remember the number of times that we've cum to these pictures...


We’re up to mid-December now – and another exciting weekend. As I’ve said before, I would give almost anything to be living with Mike and/or Jen all the time, but the one good thing about our current lifestyle is that we tend to make the most of the available time we have together. Of course, even if I was still in York we’re sure that we would enjoy the sex parties, but we think that it just intensifies the whole experience.

I left work a little early on the Friday and headed down – the trains were still being delayed by the snow, but my journey wasn’t too bad once I got onboard. I’d had quite a hectic week at work so ended up just sleeping for most of the journey (and I had jeans on because of the cold, so I couldn’t have done very much anyway). I was a bit groggy when I arrived, but Mike was at the station to meet me and we headed out to meet up with people. There was a smaller crowd than usual (lots of people had colds), but as always, it was good to have the chance to catch up. A couple of people who know my schedule asked why I was back so soon and we made up and excuse about Jen having to finish off a big project before the end of term (which they seemed to believe). We stayed out until closing time and then split up and headed home.

Between the cold, the alcohol and tiredness, I didn’t have a lot of energy, but I still didn’t want to waste the opportunity so asked Mike if we could just spoon (so I didn’t have to do too much work). He was happy enough to do this and once we were in bed, he snuggled up behind me, reached down to part my lips and slid into me. He said that even though my skin felt cold, my pussy was still nice and warm, but he would see would he could do to generate some extra heat anyway. We gently fucked and his hands stroked all over my body – not quickly, but firmly enough that it helped. Of course, he spent more time ‘warming up’ my breasts and pussy and as I got more turned on, the cold disappeared. He sped up his movements in me and when I got close to cumming, he stroked my neck while I played with my clit. As I started to cum, he really sped up the fucking and continued until he came (about another minute). He kept stroking my neck throughout this but I stopped playing with my clit as my orgasm faded. Mike emptied his load in me and stayed pressed deep inside me until he started to go soft and fell out. We didn’t go for a second round and just chatted until we dozed off.

Mike woke me in the morning with a vibe. He rubbed it around my pussy and when I spread my legs, pushed it into me. This was joined by an egg, which he ran over my nipples, coaxing them into life. While he played with me, we discussed what sort of things we wanted to try out that night at the party. I was already imagining that we were there and everyone was watching me cum and this greatly helped things along. I grabbed Mike’s hand and started pumping the vibe into me faster, alternating between doing this and holding it so the clit attachment could do its work. Mike asked if I wanted to cum just once and I told him not to worry, I had plenty of energy to take care of him. Encouraged by this, he let go of the vibe completely and said I should practice putting on a show. I was too close to do very much, but I lifted my legs up and fucked myself and as I came, I pushed the vibe the whole way in and stirred around my cunt with it.

Mike really liked the view and when I pulled the vibe out, he wondered while hole he was going to use. His cock bumped against my ass a couple of times before sliding into my pussy (I was a bit surprised as I had just assumed he was going to fuck my ass). I had to ask him to go gently at first as I had just cum, so he moved very slowly, but deliberately in me. As I became less sensitive, I contracted myself around him and told him that he could go a bit faster (which he did). He held both my legs up in the air and suggested that we use that position at the party. Mike really likes it as when my legs are together, it makes me feel tighter (but it’s harder to get to my clit for additional stimulation). We overcame this problem by getting the egg into position and him holding it in place while we fucked (which meant both my legs ended up being held against his left shoulder). I hadn’t expected to cum again so quickly, but Mike kept fucking me for quite a while before he was ready to cum and the fucking, egg and imagination had got me going so I managed my second orgasm (before his first one).

Once we were both satisfied, we headed down to make breakfast and then returned to bed to eat it. It clearly wasn’t a day for going out and we were a bit nervous about the party being cancelled, so called our sponsors to check it was still on. They assured us that as long as we could get there, people would be having sex so we said we would see them later and snuggled up again under the covers. It was definitely a day to be spent in bed, but we didn’t want to tire ourselves out so ended up spooning (not fucking) and drifted off to sleep again.

We woke up later and made lunch (which we ate in bed while watching a film). We had decided to spend the whole day naked (until we went out anyway – and even then there would be some additional nudity once we got to the party). I didn’t feel at all nervous about it this time, just very excited. It was clear how worked up I was getting and I didn’t know if I wanted to cum again before we went or save it up. I didn’t want to tire myself out, but I also didn’t want to be so worked up that I had a huge orgasm at the beginning and wiped myself out early on. In the end, we decided that the best thing would be for Mike to go down on me to keep me satisfied in a way that didn’t take much energy. He made me cum, but didn’t tease or try to make it last and it certainly stopped me feeling so restless.

We dozed once more and woke in the late afternoon. After preparing a light dinner, we returned to bed once again (still naked) and watched another film. It was getting close to the time we had to start getting ready so we finally left the bed and went to shower. While we showered, I shaved my legs and Mike did my pussy. I then helped to trim his pubic hair (not shave). Once we had dried off, it was time to get dressed. I had already decided that this time I was going to go for the full schoolgirl look (I had considered bringing the Japanese outfit with me, but thought that might be a bit much for my first fancy dress). I chose my best red pleated tartan skirt, long white socks, white blouse (and plain bra) and white cotton panties. I debated wearing my lacy see though pair, but knew that they would be coming off anyway. After a bit of thought, I went for bunches to complete the look. Mike wore a t-shirt and a pair of trousers (easier to slip off than jeans).

We were still a bit early so Mike decided that we pass the time by watching some of our favourite videos. He had also found some new (to us) videos of Pavlina and we watched her play with herself, be fucked and play with another girl. This was probably not the best thing for me to watch as I felt rather moist by the end of it (not helped by Mike stroking my panties). I didn’t let him get away with it though and I had been stroking the front of his trousers along the length of his hard cock. We decided that we should head off before we ended up fucking (and it was clearly going to take us a while to get there through the snow). I slipped a pair of jeans on under my skirt and we both wore heavy pairs of shoes (I took another more suitable pair for the party in a bag). As expected, it did take us quite a while to get there – nearly falling a number of times – but we arrived not too long after it started.

There were a few people already there, some of whom we recognised from the last time. After shedding our coats (and shoes in my case), we chatted to people. While talking, I undid my jeans and pulled them off, before putting on my ‘school’ shoes and I was complimented on my outfit. Even though there wasn’t really anything going on, Mike ran his hand up my leg and onto my panties, giving me a little rub in front of everyone before saying that this was one of my favourite looks. In a way, it actually felt more exciting just being touched like this while nobody else was doing anything. We didn’t do anything more though and waited until a few more people had turned up and started to make out. We found a space on a sofa (which was easier this time as there were fewer people) and started to kiss. Mike half undid my top and started to play with a breast (still with my bra on) and then moved his hand down to my legs and up the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs for him and his fingers found my panties and started to rub me.

I was too worked up to worry about any of the things we had planned and I pressed his hand against my crotch and moaned at him to make me cum. He tried to work a finger under the legband, but couldn’t manage it in the position we were in, so he just pushed his hand down the front of my panties. I turned towards him and lifted the foot of my top leg so it was resting on the other knee. This gave a clear view of my panties to everyone and I heard a comment about us getting started early. I obviously didn’t care and when Mike started to kiss my neck as well I cared even less. His fingers were strumming back and forth over my clit and I started to pant as my orgasm built. Mike didn’t let up and I came quite quickly but concentrated on staying in the position I was in. I think I moaned a fair bit while I came and then slumped back onto the sofa while Mike withdrew his hand and offered it to me to suck clean (which of course I did). I was happy with the start to the evening but already wanted more. In order to pace myself, I decided that we should see what everyone else was up to.

Nobody downstairs was quite at the point of cumming, but we drank a bit and watched others kissing and fondling. A little later, a girl sucked a guy off and then jacked him until he came over her breasts. We had been distracted by this and heard some people upstairs so went up to see what was happening. In one of the bedrooms, there was a couple fucking and Mike said that it was time to join the fun. I lay across the bed, on the opposite side to the other girl and Mike pulled my panties off. He knelt on the floor and ate me briefly before undoing his trousers, pulling his boxers down and pushing into me. It didn’t feel right with my top half covered, so while we fucked, I undid my blouse and pulled my breasts free. The other couple finished up before we really got going (at least the guy did, I’m not sure if the girl came). Fortunately, a couple of other people came in and stood watching us (being watched *was* the whole point of the party). Mike made sure that my skirt was flipped up out of the way and he repeatedly ploughed into my cunt while rubbing my clit. I came and wriggled around on the bed (only hamming it up a little bit) and then Mike pulled out of me and stroked his cock a couple of times before shooting his cum over me. I ended up with my blouse, skirt and thighs somewhat wet and had to wait for him to go get some tissues to dry myself off (still with our audience watching).

Once I had dried myself off, we went back downstairs to see what was happening. Mike pocketed my panties but this didn’t make any real difference as I knew I intended to be naked before the night was over. A couple more people had turned up and there was a guy on the sofa with two girls licking him. Mike commented on how he missed having Sue to play with and wondered if she would have enjoyed coming along to perform a threesome in front of everyone. This was a rather intriguing idea (but one we now can’t do) and I told him that he would have to make do with just me from now on (or until she split up with bf). We watched until the guy came (he was wearing a condom so no cum shot this time) and the girls kissed each other briefly (but only in a ‘playing lesbian’ sort of way – I doubt that they are actually gay/bi).

We went to the kitchen to get another drink and we found giant cock guy being sucked off by another girl. She was a fairly small girl and I was quite curious if she could take his cock, so we hung around to watch. He got her to stand up and lean against the counter, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and rubbed himself against her pussy. He put a condom on, spread her ass cheeks and then her pussy before positioning his cock and pushing in to her. Despite her pussy looking so small, she didn’t seem to mind as it stretched around his cock and he pushed deeper into her. He didn’t get all the way in, but was buried a good way and she certainly seemed to be enjoying it with little moans and gasps coming from her. She had a really cute and tight little ass which I was tempted to get down and take a bit from, but I was enjoying Mike’s fingers which were toying with my pussy under my skirt.

Giant cock guy seemed to understand that just pounding away isn’t always the best (but it has its moments) and was using long slow strokes into her. It was amazing watching her cunt lips being pushed into her and then pulled out as he moved and I had to hold on to Mike as his fingers alternated between pumping into me and rubbing my clit. We weren’t the only people watching, so I lifted my skirt to see what Mike was doing (and let anyone else who was interested see). He unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra before pulling my breasts free (he had to stop fingering me to do this – he can rarely do a bra with one hand). I pointed out that he would need to hurry up (younger people tend to cum quicker) and he resumed fingering me. I rested against the counter on one side and kept hanging on to him with one arm while using the other to tease my nipples. (Of course, you know that my nips aren’t incredibly sensitive, but I was putting on a show). Mike concentrated on my clit mostly, but occasionally finger fucked me and we watched as the girl being fucked played with her own clit (not that we could actually see this, but we could see her hand moving between her legs). I concentrated on watching giant cock guy’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

I was really enjoying the view, but as expected, they didn’t last too long. The guy came first and pushed into her (still not much more than halfway, but I think he was in as far as he could get). The girl asked him to stay in her and she kept playing with herself until she came. While she was doing this, the guy pulled her top up and started to play with her breasts – despite her size, her breasts were reasonably large (probably a C or D) and hung down quite a bit. It looked like he was being quite rough with them, but she didn’t complain (I think that Jen would have enjoyed what he was doing – minus the giant cock in her cunt of course). The girl didn’t take too long to cum and even though she looked quite flushed, she didn’t make any noise (apart from heavy breathing). Once she had finished, the guy pulled out of her and disposed of his condom. I couldn’t help but think of the wasted cum – it would have been so much hotter to watch his cum drip out of her and run down her legs, but I know they were just being sensible.


Next time - more voyeurism and some cumshot fun.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How to pass the time when snowed in

I'm going to have an extended visit to Jen next weekend (I haven't figured out quite how long I'll be staying for yet). For now though, here is the end of the weekend I started writing about in the last entry...


Mike requested that I put the Japanese schoolgirl uniform on so I dug it out of the wardrobe and disappeared into the bathroom (I think it is more effective if I can appear with it all on rather than letting someone watch as I get dressed). I did the full thing and also put my hair up into bunches. Mike was waiting naked in bed for me and he seemed to appreciate the effort I had gone to. The only think I had left off was the shoes (but then we were indoors and I’m informed that the Japanese are very particular about not wearing outdoor shoes indoors anyway, so I guess I was doing it right). I climbed up onto the bed and straddled Mike, lifted my skirt and rubbed my panties against his cock. We kissed and he caressed my outer thighs – helping to guide my movement – and then pushed his hands into my panties and onto my ass.

We rolled around for a bit and I ended up with one of his legs between mine (which I used to hump against). I could feel his cock pressed against my leg and he was moving against me so I told him that we should do things properly and just fuck. Mike moved down between my legs - my skirt was already up around my waist so he just pulled the crotch of my panties aside and pushed into me. I quite like being fucked with my panties on (which is odd as I generally don’t like wearing them). He lifted my legs up and held them against his shoulders (he really likes this position when I’ve got my long white socks on) and started off using long steady strokes into me. At first he just fucked me but after a while, he lowered one leg and rubbed my clit. I assumed from this that he was really enjoying it (he knew that this would make me cum fairly quickly and therefore he must have wanted to cum fairly quickly). I rocked my body back and forth against his strokes and helped to hold my panties out of the way so he could get better contact with my clit. This worked very well and I told him that I was getting really close.

He told me to hang on for as long as I could and I did everything I could think of to keep myself from cumming (and even half planned a new experiment in the process). I couldn’t hold back forever though (not even experimental design was dull enough to stop the sensations his cock and fingers were giving me) and I let him know that I was about to lose the battle. Mike sped up his movements and said that I’d done pretty well and he was having trouble holding back anyway. I told him to unload in me and fill my cunt with his cum and I let all thoughts of science leave my head and once again concentrated on the pleasure. I was actually closer than I had realised and my orgasm very quickly built up and exploded through me. Mike kept telling me to keep going for as long as I could, but he didn’t cum until a little after I had finished. He jammed his cock hard into me a number of times and each time I felt my pussy almost pulse around him. He ended up buried in me, not moving and then finally let me other leg drop.

When he pulled out, he quickly pulled my panties back over my pussy and while we kissed, I could feel them getting damp (but I was a bit distracted by the fact that his cock was still pressing against them). After we had kissed for a while (some of which was him kissing my neck and getting me nice and aroused again), I asked if we wanted another round (he was still hard), but he said he needed a bit longer to recover. He figured that I was ready though and fished out one of the remote control eggs. Between us, we worked it into my panties and positioned it against my clit. Mike pressed himself against me to help hold it in place and he resumed kissing my neck while it buzzed away. We had to push it back into place a couple of times, but it stayed in place remarkable well otherwise and between it and my neck being kissed, it was a very enjoyable experience. We only used the low power setting, which wouldn’t have been enough to make me cum by itself, but it felt like I could feel the buzzing spreading up and the neck kissing/licking spreading down.

Even with the egg, it took quite a while and I ended up lying across the bed with my head over the edge. This obviously made it easier for Mike to kiss and stroke my beck, but also increases the amount of blood in the head, which is meant to make orgasms feel better (I say *meant to* because I’m not entirely sure I can tell the difference, but my orgasms are quite variable in intensity, depth and length anyway so it’s difficult to tell). This orgasm certainly felt very good though (but I attribute that to the double stimulation and the long build up). Mike was lying beside me when I came so the egg wasn’t pressed hard against my clit (and when I tried to push it against myself, I was told to leave it alone). My orgasm seemed to fill my body and rolled along for what felt like a long time (probably due to the relatively gentle stimulation). Even when I finished cumming, the vibration of the egg still felt nice against my clit. Mike kept kissing and stroking my neck in the hope that I would cum again – and I enjoyed what he did, but after another few minutes it was clear that I wasn’t about to become multi-orgasmic, so we stopped and I fished the egg out of my panties.

By this time, Mike was more than ready for some fun and I went down on him while I let my pussy have a break. I took about half his cock in my mouth and bobbed up and down, then flicked my tongue over his glans and then swirled it around the head. Mike said that he wanted to cum in me and I thought that I was probably ready (if a bit tired). He wanted to take me from behind again so I knelt on the bed and he pulled up my skirt. My panties were pulled down slightly (to mid-thigh level) and he pushed into me. Mike really likes this position when I’m in uniform (especially the Japanese one) as he loves the view he has of his cock sliding into me with the white panties, white socks and pleated skirt. He described the view to me down to how my cunt grasped at him as he pulled out and I decided that I probably had enough energy left in me for another orgasm after all. I picked up the egg and rubbed it against my clit and around his cock and he fucked me. This time we worked really hard to cum at the same time (although Mike still made things last). When I was getting close, we gave a running count of how close we thought we were to cumming and would slow down or speed up to compensate. After a couple of false starts, we pretty much nailed it.

I actually think it’s better when Mike cums a few seconds after me as he can then keep fucking me for longer, but this was still nice. I came and he followed almost immediately. He pushed hard into me and managed to still move a little bit, but mostly it was the egg that did the work at this point. My orgasm wasn’t anywhere near as deep this time, but Mike seemed to enjoy his one and when he pulled out, asked me to stay in the kneeling position for a minute so he could admire the view. A little cum trickled out and ran down my leg, but nothing like the previous time. I reached back with both hands and spread my lips for him and he asked if I wanted him to use a vibe on me. As much as I love dressing up and being in such an exposed position, I’d had enough for that night so we decided to just relax and watch a film until we fell asleep.

I was going to get undressed but Mike wanted me to leave the uniform on. This had a somewhat strange effect as even though he knew he wasn’t capable of anything more, he was still hard and kept stroking my legs and panties. After a while, I asked if he wanted to do anything else, but he said he didn’t think he could cum again, but could make me cum if I wanted. I briefly debated letting him go down on me or finger me, but decided that I’d actually cum enough and felt fairly satisfied. We decided to compromise and I hiked up my skirt, pulled my (somewhat soggy) panties aside and Mike pushed into me. We then fell asleep spooning – at one point I thought we were about to launch into a proper session, but nothing came of it.

I got up to pee in the night and decided to prepare a surprise for Mike (I washed his cum out of my pussy and put on a fresh pair of panties before returning to bed). This meant that when he woke in the morning and slipped down between my legs (and up under my skirt), there was a clean pussy waiting for his mouth. He made good use of this and I had a proper wake up orgasm (I was awake before he started, but I was even more awake by the end). After a short recovery period, Mike peeled my panties off and said I could choose the position. I decided to go on top but also wanted to watch so I moved a mirror to the end of the bed and mounted him, facing away from him. I hadn’t really considered that this gave him the same view as when he took me from behind, but he likes that anyway – I just wanted to see what the image was like of me fucking as a Japanese schoolgirl. I started with the skirt down, spread around me and then lifted it so I could watch my cunt swallowing his cock. His fingers rubbed over my ass and then one pressed into me so I decided to complete the tri and played with my clit. I came first by quite a long way and then Mike took over and pumped into me. I was quite sensitive from my orgasm, but I enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me, getting faster as he got closer to cumming.

When we finally got up, it was clear that the uniform would need a serious wash, but we had used it for almost 12 hours and fucked a number of times. I ended up wearing it while we went into the shower and then Mike slowly peeled the wet items off me, leaving me with just the socks on. He really wanted to use the shower on me, but the water pressure is nothing like in York (or at Jen’s place), so he ended up eating me again while I stood with my back to the wall and the shower running over me. By the time I’d cum (third one of the day), I needed breakfast, so I peeled off the wet socks, dried myself off and we went to eat (food).

The snow was still quite bad so we ended up heading into town early (so Mike didn’t miss his train). Of course, this was delayed, so we spent quite a long time just sitting in Starbucks, going for lunch, then back to another coffee place (it was too cold to be out for long). Once Mike finally left, I had the task of getting home alone (buses were mostly cancelled or delayed), but I made it back and once again dived under the covers to warm up. I called Jen and told her about the weekend and we lamented the fact that we weren’t going to see each other for another couple of weeks. She had generously let me go to York the following weekend for another sex party (but then again, Mike had paid for her to come up and visit during my viva weekend). She promised that we would have another play with the Japanese outfits over Christmas and we ended up having phone sex (just so she didn’t feel left out).

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Uses for snow

The start of December was meant to be lots of fun – Lis was finally going to come up and visit and I had all sorts of things planned (most – if not all – of which would never have actually happened), but due to the travel disruption caused by the snow, she couldn’t get up (well, she probably could have, but we didn’t know how long it would take so we postponed the visit).

The one really good thing I did during this period was to start self defence classes. Given some of the situations I (or we) put ourselves in, I appreciate that we’ve been fairly lucky so far in that nothing bad has happened. I doubt I’m ever going to be able to fight off a group of attackers so do much damage to anyone who knows what they are doing, but even just in the last few months I feel that I’ve learned enough to ‘dissuade’ someone from trying to hurt/rape us. Of course, the more sensible option (which we’re going to take) is to try to make sure that we aren’t in as many risky situations – but we still intend to have fun so don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more to write about (I hope).

Mike came up to see me the following weekend and brought up some of my toys from York. I was planning ahead and had a selection of things for him to take back so that we had them for when Jen would be there after Christmas (but I obviously didn’t want to be bereft of things to use throughout December). He didn’t get here until quite late (the trains were still being disrupted due to the wrong kind of snow). I had gone out with friends from work and then gone home a little bit before he got there. He hadn’t eaten, so I prepared a quick meal for him and met him at the front door wearing just a small apron (this was a rather poorly thought through idea as it was freezing outside and his clothes were also freezing when he hugged me. Once the door was shut, he got his coat off and we headed back into the kitchen it was a bit better though. He demonstrated just how cold it was outside (as if I didn’t know) by eating me while I leant against the kitchen cabinets. Of course, having my pussy glued to his face also helped to warm his face up, but in the meantime, his cold skin added something to the experience. I thought he was just going to give me a little lick, but he kept going, holding me against his face (as if I was going to move away) and it didn’t take too long for me to cum.

He then stood up and kissed me so I could taste my juices and then (despite his obviously hard cock), he said that he needed some food before we went any further. I let him eat and we chatted while he did this. As he neared the end of dinner, I started to rub his jeans with my foot and felt his cock harden again. I thought it was only fair to get him off and so once his jeans had been removed, I first sucked him, then positioned myself over him and slid down onto his cock. I rode up and down, enjoying the feeling of him filling me and when he said that my cunt felt so hot, I had an idea. I told him to wait on the bed and I went to the front door with a bowl. I carefully stepped out (still naked) and scooped up a pile of fresh snow. I ran back into the room and rubbed a bit of it on his cock. After repeating this a couple of times, I quickly mounted him again and I could feel them temperature difference. Of course, it made me cunt feel a lot warmer to him as well and we decided to see how far we could go with this.

After dismounting him again, I retrieved a towel for him to lie on and took his cock in my mouth. I then scooped up a much larger amount of snow and held it around his cock – only for about 10 seconds as it got too cold for him after that. I mounted him again and he said that my cunt now felt like it was on fire (and his cock certainly felt very cold inside me – until it warmed up again that is). We repeated this a few times, making sure not to keep the snow in place for too long (I didn’t want him getting frostbite). We both really enjoyed the feeling when he slid into me and I tried contracting myself around him to enhance the sensation. After about 5 or 6 rounds of this, a lot of the snow had melted and Mike said that he couldn’t take much more and wanted to fuck me. I squeezed my cunt around him again and told him to do his best.

I was pulled down on top of him, he grabbed my ass and pounded into me. I got a running description of how much he loved the way my cunt felt (even more so when I squeeze) and how he was going to fill me with his cum. I wanted to cum again but wasn’t getting quite enough stimulation in the position we were in, but told him to go ahead and empty himself inside me. He pulled me against him even harder and came with a loud moan. Had hoped that he would keep going for a little bit and I might have been able to cum, but apparently the sensation was too strong and he just held me against him while I tried to milk him try by contracting around him. Even when he stopped pulling me to him, I stayed speared on his cock for a while before we rolled over (so he was on top). He lifted my legs up and told me to hold them in place (which I did) and he pulled out of me. He then went down on me, holding my pussy lips wide apart and concentrating his licking on my clit.

It was very messy licking – I could feel his saliva on me, but this was intentional. He licked away and drooled into me until I came (it didn’t take long as I had also been enjoying the ride) and continued to lick (but more gently) until my orgasm had finished. I was told to hold my pussy and stand up and when I did, a flood of saliva and cum ran down my legs. He said that he knew he had cum a fair amount in me, but had wanted to get as much liquid in me as possible (hence the way he licked me), and I caught as much of it as possible and rubbed it around my thighs and pussy. Even though I’d just cum, I grabbed a dildo, sat on a chair and fucked myself with it, to the accompaniment of lots of wet squelching sounds. I hadn’t intended to go all the way, but Mike knelt beside me and rubbed my clit so I thought I may as well and fucked myself to my third orgasm of the evening. By the time I finished, the chair was somewhat wet and I was pretty tired. Mike was still hard (or hard again – I hadn’t really been paying attention).

We climbed back into bed and I told him that while I was spent, he was free to use me if he wished. He pushed back into my cunt and moved gently, but said that he would save up the next batch for the morning fuck, so we fell asleep with his cock pressed deep inside me and continuing to slowly pump in and out of me.

As he had promised, I woke the following morning with his cock rubbing against my ass. I needed to pee before we did anything, so we went and brushed our teeth at the same time (it’s not as if he hasn’t seen me pee before – or even seen me pee on Jen!). When we returned to bed, we resumed the spooning position, and got started, but then switched to me kneeling and him taking me doggy style. He would usually rub my clit in this position, but I used an egg on myself and he used a second egg on my ass – pressing it against the asshole. It was an enjoyable experience and because Mike didn’t have to try to lean around me to get to my clit, he could move much more freely and give me a good fucking. We managed to get up a good enough rhythm to get the bed knocking on the wall. As we got close to cumming (we were trying to cum together), Mike stopped using the egg on my ass so he could use both hands to spread my cheeks and get that little bit deeper in me. We don’t know if this actually works, but it certainly *feels* like it does (both for him and me).

He used long strokes, the end of his cock just about bumping my cervix (note to guys – you don’t want to actually hit it as it damn hurts!). I had the egg on my clit on high by this point and was rocketing towards cumming myself (and making enough noise that he knew that). We think we came at about the same time – I certainly felt him jam his cock the whole way in as my orgasm started, but he was able to still move a little bit as well. I moaned into the pillow and Mike made a couple of long strokes into me, slamming against my ass and them pressed a finger slightly into my asshole and wiggled it around. I felt like I could have kept cumming, but I dropped the egg (for some reason it was wet and slippery – no idea why that would be!). I rubbed myself a little, but my orgasm started to fade and I just panted as to how good it had felt.

When Mike pulled out, I felt some if his cum dribble out and down my leg (but nowhere near as much as the previous night), and I fell /rolled sideways onto the bed. Mike rested for a bit before going to prepare breakfast. He returned 5-10 minutes later with a tray of food and coffee. I was lying on my side with my top leg drawn up and he stood to appreciate the view (this is one of his favourite positions – we have lots of pics of girls in similar positions). I watched his cock rise to attention again (apparently the cum leaking out of my pussy was a nice additional touch).

When he came over to me, I sat up and gave his cock a little lick, then stole some of the marmalade from the toast and rubbed it on the end of his cock before sucking it off. I would have happily gone straight into round 2, but I sometimes forget that Mike doesn’t recover as fast as I do (except sometimes when he seems to somehow manage to do so). We had breakfast and I gave him a couple more licks, then we moved into the bathroom.

Round 2 consisted of me leaning against the wall (facing it) and Mike taking me from behind while reaching around to rub my clit. At one point he slipped out of me and when he went to push himself back in, he ended up at my ass. I wasn’t bothered (both feel good) so I pushed back against him and he slowly entered me. My ass is obviously much tighter and while we fucked, Mike commented on how nice it felt and teased me about my flabby pussy. I knew that my pussy is still relatively tight (despite the amount of use it gets) so I retorted that if that was how he felt, then he wouldn’t be allowed to use it in future. He told me that I wouldn’t survive if I wasn’t regularly fucked and I pointed out that I had Jen to take care of me, but he said that I would still miss having his cock buried in me (he’s right, a dildo just isn’t the same). In the end he relented and said that my cunt was still nice and tight, but that he was now about to unload in my ass. He had been frigging my clit the whole way through this conversation and I was fairly close as well so I told him to wait for a bit, but it turned out that I was closer than he was anyway. He made me cum first as he loved the feeling of me cumming when he is buried in my ass and it wasn’t until I had finished that he came.

With the shower out of the way, we had to decide what to do that day. It was too cold out to play around, so I decided to wear a pair of jeans for a change (I thought I’d done quite well at making it this far into winter before giving up my skirts). We wrapped up and took a walk into town (waiting for the bus was rather pointless as they kept being cancelled). By the time we got there, we were rather cold and a bit tired so we went for a coffee and cake to recover. With this out of the way, we wandered round the shops and did a bit more Christmas shopping. After a while (and picking up some food for that night), we went home and warmed up under the covers (just warmed up at this point). Once we had warmed up though, we thought that we should make use of the fact that we were already in the bedroom.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hardcore club and masturbation - Part 2

Now for the second part - we had just arrived at the club and I was admiring Julia's outfit. I was just dressed in semi-opaque tights and a lacy top (so pretty exposed) and expecting great things from the evening...


Having been here before, I knew what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed when I saw people dancing topless and various people in the side rooms making out and getting off. Jen said that my outfit looked a little too pristine and she took a nail file from her purse and dragged it across my left thigh – putting a large ladder in my tights which she then pulled to make a small hole. I hadn’t been expecting this, but it didn’t really make much of a difference as the club was quite dark. I laughed when I turned around and saw Julia – her white panties were fluorescing under the UV light and it was now *really* obvious how short her skirt was.

We danced for a while and at random times, other holes – some small and some fairly large, were pull in my tights, including one on my ass (right cheek). I was getting quite excited once more (Jen and I were kissing and fondling while we danced) and wondered when I would finally be made (or allowed to cum. The group performing weren’t as exciting as the one during the previous visit (where the fucked and fisted on stage), but the girls were at least dancing topless and a number of people in the audience were copying them. To my surprise, even Jen pulled her top down and while we danced, I had a play with her nipples (getting tem nice and hard). She wasn’t the only one in our group – Lucy got her breasts out and Julia had her top pulled up by Mel. Mine weren’t exposed, but Jen did have her hands up my top and played with them.

I asked her if we could get off the dance floor and do things properly but she pointed over to Mel and Jules. The thing about flourescant panties is that it’s very easy to see when someone is rubbing them – and Mel’s fingers were certainly working away. We watched as Mel pulled her hand away and then saw the panties stretch as it went into the panties and continued working. I told Jen that Julia was lucky – at least she was going to get to cum and Jen asked if I wanted to cum. I told her very calmly and politely that I did (something along the lines of yelling ‘of course I want to fucking cum’) and she said that she could probably accommodate my wish. She pushed a hand into my tights through the hole in the back (and I felt them tear a bit more). Her hand pushed down between my legs and her fingers found my pussy. She told me I was incredibly wet and her other hand slipped down between us to rub my clit – at first through my tights but then she pushed it down the front of them and directly onto it. We shuffled closer to the rest of the group and I knew that it was time for Julia and I to put on a show for them – a number of people had noticed Julia being fingered (as I said, the panties were somewhat of a giveaway – especially when Mel pulled the crotch to the side and really started to work on her (it was too dark to see Julia’s cunt, but it was clear what was happening).

Once we made it over to them, I could hear Mel telling Julia to be a good little bitch and cum for everyone. Jules was panting away and saying how good it felt and that she was nearly there. I told Jen to carry on and I pulled the top of my tights down a bit to give her more freedom to move her hands – my pussy wasn’t really exposed, but to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have cared anyway. I caught Julia’s attention and asked if she was having fun and she just nodded. I told her that she might cum first, but I wasn’t going to be far behind and that we should let everyone see how much we like cumming. I kissed Jen for a little bit and then looked over so I could watch Jules cum – being so close, I didn’t have as good a view of what Mel’s fingers were doing, but I could hear the effect and I was in no doubt that I’d just seen Julia cum. This was a surprisingly large turn on and I edged closer to her. The top of my tights had slipped down a bit further and Jen had full access to my pussy – one hand was rubbing my clit and the other was fingering me and rubbing my juices over my asshole. I put an arm around Julia’s shoulders and shouted at her that I was about to cum as well. She turned to face me and without thinking about it, I kissed her. At first it was just a simple kiss (full on the lips), but when she didn’t pull away (and when I started to cum), I kissed her properly and our tongues mashed together throughout my orgasm. I pulled away so I could let out a series of expletives, but still held on to her until my orgasm had finished and I had stopped panting.

When I came round (or stopped being ruled by lust), I sheepishly let go of Julia, pulled up my tights (trying to not tear them any further) and apologised to Mel for kissing her. Mel said it was fine as long as all I did was kiss her. Julia gave me another kiss (not as big as when I had been cumming) and then kissed Mel. I kissed Jen and thanked her for a wonderful orgasm (and then whispered to her that I was sorry I’d kissed Julia). Jen said that she would think of a suitable punishment, but the display I had put on had bought me some leeway. I was definitely in need of a drink and we made our way over to the bar. While in the crowd, I gave Jen’s panties a few strokes and worked a finger under the legband and onto her clit. Jen didn’t pull away so I continued to rub her. My hand was hidden as there were so many people around us, so I thought I would try to help attract the bartender’s attention. I slid my other hand under her top and pushed it up, exposing a breast. Jen jumped at first, but then allowed me to tease her nipples. My plan worked and I shouted our order over while I kept playing with her – I had hoped that she would let me make her cum, but when she got too close, she told me to stop, then told the others to get the drinks and dragged me off to the toilet.

We dived into a stall and I pressed her up against the door to keep it shut. I pulled her panties aside and finger fucked her, pressing on her clit with my thumb. I told Jen that she wasn’t the only one who knew how to make someone cum and she just let out a stifled moan. I didn’t let up until she had cum and after straightening u her clothes, we left and went to find the others. They had migrated into one of the side rooms, but Julia’s panties made them easy to spot and we reclaimed our drinks (which I really needed by that time as I was parched). While we sat and drank, Jen took the nail file and cut my tights at the very top of my left thigh, leaving a hole very close to my pussy.

Once we were rehydrated, we danced some more (and I was fondled a bit more). I didn’t get to cum again – just teased to the point of being horny (which meant I was more than happy to grind myself against Jen – and even a couple of other people). Jen and I went off into one of the smaller rooms and sat down so I could have a good suck at her nipples. Once I had gotten her worked up, I slipped my hand up her skirt and rubbed her. At first I just intended to tease her, but once I saw how turned on she was, I thought it only fair to make her cum. We don’t think anyone we know was around, but even if they were, they wouldn’t have seen her pussy as I kept my hand hidden under the skirt.

We danced a bit more after this and when we finally decided that we’d had enough, we gathered up people to head home. Jen gave me another pair of tights to put over the torn ones (so I didn’t freeze on the way back). We ended going back to someone else’s house and on the way there, found out that Julia had cum another time while dancing (we had missed this). Once indoors, more drinks were poured (I knew enough to stop drinking so just had water). Jen told me to remove the top pair of my tights and I found out just how much of the pair I’d been wearing at the club had been torn. My pussy and half my ass were mostly covered, but the tear in the thigh was quite large and the one beside my pussy was very close to exposing me. It felt a bit different now that we were in a well lit room and I acted a little shy, but knew to not try to cover myself.

It was also the first time I’d seen Julia’s outfit in proper light – her panties were ‘proper’ white cotton schoolgirl ones (not what I would have really expected Mel to be into) and I enjoyed the view greatly. We chatted for a while and I hinted to Jen that it would be a good idea to get home while we still had enough energy to do things. She said that if I was so desperate to cum, then it could be arranged where we were. It was almost the perfect situation as I was more sober than most of the other people there so (depending on what happened) I would be more in control. I always trust Jen to not let anything bad happen so I agreed that if she wanted to do things, then she could. Jen pulled a chair into the corner and I had to sit in it, facing out into the room. I was instructed to put my legs over the arms of the chair (it wasn’t comfortable to do both legs, but I did it with one and spread the other) and then told to make myself cum.

Even though I had a nice buzz in my pussy, I wasn’t being driven by desire at this point, so it was a much more conscious decision than usual. I started to rub my pussy through my tights (which were stretched enough that they weren’t fully opaque anymore). Mel thought that this was an excellent idea and so Julia was instructed to do the same thing (just sitting on the sofa with Mel beside her). She didn’t need any encouragement and spread her legs and pushed her hand straight into her panties. I may not have initially thought she was that cute, but as I saw more of her (literally), I found her more appealing, so this was an additional turn on for me. I decided to stop playing around and I pushed my hand down the front of my tights and started to finger myself properly. We now had everyone’s attention and I called over to Jules to see if she could draw out her playing until I came and she said that she would try. I didn’t directly look at the people who were watching us, but I did look round the room and noticed another couple fondling (but hidden under a skirt).

I switched from pumping my fingers into myself to rubbing my clit. I was aware that if I did anything too energetic, that my tights might rip entirely and expose me fully, but I decided to just do what came naturally and see what happened. Of course, ‘doing what came naturally’ led to me pushing my other hand through the hole in the ass of my tights and adding a couple of fingers to my pussy. I know that both Mike and Jen love watching me masturbate this way, so I assumed that my audience would also appreciate it. As I moved my hands around I could feel the tights tearing and I assumed that I was now fully exposed (they actually only tore slightly more so nobody actually saw anything) and this helped spur my excitement. Julia had done well in delaying her orgasm, but was moaning away on the sofa with Mel kissing her and fondling her breasts. I told her that I was close to cumming and I saw the hand in her panties start to frantically rub away.

I considered telling her that I wasn’t quite *that* close, but it was a nice view, so I just enjoyed it. She came first and everyone (including me) watched. I held back until she had finished and then loudly started to cum. I jammed two fingers as deep into my pussy as I could (not that deep given they were entering me from behind) and rubbed my clit as fast as Julia had just done. It was a wonderful release of all the tension that I had build up over the previous few hours and I didn’t hide how much I was enjoying it. I kept going (fingering and frigging) the whole way through my orgasm (and a bit beyond), before finally slowing down, stopping and removing my hands. I finished by sucking my fingers clean and then gave my pussy a final run (through my tights). We both got a round of applause and had drinks handed to us (which I took). Once I had my breath back, I got Jen to distract Mel so that I could have a proper chat with Julia (by ‘proper chat’ I mean semi drunken, but uninterrupted).

We congratulated each other on having put on a good show and agreed between us that we were both adventurous exhibitionist fuck sluts (it took a while to agree on our title and was a joint decision). We started trading stories about some of the things we had done and Julia still couldn’t believe that I was 19 before I had my first orgasm. She asked how it happened and I ended up describing it in pretty explicit detail (there didn’t seem much point in holding back). Julia said that she couldn’t even remember the first time she came and that she had been fingering herself for as long as she could remember. On further questioning, she certainly knew about orgasms before she was 10, but wasn’t certain how much before then. I didn’t know her well enough to tell if it was her usual way of talking or because of the fact that I’d been pretty explicit, but she described how she had tried humping against teddy bears, using her fingers and then finding an alternate use for her favourite hairbrush. I was going to quiz her about the first time she had sex (I think 12 is quite a young age), but Mel and Jen wandered over so I decided to save that for another time.

Jen asked if I still wanted to go home and I told her that I was satisfied for now, but whenever she was ready I would happily go back and do to her what I had just done to me. She said that she was beginning to get tired and Lucy had made noises about heading home, so we gathered our things and (after saying goodbye to everyone) headed off. I made the mistake of forgetting to put the second pair of tights on so my legs got rather cold (I was shivering by the time we got indoors – but the alcohol may not have helped). Lucy seemed quite worried, but I told her that I would be fine and I was sure Jen would find a way to warm me up.

We went up to Jen’s room and climbed under the covers – with a bit of rubbing, I stopped shivering and started rubbing Jen in a more specific way. I peeled off her clothes and started to remove mine, but I was told to leave the tights on. I didn’t object to this and climbed back into bed and immediately went down on Jen. After an initial tongue lashing (just to get her started), I kept my word and used fingers in her cunt and on her clit. Jen was enjoying what I was doing, but said that she wanted to make me cum as well so I moved round to a 69 position and resumed my work. She started to lick my tights, then pulled them aside and ate me directly. While I fingered her, I asked her if she had enjoyed making me cum at the club and then getting me to masturbate in front of her friends and I heard a muffled ‘mmmmm’. Jen broke contact with my pussy to ask if I had enjoyed it and I told her not to ask stupid questions – of course I had. She promised to do it again in future and I promised to come up with something exciting over Christmas for her to do and we went back to work once more (I hadn’t actually stopped playing with her, but she had stopped eating me while we talked).

I was using two fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit with my other hand and decided to up the ante. I straightened another finger from the hand I was using in her pussy and pressed it into her ass. Jen bucked when I did this, but once I resumed my pumping motion, she just let out a moan. I had an incredible view, two fingers in her pussy and a third in her ass and it was obvious that she was going to cum pretty soon. I pictured all sorts of alternative outcomes from my earlier masturbation session – which involved combinations of Julia, Lucy, Jen and even Mel (she’s still not really my type, but I know Jen finds her quite attractive). Jen started to cum and I concentrated my efforts on her clit (but didn’t stop pumping my fingers into her) and I encouraged her to have the strongest orgasm she could (if only it were that easy to make this happen). She stopped licking me and I was sufficiently close that I just started humping against her face until she got the hint and started again. I pushed my fingers deep into her and wiggled them around to try and milk every last bit out of her orgasm and whenever I felt the pace of her licking slow down I told her to keep going.

I managed to hold on until she had finished cumming until my own orgasm started. I was very vocal and told her what to do: where to lick, how hard/deep/fast... and then swore repeatedly. It was a good orgasm (but I was imagining four girls doing things to me at the time). I rolled off Jen and lay panting beside her – she moved round to kiss me and her face was covered with my juices. I kissed and licked some of them off her and she commented that I seemed to have really enjoyed the session.

I told her what I had been imagining and she pretended to be hurt that she wasn’t enough to keep me happy and so I concocted a fantasy where the four of us (Lucy, Mel, Julia and myself) ravished Jen. We had continued to kiss between me describing the fantasy to her and I could tell that she liked the idea so I slid a hand down to her pussy and started to stroke her. She said that she didn’t have the energy for another round and needed to sleep (I probably didn’t have the energy either – not that that’s ever stopped me. I needed to pee before sleep and so opened the door to go down to the bathroom. I noticed that Lucy’s door was slightly ajar and I was sure I could hear buzzing (which stopped almost as soon as I had opened our door). I went down to the bathroom and pulled the crotch of the tights aside (Jen had told me to keep them on). I didn’t hear any noised coming from Lucy’s room on the way back up, but the door was now shut and I wondered if she had been listening in to us while using her vibe (in which case I also wondered if she had heard my description of what I wanted her to do to me). I mentioned this to Jen, but she was almost asleep already, lying diagonally across the bed. I climbed in beside her and was soon asleep myself.

When I woke in the morning, my head did not feel good (I hadn’t drunk any water before bed). Jen looked a lot better than I felt and she went down to make some breakfast. She returned with food and I felt a bit better after having eaten. We decided to shower before our morning sex (and I thought it would give me additional time to sober up), so we headed downstairs. Jen had left the radio on in the kitchen so I didn’t realise that Lucy was already up and having breakfast until I walked in to the room. All I was wearing was the pair of ripped tights and I quickly threw the towel around my shoulders, but then realised that she had already seen enough of me that it didn’t make much difference, so just said hi and wandered through into the shower.

I got the water running, stripped off the tights and stepped under the spray, waiting for Jen to join me. She came along a few minutes later and proceeded to help wash me down. Once we had done each others’ hair, Jen slipped a finger between my pussy lips and started to rub me. I felt alert enough by this time to enjoy what she was doing so I pressed back against her and her finger slipped inside me. I leant against the wall and stuck my ass out to give her better access and she repeated what I had done to her the previous night – using two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass. She got me very close to cumming and then said it was her turn. As much as I wanted to cum, it was only fair to let her enjoy the shower as well, so we switched positions and I did the same to her. Once she was close to cumming, she turned around and leant again the wall, lifted a foot up onto the side of the bath and told me to lick her. I knelt down and lapped away at her pussy until she came and I tasted the familiar flood of her juices in my mouth.

While I’d been licking her, I had been playing with myself and as soon as she had recovered, I said that I needed to cum. I was a little afraid that she was going to tease me, but I was instructed to sit down and spread my legs and she used the shower jet on me. I didn’t want to wait too long so I helped things along by rubbing my clit but Jen wanted me to just cum with the shower, so when I got close, I just held the skin back and let the water spray directly onto my clit. It still took a little while and the build up was excruciating, I kept telling Jen how close I was, how I was nearly there until... finally.. I came. Once again, I was pretty vocal – even though it was only the pressure of the water, it was enough to give me quite a good orgasm and Jen said that she enjoyed watching my pussy pulsing as I came. The thing I like best about this method of masturbation, is that you can usually continue the stimulation the whole way through the orgasm (and beyond) as it isn’t too intense, so you can often have quite a long orgasm (which is what happened this time).

Of course, it finally ended (and didn’t go on for anywhere near as long as it felt it did) and I felt quite satisfied. I asked Jen if she wanted me to do it to her, but she said that we needed to get ready to meet people for lunch (I hadn’t known, but she had arranged this the previous night). I didn’t really mind, and dried myself off before following her back out into the kitchen. Lucy was still there and asked if we’d had a nice shower – it was obvious that she would have been able to hear what was going on so I just said’ what do you think?’ and stuck my tongue out. We went up to get dressed and I was told to go out without a skirt on (long socks again, but white this time). Jen took a skirt for me with her that I put on when we got to the cafe (in the toilet – not in the middle of the cafe, although she handed it to me in front of everyone). Once again, we weren’t anywhere private enough for any fun (but I was still satisfied from my shower orgasm so I didn’t mind).

Sadly, it also wasn’t a private enough table for me to continue my conversation with Jules so I decided to save that for my next visit and we had a much tamer chat about things. I found out how she and Mel met and I now think I understand how her mind works a bit better (I think she is a lot more similar to me than I had assumed at first). I didn’t have to be at the airport until late afternoon, so we let the lunch drag out a bit and then stayed in town until it was time to head off. Lucy had gone back to the house to work so Jen and I had some private time (in public) and just chatted about lots of things.

At the airport, I had to take my shoes off (which was stupid as they aren’t big enough to hide anything in). I stayed standing and bend over to do this so I know that my skirt would have ridden up enough to flash the security girl (I made sure that I – or rather my ass – was facing away from the line as there were kids in it). Having checked my shoes (and probably knowing that I didn’t have any panties on) she then frisked me and felt right up to the top of my socks (upper thighs) and only just below my pussy. Once through security, I called Jen to tell her and she said that she had seen, but hadn’t realised how high the woman had felt.

The flight was delayed (snow) and the airport was packed. When I finally got on board, once again the flight was too busy to do anything, but we intend to try to join the mile-highsterbation club as often as possible so I had a little play with my hand hidden by my coat. It was fairly late by the time I got home so I ended up just crashing, calling Jen and then Mike to relate the weekend to him and have our joint goodnight cum (it may not be as much fun just masturbating, but it’s certainly a lot better doing it with someone else listening – or watching!).