Sunday, 27 February 2011

Christmas - Part 1

Quite a bit happened over Christmas/New Year, so there will probably end up being quite a few posts...


The week went by fairly quickly (not a great deal of work was happening at work) and it was soon time for me to head home for Christmas. We had decided that it would be easier for us to meet at Mum’s house rather than me going to York first. I had a much better journey down that my journeys the previous weekend and arrived in the late afternoon. Mike had arrived a couple of hours earlier (but he’d had a shorter distance to travel). He said that Sue had been flirting with him quite a bit (when Mum wasn’t around), but that he had managed to refrain from pouncing on her.

Mum and Sue had done a good job in decorating the house and we had the fairy ceremony (putting it on the top of the tree) and then all sat around and chatted. Mum wanted to know about the new job and how I was settling in (of course I’d told her all this already over the phone, but it was the first time I’d actually seen her since I’d moved). She had a bit of a moan at Mike for not having found a job yet (not a real go, she knows he is trying) and I told her that there were advantages to him still being in York in that I still got to see my friends when I visited (I decided to omit the details about the sex parties – although they are obviously a huge benefit).

As expected, Mum went to bed reasonably early and the three of us stayed up chatting for a while. Sue ended up telling us about her bf and confirmed that they hadn’t had unprotected sex yet. Seeing as I know she seems to enjoy sex almost as much as I do, I’ve been quite surprised about this, but it’s not as if they haven’t done anything. They started off fairly gently and fingered/rubbed each other through clothes and then partially naked. They then moved on to being completely naked and sharing a bed. They’ve had oral sex (using protection) and Sue said that he really enjoys it when she sucks him off (and given she was able to teach me things in this department, I’m not surprised). They’ve had sex using condoms and she is planning on let him fuck her ‘properly’ next year (they both got tested for STDs at the end of the year). I was quite glad the she listened to the advice that Mike gave her about being careful (he is quite protective of her.)

We headed up to bed and while Sue went off to the bathroom, Mike started to finger me. We had originally intended to brush teeth and wash so that we could retire to bed properly, but by the time we heard Sue leave the bathroom and her door shut, we were already underway. We hadn’t got undressed, but were lying on the bed kissing and Mike had a hand under my skirt, finger fucking my pussy. We discussed what Sue had got up to with her bf and what it would be like to watch the two of them innocently playing (well, innocent compared to some of the things we’d done with her). We soon graduated onto actually fucking – but without getting undressed. Mike pulled his trousers down a little and lay on his back so I could mount him. All the interesting stuff was hidden under my skirt, but that didn’t stop us feeling what was happening.

We were getting into it when we heard a knock at the door and froze (I was worried it was Mum – of course I’m sure she knows that Mike and I have sex, but she hasn’t actually seen us doing anything). I asked who it was and Sue replied. She opened the door and stood there in her nightdress. She said that she had heard us and wondered if she could at least watch. I wasn’t sure if we should let her, but decided that watching wouldn’t do any harm (and you know that I like being observed), so we invited her in. She joined us on the bed and after complaining that she couldn’t see anything, we stripped off and I re-mounted Mike.

I know that we’ve seen each other cum multiple times, but it felt a bit different just having Sue sitting there watching us – much more like when she first saw us having sex. After a while, we rolled over so Mike was on top and we continued fucking. Sue’s hand was in her lap, obviously playing with herself so Mike said that it was only fair that if we were naked, that she should be as well so we could watch her. We switched position again so that we were spooning, facing her. Mike got me to spread my legs and he rubbed my clit in time with what Sue was doing to herself. I didn’t have that good a view as the bedcovers were partially in the way, but I could see enough to know that she was rubbing away at her pussy and also that she had been keeping herself fully shaved. Mike continued to rub me roughly in time with Sue’s movements and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came and he kept fucking me until Sue also came.

I was fairly certain that he hadn’t cum and asked him. He confirmed that he hadn’t, but that he assumed I would want to cum again so had held back. Sue said that I was lucky that he could keep going to long and that her bf tends to cum fairly quickly. It didn’t matter quite so much when they were just fingering or going down on each other, but when they have sex, he finishes quite a while before she has cum and then needs to either finger her or she plays with herself. A couple of times, she has ended up crouched over his face so he can watch her play with herself and she has licked his cock and sucked her juices off the condom. Mike told her off for doing this (in case the condom broke), but she pointed out that they are both ‘clean’ so it didn’t matter (and she is quite young so I guess I should be pleased that she’s been as careful as she has been).

Sue told us that he is even capable of cumming while just being rubbed with a single finger. Mike said that he didn’t believe it and she described to us how he had told her that he would sometimes do this around his sister’s friends. Because it involved very little movement, he could put his hand in his pocket and rub the head of his cock until he came. Sue has since been instructed on how to do this and she has made good use of the technique to draw out his orgasm when they are fingering each other. Mike was still unconvinced and Sue gave us her cute/pouty/sexy look and said that she would be happy to demonstrate if she was allowed to. Mike was still buried inside me, but I could tell from the way his cock was twitching and he was pushing into me, that he liked this idea.

We had agreed before Christmas that he wasn’t going to have sex with Sue (not while she was dating someone) and I wasn’t entirely sure that it was a good idea to let her stroke his cock, but I was also a bit curious and wasn’t convinced that she could make him cum with a single finger. After a bit of consideration, I agreed that she could demonstrate – if Mike wanted (which he did) – but reiterated that there would be no sex. Sue seemed happy enough with this and Mike pulled out of me. I sat up so I could watch and Sue gave his cock a gentle stroke with her hand and said that it seemed to work better without any lubrication (referring to my juices). I tried to wipe him off with Sue’s nightdress but then fetched a flannel and wiped his cock clean, before using another part of the nightdress to dry him off (I knew he would like the idea of her wearing it while it had my juices on it).

I swapped sides with Sue and she lay down against his right side (so she could use her right hand). I noticed that she had her pussy pressed up against his leg, but I let her get away with this and watched as she started to stroke up and down the glans with her thumb. Usually if I’m jerking Mike off (or if he’s doing it himself), I don’t touch the head directly, but make sure that there is some skin between it and my hand (otherwise he says the feeling is too intense). Because she was just using one finger though, he seemed to enjoy it but I still wasn’t sure she could make him cum like this. Sue ended up resting her hand on his cock, but the only part moving was her thumb – after a bit of positioning, she ended u rubbing up and down the front of the glans with the slight bump at the side of the knuckle of her thumb. Mike said that it felt really good and after she had been doing this for a while, he was moving his hips around to get better contact. I told him that he had to lie still and let Sue show us how it was done and she said that he bf would have usually cum by this time. Mike said that he wasn’t being difficult or trying to hold back and that it felt really good, but he wasn’t quite there yet. Sue used slightly longer strokes (still just on the glans though) and sped up he movements. Mike was no breathing heavily and letting out small moans of appreciation and saying that he thought if she kept this up that he actually would be able to cum.

I noticed that Sue was gently grinding herself against his leg, but I had also started to stroke myself without really realising it so I didn’t say anything. Mike was obviously very close and in the state of ecstasy/agony at not being able to cum, but Sue kept going and told him that she wanted to see and feel him squirt his cum. Sue continued to flick her thumb back and forth and Mike arched his back slightly and started to cum. His cum squirted up and landed on his chest and covered Sue’s thumb. He let out three good sized squirts and then a couple of small dribbles – he was as amazed as I was that she had actually made him cum with s single finger (or thumb), but he wasn’t complaining. She continued to gently stroke him and his cum started to run off his body so I handed him Sue’s nightdress to clean himself up. Sue only noticed what he was using when he wiped around his cock and she started to object, but Mike pointed out that it wasn’t as if it would be the first time his cum covered her.

Sue was still grinding herself against his leg and I reminded her that she wasn’t meant to be having sex with him. She gave me a pouty look and said I was spoiling her fun so Mike told her that if she called her bf and he agreed it was OK, he would gladly fuck her and make her cum as much as she wanted. Of course, she didn’t think that he (her bf) would be willing to go along with this, so she pulled herself away from him (but still complained that it wasn’t fair). She said that she hadn’t had a really good fuck for months and Mike suggested to me that it would only be fair to at least return the favour of her making him cum. He suggested just using a single finger on her and I ended up agreeing, as long as he didn’t actually fuck her with it (yes, I’m sure this wouldn’t have made much difference to her bf, but I was determined that we weren’t going to give in and let things happen ‘properly’).

Sue seemed at least a little satisfied with this arrangement and lay on her back with her legs spread. Mike lay beside her and rubbed up and down her pussy with his index finger. Sue tried to press back against him, but he told her to lie still and just enjoy what he was doing. I could see that he had to restrain himself from pushing his finger into her or kissing her, but he did an admirable job and just rubbed around her pussy and against her clit. With direct clitoral stimulation, it didn’t take her as long to cum as it did for Mike, but he drew it out a little and stopped rubbing her clit when she got too close. He didn’t tease her for long though and on the third approach, he kept going and ended up rapidly rubbing back and forth as she came. Mike was pressed up against her by this time and was rubbing his cock against her outer thigh – I was pleased to see that he was still nice and hard as Sue had now cum twice and I thought it only fair that I should cum again.

Mike suggested that we give her a good view of what we were going to do, so we again went back to one of our early sessions with her and I knelt over her face while mike took me from behind). This meant that I also had a good view of her pussy and I could certainly smell her juices. Mike held my outer lips open while he fucked me (which meant it was up to me to rub my clit). I think we all enjoyed repeating this and I half expected Sue to start playing with herself again, but she didn’t. Mike alternated between long steady strokes and rapid fucking (and used more of the latter as he got closer to cumming). He did at least wait until I had cum before he pushed deep into me and came. I stayed on all fours while I caught my breath and then (on purpose) I sat up so that some of Mike’s cum dripped out onto Sue).

She asked if she could spend the night sleeping with us (just sleeping) but we (Mike and I) decided that it might be a bit too much of a temptation (and too easy for him to turn over and accidentally end up sliding into her). After we chatted for a little longer, she went back into her room. She was naked when she went to leave, but Mike convinced her to put her cum stained nightdress back on and sleep in it. Once she had left us, we chatted about whether we should have let things go as far as they did and reaffirmed that we weren’t (or Mike wasn’t) going to have sex with her while she was dating someone. He was quite happy with this (especially as he’d been given a new type of ‘hand’ job) and we decided that we should go to sleep so we could wake up early and open our presents.


  1. Bravo for the STD testing, though you want to be careful with the condom oral. If the lubricant is spermicidal, nonoxynol-9 can be poisonous if ingested. Usually the amt in a condom is negligible but with such a high sexual apatite and a "daily dose" it can become a problem.
    Finally, sadly Sue has found out how unique Mike is. The average male lasts only 5 minutes, and unless he makes a point to address this it may become a problem for Sue! (There are much more effective ways to address the problem than with "blue pills"...just takes a bit of practice! lol)

  2. I don't know if the condoms they use have spermicide or not (Sue is on the pill so they don't need to use spermicide - they were really just for disease prevention). They aren't using them any more now, but I'll point this detail out to her (and remember it myself).

    As for the amount of time her bf can last (or not), I think that Sue might have been spoiled a bit by Mike. I know he can last a fair while, but he is a few years older than me (and I'm a few years older than Sue and her bf), so I think that might have a lot to do with it. She's been getting him to practice holding back and it's helped a bit, but I don't think it has gone quite as well as she had hoped.

    ...but seriously - 5 minutes! A girl can't even get warmed up in that time (well, okay, I can easily cum in 5 minutes, but I don't want it to end after that!)