Monday, 21 February 2011

December Sex Party - Part 2

I'm still down with Jen and will be here for a couple more days (at least). As expected, she has been ensuring that everyone gets to 'see' me in various ways. I'm probably going to go to a lecture with her tomorrow and will hopefully get a chance to have some fun there...

Now back to the sex party...


With the fucking over, we were now the main attraction and I stopped playing with my breasts and lifted my skirt up. Mike had a better idea and lifted me up onto the counter top. He lifted my feet up and placed them either side of me so I was nice and exposed and then continued to finger me. He did this for a short while before bending forwards to eat me. He also put on a show while doing this, spreading my lips and alternating between licking up and down the length of my slit, pushing his tongue into me and sucking on my clit. I had a good few people watching me and so started to play with my nips again (it’s not as if they do *nothing* for me). I had already been pretty close, but when he started to really concentrate on my clit, I came very quickly. I didn’t try to hide how much I was enjoying my orgasm (but I also didn’t try to make any fake noises). When my orgasm ended, Mike wiped his face on my blouse and kissed me while he gave my (now very wet and still very exposed) pussy a rub.

After a few minutes I climbed down from the counter and we went to sit down for a while to recover. There was another couple on the sofa beside us making out, which evolved into her climbing on to his cock and riding him. We watched them fuck and when she climbed off, I got to see cum leaking from her pussy. I felt like I was constantly aroused (but being semi-naked and watching people getting off around me, I guess that’s not surprising). We heard cheering and so went back upstairs to see what was happening. There were two girls making out on the bed and I recognised one of them as the bi girl who likes to ‘convert’ a new girl at each party. She was kissing a pretty blonde girl who looked rather drunk, but was enthusiastically kissing her back). We were lucky that we went up when we did as the blonde girl is apparently quite popular and when word got round that it was her ‘turn’, lots of people came up to watch. She seemed fairly oblivious to this though and they continued to kiss. Bi girl removed blonde girl’s top and started to work on her breasts while her fingers went under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. The skirt came off next and blonde girl was now completely naked.

Bi girl didn’t waste any time and planted her face between blonde girl’s legs. A chant of ‘69’ started up and bi-girl pulled off her own skirt and panties and moved round so her pussy was above blonde girl’s face. She started to lick blonde girl again and then lowered her pussy onto blonde girl’s face. We were at the wrong end to see what was happening, but it was obvious from the cheer that blonde girl was reciprocating. We caught the occasional flash of blonde girl’s pussy whenever bi-girl moved her head out of the way (she had nicely shaved lips with a little landing strip). Bi girl really went to town and it looked like she was devouring blonde girl’s cunt – I was only watching and I could almost feel the tongue lashing in my own cunt. I wriggled my ass back against Mike and he reached round and toyed with my pussy.

As much as blonde girl seemed to be getting into the spirit of things, it was clear that bi-girl was more experienced as blonde girl was soon moaning away and then came. She stopped licking bi-girl when this happened, but she was told that she wasn’t getting away with doing that. A guy in the crowd was told to help out (we later found out that this is blonde girl’s boyfriend). Bi-girl sat at the head of the bed, leaning against the headboard and blonde girl was made to kneel on all fours. The guy helped manoeuvre her into position between bi-girl’s legs and then he knelt behind her and pushed his cock into her. Bi-girl pulled blonde girl’s head forwards onto her pussy and told her to lick (I think the exact phrase was ‘that’s right, eat me bitch’). She held blonde girls face against her pussy, but blonde girl didn’t seem to be objecting – her boyfriend was fucking her from behind (and clearly in heaven) and people started synchronised clapping. This got faster and he sped up his fucking but bi-girl was the first one to cum. She was quite vocal and kept telling blonde girl to lick harder or faster and finally let out a strangled moan. The guy was now pounding away at her cunt and he came soon after then quickly pulled out and let blonde girl roll onto her side. I’m fairly certain that she hadn’t cum again (admittedly it would have been hard to tell if she had, but he hadn’t fucker her for long and hadn’t done anything else to stimulate her). Bi-girl gave blonde girl a kiss and then gave the guy’s cock a quick suck. She made some comment about blonde girl tasting as good as she looked and then grabbed her clothes and left the room.

The guy ended u helping blonde girl up and gave her clothes back to her. I felt like I was on fire by this point and didn’t want to miss the opportunity of having so many people so I pulled my top off and sat down on the bed. Mike had been rubbing against my ass the whole time so I knew that he was more than ready. We clearly weren’t the only ones who had been affected by the display, but I intended to put on the best second round show. I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs, then changed my mind and pulled it off so I was naked (other than my socks – but I think that girls can get away with just wearing socks if they are long white ones). I told Mike to fuck me and he quickly slipped his trousers off and joined me on the bed. He knew that I didn’t need to warm up and more and lifted both my legs in the air before pushing into me. I immediately moved a hand down to my clit and started to rub myself (not too hard, but enough to feel good). Mike used long strokes on me (just like giant cock guy had in the kitchen) and rested my legs against his shoulders so I was quite exposed.

He then decided to change position and pulled out of me. He rolled me onto my side and knelt over my lower leg. He lifted my upper leg and pushed back into me (so we were sort of in a scissor position) and resumed his fucking. This position feels quite different from ‘normal’ fucking. It’s not bad and to be honest, he could have probably done anything to me at that point. After we had fucked for a bit, I started to rub my clit again. One of Mike’s hands was rubbing my ass and I then felt his thumb press against my asshole and work its way into me. I know that people noticed this, but I was too close to cumming to care. He fucked my ass with his thumb and fucked my cunt with his cock while I rubbed my clit, and I came. It was a really good orgasm, but didn’t last as long as I would have liked. He kept fucking me throughout my orgasm and continued when it faded. I could tell he intended to try to make me cum again before he did and I wasn’t going to object to this.

My clit was too sensitive for me to rub so I just had to enjoy the fucking for a while. I noticed that someone beside the bed had their cock out and was stroking it. I looked up at him and said that he could cum on my tits if he wanted. He didn’t need a second invitation and started to stroke himself faster. I watched what he was doing intently and it was sometime during this that my hands wandered back down to my pussy and started to play with myself again. I saw his cum squirt out of his cock and felt the warm liquid splatter on my breasts. He only managed two or three squirts, but I had achieved one of my aims for the night (and a part of one of my all time fantasies). I wanted to rub his cum over my body, but I was still using my hands on my clit and I was quite wary about getting any cum down there (other than Mike’s of course). I asked if anyone else wanted to cum on me and found another volunteer. I think he wanted me to jerk him off but I didn’t make any moves to touch him and just encouraged him to cum on me. He took a hold of my cock and started to rub himself.

I told him (and Mike – and everyone left watching) that I was going to cum again. Mike sped up his fucking and I rubbed my clit faster while telling the guy jacking off to hurry up and cover my tits with his cum and how I wanted to feel it running down over them. He came first and I was treated to a second load of cum (again, not a great deal, but I assume both of them had already cum that night). I was pretty close now and decided that I only really needed one hand for my clit, so I lifted my right hand and rubbed the cum into my body and tweaked my nipples. I was very turned on and pulled a lot harder than I would usually enjoy – almost (but not quite) the way Jen likes it. I let out a series of ‘oh fuck’s and then a loud ‘I’m cumming’. Mike pounded into me and pushed his thumb deeper into my ass (well, as deep as he could get it). My orgasm tore through me and I let myself thrash around on the bed a bit. Mike fucked me through my orgasm again but came pretty soon after I had finished (which is probably just as well as I couldn’t have managed a third orgasm).

Mike pulled out of me (both holes) and I rolled onto my back feeling very satisfied but as if both my cunt and ass were gaping open (they weren’t). I made sure to remember not to use my right hand to touch my pussy and gave it a gentle rub as a bit of Mike’s cum leaked out. My back was lying on another wet patch (probably from blonde girl) and I lay with my knees raised in the air gently toying with myself while I caught my breath. Mike slipped his trousers back on and handed me my blouse to wipe myself off with. I quite liked the idea of going home with a multiple cum-stained top, so I used it and then slipped my skirt back on. I decided to remain topless (I wasn’t the only one – and when we went back down I saw another girl completely naked).

I thought that I definitely deserved another drink (and another rest), so we went back to just watching others and chatting. |Even though we’d been there before and I loved what we were doing, it was still odd to be able to openly talk to the people who had just watch us or whom we’d seen doing things, but I didn’t worry about it. The first time we attended the party, I didn’t know who was dating whom so I hadn’t realised, but between what we’d seen this time and what we were told, I realised that a lot more swapping of partners goes on than I had first thought. T now made a bit more sense why we saw the same guys sometimes using condoms and sometimes not (although some always used them). While we were talking, I could feel little bits of Mike’s cum dribbling down my legs and commented on how I loved the feeling of this (at which people just laughed). We saw giant cock guy heading upstairs with a girl and decided to go and see if anything was about to happen.

They ended up on the bed and he pulled his cock out from his trousers. The girl lay back and spread her legs and told him to fill her. He lay on top of her and worked his cock into her and they started fucking. He got a fair amount of his cock into her and started pumping away before lifting both her legs up to her shoulders and lying on top of them. Because he wasn’t pressed tight against her, we had a pretty good view of him sliding in and out of her and she seemed to be really enjoying it. She got quite loud and told him to fuck her deep (I don’t think there was much danger of him doing anything other than this). Mike once again started to gently stroke my pussy and it felt nice, but I’d cum 5 times in a couple of hours and wasn’t quite ready for another round yet.

Another couple joined us and we watched giant cock guy fuck the girl. He came first, but not by much and he rubbed the girl’s clit until she came. I still wasn’t ready to cum again, but wanted to at least get ready and so unsnapped my skirt and let it slide down my legs so I was once again wearing only my socks. I somehow felt less conspicuous like this than I had with just my skirt on (I have no idea why). With the show over, we headed back downstairs and spent a while sitting on the sofa kissing. Mike ended up going down on me again (he knelt on the floor between my legs). He got me very close, but didn’t let me cum. This meant that for the next 20 minutes or so, whenever he played with me, I was more than willing to comply (but still didn’t get to cum). I wasn’t being kept on the edge of orgasm so it wasn’t like I became desperate, but was certainly very aroused.

I was wondering if he had anything special planned (but I was happy to just wait and see so I didn’t ask). It turned out that he didn’t, but when we saw another couple head upstairs, we followed them and joined them on the bed. Mike ended up sitting against the headboard and I mounted his cock while facing away from him. I bounced up and down and Mike alternated between playing with my nipples and my clit. I ended up slamming up and down on his cock while we watched the other couple play and then fuck. Mike said I wasn’t allowed to cum until I had made him cum and I said that wasn’t fair, but he assured me that he wouldn’t hold back. I quite liked the idea of having him just enjoy what I was doing and I really fucked him, bouncing and squeezing away. It didn’t take too long before I could hear that he was getting close and he started to play with my clit again. We put on a fairly good show which seemed to encourage our bedmates and when Mike moaned and started to cum in me, he rubbed my clit until I came. This wasn’t anywhere near as strong an orgasm as the previous one (but hey, even a weaker orgasm feels good). When I climbed off him by legs were aching so we stayed on the bed for a while to relax.

When we finally went back downstairs, a couple of people had already left, but there were still plenty of people around. We had really gone for long enough (I’d cum six times and Mike three), but I didn’t want to leave just yet – coupled with the fact that it was still snowing outside and I thought it would be sensible to see if it eased off (it didn’t). As had happened at the previous party, the action died down near the end (I assume everyone was just as fucked out as we were), but there were a few people still making out and playing with each other. We watched a couple of girls (bi-girl and her girlfriend) who were kissing while she fingered her. Of course, Mike wasn’t the only guy who was interested in this – but at least in this case they had a chance of getting to fuck at least one of them (we never found out if her girlfriend was bi or gay). By the time she came, Mike’s hand was rubbing between my ass cheeks and I asked him if he wanted to do anything more, to which he replied yes.

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