Friday, 18 February 2011

December Sex Party - Part 1

I'm off to visit Jen - I still haven't decided when I'm coming back - probably Tuesday or Wednesday - either way, we'll have a decent amount of time together to have fun. I hope people like my latest gallery - if she was just wearing a blouse and lost the belt and chain it would be the perfect school uniform. Not that I'm complaining - I can't even remember the number of times that we've cum to these pictures...


We’re up to mid-December now – and another exciting weekend. As I’ve said before, I would give almost anything to be living with Mike and/or Jen all the time, but the one good thing about our current lifestyle is that we tend to make the most of the available time we have together. Of course, even if I was still in York we’re sure that we would enjoy the sex parties, but we think that it just intensifies the whole experience.

I left work a little early on the Friday and headed down – the trains were still being delayed by the snow, but my journey wasn’t too bad once I got onboard. I’d had quite a hectic week at work so ended up just sleeping for most of the journey (and I had jeans on because of the cold, so I couldn’t have done very much anyway). I was a bit groggy when I arrived, but Mike was at the station to meet me and we headed out to meet up with people. There was a smaller crowd than usual (lots of people had colds), but as always, it was good to have the chance to catch up. A couple of people who know my schedule asked why I was back so soon and we made up and excuse about Jen having to finish off a big project before the end of term (which they seemed to believe). We stayed out until closing time and then split up and headed home.

Between the cold, the alcohol and tiredness, I didn’t have a lot of energy, but I still didn’t want to waste the opportunity so asked Mike if we could just spoon (so I didn’t have to do too much work). He was happy enough to do this and once we were in bed, he snuggled up behind me, reached down to part my lips and slid into me. He said that even though my skin felt cold, my pussy was still nice and warm, but he would see would he could do to generate some extra heat anyway. We gently fucked and his hands stroked all over my body – not quickly, but firmly enough that it helped. Of course, he spent more time ‘warming up’ my breasts and pussy and as I got more turned on, the cold disappeared. He sped up his movements in me and when I got close to cumming, he stroked my neck while I played with my clit. As I started to cum, he really sped up the fucking and continued until he came (about another minute). He kept stroking my neck throughout this but I stopped playing with my clit as my orgasm faded. Mike emptied his load in me and stayed pressed deep inside me until he started to go soft and fell out. We didn’t go for a second round and just chatted until we dozed off.

Mike woke me in the morning with a vibe. He rubbed it around my pussy and when I spread my legs, pushed it into me. This was joined by an egg, which he ran over my nipples, coaxing them into life. While he played with me, we discussed what sort of things we wanted to try out that night at the party. I was already imagining that we were there and everyone was watching me cum and this greatly helped things along. I grabbed Mike’s hand and started pumping the vibe into me faster, alternating between doing this and holding it so the clit attachment could do its work. Mike asked if I wanted to cum just once and I told him not to worry, I had plenty of energy to take care of him. Encouraged by this, he let go of the vibe completely and said I should practice putting on a show. I was too close to do very much, but I lifted my legs up and fucked myself and as I came, I pushed the vibe the whole way in and stirred around my cunt with it.

Mike really liked the view and when I pulled the vibe out, he wondered while hole he was going to use. His cock bumped against my ass a couple of times before sliding into my pussy (I was a bit surprised as I had just assumed he was going to fuck my ass). I had to ask him to go gently at first as I had just cum, so he moved very slowly, but deliberately in me. As I became less sensitive, I contracted myself around him and told him that he could go a bit faster (which he did). He held both my legs up in the air and suggested that we use that position at the party. Mike really likes it as when my legs are together, it makes me feel tighter (but it’s harder to get to my clit for additional stimulation). We overcame this problem by getting the egg into position and him holding it in place while we fucked (which meant both my legs ended up being held against his left shoulder). I hadn’t expected to cum again so quickly, but Mike kept fucking me for quite a while before he was ready to cum and the fucking, egg and imagination had got me going so I managed my second orgasm (before his first one).

Once we were both satisfied, we headed down to make breakfast and then returned to bed to eat it. It clearly wasn’t a day for going out and we were a bit nervous about the party being cancelled, so called our sponsors to check it was still on. They assured us that as long as we could get there, people would be having sex so we said we would see them later and snuggled up again under the covers. It was definitely a day to be spent in bed, but we didn’t want to tire ourselves out so ended up spooning (not fucking) and drifted off to sleep again.

We woke up later and made lunch (which we ate in bed while watching a film). We had decided to spend the whole day naked (until we went out anyway – and even then there would be some additional nudity once we got to the party). I didn’t feel at all nervous about it this time, just very excited. It was clear how worked up I was getting and I didn’t know if I wanted to cum again before we went or save it up. I didn’t want to tire myself out, but I also didn’t want to be so worked up that I had a huge orgasm at the beginning and wiped myself out early on. In the end, we decided that the best thing would be for Mike to go down on me to keep me satisfied in a way that didn’t take much energy. He made me cum, but didn’t tease or try to make it last and it certainly stopped me feeling so restless.

We dozed once more and woke in the late afternoon. After preparing a light dinner, we returned to bed once again (still naked) and watched another film. It was getting close to the time we had to start getting ready so we finally left the bed and went to shower. While we showered, I shaved my legs and Mike did my pussy. I then helped to trim his pubic hair (not shave). Once we had dried off, it was time to get dressed. I had already decided that this time I was going to go for the full schoolgirl look (I had considered bringing the Japanese outfit with me, but thought that might be a bit much for my first fancy dress). I chose my best red pleated tartan skirt, long white socks, white blouse (and plain bra) and white cotton panties. I debated wearing my lacy see though pair, but knew that they would be coming off anyway. After a bit of thought, I went for bunches to complete the look. Mike wore a t-shirt and a pair of trousers (easier to slip off than jeans).

We were still a bit early so Mike decided that we pass the time by watching some of our favourite videos. He had also found some new (to us) videos of Pavlina and we watched her play with herself, be fucked and play with another girl. This was probably not the best thing for me to watch as I felt rather moist by the end of it (not helped by Mike stroking my panties). I didn’t let him get away with it though and I had been stroking the front of his trousers along the length of his hard cock. We decided that we should head off before we ended up fucking (and it was clearly going to take us a while to get there through the snow). I slipped a pair of jeans on under my skirt and we both wore heavy pairs of shoes (I took another more suitable pair for the party in a bag). As expected, it did take us quite a while to get there – nearly falling a number of times – but we arrived not too long after it started.

There were a few people already there, some of whom we recognised from the last time. After shedding our coats (and shoes in my case), we chatted to people. While talking, I undid my jeans and pulled them off, before putting on my ‘school’ shoes and I was complimented on my outfit. Even though there wasn’t really anything going on, Mike ran his hand up my leg and onto my panties, giving me a little rub in front of everyone before saying that this was one of my favourite looks. In a way, it actually felt more exciting just being touched like this while nobody else was doing anything. We didn’t do anything more though and waited until a few more people had turned up and started to make out. We found a space on a sofa (which was easier this time as there were fewer people) and started to kiss. Mike half undid my top and started to play with a breast (still with my bra on) and then moved his hand down to my legs and up the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs for him and his fingers found my panties and started to rub me.

I was too worked up to worry about any of the things we had planned and I pressed his hand against my crotch and moaned at him to make me cum. He tried to work a finger under the legband, but couldn’t manage it in the position we were in, so he just pushed his hand down the front of my panties. I turned towards him and lifted the foot of my top leg so it was resting on the other knee. This gave a clear view of my panties to everyone and I heard a comment about us getting started early. I obviously didn’t care and when Mike started to kiss my neck as well I cared even less. His fingers were strumming back and forth over my clit and I started to pant as my orgasm built. Mike didn’t let up and I came quite quickly but concentrated on staying in the position I was in. I think I moaned a fair bit while I came and then slumped back onto the sofa while Mike withdrew his hand and offered it to me to suck clean (which of course I did). I was happy with the start to the evening but already wanted more. In order to pace myself, I decided that we should see what everyone else was up to.

Nobody downstairs was quite at the point of cumming, but we drank a bit and watched others kissing and fondling. A little later, a girl sucked a guy off and then jacked him until he came over her breasts. We had been distracted by this and heard some people upstairs so went up to see what was happening. In one of the bedrooms, there was a couple fucking and Mike said that it was time to join the fun. I lay across the bed, on the opposite side to the other girl and Mike pulled my panties off. He knelt on the floor and ate me briefly before undoing his trousers, pulling his boxers down and pushing into me. It didn’t feel right with my top half covered, so while we fucked, I undid my blouse and pulled my breasts free. The other couple finished up before we really got going (at least the guy did, I’m not sure if the girl came). Fortunately, a couple of other people came in and stood watching us (being watched *was* the whole point of the party). Mike made sure that my skirt was flipped up out of the way and he repeatedly ploughed into my cunt while rubbing my clit. I came and wriggled around on the bed (only hamming it up a little bit) and then Mike pulled out of me and stroked his cock a couple of times before shooting his cum over me. I ended up with my blouse, skirt and thighs somewhat wet and had to wait for him to go get some tissues to dry myself off (still with our audience watching).

Once I had dried myself off, we went back downstairs to see what was happening. Mike pocketed my panties but this didn’t make any real difference as I knew I intended to be naked before the night was over. A couple more people had turned up and there was a guy on the sofa with two girls licking him. Mike commented on how he missed having Sue to play with and wondered if she would have enjoyed coming along to perform a threesome in front of everyone. This was a rather intriguing idea (but one we now can’t do) and I told him that he would have to make do with just me from now on (or until she split up with bf). We watched until the guy came (he was wearing a condom so no cum shot this time) and the girls kissed each other briefly (but only in a ‘playing lesbian’ sort of way – I doubt that they are actually gay/bi).

We went to the kitchen to get another drink and we found giant cock guy being sucked off by another girl. She was a fairly small girl and I was quite curious if she could take his cock, so we hung around to watch. He got her to stand up and lean against the counter, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and rubbed himself against her pussy. He put a condom on, spread her ass cheeks and then her pussy before positioning his cock and pushing in to her. Despite her pussy looking so small, she didn’t seem to mind as it stretched around his cock and he pushed deeper into her. He didn’t get all the way in, but was buried a good way and she certainly seemed to be enjoying it with little moans and gasps coming from her. She had a really cute and tight little ass which I was tempted to get down and take a bit from, but I was enjoying Mike’s fingers which were toying with my pussy under my skirt.

Giant cock guy seemed to understand that just pounding away isn’t always the best (but it has its moments) and was using long slow strokes into her. It was amazing watching her cunt lips being pushed into her and then pulled out as he moved and I had to hold on to Mike as his fingers alternated between pumping into me and rubbing my clit. We weren’t the only people watching, so I lifted my skirt to see what Mike was doing (and let anyone else who was interested see). He unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra before pulling my breasts free (he had to stop fingering me to do this – he can rarely do a bra with one hand). I pointed out that he would need to hurry up (younger people tend to cum quicker) and he resumed fingering me. I rested against the counter on one side and kept hanging on to him with one arm while using the other to tease my nipples. (Of course, you know that my nips aren’t incredibly sensitive, but I was putting on a show). Mike concentrated on my clit mostly, but occasionally finger fucked me and we watched as the girl being fucked played with her own clit (not that we could actually see this, but we could see her hand moving between her legs). I concentrated on watching giant cock guy’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

I was really enjoying the view, but as expected, they didn’t last too long. The guy came first and pushed into her (still not much more than halfway, but I think he was in as far as he could get). The girl asked him to stay in her and she kept playing with herself until she came. While she was doing this, the guy pulled her top up and started to play with her breasts – despite her size, her breasts were reasonably large (probably a C or D) and hung down quite a bit. It looked like he was being quite rough with them, but she didn’t complain (I think that Jen would have enjoyed what he was doing – minus the giant cock in her cunt of course). The girl didn’t take too long to cum and even though she looked quite flushed, she didn’t make any noise (apart from heavy breathing). Once she had finished, the guy pulled out of her and disposed of his condom. I couldn’t help but think of the wasted cum – it would have been so much hotter to watch his cum drip out of her and run down her legs, but I know they were just being sensible.


Next time - more voyeurism and some cumshot fun.

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